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  About Us

We believe that every client should be treated with the same professional and courteous service. We understand that's more than just events in our client lives, they are special memories that will last a lifetime. Airport transport is a hassle, business executives and travelers can be confident that our professional chauffeur will provide reliable and safe transportation. We want to earn your business. So whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you'll be free to relax or conduct business without the hassle of driving in heavy traffic, parking fees and carrying your baggage. Limousines are the perfect choice for comfortable, luxurious personal or business trip.

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  Rider Reviews

Customer: D. Cueto
"It was an excellent experience, limo arrived half hr early and the Driver was the best you could send to us very nice, and helpful I think his name is Christopher what a great guy. overall very happy.. "

Customer: R. Richardsson

Customer: R. Richardsson
"Guiberti is great, but our driver, Chris, was absolutely fantastic!!!"

Customer: D. Bria

Customer: L. Wachs

Customer: J. Freese
"The driver was not at the terminal when she landed, the contact number went to a personal cell phone with a message in Portugese, after the service was contacted and reached him he was waiting at the wrong terminal, he got lost leaving the airport and had to be directed by her as to how to get to 93, he seemed unable to read road signs and continually flashed his high beams on the interstate to illuminate them, and when on a secondary road would slow to 20mph under the speed limit (presumably unable to see due to their lights) and then rapidly accelerate back to the speed limit when they passed. Absolutely awful experience (and not our first unpleasant ride with this company), and we will never use them again. "

Customer: J. Doherty
"Driver was 20 minutes late, did not speak english and had no idea how to drive or how to get to the airport. I had to coach him through step by step on how to get to Logan from Gloucester. Drove 45 mph on the highway sometimnes down to 30--had to tell him to drive the speed limit. the worst car service experience I have EVER had hands down"

Customer: J. Mason
"Excellent driver. Courteous and on time. "

Customer: C. Lazowy
"Giuberti Limo was awesome! Such an excellent representation of your company! Send him back to pick us up!! :)"

Customer: D. Fitzgerald

Customer: A. Harsch
"Excellent driver to Logan, considering the terrible traffic we faced. Great driver for the pick-up. All worked very well."

Customer: O. Degerbalkan
"You offer 'Meet and Greet' - service but the driver didn't meet us inside. Also you sent email some hours Before we arrive but we can't receive email when we are on the plane and since we're not from US we don't have acces´s to internet through our cellphones. You tried to send a sms but you ´didn't use the country code we provided. We asked you to remove the MEet and Greet fee from the bill but it didn't happen. Ride no. E3PEA0"

Customer: J. howard
"The driver was pretty unfriendly and abrupt. He never smiled once throughout the whole night. He was unable to understand us. He also was unable to take directions- I had to input the address of every stop into his phone for him.(Partly my fault for not giving info beforehand, but we were playing things by ear for a lot of the night) He also drove in a manner that had my guests flying about the limo. The limo was supposed to have a bottle of champagne if I remember correctly, and it did not. The glass bottle that was in the limo was full of dirty water and trash. Evening had a very 'meh' feeling, and this was supposed to be a treat. Nothing terrible happened, but nothing great happened either."

Customer: R. Stephenson
"Awful!!!! The worst experience ever. 40 minutes late to pickup, got in an accident, 60 minutes late for dinner. Got lost multiple times. Ruined our whole nigh."

Customer: P. Proulx
"Driver was a few minutes late but nothing serious, was very friendly and drove safely to the airport."

Customer: D. Huxtable
"The cars were spotless and Christopher, my driver, was such a pleasure. He was very punctual, friendly and helpful. "

Customer: N. Doriswamy

Customer: P. Kelley
"We were told it was a Lincoln Town car it was much smaller thankfully the seats had a pass thru for a pair of skiis Car booked should be the same as car that shows up at your door Could have been a disaster I have used Lincoln Town cars in the past with two pair of skiis no problem Driver was great"

Customer: L. Peleholani
"Driver Louis was very professional, did however get lost going to Airport"

Customer: M. Nollman

Customer: N. Derderian

Customer: J. Schwartz
"The driver was on time, pleasant and courteous. His driving was safe and efficient. The car provided, however, was not as advertised. There were only two of us with a carry on and an averaged sized checked bag each. The car was a small sedan. The luggage did not all fit in the trunk. My husband had to sit in the back with the carry on pieces while I rode in the front. What they were thinking, I do not know. It certainly was not a town car rather it was the size of a NYC cab. Although the driver was apologetic and accommodating, the car he was provided was surprisingly small to say the least. Pretty disappointing considering the pricing and advertising."

