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  About Us

Movéo is a network of five-star chauffeurs. We use the term “drivers” but we mean “chauffeurs.” We receive five-star rating from industry peers and customers and we tout that as our standard, our bar. We are a driver-driven business growing a network of independent operators who own their own metal. Our chauffeurs are invested workers who understand that the best way to see a return on that investment is to adhere to the highest standards of service.

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  Rider Reviews

Customer: K. Cheng

Customer: l. koehnk

Customer: J. Nelson
"Great driver fun and knowledgable. "

Customer: J. Nelson
"Great driver fun and knowledgable. "

Customer: J. Holler
"Driver was ready and available 20 min before we needed him. He told us to call him and he would there early if needed. Helped with luggage and very personable. "

Customer: K. Mayben

Customer: E. Miller
"We had requested curbside service when booking.We went outside with our luggage but could not find the driver. Mistakenly, he had come in to the terminal to meet us. Upon dropping us off, not even a thank you. When I received the final invoice, I had been charged for parking at the terminal.I feel it wasn't my fault the driver came into the terminal by mistake!"

Customer: M. Guevin

Customer: J. Taylor

Customer: M. Wolie
"a job well done, got to the airport in time and the driver knew what to do, will book with them when i have to get back home"

Customer: D. Ruggieri
"In time and polite, good service at an acceptable price, the limo was a nice touch to our anniversary, thanks"

Customer: A. Hertogs
"Very polite driver (Khalil). To our surprise he spoke also Dutch (like us)! Good updates upon arrival with text and voice messages. Safe and relaxing ride."

Customer: A. McDonald-Hughes

Customer: r. federgreen
"this specific driver was very nice. he arrived inside the airport, even though the reservation was for an outside pickup. I told him I didn't request an inside pick up, he said that he was told I had. He drove well and that part was good. "

Customer: S. Foster

Customer: S. Genomi
"Beautiful Chrysler 300 to fit all my family, went to my cousin wedding and had a great time, good job"

Customer: S. Devine

Customer: A. S
"Got stuck up in JFK, and googled a limo service. First time using them and everything went good, they were fast and the driver took good care of the luggage. I will be trying them again in the future."

Customer: R. Weinhardt
"Hats off, the streets were a mess but our driver got us to the theatre in time. Took a different road than our usual way, but the result was better. Very polite and considerate. This is the second time I book with this company and Im glad that I choose them."

Customer: L. Mambert
"1st time using this company and I was not let down. Got a stretch limo to show NYC around a few foreign friends, and they loved it. The limo was in good shape, and the driver was kind and patient (even when my friends tried to tell him on their poor english where they wanted to go). Recommended you guys to my sister that is getting married and wanted a limo to carry her to the church!"

Customer: N. Soderlund
"I appreciated how upfront you were about the extent of your services and the terrific way they were carried out. Starting by the moment I called you to inquire about a reservation, or to ask for a price estimate, you handled every detail of my request with care and with precision. This company knows how to treat its customers. Will recommend with my friends."

Customer: R. Hilton
"The chauffeur was waiting for us at the theatre, and we got home enjoying the view. My wife loved it."

Customer: M. Bronson
"The driver was 10' late, but the streets were a real mess. He was so attentive the rest of the trip that he made up to us. The limo was alright."

Customer: N. Pilsburg
"Thank you for the discretion on Saturday, we had an excellent bachelor party ending on the limo"

Customer: M. Parmisano
"Greatest anniversary so far! Got in the limo with our baby and rode through the city, breathing the comfort. Relaxing yet thrilling experience, thanks so much!"

Customer: D. Harrison
"The driver was courteous and got us a smooth ride. The vehicle was clean and in good order. Great experience."

Customer: A. Robinson
"Such good service! Got to the match with more time than needed so the driver volunteered to take us on a brief tour, all my friends were amazed and it was very relaxing"

Customer: H. Rickson
"The driver, Eddie if I don't remember wrong, was very attentive with our requests. The champagne could have been colder, but everything else was perfect."

