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  About Us

Atlanta Ace Limousine Service is a full service of transportation company. We are a friendly association, of professional and knowledgeable Staff and Chauffeurs. Specializing in all aspects of transportation; striving to deliver the highest quality of service to our clients. Services: - Airport transfer (Luggage assistance), Business Meetings, Excursions, Hourly Trips, Wine/Private tour, Sports/Concert Event, City Tour, weddings, Night on the town and proms. On time anywhere with executive cars. Please give us a call for booking @ 678-334-0597 Get 18% discount for round trip and 8% discount for one way.. Visit -

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  Rider Reviews

Customer: T. Roe
"Very smooth.."

Customer: G. Schwartz
"This was for our daughter visiting from another state, limos made the trip much easier for her. Thank you for that Limos."

Customer: G. Schwartz
"Notified on time, picked up on time, arrived home on time. Friendly driver. All goodness!"

Customer: T. Brown
"I have used this driver a few times. He is very nice, always on time and very personable. We hope we can continue to use him for all our airport transports."

Customer: T. Bloxom
"Drivers were cordial and very polite, as well as timely. Cautious driving practices too."

Customer: D. Taylor
"Mussa was a very good driver"

Customer: s. slade
"Very courteous, heads up update. Very clean vehicle, would always use again. Thank you "

Customer: R. Bailey
"Second ride with the same driver from several years ago! Very pleasant and professional ride in a clean well kept vehicle. Thank you."

Customer: J. Schwartz
"Good ride!"

Customer: r. kongara
"Excellent service"

Customer: A. Stehr
"Very courteous; helpful."

Customer: M. Miser
"My driver was timely, courteous and helpful."

Customer: D. Meissner
"All drivers were very prompt, respectful and professional at all times."

Customer: H. Houston
"Driver was early and kept in touch via text so we would know where to meet him. Vehicle very clean and comfortable. Driver was very courteous and pleasant. Highly recommend!"

Customer: A. Cavalcante
"Great Driver and very comfortable"

Customer: D. SHIRLEY
"I live 4 miles from the Atlanta airport and you consistently charge me @ $100...………...WAY TOO MUCH"

Customer: C. Wilhelm
"Driver was punctual, professional. My boss had a great experience! Thank you. V. Bonafield"

Customer: M. Patrick
"My driver was so helpful during my husband’s funeral. He drove a long distance in traffic and covered me with an umbrella when it poured rain at the cemetery. I felt safe and protected, and was able to relax since such a trustworthy person was doing an excellent job."

Customer: j. lawson
"Driver right on time and courteous. Great ride."

Customer: B. Murphy
"This is the second time I have used; it won’t be the last. Here’s why: 1. The reservation staff are courteous, helpful, and very polite. 2. The company maintains excellent communication skills re: pickup times and dates. They ensure customers have a way to contact them with phone, text and/or email. 3. Our driver was prompt and professional at all times. He skillfully navigated around a major roadway accident and answered our time delay questions politely and in a reassuring manner. He was excellent! When you want courteous professional service from start to finish, an immaculate vehicle with an expert, experienced driver, great value for the price, and a peaceful, worry-free limo ride, don’t hesitate to call I will happily refer their services to others, and call them again and again. I highly recommend them."

Customer: M. Fullmer

Customer: P. Bromstad
"Another great ride - this driver is excellent"

Customer: S. Patterson
"Great job as always! On time and a great safe driver."

Customer: G. Sdao
"Trip was fine, arrived on time,"

Customer: L. Heaviside
"Considerate and professional driver"

Customer: M. Anderson
"Because of scheduling issues, I needed to get from Albany to the Atlanta Airport within a short window. The driver picked me up and made the trip so that I could catch the next flight out. He was courteous and professional and I would definitely use LIMOS.COM again should the need arise."

Customer: M. Garrish
"I'm used a couple of times now and find them to be reliable and on time. Most recently I needed a ride to the Atlanta airport in the wee ours of the morning and had to make a last minute adjustment which the customer service people on the phone took care of easily."

Customer: P. Russell
"My driver is always timely and courteous. He provides excellent driver services."

