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  Rider Reviews

Customer: M. MARTINEZ
"Drive was going the wrog way to the chruch . i got 10 min late . Drive need GPS"

Customer: C. Rogalski
"Very good job! On time and delivered us there as planned. Always felt safe even during the snowstorm."

Customer: G. Alua
"Limo was on time, scheduling was effective, limo driver provided amazing service!!!!!!!!"

Customer: M. Ostrove
"Limo’ was accommodating and easy to work with and the pricing was the best I’d found. Our driver, Mario, was terrific! We had 10, 8 year olds in the car, and he was quite the trooper! Would definitely use again."

Customer: D. Harvey
"My reservation vehicle was switched that day and it was not a limo. The driver didn't show myself or my guests how to use anything in the car that wasn't immediately clear (ie. radio), didn't know how to get to the location and nearly got us lost. There was always an empty Miller Lite can rolling around in the back seat. It was unsatisfactory to say the least."

Customer: l. kato
"I had booked with sedanz a provider I've used before and was happy with. For some reason we were switched to bravo. The bravo vehicle was run down and the communication with the driver was not as thorough as I am used to,"

Customer: D. Vocaturo
"Arrived an hour late for pickup from event then demanded 1 hour overcharge in cash. Will never use Bravo or again. I will also make our corporate office aware of this for the future."

Customer: t. anim

Customer: m. marasow
"Great customer service, The entire experience with Bravo Limo was 100% . The driver was at my home earlier. We got tandem Escalade. Great limo. I would recommed this guys to all of my friends and family."

Customer: k. whitaker
"I had booked the limo on feb. 15, 2014. The driver was a hour late, I recieved a phone called to tell me that the driver was at my dooring my bell. When I went to the door I did not see anyone. I called her back and asked what address he was at she gave a another address I told her it was the wrong address. She then said that someone called and change the addess which was a lie. I waited and he finally showed up he stated that the dispacter gave him the wrong address. We got in the car he did not know where he was going or the address. His engish was not to good he had to write down the address. There was no heat in the car we told him, he came put a few buttons and said let it stay on 80 so the heat can come up, well it never did it was cold going and coming back . It was my birthday and my cousin birthday weekend and we wanted to go to the Sands casino in Pa. It was a terrible ride with no heat the radio hardly plays one of the soda that was there the can was bent and soda had spilled out on to the other. I called the next day and etold them what had happen they said that they had no recod of me ever rented the limo or use there service. She said that she will inform her supervisor. My cousin called and told her the same thing. When she asked to speak to the supervisor of course he was unavailable. I will never use their service again and will never recommend their to anyone."


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