Customer: P. Jensen
"Got the limo for my teenage girl, just as I remembered the picture with her mother! Great memories"

Customer: L. Jameson
"Not only the driver show up on time with a very nice car, my daughter's service was canceled by another company a day before her weeding so I booked with you guys in a rush. Thanks for saving the day!"

Customer: G. Matthews
"Party hard! Thanks moveo"

Customer: T. Loewens
"Great service, Gino did exactly as was told and also recommended some good places to go. The Sedan was flawless."

Customer: M. Thomson
"The limo was spotless, we had an awesome experience"

Customer: A. Rothschild
"Driver was on time and kept me updated about 30' earlier than the pickup time thru sms, great customer service"

Customer: L. Danole
"Got my visting friends to the concert and to see NYC from a limo perspective, worth every dollar!"

Customer: C. Tomei
"We had a fantastic time on friday, just wanted to say thanks :)"

Customer: S. Lindberg
"My daughter was so beautiful in her wedding dress, her entrace had to be at the same level. The Mercedes Benz S-Class we booked was even prettier than in the photo, good job!"

Customer: E. Holub
"The Lincoln car was in excellent shape and the driver was polite and silent, just what we needed"

Customer: P. Urkitz
"So much fun, got the limo for my friend's bachelor party and everything went as planned, driver was a few minutes late but made the wait worthwhile by fulfilling our every request"

Customer: P. Edwards
"This was a self birthday gift, my husband just wouldnt take the hint and hire the limo for me, so I went ahead and booked the ride myself. Nice ride, the limo was so glamorous and the driver was just fine, we were both stunned with the experience!"

Customer: E. Crawford
"The driver was on time and the limo was flawless, had a great time with my friends!"

Customer: R. Weinhardt
"The driver was on time and very nice, all my friends were happy with the ride. Will book again."

Customer: M. Sullyman
"Really beautiful car! Will ride again"

Customer: E. Cordaro

Customer: C. Andrews
"I was afraid hiring a limousine service would be kind of cheesy for a birthday surprise, but it was just the right amount of elegance. Will use their service again."

Customer: P. Rodney
"This driver made New York City look just like in the movies. Worth the luxury vehicle. "

Customer: L. Opdycke
"Driver was on time. The vehicle was dirty inside and out and very good condition. I was not happy with the ride and I was worried that the driver would fall asleep while driving as he kept blinking his eyes and he looked like he was about to doze off. "

Customer: P. Rodney
"Driver got here a few minutes later, but to be fair I got the pick up address wrong. Otherwise excellent service!"

Customer: J. Havemeyer
"Of course a bachelorette party can't miss a limousine. The driver was very kind to us, and we had an amazing night."

Customer: T. Loewens
"Although I was probably just another guy stepping out of a town car at the footsteps of the MET, pretty good."

Customer: M. Ravanpay

Customer: M. Deponte

Customer: D. DePanfilis
"Excellent, prompt service - and outstanding communication.. to connect on time."

Customer: L. Sekulow
"Two drivers were booked - one was calling me and another showed up at baggage claim. Both weemee unprofessional and were bullying us. It was terrible and not to be honest very unsettling and scary. "

Customer: R. O'Farril
"On time, friendly driver, neat limo. A-OK by my book."

Customer: J. Sugars
"Valentine's Day rocked. Thanks Moveo!"

Customer: K. Faller
"Carlos was EXCELLENT. Both could have managed the luggage better. Us girls handled the luggage more than i expected to."

Customer: M. Crespo

Customer: M. Crespo

Customer: F. Lemelin

Customer: M. Saville
"The vehicle was immaculate and very comfortable. The driver, Johnny, was very courteous, though he could have made the journey to our hotel more interesting by pointing out features around us as this was our first trip to New York."

Customer: W. Miles
"Driver did not meet and greet and did not what terminal we were arriving at. We ended up meeting him in the parking lot. Then we were charged for parking and wait time. The driver was pleasant. "

Customer: T. Carrere
"No show. And I would like a reimbursement."

Customer: T. Doonan
"Driver was prompt, courteous, and vehicle was well maintained and comfortable."

Customer: G. Buonfantino
"great car professional driver on time!"

