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FCLS STANDS FOR FIRST CLASS LIMOUSINE SERVICE here we provide our clients with personal care and quality standard service from start of reservation to the end of your trip we treat our clients like family at FCLS

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  Rider Reviews

Customer: T. Santoni
"I booked and was confirmed on a Lincoln Town Car. FCLS sent a toyota with body damage, Uber stickers on the windows. It's obvious they farmed it out to UberX (not even UberBLACK). I had not choice but to take the ride due to time. I expect a full refund - if I wanted UberX I would have called UberX."

Customer: T. Stierwalt

Customer: S. Lieber

Customer: M. Kleyman
"Driver wasn't there. They called for back up."

Customer: G. Novack
"The service contacted me upon landing and said they could not service me as they did not plan for traffic. I had to find another service on a rainy busy day and ended up paying $100 more for this service."

Customer: M. Black

Customer: M. Buchsbaum
"turns out that I had, had the same driver once before. He was just wonderful. very accommodating. "

Customer: J. Mears
"on time very polite and professional"

Customer: L. Bruce
"Great job, on time pickup and easy ride to the airport. Clean and well maintained vehicle."

Customer: M. Lecce

Customer: B. Tannenbaum
"Driver was 30 minutes late. I paid for inside meet, but driver had me meet him curbside in the freezing cold. "

Customer: J. Antonioli

Customer: B. Johnpaoli
"The driver never called or texted my cell phone to tell me he was at the airport. I had to call him to find out where he was."

Customer: J. Hamalainen

Customer: B. MacConnell

Customer: G. Fultz
"service and driver were all outstanding! will book again! Thanks!"

Customer: J. Ambati
"Driver was not there. I had to wait for a taxi for 45 minutes. "

Customer: L. Stevens

Customer: C. Hale

Customer: R. Johnston
"When driver picked us up at the airport. We had to call him. He was not at baggage claim. He take us that is out side and to call him when we get out side. He had to call 2 time before he picked up the phone. Then he look at us all like we had to put the bags in the car. The same driver pick us at Hotel. He was friendly."

Customer: T. KENNEDY
"Rasheed was excellent!"

Customer: J. Pearce
"He arrived 45 minutes late. DID NOT meet me inside. Instead called me to tell me to go outside. I had 2 large and heavy suitcases, a cary on and purse. IT WAS OBVIOUS I WAS STRUGGLING. He waited until I got to the car before he put my suitcases in the trunk. I'd requested water which there was none. I was very dissatisfied. "

Customer: H. Chandler
"The driver was good ! "

Customer: J. Witten

Customer: J. Tantum
"Driver would not turn the corner to us we had to walk to her."

Customer: A. Hadad Jr
"Excellent service. Our driver, Mikhael, was very courteous and professional."

"First i paid for meet and greet that doesnt happened the driver told me to go outside a meet her and when she arrive she did not put the bag on the trunk i have to do it my self etc etc etc one more thing the driver never ofer me a bottle of water"

Customer: G. Smith
"The driver seemed confused as to the number of passengers she was to pick up. Also she picked us up at 12:10; we were waiting outside at noon when she texted us about the pick up. Our scheduled pick up time was noon. She arrived not in her usual car and we had to show her how to open the back hatch of the Mercedes GL and had to put our own luggage in the back. She also charged us a $68 charge for waiting. We were outside before the scheduled pick up time."

Customer: B. Longino
"Our flight was late arriving due to mechanic problems, then when we did finely arrive the gate way broke and we weren't able to get off the plane. I spoke with the driver and was trying to give him the updates as we knew them. He never told us he wasn't waiting on us. So when we finally got off and was at baggage claims I called him back and no answer at first. My husband called and he let him know that he had left and we needed to figure out another way. Paying the wait fee was never talked about and if we had stopped for drinks or something before getting out to the curb it would have been very different... I will never use this company again, I have plans to travel back to this same airport several more times this year but I'll let all I travel with know how we were treated and the stiff charges ... I hope you don't treat all your costumes this way, we had NO control of what was happening with our flight. How could you charge this ungodly amount and not even give us a call and sched"

Customer: k. CULLIMORE
"Driver was very friendly and informative. Made the ride to the airport very enjoyable. Did not offer to assist with luggage, which was fine with me, but may be a problem for others. "

Customer: B. Gustafson
"I will never use FCLS (http://www.fclslimo.com/) again. I booked them through Limos.com for a NY LaGuardia pickup. I was flying from California via Chicago. When I landed in Chicago, I saw my connecting flight was delayed. I had received my FCLS driver’s cell phone number via Limos.com, so I texted and called to bring the delay to the driver’s attention. I expect drivers to monitor flight status, but I thought I'd make contact as a courtesy and to be thorough. The driver said it was no problem and to let him know when I was on the move... As often happens, they delayed the flight 3 times (bumping it back an hour-plus each time. As I was finally boarding the flight (that had been delayed for 3.5 hours) I sent a text to the driver. I immediately got a call from 'the owner' of the company. He asked if I was in Chicago and I said I was just boarding. He asked me to confirm my flight number and I did. He said, 'I'm sorry, but you're about to land.' I said, 'No, I'm about to t"

Customer: J. Tantum
"Very professional, prompt, and experienced."

Customer: j. howard
"Driver was on time, courteous, and took us directly to our destination"

Customer: l. dempsey

Customer: B. LOWENTHAL
"Excellent driver. Great service from him. "

Customer: J. Angier
"I was very happy with the car and driver. "

Customer: r. kidd

Customer: C. Knowlton

Customer: A. Hadad Jr
"Our vehicle arrived on time. The interior of the car was clean, and our driver was very professional and courteous at all times. "

Customer: M. Kemp

Customer: S. Riklin

Customer: M. Kemp

Customer: S. Ferrini
"I have used this company a few times and the last few trips they never showed up. One time a flight was almost missed and the second time the flight was missed. I called them and both time I was told the driver was there. I will NEVER use their service, when I called to complain to the owner today he didn't even car. I suggested to limos.com to pull them from their site. "

Customer: J. Palmaccio
"Outstanding. Perfectly on time. It was a very smooth drive and the driver did a great job with moving around traffic."