Customer: S. Joyal,
"Requested Lincoln Town car, received Navigator. Driver pleasant but tentative, took alternative route that seemed to add time to the commute. "

Customer: T. Furtado

Customer: e. alfaro
"the driver was excellent but in the end he was expecting gratuity when said that 25%gratuity was already included in the price"

Customer: K. Garner
"The driver was great. Prompt, polite, quiet (early morning pick-up so I wanted to veg), safe, and a great smooth ride! I never had to check where we were going, it was that smooth. But I'm still waiting for a reply for the fee adjustment since I ordered a Lincoln Navigator and I was picked up in a Lincoln Town Car. I ordered the bigger car and paid the increased fare for the SUV but didn't get the requested vehicle."

Customer: R. Froio

Customer: D. Hurley
"My only problem was the fact that I could not find, on my reciept, if the tip was included so I asked the driver and he said it was not included so I gave him $40 cash, now I look at the bill and see it was included. I always give extra tip anyway but not $40, so I am dissappointed by this"

Customer: L. Faucon
"it was a great experience we would definitely use this service again"

Customer: D. Bleser
"Vehicle was very worn and dirty"

Customer: C. Mccarthy
"Thank you so much for wonderful service. Jim was so wonderful and took great care of all the kids. They ended up changing around the schedule a bit, but he of course took them where they wanted and we took care of him at the end of the night. He seemed very please and we just wanted to say that the bus was great and thank you for the last minute upgrade. I wasn't sure if they would like that type of limo, but they had a blast. We will definitely be calling you for future bookings and will pass along your name to friends. "

Customer: C. Loftus
"I wanted to say thank you for a great job with the Catholic Memorial prom group! The kids had a great time and the driver was wonderful!!"

Customer: M. Glam
"I usually don't take time to write reviews! But I want to mention how grateful I am to work with Giuberti Limo! I used their services for my bachelorette party and wedding! I called a lot of limos to get quote; the customer service was amazing, they were polite and helped me choose the best limo to suit my needs; the limos were very clean, and the drivers were just amazing! I want to thank Rich for making my bachelorette party amazing, and Chris for taking so much care of me and my dress in my wedding! LOL! You guys were great! Cant wait to have another excuse to book a limo, and for sure it will be you guys! Once again, Thank you!!!! "

Customer: D. Mcmaster
"They were professional and showed up on time, great service and very friendly drivers."

Customer: S. Auerbach
"Our driver was extremely punctual, courteous, and totally customer oriented!"

Customer: F. dima
"He got lost even though I told him the first time it doesn't seem right. I had to ask a second time to find out he went to the wrong place. We were almost an hour late and my entire party had to pay extra to get into the establishment because we didn't get there in time as planned and on top of that they charged me for tolls which we wouldn't have had to pay if he didn't get lost!"

Customer: R. Eisenberg
"Justin, our driver, was superlative!"

Customer: K. Johnson
"We enjoyed our ride with Justin, he was professional, intelligent and has a fabulous personality. We look forward to our return ride!"

Customer: E. Scholz
"Very good service. The driver was on time and courteous despite the bad weather."

Customer: B. Mills
"Justin was a great and personable driver. "

Customer: S. Labonte
"The driver was prompt and courteous however we did get a flat on I-95 South around 12:20am. The driver called for another car and we were left waiting in the breakdown lane of I-95 for over an hour. At approximately 1:25am another car came to continue our ride home."

Customer: S. Jacobs
"We were expecting Danny K. as our driver. The car wasn't what we asked for and the driver was late but I was still charged for a waiting period. The driver picked up a family before getting us the vehicle was not up to par. The driver didn't seem to believe in customer service and in fact didn't seem to want to be there."

Customer: S. Jacobs
"The driver was pleasant and friendly and arrived on time. The vehicle was clean and warm!!"

Customer: S. Turcotte-Lim
"Good service. Driver was on time and courteous."

