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  About Us

Limo Star NY is a NYC based chauffeur company, providing the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Enjoy luxury, we are fully committed for exceeding your transportation expectations. We pride ourselves for being professional, dependable, and reliable.

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  Rider Reviews

Customer: S. Cherkis
"For our family of five with plentiful luggage, this was a very enjoyable and smooth airport ride. Highly recommended."

Customer: M. Papouskova
"Great service. I was in a difficult situation , our driveway got blocked by fallen trees and our car was stranded. I needed to get to the airport early in the morning. The driver got up at 3:30 to come get me and went above and beyond to find me which was very difficult because we are in the middle of a forest and the road that leads to our driveway was marked as being closed and it was dark and raining on top of that. He found me and got me to the airport fast and comfortably. Amazing service."

Customer: L. Mele
"Everything from online customer service to the actual ride itself was PERFECT. Prompt, courteous service from start to finish. Highly recommend and will definitely use again."

Customer: S. Guttman
"i received excellent customer service."

Customer: T. Haley
"Every thing was 4 O Driver, car, hospitality every thing"

Customer: n. luppino
"Wonderful experience. My driver was right on time, very professional! Highly recommend"

Customer: A. Romano
"Pick up on time. Excellent ride, clean Cadilac, polite driver"

Customer: P. Cavallaro
"Prompt , courteous, on time"

Customer: M. Ruppert
"Both drivers were great!"

Customer: R. Prasad

Customer: B. Reilly
"I am still waiting to hear on disputed charges I was charged for in airport pickup which I booked but the driver remained outside and picked me up at curb I was also charged for him to park again he didn’t he waited near airport I have his emails stating he is in vicinity call him after I pickup my bags"

Customer: M. OToole
"I received confirmation of my ride by email and text. I received my driver’s name as I landed. My driver Alex was on time, contacted me by text, and was a gentleman, polite and provided excellent service."

Customer: M. Dell
"On time, clean car, and friendly driver"

Customer: R. Valoroso
"Excellant service"

Customer: S. Pitcher
"It was excellent"

Customer: M. Schonbaum
"The limo service was great. Driver was courteous and was on time. Ride was quick and efficient."

Customer: J. Downie
"Ride was perfect, driver very communicative and professional. It seems, however, each and every time I’ve used the service there is always (always) a question at the end of the ride about the tip. It’s clearly stated in advance that the tip is included in the quoted and billed price; however, the drivers don’t seem to know that and get perturbed when a tip isn’t immediately offered. I asked this driver and he said, “We never see the tips from this service.” I gave him an additional $10 as he seemed sincere. Look, if the tip is included, pass it along and don’t leave the clients wondering. Otherwise, leave it alone. It’s false advertising to make it a big deal about including the tip at the point of purchase and reservation, when in fact the tip isn’t included."

Customer: H. Bell
"Perfect ride to and from airport! Our drivers were on time and very nice. Loaded everything for us and the cars were very nice, clean, professional, complimentary waters. Will use every time."

Customer: E. Cascio
"thank you"

Customer: G. Grossman
"Easy to use; works seamlessly; one less thing to concern myself with when traveling"

Customer: j. simmons
"pick on time if I could I would I would give 10 stars"

Customer: T. Pitcher
"Even in heavy traffic!"

Customer: L. hadnot
"I will say from the booking process was easy and for my budget hands down the best price. The pick up and drop off of my niece for her prom the service was A1 excellent service. I recommend service for my next excursion."

Customer: E. Chaplin
"Drivr was on time, Car was clean, and all went perfect."

Customer: D. Swindells
"Driver was super nice guy and very professional. The entire process was seamless."

Customer: M. Lima
"Was great"

Customer: J. Campbell
"On time for pick-up, smooth ride to airport"

Customer: C. Weymar
"The driver was on time. The car was clean and comfortable. The driver drove safely and was very nice and helpful. All good."

Customer: K. Walsh
"courteous and professional"

Customer: C. Moss
"prices are misleading"

Customer: A. Gilbert
"and only a few dollars more without the worry of getting to the airport on time when waiting for a on demand sedan"

Customer: A. Gilbert
"Nice ride today with Alfredo. Good customer service last night by phone."