Customer: A. Ralston
"Our plane arived early, 3:05 vs. scheduled 3:44pm. Our 4 stare elite driver showed up 30 minutes late at 4:15. We were standing at pick up for a full hour watching people hop in taxis because we were tied to our reservation. Why would I tie myself down to a reservation from the airport when I can just take a cab and save a full hour?"

Customer: T. Wessel

Customer: S. Foster

Customer: N. Mercurio
"Clean car, great driver!"

Customer: C. Paulson
"Driver was great - on time, easy to find, conscientious, excellent driver who got me to LGA in a short amount of time!"

Customer: D. Perry
"The driver was fine, but the vehicle was filthy inside and out. "

Customer: E. Fluegen
"Driver did not show up at agreed meeting point, had to search for him. They billed this as 'waiting time'. Not satisfied, will book another limo service next time."

Customer: d. pritchard

Customer: D. Bleser
"The driver showed up wearing jeans and the car was filthy. No bottle water. When I made the request I noted it was for business. It's a good thing I didnt have any clients with me otherwise I would have been thoroughly embarrassed."

Customer: D. DePanfilis
"I consistently select FCLS from my options because they are always on time, use courteous drivers, and offer a pleasant ride."

Customer: N. Boles

Customer: N. Mercurio
"They knew my wife had a less than perfect ride the last time, so they sent a driver that she knew to make sure everything was perfect. Outstanding customer service by the company and the driver!"

Customer: G. Baio
"Driver was great! Very customer service oriented and professional."

Customer: G. Baio
"Driver absolutely met and exceeded our expectations. He was there in advance of our arrival and as soon as I turned my phone on, I had a text with his contact info."

Customer: R. Korpman

Customer: K. Scarborough

Customer: M. Tolley Hall
"Our flight was delayed and instead of getting the black town car I requested for four people, we were shoved in a small Camry. It was very difficult to connect with and find the driver at the airport"

Customer: E. van Halteren

Customer: L. Linkon
"old vechile"

Customer: R. Pretlor
"The 1st driver had a smelly Car like someone was 'getting high' in it. The second driver was fine."

Customer: N. King
"both drivers were excellent - professional, personable and very courteous"

Customer: M. Klien
"they never picked me up"

Customer: R. Holbrook
"The car was filthy and the driver had an open container of alcohol in the console!"

Customer: R. Sherman
"Our driver was Jerimiah.Great driver,very informative,would definitely use this service again.Thankyou."

Customer: M. Fullmer
"Working with FCLS is great. Their drivers are always courteous and their vehicles are well cared for. Working with limos.com is getting to be a nightmare though. Their customer service keeps going down and down."

Customer: D. Goodale
"Great driver. Courteous and thoughtful. He arrived before my overseas flight landed so there no trouble getting a quick pick up. "

Customer: S. Merkert
"The driver was on-time, and very pleasant! What else can you ask for!"

Customer: R. Stuart
"Great ride! Nice guy too! Will definitely use again. "

Customer: R. Miller
"I had rides both from and to LaGuardia Airport this past week. Both times, I was greeted by a very professional driver who got me to my destination without any problems. "

Customer: T. Alcorn
"Ed, our driver was such a gentleman. I loved that we knew exactly what the fair was and paid ahead so no hassles. He called us after the plane landed to say he was there. Me us at the curb and away we went. Much better than $4.00 for a pedi cab in Central Park. "

Customer: B. Wheeldon
"Driver was on time, the car was nice, and we had a very hassle free trip to the airport."

Customer: B. Wheeldon
"It took the driver a while to pick us up (our flight was delayed, though). She also wasn't a great driver, we were honked at more than normal in NYC traffic, and noticed we cut a couple of people off. She also took a route that had a lot of traffic, it was clear before getting onto the off-ramp that 495 wasn't moving, but she got off there anyway. We'd been traveling for about 34 hours from Australia when we got into the car, so it wasn't the best welcome back."

Customer: C. Ford
"Awesome service! When our original driver got caught in traffic they sent a stretch limo at no extra charge! This is our new go to car service for trips to/from JFK. Great work!"

Customer: M. Fullmer
"Reserved a Lincoln Town Car "L", it was not an "L"."

Customer: G. Lay
"Really appreciate the professionalism and service provided by FCLS and Sunny the driver!! Thanks again "

Customer: B. Roth

Customer: j. vaselenak
"Very happy and would recommend. "

Customer: P. Key
"The driver was good, but the vehicle wasn't 5 star like I was promised. I was told that water would be in the car and it wasn't."

Customer: C. Ghai
"The service was excellent - driver smart, v helpful and the car was perfect for our needs. I think the service should provide the driver cell info. We received an email with their # an dthey told me to wait for a text - as happens the text didnt come through until after I was picked up. Sometimes the raoming can cause issues. If I had his number I could have called once I was ready instead of several calls going back and forth. This is an idea for back up."

Customer: A. Stojnic
"I will never use this company again. driver didn't know how to driver around the city, still didn't show up 25mins after pick up time and had to take another taxi. Both company representative and driver response to lateness was rude and not apologetic! "

Customer: K. Lockard
"Ask drivers to go quickest route - charge for tolls, bridge, tunnel, etc."

Customer: J. Schultz

Customer: J. Arthur

Customer: B. Huggins
"Excellent price and service"

Customer: J. Jamar
"Be on time. We had it booked for 5:00, actually got in car at 5:30. When I called at 5:00 to confirm pickup location, the owner chewed me out for supposedly calling at 4:15 and complaining. I did not do that. I was still on my plane at 4:15. Standing with my family waiting outside for 30 min was a bummer. A taxi would have been better."

Customer: B. Lipman
"For my last booking, I booked a sedan, but was picked up by a Suburban, which is not as comfortable. I was charged $15 for tolls when the only toll was the $5 Queens Midtown Tunnel in Manhattan. (In reality, the driver only paid $4.35 as he used a FastPass) It is quite disappointing to not receive the vehicle booked and to be triple charged for tolls. On the positive side, the driver was professional."

