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Elegant Arrivals Limousine Service provides quality transportation and service to the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. Our "Red Carpet" service treats you like the VIP you are. We have many complimentary items that make our service a step above the rest. So give us a call or email today and "let us take you there" in style and elegance. Call for our daily specials!

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Customer: w. achenbach
"I am sending this email to let you know how much my daughter & her friends enjoyed their limo ride to the Melting Pot last Saturday, October 19. Also, special thanks to Debbie Smith for making sure they were taken care off-she was great with the kids! The red carpet & bouquet were appreciated even though she mistakenly forgot her bouquet in the limo(it was given to her in the house but with all the excitement it ended back up in the limo) I would highly recommend elegant arrivals for another occasion-the price was reasonable and the friendly service was appreciated. Thanks for helping to make her 16th birthday a memorable and fun time! Sincerely, Wendy Achenbach"

Customer: t. maldonado
"Greater limousine services. I have used Elegant Arrivals Limousines for my last two events for my sister's birthday and for my own wedding and it has been a GREAT experience. From the time you call in or email to book a day to the last minute drop off the customer service is unbeatable. They are always wait patiently; the drivers are super friendly and professional although we are a crazy crowd!!!! Thanks you so much and sees you soon for our next event!!!!!"

Customer: j. fisher
"driver was excellent. limo was filthy, all electronics were off, privacy window had a piece of plastic over it, molding inside of car was falling off. said board was shorted out, even the fans pulling into the stadium was laffing saying get a real limo. thats a piece of junk. had no a/c tvs nothing. stay away from this pos company. not even an apology"

Customer: G. DITRO
"DO NOT USE ELEGANT ARRIVALS! I'll keep this as short & precise as possible. Our ride home from the airport NEVER happened!! Apparently our assigned driver had never done an airport pick-up. After confirming our ride home a few times, we arrived in EWR to a message from our driver saying he had been stuck in traffic & was running late. I thought "OK - That's fine", since our flight was running 20 minutes behind, by the time we managed to secure our baggage & get snacks for the ride home (having traveled over 4 hrs. from Puerto Rico), we should all be outside at pick up around the same time. >>WRONG. After waiting 15 mins. more outside I called the driver who said he was still going to be "at least a 1/2 hour longer". Already unacceptable. I've used limo services plenty of times & know that they arrive early- being late for a pick-up is unacceptable. But- things happen- so we'll be patient... Cut to 2 hours later, multiple phone calls- once we even had the driver speak with a cab driver in the pick up area to give him exact directions!- We watched him drive by twice, telling him he was going the wrong way! - Finally after an agonizing 2++ HOURS standing outside the Newark airport close to midnight at this point with 2 young kids, we had to hire a cab. YES A CAB! to Philly suburbs-- Cost us around $300... NO ONE EVER EVEN FOLLOWED UP WITH A PHONE CALL & I'M PRETTY SURE THE DRIVER DIDN'T EVEN BOTHER EVER FINDING HIS WAY!! TALK ABOUT UNBELIEVABLE... YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!!! *Also- Side Note: The reservation was for 4 People- 2 adults, 2 kids for a "Stretch Limo for 8-10 People".. We were headed to an island & packed lightly- bathing suits & cover-ups basically. We each had 1 bag. 2 average to medium, 2 small carry-on size. The trunk didn't even fit them all! There were smelly gas cans & 'junk' cluttering the entire trunk so that we ended up having to ride with our bags in the [outdated] passenger area. This is a vehicle for 8-10 people?!?! I think not. ~~Signed, STRANDED IN NEWARK!"

Customer: M. O.
"February 4th, 2012 was my mothers fiftieth birthday so I wanted to do something special for her. I made reservations at her favorite dinner spot in New York. I called Elegant Arrivals Limousine Services because I thought it would be nice to do it big, so why not get limo services also. Well on the day of the pick up the limo showed up right on time. He ever rang the door to surprise my mom, which made her feel extra special. When my mother walked out he had a red carpet laid out and was standing at the door to help her in with a bouquets of flowers. What a gentlemen!! We enjoyed the smooth ride to New York City, also enjoying the complimentary champagne he had put in the vehicle because it was my mothers birthday. My mother had a blast! The driver was extra nice and the fact that they had added complimentary items to make her night special made me extremely happy I chose them to take us out. I already starting telling all of my friends how much of a good time we had and how happy I was of the services they provided us. "

Customer: R. Santiago
"On Saturday January 14, 2012 my girl friends and I went on a girls night out! We didn’t want to drink and drive so we got limo services to take us around town to go bar hopping. Even though the limo company knew we were going to bars when we got into the limo we had a complimentary case of beer AND champagne! So we pre-gamed, as my friends and I would call it, before we got to the bars. Pretty awesome! The limo itself was very luxury, and as for the driver he was very courteous, opened the door for us when we got in the limo and when we got to each bar opened it up. And let me not forget the beautiful red carpet he laid out for us! For the amazing price we got it was an extraordinary deal!"