Customer: M. Bywater
"The driver picked us up right on time however thought it would be ok to drop us off at the back of the convention center. Fortunately we were able to direct him to the front door without too much trouble."

Customer: R. Whitener
"I recently used the services of LIMOS.COM in two separate cities and on 4 separate rides. I was very satisfied with the car, the driver and with the experience of booking with"

Customer: A. Frederic
"Very friendly driver, clean limo, on time everything perfect"

Customer: J. Jones
"great service easy to book and the ride was perfect"

Customer: J. Felter
"I live in a rural area and this is the only service I can rely on for rides to NYC airports. Other services have not shown up or call to whine about having to come so far out of the city. The drivers are always on time and friendly."

Customer: D. Klimko
"great friendly driver. Thank you"

Customer: A. Raphael

Customer: J. Thompson
"My service was spot on! Thank you!"

Customer: M. Self
"Andres was great! "

Customer: B. Wharton
"Very nice driver. "

Customer: K. Boucher
"She was pleasant and professional .-vehicle was clean and comfortable . "

Customer: A. Lucas

Customer: T. Moran

Customer: L. MOUTAL
"The driver was punctual very courteous very professional super nice the best experience I've ever had and ride."

Customer: Y. Rushdan
"My driver charged me a waiting fee of over forty dollars when I was actually early! He then charged me for parking fees for his vehicle! My driver also charged me for toll fees! He also got lost with the aid of an gps device! Terrible service! Never again!"

Customer: S. Meli

Customer: j. reiter

Customer: D. Stacy
"Driver was nice went to wrong terminal had to wait for them to go back and get the car. "

Customer: W. White
"The truck was dirty on the outside, driver was dressed as if he just got off of his first job and driving was his second job."

Customer: G. Pavlovsky
"Clean, smelled great, polite professional driver "

Customer: K. Miller
"Andres arrived early and told us to take our time. He was dressed and performed professionally. His route to the airport had no delays and we arrived with ample time for our flight. I would definitely want Andres again. The vehicle was clean with no excessive odors as my wife has a respiratory disability. I appreciate that Limo Star provided this environment for my wife. Limo Star and Andres. Good job!"

Customer: R. Cutler

Customer: C. Bertuccio
"driver was very nice & friendly......"

Customer: M. Eldereiny

Customer: M. Roenigk
"Limo Star NY were very helpful. They changed the driver for me for my manager's pick-up and extended the time for me as well."

Customer: G. Smith
"The driver and the ride were fine."

Customer: C. Bird

Customer: n. deconinck

Customer: T. Saxon

Customer: j. taylor
"My Driver, Sandro was a super professional and on time. He has a great personality and a joy to talk to. I would surely ask for him again when I'm booking your service in November. Thank you."

Customer: M. Mocsy
"He was on time and drove safely. It was a comfortable ride. Could not as for more. Thanks."

Customer: D. Taijpaul
"Love our driver Oleg would Deff book with again "

Customer: s. mcquillian
"Not really worth my time driver failed to pick my family up left us stranded took full payment even gratuity for doing nothing. Not sure if this was the plan all along."

Customer: M. MOGAN

Customer: C. Lavorgna

Customer: K. Farnham
"We arranged to have the same driver for our round trip service. The driver was very pleasant and the car clean and comfortable. It really does beat having to wait in a Taxi line. I will definately use this service again. "

Customer: C. Manlapaz

Customer: S. Meli

Customer: M. Fradenburg
"I was quoted $196 flat rate tip included. I was charged $268 for extras like $29 in tolls?!? $20 to meet us inside ( but there is no option to meet outside the airport). When I arrived at my destination with two sleeping children the driver told me tip wasn't included so I gave him $45. I would not recommend this company again."

Customer: E. House

Customer: P. Crocker
"Aharon B was my driver, who first off went into Manhattan to bring me to NJ. He was not aware of the address and now I am in billing dispute over charges that I should not have been charged."

Customer: P. Crocker
"Aharon B was my driver, who first off went into Manhattan to bring me to NJ. He was not aware of the address and now I am in billing dispute over charges that I should not have been charged."