Customer: B. Lipman
"Other than sending an uncomfortable Suburban, and the not the town car contracted for, the service was excellent. The driver was professional and knew the route very well."

Customer: D. Imming
"Could you please explain the ‰ÛÏtoll charge‰Û of $15.00? I recall the route we took, and we went over the Queensboro bridge. Is that a toll bridge? Is the ‰ÛÏtoll‰Û $15.00? Also, we were very unhappy with the overall ride. Our driver was supposed to pick us up at 33 W. 55th Street at the Shoreham Hotel. He actually parked on 56th Street in front of the Trump Tower. We had to walk over 2 blocks trying to find him. He called and said he was 2 minutes away, and he would pick us up, but he never showed up. He kept saying he was parked on 55th Street, and even said the word ‰ÛÏfive-five‰Û. After we walked out-of-our way all the way down 55th street past the Regis Hotel looking for him (with our luggage), he finally admitted, on the phone, that he was incorrectly parked on 56th Street. We finally got to his car at 1:15 pm (30 minutes after he called and said he would pick us up at the Shoreham Hotel). The communication was poor, and when we finally got in his car on 56th Stree"

Customer: J. Rubin

Customer: M. VanWickler
"Got a ride back to the Airport from the Hotel, once again, he was there early, waited until we were ready, was very helpful and courteous. Got us to the airport safely and quickly. Was a great ride."

Customer: M. VanWickler
"Everything was excellent. The driver was early, and waited until we were ready with no problem. They were very courteous and even suggested some shopping places for us. Couldn't have had any better service."

Customer: T. Sepulveda

Customer: T. Sepulveda
"Can I get a receipt please. "

Customer: T. Bell
"Other than the driver over charging me by $173.00 everything was fine"

Customer: E. Gnad
"Driver was very courteous and friendly. He was on time and loaded our luggage very quickly. I would recommend limos.com to any one asking. "

Customer: J. Oates

Customer: m. yalman
"John 007 was simply fantastic. Kind, thoughtful, knowledgable, entertaining and a vey accomplished jazz musician to boot with amazing stories from playing with Sinatra to Dizzy. We did not want the journey to end and we are the typical type A people always in a hurry. "

Customer: k. takizawa

Customer: J. Rubin
"Great driver. would book again with FCLS"

Customer: J. Garcia

Customer: j. shortes
"We had an expected upgrade from town car to sub at no extra charge. The driver was on time easy to find and very professional. I would recommend and use again. "

Customer: T. Fawcett
"Driver was not at passenger pick up and phone dispatcher was practically useless, not helpful."

Customer: d. kaminsky
"Very professional and polite."

Customer: D. Harris
"Original pickup was supposed to be sedan as specified but showed up as SUV - this was corrected for return trip to airport after Limos.com stepped in but then was charged for tolls & was not consulted prior to taking a route that required same"

Customer: D. Jech
"FCLS said it was Limos.com's fault, that there was a glitch, so I don't know who to believe. All I know is I want my money back."

Customer: J. MADEJ

Customer: T. Carn
"The driver was excellent. But the car needs to be cleaner!!"

Customer: C. Paulson

Customer: M. Smith

Customer: L. marple

Customer: C. Sherwood
"Clean/pick up the SUV. Don't text while driving. "

Customer: M. Soroka
"FCLS advised they gave you enough warning to find a replacement for their limo, and it was limos.com that chose not to do so. Thus I hold limos.com responsible."

Customer: M. Kochie
"See above and be sure to credit my Am Ex. Will not be using your service again."

Customer: C. Basa

Customer: d. luksomboon

Customer: N. Showalter

Customer: D. McGowan

Customer: J. Taylor

Customer: P. Flynn
"The driver seemed clueless, I paid for a 'Meet & Greet' as my brother is 90 years old and blind. The driver insisted that he could NOT park and go into the terminal. I had to call and insist the he make some arrangements as this was in my contract. Ultimately it was resolved and all ended up OK."

Customer: C. Sheeler
"Driver's car had a battery problem and was unable to meet me in airport. No answer to FCLS # either despite 5-star rating and premium paid."

Customer: J. Martinson

Customer: c. kinstle
"Loved the driver. One of the best I've ever had. Car was clean, comfortable. Driver was early which was great. Excellent navigation thru rush hour traffic. "

Customer: G. Guhne
"These are really great drivers. Excellent service and pleasant. I highly recommend FCLS"

Customer: L. McGrath
"Driver was professional and courteous. Was waiting in baggage area for me when I arrived. Carried bags to car."

Customer: J. Bergeron

Customer: c. skinn

Customer: J. Cullinane

Customer: D. DePanfilis

Customer: R. Schiavo
"Vehicle Very Clean and Great Driver!! thanks"

Customer: P. Hamilton

Customer: C. Sherman
"Ride from La Guardia to downtown Manhattan: Our driver was not too helpful with our large amount of luggage, 8 pieces. I had arranged for a Suburban for this exact issue. He was not happy as he was swearing about loading all the luggage in the snow. And then on the drop off we had to wait for the bell man at our hotel my wife stayed in the car until the driver began cursing angrily so she got out and went in to the hotel. This driver lacked patience and courtesy of a professional driver providing service to upscale clients. "

Customer: G. Giacomini
"I had yesterday a limo reservation (15.12.2013) for 2:15 p.m. at chelsea piers 61. i was waiting in front of chelsea pier 61. At 2:30 p.m. i called the limo company FCLS Call:860 921-3277. The operator told me, he will phone the driver. At 2:40p.m. i called again FCLS Limo, and the operator told me, they don t have a order for this ride, and no limo will come. At 2:45 p.m. ( 30 minutes after the scheduled pic up time) i booked a taxi to the airport. At 2:50 p.m. i called two times limos 001 404614 7297 and told the operator wath happend and that i will not pay the ride, because this is your failure. sincerely Giorgio Giacomini This E-Mail was sent to you yesterday with no response"

Customer: L. Elliott
"My son's girlfriend was visiting, and as a mom, I did not want her to take public transit or cab. The person I spoke with on the phone was very helpful. My son's girlfriend said the drivers to and from the airport contacted her where to meet and were waiting for her. Both were kind and courteous and the cars were very clean. We will definitely use FCLS again and recommend the service to anyone traveling."

