Los Angeles Limo Service ReviewsFind the Top Limo Services near Los Angeles

Los Angeles Limo Service ReviewsFind the Top Limo Services near Los Angeles

Finding the right limo service can be a daunting task, but we're here to help. We have reviews for over 65 limousine companies in the greater Los Angeles area to ensure you get the perfect ride to meet your specific needs.

paseo limousine
rated 3.6 of 5, 9 reviews

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  • 12/22/2015
    a. Wells
    I called limos.com because it came highly recomended. I didn't want to deal with hassling with multiple sites and people trying to get a party bus. I am usually not one to complain but after everyone kept asking me how my special night was I was repeatedly told to let someone know. First off when calling limos.com I specifically asked for the bus to have ice and waters because it was a hot summer night. The bus was supposed to arrive at 7sharp as we had reservations to attend. It was 20 minutes late and when it served it was empty. No waters ice or anything. We were already late so there was no time to go to the store to get the stuff that we wanted. After boarding the bus the driver didn't know how to work the ac of the stereo and was forsced to call someone to walk him through the process. Next I was asked if I new how to work the gps unit he had so that he knew where we were going. I put in our destination and we finally departed. After we got to destination 1 I ran over

  • 05/17/2015
    J. L.
    Driver is friendly and nice. Thanks for the best services ever.

  • 04/25/2015
    R. Klein
    Departure time was 7pm so expected limo to arrive a little before. I called the phone number that was texted to me, but got no answer. Limo arrived exactly at 7pm after everyone started to panic that it was not going to arrive. Driver had a child with her!?! Driver seemed confused about the destination and return time and was asking the parents for confirmation on the information. This concerned some of the parents. The kids got to their destination safely and home again so no complaints there. I got a call later from the phone number I had called earlier with no answer. He wanted to know what was wrong. I explained about the late arrival and that we were a little panicked. He asked when the driver had arrived and I told him. His response was 'You've got to be kidding me!' I didn't know if that was directed towards me for panicking or the driver for being late. Somewhat unprofessional experience overall. Also, one of the parents mentioned that they thought the limo was worn

  • 05/24/2014
    J. Becker
    The driver want to the wrong pick up address. After 30 minutes (late) he arrived and didn't know the drop off location. When it was time to leave, he wasn't where he said he'd be, so we waited another 30 minutes to find him. The limo was gorgeous inside and out, just a very tight squeeze for 18 students.

  • 03/15/2011
    D. Chumley
    Fantastic! Great customer service from Chris before our event. The limo was just what we ordered. It was also clean and well stocked with ice, soft drinks, and assorted alcoholic beverages. They even provided a gift for my son (21st bday). Our driver, Ricardo, was awesome. He was on time, a total gentleman, and extrememely patient (with so many of us in the limo trying to get organized, etc., not to mention the craziness on the ride home with some of the party being...uuuhm... toasted). I will always call Chris at Paseo if we need a car in the future. Don't hesitate to use this company, they're truly customer service oriented and made us feel special like the occasion was!

  • 01/31/2011
    J. Belanger
    Let me start off by saying the Chris was AWESOME! However, everything else was HORRIBLE! I called this company to book a limo for my 40th bash through limos.com and the lady I spoke to gave me an awesome quote but informed me I needed to call Paseo directly to book, so I did. Again, Chris was AWESOME! The driver got lost and had to call us for direction to our pick up location after I had called the day before to give specific directions to our location. He pulled up in a Chrystler 300 after we I requested a stretch Lincoln towncar and nothing inside the limo worked. It had no antenna and we could not hook up our USB into the radio because that didn't work as well. The driver, Jose, also had to stop to buy ice when there should have already been ice in the limo. We get to our location and Jose demands we pay him, in cash, or else he wasn't going to come back to pick us up after my event. So we obliged and paid him. When we arrived at our drop off location after our evening ended, he then informed us he was short on money because, according to him, not everyone paid him. So the people who didn't pay paid him but he 'was still short $173.' A verbal argument followed because we felt as if he was cheating us and something was not right. I then called Chris who ensured me he was going to call the Limo driver to find out what was going on. A few minutes passed and I called Chris back to find out what was going on and I passed the phone to my husband who was extremely irrate at the predicament we were in. My husband then told the limo driver to leave as we were not going to pay him anymore money because all of us had already paid him and as the driver left, he yelled, 'f@#K you' to my husband while on the phone for Chris to hear. For fear the card I used to use as a deposit to hold the limo was going to be used, I called Chris back and he assured me it would not be run. Chris apologized numerous times and told me Jose was a stand-by driver and not a regular person he usually uses. Well, I'll tell you, because of the actions of this driver, it totally reflected, in my opinion, on Paseo Limousine and for that I will NEVER EVER use this company EVER again and highly recommend everyone to do the same!

  • 12/17/2010
    C. Sherwood
    We will definitely use Paseo Limousine again for our next special event. We had a great time celebrating my teenage daughter's birthday. Chris was very nice, and the Cadillac Escalade that we rented was amazing! The price was reasonable and well worth it.

  • 06/20/2010
    C. Family
    What a great experience! From the first call from Chris to last drop off, we were treated like VIPs! Chris wasn't pushy like some of the others, he was accommodating but not overselling...very direct and clear about what they were able to provide. Extra pick ups and drop offs were easily handled. The driver was kind and thoughtful with excellent manners. A great price for a full day's use from LA to a wedding in Vegas and back. There was no confusion even though our plans changed numerous times. Chris called the next day to make sure we were happy with the service. We will definitely call Paseo again~and recommend to all our friends!

  • 02/18/2009
    A. Rylander
    Paseo Limousine company was AMAZING!!!! I would never choose another company to rent a limo. I came to Limos.com to get an idea of a price range and received a call from Chris at Paseo Limousine. Chris was very generous, accommodating every request, and making sure the price was right for our group. We had 13 people and rented the Escalade Limo. Our chauffeur was Pepe and he was so kind. Of course with 13 of us, we were pretty rowdy, but he didn't mind. We never felt rushed and he even did an extra drop off for some people. Again, do not rent from anyone else but this company. . .you will not be let down!!!

Strategic Limousine Services
rated 4.3 of 5, 124 reviews

Southern California’s fastest growing premium personal transportation company. Experience the most elegant limousine service available. Specializing in a Cadillac fleet. Currently available for hire is the most luxurious fully amenities stretched 130” Cadillac DTS Limousine. Along with two Cadillac Escalade ESV and a Cadillac DTS Offering customized programs.

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  • 12/22/2015
    M. Buckner

  • 12/22/2015
    U. Shart
    The only reason I booked thru Limos.com is, so I would be able to use Strategic Limo service. They are great, the cars are always clean, the drivers are always personable and best of all, their always a little bit early. Once the time arrives, they will call you to tell you they are infront of your house waiting. Once you reach your destination, they hand you a business card and all their info is right there. Call me when you need me the driver relied. Awesome service. Thank you.

  • 12/22/2015
    S. Leonard
    Driver was fine

  • 12/22/2015
    s. julien
    Our driver Keith was amazing very helpful. He met us as we came down the escalator with our names on a sign board :) got us to disney way faster than a shuttle and we squeezed in I think an extra couple hours because of him vs a shuttle very personable and kind. Thanks !!!

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Bratcher
    Awesome driver and vehicle

  • 12/22/2015
    T. Cole
    Limo operator was great. Very nice and accommodating.

  • 12/22/2015
    K. Bouley
    I prefer town cars with tinted windows. A driver in a suit is much classier than a t-shirt or even a dress shirt. I think the service dropped the ball in these two areas. Also water was not provided on the return trip.

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Williamson
    Very courteous driver. On time. Great service

  • 12/22/2015
    j. mcfadden

  • 12/22/2015
    K. Kelley
    Be more careful about the companies you work with. And it should not require 5 phone calls to confirm.

  • 12/22/2015
    U. Shart
    Always early and polite service. Cars are always very clean.

  • 12/22/2015
    A. Ehrman Klayman
    Driver was on time. Car was clean in good condition. Driver was polite and attentive. Drove well and carefully. Ride was very pleasant. He brought me to desk in front of terminal and made sure I was going to be taken care of before he left. He was polite and well mannered. No complaints.

  • 12/22/2015
    M. Ng

  • 12/22/2015
    A. Fairley
    The driver herself was great, however she was late to pick up. I have been charged for meet and greet which i did not get - and would like this refunded.

  • 12/22/2015
    D. Drakas
    Our Driver Dayna is the best of the best!!! She was very punctual, courteous and friendly. Dayna is Number One! Thank You! See you next time!

  • 12/22/2015
    a. aird
    Our driver was great! He was on time, courteous and drove like a professional. Thank you.

  • 12/22/2015
    T. Bledsoe
    The driver and vehicle were fine, but I had requested a specific message on the sign the driver holds and this did not happen. This was disappointing in our overall experience.

  • 12/22/2015
    Jay was easy to connect with and was a very good driver. Vehicle was good as well, and the ride went smoothly. He was kind and it was an overall good experience. I would book again with Limos.com if it was the better option to take, transportation-wise, as it was in this case. Thank you!

  • 09/08/2015
    M. Garden
    Our driver Dayna was very attentive to our needs, provided a very smooth ride and was punctual for pick ups and drop offs during our tour. The limo was as expected.

  • 08/25/2015
    J. Gorton
    Excellent car and attentive service. Driver was right on time, both getting to airport and in getting back on our return.

  • 06/24/2015
    F. Fazio
    I have used Strategic Limousine Services several times and the are always on time limo is clean ans stocked, driver is very profesional and willing to go the extra mile. I will continue to use them and would recommend them.

  • 06/24/2015
    J. Alperstein
    Excellent experience from start to finish. The driver was prompt, professional and very courteous. Car was clean. We used them for an Anniversary night out on the town, would highly recommend. Thank you

  • 04/29/2015
    L. Davis
    Not the professional service expected. Will not use Strategic service again.

  • 04/28/2015
    M. Hussain
    Excellent service

  • 04/24/2015
    S. Morey
    Jay was great. Took good care of my mother in law and wife

  • 04/21/2015
    L. Davis
    The car reserved was to be a Lincoln MKT but received a Ford Flex. Even when receiving the final billing today it showed I had ordered a Lincoln MKT. The driver was polite but slow to open doors for passenger and myself. He was also wearing a hoodie with designs writing on it not really a professional attire. If he thought it was cold maybe a sports coat would fit the situation . When a company posts a certain car available with a picture that's what one expects.

  • 04/19/2015
    P. TAYAR

  • 04/09/2015
    S. Yan

  • 04/09/2015
    D. Hanna

  • 03/30/2015
    V. Olshansky
    On time. Clean car. Keith was very professional and helpful. He was our driver two times (to and from airport). Definitely recommend.

  • 03/22/2015
    R. Segal
    Driver was friendly and professional. Car was very clean and comfortable.

  • 03/21/2015
    R. Tuecke
    All went well

  • 03/20/2015
    J. Wilcox
    Driver was excellent. Very helpful and thoughtful. Price transparency -- the 'wait time' charge is outrageous for a delayed flight.

  • 03/19/2015
    C. Appel
    Not applicable. Service not provided through no fault of Strategic Limousine. Limos.com totally screwed up. I do not intend future use. Will book directly with the provider.

  • 03/08/2015
    M. Buckner
    Driver was early for the pickup, which was nice. The car was clean and very comfortable. I arrived at my destination earlier than expected with all my expectation met. I would definitely use Strategic Limo again!

  • 03/02/2015
    N. Ortega

  • 02/19/2015
    J. Beck
    Highly recommend!!! In my past experiences with other limo services, its never been positive (late, slow, dirty, poor customer service, high prices, etc). I hired Strategic Limousine Services and was SO IMPRESSED!!! Not only were they so pleasant on the phone when I called for a quote, they arrived perfectly on time (a little early), the Limo Bus was exactly as I would hope, the driver was so pleasant, ... there literally is nothing negative I could say about the whole experience! And even best was that their pricing was very reasonable! I will gladly use them again and recommend them to others. THANK YOU!

  • 12/01/2014
    J. Fazio
    I have used this service several times, and they have exceeded expectations on every ride. We were lucky enough to have Dayna as our driver for our last two rides, and she was great. She somehow managed to defy the laws of physics and get us to our destination on time on a Friday night in rush hour traffic. I highly recommend them.

  • 08/13/2014
    P. Kurtz
    The driver was at the house just the right amount of early. The car was clean and the trip was great

  • 08/11/2014

  • 08/09/2014
    A. Covell
    The driver was punctual and met us inside. Very professional and neat and clean. The car was clean.

  • 08/02/2014
    S. Carman
    Excellent Driver, but car was not the make/model requested. Price for sedan was quoted less than paid - will I receive a refund of the difference?

  • 07/29/2014
    A. Covell
    Toby picked us up. Punctual clean car. Very professional

  • 07/14/2014
    j. Mizani
    I feel the rating should be broken down by service and then by driver. We booked a Yukon Denali but received a Lincoln Mk something, and still were charged the cost of the Denali. Thankfully our luggage, stroller, carseat all fit in the vehicle. My assumption again was that water would have been in the cup holders, I did not ask if he had water available. Our driver was absolutely wonderful. Extremely friendly, caring and safe. Rating was very good solely to our driver.

  • 05/30/2014
    D. Sura
    great driver, very friendly.

  • 05/25/2014
    Just great. Very professional

  • 05/24/2014
    T. Montgomery
    I did not get the car I reserved and when the driver arrived did not have a clue or explanation. He called his company there response was we sent a like or better vehicle. I asked why I wasn't informed the car I reserved was not sent there response was we are not obligated to call the customer. I expressed this car is not worth the amount I paid and there response was you can cancel. This wasn't an option for my nephew had to get to the prom. He offered a $50 discount. I had not other choice. I felt they baited and switched knowing I had to use there service. I will never again solicit from this company or Limos.com.

  • 05/22/2014
    j. adkins
    the driver tried her best to make up for obvious mistakes. I had a 90 year old uncle and family wait 39 minutes plus at airport following international flight...

  • 05/21/2014
    C. MacPherson
    My driver was fantastic. He is polite, responsible, and timely. I will definitely use Strategic Limo again when I come to LA and ask for the same driver. Well done!

  • 05/21/2014
    C. MacPherson
    My driver was ready for me when I arrived, helpful and polite. He was patient as I wanted to grab a coffee, get settled and prepared for the 2 hour drive. I appreciate his customer service and professionalism. I wish we had more drivers like him on the east coast! I will ask for him again when I return to LA on business.

  • 05/19/2014
    C. Beck
    Keith was very professional and friendly. I give this guy 5 stars, he was awesome.

  • 05/19/2014
    L. Reedy
    The only reason I rated poor was for this reason...If I was a driver, I would be sure to know about the 405N Fwy closure at 12am 5/20/14. The info was readily on the internet as I looked it up while sitting in an extra hour of traffic and then detoured off the FWY. Plus, an accident in the mess as well. Sigalert.com showed this as well. After a 12 hour travel day, it was brutal. Owners should be sure their staff is informed.

  • 05/17/2014
    H. Mizofuchi
    Maybe car should come 30min early, also it is unprofessional if driver was late????

  • 05/17/2014
    H. Mizofuchi
    Omg terrible y u charged me a tax after the service day ????

  • 05/09/2014
    M. Shepard

  • 05/01/2014
    C. Briceno
    Asked for curb side pickup, and he met inside. This is second time with this driver and company.

  • 04/18/2014
    S. Kissam
    Keith was communicative & polite. Really liked his pleasant and professional attitude too. Vehicle was new, clean and comfortable. Great way to get home after a long international trip.

  • 04/08/2014
    j. rice
    Always pleased with your company , except this time I was charged an additional tax that I've never have been charged before ! Your total price even after the discount is always what I pay! But the last time I paid 9.99 more!! Little disappointed !

  • 04/07/2014
    J. Roberts
    We used Strategic for my son's 10th birthday party last Friday and it was great. The stretch limo was new, smooth riding and clean. The five boys really liked the light show, and there were plenty of juice boxes to go around. I thought the flat screen TV / divider was really neat and also allowed for a really big flat screen without taking up room in the passenger compartment. Overall great experience (again) and will continue to highly recommend this company.

  • 04/05/2014
    T. Purrington
    We were to be picked up at 10:00. We were on the pier waiting for our driver at 10:00. We contacted him via cellphone and saw him drive around three times before I went out in traffic and waved him down. He was 30 minutes late for pick up. Had he pulled over the first time around we would have been picked up on time.

  • 03/30/2014
    E. Quandt

  • 03/26/2014
    D. Salas
    The limo was clean and on-time, the driver was courteous, the ride was smooth (traffic was light). It was the erroneous charge that resent and will contest.

  • 03/16/2014
    A. Jacobs

  • 03/15/2014
    B. Overstreet
    The pick up time was for 15:45 the driver arrived at 16:01, he was dressed in a T-shirt (black satin) that appeared to have crumbs and satins down the front, he was slow to get out and and open the vehicle door for us and never got out to open the door the rest of the evening. He missed the FWY on ramp to the west bound 10 off La Brea and had to make a three point turn around on a side street to get back on track. He got stuck in traffic and failed to find alterernate routes to avoid heavy traffic to our 1st destination, we missed a 1/2 hour of the performance. He appeared unfamiliar with our destinations, I had to give him directions after giving him the addresses. Perhaps cold water should be offered instead of placed in the cup holders it was very awkward sliding in and out of the back seat trying to avoid the extended cup holder tray. If I were to book another ride with Limos.com I would not want Strategic. The terrible experience ruined my girlfriend's birthday celebration.

  • 03/15/2014
    N. Vari
    Everything was perfect. Our driver communicated with us in advance of his arrival, he was on time, he drove safely, and he was a pleasure to speak with. All in all we had a wonderful evening, and the ride was a big part of it.

  • 03/11/2014
    L. Ainsworth

  • 03/09/2014
    P. Tauger
    Great driver, very nice car. He was right on time, helped us with our large and heavy bags, and drove efficiently and safely. He was the best!

  • 03/05/2014
    G. Torek
    Driver was prompt and very nice. Will use the service again!

  • 03/05/2014
    k. kuchen
    The driver was friendly but arrived late (stuck in the traffic). 1.I tried to call from Mexico to call several times to confirm but nobody answered 2. Arriving in LAX I called the driver, which name I got to my cell phone but he told me that he was re-assigned. The new assigned person didn't answer my first phone call, but only after 2 additional attempts. All with my mexican cell phone, it costs me more than 20 USD to contact.

  • 01/20/2014
    M. Clauss
    Jay C is awesome and will definitely call him again! He's a keeper.

  • 01/19/2014
    R. HARDY
    The driver, Toby was actually early. He met me at the curb and away we went. He was excellent and I really appreciate the great service!

  • 01/18/2014
    P. Gregory

  • 01/03/2014
    J. Roberts
    We received excellent service from Strategic on our recent trip. We were treated as royalty by the polite and professional driver. The limo was spotless and well stocked. The ride was comfortable and it was easy to connect my iPhone to their audio system. All around, a great service. For airport pickup, they asked if I preferred curbside or in-baggage area reception. I appreciated that because LAX can be a pain sometimes. I highly recommend Strategic.

  • 01/02/2014
    R. Kurtz
    Our flight was delayed over 4 hours and the driver knowing it would be too late to make arrangements for another car waited in the AP for us....5 stars for the service and our driver...I would recommend this service to everyone. Phil Kurtz

  • 01/01/2014
    A. Caldwell
    Limo arrived early. Driver was very professional. Excellent service.

  • 12/11/2013
    E. Kapanadze
    I was very pleased with the service. The driver was very nice and helped us check-in in the hotel and helped with the luggage. He stayed to make sure we were all settled.

  • 11/25/2013
    S. Coco

  • 11/18/2013
    J. Lee
    arrived on time for pick up, but car was dirty/dusty inside out, drove 20+ legal speed mostly. I felt dangerous all the time...

  • 09/27/2013
    M. Anthony
    I booked a SUV for late last night practically last minute. The driver named Toby arrived 15 minutes early(which I really liked!) in the exact car I reserved. It was very clean and had an extreme amount of room for my party(I believe it was a Yukon). It was also great that the car was stocked with water bottles. I am now a Strategic Limousine lifetime customer!

  • 09/26/2013
    R. Cabrera
    The driver arrived a few minutes late. He put the seats in the back down for us to put our bags and it was dirty. His erractic driving caused a picture frame in one of my bags to crack. Also, I ordered a Lincoln MKT, he showed up in a Ford Flex. Not happy at all.

  • 09/03/2013
    M. Beltran del Rio
    I was surprised that the driver parked the car and came into the Airport as I did not request this service but I see I was charged for the cost of parking and inside pickup. I much preferred the vendor that drove me to the airport on my outbound flight.

  • 07/05/2013
    P. Oakly
    We have used Strategic Limousine Several times and we have always had excellent service. We recommend them if your in need of a limousine.

  • 06/26/2013
    B. Tach
    Service was great. They were on time. Very nice limo. We will be using them again and recommend them

  • 06/17/2013
    M. Mahanyao
    Wow!!! We were send a brand new limo and my kids loved it. The driver was great and made the evening very special. But the limo was the nicest I have been in and seen. We were the first customers in it. We will Definitely use Strategic Limousine Services again

  • 06/04/2013
    D. Guzman
    We had the best limo service I have had in while. The driver was early he had ice cold beverages in the limo. Fantastic company - excellent service, prompt, friendly, fairly priced. We had a wonderful evening thank you Strategic Limousine Services!!

  • 06/03/2013
    R. Yan
    I would never use this service again. I paid for a pickup inside the terminal because of my back I cannot lift the bag. When I arrived at the baggage area all the limo drivers were there except mine. I looked at the entire terminal 6 baggage area and no one was there for me. Finally my bag came out and I had to pull it myself. Then I called Limos.Com and was told that the driver was already there because the driver told Limos.Com he was already there. I said no he was not because the baggage area was starting to be empty and no one was there. Finally the driver arrived and said he was waiting at terminal 5. I said don't you look up the flight schedule? If you would have done that you would have seen we were scheduled to arrive in Terminal 6. I said our flight arrive 20 minutes early he said I had other runs. I then said but you are still 15 minutes late from your scheduled time. He said like I said I had other runs. Finally when we got to the car he loaded my luggage then walked around to the driver side to get in the car. I guess I am just going to get in without him opening the door for me. We go to my house he still did not open the door for me then got my bags out of the trunk of the car and left it on the street instead of rolling it to the door for me. By the way, the car was not a Cadillac it was the new Lincoln SUV and it was a terrible ride. Stay away from this company. Very unprofessional. The guy was not even wearing a jacket he had a white shirt on with no tie.

  • 06/02/2013
    D. Cotta
    This has been the best limousine company I have used. They were early, Driver was very professional and went the extra mile. It was Great Doing business with Strategic Limousine Services

  • 06/02/2013
    D. Cotta
    Service was good. Felt like they were rushing us at the end. but over all was good.

  • 06/02/2013
    P. Rice
    I have used several Limousine Companies lately an by far Strategic Limousine Services was the best. They were on time. They went the extra mile to make sure we were happy and taken care of. Great company.

  • 05/28/2013
    D. Cotta
    This has been the best limousine company I have used. They were early, Driver was very professional and went the extra mile. It was Great Doing business with Strategic Limousine Services

  • 05/24/2013
    j. son

  • 05/20/2013
    M. Probst
    Excellent service. Very efficient and drive was great.

  • 05/02/2013
    J. Richard
    The Driver was prompt, polite and selected a better route to the airport than I would have chosen with my GPS. Probably saved me 30 minutes of travel time! Well done,

  • 03/06/2013
    K. Li
    David is a good professional driver, and I will definitely go back.

