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  About Us

Deluxe Limousine Service, Inc. has been serving Western Massachusetts since 1993. Deluxe was originally located in East Longmeadow, MA and is currently operating from 81 Ramah Circle South, Agawam, MA to better service its valued customers. Deluxe Limousine has built its good reputation on providing unsurpassed dependable and professional livery service. We are currently operating with super stretch limousines, corporate sedans, fifteen passenger club vans and corporate suburbans. Deluxe Limousine provides service seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day to Hampden and Hampshire Counties. In addition, we provide hourly services to and from Bradley International Airport.

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Customer: R. Retallick
"Terrible company. I don't think I can effectively express how this company completely ruined my event. I booked an 8 passenger limousine for arrival at 5:30 PM to take a group of friends to a restaurant to celebrate my wife's birthday. It was the first time I booked through so I was nervous about the whole procedure. The day before I called to confirm and they assured me everything was all set. I also called Deluxe Limousine Service and they confirmed I was all set and even informed me that my driver's name was Josh. On the day of the event we had restaurant reservations at 6:30 PM and the drive was about 1 hour from my home. At 5:30, no limo. At 5:45, no limo. Finally at 5:55 I called Deluxe Limo and no answer. I then called and apparently they were able to get through to Deluxe Limousine Service. The story I was told was that the limousine broke down. Really??? What kind of limo company has limousines that break down. I do not believe it. What's worse was I received no call from the company telling me the limo broke down. The rep then asked me if I wanted them to look for another limousine service. Again, I said really??? It was now 6:00 PM and they were going to start looking for a limo? My dinner reservations were for 6:30. There was no way this was going to work out. After a few choice words with, knowing it was not going to get me anywhere, I tried calling Deluxe Limousine Service and again no answer. We ended up driving our own cars. I am now writing this review 2 days after this whole episode and I've received no contact from either company. Terrible experience."

Customer: K. Malenfant
"I was planning a surprise birthday party and to get the birthday girl to the party, I was planning an 80s pub crawl via limo. I was worried my pub crawl schedule/time line was going to be difficult as there was no room to deviate from it whatsoever. We had to get the birthday girl to the party on time! I found Deluxe Limousine through, called them up, and pub crawl schedule not a problem. Ed was accommodating and pleasant to talk to and returned calls promptly when dealing w/any of my concerns with the timeline. The limo driver, Steve, was GREAT! He was early and kept us on time for every stop. Highly recommend deluxe limo!"

Customer: A. Rocke
"Deluxe Limousine Service is the most outstanding service I have ever experienced and the owner, Ed is none other than an angel sent to heal the wrongs and make them right. We had originally lined up another limo service to pick us up and in dealing with this miserable man who just seemed to hate his job and was not accommodating or caring for his customers. Even the day before our trip I had called to make sure there would be champagne flutes in the limo and he told me not normally but he’d see what he could do. I couldn’t believe that this task was so hard for this miserable man to accomplish, it’s a limo!! I then found out that he was sending us a gray funeral limo! I had explained when booking this limo that on Sept. 23rd we had lost out 5 year old boxer Harley who had been sick for 2 days and was sent to Spfld on recommendation from our local vet for urgent care. We found out the he had severe Lymphoma and was not going to make it. This was one of the biggest losses our family has sustained. Earlier in the year we had lost our other dog due to age, which we were expecting, but this was a complete surprise that devastated my 13 year old son, our 3 year old boxer, us and our entire family and friends. This dog was loved that much, he comforted me since my injury to my back while lifting a patient working as an EMT over 3 ½ years ago. I didn’t know how I was going to survive my day without him here to cheer me up during the really bad days. I am completely disabled and depended on Harley so much. So after getting off the phone with the owner of what use to be Calls Limousine I got online just to look around. I entered my information into a search data base to find a limo service accommodating for my area, I ended up not calling any of the listed services thinking that no service would be able to help me considering it was the afternoon before the trip and location. I had laid down feeling miserable about my 5 year Anniversary which was suppose to be a happy day for us considering the way thing just seem to fall into place with so many coincidences surrounding the purchases of our 2 new baby boxers. They were scheduled to be able to go home on Oct. 15th (our Anniversary), also they had kept one from the litter and had named him Harley! There were so many coincidences that happened we knew this was fate happening for a reason up until we booked a limo with this miserable man from Calls. I cancelled the limo because A: it was a funeral limo B: he was unaccommodating to his customers C: just absolutely miserable to speak with on the phone. So lying in bed crying over what had become of our perfect Anniversary my phone rang with an Angel named Ed on the other end who is the owner of Deluxe Limousine Service out of Agawam. I told him the story above and this man with out batting an eyelash told me he would charge the same as the other service was for a 6 person gray limo, and would send a 10 person white stretched limo with Champagne and anything else we needed! I couldn’t believe it, I of course said yes and thanked him so much. This man took the time to listen to everything I had to say, even through the tears and all, he had already made his mind up to take away the pain that had ruined our perfect day and fix it even more than I could have ever thought about asking for. This is why he is an Angel. The limo was so beautiful inside and out, our driver Gene who we made friends with very quickly was so professional but also had and enormous amount of compassion for how he conducted himself on the job. I spoke with the Angel Ed a few times, he wanted to make sure everything was satisfactory. I was and am still so pleased with their service that I have been recommending them to everyone and telling everyone what a great service they provide with such compassion. If anyone has doubts call Ed and he will give you my cell number and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about this absolutely wonderful service. I am proud to recommend Deluxe Limousine to everyone so that they can share in the same experience as we did. One more coincidence I’d like to share, Ed was the previous owner of Calls Limousine and his service was the one who drove for our wedding 5 years ago to the day! Angels don’t come around everyday and I am glad to have had this one find me and make my almost ruined day into the most perfect day just like our wedding day. "


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