Customer: A. Blount
"No one showed up. They left me high & dry on the morning of my pick-up. Had to scramble to get another ride."

Customer: P. Eldridge
"Driver was very pleasant we enjoyed or ride with him "

Customer: C. Di Stefano
"Very polite, friendly and professional. "

Customer: R. Manniello
"Great experience..."

Customer: S. Ham
"The driver was friendly and helpful."

Customer: J. Fitzpatrick
"Excellent service. I have no hesitation in recommending"

Customer: M. Petersen
"Please make sure that Sandro G is awarded!!! He was the perfect chauffeur for our purpose. Extremely flexible, and just a joy to be around. Because of him, and Frank at customer service, we will definitely spread the word of"

Customer: W. Smart
"Driver was polite but the vehicle was dirty. I wish he had at least washed the windshield."

Customer: J. Jaeger
"The driver had serious attitude issues. The car promised also was not the one that showed up. The driver was 30 minutes late. The car was run down and very old. Limo Star NY is the worst company ever!!!"

Customer: M. Calderon
"The driver Alexis was friendly & got there before time which was good."

Customer: t. hommen
"Limo Star NY was not able to deliver chauffeur for this ride. Flight 641 KLM was delayed because of severe weather in Amsterdam. When Limo Star was notified they said they could not deliver, upon which ride had to be cancelled."

Customer: T. Chander

Customer: A. Mitchell-Williams

Customer: K. Schwartzreich
"late, and on an airport run no less. "

Customer: B. White

Customer: D. Velasco

Customer: N. Bohr
"Despite epically bad traffic, the driver handled the situation admirably and safely. The vehicle was clean and comfortable."

Customer: c. colebrooke

Customer: A. Jackson

Customer: W. Hines

Customer: T. Watters

Customer: W. Toavs

Customer: A. Reston
"Driver was very nice"

Customer: B. Sergio

Customer: S. Yendluri

Customer: L. Nelson
"Sandro did a great job in HEAVY traffic"

Customer: B. Roderique
"was very pleased with the condition of the car and the driver himself."

Customer: C. White
"The driver was friendly, however talked to much for me. He was 20 minutes late from my requested time, blame traffic but my thought is there is always traffic in New York so account for that so you can be on time. Other than that he knew the city well so we took the back streets, bumpy, but less traffic, and I made my flight on time."

Customer: B. Johnpaoli
"Driver was very courteous and professional. Vehicle was in good condition."

Customer: S. Koval
"The inside of the car was nice, but outside had not been washed recently. Driver was nice, but we did have a language barrier. No amenities provided"

Customer: N. Ozanne

Customer: J. Naccarelli

Customer: H. Moffat
"Our driver, Anastasio, was excellent! Our experience was terrific!! "

Customer: H. Wittrup
"Our driver, Mr. Q, was extremely friendly and hospitable during our transportation. He was on time and drove safely. "

Customer: J. Lamonte
"I was charged a wait time that did not happen, I called the driver at 8:30 and told him we were outside waiting on him, he said he was at the airport picking up another customer. When he arrived he went to the drop off area instead of the pickup area so he had to circle around. He picked us up at 9:30 instead of 9:15. "

Customer: J. Fedison
" Driver and car excellent. And driver was very helpful with our luggage and in getting us to our location in a timely manner given NYC traffic. "

Customer: K. KIURA

Customer: D. Darmoc
"We had to call him to locate him. Had to take our luggage across the parking lot to his car. Car was not up to expectations. Didn't know how to exit the parking lot. "

Customer: L. Grant
"We had a very plasent and stress free experience!"

Customer: C. Grant
"Sandro was excellent. Quick route and very professional. "

Customer: A. Alain
"We ware in late but you wait many thanks you are the bests"

Customer: K. Barrow

Customer: J. Gurney
"We landed 30 minutes early, and our driver Oleg arrived early also. Excellent service and a very nice vehicle. Highly recommended. "

Customer: F. Cecilio
"It was a good experience and the driver act professionally."