Customer: F. Alonso

Customer: P. Dudek
"See above "

Customer: A. Strauss
"pretty neat for a concert ride"

Customer: M. Levenworth
"Great way to pick up the birthday girl!"

Customer: B. Lenz
"Drive did not meet me in the airport. I did not book an SUV. "

Customer: R. Weinhardt
"A friend of mine came from out of town, we decided to show her a good time in the city. Driver was amazing, recommending a few spots. Great night!"

Customer: P. Urkitz
"I liked the service, very efficient. Will keep using Moveo "

Customer: P. Allen
"Great night out with the guys, great idea to bring the limo with us! It had been so long since I had a great time. "

Customer: S. Orchard
"Our driver was right on time and was very nice to us. The seats were very comfortable, and though we just booked a town car, it was clean and we had a very good experience. "

Customer: R. Kristoff
"It was a very nice birthday celebration. Got this as a gift from my wife, will definitely keep it as a tradition from now on."

Customer: L. Callaway
"We were on a way to a small concert, driver happened to know the artist. Great service, got there just in time despite the traffic. "

Customer: M. Henderson
"Driver was late by 20 minutes and then I was charge a driver wait charge of $18.50. I had to call three times to get somone to pick me up. Will never use this service again."

Customer: M. Riefstahl
"Took 2 wrong turns and got lost on way to hotel. Took 1 hour for a 30 minute ride. "

Customer: M. Stephens
"Driver in JFK terminal 4 as planned, and then happily waiting for 10 minutes while I popped up to the ticket desk in departures. Took a direct and relatively quick route to Midtown Manhattan, and the chilled water was a nice touch."

Customer: S. K.
"Please extend my sincere thanks to your driver, Benjamin, for his exemplary service on Saturday evening. The car was impeccable and Benjamin was entertaining. He helped make a dinner-and-Broadway-show date with a special lady even better than expected. Very impressive! Thank you."

Customer: L. Callaway
"Just got dropped off by my driver. I decided to review them right away, they left a great impression on me and my visiting friends. Totally recommend them!"

Customer: W. Pike
"Chilly summer night, didn't have to wait a second after I stepped out of the bar. Driver texted me it was time to go home, just like I asked him to. Great service!"

Customer: C. Woodson
"We had originally intended for a small get together between 2 friends and me, but then more people joined. I called Moveo a few minutes before the reservation and they upgraded us. Really nice considering the short notice."

Customer: M. Soderberg
"For our anniversary I mentioned the name "Moveo" to my husband. He remembered last time we used their service, and he was definitely in the same page as a I was. Great anniversary champagne by the way!"

Customer: S. Ferguson
"We ordered a Lincoln Town car because of its intimacy and comfortable ride. Moveo New York was recommended to us by a representative because they were considered 'elite' and had the newer, nicer fleet. We were picked up in an older Suburban which had a horrible, rough ride. It felt like a school bus. We expect to get what we purchase and not be 'upgraded' (as we were told) to a lower class vehicle. There were only two of us so the larger vehicle was unnecessary. "

Customer: A. Norman
"From Brooklyn to Manhattan there is always a hold up. Despite the traffic jam that's always there, I actually was relaxed the whole way. Tough quality to top."

Customer: D. Harrison
"A pleasant drive for a hectic day. Prompt service, and a great array of refreshments included. Definitely using their service next time."

Customer: R. P.
"Great service! Eddie is the best - a pro and very cordial - our driver Sal did a great job. I'd definitely call Moveo again! "

Customer: L. Jameson
"I'm a photographer, so I usually carry heavy equipment when I'm traveling. I let them know in advance and the driver came prepared for it all. He left the car just outside the curbside and it was a great service. "

Customer: M. Bronson
"I wanted to surprise my wife in our first anniversary. I mentioned this to the driver when he pulled over on my doorstep. He made sure to congratulate her on a caring husband for hiring a limo. Nice move!"

Customer: R. Hilton
"I was in New York for a short day, running from meeting to meeting. Fortunately I came across Moveo. Driver was always on time and very nice to me. Great hire!"