Customer: M. GORMAN

Customer: R. Craemer

Customer: P. Everline

Customer: C. Talaber
"Our driver was punctual, professional, and courteous. This is second time I have used your company and both times I have been very pleased with your service. Thank you."

Customer: T. Richard

Customer: D. Hatcher

Customer: R. Lort
"Driver was early and was very friendly. Got me to my destination on time and safely. "

Customer: S. Patterson

Customer: L. Mullins
"I only reserved the vehicle. However, it was a simple process and I would use this service again. "

Customer: R. Webb
"Clean and professional. No water on board"

Customer: T. Berger
"Prompt Courtous Clean car "

Customer: M. OShaughnessy
"All was good. Our driver showed up on time, was pleasant and picked us up just a few minutes after we called him."

Customer: B. Lyle
"Everything was great. Driver was polite and attentive to our needs. We had a great night."

Customer: J. Hibbard
"Driver arrived 1 hour early! Not a problem for us, he was ok to wait, but an inconvenience for him. Nonetheless and very friendly polite driver."

Customer: N. Gordon

Customer: M. Dingle
"The driver was early, courteous, and made our night very special."

Customer: T. Arucas

Customer: H. Durivage
"Everything went perfectly. The driver was on-time, dropped me off as planned and even brought luggage up to the house. He was very courteous and professional."

Customer: D. Portnoy
"Driver was on time and very friendly. "

Customer: N. Byrne
"The Driver was on time, very personable, but got lost on the way to my destination."

Customer: C. Jones
"Okay experience. It was obvious the driver had issues with sight. He could not maintain his lane but we arrived safe."

Customer: B. Dobbin
"Exiting the baggage claim and customs, I received a text that the driver was waiting outside gate 1 of ATL international terminal. I walked out - no limo. Rather than being there, he was still enroute, dealing with traffic issues. I would have preferred the text to say that the driver was delayed rather than state he was in place waiting."

Customer: K. Brams

Customer: M. Santos

Customer: T. Goldsmith

Customer: D. Miller
"After arriving very late we told the driver to hurry because we were going to be late meeting friends for dinner. After slowing to a stop a few times to respond to texts we finally got going. Then halfway there he said he had to stop at a convenience store to use the restroom!! He was a nice older gentleman or I would have yelled at him I was so mad. You totally only wanted to book the ride, take our money and knew he wasn't going to be there when you said because I told you if he wasn't there when promised I was going to cancel and drive myself. I will never use you again and will make sure everyone I know aware of your aggressive scam and poor service'"

Customer: J. Nickell
"the driver was great. The stereo was partially broken. Windows controls didn't work. Lighting was half working. No water, sodas, ice were available until we got moving. The car was definitely not worth that price. Not even close."

Customer: P. Bromstad

Customer: O. Macedo
"The driver was gentle and an excellent professional. The vehicle was very well maintained and clean. Excellent service!"

Customer: M. Mahalingam
"Every time I had used Atlanta Ace, there was always some issue. The driver was messaging on the phone one time and I had to stop him. Another time, the driver didn't know the address, because apparently he had an old map. Our neighborhood has been on all the map providers for about 2 years now. And most recently, I was overcharged in the previous trip and had to call customer service to reverse it. Overall, I would not choose them again."

Customer: R. Jenkins

Customer: D. Williams
"Our Driver was top-notched. Excellent service. Wonderful person. we would use him again."

Customer: R. Kelley
"Atlanta Ace Limousine Company sent a very clean car and a very courteous driver.The driver was ontime and the experience was excellent!"

Customer: J. Major
"All good. "

Customer: T. Abdelaal

Customer: T. Ellis
"The driver had the wrong address, he inverted the city and the street and got lost. We drove for a while unnecessarily. I ended up tracking the direction on my cell phone and giving him directions. He also had difficulty understanding English, so I had to repeat myself."

Customer: L. Celaya

Customer: K. Stiles
"the best you can say is it was a ride. the car was not clean, the driver could not speak good English, and please if your going to provide water have it some were besides the pocket in the back of the set. the air in the car was not on when he arrived at ether place to pick us up. come on in 97 deg. heat and you know your going to pick someone up in just a minute turn the air on in that wore out 170 thousand mile luxury ride you provided for my 32nd anniversary. we both thought maybe he was having problems seeing at night (stopping and slamming on breaks for no reason)the best we can say is he got us there and back. "

Customer: a. turner

Customer: D. Rennie
"Driver was very courteous and understanding of the event and all of the other things that were related to the prom experience."

