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  About Us

ING Limousine is a premier Washington DC limousine transportation service in Washington Metropolitan area with years of experience. We are committed to providing you with safe and reliable business and personal limo services in Washington DC, Maryland (MD) and Virginia (VA). If you need a luxury sedan for a business meeting, airport transportation, or a special event stretch limousine or bus, our professionally trained chauffeurs and impeccably maintained luxury sedans and limos will drive you there safely, on time and in style. We are a professional, courteous and deliver dependable limousine service in Washington DC and surrounding areas. We offer complete corporate and personal limo services to satisfy even the most demanding client. We are open 24 hours a day; 365 days a year with professional office staff always ready to assist you with all your transportation needs.

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  Rider Reviews

Customer: M. LONG
"Driver was 15 minutes late, never called and never apologized"

Customer: L. Stevens

Customer: T. Stenson

Customer: J. Smigiel
"Overcharged for wait fees"

Customer: T. Hanton

Customer: R. Brooks
"Over charged and not the car I requested. "

Customer: T. Hanton
"Exceptional service. Our driver was punctual and very professional. The vehicle was clean and comfortable. A very pleasant experience!"

Customer: m. Johnson

Customer: m. Johnson

Customer: d. Blyweiss

Customer: W. Burke
"Milos was so wonderful and professional I will be asking for him specifically in the future and will forward this to my friends who use car services. "

Customer: K. Brown

Customer: S. Knapik
"Driver was prompt (10 minutes early) professional. We were ready to depart immediately. Car was clean, comfortable, and we will book ING Limousine for our return. "

Customer: a. alby
"I was grossly overbilled. I was supposed to be charged $54.75 and I was charged $81.85. First, I was charged a wait charge? The ride was scheduled for 3:45 and we were in the car at 3:45. I was charged $18 for a wait charge when there was no wait. Secondly, I was charged $10 for tolls? We went through one toll that cost $1. "

Customer: K. Saito

Customer: C. Hagan

Customer: E. Sienicki
"The driver was very nice and spoke to me a bit about the area. I appreciated the knowledge and our conversation. He was great!"

Customer: Y. Wolf
"Stop adding charges that didn't occur was charged $14.60 to wait time and parking when I came out early and he was parked in front of my house. "

Customer: D. Cahill

Customer: G. Shron
"Greatly appreciated Ricardo's promptness and professionalism. Will request him in the future."

Customer: E. Findura
"My driver was very courteous and got me to my destination safely couldn't ask for more than that."

Customer: J. OCONNOR

Customer: s. hernandez
"The waiting time is a serious problem. If I book a a car for a 7 am pickup and the driver shows up at 6:45 I should NOT pay 15 mins waiting time. Further if the driver misses me at the airport pickup location I specifically provide, I shouldn't be paying 'wait time' while he makes another lap."

Customer: G. Smith
"I found ING Limousine, Inc. an excellent company, Mario, my driver, was immediately reachable, prompt, courteous, attentive and a very safe driver. I would always recommend the service."

Customer: P. McCauley
"Unwarranted charges for waiting time and parking when passenger had to wait for the limo and make several calls to the driver to arrange pick-up."

Customer: L. Hamilton
"Impressive and Professional !!"

Customer: m. pelletier
"I was charged for two hours for a 30 minute cab ride to the airport. The final price was double the quate and there is no reason for that as it was Sunday morning with no traffic and the ride took 30 minutes."

Customer: C. Barbour
"We walked out our door at exactly the pick up time of 5:00 am. After we loaded the trunk and sat in the car it was 5:04 am. I was charged directly to my credit card for a wait time. This is not accurate. "

Customer: d. mcmanus

Customer: T. Adams
"Very professional and on time - I am extremely happy with the service."

Customer: M. Vines-Funk

Customer: D. Turner
"The driver and vehicle were fine and very good. But the dishonest business practice for charging for additional time when I know for a fact that it was not valid will ensure that I never use this vendor again "

Customer: j. cada
"My bill showed an additional charge for waiting We left a minute before we supposed to leave That happened in Miami, the last time I used Limo"

Customer: L. Nirell
"ING Limosine overcharged me twice within the same week. They billed me for tolls (which do not exist on the route), and for late arrival (which did not happen). I feel cheated and will never use their service again."

Customer: D. Smith
"Nice clean and new car. On Time. Very polite driver. I will recommend them and use them again. Damaris "

Customer: O. Bosdevie
"Used ING LIMO for a ride to a concert at Jiffy Lube Live with my wife. From start to finish beginning with the reservation to pickup(s) to overall courteousness and professionalism to the clean and excellent condition of the vehicle, the experience was exceptional. I highly recommend using ING LIMOUSINE."