Customer: P. solis camara
",Last time I reserve with this company, I waited more than 30 minutes since I call them because they had a sign with a number I did not know was mine and they charged me that waiting time, I considered it was there fault, of course I cancelled the service back totje airport with them."

Customer: J. A
"Once again, the car and driver (Ayman) were great and bar none the best. The only problem this trip was that I was charged for wait time even though I was picked up early (About 30 minutes early). I called and they resolved the issue."

Customer: J. A
"Very professional service and the vehicle was spectacular. Ayman our driver was extremely professional and courteous. I have used them since and am planning to use them in the near and distant future!"

Customer: G. Longworth
"Nice new car. Little problem finding one another but after the initially confusion I was very pleased with the service. The car provided was immaculate and smelt like it just rolled off the production line. Would recommend highly. "

Customer: P. Urkitz
"I had a quick meeting in NY, arrived very early in the morning. Moveo's driver was right on queue. He drove me around for my entire day in town and then drove me back to the airport. Great service, really handled that rally!"

Customer: J. Piccolo
"Booked the limo for my wedding with Moveo in New York, and got everything a bride could ask for. Beautiful Limo, Excellent driver, and best of all, Eddie their sales manager guided me through and made my life so much easier trough the entire process. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU."

Customer: S. Dickinson
"I was invited to my friend's wedding (the groom) and I hired the same service he did for D day. My wife and I got a very prompt service, and the driver was joking with us about the wedding. We felt like we were the ones getting married (again). "

Customer: G. Longworth
"Took a while to find each other. In the end very pleased as the car was brand new and immaculate inside. "

Customer: M. Hanaka
"Worst ever! They cancelled me since my flight was an hour late due to weather. " Germaine" says they no longer track your flight although and their sight says otherwise. Never again! Waited one hour in taxi line with my seven year olds. Beware of these clowns!"

Customer: R. Dobson
"Booked a Town Car L and got a 300 which has much less back seat. Driver's English comprehension was poor. For example, he did not understand when I asked him to turn the fan up on the air conditioning (he turned off the system). I had to show him what I wanted. Finally, even though the ride to LGA was booked for 1:30pm and we were in the car at 1:28pm, we were charged a $21.00 waiting fee because the driver arrived early. I had to dispute the charge with my credit card company. I will not use this company in the future."

Customer: J. Sugars
"I recently hired their service for my Birthday, since I had a great time (and wrote about it), I decided to keep using their service, especially when I have meetings with important clients. Just did yesterday, and I think it left a pretty good impression on my client. "

Customer: R. Kurtis
"Great service! Driver took a shortcut, wasn't sure at the start, turned out to be great. "

Customer: P. Rodney
"I used Moveo's service once before a while back. They were great then as they are still now. Excellent choice for a night out!"

Customer: R. Kristoff
"That thing they have with the SMS letting you know someone is there waiting for you at the arrival's gate... job well done!"

Customer: B. Carey
"The driver talked on the phone AND texted while he drove. He was so busy doing this he missed the exit to Newark, so he drove over a median on the highway to get to the 'local' lanes, and then got so flustered when people honked at him that he took another wrong exit. Oh, and the car he picked me up in was not the car I reserved. "

Customer: E. Crawford
"Uneventful, yet comforting"

Customer: B. Horowitz
"That was a nice Thursday ride!"

Customer: R. O'Farril
"I wrote down Moveo's number a while back when I was browsing through this site. I couldn't find a cab, so I called them up. Very prompt service, I wasn't expecting it in the middle of a very busy New York day. "

Customer: L. Stump
"I was charged 30% above quoted price for a point to point ride with no explaination other than it took them longer than they thought to make the round trip. It took two hours to get us there but 3.5 hours to get back. What they do after they drop us off shouldn't be billed to us! An experienced service should be able to quote more accurately."

Customer: M. Harries
"Just a quick note to say thank you for sending Lim to us today. He was early at our hotel, The NoMad, which is always to be commended! More than that, he is an excellent driver and a charming man. The SUV was extremely comfortable and Lim got us to the airport in excellent time. Please do pass on our sincere thanks to him. All of this was especially welcome because our weekend was a special one - it was a surprise trip to NYC so that I could propose to my girlfriend (she said yes!). Our journey to T7 at JFK was yet another perfect feature of our wonderful trip. The emails and communications you sent were also excellent and most welcome. It's important to feel confident that you've booked a reliable company, especially if you're heading to the airport when time is of the essence. Next time we visit NYC, we will certainly use Moveo again."