Customer: G. Fultz
"Driver met us at Marriott in mid-town after calling us to confirm exactly where to meet (which side of the hotel). The car was immaculate with bottled water and gum available to us. The driver was professional in all respects and the trip to the airport was very smooth. It was worth every penny!!! Thanks!"

Customer: G. Fultz
"Driver was on-time, met us at baggage claim, carried our bags to car in parking garage and ride to Manhattan was without a problem. The only disappointments were that 1) there was no bottled water as promised, 2) the car was to have been smoke-free and it had been heavily smoked in and 3) the car was not particularly clean. I know these seem minor but if we had wanted that, we could have taken a taxi and saved about $50."

Customer: N. Goodwin

Customer: S. Marx
"FCLS is our go-to towncar service in NYC. Their fleet is very well kept, drivers are courteous and good about communicating where they are at. Whether it is to/from the airport or hourly as directed for the day, we are always happy with their service. "

Customer: H. Flowers
"The driver was on time - EARLY in fact - as was our arrival, which we were very pleased with. He was prompt, courteous, and we had a voicemail and text message by the time we landed. He picked us up curbside within minutes - would DEFINITELY use again, and recommend to anyone flying in/out of JFK."

Customer: S. Chan
"Very considerate! "

Customer: n. pool
"this company is the best company i used in us i travel a lot but this is the first time it's easy because them i called when i arrived to ewr airport the dispatch direct me where i go and i did i fiend the car with my name on the sign waiting for me . i think i fiend the company i will used every time and i will tell every one to use fcls from the dispatch to the driver great service great guys . thank you for the service "

Customer: N. Matthew
"The driver was really friendly and professional. Very pleased with the service provided."

Customer: J. Proeller
"Smooth ride to the airport. Driver was very nice and on time. Highly recommend."

Customer: A. White
"my driver Mr. Houssan was very professional. He waited for me at the airport and the ride was great to my hotel. Will use again."

Customer: N. Matthew
"Job well done by FCLS and Mr. Toogood is a very good driver."

Customer: S. Goldworm
"Extremely Fast Service. I came out of the terminal from the airport and my Driver was right there. He was very professional, and executed his job well. The Drive to the city was very smooth. The car was clean and had cold water. I would highly recommend FCLS Limo Service. "

Customer: m. marashlian
"Had 5am pickup to go to airport from 41st & 5th. No show at 5am so I call service who informs me that my driver went to 82nd & Broadway. They could not explain why he went there instead of correct pickup address. Tell me he'll be to my location in 5 min. I call back in 7 min and they inform me that he is now on 72nd and Broadway (that can happen during rush hour but not at 5am). Ended up scrambling to find a yellow cab and was rushed to make my flight. Will not use them again."

Customer: D. Mason
"The driver was on time and the vehicle was clean and comfortable. The driver was very helpful and friendly. We were very comfortable riding with this driver and appreciated his timeliness, consideration, and most of all, his information about NYC as we drove. Would definitely use FCLS again."

Customer: M. Knap
"FCLS provided great service on both our trips to and from the airport to our hotel. Both drivers were ontime, communicated on a timely basis, vehicles were what we ordered and were in great condition. both drivers were very personable and helpful with NYC info. I would highly recommend them."

Customer: K. Leone

Customer: D. Lisenbey
"I've been using Limos.com for month's now and have mostly pleasant experiences, however I have to say that my driver on this particular ride was outstanding. Friendly and helpful, etc. He made the trip enjoyable. Will select FCLS next time in New York. Thank you!!"

Customer: R. Cohen
"My driver was on time and friendly. The vehicle was clean and comfortable. I would definitely recommend using FCLS and would use them again without hesitation."

Customer: R. Cohen
"My driver was on time and friendly. The vehicle was new, clean and comfortable. I would definitely recommend using FCLS and would use them again without hesitation."

Customer: M. Stephens
"Driver on time but probably the worst driver I've ever had. Got lost within 800 yards of leaving the airport, almost crashing a couple of times. Then chose the Holland Tunnel rather than Lincoln for midtown, requiring a 50 block ride through Manhattan traffic At least with a flat fare there were no financial implications, but I've never had a more scary ride."

Customer: G. Culbertson
"Driver was courteous, efficient and professional. "

Customer: R. Herkenrath
"The limo company only bills in 30 minutes increments, independently if the actual wait time is less. The actual wait time has been 15 minutes. Loading time has been obviously also added as wait time (since the claim is that the total wait time has been 20 minutes). Therefore I would not recommend the company if you cannot guarantee to be loaded at the agreed upon pick-up time."

Customer: B. Lovell
"Great service. On time, great communication. "

Customer: L. ALAVEZ

Customer: s. davis
"The reservation was to be picked up inside the terminal. The driver arrived at the incorrect terminal which then resulted in a curb side pickup and a delay. In addition, I was charged for parking and the inside pickup fee."

Customer: S. Blythe
"A bit hit or miss with this company. We requested a trip to Laguardia airport from upstate and a corresponding return trip when we flew back into town. On the first ride, the driver showed up 1.5 hours early (i.e. 1.5 hours before the scheduled time), and ended up waiting for us. The interior of the car, while satisfactory, could have been a bit cleaner. Unfortunately, we were billed nearly 1/3 more than the estimate given by FCLS through limos.com; I assumed that we were billed for the extra 1.5 hours due to the driver being early, as tolls were nothing like the overcharged amount. However, the return trip showed essentially the same shenanigans - overcharged the original quote by about 1/3 again (which was well over the toll amounts as well). In fairness, this car was much cleaner, but not nearly worth it. A carefully selected cab would have done equivalently. Why 3 stars? I give them credit for being prompt and getting us to (and from) our flights on-time. But they lose a star (probably should lose more) for the overcharges and another for the the initial car's interior state. "

Customer: C. Hibma
"My service is always quite excellent with FCLS. Much better than any comparable company in New York. Thanks!"