Customer: M. Zamora

Customer: J. Bryant

Customer: K. Michalski

Customer: D. Young
"Driver was on time and professional. Flight was delayed (several times)and company was easy to work with about new pick-up times."

Customer: v. downes
"the driver was very nice and extremely helpful the car was beautiful and spotless clean. the reason I give average is I was charged a waiting fee and I wasn't late I rang my driver and I was in his car just before 3pm I arrived at my hotel by 340pm "

Customer: G. Smith
"The driver was very professional and friendly and his vehicle was clean inside and out."

Customer: C. Grant
"The driver did not know where he was going. We actually had to tell him to turn around twice and then directed him the remainder of the way. We live on the west side of Connecticut and he was bringing us to the east side of the state. We went almost an hour out of the way. Unfortunately we got picked up after a red eye and we fell asleep other wise we would have caught the mistake sooner."

Customer: K. Heagney
"I booked to and from Atlantic City and I found both drivers(John and Andres)to be very professional and friendly and pleasant. The rides were vey smooth."

Customer: C. Walrond
"Driver was professional, punctual and welcoming! He made our experience first class. We truly appreciate his hospitality especially on a special occasion such as my parents anniversary! Awesome choice"

Customer: B. Wallace

Customer: G. Cook
"Sondro was very good. "

Customer: K. Lemley
"We used this service from the airport to our hotel and back. We had 2 different drivers. Both were excellent. They contacted us to confirm the ride. Both were friendly and very personable. Would definitely use this service again. "

Customer: B. Fegley
"Driver excellant. I had difficulty getting into Van"

Customer: C. Schmidt
"Same driver I had last year, he remembered me and was very friendly,helpful,professionaland most of all ON TIME. "

Customer: h. blake
"we loved our driver, John - knew the best way to get in and out of Manhattan despite the traffic"

Customer: g. branchi

Customer: C. Mulder
"Best driver ever! He was on time. Polite courteous, drove safely and was attentative to my needs. I was very relaxed knowing he was professional, safety conscious and his service was of high quality. "

Customer: D. Johnson

Customer: R. Gallo

Customer: D. Dyer
"John was great! Definitely would both recommend and use again."

Customer: g. branchi

Customer: m. elness
"Alex was very timely and professional. I love that he kept in contact through texting !!!! Would recommend highly!!"

Customer: G. Davig

Customer: A. Goldman
"Limo Star NY: horrible, horrible customer service, muzak at every turn. Driver and car: fine."

Customer: L. Zapata

Customer: m. garcia
"Billed me for greet and meet no one showed also stand by time .I was outside waiting,are you kidding me"

Customer: M. Hutzler

Customer: a. aloisi

Customer: K. Rooney
"Our driver sandros was very calm and I felt very safe in the madness of the Manhattan traffic. I enjoyed our trip to and from dinner."

Customer: T. Delauney
"Sandro was the absolute best. Attentive, courteous and professional. He was an absolute pleasure."

Customer: J. Galindo

Customer: R. Murga

Customer: L. Bailey
"A good service, very professional and I would recommend you."

Customer: M. Despaties
"Vehicle was clean and the driver was professionl"

Customer: L. Bailey
"Booked online. great communication. driver brilliant excellent sevice"

Customer: e. behar
"Excellent Driver"

Customer: T. V.
"Best car service ever. Really great The driver and the car and everything was perfect. My driver was wonderful!! "

Customer: C. Muller
"My husband and I used Limo Star NY for our wedding date a few weeks ago. The driver was courteous, on time, the vehicle was in great condition, and I would definitely use Limo Star NY again for our future limo needs. The driver went above and beyond our expectations- he even gave directions to our lost family members. Thanks Limo Star NY!!!"

Customer: G. Jukofsky
"Best experience ever ...... Awesome drive, spotless vehicle, and very patient. We were late getting out of customs on a return trip. Received a text that he was onsite. A call when we were 20 plus minutes late, and once we were ready the driver was right at the curb waiting. Would use this company again 100 percent. Thanks for the awesome experience. "

Customer: M. Pettersson
"A very good driver, knew how to handle the Friday traffic to Long Island and drove very well."