  • 02/28/2013
    M. Perlman
    After going through a number of horrible transportation companies (Advantage Ground Transportation, Go Sedan, and ExecuCar) I finally found Strategic. They're a reliable firm, have nice vehicles, and top notch drivers. Most importantly, they're always on time, because one of my biggest pet peeves is waiting for my ride after getting off a 15 hour flight. I just want to get home and see my family. The others made me wait for my ride to show up at the airport (usually between 15 to 60 minutes -- with 30 being the average). Why? Because ExecuCar and the like automatically assume that average international travelers takes 30 to 45 minutes to deplane, collect their luggage, and make it though CBP. Guess what? I am not the average traveller. I never check luggage and I'm a Global Entry participant (I even mention these facts in the "notes" section of every reservation I book). Unlike the others, Strategic actually read my notes and took the time to call me and ask what Global Entry meant (there is no shame in not knowing) so they could educate their drivers. As it stands, I have probably used Strategic a dozen times over the past few months, and have never had to wait. Never. Not at home. Not at the airport. A few other random comments: -I got Jay as my driver about 80% of the time, but the others that I've met were equally professional and punctual. -Strategic's pricing is reasonable as is their cancellation policy. Others require an unrealistic 6-hour cancellation notice and/or charge cancellation fees. -Don't let the fact that they're based in Valencia scare you off. This was a concern of mine a first, but they cover all the majors cities and airports in SoCal. -The one time they couldn't pick me up (because my flight was delayed by 6 hours and they were fully booked at my new arrival time) Strategic made arrangements with one of their competitors to have me picked up and driven home. (This is smart business and is no different than American Airlines sending a stranded passenger home on Delta Air Lines, something that happens every day.) -A well deserved 5 star score.

  • 01/26/2013
    P. Carri
    Our driver was on time. We met as expected. The vehicle we booked was clean and comfortable. The vehicle had the amenities expected. Our ride was excellent. We will definitely use Strategic Limousine Services for our future transportation needs.

  • 01/16/2013
    L. Doan
    My driver parked in the parking ramp while waiting for me and my friend to arrive. I had a scheduled pickup at 10:30 pm. My flight was early and my friends was a few mins late but we still made our 10:30 reservation. My driver charged me the $5 it cost him to park in the ramp. He had also took it upon himself to offer to just walk out to the front of the terminal to meet me while I waited for my friend to get there. He charged the $15 "meet inside terminal" fee. So, I now a bill that is $20 ove the original quoted and confirmed price. Be careful of this company as they try to slide in bogus charges that should not be there. I will not use this company again.

  • 01/16/2013
    M. P
    On time pick-up (always waiting for me). Professional (demeanor and dress). Safe (no speeding). Nice vehicle (new). Reasonable price (no gouging). An A+ in my book. Truth be told, I don't usually remember the names of my drivers... but Jay from Strategic is so good, I ask for him by name when making my bookings.

  • 01/12/2013
    J. Ungaro
    My husband and I booked Strategic Limousine Services to pick us up from LAX & take us home after a long trip with 2 little dogs. I texted our driver Jay to inform him that we hand landed a little early and he was already close to the airport. He was very quick to respond. By the time we got our bags he was ready for us, greeted us and loaded our bags into the car. He did not act "put out" or inconvenienced by the presence of our dogs which we had experienced with other drivers/ car services. Jay was friendly and professional, just a super nice guy in general and on top of things in every way. The vehicle was better than we expected, very clean and comfortable. We also got a fantastic rate. I would definitely use Strategic again in the future. All around a perfect experience.

  • 12/09/2012
    g. bacak
    This was a great ride. Driver picked us up on time and made a safe a comfortable trip to LAX. The vehicle was nicer than I originally thought. very clean and comfortable. The Driver "Jay" was very professional and courteous.

  • 11/21/2012
    A. Jonas
    Dayna was on time when she picked us up to go to LAX. She is very pleasant, communicated as to where to meet us when we returned from LAX. I would recommend her and her service and would use them again!

  • 11/19/2012
    J. Ramos
    We used Strategic Limousine Services for our wedding, and they were excellent. We ordered two limos, and they both showed up well ahead of time, and they utilized alternate routes extremely well to get us to the chapel ahead of time. The limos were very nice and in good condition inside and out. I loved the Cadillac DTS Limo, very elegant. Both drivers were helpful, polite and friendly and helped to ensure that we had an excellent day. Our travel was totally stress free, and they were fine with taking ten people home at the end of the night and making ten different stops. Very friendly people, and their communication and organization were excellent over the phone as well. The price was fair. All round, absolutely excellent." Thank You Shannon for making our day a great one and have such great drivers.

  • 11/07/2012
    L. Gedemer
    Great experience. My driver, Jay, was on time in a spotless new ride. He was very friendly, efficient and helpful. I will certainly use Strategic again.

  • 10/28/2012
    S. Peebler
    Jay Coburn is the best limo driver we've ever had - he is courteous, timely, efficient and fun. He goes out of his way to make sure everyone is taken care of - when I lost my sunglasses, he lent me his, then went back to find mine. He is a true gentleman and we will use him every occassion in which we need a limo.

  • 10/27/2012
    K. SIMON
    On January 17, 2012, we utilized your limo service for a trip to the Staples Center from Santa Clarita. Dayna was our driver and I just wanted to take a second to let you know what a pleasure it was to have Dayna as our driver. She was prompt, very friendly and very attentive to our needs. Because of Dayna we will definitely look to your company in the future for our driving needs.

  • 10/08/2012
    E. Jarvis

  • 06/28/2012
    J. James
    I booked a limo for my Son's prom . The group of kids were very happy with the limo and the driver. They treated them with respect and were very prompt and efficient. Thank you for helping to make their Senior Prom a great memory...the limo ride is truly an important part of the event. We will use Strategic Limousine Services again with full confidence!

  • 06/25/2012
    a. Kearin
    they pulled the bate and switch on me twice. i booked a 10 passenger stretch limo, and they showed up in a SUV. twice without notice. not recemmended at all they might do the same to you. they act like they did nothing wrong, and are "looking" into getting me some kind of refund.

  • 03/12/2012
    C. Sandell
    We used Strategic Limo in February 2012 to deliver our family from LAX to our Disney Cruise. Dayna was our driver and did an excellent job of taking care of all our needs. She was right on time and accomodated ALL our baggage. The kids thought riding in a Limo was a great way to start and end our trip...much better than a shuttle or bus from the airport. On our return from the cruise, she offered to take an alternative route so the kids could see the beach. We couldn't have asked for more and we will definitely use Strategic Limo again.

  • 02/23/2012
    K. Simon
    We used Strategic Limo on January 27, 2012. We had Dayna as our driver. She was AMAZING and the car was awesome!!! She picked us up on time and texted me during the performance to let me know where she would be waiting for us when we got out! The car was beautiful and very clean. We will definitely use Strategic Limo in the future!

  • 10/27/2011
    K. Ayers
    Strategic Limousine Service provided my wife and myself exceptional service to and from Los Angeles International Airport from Bakersfield. Their service was just top notch! Our driver Dana was the best! She was professional, courteous and extremely accommodating. I was so happy that she was our driver both to and from. This was the first time we had used a limousine service so were a bit hesitant but the service and driver went beyond our expectations. Thanks Dana for your personalized service, you're awesome! We won't hesitate to use Strategic Limousine again!

  • 05/20/2011
    R. Collins
    First of all I want to say THANKS to Shannon of Strategic Limo and to Dana our driver. After being in Washington DC for 4 months I decided to have a limousine service go pick up my wife bring her to the airport for my arrival and a return trip to our hotel. Out of All the companies I spoke with Shannon was able to provide me with the BEST price and was more than willing to accomodate my special requests. Champange was chilled and fresh roses were both ready for my wife upon arrival. I not only believe I recieved the best price for the limo but the best service as well. My personal thanks to Shannon for your help and consideration and to Dana for your professionalism, Wit and Courteousy. I will be using this service again and know that I will be requesting Dana as my driver.

  • 04/17/2011
    J. Gusman
    AMAZING LIMO SERVICE!!! Had them for my anniversary and couldnt have been more happy. Dayna the driver was GREAT! Super friendly and awesome job. Strategic took great care of us the whole night and was great making sure to be on time and ensuring we were well taken care of the whole night. I cannot tell you how great it went. If there was any recommendation for a Limo Service, I recommend STRATEGIC!

  • 08/02/2010
    D. Hathaway
    Andrea (the driver) was right on time, professional, and very helpful. We were pleased to see the Cadillac SUV used as advertised in the reservation. Very clean and accommodating for myself and my two daughters. Perfect vehicle for a comfortable drive to the airport. I would recommend this service to all that are seeking out an affordable luxurious and professional ride and service. We will now exclusively use Strategic Limousine Service for all of our trips back home to visit family. (I wrote a previous review, and realized that I mixed up the driver's names, but both women were top-notch -- very pleasant experience -- thanks to both Dana and Andrea).

  • 08/02/2010
    D. Hathaway
    Dana (the driver) was very professional, and carried with her the personality of a long time friend - great conversation and very friendly, I would personally recommend her for any easy going traveler. Service was great, through the vehicle used was not that of the one advertised for the reservation. A nice leather interior Suburban was in place of the expected Cadillac SUV -- we prefer the Cadillac due to the Captains chairs and DVD player (for my girls). This is the only thing that kept this rating from being excellent.

  • 05/10/2010
    R. Flores
    Dear, Strategic limousines I’m writing to thank you for your service it was excellent and it helped make it an amazing night. I will refer all my needs for future limo services to your business, and I will recommend you to all my friends. once again thank you very much. In gratitude, Roger Flores

  • 04/30/2010
    J. McHugh
    Thank you for the excellent service! We had a fantastic evening, Dayna was extremely accommodating. We will definitely be using your company again in the future and will recommend you to anyone! Thank you, Jennifer

  • 08/11/2009
    N. Wofford
    Our driver Dana, was a wonderful addition to our evening. She was professional, courteous,and helpful. I really loved the service she provided. The car was amazing and clean. You can be sure we will be calling again. Thank you for making our evening a memorable joyful event.

  • 05/05/2009
    T. Dooty
    "The prom was okay. The limo was FANTASTIC!!" The driver was so much fun and the limousine was beautiful. It was also my daughters 18th birthday. Thanks for making it so special. We will definitely be calling again.

  • 04/09/2008
    C. Martinez
    I have to say that this was by far the best limo ride experience I have had to date. First off, this was the only company of three that I had contacted that actually gave me the same rate that I had first recieved by e-mail. The driver (Jay) was amazing. Very easygoing and granted every request we had. I must say that any limo service we need from now on will be through strategic limo. This was how a limo ride should really be.Thank you strategic!!!!!! You made my wifes birthday a most memorable experience.

  • 04/02/2008
    I highly recommend thiis limo service. The driver was great and very helpful! Right on time, too!

  • 03/29/2008
    M. B.
    The car was absolutely beautiful! Very easy to book with the most reasonable rate I could find for a Caddy, but what really made the experience exceptional was the driver Jay. He new what we needed before we did and truely set the tone for the evening with his easygoing demeanor. I highly recommend that you request "Jay Limo"!Ma

  • 03/22/2008
    J. Scott
    Every aspect of the booking process with Strategic Limousine Services exceeded my expectations! Shannon took the time to explain their booking and payment procedures as well as answer ALL of my questions. Jay, our driver, was EARLY, friendly, courteous, and well dressed! We had a picture perfect night out in a gorgeous black super-stretch Cadillac limo. I can't wait for our next event and have no reason to shop around again. I highly recommend Strategic to anyone shopping for quality and style!

  • 12/07/2007
    Strategic Limousine Service is the best. There car was brand new and was very clean. The driver jay was awsome. He went out of is way to accomidate us above and beyond what we expected. We will be using them from now on.

American Limousine
rated 3.5 of 5, 8 reviews

Welcome to American Limousine. We are an exclusive Luxury Limousine service offering Premier Transportation Service for all of Southern California. Our fleet features some of the most sought after Limousines in the world. We specialize in providing excellent service to our customers at a very affordable price! Our rates are very competitive while still offering the most comfortable and Luxurious vehicles to our customers. Here at American Limousine you can rest assured that your trip with us will be unforgettable. Please call us now at 877-546-6705 or 310-623-5999 to start planning your most amazing trip in one of our limousines at a fantastic price!

See American Limousine reviews

  • 05/02/2015
    D. Miramontes
    The limo was supposed to pick us up at 2:15 to drive out to Los Angeles we had a mass at 3:30pm. Limo driver called me around 2pm to say he was running late and would be about 15-20minutes late. He did not arrive until around 3:10pm unbelievable!! Said he got stuck in bad traffic. Unexcusable. We had a terrible drive, the air conditioning wasn't working, when we asked him if he can lower the air because it was hot he closed the window and ignored our request. Very rude. I was extremely disappointed with the whole experience. We didn't get to out mass until 4:10pm so lost our starting time with church.

  • 05/01/2015
    j. marcelo
    Both limos were an hour late. Pick up time was 2:30 one came at 3:20 and the other came at 3:45 causing for the entire bridal party to be an entire hour late to my wedding ceremony. This resulted in unnecessary late fees for the ceremony having to be prolonged due to our transportation being late! On the way back, one of the limos broke down on the side of the road due to the GAS RUNNING OUT! There should be no excuse for this at all. I have never came across a limousine company so unprofessional. In result, we had to squeeze as many people as possible into one limousine. Not only was an additional hour wasted, we also had to pay the photographer extra fees in order for our photo shoot with the bridal party, along with me and my husband's photography back at the hotel, as the guests were all waiting for all of us! My experience with your company ruined my wedding and affected it dramatically. The services I payed for were not done as promised, and ruined my wedding, a ONCE in a lifetim

  • 02/21/2015
    S. Fontal
    the 12 passenger limo was tight for 12.

  • 02/08/2014
    E. Johnson
    See above.

  • 09/07/2006
    E. Koga
    Outstanding service. Reservation was a breeze; John taking my order patiently explained all the details of their service and what I should expect. On the day prior to reservation date, I received a confirmation telephone call to let me know everything was set. Will, our driver was most courteous and got us to our destination and back in minimal time. I will definately use them again for my next limo requirement. Highly Recommended.

  • 06/12/2004
    D. Banks
    I rented a limousine for the first time through American Limousine. I had no idea what to expect or what questions to ask. The stretch Hummer 2 was for my son's high school graduation class. I was extremely satisfied with their helpfulness on the telephone. The limousine driver arrived about 10 minutes early and was dressed very professionally in a tuxedo outfit. The limo was brand new and extremely clean. I would highly recommend this company

  • 03/01/2004
    N. Ramirez
    American Limo quote was competative. They called us in advance to confirm and suprised again by arriving promptly. The driver was great and handled the 14 teenagers with patience. We lucked out and believe that it would be only fitting to show our gratitude by taking the time and giving our happy reviews.

  • 08/23/2003
    T. Duclos
    I wanted to thank You all for making my husband's birthday a smashing success. Sam was great, we still haven't stopped talking about our sweet ride in the Excursion. I can't wait to use your service again! Thanks very much - Tonya

City lights limousines and sedans
rated 3.4 of 5, 10 reviews

special rates to all airports and ports meet and greet services ,discount rate 10% for special events,corporate services,tours, personal entertainment ,proms, weddings,night out in town,birthdays,anniversaries,Bachelor/ette party, last minute service welcome,service is our Talent.

See City lights limousines and sedans reviews

  • 09/19/2014
    N. St Aubin
    I received several quotes for going to a concert in Pasadena but went with City Lights after back and forth emails with Rod. Rod gave me the best price and kept in contact with me prior to event. He gave me all the info I needed and was very professional. My driver Saul showed up on time with beautiful stretch limo. Saul was very professional and friendly and he was my DJ for the night(played some great music for me to listen to on very nice sound system) as my daughter and her friend went in to concert by themselves and I stayed in the limo. We arrived back in Anaheim ahead of schedule and had no problem getting refund for extra hour I paid for but didn't need. I would use this company again and highly recommend them. Thanks Rod & Saul

  • 05/16/2014
    s. torres
    The limo driver was a bit late and he was not aware that he was suppose to take the ladies to the park for pictures. WE rented the limo from 5 to 8 and he stated that something must be wrong because he had a pick up in Pasadena at 8 and he wasn't going to make it since he was driving from Long Beach. The driver did not have the address of the park. The limo was outdated and scratched on the sides. The advertisement for the limit was for 8 people but 6 barely fit.

  • 05/03/2014
    J. Legate
    Great on picking up and delivering. Not the best looking car so was not completely happy with that. The driver was nice but the condition of the car was not great.

  • 04/19/2014
    S. Skeehan
    Our limo was 35 minutes late. We had to rearrange a lot of our plans. When the driver showed up, after multiple phone calls, there was no apology or even a greeting, he was talking loudly in Spanish on his cell phone. We had given up on him ever coming and had called Uber for which we will have to pay a cancellation fee. The seats of the limo had silver duct tape on them. Normally when someone plans an evening with a limo they hope to be treated better than you would be in a taxi. Very, very disappointing.

  • 03/08/2014
    L. Kooker
    Everything was great over all. There were a few things that were a little disappointing though. The driver was 10-15min. late picking us up making us late for our dance class in NOHO. There wasn't a bottle of complimentary champagne nor hookups for an iPod/iPhone to use Pandora in the limo. Both of those things were promised at the time of booking. My girls and I still had a great time, and we got back to our final destination early which was nice. The limo was clean upon arrival, which was appreciated, as well as the driver being dressed in a suit and tie. If I am in need of a limo service again, City Lights will be an option, but I may look at other limo services as well.

  • 10/24/2013
    K. Belda
    Rod is great! Great company. Very polite, friendly, good at what he does! Knows times, places, traffic, routes, etc. I booked him back in April this year at first because he was available for a last minute birthday night with friends to Hollywood and Santa Monica and he was very reasonable, not quoting me in the high 7's like everyone else for half the time and much worse customer relations. Then the night of the event, we all had the time of our lives, we even paid him for extra hours on the spot. He catered to our specific needs and mood. Clean, on-time, no annoying dispatch, responsive, just great. I just booked him for the same type of night this weekend but for a Halloween night out instead this time. Not only was he the first to come to mind for me but my friends begged and hoped for the same guy as well I know it will be just the same if not better this time! Highly recommend Rod and City Lights!

  • 10/15/2012
    S. Canchola
    Highly recommend City Lights Limo! I booked them this past Saturday for a surprise birthday party and we had a wonderful experience. Refreshments were provided, the limo was very clean, and we had a great night on the town. Rod picked us up and dropped us off in various locations in Hollywood and he was very helpful and very accommodating to my gals. Thank you for helping make our night a success, Rod!

  • 05/18/2011
    M. Quintana
    I contacted City Lights for my daughters prom. I chose them because they gave us the best price, I must admit I was concerned because of the poor reviews. Rod was excellent at explaining what happened with those clients and was most accomodating through the entire process. The limo arrived early, was clean and the driver was very nice and attentive. The kids had a great time and City Lights was part of a very special memory for both of them. I would definately call on them again. I am reccomending that our company give them a chance next time we need someone picked up at the airport. Thanks, Rod!

  • 02/15/2011
    W. Nickerson
    I researched through Limos.com and decided to book City Lights for a Valentine's evening concert at the Gibson ampitheatre for a 7:15pm pickup for an 8:15pm start time. Called in afternoon to confirm. AOK. 7:30pm that evening, no limo. Called & was informed stuck in rush hour traffic but was on the way. 7:45pm I called again but this time no respond to my call. Had to jump in car to attend concert. We missed half the concert. Never had such a horrendous evening in my life.

  • 10/08/2010
    R. Penrose
    I wanted you to know how pleased I was with the service and professionalism my party and I received for our recent graduation trip for a friend of mine. Rod was extremely helpful, thorough and attentive to my requests. Mo, the driver was professional, courteous and very friendly and pleasant. I have utilized these types of services many times in the past and am truly impressed with the service we received. I would rate them 5 stars or the best rating I can with your referral service. They more than lived up to our agreement. Please use my name if you wish and thank them for me for a memorable event.

rated 4.7 of 5, 17 reviews



  • 12/22/2015
    M. Evans
    Our driver, Jerry, arrived 15 mins early and was very patient with us as we struggled to exit the parking lot gates of the business park he picked us up from. He was kind, helpful, and prompt whenever we needed to be picked up again. When it was an hour left before our limo time was up, he politely asked if we would like to go overtime, which we did. After a bit of drama caused by one passenger, resulting in several others to want to exit the limo, our driver safely pulled over and patiently waited for the situation to resolve. When it was time to go home, we were each dropped off at 6 separate locations, and did not once see any sign of frustration from our driver, despite the several potentially frustrating situations that had occurred. I rate this experience as beyond excellent.

  • 12/22/2015
    L. Pueblos
    The driver was great. The car though had a constant vibration that made it a little uncomfortable.

  • 12/22/2015
    M. Morrison
    I thought the driver was very nice and helpful and very polite, the vehicle however didn't have a sun roof, which would have been nice but it was still an excellent trip (:

  • 12/22/2015
    T. Nguyen

  • 12/22/2015
    d. rolland
    get newer fleet or thermostat fixed to stop overheating on 45 minute ride

  • 04/26/2015
    k. my
    The driver, Hiram, was outstanding, just provided our family with superior service. I was extremely impressed with his professionalism. Will use this service and the driver again and again!! Just what you would expect from a limo compnay .....and more! The limo was sparkling and looked like it was brand new!!

  • 04/25/2015
    K. Nwadiwe
    The driver was very respectful and great with getting our group place to place quickly and safely. He was a great person in general.

  • 04/24/2015
    S. Thompson
    Both the vehicle and the driver were excellent! Hiram was an awesome driver and I would definitely request him for future rides!

  • 03/05/2015
    V. Turner

  • 03/29/2014
    E. Causor

  • 01/18/2014

  • 05/02/2012
    J. Skowronski
    Beautiful cream Chrysler 300 Limo. Fantastic service, Warren was friendly , punctual and a just a real nice guy. Ron, at the office was aces too! Use USA Regency, so far the best I've used on a long list. Oh and the champagne was delicious!

  • 06/21/2011
    R. D
    I used this company for my friend's bachelorette party. The driver was early and very friendly. The limo itself was small, but very fun. It was decked out in bright colored lights and perfect for the event. We ran in to a snag along the way, but the driver was accommodating and gave us some extra time. I ended up receiving an overtime charge, which the company was nice enough to refund me! My only complaint was the fact that there was not enough liquor/drinks. I requested champagne and we only got one bottle. For the amount of people in the limo this was not enough. I would definitely recommend stating what you want when you make the reservation. Overall the customer service was superb. The girl who made the reservation was super friendly, the driver was great, and the manager owner was also very helpful. I would definitely recommend using this company. They have competitive prices and great customer service.

  • 06/21/2011
    S. P
    I am sending this email to advised USA Regency staff of the great service I experience on Sat 01/08/2011... My daughter birthday was Sunday 01/09 so we decided to celebrate her 12th birthday Saturday. I read the previous reviews and was doubtful in reserving a vehicle with your company, but you can judge a company nor a person just by what other viewers were saying... Our experience was awesome!!! My entire party had a magnificent time. I contacted Ron to reserve the vehicle he was very help, answered my questioned, experience and explained all details... I received a confirmation call on Friday and again Ron explained and confirms our plans. He advised me my original request for a Cadillac Escalade was available so our vehicle the stretched Hummer would be replaced with the stretched Cadillac Escalade. Our driver was Jeff who was just awesome our party consists of more than 16 people majority children. Jeff was very patience, courteous and very professional... He arrived 40 minutes before our commit time and waited patience until our entire part was complete and ready... Our reservation was at 5 in Santa Monica and on a Sat we arrived15mintues before our reservation time with the smoothes non traffic great scenery ride every... I would definitely recommend USA REGENCY to anyone who needs a limo... To the previous customers who reported a terrible time & service. It was not the company it was YOU!!!!