Customer: w. soto
"Let me just say that our wedding went great. we looked around online for unique vehicles to use for transportation and maybe picture. we found the perfect one at elegant arrivals in bethlehem pa. we looked at the pictures online and found they had a trolley that fit our wedding party. it was beautiful. all wood, etched glass inside and the rear were open air sides, all re paint. the photos turned out great and our driver, roy, was very pleasent and helpful. he even laid out red carpet for us to step on. i will definitely recommend this people i know. thanks so much!!!!!:) "

Customer: J. Jones
"OMG I am so happy that I chose Elegant Arrivals to transport my husband and I around town to celebrate our Anniversary, which was on November 4th, 2011! They arrived exactly on time which was magnificent because we were so anxious to go. When the limo driver opened the door there was exactly what the young lady that called to confirm our reservation told us was going to be in. Fresh ice, soda, water, and a complimentary bottle of champagne for my fiancé and I!!! The driver was amazing. He made the night feel fantastic. It felt like our first date! Not only was the driver very genuine, but he drove safe. I give Elegant Arrivals 5 stars for there services and I will definitely be using them again for future services."

Customer: S. Rivera
"On October 1st, 2011 I planned a very special day, my wedding! I had so many limo companies to choice from, but I decided to choose Elegant Arrivals Limo Services. Let me tell you how great of an experience I had. When the limo driver arrived, he opened the door for me and my bridesmaids. When we entered the limo there was a bottle of champagne on ice waiting for us. When we arrived to the church the limo driver then opened the door for us, and when I looked out he had laid red carpet out for us. Amazing! That day was supposed to be the most memorable night of my life and Elegant Arrivals made it happen. I would definitely refer them to any of my friends and family members. "

Customer: l. sal
"October 2011 Airport-to-night-in-town   "We arrived in Bethlehem with high expectations and Elegant Arrivals Limos delivered on levels we couldn't expect. My Group of 10 were picked up limo style from the airport dropped off to our hotel, I must say at this point the difference between the companies we spoke to prior to our visit was that Elegant arrivals limo put no pressure on us at all about any money being paid up front which is always a worry when visiting different cities, a trust was built up on first day of arrival. Dave our host for the weekend picked us up, told us the best places to be on the Friday night. We arranged a fantastic price considering we were being picked up in limos the whole evening, no taxis needed so saved us a fortune and taking us from the bar to bar then onto the most amazing club 40 below. The best bit was yet to come as we walked into 40 below without a minutes queuing, I can tell you now no group of 10 men are going to gain entrance let alone walk straight in into any club without any contact in Bethlehem, and that's exactly what Dave done every night for my group, no queuing, no waiting, we walked straight into every bar and club we went to they made us feel like VIPs the whole weekend, any question any problems anything we needed Dave was a phone call away, a fantastic service. Since returning to London I've given Elegant Arrivals Limos details to many people and insisted they give Dave a call as they really did make our trip one of the most amazing experiences. Thanks again." Lorisal "

Customer: m. soto
"I have used several Limo Company’s! I have to say that elegant completely impressed me! We ready a little late for my Prom and the driver was still waiting happy and patiently. When he introduced himself he even had a gorgeous flower! I had the limo for 6 hour and had a non alcohol bottle of cold champagne, soda, water and ice waiting for us! He drove down the strip to give us time to finish the hours and still had 10 minutes to spare! LOVED the service and attention I highly recommend! Gave him a big Fat Tip for the attention and Politeness! Five stars!!!! Maleness Soto "

Customer: m. soto
"From first contact, to the finish, Elegant Arrivals Limo looked after all our needs on our big day. Great price as well, we felt we had paid for the most expensive package they offered. OUR Limousine was superbly turned out. The driver Dale was very personal and professional. We booked 6 hrs of service for my prom, and right from the start he was great. He opened doors, held out his hand to help guests out of the Limo, and looked after our guest while we had photos. Our day was flawless. Great limo, a new white one I believe. Great service, Great driver. Mariel Soto *^_^* "

Customer: m. rivera
"I have used Elegant Arrivals Limousines for my last two events for my sister's 21st birthday and for my own wedding and it has been a GREAT experience. From the time you call in or email to book a day to the last minute drop off the customer service is unbeatable. They are always early and wait patiently; the drivers Damian are super friendly and professional although we are a crazy crowd!!!! Steve thanks you so much and sees you soon for our next adventure!!!!! Marangelis……… "