Customer: M. Pettersson
"A terrible ride from Long Island to Jersey, not because of the traffic but that the had trouble looking at the road and drove terribly bad at the highway. I don't know if the driver was tired or if he had a cold, either way he should not have been driving that day."

Customer: R. Kanter

Customer: J. Palmaccio
"Excellent service. On time, very courteous, and a very smooth ride. Driver was exceptionally nice. "

Customer: t. dulin
"Driver was prompt, courteous and made a superior effort to get us to our destination despite unexpected road blockage due to a bicycle race. Very pleased with John A."

Customer: b. regner
"Driver was great. New shortcuts to get around traffic. Got my family and I to the airport on time and safely."

Customer: G. Wendlandt

Customer: E. Rosenbaum
"Extremely reliable, polite & competent."

Customer: G. Migliorisi
"Our driver Anastasio was so lovely. He was such a nice man and it was a pleasant ride. He was early both times so we didn't have to wait. It was also easy to contact him if necessary."

Customer: C. Del Valle

Customer: M. Brown
"Despite the fact that they didn't have the car that we contracted for available, they were able to provide a suitable alternative"

Customer: J. VanDeWoestyne

Customer: F. Golden
"Very courteous and professional "

Customer: p. Solis

Customer: A. Piccolo

Customer: B. Washington
"the limo company that was selected was excellent. The customer service the hospitality and the professionalism all excellent. I would use this company again. my driver was courteous polite and answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable from the moment I arrived in the airport to my final destination."

Customer: R. Byington
"Don't charge me $20 for a guy to enter the terminal don't chafe me $8 for parking when you have already charged me over $200 for a 26 mile trip "

Customer: b. call
"I paid for two stops. Be sure your driver has that info. You operator thought between York and East End meant somewhere on the West Side "

Customer: D. Strong
"The driver and vehicle were fine. But I believe I was overcharged and called the company. .the car was booked for pick up at 7. We were early, and ended up being picked up prior to 7. Yet we were charged a 'waiting time' fee of over $16. This is bad business...basically bait and switch. I am waiting to see the realty of my complaint with your service before proceeding further... "

Customer: W. Connolly

Customer: F. Dessau
"Our driver, was one of the best we've had. He was personable and very professional and drove safely which we appreciated. It reflects well on Limo Star NY."

Customer: S. Janak
"Driver was great, but did not meet me inside as scheduled and I was still charged for the inside meet. He blamed traffic for being late."

Customer: P. Neigler
"Driver was fine. Car was fine. Not sure why I was charged waiting time, when I was in car 8 minutes after my scheduled pick-up. Also charged for toll when we used a non-toll bridge."

Customer: J. Calardo

Customer: L. Fitzgerald
"Both drivers were EXCELLENT! Very professional, yet friendly. We felt we were in good hands!"

Customer: D. Goldwin

Customer: C. Meade
"the driver was very professional, arrived on time and the drop off went very smooth."

Customer: R. Abidor
"Driver failed to appear and failed to answer phone."

Customer: N. Meyer
"Good driver. Clean vehicle. On time"

Customer: R. Marten
"Our driver was Raj R. and he was superb."

Customer: C. Jacobs
"The driver was not there to meet me and my daughter. I tried calling the driver and he didn't answer. Rose in customer service was helpful, but the driver never showed. Claimed he was standing at the same baggage area that I was. My daughter and I were the only ones in the area. If he is not familiar with LaGuardia airport, he shouldn't be one of your drivers. I waited 45 minutes while on the phone with Customer Service. Gave up when Raj never showed. I will never use your services again. "

Customer: B. Delavallade

Customer: S. Mcphail
"Bibo from Limo Star NY was excellent. On time, great driver, very thoughtful. He drove my elderly mom home in the snow, helped her with her car when they arrived home, and made sure to contact me afterwards to let me know that she was well taken care of and home safe. We will only be asking for Bibo in the future.....he is that good!"

Customer: B. Fragoso
"My flight was due in at 9:10 PM so I booked a 10 PM pickup, allowing time for customs and immigration. The plane touched down early but was delayed 45 minutes pulling up to the gate. By the time we got through customs and immigration and luggage it was app 10:30. We were well within our 1 hour grace period from the 10:00 pickup time. I don't feel I should be charged for the $83.40 wait time fee. Not to mention, your driver changes lanes excessively every 2 seconds whether he needs to or not."