Customer: K. Sias
"Driver John was super nice! He texted me in advance and was very easy to find. Excellent service was a great start to a fabulous stay! I think we landed on the hottest, most humid day in history. Wish the water offered had been cold. "

Customer: N. P
"SIMPLY UNBELIEVABLE...JUST RECEIVED THE BILL. Quote was $300, and final bill was $694.4 then 716.58.... there are items charged not agreed nor authorized. Driver made passenger walked in the rain to his car in the parking lot... simply unacceptable! I am disputing the charge and will escalate until this is resolved! "

Customer: M. Merrill
"The driver was on time and and very friendly in spite of the heavy rain fall in the area. The car was clean and comfortable."

Customer: A. Isaac
"The driver was early. He was very nice and a pleasant person."

Customer: M. Prakash
"Used FCLS from LGA to Manhattan. Timely service, great communication to keep me informed about assigned driver. Very happy with the service. Will use it again. "

Customer: B. Loro
"Ali, was great. He was on time and made New York Traffic seem pleasant! I will use Limos.com again for sure!!!!!"

Customer: A. Schiling
"Excellent service upon booking quick and considerate. Driver was very good and safe. Car conditions were 100%. Would recommend and also use again myself. In addition I felt the price was fair for the service. "

Customer: J. Ackerhalt
"They were fantastic. Ontime and ready to go. "

Customer: D. Morrison
"The driver never showed up. I discovered my phone wasn't working so I couldn't call the vendor or Limos.com. I ended up taking a taxi for >$100.00"

Customer: D. Wells
"Please note that the only positive thing about this company was their driver was already at the Airport with a drop off and was available right away for us. After that, it was all down hill; apparently this drive cared more about looking at his phone rather than our safety! There were only 6 times during the course of our ride to our Hotel that he almost wrecked. There was no conversation, not sure of the areas and routes he was taking and clearly making his own driving lanes at times. The speeding didn't help with pedestrians in his path! This was the worst experience we could have had while just arriving for our vacation in New York. FCLS will never get my service again..."

Customer: P. McMahon
"Driver punctual, polite and very smooth driver. Car comfortable, classical music playing gently - perfect. Also - and this is very important - there was no smell of smoke. With many (maybe even most) limo services the driver smokes and although he does not smoke in the car, it is on his clothes and we spend the journey smelling stale cigarette smoke, which is very unpleasant, especially at 5.45 am! This was not the case - thank you!"

Customer: K. Williams

Customer: C. Mazzara
"Driver was waiting for us at LaGuardia when we arrived from baggage claim. The SUV was spacious and very comfortable. Traffic was horrible, but our driver was calm, cool, and collected and got us to our hotel as quickly as possible. This was a great experience. I will definitely use this service again!"

Customer: M. Patzer
"This is the third time I have used them and they are awesome! The driver Toogood is awesome. He called to let me know he was waiting for me and exactly where to find him. I will continue to use them everyone I come to New York "

Customer: R. Becker
"I have been using FCLS for over a year now and I am completely satisfied with the service. Always on time and friendly. It is truly an enjoyable experience riding with them!"

Customer: C. Swain
"I have used them so many times. Highly, highly recommend them. "

Customer: C. Swain
"They have excellent service. The driver was so very friendly. He met me inside the airport and was right there as I arrived at LAX holding my name. I would use them the next time I come to LA"

Customer: e. reilinger
"Courteous, timely"

Customer: k. einstein
"Excellent & personable driver.....We personally use car services a lot, this is the 1st review I have given bc the driver stood out that much. We will definitely be using their services & requesting our driver again!"

Customer: L. Geiger
"My driver, TooGood in car 118, was very good."

Customer: w. mitchell
"excellent organization; very helpful driver; very good experience"

Customer: A. Pickren
"Always a great service provider! When my plane landed, I had a text waiting me on my phone with my driver's name, contact info and car #. The car was clean, and the driver was conversational. An enjoyable experience."

Customer: E. Moran
"Mr Toogood was on time, very polite and a great driver.The car was very nice, clean and comfortable and Mr Toogood was not wearing after shave as so many drivers do in spite of how many people are made sick by the smell. I was not feeling well as I had a migraine and he was very compassionate, taking care to avoid bumps and make the ride a smooth as possible. He made what could have been a miserable experience into a nice one. You are very lucky to have such an exceptional employee. "

Customer: T. Smith
"I reserved 2 SUV's RT from LGA to the Waldorf Astoria this past weekend. Driver Adam and associate were excellent in handling our party of 12 people. Reservationist Laura was also top notch! I highly recommend FCLS for your transportation needs in/around the city!"

Customer: J. Rivero
"Good service"

Customer: J. Eggers
"Along the lines of "it is not just what you do, but what you do next" that matters, there was a problem with my pick up at Newark the other day. It happens. What does not generally happen after a mistake is follow up from the manager and owner, and a complimentary ride to the airport when I was heading back. FCLS will definitely get my business again. Thanks to the team there for following up with first class service! "

Customer: j. kanapicki
"I have to say as fCLS limos has the best customer service I experience in a limo company my fiance forgot his cufflinks and he had a big interview fcls went out their way and got him the cufflinks that he needed for his important day they made me and my fiance stress disappear and didn't blink an eyelash at the request I cannot get over the customer service they provide they were so kind to talk to very sweet and understanding and make us feel reassured i highly recommend this company if you looking for a smooth experience with no hassle and a company that will go out their way for you !"

Customer: S. Garman
"You can never go wrong with FCLS. I'm always on time for my meetings and I never miss a flight when using FCLS Car & Limo Service. A+ Service all the way."