Customer: J. Dahl

Customer: R. Richardsson

Customer: A. Boulanger
"I would highly recommend this car service. The communication with driver prior to pick up gave us piece of mind. Driver was extremely professional. No risk with this firm"

Customer: C. Donovan
"He was on time and friendly, but insisted that the tip wasn't included in the online fare price. And online it says that tip is included. The car needed service. I could see on the dash that tires needed inflating and the car was having trouble getting up hills. I felt the car could have been safer. "

Customer: c. gillard
"Your limo was beautiful, your driver friendly and very pleasant! Thank you for helping to make a good night great! "

Customer: b. l
"Just wanted to leave a quick note of how pleased we are with your organization, You guys made our night absolutely perfect , and we really apriciate the upgrade on limo, we were able to invite more friends , the limo was gorgeous and clean. driver was polite and went the extra mile to take every one home at the end of the night. Thanks for a great service, will be using you guys over and over again . bill"

Customer: B. Zsigalov
"Driver arrived 1 1/2 hours late. 10 Teens were late to their prom by 1 hour !!!!! the missed all the pre-dinner photos and gathering. The limo company itself I will never select again. Poor planning onn the driver's part. He knew where he was picking up and how far it was to event (because we have spoken earlier in the day and I gave him mileage to event from pick-up spot and reaffirmed what time everything was and time of pick-up). He should have taken into consideration what time he was leaving his location to get to pick-up location (pick-up was to be at 5:30 - he arrived at 7:10 ... prom started at 7). He should have planned for rush hour traffic. I am very upset about the whole thing. I was standing there with 10 teens wondering if I should just try to find another ride or continue to wait. Finally called customer service and they were told by limo company that they 'just found out about the ride' that day - which was a lie because I had also been in contact with limo co"

Customer: J. Cassidy
"Thank you.. The kids had a great time.. I love the fact that your driver was early.. keep you in folder for next year... Robyn"

Customer: C. Loftus
"I wanted to say thank you for a great job with the Catholic Memorial prom group last night! The kids had a great time and the driver was wonderful!! Thank you again and feel free to use me as a reference."

Customer: M. Ferguson
"The limo company changed the limo at the last minute to a bigger vehicle that I did not ask for. At at phone call on the am of the service, they said I needed to pay a '20% gratuity' to the driver that was not specified in the initial quote, or in the contract. Then the limo driver tried to tell me I owed the 400$ balance (which was already paid in full) in addition to his 20% gratuity. Needless to say that didn't happen. My husband is an attorney, and is reviewing our initial contract and I am considering contacting the AG, and/or BBB because of this shady organization."

Customer: M. Ferguson
"This company is not reputable. They tried to scam more money off us on the day of service."

Customer: M. Cota
"I booked a limo for daughter's junior prom, and I am so glad I choose Giuberti Limousines, they arrived 20 min before the time, the party bus was beautiful, very clean and the driver was just amazing! I was very happy with the service and how they were responsible with the kids! A very professional company, I will recommend to all my friends, and we are booking next year again for the senior prom! Thank you so much, and Bill you were amazing, the kids loved you!!! "

Customer: K. Smith

Customer: T. Foley
"These guys left me and my family hanging on New Year's Eve - after taking a full deposit, the day before my travel I received an email saying they were too busy and canceling. Completely unprofessional. Extremely pissed off. was zero help, as well. Don't bother trying to use this service. "

Customer: l. g
""Giuberti limos are AMAZING! My new hubby and I booked them for our wedding day and let me tell you they are awesome. The limo was cleaned and comfy. The driver Miguel was on time and so nice& helpful. At the last minute we decided we needed the limo to be there 30mins earlier then planned, it was no problem! It happened within a blink of an eye. I would for sure recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat. If I ever need a limo again their number is in my phone. :)" "

Customer: L. Fernandes
"I would like to thank you guys for the PERFECT service!!! The limousine was beautiful, clean and the driver was amazing, I would like to thank Bill, you are the best driver!! I definitely recommend this limousine to anyone looking for an amazing night! I was well treated since the beginning; they were always very polite on the phone, and very prompt to any of my questions or concerns!! I will definitely book another limousine ride very soon!!! And their prices are awesome for the beautiful limousines! I see you next time, very soon! Thank you, thank you and thank you! Letty"

Customer: C. McGuire
"We all truly enjoyed the limo Saturday night. Angel was great! Very pleasant and accomodating. Thank You !"