Customer: C. Elliott
"Ride from LGA to midtown Manhattan took over an hour. Rates seemed higher than quote."

Customer: G. Gama

Customer: M. Santos

Customer: J. Mooney

Customer: C. Cantone
"The driver was excellent, vehicle road smoothly."

Customer: J. San Miguel
"Driver very friendly and informative. An expert all around NYC."

Customer: J. Gross

Customer: C. Foley
"The actual driver who came on time was professional, polite, and efficient. The driver who came almost two hours too early and then charged me for waiting, which he did not do, helped make this an experience I will not forget. "

Customer: C. Foley
"The first driver arrived well before the requested time for the pick-up Now the company wants to charge me $86+ for the driver's error. It is billed as 'wait' time. There would have been no waiting if the initial driver had arrived at the requested time. is. 1:00. The second driver was personable and professional. Very, very nice car. If I could be guaranteed that I would get him again I might use the co again."

Customer: A. Negelow
"Driver was very professional and I loved that he didn't have to look at a GPS to know how to get where we were going. Rate was reasonable too."

Customer: S. Ippel
"My driver was late 'due to a flat tire' which appeared to be a lie. He continuously claimed that he was 'getting close' but still was 20 minutes away."

Customer: M. Delgado
"He was good. Communicated via telephone prior to pickup time. Safe driver on a snowy day. However, we got charged with a large amount of tolls that I still haven't received an answer for."

Customer: L. Garmendia
"Excelent Service "

Customer: C. Weiss
"I will never use this service again. You billed me $33 for wait time. I added an hour to my landing time to account for luggage arrival. It's not my fault he arrived when my plane landed. "

Customer: D. Johnson
"I have had the pleasure of utilizing Limo Star NY twice over the past three weeks - I come in to the city for business almost weekly. Interestingly enough, the driver who provided incredible service both times was Andres. He is professional, always on-time, extremely pleasant and courteous; as well as engaging. The vehicle is very clean w/bottled water at the ready. The cabin temperature is set to perfection (nice and cool during these summer months) and Andres ensures that the entire experience is to your liking. I highly encourage the use of Limo Star NY...and if you're fortunate enough to get Andres, even better! Just don't book him when I need him."

Customer: E. Kandler
"If a driver is late he has to call the customer and give an accurate estimate of the delay. Maybe a reason or sorry would help. I had to call and was told 1 or 2 minutes which turned into 5 to 7. The rest (car, driving) was ok."

Customer: A. SANCHEZ

Customer: v. spencer

Customer: J. Kill
"Showed up and wrong address across the street. Not a terribly big deal, but easily avoidable"

Customer: L. McQuillan

Customer: S. McNeely
"see above. Drivers and cars very professional but pick up was late."

Customer: T. Whalin

Customer: D. Gennardo

Customer: M. Lozada
"The driver was late but the company added the hour at the end of the night. The driver was courteous and did an excellent job. I would definitely use him again in addition to using"

Customer: A. Villegas

Customer: D. Tobias
"Sandro was courteous, good driver and very punctual."

Customer: C. van Ee
"The driver arrived a few minutes early, the ride was clean and he new exactly how to get there. Perfect driver "

Customer: H. Widen
"Very good driver. Very polite and correct. Very skilled driver. Perfect vehicle. On time. Couldn't be better."

Customer: S. Snyder

Customer: l. weaver
"Driver was excellent and we were pleased with him"

Customer: B. Lipman
"The driver was not present when my plane arrived even though I had requested that I be met and I had paid for that. In addition, I booked a town car and was driven in a Suburban SUV, a much less comfortable ride. (The driver was fine as he knew the route and took me directly to my hotel.) "

Customer: J. Dorn
"High quality cars, drivers, and service. Excellent on time service! Highly recommend!"

Customer: A. Persons
"Our driver, Percy, was professional, courteous, and friendly. The vehicle was perfectly clean. Percy drove safely, did not text and drive as many do, and observed all traffic laws carefully. I would be happy to work with Percy again."