Customer: J. FURROW
"I Cannot say enough about FCLS. Their Chauffeurs Are Courteous And Professional, Their cars are always Clean. I'm always on time with FCLS. I'm very happy with FCLS Car / Limo Service."

Customer: S. Gavilan
"We are a Corporate meeting planner and Intl. Travel Agency handling large Meetings and convention groups around the world. After working with FCLS in New York for the past two years, we can only express our complete satisfaction with this company. From the top management to all supervisors and drivers, their service and professionalism is very satisfactory. They are always in contact and keep us informed of every single detail, treating each of our customers exceptionally well. We continue using their services, and will not hesitate to call them for all our future needs of transportation. "

Customer: A. Planch
"Driver was waiting for us just as planned - at Rockefeller Plaza!!! Great service and very nice ride. "

Customer: G. LaFollette
"These guys give GREAT service. They are rock solid dependable -- always where they're supposed to be when they're supposed to be there. In clean, well-maintained cars with polite, friendly, and knowledgable drivers. I just send them my airline itinery and they make the reservations from there. They send an email confirmation with feeds perfectly into TripIt.com. I've set up a direct account so there's no fuss at the end of a trip. Just a drop and a thank-you --- they bill my credit card and email the receipt. I've tried a BUNCH of different providers in NYC and these guys are without question at the very top in service quality. "

Customer: J. Rojas
"Great service. Very efficient. Good communication"

Customer: A. Ralson
"Arrived early! Quiet and efficient "

Customer: G. Donovan
"Clean car. Nice driver. I will use again."

Customer: K. Reich
"The service we received from FCLS was excellent. The driver was on-time and very friendly. The car was clean. I highly recommend this company for limo service."

Customer: L. Alexander
"The driver was not only on time, but a few minutes early. He met me where I expected and was gracious enough to lt me know they were across the street from our meeting place so I was able to go straight to the car. He did not bombard me with conversation nor turn the radio on so that I could make some planned calls. The car was clean and the ride was comfortable. He didn't do slam on the brakes for sudden I didn't notice bottled water, so I assume it wasn't there, but I didn't miss it. He was kind enough to get me as close to baggage check in as possible. "

Customer: P. Manoukian MD
"Everything was perfect, drivers arrived prior to pickup time, no hassles, Jules was greatat making us feel comfortable and cluing us in the the neighborhoods, which was very helpful as our son is just starting at NYU Tisch. Thanks!! "

Customer: m. roostai
"Great and prompt service. Thank you."

Customer: S. C
"Driver was prompt and contacted me as soon as I landed to let me know where to find him. Water was provided to me which was nice after my long flight to SF. Definitely recommend FCLS if you need a speedy ride from JFK into Manhattan. They are reliable and great to their customers time after time!"

Customer: S. Sass

Customer: J. Goree
"Will was right on time, waiting for us as we exited customs. The car was not what we booked (town car) but a suburban for the same price! Will was an excellent driver and had us to the hotel in 20 minutes in fairly heavy traffic. The car was clean and he had water waiting for us."

Customer: B. .Cline
"On time, great communication! We used them 4 times in 3 days. Reservation processor and all 4 drivers were helpful and courteous."

Customer: K. McHenry
"Excellent communication via both e-mail and cell phone. FCLS called me several times to verify and then when I arrived at Penn Station they directed the driver to my location. Driver had a large sign in the window with our name on it which made it easy to identify him among the many limos in the area. Driver offered to take either cash or credit card. Good service!"

Customer: K. Fiene
"The limo was early both times, vehicles in impeccable condition, and drivers extremely courteous and professional. I will ALWAYS look to FCLS for any future needs ... top notch!"

Customer: A. cadiff
"Prompt arrival and timely trip to airport."

Customer: G. Hiller
"I was very pleased with the ride provided"

Customer: d. berndt
"Very nice. I was just confused how to find him b/c he went to the wrong terminal but it was Delta's fault for posting it wrong. "

Customer: A. Cadiff
"Prompt arrival and efficient drop-off. No complaints."

Customer: R. Timothy
"My rides both way were on time (early); both were efficient and knowledgable of traffic and construction routes/detours; were both helpful and courteious."

Customer: R. Korpman
"Driver was considerate, went beyond the requirements and made the trip a complete pleasure. Vehicle was impeccable. Driver was early, moved the bags in and out...did it all. Would recommmend anytime."

Customer: T. Savaiano
"Our experience with FCLS was outstanding! The driver was on time on both pick-ups, email updates were sent so we never had to worry about calling with your company, and the rates were very reasonable! Made our New York trip very carefree! Will definately use FCLS again."

Customer: K. Jay
"FCLS provided fantastic service -- I will definetly use them again the next time I go to the Big Apple. The driver was promptly on time, texted me his licence plate number, and met me curbside. The SUV we road into Lower Manhattan was clean, new and comfortable. Bottled water was available for us, and the best ammenity of all was that the driver had a built-in DVD player, and loaded a new kid's movie ("Mr. Popper's Penguins") for my four-year old to watch after a long day's journey on an airplane. The ride was smoothe and efficient. I was extremely pleased with everything."

Customer: R. Weenen
"Excellent service. On time, comfortable vehicle, friendly driver."

Customer: B. Powers
"Driver (Will) was on time very polite and met me where expected. Car was clean and comfortable. Music selection excellent."

Customer: S. Win
"I have used Limos .com a few times at various location across the USA and they have been reliable, this is the first I have used FCLS for the JFK to Manhattan transfer. Why have I bothered with all the other transfer options previously. The ease of contacting both the FCLS office and the Driver coupled with the cleanliness of the car and the politeness of the driver. Why would you do it any other way. I would recommed it! "

Customer: B. Steckman
"Wonderful services, very professional. Drivers were so nice! "

Customer: D. Sutter
"This is the first time I have used limos.com but I must say they handled as my reservations quickly and all the drivers were on time and courteous. We really enjoyed the stretch limo we had on that Monday, Feb. 27th for our night out - he was very informative on things and took us to various sights we wanted to see. If you are looking to compare rates, this company will do that."