Customer: E. Mazzola
"Luiz, I was very happy with your company. You are so nice and easy to work with. I loved your driver Ramos. He was great! I would highly recommend you. You were on time, courteous, and the limo was clean and exactly what you promised. Thank you! - Elizabeth Mazzola"

Customer: j. miranda
""My sister Gina booked you guys for my bachelorette party and the cadillac escalade limo was beautiful. There were 14 of us and we had so much room, and the driver was really nice!!! We had a great time, thank you so much.. I was pleasantly surprised cant wait to book you guys for my wedding :) ""

Customer: R. Vinton
"Just wanted to follow up and mention that the stretch was a pleasant surprise that day, however Greg our driver was the absolute bonus. He was gracious, enthusiastic and true professional from start to finish. Looking forward to requesting Greg in the future. Thank you,"

Customer: J. Dooley
"Not great. SUV they sent was very old, uncomfortable and beaten up. Driver was unfriendly. After the game, we couldn't find the driver in the designated pick up spot, and he wouldn't answer his phone when we tried to call him. Finally had to call the company to locate the driver. Probably won't be using this company again. "

Customer: l. duque
"Best Night Ever !!!! Thanks for your exellent service and limos!!! I booked the 20 pass party bus for my 30th birthday, i have been in many party buses before but never in a such a nice and confortable bus, most party buses i've been were old school bus, but this the bus felt like new, so clean and all the lighting and sound just made it all perfect! and of course our driver Jimmy was the best after he droped us off he cleaned the whole bus after us when we came back looked like we were never there. he even went and bought more ice to keep our drinks cold. I really thank you guys to make our night so special , we are planning another night out . Luis we were very pleased with your organization ."

Customer: S. Maceyra
"Great service !!! right on time or better 10 min before . friendly driver and great custumer service every time i had to call your office. I will not hesitate to call you guys next time. Luis thanks for such a good service."

Customer: L. Mitra
"Driver failed to turn up and because the limo was due at 6am, no one was answering phones so I had to call a cab and only made my flight because it was delayed. Disappointing and stressful."

Customer: E. Grimmer
"We loved using your services! You were on time and even better than on time for our return trip! We would most definitely call you in the future for our adventures. . I appreciated the drivers allowing us to put the charges on the credit card after the ride- it was a service to us. Our drivers were very pleasant and courteous and helpful. They were able to find our address easily too. Thank you again for a very pleasant experience with your organization. Eileen "

Customer: J. Nordhagen
"Dear Guiberti Limo Company,     Thank you so much for the incredible party bus. The night would not have been such a success if it wasn't for you guys! The bus driver Bill was so great to work with! Thanks so much again! So glad we used you. Very Respectfully, Julianne Nordhagen"

Customer: J. Lary
"We had you guys for our prom, It was such a memorable experience, thank you so much! No complaints, everything was perfect! Your Driver was great. "

Customer: H. lacombe
"Hi Luiz, Wanted to let you know that your service was great, safe and dependable; will not hesistate to use you in the future! We all had a wonderful time, many thanks to you and Greg!! Cheers! Heather"

Customer: E. Bedell
"!Our service was great and we had an outstanding time.  We fully enjoyed our day and will definitely use you again in the future.  Thank you so much!"

Customer: S. Madden
"Thank you for the great service.  Our driver was prompt and very nice. We look forward to using your service again in the future and will send friends your way."

Customer: C. Cutter
"Luis Thank you so much for the great service and price on the limo!  Our driver Bill was wonderful & the girls already have plans to request him for the prom.  We will definitely be back."

Customer: D. Harding
"Thanks, We really enjoyed your service."

Customer: L. Bogart
"Luiz, Just wanted to write you to thank you & your driver for a fabulous evening last night for my daughters 18th birthday! They had a fun, safe experience. Thanks again, Lauren Bogart"

Customer: K. Davis
"We had a great time on Saturday the car and your driver was fantastic!!!! Thanks again! Kerri Davis "

Customer: Y. Ortiz
"Thank YOU so much for the service and for your great drivers on our very special day. Will definitely recommend you to others and use your service again in the future! Thanks. Yveyamer Ortiz & Jorge A. Rivas Bride & Groom "

Customer: . Fusco
"Thanks luiz, the girls all had a very nice experience. Your rates were great an we do look forward to other bookings."

Customer: A. abdul
"Hello Luiz, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you personally for last night...we truly had an amazing time and our driver was more then accomodating. He was so nice, we all loved him. Yesterday couldn't have had a better turn out...the only thing better would be if I had another bottle of your champagne haha. Which I would like to know what was so sweet n yummy. Anyway again thank you n thank our driver again for us too. We had so much fun. We'll definitely be in touch for future events...take care. -Amarah- "

Customer: B. Dufault
"I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks to Wellington. My daughter and 13 of her friends went to a concert in Boston last night and had a wonderful time. They all expressed how nice Wellington was to them. I was very comfortable sending them off with him. He was very professional, friendly and curteous when he arrived to pick up the kids. I will definately keep you in mind the next time we are in need of a limo. Many Thanks, Bonnie Dufault"


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