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Thank you for choosing us as your preferred provider. If you have any questions please feel free to contacts us at (855) 476-6423. We have 24 hour live support. We look forward to serving you.

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  Rider Reviews

Customer: J. LoBue
"Great service and excellent driver. Always a pleasure using"

Customer: B. Anderson
"On time, super nice and was waiting for us soon as concert ended! Thank you so much!"

Customer: D. Celestine
"I had a comforter ride. The driver was pleasant and professional. The vehicle was as described and clean. No issues. Thanks"

Customer: M. Cooke
"I use this service a few times every year and most of the rides and drivers are great but I have had a few where they overcharge a lot on tolls, the car didn’t have working air condition or the ride cancelled. On my last trip I had to find an Uber for my 1 hour ride when the ride disappeared from my app"

Customer: B. Price
"Driver was on time (4:00am pickup). Nice and safe ride... :)"

Customer: D. Ekizian
"Prompt efficient reliable car service. Professional staff"

Customer: R. Fuhrer
" made it easy to book the round-trip to the airport. The ride was generally very good, with a very personable driver. The only small glitch was on the return leg, where my itinerary change, made the day before, wasn't communicated to the driver, so they were about 20 minutes later than expected in the pick-up at the airport."

Customer: R. Bye
"Very friendly and helpful service! Highly reccomend!"

Customer: T. Summerlin
"Nice car, for a good change, good driver, timely and reasonable"

Customer: J. Rant
"The driver and the experience were just fine...other than the fact that she arrived a full hour late, leaving me to wait after a long red eye flight with almost no sleep. I kind of think you owe me a discount on the limo ride back to the airport that I've booked for you this coming Monday, Aug. 19th"

Customer: J. HAGERMAN
"Our initial ride was a disaster. We were to be taken from Newark Airport to Edgewater, NJ. The driver put in the address to our hotel and proceeded to take us to Glen Rock, which is 20 miles north of where we were supposed to go, making our trip twice as long. The driver was friendly and apologetic and hustled us to our correct destination. On our return trip to the airport, the driver was early to pick us up, called and announced his arrival, and told us he would be there when we were ready. He got us to the airport in short order, was friendly, and helpful. We would certainly use again, just had some bad luck initially."

Customer: J. LORTIE
"Awesome service! The drive arrived ahead of time and knew exactly where to go. She was also very courteous."

Customer: M. Reagan
"My ride could not have been smoother. The driver was on time, extremely polite and courteous, and got me to my destination promptly. Will ride again with this service!"

Customer: M. Kemp
"We used for our business trip to New York City at the end of July, for ride service from JFK Airport to our Hotel in Manhattan, and then back again to the Airport 4 days later. The service was excellent, even though our plane in was over an hour late. And the price for both trips was exactly per the original quote. I highly recommend!"

Customer: d. gershman
"Driver monitored the flight and contacted my family upon arrival. Very courteous and professional and reasonably priced. Customer service was also very helpful in changing the pickup time when the flight was changed."

Customer: M. Merrill
"Very competent and caring driver worked to connect with me after my non-stop flight from Honolulu to New York - 8am her time - 2 am mine and I had not slept. Straight home - another 90 minutes - through rush hour traffic but her competence made it a non-issue for me."

Customer: T. Ross
"I loved the idea of knowing that a driver is waiting on me, has texted me and everything is very professional. I won't use taxis in the city or from the airports again. I had the same driver both trips. Galloy--very good, efficient and friendly."

Customer: M. Gardner
"Al was great! Prompt, personable, friendly, and communicated well where he was located at the airport. Great driver!"

Customer: A. Mason
"My driver, Rakimah W was professional, courteous and a wonderful person."

Customer: M. Camisa
"On time, friendly and overall great ride!"

Customer: C. Staple
"Had a great experience. Will definitely use this car service again."

Customer: B. Barnes
"Dwayne was outstanding. 5-Stars! Punctual and efficient. On the ride up not so much for Gelloy. 3-Stars Nice young lady but was late (arrived 12 minutes after she called and said she was getting gas), went to the wrong house, and had to direct her in"

Customer: R. Brackman
"Driver was great! Flight was delayed by hours and he still found me at airport under difficult circumstances. Friendly, courteous and a pleasure! Thanks"

Customer: C. Waters
"I was very happy with my driver and the promptness of service. I felt confident and all my needs were attended to. Thanks"

Customer: C. Hamilton
"The young lady that picked us up at the airport to drive us home was on time. Took care of all our luggage without any problems. Drove the speed limit and very carefully. Would love to use her again as our driver. Had no problems using limo' Will use next time we go to the Airport."

Customer: L. Gensheimer
"Dwayne was on time, courteous and friendly. He drove expertly."

Customer: c. navata
"Wonderful experience.. will use this limo services again"

Customer: A. Mokashi
"The driver did an excellent job."

Customer: K. Sideridis
"Excellent service car on time and courteous driver and friendly"

Customer: T. Johnson
"On time courteous. Good experience"

Customer: L. Dimauro
"Driver was fantastic!!"