Customer: E. Wagner
"driver was great and on time. "

Customer: e. ganz
"first rate and great driver!!"

Customer: R. Despain
"Driver was 15min. late. He told me he got a ticket on the way to me. He kept falling asleep in traffic."

Customer: D. Downs

Customer: D. ACCILI

Customer: E. Ochoa

Customer: J. Santana-Mondo
"On April 25th after a long connecting flight (10 hours total), I was greeted by John who was very courteous and helpful, giving this review two stars instead of just one. When I had booked the service, I specifically chose Limo Star NY because they had a Lincoln MKT. When I called to ask about the mix-up, I was told that MKT is in the sedan class falling under the black town car category. A Lincoln MKT is actually a cross-over SUV, which is why I chose it. If I wanted a black lincoln town car, I would've opted for another company whose rate would have been much cheaper. Hook and swap?! Yes, yes indeed."

Customer: M. Hamed

Customer: M. GOLDBERG
"Marco is a nice guy but was panicking when his gps went down. I was very disappointed we did not get the right car."

Customer: J. French

Customer: L. Foster
"The drivers were on time, polite, and professional. I will use them again on my next trip to NY. Communication was excellent. Overall I was very impressed with and Limo Star NY!"

Customer: o. gomes
"Terrible Even No one appears, limos change you "

Customer: E. Arntzen

Customer: B. Thien
"Great driver. On time and met us where arranged."

Customer: A. Villegas
"Driver wasn't at the right terminal and wouldn't answer his cell phone. Nothing more needs to be said."

Customer: P. Smally
"first time I had used the service asked the driver about how the tip was handled he inferred that I should tip him. now when I get this I see there was a tip already inclueded"

Customer: F. B.
"Thanks Limo Star, your driver John was an important element in the success with our Roadshow. We had very little time between meetings and He made sure the car was waiting for us on the right side of the buildings to avoid going around. Also knew the exact routes to take without traffic jams. Thumbs Up!"

Customer: P. Fiete
"Driver was going to be late for pick up, so we ended up taking a taxi instead of waiting for him. He claimed there were tons of traffic (as well as closed streets) due to the TD Five Boro Bike Tour in NYC, and was going to be late. He expected us to wait. We said "don't bother, we are taking a taxi to the airport". Had we waited we would have been late for our flight. There was indeed traffic, but the limo company should have planned for that and sent their driver out extra early so he can be at pick up location on time. "

Customer: T. Kissell

Customer: S. Durrence
"Limo Star Ny was AWESOME! Our driver Andres A. was waiting to pick us up upon arrival at LaGuardia airport. He was very courteous, helpful and personable; he made us all feel comfortable and safe. And then we were fortunate enough to get him again to take us back to the airport 4 days later! I would recommend this company to anyone traveling to New York! "

Customer: J. Albert
"Marco was very nice the car was a perfect size for my family of six. The car was clean and waiting for us when I got there. I wouldn't use any other company again. Thank god you also have offices in Los angeles"

Customer: G. Fultz
"Jonathan R took us on a most unusual route - thorough neighborhoods, etc. to get to Laguardia. He then, after the fact, charged us for tolls which we did NOT go through. I complained to but received no response. We will never use Limo Star NY again."

Customer: G. Steele
"Turned up 20 mins late. Then drove around MSG when there was a game on. No apology. Nothing. Zilch"

Customer: G. Wagner
"Driver was 20 minutes late for pick-up due to an accident. From the time he arrived however,everything was perfect. Very helpful and congenial and got us to Newark Airport in good time."

Customer: M. Sanders
"Although the car was nice, the driver charged me a wait fee that was unnecessary. I booked the car for 7:45 PM and arrived at the curb by 7:50PM. As you are aware, although the plane landed at 7:30 PM, it takes time to disenbark and get to curb side. It is unfair to charge me the wait fee, when there was no waiting. I will dispute with my bank if no refund is forethcoming. In addition, I will let all my co-workers know that charges wait fees when there has been no waiting. I switched my phone on just as we landed and were taxiing in, there were already messages from saying the driver was curb-side. How can I be curb side when I am still on the plane taxiing in. I had previously tried and now recall that they were fabulous for including wait fees when there was no waiting. "

Customer: a. Chiossone
"Terrible i was charged 70 dollars for waiting and he was in another terminal."

