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Customer: s. pitz
"Nice car and the driver was very nice as well, I booked the same trip the year prior and was surprised to see the same driver."

Customer: J. Saper
"Driver was late. I understand there was traffic but then Driver was too aggressive, including speeding, on the road. I will not be using again."

Customer: S. Diamond
"Vehicle was clean and roomy. Sam, our driver both ways, was courteous and outstanding rep for your company. Will request him, if possible, for our next trip."

Customer: J. Tepper

Customer: M. Farrell

Customer: M. Abrahamson

Customer: G. Blass
"Driver was cordial and most professional, and he drove the vehicle skillfully and with good time for the long trip to Eastern Long Island."

Customer: L. Mueser
"My son took the ride, so I don't have specifics. He had nothing bad to say about it; the ride was right on time and he was comfortable and content. Overall a positive experience. "

Customer: A. Farmer
"i was billed for the plane being late and i even asked the driver if he knew the plane was gonna be late i don't think i should be held to a hr wait for something that is out of my control maybe next time i'll try the jet blue ride link"

Customer: T. Trotta
"Very good service and driver Sam was wonderful."

Customer: D. Hernandez-Trujillo

Customer: K. Rodrigues

Customer: L. Guzzardo
"very nice and personal . Excellent driver. Five star."

Customer: J. Bohan
"Large, comfortable vehicle. Driver was professional and courteous throughout."

Customer: J. Carroll

Customer: D. Gall
"Car arrived 15 minutes early, that was Great but it was VERY VERY dirty outside like it had been 4 wheeling thru mud. The only part of the windows that you could see thru was where the wipers had cleaned it off. Inside was clean thank goodness because we were dressed up for our special night on the town. Getting into such a dirty SUV was a little disappointing. The Driver was nice "

Customer: J. WHALEN
"You seem to be doing it right. Driver was corteous"

Customer: S. Teel
"Our driver was excellent. Friendly and professional. Thank you"

Customer: L. Smith
"The town car was clean and comfy. The driver was very nice and got us to the play in plenty of time. Even though the play ended early he was at the front door in less then 10 minutes after I called. Would definitely use them again."

Customer: R. Argueta
"Thanks so much excellent "

Customer: M. Molny

Customer: T. Bloxom
"My driver was very pleasant. I had the same driver on my airport pickup and my delivery. I felt very comfortable and enjoyed the service."

Customer: T. Santoni
"On both trips to/from the airport, Direct Car and Limo was on time (even early) and contacted me expeditiously. Both drivers were professional and friendly. One of the better NY rides I've had."

Customer: R. Burger

Customer: D. Middleton
"Driver had zero personality/customer skills and did not acknowledge my wife when she said good morning. It was as if we were an inconvenience to him. We did get to the airport safely but it was not enjoyable like other services I have used. "

Customer: K. Horkheimer
"At pick up the driver tried to hustle me for additional gratuity by telling me that the gratuity was not included and needed to be added on the credit card form he had. I told him I had already paid that in my original payment and he told me no it needed to be done there. I DID not approve any additional fees beyond the $590.63. I received a follow up receipt for additional $58.05 for tolls and tax. We DID NOT go through any tolls as there are NO TOLLS in Connecticut yet he charged me an additional $16.00 for tolls. There is a charge of $42.05 for 8.9% tax that I DID NOT approve so since my original contract indicated that the tax was already included in my original payment. I am disgusted that the driver/limo company would practice such shady and underhanded business."

Customer: A. Ventura
"Courteous & professional"

Customer: J. Markisz
" Excellent driver clean vehicle "

Customer: B. OKeefe
"I am a regular user. AmericanEagleslimo is a new car service (first time using them). Bad experience as they charged me an extra $65 as 'wait fee': plane landed on time, exited airport on time, yet I am now in a position to prove this versus the driver who put in an earlier time. This is bad customer service. Also, on two occassions, driver almost got into an accident. I will not use them ever again."

Customer: a. bufinsky
"Beware of extra charges! I had this company pick my elderly mother up from JFK airport and clearly they took advantage of her. Charging her for additional wait time $17.50 and miscellaneous charge for an extra $6 dollars, buyer beware! "

Customer: P. Suski
"Prompt, courteous, professional"

Customer: a. hammond
"Our driver was great! "

Customer: E. lee
"This is such an EXCELLENT company. I used American Eagles Limo for a night in the city. Although it rained the driver came to the door with an umbrella and walked us into each place we went. The drive was extremely friendly and polite. "

Customer: S. Routh
"I just wanted to let you know that my daughter Kaitlyn and her friends were very happy with you service for her prom on Wed. May 28th. The car was clean, well stocked and the driver was very nice to them. From a parents point of view, It made the night a little less worrisome knowing they were dealt with kindly and with professionalism. Thanks again. Stan & Elizabeth Routh"

Customer: b. Link
"Excellent service, Very nice car, We had a great time thank you very much AmericanEagleslimo "

Customer: E. Valverde
"The driver didn't know that we had the right to make about 2 or 3 stops so we had to call costumer service and then he was all nice. "

Customer: A. Pope
"The car war outstanding the feature Choice of our beer made it even the more special.Service was great, it was early and the Driver responded to all our request. He opened the door help everyone in the car and made sure that everything was ok at all time...Will use AmericanEalgesLimo again... Thanks Again"


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