Customer: W. Burks
"I don't usually send ratings for a service, but I was impressed with Elegant Arrivals Limo service. It started with my phone conversation with John. He was very professional,and made us feel good about their service. He explained what to expect when the driver would arrive. Our driver laid out the red carpet and we all thought that was special. In side the limo they had bottle water and soda on ice. There also was a bottle of champagne for our enjoyment. My wife was especially liked the flowers.--(nice touch) The main thing is they made our wedding extra special. The whole experience was super. I am going to tell my family and friends about Elegant Arrivals .... William Burks"

Customer: A. Rush
"I had a Bachelorette Party a couple of days ago. Everything went off without a hitch. We rented from Elegant Arrivals Limousine Service. The limo showed up on time. Our driver, Charles, laid out a red carpet for us. How cool is that?!!! Then Charles handed the bride-to-be a bouquet of flowers... It was such a nice surprise. We ahd champange, beer, and soda waiting for us inside the limo. We got to all the places we wanted to go with no problems, even a few extra stops along the way. I will definitely tell my friends to check this limo service out. It was the right price; we had a great driver and an awesome time. "

Customer: m. olivera
"Elegant Arrivals, I just wanted to let you know that we had a really positive experience on Saturday April 9, 2011 night. Our driver, Eduardo, was fantastic, very nice, and very accommodating. Thank you for all your help. It was a pleasure working with you - I will definitely recommend your company to others and will come back to you for all my future limousine services I needs. Thanks again, Maranyelise Olivera "

Customer: T. Chirico
"I was satisfied with the service I received from Elegant Arrivals Limo service for my prom on April 15, 2011. The treatment I received was why I would use their service again and recommend them to my friends,and family. It started with the people in the office,they were polite and made and made me feel very comfortable with their service. We did see a bad review but I have nothing but good to say about the whole experience. The drivers name eas Dale he put out a red carpet , handed the girls flowers and made us feel so special. The vehicle was clean and again the driver was super. Elegant Arrivals Limo service helped make my prom night very special. I give them five stars*****"

Customer: S. Burkhardt
"Please don't use this service. Use a reputable service that will guarantee a quote when you make your initial deposit and not change it two days prior to your event and bully you (due to time constraints into saying "ok)"... Steve, our driver was offensive and flirted with every woman on the bus...had us stuck in traffic for 5 hours while he texted the entire time...the limo bus was not maintained, someone was always under a leaky ceiling, there was issues with the music, interior lights and just plain rude driver. The owner, Steve Miga refused to listen and acted like I was bothering him..then he promised a full refund only to give me the 'run around' then I ended up going to the magistrate to file a report!!!! Stat away...terrible..women and young girls stay away!!!!"

Customer: C. Henstock
"Elegant Arrivals provided great service that fulfilled my expectations.. It was the finishing touch to my Birthday celebration that we had on 4-8-11. The Stretch Suv looked amazing and very spacious. I think I can talk for everyone that celebrated along me that day, that the red carpet service and the flowers handed out made us all feel so special. I really can say that I had one of the best nights of my life. I decided to tip the driver beyond suitable because I just loved his personality and professionalism. I think he even had as much fun as we all did. Lol. The truth is you need those types of people around you when you want to have fun because one bad apple can definitely ruin the the whole bunch!!! I would absolutely recommend this company, even the reservation process is amazing and booking agents are pleasant, polite and very joyful. Before I even called Elegant Arrivals I checked all the reviews. The good and the bad. I decided to give them a chance even though, I do admit that I was skeptical; they did exceed my expectations and totally destroyed my doubts and concerns. "

Customer: j. onkotz
"I cannot say enough about the excellent service from Elegant Arrivals. A fairly large group of us stayed in Bethlehem PA for a wedding in Easton. We needed transportation from our Bethlehem PA hotel to the Green Pound Country Club wedding and rehearsal dinner sites over the course of three days. All told, we needed nine different transports ranging in size from two passengers to ten. We used a Town Car, Minivan, Stretch Limo, and a Super Stretch Limo. We made changes to every one of our rides, either time or number of passengers or both. We even changed the destination on one of our trips. Our driver Sonny was great and made it an enjoyable day. We received courteous service, and they were always on time! So, great for what you need and want from a car service. I was a bit concerned after reading some negative reviews but elegant a was nothing but elegance! world definitely use them again!!!!!!!! "

Customer: B. Kehoe
"To All: I want to thank you, you guys did a great job on Saturday night for my daughter. Everyone had a great time, and that was partly due to your service. I am sure that some of the people would use your services again. We will be sure to give them your information. Thanks, Betsy Kehoe "

Customer: L. McMahon
"I just rented your 14 passenger SUV Escalade (cheetah print interior) for my daughter's Sweet 16 last weekend and I wanted you to know how happy I was with your professional service, great rates and fantastic limo driver (Damien). I was really pleased and my daughter and her friends really liked Damien. He was very friendly and accommodating. We will definitely be referring your Limo Service to others and I hope to be using your service again real soon with my neighbors. Thanks again for providing me with good prices and great service! Lori McMahon "