Customer: B. Reiss
"The driver Andres was excellent. Vehicle in mint condition. BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!"

Customer: T. Caldwell
"Driver never looked up terminal information and was at the wrong terminal. I gave you the flight # why did you not research this? I paid for terminal pickup but driver was late getting in and passenger was not met as they approached baggage claim. Driver was nice but it doesn't make up for the pick up mess up. Would not use this company again. "

Customer: P. Maravilla
"Incredible company. My flight was delayed two and half hours and when arrived at JFK there was my driver with a sign waiting for me. Definitely will recommend to all my colleagues."

Customer: S. Gilbert

Customer: L. Hunter
"From pick up to drop off and stops in between, Andres was an awesome driver. Patient and accommodating. I would request his services on future trips."

Customer: R. Horn

Customer: R. Cohen
"Our driver Juan Acevedo was prompt and very courteous. Would definitely recommend him!"

Customer: C. Snell
"Our driver John, was at the airport on time, my sister was flying in from the UK and her flight was delayed, but this was not an issue. Was expecting a Town Car, but the driver had an SUV so plenty of space for 3 adults plus luggage. Trip to downtown was quick and easy, overall very happy with the service and would use Limo Star in the future."

Customer: E. Catalan

Customer: S. Prover MD
"Did not receive car ordered. Instead of Lincoln Town Car received Chevrolet Suburban. The driver was not in uniform or suit. He texted from JFK to hotel. There were two small bottles of water available... very much appreciated. Traffic was heavy and driver kept changing lanes and weaving in an out of traffice... a harrowing ride."

Customer: J. Downie
"The ride was excellent, efficient and quick. Driver was very helpful and professional."

Customer: R. K
"the driver got lost on the way to the airport, and had to ask a cab next to us at an intersection how to get to the Delta terminal at the airport (LGA). the driver then dropped us off at the wrong place. i think we were at some kind of cargo place. we had to take a bus to get to the terminal. i asked for a refund since we were not taken to the location we requested, and received a lousy $20 discount on the bill. they took us to the wrong place, and then would not give us a refund. that's terrible customer service. PICK A DIFFERENT COMPANY!!!"

Customer: m. scelza

Customer: J. Hatt
"My return trip to the airport the driver was 1/2 hour late. He admitted he was confused on the time. I made the flight, but it was very close. The operator promised a 20% reduction based on the confusion, but it looks like that did not happen, based on my credit card statement. After the initial confusion the driver was very nice and professional."

Customer: S. Haney
"The driver called when in the area and this made the pick-up in front of my office very easy. Driver was familiar with routes. A very pleasant and stress-free trip."

Customer: J. leitner
"Perfect service. The driver was courteous and helpful. When plans changed and things got moved to earlier times he was available via phone and got to us asap. We got to all our wedding destinations safely. Overall it was a perfect and very pleasant transaction."

Customer: M. Arner
"Our driver, John Acevedo, was very courteous and professional. He was always on time when requested and with a great disposition. The car was very clean and he was nice enough to provide some water bottles for us if needed. Driving around 5 women can drive anyone crazy with the talking but he was most respectful and attentive. We would use you and recommend you to others in the future."

Customer: L. Clark
"My HS seniors had a wonderful time At their prom. Thanks for getting them their safely and returning them safely. Thanks again for arriving on time and waiting for us. The car was exactly what they wanted and spacious And cleAn. Thanks also for having water for them to drink. You will defend be part of out next event. "

Customer: J. Gonzalez
"I am very pleased with this company, from the minute I booked my reservation to the time for my ride. I booked this company through an email I received from them offering the 20% off. The price was right and the process was easy. I got a confirmation email and text with my driver's information. Our driver Andres, looked and acted very professional. He was amazing. He picked us up in a black Suburban 2013 ( still smells like new). I would definitely use this company again. Thank you limostarny and Andres for a flawless service."


National Limousine Association