  • 06/21/2011
    C. B
    It was that time, a rite of passage for my daughter, her Sweet 16. I've been using a transportation service for many years that is covered by my company, however all they provided was sedan service. My daughter wanted a large SUV limo, so I asked my sister who she used for her wedding. She told me that USA Regency was who she used last year. I remembered she rented an H2 limo and still remember how much fun we had that day. So I called and spoke with Robert and explained that I was referred by my sister, that it was my daughter's Sweet 16 and wanted the flashy interior like the one for my sister's wedding. He gave me several choices and I decided on an 18 seater Escalade limo. The day of her Sweet 16, the driver showed up 10 minutes early in a what seemed to be a larger vehicle. The interior was extremely better than the one my sister rented for her wedding. The interior was nothing but a party zone. The ceiling and floors flashed different colors, there were lasers and strobes, there was a small VIP lounge, the presentation including the glasses showed how much detail and effort was put in to make her day special. The driver, Maurice, was courteous and I wasn't sure if he was going to be able to handle the craziness of our teenagers. I rode up front to the first pick up where I was meeting with the other parents. The girls were having a blast blaring their loud music. I was a little reserved about their behavior, but Maurice assured me that it's ok and that's what the limo was made for, to party. Right then, I knew Maurice would take care of them. From beginning to the end, the girls had a blast and made her rite of passage what it should always be, a memorable one.

  • 03/08/2008
    USA Regency Limousine is a excellent company. They have affordable rates and a friendly staff. The limo was on time and the driver was very friendly. I recommend this company to everyone who wants great service and a fun night out!

  • 05/07/2007
    K. Freeno
    We utilized USA Regency Limo for Prom. We couldn't have been happier. The limo arrived in an extremely clean and timely fashion. The driver was friendly and knew he had precious cargo on board. Will we reserve limo's with USA in the future. YES.

Paramount Limousine Service
rated 4.4 of 5, 66 reviews

Our reputation has been established by providing the best Limousine Service in southern California. We offer beautiful Sedans, SUVs and Limousines.

See Paramount Limousine Service reviews

  • 12/22/2015
    C. Slaght

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Theisens

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Purdy
    Amazing, accommodating and attentive driver!

  • 12/22/2015
    E. Chuang
    Great car. Professional service

  • 04/25/2015
    J. Bruce

  • 04/24/2015
    C. Williams

  • 04/06/2015
    D. Gunn
    Both trips we booked to have someone inside with a sign. neither were met inside and one with a baby had to wait for almost an hour late at night before the drive showed up.

  • 04/04/2015
    g. mcewen
    the limo was not clean the window near the bar area and the bar was sticky, someone spilled something on the window and bar area and it was not cleaned prior to our trip the back window area was very dusty

  • 04/01/2015
    F. Pueblos
    Good experience with driver and nice vehicle.

  • 03/31/2015
    R. Waldorf
    Driver was pleasant and professional. Vehicle was clean and in excellent condition. Driver was on time. Overall, a stress-free ride!

  • 03/29/2015
    P. Kampling
    Patrick Is an excellent driver. Top quality service and we will definitely request him the next time we are in LA.

  • 03/27/2015
    j. pompa
    Good job, thanks Ali!!!

  • 03/24/2015
    C. Maungu

  • 03/21/2015
    M. Morse
    We had to direct the driver. He did not the area at all.

  • 03/13/2015
    A. Kristiansen
    Very nice. Clean cool car. He was early but willing to wait. Overall, a very relaxing ride to lax.

  • 03/13/2015
    n. damschroder

  • 03/08/2015
    A. Krist

  • 02/26/2015
    L. Chenaur
    Limo driver should know how to operate the cd player, lights etc. He seemed new to the whole operation and took up time sitting while he fiddled with everything....he was otherwise very polite, considerate and helpful. My final statement added an extra hour to our ride and I was told some lame excuse that we were supposed to pay an extra hour because Santa Clarita was out of their area!!!...If that is true, I would not have booked with this company if I'd been told - who would pay for an extra hour for this reason????!! If that's not the reason, then you're just scamming me for an extra hour!

  • 02/20/2015
    S. Digennaro
    Ford Explorer sent instead of 8 passenger limo I ordered

  • 05/29/2014
    P. Myron
    Richard is a safe and skilled driver. We enjoyed our conversation during the long trip.

  • 05/22/2014
    D. Plowman

  • 05/21/2014
    P. Lempert
    keep up the great job!

  • 05/18/2014
    K. kowal
    Ted was on time and was very courteous. Even with some confusion with american air and us air merger, he was there at correct terminal.all said, I would use them again on next trip. thanks,

  • 05/17/2014
    U. Schramm

  • 05/16/2014
    A. Moloo
    I was charged for parking and tolls when there was no parking to pay for and no bridges for toll. What a scam!

  • 05/15/2014
    M. Wanstreet
    Driver Robert was awesome! Highly recommend!

  • 04/29/2014
    K. Tavolara

  • 04/28/2014
    s. held
    I have to say I wasn't very happy to see my receipt a couple of days later & a toll fee was listed. We don;t have tolls on the 405 frwy. I called & was told it is an airport fee. Not Right!

  • 04/22/2014
    B. Lankford
    Driver was polite, on time and drove very responsible. I will use your service again.

  • 04/21/2014
    J. Roditi
    Awaiting to receive my final bill, as driver was waiting inside while I requested for a curb pick up at airport. Also, for the first time, I was asked to sign a pick up time, while I had indicated my flight # and the delay was announced over 11 hours before the arrival - I had sent an email, to limos.com to advise them of the delay. Hopefully, I will not have to argue about waiting time, as Paramount should have checked the actual arrival time before sending a car and limos.com shld have forwarded my email to Paramount.

  • 04/17/2014
    j. eisman

  • 03/26/2014
    J. Einziger

  • 03/22/2014
    W. Spearman

  • 03/22/2014
    P. Murray

  • 03/16/2014
    I. Bratslavsky
    Wonderful driver and very nice new car.

  • 03/10/2014
    S. Kitchens

  • 03/07/2014
    J. Hopkins
    Carson was an excellent chauffeur and a good conversationalist. Very smooth and well-timed ride.

  • 03/02/2014
    J. Ramos
    i have been using Limos.com always for airport pick up. This is the first time I was charged parking fee. I was already waiting at the curb and I was early than than the scheduled pick up.

  • 03/01/2014

  • 01/16/2014
    N. Rosenberg
    The driver was 25 minutes late picking me up (in the middle of the night) at LAX. Then, instead of picking me up at the curb, we had to walk across the street to parking garage. Finally, the driver did not know that the 405 closes for construction at night, so I had to explain to him how to go around.

  • 01/07/2014
    W. Sutcliffe

  • 12/30/2013
    d. torres
    My flight was 10 mins late. Took about 20 mins to find the driver even though we had spoken several times so that he was up to date on where I was. Most of the time I was on the curb and he ended up parking and walking in. But it was Christmas even and it was kind of crazy.

  • 12/13/2013
    A. Mendez
    Loved Robert! Very professional & pleasant driver! A plus

  • 11/04/2013
    E. TR
    Driver was on time but finding each other at airport was a little confusing. If you are not using the meet and greet service I recommend writing your name on some paper to waive down the driver curbside. One problem is that we had ordered a Town Car but got something else so we weren't sure which driver was ours plus a language challenge, but car was comfortable. No amenities but a quick ride home.

  • 09/20/2013
    P. Castellanos
    I used Paramount for the first time this week. Patrick was my driver and he was excellent. Was on time and very professional. Definitely will be using for my frequent travels!

  • 09/13/2013
    E. Weller
    I used paramount service to go to the airport. The reservation process was very simple and the driver was very professional and on time as scheduled. The car was clean and the ride was very good. I travel a lot and I have had bad experiences with many companies in the past. I am very happy to know Paramount and use their service. I really recommend them to my family and friends.

  • 08/31/2013
    D. Kratt

  • 08/16/2013
    M. Grimmett
    It was my first time using Paramount and I made a last minute reservation. The driver was on time, very courteous and friendly, and he helped carry all my suitcases. I really liked the excellent service. If you need a rush pick up, I recommend them highly.

  • 06/10/2013
    m. fernandez
    Limo sucked on the inside but alright on the out. But the driver was super nice and friendly were I will use them again just because of the driver named Joey I had. And the 5 stars is because of Joey

  • 05/08/2013
    S. Qurry
    I booked for a last minut pickup for the airport. I called many companies and no one was available. Thank you Paramount you guys are great! The car came on time and it was very clean. I am happy with my wonderful ride and the great price.

  • 09/21/2012
    H. Chen

  • 09/21/2012
    B. Cuan
    This limo company showed up with an old, poor condition, 2007 Yukon rather than what they promised which was a 2011 model. It was embarrassing as I had a client with me at time of pick up. I would not do business with this provider again.

  • 07/23/2012
    L. Campeau
    The limo arrived promptly and on time, the driver was very professional, excellent and very curteous and my family and I had the best time! The limo was clean and comfortable. He drove us to the airport where I picked up my relatives, then drove the scenic route along the ocean back to our house. Read a couple of negative reviews of Paramount, I can only say that must have been the exception, everyone I dealt with there was very friendly and accomodating. The rate was very reasonable and I would highly recommend this service to anyone.

  • 04/23/2012
    M. Foundos
    My driver, Charles, monitored my flight and knew that I had arrived early and was there to meet when my flight arrived. The car was comfortable and clean. Water was offered. I couldn't ask for more. It was a terrific experience.

  • 11/30/2011
    G. Gooding
    My ride was great, my driver was very prompt, courteous and respected my privacy. We got to my destination in great time, and he carried my luggage to the front door for me. I would most definitely use this service again; as well as recommend it to anyone who asks.

  • 11/30/2011
    a. k
    A driver by the name of Robert came to pick me up from my house to bring me to the airport. Not only was he was on time and very nice , but he was very funny. Paramount Limousine is one of the most timely and professional limo services I have had the pleasure of riding with.

  • 09/15/2011
    j. cranford
    I use Paramount regularly for airport transport to and from LAX . Always prompt with pick ups ! Great drive staff. Fully recommend

  • 04/30/2011
    J. Uhelszki
    I was so impressed with Paramount Limousine Services. I used their service to get to and from the airport. The cars were impeccable, the drivers were knowledgeable, funny, courteous, and well dressed: Plus I felt like I was getting an expert's tour of LA. They even arrived 15 minutes early, assuaging my anxiety about getting to the airport on time. Did I mention the chilled beverages? Now I know why Kobe uses Paramount. First class service all the way!

  • 03/21/2011
    J. Flynn
    I recently used Paramount Limo when I needed a ride to LAX. I was pleased with their service. The driver was prompt and courteous and drove smooth (none of that jerky driving). Getting to LAX can be such a pain, but hiring Paramount Limo eliminated that for me. I would highly recommend them for their professionalism.

  • 02/27/2011
    K. P
    I wanted to give a high rating to this company because they were very prompt on arrival this morning. I had a very pleasant trip with a very kind driver and a great vehicle. I love that this company is environmentally friendly by proving hybrid vehicles for their customers. Overall, I was very happy with the service that I received and I will use this company in the future.

  • 02/27/2011
    K. P
    I wanted to give a high rating to this company because they were very prompt on arrival this morning. I had a very pleasant trip with a very kind driver and a great vehicle. I love that this company is environmentally friendly by proving hybrid vehicles for their customers. Overall, I was very happy with the service that I received and I will use this company in the future. I recommend to everyone! And I also checked their website and Facebook and both provide great weekend ideas and deals.

  • 11/14/2010
    L. Chern
    Made a reservation at 9 AM on a Saturday morning, and by noon was nicely surprised by a very kind driver that took me from location to location as I hurried through my stressful day. It was actually the most stress-free sedan or limo service I have ever used. The dispatcher acted like I was her top priority and never made me feel like this was a service I was actually paying for- and to tell you the truth, with Paramount's rates, one would be pretty idiotic not to use their service for any event. Reliable staff, good service and overall a really enjoyable 5 Star company. Thank you!

  • 01/30/2010
    j. wong
    I had a really good experience with this company. I ordered a limo for my birthday, the guy on the phone was very personable and helpful. They definitely had the best prices from calling around. They called to confirm the order the night before, which is always comforting. The limo was really nice, clean, fully stocked.. the driver was very professional (and funny!) and made everything fun for us. I have also used their towncars to the airport and the prices are really reasonable. The driver was early and helped with our bags and was really nice. I'm definitely going to use them again, especially for the airport service.

  • 07/01/2009
    B. Rosenberg
    I would like to take this opportunity to express my feelings regarding Paramount Limousine Services. I have used Paramount Limousine for the past 5 years for my clients and have always received prompt and courteous service. I have never received a complaint from any of my clients regarding the services provided. They handle my reservations in a professional matter and I recommend them highly as an expert limousine and car service company.

  • 05/23/2009
    M. Corte
    On behalf of my company and myself I would like to write this little note about my experience with Paramount Limousine Services. I can not let another day to go by without extending my gratitude to your company for its role in my recent business trip to Los Angeles. From our initial contact, Paramount was Professional, cordial, and knowledgeable with providing me with me with quotes and information. The driver, Tony, was polite, very pleasant and helpful as we embarked on 15 stops to our largest clients in Los Angeles area. I have enclosed my business card for future reference. I am looking forward to the opportunity to refer your services and to utilize your limousine for future trips. Again, many thanks for participating in a very successful sales trip for PIER 39 restaurants! If you are in San Francisco please contact me so I can arrange for a special dinner in at one of our fine restaurants on PIER 39. Once again Thank you so much for everything you did for me.

  • 05/06/2009
    T. Omran
    I have been using Paramount Limousine Services for the last 4 years. I have found their services to be outstanding in every way. The cars are always in excellent condition and drivers are always courteous and efficient. I would highly recommend them for anyone who wants first-rate limousine service.

USA Regency Transportation, Inc.
rated 4.8 of 5, 8 reviews


See USA Regency Transportation, Inc. reviews

  • 05/30/2014
    M. Heindel
    No one informed me that I had to give my cc info over the phone plus drive to the pick up location so they could 'swipe' my card. I had to rush down to handle all of that and then was blatantly told by the driver 'they only include a 10% tip, 20% is the standard'

  • 03/14/2014

  • 03/08/2014
    d. palaszewsky
    Driver was on time, professional, and very organized as far as being ready for us at various stops. Highly recommend.

  • 01/15/2014
    R. Sauls
    Driver Warren was a good driver and early too. The Forum was poorly marked for limo traffic and made it frustrating for drop off. Finally we just asked him to stop and let us out since we were being redirected out of the main parking area. At the end of the evening we were forced to walk all the way across the large paying lot and halfway down another block to find our vehicle. We did call Warren to find out where he was parked and I realize that the street Warren could have used to go around was blocked for thru traffic but I am wondering if one asks traffic control, would they not have let him thru. My boyfriend has a very bad knee (waiting for a replacement actually) which is one reason I wanted to vehicle so it would save him from walking a great distance. He was in a lot of pain for the remainder of the evening. Is there any reduction in your price for that inconvenience, especially since the whole idea was to be picked up and dropped off at our choosing? Please let me know.

  • 06/02/2013
    S. Brandon
    They were onetime. Limos was nice we had a good time

  • 05/18/2012
    T. Shaner
    This was my first experience with this limo service. I was very pleased with the driver Warren Chadwick . He was very professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgable of the areas that we toured in Beverly hills and the surrounding areas. He went out of his way to accommate us. He was always early for pickup times for both days that I needed him. I totally recommend this limo service to anyone, I especially reccommed warren.

  • 03/20/2012
    S. S
    (Beverly Regent) is an excellent company. They have affordable rates and a friendly staff. The limo was on time and the driver was very friendly. I recommend this company to everyone who wants great service and a fun night out!

  • 03/20/2012
    K. Freeno
    We utilized (Beverly Regent) Limo for Prom. We couldn't have been happier. The limo arrived in an extremely clean and timely fashion. The driver was friendly and knew he had precious cargo on board. Will we reserve limo's with USA in the future. YES.

24 K Limousine Service Inc
rated 5.0 of 5, 23 reviews

With Reliable Limousine Service You will enjoy dependable and courteous services at competitive prices. We specialize in airport, personal and corporate transportation Supported by a fleet of luxury and exotic vehicles, flat rates, courteous chauffeurs we are a full service ground transportation company.

See 24 K Limousine Service Inc reviews

  • 12/22/2015
    n. damschroder

  • 12/22/2015
    A. Caldwell
    Both of the drivers from Reliable were on time, friendly and got us to and from the airport very efficiently. The cars were clean and comfortable. We have used Reliable a number of times and are very happy with their service.

  • 12/22/2015
    K. Thye

  • 12/22/2015
    C. Mot
    Operator George was xlnt

  • 12/22/2015
    Excellent service. Prompt on time with professional drivers. The ride is super comfortable. We had the same driver George for inbound and outbound trips and he made our drive to LAX very smooth.

  • 12/22/2015
    C. Winchell
    Both the car and driver were excellent - pick up was prompt, the car was clean, and arrival at the airport was timely.

  • 04/12/2015
    S. Leyerzapf

  • 03/19/2015
    N. Dorman

  • 06/16/2014
    D. Milito
    Driver contated me prior to pickup to ensure he had the correct location. He was right on time and although we encountered a lot of traffic he was able to get me to the airport without much of a delay. He was very knowledgable of LAX airport. Even though my ticket said terminal 6 he explained that I would be checking in at terminal 7 and dropped me off there. He was correct. It was a pleasure using you Limo service. The price was good and the vehicle was clean and comfortable.

  • 04/02/2014
    J. Arthur
    I booked a cadillac DTS and chrysler 300 showed up. Didn't get what I paid for. The service was good, but not the right car

  • 03/30/2014
    J. Howard
    All around great experience. Reliable is reliable!

  • 03/26/2014
    J. Willingham
    Our driver was so wonderful. I would definitely use your service again. Thank you!

  • 09/24/2013
    M. Malone
    Highly recommend this company very professional and on time.

  • 05/08/2013
    K. Anderson
    Our driver greet us with a smile and made us feel welcomed! We requested a bottle of Champage and everything was perfect Champagne was cold the Champagne glasses sparkling clean oh and the complimentary mint were just perfect. I highly recommend this company

  • 09/21/2012
    K. Zimmerman
    Great service...thank you for the excellent service! My family enjoyed the limo..

  • 07/01/2012
    T. Roberts
    I highly recommend this company reasonable pricing and most important on time.

  • 02/02/2012
    L. Gutierrez
    Just want to say thank you for taking us to the airport on time. Your driver Brianna arrived 15 minutes before schedule and was very professional. We highly recommend your company.

  • 01/26/2012
    I. Rodriguez
    "Great service always on time, professional, I would say best I have used. Highly recommended"

  • 12/11/2011
    Excellent Service; I strongly recommend this company always on time and very clean vehicles.

  • 08/02/2011
    A. Rosales
    I just want to say thank you. You made my special event more special. my now husband and i were very pleased with your service. We highly recommend your limo service to all future brides.

  • 11/28/2010
    I. Z.
    Excellent service, affordable rates, new limos = PERFECT PACKAGE. Thank you for making our concert the best one ever. Please hold a reservation for us for next year....

  • 11/28/2010
    J. Rodriguez
    I booked a H2 Hummer for a girls night out. The service was excellent our assigned driver (George) was very patient and understanding he made the perfect girls night out ever. The limo was awsome more than what I expected. Once again thank you for the perfect night.

  • 05/28/2010
    c. larson
    Reliable Limousines have the best rates in town and the service is great always on time. Very clean vehicles, drivers very road knowledgable safety first....

Masters Limousine, Inc
rated 4.9 of 5, 97 reviews

MASTERS: WE GUARANTEE IT. ON TIME: WE GUARANTEE IT. Welcome to Masters Limousine Inc. The on time company guarantee, late 1 minute your ride is our treat, we specialize in private airport, corporate and special event transportation throughout Southern California. Courteous chauffeurs and 24/7 dispatch. COMPLETE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR GUARANTEE OR YOUR RIDE FREE

See Masters Limousine, Inc reviews

  • 12/22/2015
    S. Geller
    Driver was very polite young man He was well versed on side roads and avoided heavy traffic which was great. Car on the older side, bordering on tired. But secondary to positive driver experience (Max was driver's name)

  • 03/06/2015
    J. Lund

  • 06/08/2014
    L. Broughton
    Was very professional and new how to get to the Airport on time!

  • 05/23/2014
    D. McCamley
    We were in a group of 8 and were very pleased with the service provided by Masters Limousine. Just one complaint, the driver arrived at our hotel 30 mins before he was booked and didn't come into the hotel to tell us he was waiting. We had to ring the office to see where he was and were told he was waiting outside. We were a bit surprised that he didn't let us know.

  • 05/19/2014
    W. Silverman
    Driver was nice but car was certainly not 5 Star Elite by limos.com criteria, had close to 250k miles. Also, it took 3 phone calls before the car arrived curbside.

  • 04/06/2014
    J. Lund
    We have used Plantinum Limo Service many times, and they have always been professional, punctual and polite.

  • 04/02/2014
    J. Wilson

  • 08/30/2013
    B. Thind

  • 08/13/2013
    C. EDGAR
    excellent service. Driver was extremely professional and 10 min. early. Really liked their service and would use them again.

  • 06/03/2013
    J. Hare
    They were on time and had a clean car. Would use again

  • 01/16/2013
    C. TA
    Not the usual service level I get from other providers.

  • 05/29/2012
    D. McConnell
    Our driver was on time. We met as expected. The vehicle we booked was clean and comfortable. The vehicle had the amenities expected. Our ride was excellent. We will definitely use Limos.com for our future transportation needs. Thank you, Dan

  • 05/20/2012
    C. Posey
    I booked a limo for 8 for my daughter's prom last night, May 19, 2012. The group of kids were very happy with the limo and the driver. They treated them with respect and were very prompt and efficient. Thank you for helping to make their Senior Prom a great memory...the limo ride is truly an important part of the event. We will use Masters Limousine again with full confidence!

  • 05/08/2012
    L. P
    We were very pleased - on time, professional, safe driving and very clean car provided with water. Masters Limousine is our new limo service to use

  • 05/08/2012
    B. T
    Greeting, We were very pleased with our experience with Masters Limousine and will request service from your company if needed. Thank you, Warmly

  • 05/08/2012
    S. F
    Thanks. Our driver was fantastic. He was very courteous and patient with our baggage delays and change in drop off. Traveling with two young children under 2 can be challenging and he made it a pleasure. Cheers

  • 05/08/2012
    J. P
    Just a quick note to say how pleased we were with masters. attila and michael were great; pleasant, helpful and on time. surely made travelling much easier with 4 kids. i shopped around and found you maybe not the least expensive but among the lowest but with a reputation that inspired confidence. thanks

  • 05/08/2012
    S. C
    We would like to thank Masters for their excellent service. Our driver Serge was very courteous, polite and helpful.

  • 05/08/2012
    M. C
    I must say, after researching several transportation companies, we decided on Masters. At first, mainly based on the professional appearance of your website and promptness of your return of information. Then, when your driver appeared, dressed professionally and carried a very strong professional work ethic, we were sold!! They were on time, they were courteous, and relieved us of any concerns about getting lost or missing our flight. Thank you for a wonderful transportation experience, we will always consider "Masters" in the future.

  • 02/22/2012
    J. E.
    Will definitely be using you again.

  • 02/22/2012
    D. D.
    My ride to the airport was excellent, the driver was extremely polite! Will defiantly use your service again!

  • 02/22/2012
    S. S.
    Masters Limousine is an excellent company . Everything went well, pick up was on time, service excellent! Would recommend your company.

  • 02/22/2012
    B. C.
    Creasha was punctual, polite, helpful and charming, too. Most importantly -- an excellent driver.

  • 02/22/2012
    H. J
    This was our first time using Masters Limousine, but it will NOT be our last! Crystal saved our vacation (I'd scheduled us to be picked up on the wrong day) we didn't notice it till 3 hours before our international flight was leaving, well I called Crystal and she worked a miracle, not only did she get us picked up, but got us to LAX with time to spare! I CANNOT say enough good things about the service and the staff! The pick-up from the airport went smoothly as well. To all the staff there at Masters Limousine, Thank-You!