Customer: A. Moore
"Ramesh the drive and vehicle were fine. I am very disappointed that you charged me an additional $50 waiting time even though I called while on the airplane in Munich Germany to advise you of the mechanical problem and 2 hour delay in take off."

Customer: S. Clayton
"felt safe. arrived on time. very pleased."

Customer: E. Mola

Customer: S. Walker

Customer: S. Waterman

Customer: S. Waterman
"Had problem with directions. Wasn't sure he had put luggage in the trunk. Had to stop to check. Half an hour late for pick-up."

Customer: G. Farris
"Ace Limousine Service was ok meaning that the price was better in comparison to others. I booked the town car for my daughter's senior prom. The limo driver arrived slightly late; however, that was understandable since road work had traffic backed up for miles and her date arrived late as well. The driver was very patient and courteous. The car was not impressive though...older model and not as clean as I would have expected (appeared not to be washed and tires not armour-all shiny). I requested the car with the DVD so that movies could be watched, but did NOT receive that service even though the description online stated that the car was equipped with a DVD. also requested soda to be provided and Ace agreed on the phone...but only bottled water was in the car located in the pouch on the back of the passenger seat. Ace price was reasonable, but the product was only average to below too."

Customer: F. Biederer
"we could have been told that we had to be downstairs instead of upstairs by baggage claim. Your driver seemed unable to communicate with my daughter. Add that we were told that the driver and would monitor the flight, so when it was late, we would not be charged. We never asked the driver to come in and get my daughter, he decided to do that on his own and we were charged for that as well. Our 106 dollar limo ride turned into a 160.00. We were told there would be a half hour grace period before charges kicked in. Apparently not. "

Customer: P. Hannan

Customer: B. Johnson
"You screwed me over 130.00 We changed the pick up site to pick up number 2 first & then pick up no 1 & you charged me & extra 130.00. I would never use you again. Your Limo was dirty. "

Customer: B. Winters
"I was on South side of baggage claim (Delta only) and driver was on North side (all other airlines).?plus was name was spelled incorrectly."

Customer: M. Santos

Customer: r. battipaglia
"Driver was on time , good communication ,arrived at my destination in a timely and safe ride . Price quoted and final price was reasonable .I would use them again ."

Customer: D. Vail
"A little late arriving for pick-up, but the driver did an awesome drive moving through traffic on I-75 to get me home very quickly during rush hour. I never felt nervous either, which is saying something. The driver was very nice, but allowed me to get some work done...and his music was really relaxing! JOB WELL DONE!"

Customer: J. Sharron
"Friendly,clean,arrived early which I appreciate! Will highly recommend and use Y'all again! Janice Sharron"

Customer: L. Andrews
"Driver was professional and courteous. A lovely man. I felt comfortable and safe. "

Customer: E. Garon

Customer: J. Hicks
"The driver arrived 15 minutes ahead of schedule, TownCar was clean and comfortable. Would use this service agin. "

Customer: D. Johnson

Customer: C. Mason
"Great experience"

Customer: s. barrix

Customer: s. fossett

Customer: D. White
"The service was on time and very friendly but we were not informed that our drivers would be switching and the second driver was not as friendly. Overall good experience. "

Customer: H. McKinley

Customer: T. Mikec

Customer: b. deriso
"Very courteous, on time, good email confirmation. Clean car with water bottle. Thank you! "

Customer: F. Ferrand

Customer: M. Ledoux

Customer: B. Cambric
"Had to wait for driver. Would have rated service excellent if driver was waiting upon arrival considering the number of bags I had to carry."

Customer: A. OShea
"My driver was excellent, extremely courteous, on time and a safe driver. The care was nice, a little old but had loads of room and was comfortable. My issue is with the company. When I booked the ride it stated that the tip was included. However the driver mentioned that as far as he knew the tips were not passed on by the company. This made for an awkward situation and somewhat ruined the experience."

Customer: T. Arucas


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