Customer: j. rusnak
"our first limo in NYC and it easily exceded our expectations.All was 100% Thanks for making it enjoyable!"

Customer: C. Azevedo
"The driver was very good,the car was excellent and clean and it was on time."

Customer: S. Fly
"Perfect from beginning to end. Many thanks = we'll call again."

Customer: L. Paphides
"Our drivers did a great job. Happy with everything! "

Customer: R. Schinazi
"Drivers were professional, timely and friendly. Would definitely use your service again."

Customer: J. Hinchman
"I will definitely use the service again. "

Customer: C. Cuesta
"Great customer service. The car was a little worn, but the customer service made up for it. "

Customer: J. Hyatt
"Drivers were on time and very professional. The vehicles are clean and comfortable. This is a fantastic service that helps reduce travel stress. The price is reasonable, too."

Customer: Y. Yamamoto
"The car arrived before my appointment. The car is clean, on-time, and good service."

Customer: R. D'Amore
"This is the first time I used your service and was extremely pleased. Drive was on time and where I expected. Vehicle was what I expected and very clean and comfortable. Drive was very cordial and knowledgeable. I would use your service again and recommend you to anyone who asks me for a referral. This was true in both from the Airport and back to the Airport."

Customer: C. Shapiro
"Outstanding service. Our driver Will was on time, courteous and even stopped on the way to the airport for a fantastic Manhattan skyline photo op! Highly recommended"

Customer: c. shapiro
"Excellent service. Driver was waiting for us on time, gave fantastic information and tips about NYC, dropped us off at our hotel at an alternative entrance which was much more convenient than the front entrance and ensured we had an appropriate vehicle at the optimal time in the system for our return journey"

Customer: J. Costa Paz
"My previews does not correspond the service was excelent and perfect the other corp was Citilimousines"

Customer: T. Cornine
"Driver was friendly and timely. Great Service will use again"

Customer: N. Spirig
"Used FCLS Limos from JFK to Manhattan and back. Nice driver, arrived on time and helped us with our bags. Would recommend."

Customer: L. Grell
"Thanks for the pickup. Drivers for both trips were great."

Customer: M. Ramsay
"Excellent driver, car and ride; exceeded best expectations."

Customer: L. Andrews

Customer: M. Mellas
"Our driver met us on time even though our flight was early on arrival. Our vehicle of choice was the Towncar. It felt brand new, was very comfortable and quiet within. However, it was our driver that made us fell welcomed and safe. Then and there we chose to repeat the service going back to the airport. He was at our hotel at 4:00 AM and again we felt secure and we arrived in twenty minutes to JFK. Not only will we use your serive again, we will request the same driver....Thank you all!"

Customer: R. Jenner
"Great Service... Our driver was super and made the ride to and from the airport enjoyable. He should be commended for the great service!!"

Customer: L. Russell
"Used both Mo and Will on our recent trip to New York and they were both very prompt, courteous and personable. Would definitely use this company or either driver again!"

Customer: A. Berry
"my experience with this company has always been a positive one. On time arrival and on time to my destination. The fleet is clean and polished and I sort of feel like a celebrity when I get picked up and dropped off. The cars with the wifi are the best. Get some last minute work done on the way to the airport for that important business trip! "

Customer: G. Licht
"Great service. I booked the same day and the driver arrived early. Very nice and courteous service."

Customer: R. Lewis
"Excellent driver, arrived on time and helped us with out bags. Took us to the airport as quickly as possible and knew some good shortcuts to get through the evening traffic. Would recommend."

Customer: K. Cheskaty
"The driver was on-time, very professional, courteous and pleasant. The car was clean. The driving was smooth and efficient, without being agressive. We will definitely use you service again. Thank you for a very nice welcome to NYC!"

Customer: T. Secor
"First time and great experience! The price was fine and the drivers were very nice and professional and most of all the dispatch guy actually helped me which is not usually the case in this industry!"

Customer: J. Hind
"My family and I had the good fortune to chose FCLS both from and to LGA into Manhattan. We were driven by Mo in car 281 and his professionalism , courtesy and knowledge made the rides very enjoyable and comfortable. Next trip up I will request the same fine service."

Customer: D. Acosta
"Excellent service again. Thanks!"

Customer: D. Williams
"Re: Ride E1HYHM + Confirm #26674 We used FCLS from La Guardia and to Newark International while in NYC. Both drivers were excellent and were delightful to be with. Out contacts with the office by telephone were handled in a very satisfactory manner. I will use FCLS again and recomend them to by friends. Thanks!"

Customer: d. acosta
"This company is great! I arrived in the departure area they quickly got in touch with me to find out where I was and sent the car my way! Fred met me and was very kind and apologetic but it was my fault! Will gladly use this company again . Clean car good driver. Thank you"

Customer: P. Strauss
"The driver arrived early, waited patiently, knew which roads to JFK were affected by construction and traffic, and took us there with great courtesy in a spotless, comfortable car playing (softly) our kind of music. Who could ask for more?"