  • 02/05/2012
    J. Greaves
    Always dependable, professional, and a pleasure to recommend!

  • 11/28/2011
    G. Stachowski
    This was my first reservation with Masters and it will not be my last. Everything from reservation to pick up went flawless. Thanks Guys!

  • 11/07/2011
    s. blom

  • 09/30/2011
    B. Sudyka
    Our "ride" to and from LAX from Orange County was a wedding gift. What a wonderful gift it was. The driver was very courteous, early, both pickup and delivery, dressed in full suit, and had water for us. Both rides were excellent. Will certainly recommend the service. Couldn't be more pleased.

  • 09/14/2011
    C. S
    We were very pleased with the service, the vehicle and our driver, Suhaib. Thanks for following our ever-changing plane times and accommodating the late time arrival. We certainly will use Masters Limousine in the future.

  • 09/14/2011
    R. Stebbins
    I can always count on with Masters is the quality of the drivers, they are always on time, courteous and they always have water available and on my last trip the driver had ice cold orange juice, a very nice touch and much appreciated.

  • 09/14/2011
    P. Allen
    My driver exceeded my highest expectations. I am a nervous flyer and he even laughed at my bad jokes...a couple of good ones too.

  • 09/14/2011
    M. G
    Drivers both to and from the airport were excellent and on time, pricing is very reasonable. We look forward to using Masters Limousine again in the future.

  • 09/14/2011
    E. Arlene
    Thank you for contacting me. I found Masters Limousine Service prompt and efficient. Your drivers were very courteous and accommodating. I especially appreciated how the driver that picked up my daughter Cheyenne from LAX the very late evening of June 16 and the early hours of July 17, did not leave her until the mix up with her accommodation was sorted out and she and all of her luggage was secure in her apartment at Oakwood Marina del Rey. I will surely use your service again and will also recommend Masters Limousine to my friends and family.

  • 09/14/2011
    S. Smith
    Courtney, thank you so much for managing our crazy requests! You've made it easy for me to get my staff where they should be, and on time!

  • 09/14/2011
    T. Huth
    Everything was great. It's nice to see you doing follow-up. Your firm provides great customer experiences at all levels including making the reservation, the confirmation phone calls, the actual pickup and through this email.

  • 09/14/2011
    S. D
    I felt you were very helpful in handling my inquiry over the phone. The reason I decided to get Masters Limousine is because you were really nice and warm, very accommodating and patient with my questions. Thank you and we are sure to use Masters Limousine next time we need a ride to and from the airport.

  • 08/16/2011
    M. Lotts
    Thank you so much for everything! Paul was wonderful and my wife felt safe and secure going to LAX with absolutely no stress, we are customers for life. Thanks again to Paul for his wonderful support.

  • 08/16/2011
    B. P
    Great service and professional staff from the phone call up to the drop off point…thank you Masters Limousine

  • 08/16/2011
    B. W
    Thanks for your service this week! Good job, Price is right and service exceeded expectation.

  • 08/16/2011
    R. J
    Wonderful service – on time, definitely will use Masters Limousine again.

  • 08/03/2011
    J. Ragsdale
    Paul picked me up at my Canyon Country home early Thursday morning for my Kauai flight out of LAX. Paul picked me up last night and brought me home. Paul was very courteous, upbeat and most accommodating! When we fly to Cabo in December we will book with Masters Limousine again and ask for Paul. Thank you for providing great and comfortable service!

  • 08/03/2011
    B. M.
    Our wonderful driver last time was Attila, he was in time and very friendly.

  • 08/03/2011
    C. Ansanelli
    Whenever I am in Southern California, I always ride with masters. They are reliable, on time, and the vehicle are always new. Very affordable for a great service!

  • 07/16/2011
    a. moreno
    best ride! Excellent service For sure I will use masters limo again Thank you Alessandro

  • 07/13/2011
    J. Brown
    We had excellent on time service to and from LAX and the same friendly, helpful driver both ways. He was a young man from Jordan, who name has slipped my mind.

  • 07/13/2011
    R. Stavs
    My CEO was quite impressed with Masters Limousine service and the driver’s professionalism. Thank you!

  • 07/13/2011
    R. Stavs
    Very reliable company, ON TIME.

  • 07/13/2011
    J. C
    It was great all the way from answering the phone until the drop off; we will use Masters Limousine again and again. Paul is a total pro.

  • 07/07/2011
    H. Coeler
    Thank you for your quick response and resolution. Your service and response exceed the reviews that Beth and I read about your company online prior to our booking.

  • 07/07/2011
    F. D'Agostino

  • 06/07/2011
    A. Zeitner
    This company was spectacular. They were prompt, the car was excellent and the driver Abe was friendly and accommodating. I would recommend this service to my Mother.

  • 06/02/2011
    P. Becker
    I wish to let you know my impression about your company and will try without being too long: (1) I was extremely impressed and please with the phone call from the company agent reminding me of the service one day prior and asking if I had any questions and even reminded me of the procedure upon my arrival at LAX: (2) The driver met us at the airport baggage claim within minutes, just as promised: (3) The driver ( I think Alex) was extremely friendly, very helpful with our luggage and his appearance was EXCEPTIONAL: (4)The vehicle was very clean inside and out. I travel a lot and use various ground transportation companies throughout the U.S. and I must say that yours is at the very top of MY list. I had three other couples traveling with me, who also travel a lot, and we all agree that if in the Los Angeles area again that your company is the first one we will call. Thank you again for making that portion of our trip so enjoyable-----You may use me as a reference.

  • 06/02/2011
    P. M
    Excellent Company - the car was clean and modern and the driver drove well, was polite and well dressed, I will definitely use Masters Limousine again.

  • 05/02/2011
    G. C
    Thanks for your service- it was outstanding!

  • 05/02/2011
    B. B
    Great service and super happy with your company. Will use again

  • 05/02/2011
    M. H
    Our drivers were excellent on both trips and we will contact your company again.

  • 05/02/2011
    E. P
    We had great service from Masters Limousine, for LAX airport pickup on the 24th, and airport drop-off on the 27th. We will certainly recommend your service to traveling friends.

  • 05/02/2011
    D. D
    Great driver!....On time, nice car....good experience!

  • 04/27/2011
    D. G
    Ami, I am speechless about your service. I was looking for the right price and high quality service and I got it. All the way from Blue the call taker to Cristal the appointment setter and Rudy the driver customer service skills, were that of excellence. I am sold on your service and your name! I could not think of any other company I would use except for yours for future engagements and I would refer other people to no other as well.

  • 04/27/2011
    L. Mallory
    My niece Chavona, stated it was a very nice experience for her and both girls (1) toddler and a (1) 7 month old. I will recommend your transportation services to all I know and meet.

  • 04/25/2011
    O. Latif
    On time, excellent service. Professional, courteous and careful driver.

  • 04/19/2011
    S. Sanford
    Masters Limousine is GREAT! We reserved a minivan to/from LAX for our trip that included 2 adults/2 kids. The driver met us at baggage and helped us with the bags (very helpful while trying to keep track of 2 small kids!). The car was very comfortable and really enjoyed the bottles of water for the trip. Top notch all around.

  • 04/06/2011
    F. R
    I want to thank you for a very nice evening. It was a pleasure. I would also, like to thank the driver that you provided. He was very professional, and a joy to spend time with, as I waited for Vangie to clear immigration and customs. Please, pass along my thanks to him. We look forward to continuing our relationship with your company.

  • 04/06/2011
    D. D
    The transportation you provided on both Mar 26 and 28 was excellent. Both drivers were helpful and friendly. I will definitely be recommending your services to everyone back home in Australia.

  • 04/06/2011
    J. Whitman
    We were absolutely pleased with the service, will use again when we next fly into LAX. Driver wass great!!!!

  • 04/06/2011
    A. Piotrowski
    The trip last night to LAX) worked out great! I appreciate the pricing, scheduling, and super A service. Door to door, it was comfortable and enabled me to get done exactly what I needed to, making effective use of the time!

  • 03/22/2011
    d. b
    Oh my God, Masters Limousine is the best; our flight was delayed for 2 hours, our driver Rudy was waiting with a big welcoming smile, he drove us from LAX to Long Beach Cruise Terminal, he was very professional and safe driving, my friend from Saint Luis recommended Masters Limousine and definitely I will recommend them to any one flying to Los Angeles.

  • 03/22/2011
    J. S
    Excellent and professional company and rates are reasonable, Driver picked us up on time; he was very courteous, highly recommend Masters Limousine.

  • 03/22/2011
    a. e
    The trip last night worked out great! I appreciate the pricing, scheduling, and super service. Door to door, it was comfortable and enabled me to get done exactly what I needed to, making effective use of the time!

  • 03/22/2011
    B. r
    Thank you so much it was wonderful we were really pleased and will be using your service again! Thank you for being so professional. It was truly a pleasure.

  • 03/09/2011
    r. D
    Great--stress-free service--will use again definitely.

  • 03/09/2011
    M. S
    Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with the service from out driver (unfortunately, I forgot his name). He was on time, dressed well, courteous, and a good driver! I will use your company’s services again, and will be happy to recommend you to friends who may need your services.

  • 03/09/2011
    E. N
    My sister and I were so pleased with Masters Limousine. The driver was professional and very nice. We will definitely use the srvice again.

  • 02/23/2011
    C. K
    Thanks! I had an awesome Driver, very nice!!!

  • 02/23/2011
    J. F
    The driver Larry was great and got me to the airport with plenty of time. Thanks again.

  • 02/17/2011
    S. Bennet
    I would like to say what a great pleasure it was dealing with all levels of your company for our family trips. I have to admit I was a bit hesitant booking something through the internet but the follow up I received from my original inquiry gave me a lot of confidence prior to leaving. We were met by nice, friendly, well dressed divers in very nice and clean vehicle. Every trip we took went well and without incident. I travel a lot for work, mainly in Canada, but I have to say your company is by far the standard to which I might compare any future car service. I am very impressed and would not hesitate to recommend your company to any family or friends who might be needing of these services. In fact, I did recommend you to my mother-in-law who need to get from the Port of Los Angeles before us on Saturday and she was treated very well. Also, I recommended your company to my boss who is now travelling frequently to California for work. Keep up the great work! I am a customer for life!

  • 01/19/2011
    A. V
    We were extremely pleased with Masters Limousine during our recent trips to the LA/Anaheim area. The drivers were professional and friendly and the fee was very good for a private vehicle compared to a shuttle bus offered by other companies in the area. We will definitely use the service again when in CA!

  • 01/19/2011
    C. K
    Thanks! I had an awesome driver. Very nice!!!

  • 01/19/2011
    S. S
    Masters Limousine is an amazing company, my little girl just got married this past month, I booked two stretch limousines for the bachelor and bachelorette parties, the kids said the limousines were impeccable, the drivers were really nice and professional, they toted the party members around from place to place and had smiles on their faces the entire time. We also booked a Rolls Royce Phantom with the company to whisk the kids away from the wedding in style. It was amazing, what a beautiful exit they made. I heard the guests chattering about how they wished they could be so lucky. My husband and I have an upcoming anniversary; I will be booking a limo with Masters Limousine to take us to wine country for our romantic getaway :)

  • 01/19/2011
    H. Coeler
    We were so pleased with the service and courtesy of the driver on Jan. 14th to the airport. He was more than on time witch pleased us very much.

  • 01/17/2011
    G. Nelson
    My wife and I just went to LA for a weekend getaway, we never even considered how we were going to get from the airport to our hotel, we just assumed the hotel would have a shuttle, boy were we wrong. We called three different companies for last minute service and no one could help us until we called Masters Limousine. They were quick and friendly and didn't charge us an arm & a leg even with our last minute notice. Our driver was amazing, he was friendly and knowledgeable about the area, he even suggested an amazing restaurant to us, our new favorite in LA! (The Stinking Rose, just in case you're wondering) We booked car service back to LAX and we'll definitely be using this company from now on when in town.

  • 01/07/2011
    k. freeman
    We were very pleased with the service and we'll definitely use your company again.

  • 01/07/2011
    L. Baker
    I wanted to write and say thank you. Your driver Matt picked us up on Christmas Day 2010. Our flight was 1 hour late and we were anxious to get to our destination. He was pleasant, kind and courteous and got us to our family gathering safely. We had a wonderful experience with your company and will be sure to use your company again.

  • 01/07/2011
    A. Terrance
    We are very very happy with the service provided by our driver. He was early, very friendly, and helpful. We will use your service on our return from Vancouver on January 8. I will let you know when we have the exact time of arrival in Union Station.

  • 12/29/2010
    M. Guarino
    My wife and I are very pleased with your service. For both trips, our driver Atila, has been wonderful and we will be using you many times in the future.

  • 12/29/2010
    K. Cunningham
    Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed my ride today with gordy. One of the most professional drivers I've had while being in CA. Was able to stay in contact with him via text during my round of golf and was able to enjoy a few extra holes and shower before he arrived. Gordy was pleasure and an asset to masters limo. Thanks again.

  • 12/20/2010
    B. Willard
    Everything went beautifully! Great value for the dollar with service that could not have been improved upon. Thanks very much.

  • 12/20/2010
    S. Wilkinson
    Our driver Gordie was wonderful. My trip started out poorly thanks to the airline,however Gordie changed my entire trip. We will definitely give you a call next time and refer all our friends coming to LA.

  • 12/13/2010
    C. m
    I would like to THANK YOU for the very PROUD and PROFESSIONAL DRIVERS that you sent to the Long Beach Airport, on December 7th to pick up my wife and her parents. My In-Laws are well into their 80's and my father-in-law served in the Korean War and for many years has needed a lot of care in getting in and out of cars. And, a lot of patience as he moves around in his walker. My wife couldn't stop telling me how helpful, caring and professional your drivers were and how we will ALWAYS USE YOUR COMPANY for all of our travel needs!!! I will actually be booking our return trip to the Long Beach Airport in a few days! Thank you!!!

  • 11/24/2010
    T. Krebs
    Thank you! Your service was great and we will definitely be using you again as we are always looking for a reliable transportation service at a great price.

  • 11/24/2010
    J. B
    I must say that the driver was very accommodating and right on time. The van was very clean and had a very nice pleasant smell. I have already made a recommendation to my fellow travelers in our orange county office.

  • 09/04/2010
    J. Cruz
    Excellent service and experience. The driver (David) was impeccably dressed, courteous, professional, and efficient. Despite a slight delay at baggage claim, David remained calm and undisturbed by it. Same story regarding the traffic on the way home. In the car, I was greeted with clean car, chilled water, and expert driving. I will definitely be a repeat customer with Airport Masters (unfortunately, upon planning future car services, they did not always show up as available thru Limos.com)

  • 08/22/2010
    B. Wilson
    It was a great experience, Airport Masters Limousine were on time at my arrival at LAX and before time for my pick up to LAX, clean cars and professional drivers both ways, I recommend Airport Masters Limousine. Bernard W.

  • 05/29/2010
    J. Reece
    The best airport car service in LA. I wouldn't use any other. Their drivers are pleasant and professional. They arrive early for my pick-up and get me to the airport in great time. I recommend them highly.

  • 04/28/2010
    K. Kalar
    Professional and reliable service! They were waiting for us at the airport. It was nice to not have to worry about a ride home after a long international trip. Their cars are clean and very impressive. The driver was friendly and helpful. There was cold water waiting! I will definitely use Masters Limosine again and refer them to anyone who asks!

  • 04/15/2010
    L. Metz
    I would recommend Masters Limousine to anyone needing a ride. The service was outstanding, the driver was on time and friendly and the vehicle was top rate. A great experience.

  • 11/18/2009
    J. Connor
    This was the best ride to the airport i have every had. the driver was 15min early and was dressed in a full suite. also the driver had water and a ice drink for me. i will use masters limo again and again thank you

Pearl limousine
rated 3.9 of 5, 36 reviews

We offer on demand transportation services to virtually anywhere in Southern California. We are in the Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Diego areas and service ALL airports in these regions. We off all types of vehicles and professional chauffeurs to service virtually all your needs. From Sedans to Large Coach Buses. It will be our pleasure to service you with an unconditional GUARANTEE OF SERVICE. Contact us for more details.

See Pearl limousine reviews

  • 12/22/2015
    L. Davis
    The driver Frank was extremely professional and friendly. The town car was in excellent condition and clean. A great experience. Driver was early as stated and very courteous.

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Geds
    Very Good

  • 12/22/2015
    e. arakelian

  • 12/22/2015
    R. Biazus
    The bus was over half hour late, the bus was not clean, there was nothing inside as far as cups ice or even water, and when the driver arrived he stated the air condition was broken and the heat in the bus was miserable.

  • 12/22/2015
    H. Meyers
    My driver was excellent . Very well dressed and professional . Car was spotless inside and out. Driver had 2 bottles of chilled Water waiting for me. Very much appreciated.

  • 12/22/2015
    M. Lin

  • 12/22/2015
    R. Hasse

  • 12/22/2015
    F. Kaplan
    The driver was excellent and the car was very clean and neat. I would definitely use her again.

  • 12/22/2015
    j. jorgensen
    Excellent above and beyond service! Chris is the best driver! He was excellent!

  • 12/22/2015
    l. leafa
    They never showed up. Less than 1 hour prior to scheduled arrival time they called me and told me 'we don't have a vehicle or driver for you' and cancelled. No options were given. My party had to make other arrangements on the 4th of July at the last possible moment. We were very disappointed.

  • 12/22/2015
    A. Hartley

  • 12/22/2015
    M. Horn
    My driver, Frank, was early, polite, safe, and most obliging! I would use him again in a heartbeat!!! I was very impressed with Pearl and with Frank.

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Theisens

  • 04/18/2015
    R. Kassak
    Loved our driver and his stories!

  • 04/14/2015
    J. Finch
    Still awaiting refund of waiting time charged. There was no waiting time.please expedite response

  • 04/09/2015
    V. Williams

  • 04/06/2015
    M. Kooiman

  • 03/28/2015
    C. Fagerstrom
    John was very nice and gave us a lot of information.

  • 03/26/2015
    E. Villette

  • 03/26/2015
    T. Repp
    No driver. No pickup had to take a taxi. Driver called 1 hour 20 minutes after pick up time.

  • 03/25/2015
    C. Pugh

  • 03/24/2015
    P. Wood
    Extremely comfortable ride, with a friendly & helpful driver.

  • 03/10/2015
    J. Weiss
    Driver Samuel was on time, courteous and friendly. Glad I found you and will use you again and tell friends. Beautiful new van. Terrific price.

  • 03/09/2015
    N. Johnson
    I ordered a Lincoln Continental and got a Chrysler 300, I know some people think those are an equivalent, but they really aren't. The car arrived 25 minutes late, I called their contact number at 15 minutes late, but their dispatch was "unavailable, please leave a message" so I called limos.com, who was able to contact them and said they would be calling within one minute with an update, no call from Pearl. I was actually on the phone with limos.com again when the driver pulled up at 25 minutes late. When I asked him what the hold-up had been, he said he had gotten stuck in traffic coming back from LAX and had called his dispatcher several times to update them on his progress. Too bad they couldn't have called and let US know. Fortunately, I had booked it with an extra half hour in case of traffic (gee, maybe Pearl should try that when they schedule) and the arrival time wasn't firm, otherwise it would have been a major inconvenience. Not at ALL happy with the service I received from this company, though the driver was wonderful.

  • 03/08/2015
    T. Gaba
    The limo operator/vehicle never showed up. After waiting about 10 minutes for the vehicle, I spoke with a Limos.com representative on the phone. It took her about 10 minutes to locate the driver, then notified me that the driver will be there in approximately 8 minutes. Unfortunately the driver never showed up.

  • 03/08/2015
    C. Watson
    Our driver was fantastic! Poor guy there were 2 of us that were car sick and he offered Gatorade, water, and to pull over several times. He was so sweet and very funny!

  • 03/07/2015
    A. Feinberg
    The driver was aware of the construction delay on the 405 freeway. He took us around it and we had a good tripnto LAX.

  • 03/02/2015
    N. Johnson
    Driver was very nice, stated that he was on his way back from LAX and that he had called his dispatch several times. Even I know that he shouldn't have been scheduled for this pickup, the traffic back from LA at that time of day is always uncertain.

  • 03/01/2015
    M. Sadek

  • 02/23/2015
    L. Cantey
    Hello, I reserved a ride for February 23, 2015 at 1AM from West Hollywood Park back to our hotel. In the special request section of the reservation, I stated 'We will need to get a car pass to you so that the driver can access the venue. What is the best way to get that car pass to you?' We never got a response to this question. I also called the service to ask how to get the pass to them, but they never returned the call. At 1:15 AM in the morning, in the rain, we were on the phone with dispatch and limos.com trying to figure out where to meet the car since they did not have the pass. We determined it was not possible, were told we would not be charged for the ride, and walked in the rain to find a taxi. Yet we were still charged for the ride.

  • 02/10/2015
    M. Moore
    I ordered a Town Car from Pearl Limo. A Prius showed up. I called and they said they were running late and they UBERed me a Prius instead. I was going to a nice charity event in Culver City and did not want to arrive in a Prius. I insisted they send the Town Car I ordered. The Town Car arrived. We were now 30 minutes late for the event. Once we arrived the driver stood there awaiting his tip. I said I ordered the car from Limo.com and the tip was to be included. He gave me a dirty look, rolled his eyes, made some type of grunting sound and stomped off angrily. Wow....what bad service. I contacted Limo.com. They issued a full refund for the trip and Limo.com kept a customer. Limo.com is great but I would not use Pearl Limo agian.....ever!

  • 01/06/2015
    C. Ameli
    The lady who picked me up was very kind and helpful. She helped me with my luggage and made sure I was waiting at the correct carousel. She was on time and called me to make sure that she found me. The car was clean and new and she had bottled water for me. The ride was smooth and she knew where she was going. The service was really excellent. I was very happy to have such a great experience after a long travel day.

  • 11/18/2014
    M. McDonald
    After multiple phone calls with the limo company arranging a round-trip ride for my boss, my very helpful Limos.com representative was assured that there was no chance the driver would be late this morning as he was originating out of La Quinta, CA. Pick-up time was set for 7:30 a.m. The driver did not arrive until close to 8:30 a.m. as he came from Burbank - 140 miles away - & did not leave enough time to arrive by 7:30. Regardless of traffic or accidents, this should not have happened. Let's hope the return trip is less eventful.

  • 08/09/2014
    G. Reynolds-Fisher

  • 08/07/2014
    C. Henke
    Driver was on time and got me to the airport ahead of schedule although driver used a route I was unfamiliar with

  • 08/02/2014
    m. jason
    pearl limosine denies charging wait times, they said you did that on your own without their knowledge, unless I receive a refund for both trips I will contact the better business bureau and file a lawsuit

VIP Transportation of LA
rated 3.7 of 5, 17 reviews

VIP Transportation Of Los Angeles has been committed to delivering only the utmost in class and distinction. At VIP ,we have a wide range of vehicles in our fleet: Sedans, Limousines, SUV’s, Vans, and Buses to meet your needs. Based out of Glendale, California we service all of Southern California. The areas we service include Los Angeles, Burbank, Santa Monica, San Pedro, Long Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Laguana Beach, Sherman Oaks, Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, and more.

See VIP Transportation of LA reviews

  • 12/22/2015
    C. Smith
    The driver did NOT meet us inside. Our $13.00 must be refunded. We had to call 3X. He said there was a problem with the parking lot.

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Poole
    Driver Jack was on time looked good and his service was second to none.

  • 12/22/2015
    P. Mooney
    Driver very courteous excellent journey

  • 12/22/2015
    D. Beer

  • 04/25/2015
    K. Ureno

  • 04/25/2015
    k. my
    Do not use this company. The limo was had scuff marks, was old and used looking, NOT what I expected to pull up, as a matter of fact, I was embarrassed because the limo looks so bad, - Should have been cleaned up shiny with shiny wheels. The dispatcher 'Mike' was the only decent aspect of the exprience. The driver, Gabriel, was rude and unprofessional. Driver was unprepared, didn't know where he was going and became argumentative with me and other Prom parents. It was absolutely unbelievable!! Driver also 'bad mouthed' limo.com, royally and threatenend to leave our daughters standing there in their gowns. So I backed down and the rest of the night went ok. But I will never use this company again, As a matter of fact I should get a refund!!