Customer: K. Benali
"Driver showed up at 9:45AM for a 10AM pick up, standard for limos and we left about 10min after he got there so at 9:55AM great so far and the car was clean. The driver was not very professional, looked like he had not gotten a haircut in months and did not shave in over a week. As for the ride he needed to use an iPhone for GPS directions all the way to Dulles Airport, taking his eyes off the road to make sure he was going the right way, not safe. Driver had his seat all the way back and drove erratically, got honked at twice when he cut 2 people off. BEST PART! When I got the bill I was charged $19.60 for a Pick Up Wait Time and 8$ for toll charges. The road to Dulles from Rockville is a free access road! After disputing the charges with they were refunded. For your dishonesty, lack of professionalism and fraudulent charges I will not be using this company again. "

Customer: D. Blumont
"I needed service for a few hours same day and they were very responsive. Driver was on time, vehicle nice and clean and driver knew his way around very well. Generally, very nice experience and I will use them again. "

Customer: K. Benali
"The car was nice and clean. The driver is another story, he looked like he did not shave for a week and had not gotten a hair cut in 3 months. He drove with his seat leaning WAY back and drove like a teenager, he cut people off and got honked at twice on the way to the airport (40 min ride). He was also speeding the entire time, strange for me to say because I have been known to drive a little fast but this was excessive and uncomfortable. The best part is that after that ride was over they tried to charge me an extra $20 for a 'wait time' and $8 for Tolls. The driver got to the house 15min early and that is standard for limos and we left about 10 min after he got there so 5min before the scheduled time and we did not drive on a toll road. Not honest or professional, not using ING again. "

Customer: M. Biederman
"The driver was polite and the car was clean, but they decided to charge me almost $30 'wait time' when I came right out after getting my bags, that's ridiculously unfair, since I hadn't asked them to meet me inside so they didn't have to arrive until I was actually there. I called them as soon as I got my bags. Nowhere was it mentioned that if the driver decided to come earlier, that that would be charged to me. I wouldn't use them again, ever."

Customer: X. Sykes
"The driver would not let me control the radio and We were pulled over by the cops on the way back because of a Non working Headlight. "

Customer: d. karczewski
"Had the car pick up my mother for a special Mother's Day dinner. He could not have been more nice or accommodating. My mom would not stop talking about how great he was. Very good job. "

Customer: M. Fernandez
"The drivers are good, the call center to let you connect with the driver is efficient, the booking is easy on line. If there are excess charges the next time I will not book again."

Customer: M. Fernandez
"Driver was prompt and helpful and is a good driver. Car smelled of cigarettes and air freshener - 1st time I have had that happen with your cars. The texts I received were confusing. Each had a different phone number to call and one welcomed me to Washington - I was arriving at Baltimore so I was a little stressed that the driver was at the wrong airport. He wasn't and the ride was fine."

Customer: L. Nirell
"Cars tend to be dirty. I asked for bottled water on the past 2 trips, and driver said they "ran out." They advertise bottled water on the site. "

Customer: S. McQueen

Customer: M. Babiuch-Hall
"Driver was very patient, with a long wait for aircraft unboarding. Thank you."

Customer: a. alby
"By not charging me nearly twice as much as quoted again. I will never book with you again as you can't be trusted. Fraudulent charges."

Customer: C. Core
"I am puzzled by the bill. I was quoted about $104, but charged $114. Can you explain why this is? It makes me less likely to use you again. Chris Core"

Customer: K. Choi
"Driver was courteous and the vehicle was great, but billing is an attempt to rip people off because fake fees are added. This attempt by them ruins the whole experience. "

Customer: J. Wing
"I have engaged their services several times and am impressed every time. They are punctual, courteous, and their vehicles are new and clean. I recommend them. My driver on my most recent ride to DCA from Adams Morgan arrived early, was courteous, and the car was nice. I am completely satisfied."

Customer: l. ricciardi

Customer: l. ricciardi
"On time and professional."

Customer: P. Sergio
"Without a doubt this is the best car service I have ever experienced and I have experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly in town car drivers throughout my career. I've lived in Philadelphia, PA and taken cars to/from NYC on almost a daily basis. I used another service to get to/from Philadelphia and the NYC airports. I've lived in Los Angeles and used a car service to get around. I've used terrible car services in DC. ING Limousine is simply THE BEST! My wife and I have used this service four times for the past 48 hrs. and they have always been on time. They always have water and other small refreshments. When I need to sleep, I'm left alone. I couldn't possibly give a higher recommendation for this service!!!!!"

Customer: T. Holmes
"awful customer service. Dispatch confirmed change of plans and new pick up time. after they confirmed scam artist called back to say 'sorry, we can not change it unless you double pay' do not use- much better choices out there "

Customer: B. JOLETTE
"Not satisfied with charges in excess compared with other limo services for the same airport ride at Washington (IAD) DC. Over valued. "

Customer: C. C.
"I had a scheduled one-way pickup for 7 AM made online less that 24 hours, and the driver arrived early. I was running late, but the driver waited patiently and the company didn't charge me extra. My meeting ending two hours early, but despite my 4:30 PM scheduled return one-way pickup, they sent a driver to pick me up in about 15 minutes after I called. Amil was very professional and let me work quietly in the backseat without interruption. Again, no extra charge. Yes, the sedan was nice, clean, modern, etc., but the flexibility and professionalism of the service is what will have this customer return in the future. Highly recommended."