Customer: H. Rivera
"As a best selling fitness author I get the honor to travel all over the world and I have used several limo services. Some have been very good while others have left a lot to be desired. However, the POSITIVE experience that I had with FCLS limo was something that words cannot even begin to describe. <br><br> First of all, the gentleman that took care of me over the phone to confirm my reservation, Mr. Dwaine Rivera, was extremely courteous and helpful, regardless of the fact that both times that I interacted with him were late hours at night (11pm and 2am respectively). He even remembered me, much to my surprise, when I called him the second time, which was a few days later. <br><br> As soon as I came into NY, my driver (Moe) was already waiting for me at the baggage claims. He helped us with the luggage and my fiancée (Cecile) and I struck a great conversation with him from the beginning. Since my fiancée is French, he spoke to her in her native language; something that made her feel extremely welcome. I told him how it was my fiancée's birthday and he went above and beyond the call of duty to make her day very special from the airport to the hotel. Knowing that part of the reason for our NY visit was the fact that it was my fiancée's dream to see NY, he made sure to advice her of when we were approaching some of the great sites so that she could take a picture as we were on the way to the hotel. <br><br> We felt so comfortable with him that I asked him if he would be willing to use his extensive expertise of NY to give her a tour of the whole city. Needless to say, he cordially accepted and in 3 hours he gave us the most memorable tour of NY anyone can get. We were able to take pictures in every single NY city landmark. On top of that, he shared the history of every single place we visited...something that made the tour incredibly educational, interesting and special. He even sang Happy Birthday to Cecile in 4 different languages! <br><br> Honestly, for the tour he gave us I would have gladly paid $1000 and we got it for a fraction of that price. Needless to say, EVERY TIME that I go to NY city I now use FCLS because of the fact that this company is made of genuine people that care and treat you like family. <br><br> If you are coming to NY and need a top rate first class limo service, I recommend FCLS and I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. <br><br> Best of Health,<br> Hugo A. Rivera<br> CEO/President HR Fitness Inc.<br> International Best Selling Fitness Author<br> NY Times About.com Guide to Bodybuilding<br> "

Customer: D. B
"Very nice car and great driver. Very courteous, engaging, and considerate. Will call again next time I'm in NYC for business."

Customer: L. Uyeda
"I travel to NY frequently and used FCLS the for first time...I have had the BEST AND OUTSANDING EXPERIENCE with this company!!! My car service is for all my aiport and hotel services. They are prompt and efficient. Our car was clean, the drivers were professional and exuded optimum customer service. I look forward to using FCLS on all my NY visits!!! "

Customer: G. Morrison
"Thanks for the excellent service today. It was refreshing when your receptionist, dispatcher and driver all performed so well. You've won my business and I look forward to using you on my return to LGA. "

Customer: t. beul
"Perfect Service. Car was on time. Driver friendly and helpful. Will for sure use this company again. "

Customer: J. Friedman
"My wife and I used FCLS to travel to and from Manhattan to JFK. In both instances, the driver was courteous, prompt, and very helpful. I would highly recommend their services for anyone looking for limo service in the city."

Customer: V. Visco
"service was excellent, car was clean and new, the drive Wil has very nice and gave us some important tips about the area we were going to. I will be using them again when i am in New York"

Customer: M. Wells
"Excellent service and EXPERT drivers. NY is a madhouse. I wouldn't dream of driving there. This is the perfect answer. I would use again."

Customer: T. Hoffman
"We had you pick us up on a rainy Friday Night late two weeks ago. We got a call that because of the weather they were sending a different service. I asked if the charge would be the same and the guy said maybe a couple of dollars more. The service showed up on time and he found us but the few dolllars turned out to be $20.00."

Customer: L. Torres
"Driver was very prompt and attentive. He was in constant phone contact with me until we got from baggage claim to him. Very informative to all my NYC questions. Look forward to using this service next time I rerun to NYC. Luis"

Customer: J. Friedman
"My wife and I were lucky enough to ride with FCLS this past week to the airport. The driver was very pleasant and we were at the airport in no time at all. We look forward to our return trip next week."

Customer: G. Shirmeyer
"Very prompt and courteous! Will contact FCLS next time I travel to NYC."

Customer: D. LEE
"I would definitely use FCLS again. Their driver was excellent."

Customer: R. Powell
"I used FCLS twice over Labor Day weekend to and from JFK. We had the same driver both ways. He was on time and did an excellent job. We were 4 adults and 2 kids, so had a larger vehicle whioch was perfect. I will use FCLS again!"

Customer: G. Esposito
"I initially booked with FCLS while planning a business trip to the city and have been using then ever since. I have used their service several times and have experienced at least 3 different drivers all of whom displayed superb professionalism. One driver in particular is extremely personable and always makes my trip very enjoyable. I have recommended this company to my coworkers, one has responded with great feedback. Overall I would recommend FCLS to anyone who is looking for quality, customer friendly service."

Customer: L. Rosen
"My husband and I used this service to take us to the cruise port in Bayonne, NJ. Our driver arrived on time and helped us with our bags. He was very kind, quite, yet highly professional. He did not drive too fast like most regular taxis and we felt very comfortable the entire ride. When we arrived to the cruise port it was slightly confusing but the driver knew exactly where to go which was a relief. I look forward to using this service in the future and suggest that others do the same. "

Customer: R. Klien
"I use this car service at least two times a week for my business trips in and out of the city. My driver is always early waiting for me outside of my office and I have yet to experience anything but an enjoyable ride. The ladies in the office are very friendly and I am very pleased with their customer service. I have recommended this company to my coworkers and have heard good feedback from them as well. I have been using them for well over 6 months now and will continue to do so."

Customer: M. Mikatowitz
"Service was great! Driver meet me right outside the airport in the middle isle after I spoke to the woman in the office on the phone. She was very friendly and directed me right to my driver. He was very professional and kept conversation with me in the car. Overall I had a wonderful experience and look forward to my return with them. I would recommend to anyone who is visiting the city and needs a reliable car service! "

Customer: a. josephs
"Gorgeous mercedes and we found each other immediately in the terminal."

Customer: M. Hassan
"I never write reviews but after using FCLS I thought I would give it a try. It was an excellent experience. The car was ready as I came out of the airport, it was clean and smelled fresh. The driver was extremely poilte and helpful. About 15 minutes after I was dropped off my doorman buzzed me and informed me that the driver came back with my cell phone that I left in the backseat. For me that was the cherry on top, I am very pleased with this service and would highly recommend it to anyone!"

Customer: B. Ginsberg
"We were running late for our dinner reservation due to a meeting, and not only the driver waited for us to finish the meeting but also took it upon himself to call the restaurant and notified we were running late so we wouldn't loose the reservation. That is what I call "Service". "

Customer: M. Fraser
"I thought the service was very good. The driver was nice and polite and arrived at my apartment on time. We got to the airport in great time and he helped me with my bags. I would recommend to family and friends and will use this company again."

Customer: j. cohen

Customer: C. LASALE


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