  • 04/01/2015
    A. Pierce
    my wife was taken from our home in sherman oaks to lax. when the driver arrived at the airport he dropped her off in an area where there were no porters to help with her bags. when she asked him to go to the area where the porters were he refused and insisted they were in the right place. she had to drag her luggage a considerable distance which caused her much pain because she has a bad back. we've never experienced this kind of service from any other limo company. she ended up having a terrible flight because she was in a lot of pain. this driver hardly deserves a tip, but the tip is included in the prepaid service so there is no way to remove it.

  • 03/31/2015
    J. Pierce

  • 09/21/2014
    L. Lipson
    Awful. They were 30 minutes late. We had to take our own car to the airport very last minute.

  • 05/24/2014
    D. Boyce

  • 04/07/2014
    K. Sarmadi
    Limo driver said he does not receive the 15% gratuity so I tipped him again. Why did you charge me for it if you would not pay the driver? That is misrepresenting your invoice.

  • 03/06/2014
    Very polite and committed to make sure I was comfortable.

  • 01/13/2014
    C. Kurt-Gabel

  • 01/02/2014
    M. Wong
    20 minutes late. Excuses about not seeing us. Vehicle's promised DVD player non-functional despite earlier stated preference for one and confirmation through limos.com. Did not feel like VIP's for such an expensive ride to our hotel.

  • 01/25/2013
    M. Goldburg
    I used them for airport drop off and it was a 5 A.M. Pick up and the driver was there early and I got to my flight on time

  • 07/17/2011
    M. huseynov
    excellent customer service , super ! Thanks Ani for arranging our trip with such professional attitude. Car was superb , driver very professional and friendly. Definitely will use again and recommend to friends.

  • 07/16/2011
    D. Goldburg
    I had a early flight out of LAX this morning and I needed to be picked up by 5:00 AM and the driver was there before 5.

Stellar Limousine
rated 4.5 of 5, 153 reviews

Company description not available

See Stellar Limousine reviews

  • 12/22/2015
    L. Gambill
    The driver was pleasant and helpful. Again, no wi-fi as advertised.

  • 12/22/2015
    M. McCurley
    Our driver kept us waiting curbside at LAX for more than an hour, and this was on a Sunday night. Then, once he finally picked us up, he took the most roundabout routing I have ever seen, and I've used Limos.com and Stellar several times in the past. Keep in mind, Sunday night is a slow traffic night, and he took side street after side street when the 405 freeway (the most direct route) was wide open. The overall ride, after the hour-long delay in getting picked up, took at least 30 minutes longer than it should have, and again this was on a Sunday night with no traffic.

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Starr

  • 12/22/2015
    R. Lee
    Good driver - on time

  • 12/22/2015
    M. Greenberg
    Driver was nice. Car was not in the best shape.

  • 12/22/2015
    A. Christoffersen

  • 12/22/2015
    V. Bernhardt
    The driver was great, he had lots of info about some of the landmarks we passed on our way. He knew which city streets to take to get us past some of the highway traffic.

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Papillo
    Milton arrived as scheduled (even a little early), and was very friendly and informative during the drive. Stellar Limousine also provided an upgraded vehicle!

  • 12/22/2015
    M. Merrick
    Driver was exactly on time...he was very polite and courteous and took good care of my wife and her girlfriend.

  • 12/22/2015
    R. Cross

  • 12/22/2015
    B. Bakshi
    He was late and we did not get a Lincoln Towncar

  • 12/22/2015
    M. Della Mattia
    Driver Roy was great. He was extremely polite and helpful with luggage and getting into and out of vehicle. His driving was normal - something you don't always get as some drivers drive like they want to get you out of the car as quickly as possible. And he was early arriving! Car was clean and great. Would book again and recommend Roy to anyone!

  • 12/22/2015
    K. Zucchetti
    the driver was late and unpleasant. I don't believe he was even at the airport when we arrived and had to wait far too long late in the evening with 5 kids.

  • 12/22/2015
    F. Gabel
    Roy was awesome! He really helped us pull off the surprise for our dad's 80th!!!

  • 12/22/2015
    M. Tillman
    Driver Joesph was very nice and well dressed. vehicle was decent.

  • 12/22/2015
    B. Delavallade
    Milton the driver is just great!

  • 12/22/2015
    A. LEE

  • 12/22/2015
    E. Subelman

  • 12/22/2015
    E. Subelman

  • 12/22/2015
    R. tobler

  • 12/22/2015
    B. Delavallade
    Milton is the best!

  • 12/22/2015
    Our driver was excellent from LAX to Irvine and made us feel comfortable. An exceptional driver and courteous. Dr. Barrington. BW365@OUTLOOK.COM

  • 12/22/2015
    G. Hall
    Ask the driver for a pick up time and he did not respond when asked about this he did not receive my text

  • 12/22/2015
    M. Ilel
    Driver was great - thx.

  • 12/22/2015
    S. Frohardt

  • 12/22/2015
    M. Rosenzweig

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Hisey
    Gor was very polite, friendly, and a great sport for stepping in to pick us up instead of the original driver assigned.

  • 12/22/2015
    W. Doddridge
    Milton was on time, courteous, helpful and a safe driver. The vehicle was in excellent condition. Most importantly the service is advertised as tip included and I was in no way pressured to give more. My daughter commented often that 'Mr. Milton was an excellent driver and we should use him for the trip home.' We would not hesitate to use this service again.

  • 12/22/2015
    I. Seletskiy

  • 12/22/2015
    B. Carestia
    Stellar Limo service was excellent. The driver was friendly and helpful with the luggage. He asked what we would like to listen to on the radio. He seemed to enjoy talking with us on the ride. We also had an upgrade, which was greatly appreciated.

  • 12/22/2015
    B. Carestia
    The driver was right on time. He did assist with luggage. He was very quiet. He did not offer any ice or newspaper as was listed as a perk. He did not offer to let us listen to music on the radio, he had a sports channel on that had only talking. There were 4 of us and none of us wanted the sports talk. He did not talk to us in general.

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Allen
    Wouldn't change anything. Drivers were professional and than very friendly just like we like.

  • 12/22/2015
    K. Henderson
    Roy was so nice ... great car ... he was perfect

  • 12/22/2015
    M. Kimsey
    Car was very late - over 30 minutes late. Estimates of arrival time continued to be off - obviously to try to keep me from taking a cab instead.

  • 12/22/2015
    A. Huber
    First the good: The driver was friendly and very helpful loading and unloading luggage. The bad: He was driving looking down between his legs where he had a phone (maps? WAZE?) in very heavy evening traffic on surface streets. At one point he was about to rear-end a car in front of us while he was looking down at the phone and I yelled at him. He looked up, slammed the brakes and we just stopped short of hitting the car in front of us. My wife's heavy handbag, her water bottle and some other loose stuff flew onto the big hand rest between the driver and front passenger seat. He apologized.

  • 12/22/2015
    A. Huber
    Very friendly driver, very helpful loading and unloading luggage. Had ice cold water bottles neatly in cup holders for us.

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Vigdor
    The driver arrived exactly on time. The car was great, the driver was personable and friendly. Stellar Limo did a great job and I would be happy to use them again and again.

  • 12/22/2015
    S. Carrion

  • 12/22/2015
    M. Ilel
    The driver had quite poor driving skill and social behavior. We can deal with this last part, but, at one point, got a little scared when he was speeding and not being in full control of the vehicle. Also, it seems that he was expecting us to handle some luggage.

  • 12/22/2015
    c. gentilini

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Moreau

  • 04/29/2015
    J. Roditi
    Just very good. Went around heavy traffic on that day.

  • 04/25/2015
    d. rethmeier

  • 04/24/2015
    B. Lyerly
    Everything was perfect.........car was new and very clean. Our driver was very pleasant. Overall experience was top-notch!

  • 04/23/2015
    D. Agafitei
    Very pleasant and safe driver Very nice car Good value for proffesional, dependable service I am already recomanding you to my husbands company etc Thank you!!

  • 04/22/2015
    K. Skraby
    On time courtious greeted my whole family opened doors and packed our luggege will use service again

  • 04/22/2015
    G. Schaffner
    Both drivers were on time, friendly without smothering, and not overly-reliant on their GPS. I will look for them next time I make a reservation.

  • 04/20/2015
    T. Morphy
    We were very disappointed to find when the driver picked us up that there was no a child seat in the car as ordered. We paid extra for this and it was distressing after a long plane ride to not have this for our grandchild.

  • 04/15/2015
    Y. Torrez
    Roy was amazing! Great service and professional.

  • 04/10/2015

  • 04/04/2015
    R. Otto
    Car was clean and smells good :) great communication with the driver before the ride so I know what to do. love your service and I already recommend to my friend.

  • 03/31/2015
    D. Van Patten
    On-time, courteous driver.

  • 03/28/2015
    J. Muscare
    Angela was fantastic; I really appreciated her punctuality, kindness and professionalism.

  • 03/28/2015
    B. Mason
    Both drivers were excellent. Friendly, prompt and more important they were willing to follow my route to the airport.

  • 03/21/2015
    E. Reinholtz

  • 03/21/2015
    R. Floez
    Definitely 5 STARS! The car was not the one we ordered, however it was a lot nicer. The driver Roy was OUTSTADING!! If I book again, I will definitely request Roy. He was the BEST driver we've ever encountered. He is an asset to your company.

  • 03/18/2015
    S. MATEMBE (Mrs)
    I had a wonderful ride with Angie. She's amazing. If you have ten like her you're very blessed. No complain

  • 03/15/2015
    J. Brick

  • 03/14/2015
    c. solomon
    driver was great but vehicle was too small. i am too tall to sit in back of an MKZ and i don't want to sit up front!!

  • 03/12/2015
    C. Goddard
    Milton was outstanding. He showed up on time, was a gentleman, a great driver, very friendly and took us directly to our destination at Carnival Imagination. Would recommend him very highly. Will use Limo.com again if possible. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

  • 03/07/2015
    B. Rice
    Excellent experience - vehicle was awesome and driver was even better:)

  • 03/06/2015
    S. Rivera
    The vehicle was immaculate and the driver was exceptional. Milton and I engaged in meaningful conversation about our experiences in life and our spiritual connections. He is an amazing man. If I am fortunate enough to use your services again, I want Milton as my driver.

  • 02/27/2015
    P. Hager

  • 02/26/2015
    t. reese

  • 02/22/2015
    R. Pfleiger
    Everything went well. Prompt and courteous

  • 02/22/2015
    E. Westerby
    Very good

  • 02/21/2015
    J. Roth

  • 02/13/2015
    c. solomon
    they sent me the wrong car but the service was great. but i won't use them again if i get another MKZ or similar vehicle

  • 02/12/2015
    T. Fairbairn
    Vehicle excellent. Driver excellent

  • 01/13/2015
    R. Davidson
    Specifically requested a sign with name on it and the details were ignored which caused confusion at airport pickup. Would be nice if they read the notes. Otherwise a good service but took 15 minutes to figure out due to their oversight.

  • 08/07/2014
    j. delatorre

  • 08/02/2014
    l. mahmarian
    Milton was amazing.

  • 08/02/2014
    B. Jinna
    The driver Angie was GREAT!!!!! This was my first time using Stellar Limousine and the vehicle was clean, the correct size, and on time actually Angie arrived early. Angie texted me earlier in the day asked for the plans for that night so she could be prepared and obtain directions. Angie was so wonderful that if I ever need a limousine service again I will use stellar and request to have Angie as the driver.

  • 07/30/2014
    L. Gonis
    Milton is a LEGEND!! You would be disappointed if you chose another company. We used Stellar Limousine 3 times in 3 weeks. All staff are professional, courteous and very knowledgeable.

  • 06/03/2014
    M. Stuart

  • 06/02/2014
    J. Shimabukuro
    Our driver, Roy went above and beyond. When we arrived at the airport, I realized I had forgotten my handbag at home. He stayed calm and put me at ease. Roy was able to take me back home and return to the airport in time. He was wonderful.

  • 05/29/2014
    R. Miklas

  • 05/28/2014
    T. McGill
    Driver was great and informative. Provided us with numerous recommendations on what to do while in the city and what restaurants to visit.

  • 05/21/2014
    R. Cromenas

  • 05/18/2014
    F. Rinaldi
    I have not had a personal experience, but am very happy with how we were kept informed of every step along the way. The ease of booking was very efficient and we are very satisfied. Thank you!

  • 05/18/2014
    D. Brown
    The vehicle was clean & what we ordered and the driver was on time BUT The driver was texting & do about 80 mph all the way to the airport which made us very uncomfortable.

  • 05/17/2014
    R. Gregory
    The service was very well, and yes, I would use this company again, and refer someone to you all.

  • 05/17/2014
    A. Nader
    The driver was very professional, well mannered and pleasant to be around!

  • 05/15/2014
    P. Spear
    I booked my one-way ride from LA Union Station to Palm Springs based on the excellent reviews I read online about Stellar Limo. They did not let me down in any way. Was lucky enough to have Mario as our driver. Would use this service again.

  • 05/14/2014
    L. Stephens
    Asked for towncar, got suburban. Driver was on time but drove very erratically and too fast with hard stops and starts. Became testy when we needed to go back to house to check gate. Was only a 4 minute delay. He called his dispatch and said that he wouldn't be able to do next fare because 'we forgot something and had to go back'. He threw his phone onto the console. Dropped us at United coach even though we told him we were flying 1st class. Not a good experience at all. Would have done better with a taxi.

  • 05/10/2014
    J. Oravitz
    Milton was very hospitable, helpful, and on time.

  • 05/05/2014
    k. church
    It was extremely comfortable. His driving was competent. He did not chatter which I dislike, but responded politely when I spoke to him.

  • 04/21/2014

  • 04/17/2014
    L. Leyland
    They weren't at LAX terminal 2 at 3pm to meet us! We waited until 3:30pm and then I texted the driver who said he couldn't make it. Another driver arrived 5 minutes later but wasn't from Stellar Limousine - it was a friend of the driver who was supposed to pick us up! Was very unprofessional to use another company and also not to warn us that they couldn't make the 3pm pick up. I would like my $10 refunded for no pick up inside the terminal.

  • 04/14/2014
    C. Coppel

  • 04/14/2014
    S. ADLER
    1st pick-up (to LAX) was late. I called the driver and could only leave a message. Call not returned. I called the number provided if I couldn't reach the driver and was told that the mailbox was full. 2nd pick-up (from LAX) was not there. After calling the service and 30 minutes later, the greeter appeared and apologized. Then another 10 minute wait for the driver.

  • 04/14/2014
    J. Jacobson

  • 04/13/2014
    C. Monroe

  • 04/11/2014
    G. Spencer
    I liked my driver very much and plan to use her more in the future

  • 04/05/2014
    S. Prover
    The driver was very punctual, professionally dressed and mannered. My only problem is that they often 'pad' the bill with a $4.00 charge and a $7.50 charge even though the quoted fee is 'All Inclusive'. Paradoxically, sometimes they add no fee on rides originating at LAX.

  • 04/04/2014
    M. Mangini
    Angie was great. We received a text from her as soon as we landed. The Suburban was clean and the ride to our hotel was quick an pleasant. Will definitely book again when we come out this way.

  • 04/02/2014
    S. Meyer
    Vehicle was immaculate, driver was courteous and very helpful.

  • 03/29/2014
    j. perez
    Driver was great. She was nice and professional.

  • 03/24/2014
    R. Lasota
    Limo ride#33EDN Driver Milton G. The driver was excellent, easy to talk with and a very good driver. The car was a new Lincoln hybrid which was nice.

  • 03/15/2014
    c. sanchez

  • 03/15/2014
    C. Walford
    Friendly and prompt driver

  • 03/12/2014
    The driver was not polite at all. He was not waiting near the exit and no greeting when first I found him. I know that he has to wait quite a while, but it's not my fault that I got held by the immigration officer. He slammed the door hard and got in to the car with no word and put on sour face. He drove with an attitude which were not smooth driving even though he knew that I'm pregnant quite big. I said nothing because I'm already tired for flying more than 20 hours then got held in the immigration. But, for sure this is the worst experience that I had when renting a car.

  • 03/11/2014
    J. Reynolds
    Milton was very professional, very courteous, and got us where we wanted to go quickly. The ride was very comfortable and he even provided us with a wine opener! I would recommend him and this company...

  • 03/11/2014
    D. Alford
    The driver was terrific. He was very professional, positive, and nice conversation. He is a great guy and makes your company look great.

  • 03/10/2014
    M. Collins
    Driver wasn't available when I arrived, has to call Limos.com to get hold of him

  • 03/06/2014
    R. ALLEN

  • 02/28/2014
    B. Palsa
    We had a great experience-the car was awesome and our driver-I'm so sorry we forget his name-very professional and informative-will absolutely hire again -great work , superb service

  • 02/27/2014
    K. Overman

  • 01/18/2014
    G. Drury
    Professional driver, clean car (inside and out), prompt, friendly, customer orientated, helpful local travel and visitor advice. 5*

  • 01/17/2014
    T. Ward
    The Driver 'Angie' was great.

  • 01/17/2014
    S. Miller
    The driver was prompt, pleasant, polite, helpful, conversational (not in an intrusive way). The car was clean, comfortable.

  • 01/15/2014
    R. duFort
    Clean vehicle. Milton was very professional, personable and knowledgeable.

  • 01/07/2014
    T. Christopher
    Excellent service, very clean vehicle. Angie is prompt, professional and courteous. Can't ask for anything more than that.

  • 01/04/2014
    A. Christie
    Driver, Angie was fantastic, proactive, extremely helpful and made the trip a pleasure.

  • 01/03/2014
    T. Unwin

  • 01/03/2014
    M. Shannon
    Milton was very good driver.

  • 12/28/2013
    T. Christopher
    On-time, pleasant and courteous. Thanks!

  • 12/11/2013
    B. Gorman

  • 12/11/2013
    R. Kurtz

  • 12/09/2013
    K. Berg
    We booked rides both from and to LAX. Milton was our driver for both rides. The experience was excellent and Milton made both rides very enjoyable.We will definitely book with Stellar again. Thanks Milton you are fantastic.

  • 11/16/2013
    N. Goodwin

  • 11/04/2013
    M. Williams
    Stellar car service definitely deserves 5 stars. This was my first time using Stellar Limousine car service and it was a great experience. My flight was 30 min. early arriving into LAX. I called the driver, Milton, to see if he could pick me up early and he was already at the airport waiting on me! After a long 8 hour flight, I was thrilled that he was there. I met him at the terminal and the drive to the hotel was pleasant. On my return to LAX, my driver was Oscar. He too was on time and pleasant. By the way, both times I reserved a Lincoln Town Car but they picked me up in the Mercedes Benz S550 (which to me was an upgrade). Very nice, clean, and luxurious. All around, it was great service. I will definitely use them again. They are highly recommended.

  • 10/25/2013
    Z. Willason
    Milton, my driver, provided excellent service and an enjoyable ride. Would highly recommend him and his company!

  • 09/26/2013
    K. Wolff
    Truly excellent service. Have used them twice and both times have gotten upgraded, clean, new cars with fantastic drivers.

  • 08/07/2013
    M. Brinsa
    On time, nice ride. Highly recommended!

  • 08/07/2013
    M. Brinsa
    Nice ride, clean car. Couldn't have been any better. THX

  • 10/12/2012
    S. Young
    Our driver, Milton, was on time, contacted us as soon as we landed, and was at the terminal when we picked up our bags. He was professional and friendly, and drove us to our hotel quickly and safely. We will definitely request Milton for future trips.

  • 10/05/2012
    C. Colon
    I used Stellar for airport pick up and Drop off, loved the long wheelbase town car and the suburban, prompt service, enjoyable ride. Perfect beginning and ending for our vacation.

  • 07/12/2012
    M. Derakshan
    Stellar Limousine is simply the best. My favorite driver is Milton. He is extemely professional and always punctual. I requested an Escalade from them at one point and when Milton arrived he informed me that it was a new 2012 with only 30 miles on it. Service doesn't get better than that. My life has been made easier knowing I have stellar limousine and their wonderful drivers to count on. Please don't waste your time with other companies.

  • 07/11/2012
    A. Guerrero
    My Driver picked me up right on time. I needed to be at the airport at 2:15 PM and I trusted him to figure it all out for me. He was prompt, professional and all around very pleasant. Definitly will use his services next time I'm in LA.

  • 07/10/2012
    L. B
    I recently traveled to Anaheim with the entire family and we choose Stellar Limo for our airport pickup. Outstanding rates, quality and customer service. They gave us a multi car discount...they do! Milton was amazing, very courteous and had plenty of snacks for the whole family. Stellar Limo is a must!! Great system they have going!

  • 06/27/2012
    J. A
    Fantastic service. Driver went above and beyond, sharing his LA expertise. Great experience!

  • 06/10/2012
    S. Schoolnik
    Our driver was prompt, courteous, and helpful. He was a perfect gentleman, and we would be happy to ride with him in the future.

  • 06/05/2012
    J. Spencer
    I recently traveled to LA and was in need of several cars, Stellar Limo was able to provide the services at a discounted rate which was a major plus!!! The cars are always stocked with drinks and snacks. Drivers are amazing, super friendly and knowledgeable which is a major plus after a long flight!! Highly recommended when traveling to LA!!

  • 05/25/2012
    E. S
    Outstanding drivers!! I've used Stellar Limo for several occasion and I'm never dissapointed, always going the extra mile!! I travel a lot, so when they upgraded my ride to a comfy SUV with wifi it made it so much easier. Thank you Edi for all your help!!

  • 05/20/2012
    M. Enright
    I used Stellar Limousine a few weeks ago when I was in LA. We got a upgrade to a SUV which was immaculate, the driver Rick was very professional and courteous. There was cold water for us too. Very easy to set up. I would reccomend Stellar Limousine to anyone needing service in Los Angeles. Edi made everything smooth. A+

  • 02/28/2012
    J. R
    To whom it may concern, I just wanted to thank you so much for the outstanding driver. I have had numerous drivers throughout the years, & Milton surely ranks among the best. Perfect timing & an amazing attitude equaled a great time. I will definitely recommend anyone looking for a chauffeur to your company, & when I have my next event, I'll be sure to call you first! Thank you so much for the A+ service. Regards, Jacob R.

  • 01/30/2012
    M. Ramirez
    Wow! I couldn't believe the reviews until I tried Stellar Limousine myself, and its all true! Edi, my driver was amazing; very courteous and kind. He had snacks an drinks for me and even my favorite cigars, just simply excellent service!!!

  • 12/09/2011
    M. S
    Fantastic company - excellent service, prompt, friendly, fairly priced. We had a wonderful evening thanks to Edi our driver!

  • 11/19/2011
    J. Castro
    I hired Stellar limousine to drive my daughters & I to LAX airport. We were flying to NYC and every time I visit family I'm very anxious & a bit nervous to fly. I loved Edi our driver & the service from beginning to end. I was looking for a quick response, competitive price, and punctuality and I found it at Stellar limousine. I have already recommended Edi to friends & family. Thank Edi

  • 11/12/2011
    M. Nguyen
    I use car services quite a bit and have had a wide range of experiences with various providers. Stellar Limousine certainly ranks towards the top end of that range - they sent me a good looking, clean town car and the driver was highly professional. He knew the itinerary ahead of time and knew where he was going - I've had drivers that I've had to direct on every turn, always a pet peeve of mine. Overall a great experience and I'll be using Stellar Limousines again soon!

  • 11/11/2011
    T. Parks
    " Great service my wife and I was very surprise to see that our sedan had been upgraded to an SUV for are pick up/drop off at LAX. Overall had a great experience with this company Edi was easy to work with. We will be using Stellar when we return to LA in April. Do yourself a huge favor go with Stellar you won’t be disappointed and you will save time and money trying to compare other companies. Edi and Milton are great drivers and these guys know the city inside out. "

  • 11/07/2011
    M. spear
    Eddie was extreamly peofessional and friendly. Would definitely use him & his service again!