Customer: L. Olson
"I was sent several text messages before landing at LGA - including one from the driver himself, Andres. I found Andres to be very friendly and professional. His vehicle was very clean and in excellent condition. My ride from the airport to downtown couldn't have been any better! Unfortunately my ride back to the airport - with a different car and driver, but same company - was not nearly as good."

Customer: R. Jackson
"The best part of that wedding was actually Moveo's service. "

Customer: R. Kurtis
"Turns out it was the perfect gift for my fiancée on her birthday. Very prompt service for a lovely night. "

Customer: A. Reubens
"My driver was very accommodating, especially since it was my first time in New York. I was dreading the "not-from-New-York" look of me, but it all turned out just fine. "

Customer: R. Epperson
"Prompt service, and although traffic was heavy (good old New York), we got to the airport on time. Liked the inner limo scent!"

Customer: M. Thomson
"My wife found them on the internet with her iPhone. Quick service, and it was the cherry on top of her picking me up at the airport. "

Customer: B. Scoleman
"My birthday couldn't be more awesome, but a friend of mine recommended this limo service. It was the cherry on top"

Customer: L. Callaway
"Long overdue review. Neat service, especially when you don't have to worry about a DUI."

Customer: N. Belling
"Perfect Service. The driver was in time had a perfect point of pick up an drove very comfortable! "

Customer: J. Carlos
"Vehicle was nice, driver was ontime. However driving left a lot to be desired, but then again, that's NYC. Took a couple phone calls while driving"

Customer: D. McLean
"An old and filthy car. Once we got to the general vicinity of Newark, driver did not know how to find his way to the actual airport and we ended up driving the complete circumference of it before finally getting to the terminal. Made me late."

Customer: R. Last
"My driver on 02/03/13 was extremely professional and very kind. I had no issues with him. He was on time, he was waiting for me in a clear noticeable spot. He helped me with my bags and he was a pleasure to have. I would recommend him for all my clients and friends/family"

Customer: N. Vizueta
"Our driver (Slavic) was very friendly and arrived exactly as scheduled. The car was exactly as described and very clean & comfortable. I will definitely use your service again and will recommend your company to my friends and family. Thank you! "

Customer: L. Johnson
"Moveo gave us excellent service at a very reasonable price. The drivers were courteous and completely professional. We were picked up promptly, and the vehicles were first rate. We will use this service again. Highly recommend!"

Customer: N. Campo
"FYI, we were very pleased with our limo service on Jan 1. the driver, Luis was very professional and punctual. If I need limo services again, I would use your company and request Luis!"

Customer: D. Schmidt
"I received a text from our driver André as soon as we landed. He waiting for us when we arrived and we communicated by phone to find one another. He was very professional in both service and appearance. His car was immaculate and there was water waiting for us as well. I selected a Towncar and we were picked up in a new SUV. I was very impressed with Moveo NYC."

Customer: A. Ralston
"Very friendly and prompt driver!"

Customer: M. Innis
"We used Moveo for pick up and drop off at the airport. Both drivers were extremely courteous and punctual. The cars were immaculate as well!"

Customer: O. Redman
"Crazy Black Friday. I thought about booking them just to get back home with my shopping. Great thinking!"

Customer: A. Smyth
"Thank you for arranging our transportation back to JFK on Thursday 15 November 2012, the service was exactly what I expected on my original trip from JFK to the Helmsley Park Lane Hotel on 12 November 2012. Our driver Andres was punctual ,courteous and he was immaculate in appearance. His vehicle was in pristine condition and extremely comfortable. These are exactly the standards I was expecting on our initial collection from JFK. I congratulate and thank you for arranging an extremely pleasant return journey. I promise I will use your company if you can guarantee me someone of Andres's calibre!!"