Customer: N. Minutillo

Customer: H. Schwartz
"Driver was ver courteous and arrived on time to pick us up. The trip was uneventful and we arrived on time."

Customer: J. Solomon
"The tittle pretty much says it all. Car was dirty inside and out. Huge crack across entire windshield. Ripped upholstery and trunk carpeting. Driver was on time courteous and friendly."

Customer: D. McGeehan
"Very reliable economical and nice people. Great customer service too. I use exclusively for all of my transport needs and refer people who need transport"

Customer: E. Moore
"Edward was right on time, pleasant and professional. I was confident that I would get to LGA on time for my flight and I did! Thanks!"

Customer: R. Mooney

Customer: L. PIERETTI
"Not every driver is kind, conscientious and gives you a sense of security. Felix does. And if you are lucky enough to have him as your driving angel, you can rest easy."

Customer: S. Dufresne
" worked beautifully. I scheduled service for my sister, who is not a frequent traveler. Everything worked like clockwork. Will definitely use again and refer to friends."

Customer: S. Russo
"Our driver arrived and found the safest and fastest route to the airport. We arrived with time to spare ."

Customer: A. Perez
"Driver was very professional and courteous. Had a safe and pleasant trip to the airport."

Customer: A. Margerum
"Our driver picked us up promptly on time. He helped with the luggage and was very professional. Would not hesitate to use your service again."

Customer: M. Markel
"I recently did a round trip from Newark Airport to Manhattan. The drivers to and from were excellent drivers, extremely friendly and helpful, however, the cars are badly in need of maintenance. The one to Manhattan had a cracked windshield, broken wiper (and it was raining) and in need of shocks. The one back to the airport had over 400,000 miles on it and felt like it didn’t have shocks. These folks need to service their fleet."

Customer: S. EZELDIN
"The driver was late and picked me up from the sidewalk after many phone calls exchange. The invoice sent to me still included charges fro meeting inside the building and for parking!!!! Would appreciate screening the invoices for accuracy"

Customer: Z. WANG

Customer: C. Smith
"We had an excellent experience with the ride both ways to EWR. The driver was on time, courteous, and friendly. Communications by e-mail gave advanced notice, and by cell phone at the airport to facilitate pick up. We had no wait on either trip."

Customer: W. Xu
"Around 1.5 late on pick up"

Customer: K. Titus
"Service was excellent. both drivers right on time and extremely professional. I will use your service again and recommend it to many of my friends who need limo service."

Customer: M. Orbach
"driver drove very well and was on time for pick up. It was effortless"

Customer: K. McGuigan
"Our driver, Tim, was on time. He communicated with us by the time we were landing. He was very professional and friendly. Would highly recommend them."

Customer: L. Miller
"Our driver was completely professional, on time, and entertaining on our almost 2 hour drive north of the city. Would definitely recommend and our driver."

Customer: M. Marquis
"Driver efficient. On time. Car clean."

Customer: E. Dennis
"Polite and honest man."

Customer: D. Sherk
"Driver had never driven in Manhattan before, needed help finding Lincoln tunnel. I've questioned the tolls I was charged as they appeared to be doubled, and I have yet to receive any response. And why is a car dispatched from New Jersey for a pick up in midtown Manhattan? Especially with a driver who had never driven there before? Car was in poor condition, clean, but with a suspension that was in poor shape. I've submitted before and not gotten a response. Not sure this is worth my time, but you should know that my experience and not getting a response about the charges has led me to stop using Goodbye."

Customer: W. Lukban
"Always have. Easy to schedule. And the ride was there on time."

Customer: M. Kaznowski
"Prompt, courteous, even-handed, if a little slow drive. All one needs in a ride."

Customer: N. Brennan
"Very polite and professional."

Customer: l. valente
"It’s nice to have a driver who drives calmly. Not slowly, calmly."

Customer: C. Hall
"Excellent driver"

Customer: D. Young
"I always book with I love the emails/texts with up to the minute info about/from our driver. I never have to stress about whether or not we're going to get to the airport on time! Drivers always arrive early. Love not dealing with payment and tips and it's an even better deal when you get one of the special discounts!"

Customer: l. wright
"I’ve used this service for over 5 years now and have never been disappointed. All drivers and services are top notched."

Customer: B. Olden
"They make travel easier."

Customer: T. Smith
"I find to be a comfortable and reliable way to get to and from the airport. They are often comparably priced to Uber or Lyft and I’d rather be in a Limo than a Prius so it works out great for my needs."

Customer: K. Voorhees

Customer: M. HIDALGO
"Excellent service"

Customer: T. Frey
"I was fortunate to have the same driver on the last two rides and he was extremely polite and friendly"

Customer: M. Lenchner
"Everything was good as planned."

Customer: C. Arrington
"Nice timely ride. Great service!"

Customer: P. Melconian
"Drivers are top-notch both in driving and personal skills. Always respectful."

Customer: J. Cajowski
"Used for the first time to fly into NJ and drive to LI. Drivers were prompt and extremely courteous. Will definitely use them again!"

Customer: D. Elin
"From confirmation to dispatch to driver, our ride was great! Driver was on time (early even for the return trip) and made navigating the chaotic conditions that is LGA as graceful as possible. Way to go and Sonic-D transport!"