  • 11/06/2011
    A. Ribis
    Stellar Limousine is a stand out company. I have now used them 3 times,( they are the only company I will use) and every time it has been a pleasure to be driven by Edi. Reliable, prompt and above all GREAT prices. I would highly recommend using this service.

  • 10/31/2011
    i. lenahan
    Great experience. Driver was friendly car was nice all around good time

  • 09/24/2011
    M. Gamboa
    By far the best service I have received. My friends and I decided to go to celebrate one of my most memorable nights-my birthday-and stellar limousine made it happen. The driver was extremely polite, the prices were very great. I was so nervous because other companies could not accommodate with me. They could not make things happen, but guess what? Stellar Limousine made it happen. I would recommend this company to all of you who are celebrating birthdays or any special events. The service is great and the driver is awesome!. Thanks for the affordable prices stellar limousine and for making things happen when others could not.

  • 08/31/2011
    H. olague
    Stellar limo is the best company out there. The best deals you will find in Los angeles. I am from Spain and was very satisfied with his service. I was extremely satisfied on my next vacation I will get stellar limo!!! You rock!!!!

  • 08/19/2011
    M. Bracko
    Edi was a great driver. He was on time, waiting for me when I landed. He drove excellent, and we arrived at my hotel in a very short period of time.

  • 08/18/2011
    K. Bengtson
    I loved Stellar Limos so much I used them twice in a week. The first time was from the Valley to LAX to Long Beach in an SUV. Edi was great and patient for taking me and my nephew on a great drive and got my nephew to camp on time. The second time I wanted a great town car to take me to a business meeting in Orange County. Edi was prompt, nice, the car was very comfortable. I will use them for all my car service needs.

  • 08/16/2011
    G. Egloff
    Our driver was on time, drove carefully, was very helpful and considerate. I will definitely use the service again. Very comfortable and enjoyable.

  • 08/11/2011
    A. Taylor
    Thanks Edi for your kind understanding and patience with our transportation needs. I really appreciate it. Thank you!

  • 08/11/2011
    A. Johnson
    Edi, had a great time Saturday with my friends. Roy was a cool cat, really nice driver! Hope we didn't leave too much of a mess for him to clean up! Will call you for any future engagements, Thanks!

  • 08/11/2011
    T. B
    By far the best service I've used. I hired Stellar to drive my family and me back and forth from Valencia, CA to LAX for a summer trip. Edi, Stellar's owner was our driver and was very prompt, very courteous and professional. We rode in the 7 passenger SUV which was spotless an dwell appointed. It also had plenty of space for the six of us and our luggage. When I was originally looking for a car service I used Limos.com. Edi replied within minutes of my post and answered all of my questions quickly via email. He also had the best prices. I will continue to use Stellar and highly recommend the company for anyone in LA looking for a reliable, professional and affordable car service.

America Limousines
rated 4.8 of 5, 161 reviews

If you are an individual or corporate customer looking for a New Relationship with a reliable transportation company who strives on customer service and is eager to earn your business call 4ever Limousine. Our motto is to provide a safe and reliable transportation service with friendly chauffeurs, and excellent customer service. We offer one fair pricing for all customers year round regardless of heavy demands. We are not the cheapest or the most expensive but we offer a piece of mind with professional, friendly and reliable service. Please read some of our many positive reviews below or by clicking on Rider Ratings.

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  • 12/22/2015
    J. Malernee
    My wife asked him if the tip were included and he said no, so she tipped him $60....more than the tip that was included. Customer service has been responsive to this incident; thank you.

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Malernee
    My wife asked if the tip were included and the driver said no, so she tipped him $60 in addition to what was charged to my card.

  • 12/22/2015
    C. Schalles

  • 08/16/2015
    M. Carcereny
    5 stars all the way around. Responsive, professional, and great service. Mike was easy to get a hold of, very flexible, provided helpful information about traffic and what to expect on a Friday night out in LA/Hollywood that I completely underestimated. Driver (Darrell) was courteous and professional throughout the evening. He arrived early at pick up, was dressed very well, arrived promptly as soon as we contacted him for pick up to go to our next stop, emade sure all the guests are safe and comfortable, and drove to each location safely and efficiently. Limo was clean, comfortable, and had all functional amenities. 4everlimo made the entire evening seamless and fun without the stress of having to call and wait for a cab or uber and ensuring all guests travel and enjoy time together even in between stops and have the peace of mind that we'll arrive safely and on time. Thank you for the first class service, looking forward to using you guys again next time.

  • 06/23/2015
    K. Ruybalid
    Our driver was very nice, very professional. Got us there on time. Drove safe.

  • 05/19/2015
    R. Terry
    We used 4ever Limo for my son's prom. My son stated the limo was great and the driver was very nice and friendly and explained all the awesome features the limo had for their use. I will definitely use 4ever Limo again and will recommend them to anyone looking for a limo. We appreciate everything 4ever Limo did to make my son's prom night special.

  • 05/10/2015
    H. Pipalia
    Best service. Was there for pick up on time. Very very great driving. Best limo .

  • 05/02/2015
    R. Puentes

  • 04/17/2015
    C. Cruz
    Great service! Received a very competitive quote from Mike. He followed up with an email and then a confirmation phone call and email the day before our event, providing the name and cell phone of our driver. The limo was clean and the entertainment system and lights all worked well. Darrell was fantastic. He managed to pick us up from the San Fernando Valley, make a stop in Hollywood, and arrive at our event in Redondo Beach on time, even through awful LA traffic! Will definitely reserve with 4ever Limo again.

  • 04/01/2015
    S. Nava
    The service was great. My son and his friends had a great time. They really loved the limo driver, Jeff. He was so nice to them. Thank you so much for everything.

  • 02/28/2015
    c. weiss
    Although our driver Jeff was very nice, he did have trouble parking and backing up the limo. In addition, at the end of the night he asked for a tip which I already paid to limos.com. He said no tip had been included in his paperwork. I then called Mike the owner of 4ever Limo to confirm the tip but did not get a call back. The next day I got an additional charge to my credit card that I did not authorize for a new tip. Very disappointed with the way this company handled the billing experience.

  • 02/19/2015
    M. Kreischer
    On time! Very polite! Great customer service. Reasonably priced! Good driver! Mike answered all of my questions whether it was via email or phone calls. None went amiss. All around A++++

  • 02/03/2015
    j. w
    First time reserving a limo and had a very positive experience. They were very helpful in explaining the process, and their rates were very reasonable. The driver was punctual and professional. I was very pleased with the overall experience and would highly recommend them!

  • 02/02/2015
    W. Kurlak
    Everything went as planned. The limo arrived early for pick up and the driver was friendly and helpful. It turned out to be a wonderful birthday celebration.

  • 12/16/2014
    M. J
    Mike was courteous and professional in handling our limo needs. The driver arrived on time and the limo was clean and well-stocked. Our group required multiple pickups and drop-offs, which went without a hitch. We will definitely be using 4ever Limo in the future.

  • 11/23/2014
    s. evans
    The service was great and Bobby our driver was on top of his game, fantastic day.

  • 10/15/2014
    T. Johnson
    This is my second time using 4ever Limo. Professional first class service!

  • 10/07/2014
    M. Boujikian, CFP(R)
    This was truly above and beyond service from start to finish. I was on a time crunch to plan for my second anniversary. I found 4Ever Limousine online and contacted Mike Jong via email and received a response within about an hour. I was looking for a limo service to Knott's Berry Farm from Lomita, and then pickup about 5 hours later for a return trip home. Mike not only offered an extremely competitive price for the trip, but also upgraded us to a party limo with complementary champagne, vodka and drinks for no additional charge. Our driver, Lauren, showed up not just on time, but 5 minutes early. He was friendly, professional, well dressed and well spoken. He knew when to make conversation and when to roll up the window and provide privacy for my wife and I. He did a great job of showing us how to use everything within the limo and was an incredible driver to top it all off. When he picked us up for the return trip, he had chilled another bottle of champagne and refilled all of the various refreshments. I will be requesting him for all future services. This was a great experience and Mike was able to make it all happen same day from contact, to reservation, to payment so I could rest easy knowing our anniversary was going to be a truly special occasion. You will not regret using 4Ever Limousine for your next special occasion and they have won my business for life.

  • 10/06/2014
    C. Evans
    Mike Jong of 4ever Limo is the BEST!!! We have used his service at least four times and I would never call anyone else...his drivers are always on time and professional. The limo is always clean. The past few times we have used his service, he has upgraded us to a super stretch party limo which has been incredible. We go to a lot of concerts and would never imagine using another service other than 4ever Limo!!! Thanks Mike, we had an absolutely blast at Crosby, Stills & Nash on Sat. nite and had the best limo and driver ever!!

  • 09/17/2014
    M. Purvis
    Mike was so easy to work with and helpful from the beginning of scheduling to after the event. Great follow up and service. Our driver was so much fun and made the event extra special for the kids

  • 09/15/2014
    L. Mooney
    My experience with 4ever Limo was great! They were on time, accommodating, and my driver was the best I have ever had! (and I have had a lot) She went beyond the call of duty when she found us after a concert at the Rose Bowl and got us safely out of the parking lot back to our hotel. The vehicle was clean and she was so kind to have cold water waiting for us on an extremely hot evening. Thank you to Mike and staff for making our concert evening a perfect success! Will call you again!

  • 09/10/2014
    A. W.
    Mike and his team were excellent to work with! We had quite a few vehicles reserved for our wedding transportation. He met our transportation needs at affordable prices. The drivers arrived on time and were very professional. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone!

  • 08/27/2014
    F. Elder
    The limo was a blast, and the driver went above and beyond his duty. He even provided suggestions of places to go, acted as a bodyguard to the girls when strangers tried to catch a ride, and every girl in the 15 person group had nothing but great things to say about him.

  • 08/26/2014
    J. Pettler
    My husband and I hired 4ever Limo to take us, and three other couples to a restaurant in Downtown LA. The booking was easy. Mike was very helpful and called a week ahead of time to confirm. The driver arrived on time and everything was as promised in the Limo. A good evening was had by all.

  • 08/11/2014
    S. Linares-Plimpton
    Josh from 4everlimo provided us excellent service on our birthday outing!!! He arrived early to pick-up our party and we arrived back home safely. He was also very helpful. I would highly recommend them and limos.com to book your next limo service!

  • 08/06/2014
    S. Walker
    Mike and Lauren from 4everlimo were fantastic. Our limo arrived on time and was just what we expected. We really appreciated the champagne and sodas. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and really appreciated Lauren's wonderful care of us. Thank you so much!

  • 07/29/2014
    S. Homeyer
    Josh our driver was wonderful! Very professional, on time, and knows the area! He also helped us with our picture taking :-). The Party Limo is fun, and a smooth ride too! Thanks again for great service and making our son's birthday evening out so special.

  • 07/25/2014
    R. Montes
    What a nice way to end a trip. Mike surprised us by sending a stretch limo to the airport. A free upgrade on top of the amazing service they provide. I'm a customer for life :-)

  • 06/29/2014
    D. Herring
    Our driver, Josh, was early and gave us a courtesy call to let us know he was waiting outside. He left the limo running so that the air conditioning would be nice for our group. The limo was exactly the one we requested and was sparkling clean. 4ever Limo will be the first ones we call when we have a need for this kind of transportation.

  • 06/14/2014
    C. H
    We used 4ever Limo for our daughters 8th Birthday party. My husband and I chaperoned 9 kids ages 6-8 to Downtown Disney for lunch. Our driver Frank was on time and super patient with our wild bunch! In addition to being priced fairly, the limo was on time, had a great sound system and was super clean. We would absolutely use this company again. Thank you Mike and 4ever limo for helping to make my daughters birthday so special. We are most appreciative!

  • 06/09/2014
    M. Saussy
    I have used the services of 4ever Limo three times within the past year. Each time Mike handled my order and went out of his way to give me more than I asked for or expected. My last experience is what leads me to write this review. I was arranging for a prom limo and realized I had mixed up the times I had requested. At the very last minute Mike pulled off a miracle and arranged for a limo from another area to meet the kids at an earlier time. Not only was he able to pull this off, but he was so polite and caring as he was attempting to fulfill my changes. I look forward to enjoying the services that Mike from 4ever provides. Highly recommend.

  • 06/02/2014
    N. Giovinazzo
    Excellent! We rented a 10 passenger limo for my daughter's prom. Their driver Lauren was AWESOME! He took great care of our kids and they absolutely loved him and had a great time.

  • 06/01/2014
    E. Merchant
    The vehicle and driver exceeded expectations.

  • 05/24/2014
    J. Gonzalez
    The limo was clean and on time, the driver was respectful and took very good care of us. We used them for a graduation, the driver suggested a street route to avoid the congested freeways, we were early and got calls from people that were stuck on the freeway. Frank our driver made it happen.

  • 05/22/2014
    L. Goldman
    The driver from VIP Limo was very friendly.

  • 05/18/2014
    N. Muldoon
    I used Forever Limo last night for a concert with my sons. We had a very cool limo with lights and a nice sound system. Our driver Lauren, was professional and caring, he took GREAT CARE of us !!!!! Mike and Lauren, thanks for making my 50th perfect !!! See you soon :)

  • 05/11/2014
    K. Bradner
    4Ever Limousine was my son's Prom Limo on May 10th, 2014. We had GREAT service from this company!!! Mike the owner was prompt, answered every email in a timely manner and even gave us a discount and upgrade. The driver (Josh) was 15 mins early and very nice looking, friendly and guaranteed safety for my son's group!! He let them take all the pictures they wanted and my son had a GREAT time!!! Would Definitely use 4Ever Limo again!!!! BEST PRICE for Limos!!! Thanks Mike and Josh!! Nice Limo!!

  • 05/04/2014
    C. Durley
    I just want to say thank you to 4ever Limo for a very memorable event on our 16 wedding anniversary. Our driver, Frank was very professional, nice, attentive and arrived on time. This was the best. The Limo was clean and beautiful. My husband was so surprised. He really enjoyed not having to drive and the ability to enjoy our time together. I will definitely use them again. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you 4ever Limo a very classy business

  • 04/14/2014
    E. Ramirez
    By far the best limo company I know! Mike the representative was very helpful and such a great rep. Will be a loyal customer because of him and frank my limo driver. A+++++++

  • 04/08/2014
    K. Rasmussen
    Great service at a great price! Took my grandaughter out to a tea house in Long Beach for her 5th birthday! The company made it fun and we all had a great time! I highly recommend!

  • 03/31/2014
    L. Charboneau
    We were celebrating my husbands retirement..we went to dinner then a few bars ...Calling the limo place was great experience .they were very nice on the phone..Great service & our limo driver was great.. Always there when we were done . I have no problem recommending this limo service to anyone & we will definetly use them again ...

  • 03/27/2014
    M. Montijo
    driver was prompt and courteous, car as described, would definitely use again

  • 03/23/2014
    K. Wiliams
    Limo was clean, exactly as described. Well stocked with sodas, ice, water, and some champagne. Our driver Frank was awesome! He was friendly and professional and was eager to help us with anything we asked. Owner Mike is very accommodating, friendly and is quick to return phone calls and emails. Will definitely use this service again.

  • 03/03/2014
    C. Hayslett
    For our wedding day we ordered two 10 person limos. They arrrived on time, the drivers were professional and friendly. The cars were beautiful on the inside and out. There was a big storm that day, the drivers were still on time and helped make sure that our wedding party stayed as dry as possible going to and from the limos. Would definitely use 4ever limo again.

  • 02/23/2014
    S. Wildish
    I planned a wine tasting trip with 10 of my closest friends. I received excellent service from beginning to end. Our driver Bobby arrived early and took great care of us throughout the day! He even made an unexpected stop for us without hesitation. We had a great time and would definitely recommend this company! There was one little hiccup because I believe we were suppose to be upgraded to a party limo, but not so sure we were, but we had a great time anyway. I would definitely use them again!

  • 02/19/2014
    K. ZURN
    Mike hooked us up for my Mom's bday. We had a 10 person limo with all the amenities. Disco lights, great sound system, clean, comfortable, stocked refreshments. Our driver was right on time, got us to our restaurant right on time, and was very nice about driving us around to other stops on the way home. I couldn't recommend their service more, and can't imagine anyone can do it any better or for a better price. Thumbs up all the way around!!

  • 02/17/2014
    K. Moses
    Driver arrived ahead of schedule...car was in immaculate condition. My group had a wonderful time...everything went very smoothly....and thanks for the free upgrade to the party limo!

  • 02/10/2014
    t. Simpson
    Excellent limo service, used them multiple times and look no where else!! Totally recommend

  • 02/06/2014
    I. Roath
    Order a limo for my son's 18th birthday so he and friends could go play laser tag and have dinner. The limo driver showed up extra early, was friendly and courteous. The kids had a great time and enjoyed their driver so much I heard they wanted to feed him :). The limo was clean and elegant exactly as stated and they had up-graded us to a Party Limo that had extra lights inside. The party was a definite sucess!

  • 01/24/2014
    B. Glispie
    My experience with 4ever Limo was superb. The driver and the car were top notch and I will use them again in a heartbeat!

  • 01/21/2014
    R. Howarth
    Driver was courteous and professional Mike was also very accommodating during the booking process. A great company to work with. I will use them again!

  • 01/13/2014
    K. Garofalo
    Everything you want in a perfect limousine experience. The driver was on time, the car was just as described, all the amenities promised were provided. Giving the customer on time service and providing the service promised would warrant a 4 star review. What made this a 5 star experience was the fact that the driver had that unique combination of professionalism, courtesy and fun that you hope for. Thanks again for the fun night.

  • 01/09/2014
    B. Conville
    This limo service was professional, accurate, and dependable. Mike was helpful, provided suggestions regarding our schedule and was so willing to accommodate us, which was critical given we had 14 people. DelRae was our driver and he was the greatest. He went out of his way to provide us with a fantastic experience!

  • 01/06/2014
    G. Underwood
    We had a wonderful experience with 4 ever limos. Since I was doing all of the booking from Australia I was a bit nervous. Mike was wonderful to work with. All of my emails and inquiries were answered very promptly. We used their service three time in a 4 day period. They were always on time, the limos were clean, and the drivers were friendly and courteous. I thought our driver Bobby was wonderful. We took the car to the tournament of Roses Parade and I was amazed at how close he was able to get us to our grand stand seating area with all of the closed roads. He was also able to find our location quickly after the parade to pick us up, even with all of the traffic and detours. I would highly recommend 4 ever limos they made our trip a very enjoyable experience.

  • 01/04/2014
    J. Muije
    Mike Jong, the Dispatcher, was superb, on the ball, and could not have been more friendly and accommodating. Our Driver, Josh, was early, and also went out of his way to make our experience enjoyable and problem free. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

  • 01/03/2014
    A. Brand
    Mike is great. Our driver Bobby was awesome too. We even made a pit stop that wasn't on the agenda and there were no issues. Very accommodating. Can't beat the price! Everything that was promised came with our limo as well. Our drive was on time and very professional. I highly recommend 4 Ever Limo and will definitely be using them again!

  • 11/19/2013
    L. Fredrickson
    This was my first time renting a limousine, and if I were to do it again, I definitely would go with 4ever Limo. Talking with Mike made it extremely easy to do, and he explained everything. On the day of the rental, Mike called and let me know that he was going to upgrade the limo to his "Super Stretch" with no additional charge. Needless to say, we were very happy with this. The rental was for our wedding, and we were able ride with anyone who wanted to come along. Fernando, the driver, was very courteous and prompt. Thanks, Mike, for making our day that much more special!

  • 11/18/2013
    j. nagel
    Party bus arrived on time & was ready for action. Driver was courteous and got us to and from our party on time. would definitely use again.

  • 11/12/2013
    K. Morrissey
    Russell was awesome. He was on time and took great care of us. I would use your service and Russell again. My only complaint was that, at the end of the night, Russell wasn't informed as to whether the amount I had been charged included his tip or not. I had to review some of my emails, etc to confirm. To avoid that kind of haggling at the end of a great night, please keep your drivers informed as to what their monetary expectation is at the end of the services. thx

  • 11/12/2013
    A. Castro
    Our driver Delrae was excellent. He was early. The Lincoln Stretch was perfect for my family. It was clean and very comfortable. It had everything that we needed. Delrae was extremely pleasant, considerate and accomodated all of our needs. I would most definitely recommend your service to anyone looking for limo service and will most certainly use you again.

  • 11/11/2013
    N. Minder
    Mike was very helpful in arranging the right car for my daughter's Sweet 16 birthday! The limo arrived promptly and the driver was very courteous. 10 Teens in the Limo - they had a fantastic time!

  • 11/07/2013
    Z. Ashraf
    This was by far the best limo service we have ever experienced, bar none...these guys rocked! The company went out of it's way to ensure we had a great time and great service. We used them for a trip from LAX to Disneyland and then a return trip back a few days later. Both times they arrived early and helped load the family (5 very excited screaming kids and 4 adults) and their luggage into the limo. They also called a day before our return trip to confirm the trip and check our changing requirements - really, really professional. Both times the limo's were immaculate and on the return journey the company went out of it's way to secure an exclusive model just so that the kids would have fun and appreciate it. The kids loved the gorgeous limo's and the sterling service; even going as far as singing a song thanking the limo driver so taking such good care of them. The kids recall the limo rides as a real highlight to their Disney vacation and that's saying a lot as the vacation itself was fantastic. We are just so glad we took the chance and booked them - they made the journeys to and from Disneyland pleasurable - and that's traveling with 5 kids! Our driver was Mike and he was great. I know this review is super positive but that really reflects our experience - we were treated like royalty, everything was great and on time and we got to were we needed to be in style. These guys were completely up front about what they would charge us and very competitive compared to some of the other companies. Some of the higher rated companies on limos.com had lots of hidden fees and charges and these guys had none of that. In summary, great service for a great price in really up to date, nice and clean cars. Heartily recommended.

  • 11/05/2013
    C. B
    Our driver was super friendly and helpful. He offered us cold waters and drinks as soon as we got in. He was on time and when we left our phone in the car he came back right away and delivered it to us. We all had a great time.

  • 10/31/2013
    C. Davis
    Prompt, patient & swift! I rented from 4ever limo for my 35th birthday. I thought it would be a great way to enjoy the evening & hit multiple locations w/out the hassle of caravanning & dealing w/parking. Not only that, it was nice to be able to have all my girls roll in style w/me & not have to worry about drinking and driving. Mike also recommended another location for us..l just in case our 2nd stop didn't work out. Limo was beautiful... Clean & comfy!

  • 10/28/2013
    T. Camasta
    4ever Limo was amazing to work with! They were very accommodating and flexible. Our driver Fernando was a doll and super nice! I would totally use them again for all future limo needs!! Thank you!!

  • 10/28/2013
    J. Menser
    We used 4 ever limousine service for a concert at ghetto Hollywood bowl. The limo showed up right on time, the driver was polite and courteous and the limo was all that we expected. Our driver went out of her way to make sure our experience was great. Thank you Mike for a great evening. Would definatly recomend.

  • 10/21/2013
    J. C

  • 10/08/2013
    C. Noble
    i would recommend 4ever limo to anyone wanting to rent a limo for a night. the driver arrived at our house early and was extremely friendly and professional. had a great night celebrating and thanks to your company, no one had to drive!! i'd use you again to be sure!!

  • 10/08/2013
    L. Richard
    Our driver was funny, personable and just a generally good guy. He was on time, professional and interacted well with the ladies. Ty made sure we didn't need anything! I would recommend 4ever Limo and Ty the driver to all of my friends!

