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Customer: I. Carr

Customer: l. serridge
"Driver was on time and did the best she could but didnt know were she was going and kept switching lanes "

Customer: A. Wonghirundacha
"Very old car in bad condition with some kind of leak as when the car started going faster you could hear the wind coming into the car. Also very bad driving, not smooth at all and was very rough. "

Customer: d. merola

Customer: H. Pierz
"Driver didnt know where the terminal was."

Customer: L. Doctor
"car was clean but was not the original car I booked, or the one I was told I would get as a replacement. Driver was pleasant but did not help with lifting luggage and didn't bother to get out of the car during dropoff. For 25% gratuity, I except the driver to at least get out of the car and open the door. He offered to help once I was already halfway out of the door and never actually moved from his seat. Suggestion: leave gratuity up to the customer, not automatic"

Customer: P. Hoover
"At pickup time there was some minor confusion. If limos are always picking up at the last drop exit point then why not include that info with driver info. I came in term a exit 2 and needed to apparently sprint to exit 8 with luggage bags and my 67 yr old body. Then I had to stop 3 times to answer the phone telling someone where I was. After the start and in the car. Driver was pleasant n courteous. It's a long drive so I did enjoy the conversation and ride home.. At my arrival driver did wait until I was in my house before leaving. He gets an a plus for that part of the trip. Overall the experience was above average. My recommendation would be to review the pickup process at the airport . "

Customer: S. Lukacs
"Worst ride I have ever had. Driver was incompetent."

Customer: B. Lipman
"When my flight arrived at Newark Airport, there was no driver there to meet me even though I had included a meet and greet inside the terminal in my order. I called the driver whose name and number had been texted to me prior to my arrival. He told me that he did have me listed as a passenger, that he had not received any message that he was to pick me up, and that he was 35 minutes away from the airport. He did call to check for me, and he did call me back to say someone would be contacting me. I also called on my own, was put on hold as they contacted the limo company, was told that the driver was driving around looking for a parking space but could not find one, and that he would be there shortly. (When I came into the baggage area from my flight, there were several drivers there with signs for passengers. Apparently, they found parking spaces.) Actually, the driver showed up 50 minutes after our agreed time, and I had to meet him outside as he drove up to"

Customer: K. Green
"Did a great job accommodating people with no cell phone service."

Customer: H. Heffes
"Driver went too fast, changed lanes to abruptly. I was charged for tolls that were not made."

Customer: A. Daichendt

Customer: G. Talbott
"First Class Limo is my go-to car service from Newark International to numerous locations - Driver, Steve, is professional and courteous."

Customer: R. Beam
"We just used First Class Limo's this past weekend for a party of 10 in a stretch MKT. The driver was on time, courteous and very professional. It was a wonderful experience. I will be sure to use them again and would highly recommend them."

Customer: W. Jury
"Driver was swearing most of the way and drove at breakneck speed through residential neighborhood "

Customer: J. Chustckie

Customer: P. Ronan

Customer: K. Nestor
"The driver was very nice, personable, and professional. He was an excellent driver maneuvering through New York traffic. However, there seem to be a mixup as to where I was to be met. I paid to be picked up insideThe terminal, but he was waiting outside. When I went outside he came into the terminal and so we lost about 20 minutes trying to find each other."

Customer: J. OMEALY

Customer: T. Marlette
"Paid extra to have driver pick up in the terminal. He wasn't here and showed up ten minutes late. We were very disappointed and will not use this service again. "

Customer: E. Ledbetter
"the service was very good. Thank you"

Customer: G. Thornton
"The driver Hassan F arrived at 10:15 am (earlier than requested) which was ok we were ready. He was very unfreindly absolutely non-engaging, seemed to have a serious attitude. The Escalade needs shocks - very horrible ride!! We arrived at Pier 88 terminal at 11:30 am. maybe disembarking by 11:45 am (that is 1 hour and 45 mins - not even 2 hours) No overtime - contract was for 2 hours. Don't understand overtime charge? Please remove from bill. "

Customer: R. Bruno
"Booking stated water would be available in the limo. There was one small bottle 8 oz bottle for 5 people???? Limo was dirty and in ice bucket was a smelly mildew wet sludge. One of our passengers reached in hand was covered in it. I asked driver if there would be a $ charge to stop since we were thirsty and there were not any drinks avail as promised. He said no, not a problem. Well, that was not the case and I was charged $123 additional to the original $177 total ride. Truly dishonest move on part of the driver and limo company. I was embarrassed as this was a ride with very important business clients."

Customer: A. Evans
"The driver and vehicle were fine, the billing process and quotation system online need some work to clarify hidden costs. I am not happy with the additional $100 charged each way, and will be challenging this with the billing department"

Customer: P. Hoover
"This was my first experience with first class limousine, the driver was on time, professional n friendly, Looking forward to an equally pleasant return trip on my return. "

Customer: E. Higgins
"The Driver at First Class Limo never got the instruction to pick up the passenger inside the airport so he told me it was not his fault. The dispatcher told me she never got the direction and it was not her faul and then said it is often better to book directly with the company and not"

Customer: C. Squibb
"Vehicle and driver were 'leass than' anticipated. "

Customer: A. Blanton
"There was no coordination with getting a driver to pick me up. I waited 35 minutes at the curb for the driver to come, this is the amount of time it takes me to get home. When I called to ask about the driver the operator told me it was my own fault because my flight was delayed. I assume, if I provide flight information that you would be checking to see if it is on time or not. That is not my fault. Any other service I have ever used has been more than capable and has never left me waiting for 35 minutes. The driver who eventually came was very friendly and the car was clean. He was excellent and I will likely book directly with him in the future and avoid as this is the 3rd bad experience I have had with the service. "

Customer: T. Small
"Stephen D's ride was smooth and he was pleasant however his jacket was visibly very dirty and ripped which took away from the experience"

Customer: M. Boyd
"I specifically selected your company because you offered inside airport terminal meeting place included in price of fee, which was more than the other service providers. The email confirmed it but then the drier did not come inside at all. This leads to extra calls and texts to find each other at the airport at nearly 12:30 am. If I was traveling alone, this would be even worse. "

Customer: M. Production
"They were great and even accommodated a last minute time change!"

Customer: J. Metzger
"Driver was great"

Customer: D. Davidson
"You charged me an extra .75 hour as a 'waiting' time. I was in the vehicle and we were stuck in traffic. This is completely unfair and I believe you should be refunding me that extra portion."

Customer: J. Jenkins

Customer: T. Rosen
"Nice driver, but 15 minutes late, which prompted me to call was filthy! I was surprised, expected a real limo!"

Customer: D. Gaulin
"It was perfect! The driver (Steve) was really nice and on time. He cleverly avoided rush hour traffic. I had a safe & comfortable ride. Thanks!!"

Customer: J. Giumarello
"Ordered Lincoln Towncar, GMC Yukon showed up"

Customer: M. Higgins

Customer: g. cohen
"I had no issues with the is the billing...I was overcharged by 1 hour"

Customer: M. Hermansen
"The vehicle was not an Escalade like we ordered, it was a Ford Expedition, we were very overcharged for that. The driver charged us $8 for 2 tolls when we never go through a single toll on the ride. I do not recommend this service at all."

Customer: R. Amo
"Don't use this company or I booked a trip from Northern NJ into Manhattan. The ride took 45 minutes. Received invoice with $39 extra hours charge. Company says this was in addition to the 1.75 hours estimated in the quote. I use limos for work all the time. This is a scam. "