Customer: P. Rojas
"The car was on time and driver was very nice. However, the car's air conditioning was not working. It was SO hot. The driver was very nice and apologized and said he had reported it. Nevertheless it was an unpleasant ride. "

Customer: F. Moll
"I highly recommend ING Limousine for its professional office staff who know how to take care of everything. I did not have to worry about not making on time to destination or anything else. They took care of all my plans. "

Customer: m. uzun
"Thank you ING Limo. We were delighted with everything! Being met at the airport by a friendly face was a wonderful introduction to DC. Our driver was professional, but most importantly cared about my family. He puts your company on the top of the list. Thanks to all for your wonderful service. Our trip was wonderful. "

Customer: R. Kollis
"Being a 1st time customer I was very impressed. We used ING twice in our visit to DC the week of 10/29/2010. Both experiences were excellent. The car arrived a few minutes early both times. There are so many car service companies to choose from in Washington DC and I like them the best. They were very courteous on the phone and got me squared away quickly with a reservation. I will be using them for my future trips.‎‎ The cars were very comfortable and very clean."

Customer: G. Thommas
" I am very impressed with this car service. I had some last minute changes to my itinerary and they handled it with ease. I will definitely use ING again when I am in DC. "

Customer: M. Masino
"Got married July 17. Used this company because of the low price. Timeliness---they were great---on time. The problem...It was SOO HOT in the limo. It's a 14 passenger limo, and the AC did not work. The manager said that it's because it was hot outside. I sat in three different places in the limo--it was hot EVERYWHERE! No air in the back. Terrible! Air was blowing---hot air. Thank goodness we only had a 20 minute drive. The driver did nothing--he just said it's hot outside. Sorry--but if my car was hot like this---i would take it to the shop! These cars should not be allowed out! the driver had two hours during the ceremony/pics at the church to go switch out the limo. Nope! DO NOT USE!"

Customer: J. Greenway
"Robert at ING Limo is the perfect example of "World Class Service" We reserved his beautiful 2008 Lincoln Stretch Limo for my husband's 50th birthday and Robert went out of his way to make it a memorable and exciting evening. Robert even called me a half hour prior to the designated pick up time to verify he was "in position" and ready to roll! This was so nice and really calmed my nerves - the evening was a HUGE success and we will definatly be calling on Robert again! "

Customer: D. Cloniger
"Driver was rude and snappy with my bride, got lost on the way to the country club where our wedding was held. Refused to pull into the cottage at the country club where my bride andthe brides maids were going to change, instead dropped them off on the street. Then took off so quickly drove off with my brides shoes. He was sent to pick up my mother-in-law and got lost again returning with her and her sister!! After the wedding her took them back to the hotel and she wanted to confirm with him he was returning to pick up my bride and myself and he stated he knew nothing about going back to get us!! Everyone that talked to him told me he was rude and snappy. I called to inform the manager several times and he will not return my call."

Customer: D. Mendenhall
"If there was a rating higher than "5 Stars" then this is the company that deserves it. They provided great service with a last mintue notice. They went way beyond thier way to make sure my husband was able to have a great birthday celebration. Our driver was right on time and made us feel like one of the family... The entire staff was professional and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for taking great care of us on my husband birthday. We will surely give you a call for our next night out... "

Customer: J. Silverman
"My family and I just used ING Lim service. We had a 6 am pickup to Dulles International Airport. Our driver couldn't have been nicer. He even remembered the glasses for our Champagne at that hour. It was a great start to a great Vegas week! And as far as we are concerned we will never drive our own cars home after a vacation either. The price makes it a no-brainer. Arrive home stress-free, especially after a long flight. "

Customer: C.
"Excellent service! I couldn't ask for anything more. The driver was on time, very knowledgeable, and made our night very special. This company is great, very honest, and dependable! Thank you ING!"

Customer: J. Brown
"Contacted ING for transportation to and from airport; they were extremely reliable. The drivers were great and on time each time. The price was fair with no hidden surprises. The vehicle was very clean and a newer model car. If ever in the Washington area again in need of a limo service, I will definitely give ING a call."

Customer: M. Haynes
"I wanted to thank ING Limousine for one memorable evening. Your driver Haile was the best. The 2005 14 pass Lincoln Town Car was brand new, and all my friends were very happy. With ING Limousine we save a lot of many compering to our schoolmates. Everything the best..."

Customer: B.
"Do not use ING Limo. Our pick up time was scheduled for 5pm and the limo did not show. Owner couldn't even get hold of the driver. ING ruined our evening. We were late for dinner and our show."


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