  • 10/07/2013
    K. P
    My sister's bachelorette party was a huge hit thanks to 4ever limo. I am a google search guru (boolean seach technique master) and I can tell you that Mike offers THE BEST DEAL out there. He is also very true to his words, very prompt in returning e-mails and phone calls and is very easy to work with. He even gave us a free upgrade to a party limo which was awesome. The limo looks great, stylish, classy, clean and smells good. It came with liquor, sodas, water and a very good sound system. We also love our driver Josh. Josh was the only person in our party that was on time. But he was very patient, flexible and very very nice to everyone. I couldn't wait to use their services again!

  • 09/30/2013
    S. Stacey
    We had outstanding service, and we loved the party limo. The sounds in it were awesome! I am definitely going to use the service again, and I would highly recommend 4ever limo to my friends!

  • 09/27/2013
    S. Woods
    The service from 4ever Limo was fantastic! Our car was spotlessly clean and our driver Ty was the best. He got us to the restaurant on time and safely. Ty provided ice and soft drinks. We brought some wine with us that we enjoyed on the trip to dinner. When Ty picked us up after dinner, the car was cleaned spotlessly again and restocked for our return trip. We have used several other limo companies in the past, but 4everLimo is our go to company from now on. Thanks 4everLimo!

  • 09/27/2013
    I. Le
    I had an amazing time. The limo was there on time and dropped us off at the exact location. I would definitely recommend this company if you need a limo or other vehicles.

  • 09/02/2013
    S. Spychaj
    I have used this company twice for last minute reservations and both time they have met or exceeded my needs. The drivers were on time if not early. We ordered the 10 passenger limo, really seats 8 comfortably. Limo was clean. Customer service is excellent.

  • 08/30/2013
    C. Evans
    A group of 7 of us rented 4 Ever Limo service to take us to the Greek Theater to see Jethro Tull on July 9, 2013. Mike Jong, the owner, promised us a stretch limo complete with a complimentary bottle of champagne and vodka and stocked with ice and glasses. WE WERE NOT DISAPPOINTED!!! Our driver was there on time and was very pleasant. He called us after the concert so we didn't have to look for him. It was an incredible evening. We didn't have to worry about a thing. I even left my CD in the limo and Mike went out of his way to have a driver deliver it to me!! Now that's service!!! It was so easy to work with Mike in setting up the rental as he was always available to answer my questions and very professional. We definitely plan on using 4 Ever Limousine again!!! THANKS MIKE for everything!!!

  • 08/21/2013
    P. Trujillo
    Limo was clean and well stocked. The driver was on time & very professional. Our limo experience was affordable and fun.

  • 08/19/2013
    m. xxxxx
    driver was on time actually 7 minutes early. he was polite and friendly and new the itinerary. it would have been nice if he was dressed better though ie; a tie and jacket... the vehicle was the one promised. bottled water and ice was fine for us. would use u guys again .

  • 08/13/2013
    s. ryan
    4ever Limo provided excellent service to the Hollywood Bowl from Palos Verdes. The driver was on time, the vehicle spotless with a chilled bottle of champagne waiting and I would recommend them for either airport or Bowl service.

  • 08/12/2013
    B. Boyer
    Ride was great. Fernando was an excellent driver and got us to where we needed to be on time. Suspension on the stretch was a little stiff. Ride was very bumpy.

  • 08/12/2013
    D. Mendoza
    Our limo experience with 4ever Limo was amazing. Our driver was professional and very timely. Excellent customer service and of course price was unbeatable. We will be repeat customers!

  • 08/09/2013
    C. Carr
    We were very pleased with the service we received for a special family "girls" day. Our driver, Bobby, was right on time and very accommodating to all of our party. We had a great time and the price was reasonable. All of our expectations were met and we will certainly use this service again should the occasion arise.

  • 07/28/2013
    N. De La O
    Service was the best. Arived on time and got us there and back safely. It was simply hassle free and we will definately not only recommend them but will hire them again in the near future. Compared to other companies we researched they were the most accomidating, professional and the price fell within our budget.

  • 07/09/2013
    B. Gray
    "Thank You Very Much" for the EXCELLENT services 4Ever Limousine provided to my friends and I~! Because of 4ever Limo, we had a Wonderful evening! Mike took our reservation and from the moment I spoke to him I could tell he cared about making our evening enjoyable. He was quick to respond to all of my follow-up questions and showed much thoughtfulness in trying to accommodate our requests. We were thrilled when Rod, our Driver, came to pick us up in his White Limousine! Rod was on-time, flexible, very Friendly and very Professional! He was Wonderful! Thank you to 4ever Limo for making our evening one that we will all So Happily remember!

  • 06/26/2013
    K. Burke
    Booked 4ever Limo for a trip to Malibu Wines. 4ever Limo was the perfect company to use for this trip. It was easy to reserve limo service. Knowledgable staff with great communication regarding reservation. Our driver Bobby rocked. He was early, polite and accommodating. Truly a 1st class company.

  • 06/10/2013
    E. Stastny
    Mike the owner was very Unprofessional. Charged for $190.00 for a 2 extra hours after being late for the pick up. When quoted $48 an hour. (drop off and pick up extremely far from the VIP entrance). Had we known we would of walked from our hotel. When we received the blind charges I let him know how disappointed we were in his services he replied it wasn't their fault with the traffic and he didn't want to service a bunch of drunks anyway. My brother and his wife do not drink.

  • 05/21/2013
    J. Curley
    Used 4ever Limo to pick up at UCLA law school graduation - then it was on to Spago's in Beverly Hills and Hatfield's on Melrose. Great service, we didn't have to deal with traffic and it made the night effortless.

  • 05/09/2013
    J. Bush
    Great price. Great limo. Our driver was so fun she added to our night. Showed up early so there was no stress. A++++++

  • 05/06/2013
    A. Nas
    Great experience! Driver was on time and friendly! Always got out and opened the door for us wherever we went. Was quick to pick us up from stops, within 5 minutes of calling. It did seem like an older limo, but you can't beat the price. Would definitely use again!

  • 04/29/2013
    R. Montes
    I booked 4everlimo for my son's 23rd birthday bash with something already in mind. Mike gave me a different suggestion and I am so glad he did. The boys went wine tasting in Malibu and had an amazing time. The driver was nice, professional and knowledgeable, not to mention patient and very punctual. Overall the service was great and I couldn't beat the price. They are now on my list of contacts as I wont have to look around for limos anymore!!! Thank you so much for making my son's birthday so memorable :-)

  • 04/29/2013
    t. kish
    Our Limo was clean and nice and our driver Bobby was on time and totally cool

  • 04/24/2013
    a. clark
    Great limo service and great driver. Had a wonderful experience and highly recommend this company.

  • 04/19/2013
    A. W
    Rented one of Mike at 4ever Limo's new 16 passenger party limo for a bachelor party. Right on time (a few minutes early), driver Bobby was terrific. Very accommodating, great music in the party limo, well stocked and clean. Mike was easy to get ahold of, transaction easy to book, and he was patient with my follow up calls and questions. Made for a very successful evening, and I highly recommend!

  • 04/18/2013
    J. Rendon
    Fantastic service. The whole process from booking, to payment, to pick-up, to drop-off was easy and painless. Driver was on time and professional, vehicle exceeded expectations and stocked with all the advertised amentities. Mike, the booking rep, was very helpful and ensured all my needs were taken care of. Will definitely use this service again and recommend it to all contacts.

  • 04/13/2013
    S. Guyatt
    I booked 4 Ever Limousine to pick us up from LAX for a 5 hour tour of LA and drop us to our hotel in Hollywood. Turns out that this was the best way we could have started our holiday and something my family will never forget. Our chauffeur was waiting for us as we picked up our luggage and the eyes nearly popped out of my kids heads when they saw the limo waiting. John, our chauffeur, gave us a fantastic tour of the sites such as Venus beach, Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood hotels, the Hollywood sign and observatory, and more and the narration he gave through the tour was superb. The drinks were on ice and the car was in great condition. I shopped around a lot before booking this and I can't believe how good value this 5 hour experience was. I recommend this to anyone travelling to LA as a perfect way to start your holiday.

  • 04/07/2013
    K. Myers
    Limo was on time, clean, and stocked as promised. The driver was very professional, friendly, courteous and accommodating. We had a great time. I would recommend this company and we will use them again.

  • 01/10/2013
    L. Thompson
    I had a very pleasurable experience with 4ever Limo. They came promptly at the promised time, the limo was clean and and stocked as promised and the driver was truly a comsumate professional. He was very courteous, attentive and helpful. I will definitely use the services of 4 ever Limo again.

  • 01/09/2013
    C. Veluzat
    We rented a limo for New Years Eve from 4Ever Limo. We had great service at an awesome price. Darrius, our driver, was super nice & accomadating. I was really nervous about the service when we booked them because they were SO much cheaper than any other limo company for New Years Eve, but there was no dissapontment whatsoever. I will for sure be using them again.

  • 01/08/2013
    K. Beazley
    Mike was very accommodating and flexible with pricing and special requests. Our driver was amazing! He showed up a little early and offered to drive around for a bit untill we were all ready, since it was a surprise for the bride to be!! The limo itself was in great condition! We had a few last minute changes and he was so nice and completely on board with our whole evening!! We had a great night. I plan to use this service for ALL my future limo needs.

  • 01/06/2013
    L. Farrell
    I hired 4ever Limo recently for a 60th birthday party and the experience exceeded my expectations! The car was fabulously appointed, very comfortable, and even bigger than we ordered. The driver was outstanding in every respect! He was on-time, knowledgeable of the best route to all of our locations, extremely helpful, and courteous. Mike responded quickly to any booking inquiries I had and was totally a pleasure to work with! I will be recommending this service highly to all of my friends and will definitely use it again in the future.

  • 12/18/2012
    T. Brock
    Our ride was so simple and easy. Our driver, Bobby, was there whenever we needed him. The car was clean and the service professional. We will definitely use them again.

  • 12/11/2012
    B. Austin
    We had a fun night entertaining out of town guests from Japan. Our driver was punctual, and responded quickly to our requests for pick ups. We would be happy to recommend. DelRey was our driver very helpful.

  • 12/04/2012
    K. Husa
    The limo was beautiful. Not only on time but early. Driver had great personality and was so funny. No problems at all.

  • 12/01/2012
    M. Bense
    Excellent service by limos.com customer service. Excellent communication by 4ever limo in contacting us and coordinating the service. Limo arrived on time. Rody, our driver was flexible and pleasant and was an absolute pleasure and she made our evening that much more enjoyable. The limo was well stocked and clean. Will definitely use the service again.

  • 11/21/2012
    L. ODonnell
    Planned an outing with friends for dinner- made reservations on line received confirmation right away-pricing was excellent. Driver was on time and was courteous and there was plenty of refreshments and the car was clean. I will definitely use them again.

  • 11/18/2012
    I. Jansen
    It was raining today so I was so happy I had a driver. Going downtown LA to a play then dinner after not having to bother with parking is WONDERFUL. Once you experience the care free travel you will definitely do it again. This was my 2nd time doing this and I'm just a regular person, retired, living in Santa Clarita. 4ever Lime is also more reasonable that the others and the service is top notch. We are the type of people that engage in conversation with the driver but that is your choice. The tip is included but we tip anyway but that is up to you also. This was a B-Day outing so a special day but but I won't limit this service to special days especially when going down town.

  • 11/13/2012
    P. Hornbuckle-Hunter
    Our experience was excellent - driver was early and very pleasant. We also were given an upgrade to a much larger limo for free! The limo was clean and very well keep. We would certainly use 4ever limo again very soon.

  • 11/12/2012
    D. Shobe
    My son had a great experience on his 21st birthday! The driver was on time and the limo was very nice and looked very plush and comfortable. I wish I was the one going in it. They didn't have a destination, so the driver took them through Hollywood, along the coast and over the Vincent Thomas Bridge. Everyone that went had nothing but good things to say, which made me very, very happy. Service is everything and they received the best! I know I will definitely use 4ever Limo in the future. I thank everyone involved for making my son's birthday the very best he's had!!!

  • 11/07/2012
    C. Hebert
    Booked 2 trips, both went exceptionally well. Drivers were on time, very courteous and professional. Mike went out of his way to arrange for an early pickup on one of the bookings which probably kept us from missing our flight at LAX...many thanks!

  • 11/02/2012
    s. christensen
    i would definetly recomend 4ever limo. the car was on time,it was clean and very nice, the driver bobby was also great. thank you guys for a great evening.

  • 10/31/2012
    D. Bogs
    Our driver was terrific. Adjusted to our being early and worked with us for a great travel experience.

  • 10/22/2012
    T. White
    Great service and price! Friendly driver and she knew where she was going! Thanks for the champagne too :)

  • 09/23/2012
    J. Espinosa
    The driver was very professional and eager to please. The price was excellent and made our special day a great experience.

  • 09/23/2012
    C. Shands
    I had got a limo for my 23rd birthday and it was sooooo awesome ...I even had a few questions for the owner since I had never rented a limo and when he called me back. He listened and was very kind and answered all my questions ..... It was a party loimo and I had 8girls go with me the driver was just so great and very sweet he was attentive and smiled you could feel the positive energy .... In the limo was super clean and had a/c the lights were fun and we had surround sound as loud as we wanted ... All my friends had a blast and we can't wait to do it again ... I think when my hubby comes out from over seas we will do a couples night out and rent from mike again ..... I can't say anything bad the night was jus amazing thanks to him !!!!!

  • 09/21/2012
    E. R
    The best prices around- and no "hidden" taxes, etc. We had a beautiful limo with a great sound system and "laser light show" that was entertaining. Our driver, George, was exceptional too. I will use limos more frequently now that I found 4everLimo.

  • 09/18/2012
    C. Murray
    Great driver, friendly, and on time!

  • 09/17/2012
    S. Fidler
    I highly recommend using 4ever Limo,we hired 4ever Limo for my daughter's 19th birthday, an they had a blast, the driver was professional, fun, and prompt, the customer service is excellent, the hiring process was easy, an the price was right, cheaper than other companies I called, they have a great variety of limo's to choose from, we rented the stretch Lincoln my kids were under age, but they still loaded it with non- alcoholic beverages, my kids loved the i pod hook-up so they could play their own music, I will definitely be using them again in the future .

  • 09/07/2012
    C. Campbell
    I highly recommend 4ever Limo for any event. A week before my wedding, I spoke to Mike about hiring two limos to pick us up at our hotel, take us to the wedding venue, and standby until we were ready to go back to the hotel. The limos arrived early, they were clean and well stocked, and the drivers were professional and friendly. Our wedding went later than planned, and there were no complaints from the drivers to my surprise. It was an all around great experience for an event that you need to know things will go smoothly. It went VERY smoothly. Ask for Mike, and he will make it happen. -Cory Campbell

  • 08/25/2012
    J. Carrillo
    I booked 4ever Limo for a concert. We were 7 women and it was a wonderful event. Our driver, Bobbie was on time and the limo was spotless. Everything was exactly as was advertised. Very comfortable with refreshments provided. Our driver was terrific. He met and exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend this company. I will certainly call them again when the need arises.

  • 08/23/2012
    S. Ndungu
    I HIGHLY!!!! recommend 4ever limo to anyone who is looking to rent a Limo. I had a great experience with this company; everything was smooth sailing from the beginning to the end. The driver was about 15minutes early to pick us up but he did not rush us he knew he was early and in my books I would rather you show up a few minutes early than late. He was very professional and courteous. I got exactly what I paid for; the limo was clean, very comfortable and fully stocked with drinks to entertainment. Mike( the boss)was very professional, me and my girlfriends were getting together for a bachelorette party and we weren't quite sure of where to go party, Mike went above and beyond to organize a list of bars, lounges and clubs that he recommended(Mike is in the loop of what is hot and happening in L.A.). He gave the Limo driver an itinerary of all those L.A. hot spots and if we did not like one of the spots we still had a few on the list to hit up. I cannot emphasize enough how great of a deal this company gave me, all in all it was a VERY good experience and you won’t be disappointed with their service.

  • 08/20/2012
    C. Licea
    we used 4ever limo for a girls night out on the town ... we all had a blast, our driver was super awesome ! the best driver i had ever had ( and i rent limos all the time ) the company was great with awesome customer service and to top it off great prices ... thanks 4ever limo

  • 08/09/2012
    M. Davies
    4ever Limo is Fantastic! We had just moved to L.A. We were extremely impressed with the timeliness, ease to book and service of 4ever Limo. We will use you guys again and again, thank you!

  • 08/07/2012
    A. B
    I booked my limo with Mike at 4Ever Limo on our trip to LA this summer! Despite the late booking they were able to accommodate everything I asked for! The driver was wonderful and courteous! He called ahead of time to confirm exact pick up time and location! He was right on schedule!! I highly recommend 4Ever and will definitely use them again on our next trip out there!!

  • 08/06/2012
    R. Greenwood
    Excellent service. On time for both the outbound trip and return, good car, smooth trip, and excellent friendly driver.

  • 07/30/2012
    A. H.
    Only good things to say! They were professional in making the reservation, followed it up with a confirmation email and the car and driver were excellent. Thank you!

  • 07/30/2012
    b. wismann
    Excellent, excellent service for a phenomenal rate! Could not recommend these guys more. Promptness was very important to our evening--I let them know this a head of time so they showed up 15 minutes early and were totally on it all night long.

  • 07/17/2012
    G. Guba
    The driver was on time for initial pickup and brought us safely through both stops (dinner and show) and then returned us home. All around an excellent evening, I will use the service again.

  • 07/13/2012
    T. Hughes
    Used them twice for trips to Disneyland from LAX and to Burbank airport. Spot on time, kept me informed and professional yet relax and entertaining driver

  • 07/08/2012
    B. Price
    A great experience. The car arrived on time, George our driver was awesome and the car was beautiful. One of the best limo experiences I have had. I will definately use this company again.

  • 06/30/2012
    L. King
    Mike's drivers provide transportation that is efficient, courteous, and safe! We recently used 4 Ever Limo for round trip service between LAX and Anaheim. The drivers were on time, the Town Cars were very clean, and the overall service was excellent. I will use 4 Ever in the future and will recommend them to my friends and colleagues.

  • 06/26/2012
    A. Nam
    I rented a 10 person limo for my boyfriends birthday, and it was great. The driver gave us a call earlier to make sure he had the right address. He came a couple minutes early and was happy to wait while other friends were still driving to the location. The only disappointment was there was no ipod connector. The driver told us to just burn a CD while we were waiting. But other than that, the limo was right there when we were bar hopping at our stop. If not, he would be there within a couple minutes of a phone call.

  • 06/25/2012
    W. Yamane
    Very prompt, reasonalble rates, very nice limo. Customer service was excellent. Driver went out of his way to handle everything we needed. A very enjoyable experience.

  • 06/22/2012
    R. Jeremiah
    Great service! Received a text with instructions from the driver as the plane landed.

  • 06/18/2012
    H. Chowdhry
    Mike is by far easy to work with and gave me an awesome deal that no competitor could even beat. I live in the bay so I had to use limos.com as a source to find the right ppl for that special anniversary for my girlfriend. Man was she shocked when she saw that sweet limo outside the hotel. I gotta give it back to my man Mike for coming through with excellent service and making our night just that more special. Hands down for 4ever Limo, you guys rock!

  • 06/17/2012
    B. Harmon
    The car was very nice. New and Clean. It has all of the necessities inside, including drinks. Our driveer was on time and very courteous.

  • 06/14/2012
    M. Sheiner
    This experience was everything we hoped it would be, and more. Our driver, Rothell, showed up reassuring early, but waited discreetly until our departure time. She was elegantly attired, and assured us that she was at our service. The limo was spic and span. The drive was smooth. She was right out front when we were ready to leave. We reached home within our time frame, feeling well served.

  • 06/07/2012
    K. Thompson
    One week ago, I used 4ever Limo to transport my step daughter to her very first prom. The driver was the most friendliest and professional person I have met in a very long time. My step daughter was very nervous and he kept her at ease. I plan on using this company again in the near future and would highly recommend them to anyone. The price for their service was reasonable in comparison to other competing companies.

  • 06/04/2012
    A. Williams
    Mike and his drivers are the best in the business. They go more than the extra mile for their clients. If you need to be somewhere by a certain time or just want someone to drive you so you can relax in style. Then 4everlimos is the way to go. Professionals with that personal touch. They are AAA rated in my book and ive used them on many many many occasions. They are always able to accommodate me and my last minute whims!!!!!

  • 06/03/2012
    G. Sosa
    Awesome limo service. Driver was prompt, arrived whenever i called him. He was cool and funny and friendly. Left prom early and decided to drive around casually and stopped by downtown Disney. Driver even suggested a couple places to drive around at. Had a great night because the awesome limo service. The limo itself was clean looking and had great refreshments. Definitely using this service again.

  • 06/03/2012
    W. McBride
    For the price it was perfect. Our crew wasn't too picky and the limo was clean and comfortable. The limo itself seemed a little old but for $200-$300 less than others we looked at it was fine. Our driver Bobby was perfect. On time, patient, and accommodating. All good....highly recommend this deal we got if you just need some stylish transportation. I am sure if you were spending the whole night in the limo they have more up to date vehicles. But ask for Bobby as a driver - good guy.

  • 05/30/2012
    S. Emmett
    Service, vehicles and price were all great for our airport transportation. We will definately call Mike at 4everLimo next time we are heading to LAX, event or a concert.

  • 05/28/2012
    J. H
    The driver was on time, very nice and the car was exactly what we ordered. I will use 4ever Limo again!

  • 05/28/2012
    G. Baur
    Jerry did an excellent job for us.

  • 05/24/2012
    S. Woods
    I used 4ever Limousines for my sister's Bachelorette party last Saturday. The llimo arrived promptly, which is always a good start. Our limo driver, Al, was very polite and friendly, and more than anything, very accommodating. I brought my own drinks for the limo, and he arranged them nicely in the ice by the drinks the limo company had already provided. I had also brought decorations for the limo, including confetti, and he let me do whatever I wanted with those inside the limo (which was surprising to me, because a lot of people are picky about confetti, since it's such a pain to clean up). We had some changes to our originally planned route, especially toward the end of the night (which we extended by a couple hours past our reservation), and Al was happy to take us wherever we needed to go at whatever time. I honestly think it's the driver that made our experience superb: he was professional, but also very friendly and personable when we talked to him. I ended up needing a ride all the way back to LA from Orange County at the end of the night, and he was kind enough to not only drive me all that way, but also help me carry all my belongings up to my apartment. The limo itself was beautiful and in great condition. Overall, I would without a doubt recommend this limousine service to a friend. Thank you for an amazing service, it made our night!

  • 05/24/2012
    J. Loeza
    Our limosine driver, Ed, had a great attitude, and was absolutely an amazing choffer! :) He was punctual, the limo was very clean with refreshments and entertainment. My friends and I had a splendid prom night. Great service! Better than we expected! Definitely renting another limosine from you guys next spring (2013).

  • 05/22/2012
    S. Earl
    Very nice. The vehicle showed some signs of age and I wish we had been provided with a larger vehicle (5 of us were not that comfortable in a 6 person vehicle), but it was well appointed, well stocked and everything functioned properly. A little instruction on how to operate the sunroof and sound systems would have been nice, but we figured it out. The driver was very competent, professionally dressed and nice. He arrived right on time and when called him after our event he was there within 5 minutes.

  • 05/21/2012
    S. Salvo
    Great evening! Our driver was professional and the limo was fantastic. Highly recommend using this company!

  • 05/12/2012
    C. Shapiro
    We had a great time!! Limo was on time, clean, and driver was friendly and courteous. Will definitely be using in the future!

  • 05/08/2012
    M. Hosp
    Both drivers were On time, pleasant, courteous, drove safely. Outbound town car appeared clean (very early in am) in-bound pick up car needed a wash both inside and out.

  • 05/07/2012
    K. Kawahara
    My car was right on time and the driver was very helpful with my luggage.

  • 02/21/2012
    L. M
    Very professional business. I received a call from Mike the day before my pick-up to verify p/u time, # of passengers, and # of bags. When we landed Jerry was already at the airport waiting to pick us up. We were upgraded free of charge to a limo because Mike felt with the carseat for my son and 2 adults we would be more comfortable in the limo instead of a towncar. Very nice touch. I will definately use 4ever limosuine again on our next trip to California.