Customer: C. Stine
"Although we had to rearrange a few travelers because the shuttle was delayed in traffic- Our driver was professional- the shuttle was perfect and the ride was great. Thank you for always providing us with excellent service."

Customer: C. vincent
"First time I used a car to get back from airport. Mike my driver was pleasant and a good driver."

Customer: S. Kalota
"Very good, smooth, and safe ride"

Customer: J. Erickson
"Smooth service!!"

Customer: v. battipaglia

Customer: A. Faust
"It all went fine"

Customer: J. Johnson
"Had a great experience. Driver was nice and was on time. Very sweet and helpful."

Customer: E. Nicoletti
"I have used 4 times. Each time they provided the service in a timely professional fashion. I will use them again."

Customer: P. Cavallaro
"Curtious, on time, in constant communication with driver , everything you would expect."

Customer: B. Newsome

Customer: D. McCall
"My driver was very nice, and on time. He took a wrong exit and my expected 30 minute drive took an hour - this was after taking the longer route from the airport to the destination to begin with. He apologized. Mistakes happen. Luckily it didn’t happen during peak NYc commute times or it could’ve been really bad."

Customer: C. Denisen
"I cannot say enough about how reliable is. We use different car services on limos but we know that no matter who we use they are on time and professional. We have never had a problem with any part of the service. 5*****"

Customer: R. Costello
"clean, safe and polite ride. Excellent driver"

Customer: G. Brown
"Driver was on time, personable, helpful"

Customer: M. Lamb
"I'm in the video production business and fly crews all over the country. I always use LIMOS.COM to book their transportation to and from their hotel. When I book, I add to the comments section that we have for example: 4 large Pelican Cases, Tripods and extra baggage. Driver comes with the back seat already removed to handle the extra cases."

Customer: A. Carnow
"Excellent, picked up on time, drove safely, got me to Newark airport timely. Courteous driver, clean car, fulfilled task completely."

Customer: C. DiSilvestro
"Our driver was ontime, courteous and helpful. He was a safe driver and got us to the airport with time to spare."

Customer: M. Eichhorn
"Very pleased with the service on January 1, 2019."

Customer: B. Jessome
"We booked a return trip from LGA to. Port Liberty. Our flight was late landing and we had a few issues connecting with our driver that took several phone calls. Our return trip the ship was also late but we were able to contact the company the day before and it was no problem connecting with Jude. Both drivers were excellent even in the heavy rains. We would use this company again."

Customer: G. Stenchikov

Customer: M. Bukowski

Customer: J. Iwata
"While the driver (Michael) was very courteous, why would you keep charging me for sales taxes (non-applicable for Limo industry) and bogus toll charges?"

Customer: R. Widman
"Driver was 1/2 hour late and drove very poorly. Needed to be instructed on directions and was drifting into other lanes with other cars beeping horns at him. We where very concerned that we might have a car crash"

Customer: J. Platt
"The driver was very courteous and helpful. She arrived early and delivered us to our hotel at Newark with no problems. (Limos customer service had said that we could not go to a hotel at Newark only to the terminal."

Customer: L. Rothschild
"Tim was wonderful - ( we had him both ways - ) - He made it easy to find him in the crowded Newark airport !! Would call for him again - "

Customer: R. Widman
"perfect. on time skilled articulate driver. "

Customer: K. Cerullo
"Mike was very nice and the ride was excellent. My only recommendation would be to offer water to the riders for long journeys. "

Customer: R. Costello
"Prompt and courteous, he knew his route and drove safely"

Customer: M. Barbieri
"Driver was on time and polite. I would use them again"

Customer: J. Iwata
"Sergio Varela was a very courteous and professional young man. In the future, please assign him to me in the future! Thank you."

Customer: S. Roderick

Customer: A. Juechter
"Sergio was great! Right on time, comfortable ride and terrific service!"

Customer: K. Batchelor

Customer: B. Gines

Customer: C. Lambrechts
"Both drivers, Sergio & Matthew were very kind, polite and helpful. Conversation with Matthew was awesome. Great guy!"

Customer: K. Kawakami

Customer: R. Cook
"Driver was courteous and prompt. Ride was uneventful and therefore good. "

Customer: T. Piotrowski
"Driver was nice and efficient but again no idea what car was gettin us as it was not the car I paid for with no communication of changes."

"Driver was very nice but I cannot understand why he tried to overbill me for an extra $3 of tolls. We took the triboro bridge in EZ pass lane, yet he bills me $8 for a toll that is less than $6. "

Customer: J. Iwata
"The driver (Michael) was very couteous. On the other hand, I am confused, as: There ia a charge that is contrary to policy: the state taxes have already been included. Also, I do not recall using any toll gates. Please submit the proof of it. Thank you."

Customer: J. Iwata
"The driver (Mike) was a very courteous driver, and I appreciated his professionalism. On the other hand Sonic D Limousine seems always to charge me for the toll charges never incurred and for bogus sales taxes (which should be exempt for the limousine businesses. states that there is no sales tax applicable)."


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