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  About Us

M&V Limousines Ltd. fleet includes some of the most unique limousines in the world. Exotic and conventional limousines are available for all occasions. Serving NYC, Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey.

  Rider Reviews

Customer: C. Meade
"Once I was finally picked up, the ride was pleasant."

Customer: N. Aznaran
"The driver got lost picking us up and when I called he was kind of rude as was the representative at the 800 number Billy. The limo arrived late and I was not annoyed at that. I was annoyed with how I was treated considering they were late. "

Customer: B. Brida

Customer: C. Meade

Customer: G. Blass

Customer: T. Sawyer
"Awful experience. I had to call both M&V and limos.com multiple times to get it confirmed the night before. Both gave a different explanation of the error but ultimately they showed up....but they didn't have the right billing info (no record of the part I pre-paid). And then, on the return trip they lost the reservation (again). This time, after "looking into it", I called back to find out they had decided limos.com would find someone else (not sure anyone was planning to tell me). Luckily, it only took me 4 calls with limos.com, including a manager, to get a new car. Unfortunately, they never sent me the details that I specifically requested so I got to play guess the car at JFK for 15 minutes (after my 11 hour flight, joy!) or so before someone on the phone finally got the details and pointed me to the right driver. To be fair, JFK sucks regarding traffic/pickups but you'd think they'd jump on the little things after going 0 for the entire experience...."

Customer: B. Bartley
"I have never rented a limo until recently, but I felt as though my first experience was nothing too spectacular. First, my limo was almost a full hour late. Although not due to the drivers fault, but because of an accident. Still, it was not enjoyable to wait for an hour. When the limo arrived I noticed that it was not the limo that I had requested. But it was still luxurious and comfortable, even though the bench had several rips in it. The best thing about my ride though was the driver and dispatcher. They were very apologetic and guaranteed satisfaction with their driving. I really appreciated the driver giving us suggestions of places to go, so all in all I was ok with my first time renting a limo. "

Customer: S. Stack
"The car and driver was supposed to meet me at JFK, Terminal 3 at 5 pm. My flight arrived early and I contacted M & V to see where the car was. I assumed that they were checking flight statuses and saw that the flight would be arriving early. This was an international flight and there was plenty of time to check. When I contacted the dispatcher at about 4:35 she put me through to the driver who told me that he was dropping somebody off and would be there in 10 minutes. I called back 20 minutes later and the driver told me he was still at least 10 minutes away. The dispatchers were not helpful either when I attempted to tell them exactly where I would meet the car. As of 5:15 the driver had still not arrived and was still not close to the airport. I ended up making alternate arrangements to get home."

Customer: A. Watson
"The driver, Rudy, was there early/on time; however, he did not seem too familiar with NYC, or any of the audio/video controls in the back of the limo. The vehicle I received was not what I booked/reserved. I booked/reserved a late model, Lincoln stretch limo (less than three years old according to the Limos.com web site and 3-4 years old according to M&V Limo owner, Mark Vigliante, who I communicated with via e-mail). Rudy showed up in an old Cadillac limo, with a ripped leather top and chipped paint on the body of the limo, and I have pictures to prove it. When I asked Rudy how old the limo was, he said he "thought" it was a 2007 (5-6 years old); however it looked about 7-8 years old. The owner of M&V Limo, Mark Vigliante, emailed me on May 8, 2012, after my 3rd e-mail request for the year of the limo that would be used for my reservation, that "it will be between 3 and 4 years old but I assure you you will be satisfied." I was not satisfied. I was very dissatisfied with the limo I received. I would have expected Mr. Vigliante to provide exactly what I reserved since I expressed concern, as evidence by the 3 e-mails I had to send to get an answer on the year of the limo. I planned a fabulous 50th birthday weekend for my friend, which was ruined by this experience. I was also overcharged on the champagne which I was told would be an additional $10, but was actually charged $25. I was also charged the estimate for tolls even though there were no toll costs."

Customer: P. Madsen
"I used M&V limousine to go to the city to see the tree and go around NYC at Christmas time with my family. The car was nice and the driver Andre was awsome. I would definately use them again."

Customer: N. B
"We used M&V Limousines for our wedding and everything went perfect. They even had a red carpet for us when we came out of the church. I would reccomend them for anyone that wants perfection on their special day. Nicole and Matt"

Customer: a. m.
"We went to the wineries and it was the perfect day! the driver(bob) was fantastic! the limo was beautiful and spacious it was probably one of the best days Ive had in a long time! thank you soo very much for everything!"

Customer: G. Milano
"M&V Limousine was great on our wedding day. We had their 1930 pierce Arrow limousine as well as many other of their SUV limousines. Their drivers are awsome and I cannot begin to tell you how beutiful and clean the cars were. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great limo service."


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