Customer: R. Colandreo
"We had an a great time, It was my daughter's 13th birthday and we surprised her and her friends with tickets to the Justin Beiber concert in Miami. I reserved a Limo from Elegant Arrivals and could not have been more pleased. It was a memorable day for all 10 of us and one that my daughter will cherish through life. Not having to park and being able to walk out of the concert right into our Limo were added bonuses. I would highly recommend this company for your Limo needs. I will surely use them in the future"

Customer: C. Rosenbarker
"I had my wedding in north Jersey. I put the information into a website to try to find the best price and the best service around, and these guys contacted me by phone with a quote about $100 less than everyone else a couple of days later. This was despite the fact that they were driving about an hour to get to the pick up spot. Because it wasn't on a peak day, they even gave me a free upgrade (from a six to an 8 passenger limo), and the free champagne was a great touch. The limo was great and had all the extras. They showed up early and were really helpful, even letting us put a carriage left at the church in the trunk. In short it was great. The only two things that I could possibly complain about was that the 'red carpet' was a dirty rug, and that somewhere along the way one of the addresses was miscommunicated. Luckily enough we ended up about four miles from where we were supposed to be and everything worked out fine. I would recommend these guys for sure (just call to confirm details)"

Customer: R. Mathis II
"Elegant Arrivals was way better than expected! They had excellent customer service and the limo driver was helpful and fun! They were also very punctual and the prices were definitely better than the rest. I would definitely recommend and use their services again in the future! Thank you "

Customer: R. Mathis II
"Elegant Arrivals was way better than expected! They had excellent customer service and the limo driver was helpful and fun! They were also very punctual and the prices were definitely better than the rest. I would definitely recommend and use their services again in the future! "

Customer: S. H.
"I contacted Elegant Arrivals to rent a 14 passenger "mini coach party bus" for the night of 10/23/2010. Mara called me 3 times daily to get me to pay the price of $300. When I finally decided to book them, I mentioned about the numerous bad reviews online and how I was worried that would happen to me, they assured me everything is fine. I gave her my debit card number and paid. Then, on 10/22/2010 the owner, Steve calls me and says that there is no way that quote was correct and there was a mistake. I could rent it instead for $500! I let him know that the bad reviews online said he ran this same exact scam before, but he just said pay $500 or take the limo for 11 passengers. I cut my party down to 11 and sent my sister to the location to inspect the vehicle in person to make sure we will all fit comfortably. Everything seemed fine. The day of the event, a limo shows, but before we get in, he makes me sign the bill. Then as we start getting in, we realize it is only for 8 passengers! The driver said that by law, he can not take anymore people, so take our own car. So, 3 people were left to figure out a way to get to our location. On top of all that, the tip price that was quoted to me was 20% of $275.00, which is $55, but when the limo dropped us off, he said it was $70 cash. I e-mailed the owner and asked for a refund and I have received no response. They are running a HUGE SCAM. This same story seems to be repeated by people all over the internet when you search for "Elegant arrivals reviews"."

Customer: E. Melendez
"WOW!!! I had an amazing time. I rented out the limo for my little sister's 10th birthday. She was very surprised. She loved it!!!! My driver was very professional. The vehicle provide was better than I imagined it to be. I will tell everyone that I know to use them. "

Customer: J. Amodeo
"Wow what a spectacular night. The car was fabulous, the driver superb. My family and I went to NY city and could not have had a better time. This was due mostly to all the extras supplied by the limousine company free of charge! The red carpet treament is fantastic. I would strongly recommend this service to anyone looking to have a great time at a great cost!"

Customer: J. Santos
"Awesome, I used elegant arrivals for my 33rd birthday party...I can't explain how great it was to know that my entire party was safe and ready to enjoy themselves. I got the birthday package and they hooked us up with everything. I would use this company everytime I have an event for the rest of my life. Earl our driver was the coolest guy ever and he made our night. I highly recommend this company. Put all your trust in them they are an honest company. They went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that we were comfortable"

Customer: J. Asterino
"Don't do it. Booked with them 2 weeks in advance, and confirmed via email, only to get a call from the office 2 days before giving me a price that was 30% higher than what we'd agreed to, and all I got was "sorry for the mistake." They didn't give me any options and told me I could go elsewhere... the day before the event. As for the "red carpet" service... the carpet was a beat up runner, the 12-pack that was included was 8-oz cans and 2 Natural Ice leftovers, one bottle of champagne (were told 2). The only good thing was the limo driver was cool."

Customer: J. Michel
"Had an amazing time. The vehicle was better then I expected but Jessica promised me that I would love the limo when we saw it and she was 100% correct. Would definitly use again!!! Carlos the driver was also great! Set it up so after our show we met him outside the parking lot and didn't have to wait in any traffic down in Philly. Saved us probably 45 mins of traffic in the parking lot."


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