Customer: A. Rosenberg
"They had me at simple booking online service. "

Customer: R. Baelor
"Nice touch with the SMS I got before my driver picked me up. "

Customer: V. Schwartz
"I'll definitely be calling them back "

Customer: E. Swanson
"I recommend their service. Great company. "

Customer: T. Allen
"A bit more in price, much more in service! Thank you moveo! See you on my next trip to the city..."

Customer: L. Morrison
"I was very happy with the way I was treated. Although the customary Manhattan traffic was there that day, my driver made it very pleasant. "

Customer: P. Rodney
"Booked a single ride home from La Guardia, great service. I was very comfortable and was treated splendidly. "

Customer: J. Dudley
"Used moveo to go to EWR; great driver, pleasant drive and nice car! got my money's worth. I would recommend moveo over the rest..."

Customer: P. Norrland
"I wanted to have a special welcome for my wife, so I decided to pick her up in a nice limo. The driver made sure there was cold champagne in the back of the limo, he was very kind all the while. He helped out with my wife's bags, and after dropping of our bags, he recommended a restaurant for a special dinner. Since my wife was so tired, we booked the same limo and driver for another day so we could go to that restaurant, awesome human touch!"

Customer: P. Rodney
"I had a very special meeting at the Empire State Building so I wanted to make an impression. I booked Moveo especially because it was very easy to book their services on their website. The whole ride was very comfortable and we got there right on time. Driver went around and opened the door for me, leaving the impression I was looking for on my business partners. "

Customer: P. Urkitz
"After a long 3-month trip, I was anxious to get back home. I booked Moveo's services through a friend's tip, and he was right: I had a great experience with them. Great car; clean, comfortable and fancy. My driver was on time and I got misty eyed after having such a great welcome back home. "

Customer: M. Bronson
"I booked Moveo's services through their website. It was easy and simple, and on the following week, as I had instructed, my driver was waiting for me early in the morning to take me to the airport. The car was impeccably clean and the heat was on, since I had caught a cold, so I asked my driver to turn on the heater. He was very nice and we got to the airport right on time. I really recommend their services. "

Customer: R. Hilton
"I was in a hurry to get back to New York from Jersey. I had booked Moveo's services because I knew that after my event, I wouldn't catch the train back. It was cozy, and to be honest, it was reassuring to have a driver take me all the way to my doorstep and avoid everything that means commuting that late at night. Service was excellent, driver was nice, car was absolutely gorgeous! I'll definitely book their services again for one of my special events. "

Customer: L. Jameson
"I was on call for a photo shoot in NY, it was all very impromptu. I booked Moveo's services as a recommendation from a friend of mine. Couldn't have asked for a better service. Driver was on time, holding up a smiley face with my name on it, car was great, fresh beverages to enjoy. Got right on time for the photo shoot I was booked for (not a common thing in photography). Completely recommend them!"

Customer: G. Matthews
"I had an emergency, so I had to book a flight to Paris for the next day. I didn't want to deal with having to hail a cab and get to the airport as soon as possible. I booked Moveo's services, and I honestly thought on such short notice my driver wouldn't show up. He did show up in time, texted me that he was at the door waiting. We got to the airport safely on time and he was extremely nice to me the whole way. Nothing but quality here folks!"

Customer: C. Andrews
"I booked an Escalade just to get me and my party of 3 from JFK to our hotel. We stopped for a few pics on the way and the driver was very kind and patient with tourists like us. Excellent service, clean vehicle and our driver was awesome!"

Customer: R. Manison
"I had booked Moveo's services a couple of days before. I was amazed with the service for something as simple as driving me from one place to another. I was driven from Manhattan to Jersey with no problems, everything was exquisite. "

Customer: S. Peterson
"My ride with Moveo was splendid. I had an early flight (too early for my taste), but my driver was kind enough to text me to wake me up when he came over. He was very polite and the sedan I booked was elegant, and exceptionally clean. Got to the airport on time, thanks for the great service!"

Customer: R. Kristoff
"The booking process was really easy. I did it online as i am in the UK and all went smoothly. We arrived in New York City and our driver was cooly waiting for us. Champagne & water on ice and a drive to our concert "


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