  • 02/09/2012
    C. Spiegelman
    The driver was prompt and very helpful and patient with my heavy luggage. His driving was smooth and calm and he got me home in good time. I also appreciate his politeness.

  • 02/07/2012
    E. Midgley
    Jesse was great.... He made my whole day The car was great...had water and candy in the car!

  • 10/24/2011
    L. Sackett
    Mike was a great driver for us girls. We had a super ride with music and soft drinks. We brought food and all was a pleasurable trip. Mike was on time, confirmed his appointment, and did a fine job with arrival and pick up. Great evening and will definitely call Mike back. His prices were really good.

  • 10/24/2011
    D. Sowers
    The Limo service we experienced from Mike was unbelivable. He showed up on time, was very very cool, and the limo (party bus) was just awesome! I couldn't beleive how personable Mike was, and he has earned my business for lifetime. I definitely reccomend Mike for your limo needs, he is just awesome! Don't go anywhere else!

  • 10/24/2011
    T. Frey
    I was extremely pleased with the service that I received from Mike at 4ever Limo in Torrance. In March, I started comparing quotes for my niece and godson's prom which took place 5/23. Out of all the quotes I received, Mike was the only one that was kind enough to actually call me and explain the rates as well as the different cars that they had. When the actual day came the driver, Danny called to let me know that he was around the corner and would be there in about 3 minutes. When he arrived he was actually 20 minutes early which was wonderful because that gave everyone extra time to take pictures of the kids before they left. Danny was very courteous and friendly with everyone, also very patient while we were snapping what seemed to be several hundred pictures! He assured me that the kids would be in good hands and that there was nothing to worry about. Later on that night I received a call from my sister in law saying that there had been car trouble and that there was another one on the way. She said that Danny apologized several times but she told him that it was no need to because it was not his fault that there was car trouble. Needless to say, another car arrived within 15 minutes, which was fine because all of the kids were still mingling outside taking pictures and talking with friends. And to the kids suprise, not only did Danny upgrade to a limousine for them, he gave them extra time to drive around and asked if they wanted anyone else to ride! So the next day my niece actually talked more about how much fun they had riding with Danny than her prom. She said Danny asked them how they liked school and what their plans were after graduation. So I say thank you to Mike and Danny for making this such a wonderful and memorable experience for my family! And we will definitely use your service again for any other events that we plan!

  • 10/24/2011
    J. Spalten
    From the moment we were picked up at LAX on the 05-23-10, and picked up from the Carnival Cruise port on 05-30-10 had a great experience. Friendly Drivers, the car had refreshments for us, so the party could continue a little longer. I will use them again in the future. I do hope I can get a little discount on the next trip. Just a little. The were there as stated, and we had a lot of bags. They loaded them for us etc. We had ordered a stretch, and we got a stretch.. Nice and clean

  • 10/24/2011
    S. Ward
    Our experience with 4ever Limos was fantastic! They were prompt, professional and followed our directions. Alex, the driver, was great! We would use them again on our next fun outing.

  • 10/24/2011
    Z. Ashrof
    This was by far the best limo service we have ever experienced, bar none...these guys rocked! The company went out of it's way to ensure we had a great time and great service. We used them for a trip from LAX to Disneyland and then a return trip back a few days later. Both times they arrived early and helped load the family (5 very excited screaming kids and 4 adults) and their luggage into the limo. They also called a day before our return trip to confirm the trip and check our changing requirements - really, really professional. Both times the limo's were immaculate and on the return journey the company went out of it's way to secure an exclusive model just so that the kids would have fun and appreciate it. The kids loved the gorgeous limo's and the sterling service; even going as far as singing a song thanking the limo driver so taking such good care of them. The kids recall the limo rides as a real highlight to their Disney vacation and that's saying a lot as the vacation itself was fantastic. We are just so glad we took the chance and booked them - they made the journeys to and from Disneyland pleasurable - and that's traveling with 5 kids! Our driver was Mike and he was great. I know this review is super positive but that really reflects our experience - we were treated like royalty, everything was great and on time and we got to were we needed to be in style. These guys were completely up front about what they would charge us and very competitive compared to some of the other companies. Some of the higher rated companies on limos.com had lots of hidden fees and charges and these guys had none of that. In summary, great service for a great price in really up to date, nice and clean cars. Heartily recommended.

  • 09/29/2011
    M. Gray
    Great service from the start. Mike gave us a quote within 1 hour of the request. Our driver, Morris, showed up right on time to pick us up from the house and he was very professional. Would definitely use their service again in the future

  • 09/29/2011
    P. Mama
    After researching numerous limousine companies, I chose 4ever limousines for my daughter's milestone birthday. Among the many reasons behind my decision to choose 4ever limousines, the exceptional professionalism immediately earned my trust. While the limo was beautiful, it was Al, our driver who made memories for my daughter that day. I cannot imagine a better person to be assigned to chauffer children. Not only was Al on time, but he was even early for the pick up. He was most accomodating and patient with our ever changing itinerary and he even offered helpful suggestions to keep the momentum of excitement going for the girls. Many of our destinations were extremely tight and traffic posed a potentially dangerous situation for the girls. Clearly safety for the girls was Al's utmost concern and he somehow managed to negotiate the tight entrances and exits so that we could have door to door service. I am still in awe and amazed at how he managed to do it as I struggle in my petite vehicle in the same lots...Thank you to Al from all of us! Thank you to Mike and 4ever limousines, you have earned our business for every future limousine adventure. I hope the year finds you all happy, well and prosperous. Sincerely, Picky Torrance Mama

  • 09/29/2011
    S. Rubio
    4Ever Limo did a great job. The limo was sparkling clean, and all the refreshments were as advertised. Our driver, Bobby, was very nice, on time and took good care of us. I appreciate the fact that Mike called me with the price and followed up with emails. That was impressive and seperated 4Ever Limo from all the others. When I need luxury transportation again I will be sure to call 4Ever Limo!

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DSL Chauffeured Transportation Offering Chauffured Ground Transportation To & From All Major Airports & Cruise Lines, Point To Point & Hourly Services in New Sedans & Suv's Thru Out Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Diego County & San Bernadino County, A service that you can count on to be ontime & Professional. In Business since 1995

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  • 12/22/2015
    J. Theisens

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Rudolph
    The driver was on time, respectful and polite and made the travel wonderful.The vehicle was in excellent condition and very comfortable.

  • 12/22/2015
    W. Edwards

  • 12/22/2015
    a. dhamankar

  • 12/22/2015
    H. McEwen
    The driver was professional and the ride very comfortable. This was a safe ride for me late at night.

  • 12/22/2015
    M. Kemp
    The driver never showed up, even I had multiple email confirmations stating the correct time & date. I called the driver directly immediately twice and never heard back. I would never use DSL Limousine again or Limos.com. Terrible service

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Bazan
    Drive was exceptional- professional - great experience

  • 12/22/2015
    M. Letizia
    Murjoni was GREAT as was Marcus when I arrived. What great, professional and engaged employees. My experience with both gentlemen far exceeded my expectations and I will recommend DSL to all my colleagues!

  • 12/22/2015
    v. polek
    Justin was a very personable, conscientious driver and was early!!! We Love limos. Com

  • 12/22/2015
    D. Howse
    Driver communication was fantastic, the car was beautiful. Couldn't ask for better service.

  • 12/22/2015
    M. Mihalick
    Our driver was very helpful and friendly. We liked him a lot! He was on time, actually early, and he was a safe driver.

  • 12/22/2015
    E. Kaba
    Very attentive and friendly extremely professional !

  • 12/22/2015
    N. Shaw

  • 12/22/2015
    T. freyer

  • 12/22/2015
    A. Winfield
    Our Driver, Don was prompt and extremely courteous. Came early and texted and left voice message. We would definitely recommend him and the DSL limo

  • 12/22/2015
    R. Maxhimer
    Driver was so personable. He was waiting for us with correctly spelled name on sign, took care of our luggage. His car was clean and comfortable with cold bottled water waiting for us.

  • 12/22/2015
    K. Hackler
    Marcus was great! Very accommodating!!

  • 12/22/2015
    R. Lee
    Our driver was great. Kept us informed of his location when he was stuck in traffic.

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Borsting

  • 12/22/2015
    This is my third ride with DSL and Murjoni. He is definitely the best driver that I have had in the LA area. He is dependable, personable and courteous. The vehicles are always clean and well maintained.

  • 12/22/2015
    W. Riley

  • 12/22/2015
    H. Iqbal
    Marcus the driver who took us this time I would say is an excellent and a very professional person. Surely an asset to this company

  • 12/22/2015
    L. Kenlein
    Don was on time, professional, and fantastic!! I will definitely use again!

  • 12/22/2015
    j. morris
    Marcus W was great. On time, courteous, attentive.

  • 12/22/2015
    g. Walker

  • 12/22/2015
    H. Bui
    Promp excellent

  • 12/22/2015
    T. Schaeffer
    The driver and vehicle were excellent, however, I was surprised by the TOLL charges on both the ride to LAX and the return trip. I have used a limousine service on several other occasions and have never had a toll charge. I am not aware of any toll roads between my home and LAX>

  • 12/22/2015
    A. Brockman
    Julius was great. He arrived early for both our trips, was professional and polite. The vehicle was spotless and well maintained. We had a great experience.

  • 12/22/2015
    W. Pulst
    The experience was wonderful. Great to have a professional when you need one.

  • 12/22/2015
    M. Hedgecock
    The Driver I had provided exceptional service!! He was professional, cordial and made me feel very comfortable with the experience. I would take him EVERY TIME!!!

  • 12/22/2015
    C. Bianchi
    Very pleased with the service. What a positive experience.

  • 12/22/2015
    A. Cima
    Driver very professional - fantastic experience. Car in great shape.

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Maso

  • 12/22/2015
    R. Verches
    Both driver and vehicle met or exceeded expectation.

  • 12/22/2015
    U. Schramm

  • 12/22/2015
    S. Hutchinson

  • 12/22/2015
    S. Hartgraves

  • 12/22/2015
    C. Roberts
    Fast and easy. Excellent service!

  • 12/22/2015
    P. Heaven

  • 12/22/2015
    M. Carr
    Christopher our driver was fabulous. our airline told him the wrong terminal and carousel and it took 20 minutes or so for us to finally figure out That we had actually come into another terminal. He never gave up and was still smiling when we finally met. He got us home quickly and I highly recommend this car service.

  • 12/22/2015
    V. Gollenberg
    Professional and courteous.

  • 05/23/2015
    M. Dunsmore
    Randy was very professional and helpful. He was on time and got us to the airport in a timely manner. I would recommend! Thank you!

  • 05/14/2015
    C. Skingsley
    Driver was there as we arrived to the baggage claim. Loved the meet and greet service. Our driver was amazing - friendly, courteous, and safe. Vehicle was immaculate with water provided.

  • 05/01/2015
    C. Nishihira
    Very good the drvier Marcus was prompt and polite.

  • 04/29/2015
    R. Webster

  • 04/28/2015
    J. Hammond
    I had your best driver .....the most reliable on time ...

  • 04/26/2015
    M. McGough
    The vehicle was new and very clean. Julius was professional and a pleasure to talk with. First time experience for us. It is the only way to go.

  • 04/22/2015
    S. and
    Though the flight arrive early, the chauffeur was waiting for us. Good service and safe driving and we arrived at our destination in 35 minutes. Excellent service, thank you.

  • 04/21/2015
    a. crowder
    Entire experience was excellent!

  • 04/14/2015
    J. McFarlane
    Excellent service and friendly driver!

  • 04/11/2015
    S. Erickson
    My experience was excellent with DSL. The vehicle was clean and the driver was on time and very courteous even though my plane arrived late. I would definitely book again with them. My experience was at LAX.

  • 04/10/2015
    m. Oncescu
    Vehicle was very clean and impressive. Julius was excellent. He was very helpful and fantastic service.

  • 04/10/2015
    L. Heyl
    There should be an easier way to identify the driver at the airport. There were no markings on the vehicle to let us know what company he was with. There are a lot of black SUVs at LAX.

  • 04/06/2015
    m. la pierre
    my mom said he provided excellent service and everything ran smoothly

  • 04/03/2015
    J. Pownall
    Have the car show up on time - more than 30 minutes late. Driver claimed to be unaware he was to meet us in the airport.

  • 03/28/2015
    B. Bruce
    Great service and communication!!

  • 03/20/2015
    A. McClellan
    My driver was late to pick me up and made me stand by the curb waving my hand so that she would know who I was (which was rather uncomfortable for me given I had to do this for a few minutes before she found me). Once I was in the car, the driver made excuses for her tardiness the entire trip, drove quite erratically, and kept trying to speak with me while I was on the phone. I was very disappointed in her service.

  • 03/19/2015
    L. Duvall
    amazing young man so polite it could not have been better we would use him again but where was the champagne just joking

  • 03/14/2015
    R. McAlear
    Driver was ready an hour ahead of time, so we were able to depart a bit early. He was courteous, respectful, and a pleasure to meet and deal with.

  • 03/14/2015
    K. Dahlgren
    Our car was clean and new looking, our driver was on time, however he hardly said hello, and he only carried one suitcase. We have used your service before and will probably use it again. Next time we will request another driver.

  • 03/14/2015
    M. Holmes

  • 03/12/2015
    R. Dekelver
    requested and paid for child booster and toddler seat, and didn't have on arrival. Driver arranged to have $ refunded, but still disappointed, children were forced to ride at lower level of protection

  • 03/10/2015
    j. auerbach

  • 03/08/2015
    M. Guisinger
    Exceptional...couldn't have asked for a better driver and service! And all so reasonable. Simply made our vacation better than ever.

  • 03/07/2015
    B. Clarke
    Once in the car the ride was good as was the service at the arrival site, We received two confirmations and two different drivers. Operator was not responsive to text message that we were ready for picku

  • 03/06/2015
    D. Howse
    This was the second time we've had Julius drive us. Very professional and polite.

  • 03/03/2015
    C. Hanashiro

  • 02/28/2015
    J. Mackie
    Excellent service and friendly driver.

  • 02/27/2015
    T. Carr
    Everything was excellent except driver drove and was on his phone for several minutes

  • 02/27/2015
    L. Astgen
    Randy was ON TIME! Could not have been a better experience.

  • 02/22/2015
    D. Chiechi
    Although ride booked included tip I additionally tipped our driver Marcus $20. Unfortunately upon receiving emailed copy of bill I was shocked to see that he had assed our ride an additional fee for 'waiting'. Our flight landed on time at approx 6:00 PM and we called driver when we had our luggage at approx 6:35. Airport was extremely crowded and we were finally picked up at curb at approx 6:55. I strongly feel that in no way should I have been charged additionly for a 'waiting fee'.;

  • 02/21/2015
    C. Long

  • 08/09/2014
    k. plank

  • 08/01/2014
    N. Gilbert
    Our driver, Justin L., did a great job. He actually arrived very early, 5:00 am, even though our pick up time was at 7:15 am. So I was very relieved to know that he was actually waiting for us. Our ride to LAX went smoothly. He is a very personable and polite young man. I would love to have him again as our driver.

  • 06/02/2014
    D. Frye
    My Family & I were very happy. The communication, the drivers and services we received was EXCELLENT. Will definitely use this service again. Thank you.

  • 05/31/2014
    K. Gardener

  • 05/30/2014
    S. Darling
    Excellent service and great communication through text messages about status and arrival.

  • 05/23/2014
    S. Minor
    We were extremely pleased with our driver Brandon. He was courteous, helpful, timely, dressed professionally. All around great driver. Car was excellent, very clean, comfortable, seemed to be in excellent mechanical condition. Very pleased with Discount Sedan and Brandon.

  • 05/22/2014
    Y. Kolle-Fagan
    The driver was wonderful and very real.

  • 05/19/2014
    F. Totta

  • 05/18/2014
    R. Lee

  • 05/17/2014
    L. Ramirez
    Driver was excellent very friendly, on time & safe.

  • 05/16/2014
    C. Coppel

  • 05/16/2014
    t. pugliese

  • 05/11/2014
    G. Sturgess

  • 05/10/2014
    S. Trana
    Everything was easy and perfect, the driver was great. Our flight was delayed and you guys were so accommodating!

  • 05/05/2014
    D. Urban

  • 05/03/2014
    V. Ross
    The driver was prompt and courteous. The vehicle was spacious and immaculate. A very positive experience.

  • 04/18/2014
    A. Miller

  • 04/13/2014
    L. Martin
    Very personable and professional.

  • 04/09/2014
    M. Wagner
    Randy did an outstanding job - great communications from the time we walked off the plane. He was waiting right there when we walked out the terminal door. Smooth ride in a clean comfortable vehicle. Would highly recommend.

  • 04/09/2014
    A. Bailey

  • 04/08/2014
    D. MacVICAR

  • 04/05/2014
    J. Hammond

  • 04/03/2014
    H. Becker
    Great driver and ride. The check engine light was on, which was a little worrisome but no problems on the ride.

  • 03/31/2014
    C. Custer
    Clyde W. was a very polite and impressive young man. He did an excellent job.

  • 03/29/2014
    C. Culpepper

  • 03/29/2014
    D. Gaskin
    Drivers insisted on a tip when it has already been included in price.

  • 03/24/2014
    D. Paley
    We were pleased with the driver and vehicle. He got us there very quickly. It was a quiet ride as we left at 5:00 am. My one and only complaint would be that he played the radio quite loud and had it on a new only station. The topic almost the whole way to the airport was the disappearance of the Malaysian airline. This is not what I wanted to listen to for 30 minutes prior to flying myself nor was all the doom and gloom news something my children wanted to hear either.

  • 03/19/2014
    R. Lidov
    Clyde was fantastic. Would request him in the future.

  • 03/18/2014
    n. turner
    Lovely driver- professional , on time , careful driver Provided water and hard candies. Couldn't have Been better. Car clean and shiny !

  • 03/17/2014
    D. Fox
    Each driver was quite professional and personable. We enjoyed the experience.

  • 03/17/2014
    J. Lascher

  • 03/16/2014
    K. Fleig
    Beautiful cars, excellent driver (Parris), professional, on time, pleasant.

  • 03/16/2014
    A. Ponce
    Our driver Parris was very polite and friendly. He was able to accomodate the fact that we we arrived early to the airport.

  • 03/13/2014
    R. Cremer

  • 03/13/2014
    S. Mahaney
    Our driver Parris was awesome! Excellent communication prior to pick-up and fantastic personality, once we met in person. We even booked again and requested him! Service was timely and the car was in good shape!

  • 03/10/2014
    S. Hamil

  • 03/08/2014
    B. Khan
    Just a quick note to say what a wonderful experience we had with your service! Our driver, Randy, was THE BEST! He drove us both from the airport to our hotel and then returned us to LAX during peak traffic on a Monday morning safely and with ample time to catch our return flight. He was friendly, helpful and gave us answers to our many and varied questions and we would absolutely recommend both your service and him. Thank you for making our arrival and departure in Los Angeles a most pleasurable experience!

  • 03/08/2014
    R. Glide
    Driver at Discount Limo needed to pay attention to services requesed. Paid for in airport meet. Met driver at curbside. Paid $15 to meet driver inside airport for pick-up. Failed to do so. Had driver home locate me outside via cell phone. Otherwise was very courteous and nice ride home.

  • 03/06/2014
    C. Wright
    Mimi was terrible, Her car smelled terrible, she was not dressed professionaly, we had to hold our luggage on our laps and she didn't know where she was going and was arguementative when we tried to help.

  • 03/05/2014
    C. Budd
    We had a great experience with our driver. The vehicle was larger than expected, and the ride was incredibly smooth. We got back to our hotel quickly and had a wonderful experience.

  • 03/03/2014
    C. Zimmer

  • 02/26/2014
    K. Fleig

  • 02/24/2014
    C. Drisdom
    Our Driver Randy was top of the line when it comes to Chauffeurs, very professional and very detailed, vehicle was a brand new Black 2014 sedan like we order online, had cold waters and Randy our driver was 30 minutes early picking us up, I was so impressed with this company's price and service I just had to let everybody know that you can trust Discount Sedan & Limousine for all your Transportation needs, They are awesome !

  • 02/12/2014
    C. Kirzner
    We chose the Suburban for our vehicle as we had 6 adults and 12 pieces of luggage. The vehicle was perfect size, everyone and everything fit just fine. Very well maintained and immaculent inside and out. Our driver was Randy, both to and from LAX Airport. He couldn't have been nicer, a true gentleman and a pleasure to have him as our driver. He was right on time, both times, and my family and I felt like we've known him for years. I highly recommend Discount Sedan & Limousine and if you happen to get Randy as a driver, tell him I said hello.

  • 01/31/2014
    D. Tropp
    I have used your service 3 times since my first experience last October and I am VERY happy – great service at a very competitive price. Drivers have always been on time (actually early), helped with getting my luggage in the car and were very pleasant and courteous. I have already recommended your company to family friends and plan to continue. Thank you for the world class service that you have provided to me. Best regards

  • 01/25/2014
    T. Speights
    I've rented out from a lot of different companies before and Discount Sedan & Limousine was the best chauffeured service I've used yet. The price was right and the quality of service was even better. Our driver Clyde arrived early and was very accommodating. Thanks to you guys I had a great trip, thank you so much and I would highly recommend your services! I will definitely book with Discount Sedan & Limousine in the future! Thanks again

  • 01/24/2014
    S. Khan
    The service was perfect, Driver was ontime and very professional, car was brand new and what I order online and Driver new where He was going, I will always use Discount Sedan & Limousine when I come into Orange County.

  • 01/21/2014
    T. Speights
    My driver, Brandon was 15 minutes early! I was so anxious about the pickup time. He was early and let me focus on last minute items. Great and relaxing drive to LAX. I will definitely call Discount Sedan for my next our of town meeting.

  • 01/19/2014
    K. Clemens
    This Company is very professional and respectful of your needs. They arrived timely and kept us up to date on their expected arrival time via text and phone messages. I would highly recommend their services!

  • 01/18/2014
    V. Delgado
    Julius was on time, polite, a very good driver and was very happy with him getting us to our destination.

  • 01/18/2014
    D. Jafri
    Our driver Parris was great. Excellent communication led to a seamless pick up. He engaged, pleasant and we got from LAX to zip code 90026 in under 30 minutes. Highly recommend!

  • 01/16/2014
    N. Rosenberg

  • 01/16/2014
    J. Flowers

  • 01/15/2014
    S. Ferraiuolo

  • 01/13/2014
    S. Mackin
    Have a water bottle available. The car smelled fruity and I have to give the driver directions back to the freeway. Not great.

  • 01/12/2014
    M. Basrawi

  • 01/10/2014
    C. Nelson
    The service was excellent as well as the driver who arrived early and was professional and courteous. I will definitely recommend this service

  • 01/10/2014
    E. Nowicki

  • 01/09/2014
    M. Leeper
    "I recently used this service for my boss and He had nothing but great things to say. I'm happy to write this review as this service has made my life a lot simpler. Thank you to the chauffeur Brandon at Discount Sedan & Limousine!

  • 01/07/2014
    L. Rynearson
    Total Professional experience. Great driver and an overall good job. The equipment was top notch and very comfortable.

  • 01/04/2014
    G. Sansom
    I was very skeptical on using a service to pick up my daughter from the airport, but I had no choice since work schedule became hectic, anyhow I contacted Discount Sedan & Limousine and they were great from start to finish. Very friendly staff and my daughter told me that driver Randy was very professional and easy to locate, He opened doors and loaded Her luggage and made her feel at ease since it was the first time she had to take a car service. Will definitely recommend and use again. Thanks.

  • 01/04/2014
    T. Hamar
    "I use a limo service on average once a month. This was one time that my expectations were exceeded. They were prompt, communicative, and personable. The vehicle was neat, clean, and comfortable again exceeding my expectations. This will be my preference of services in the Orange County area from now on and I will recommend this company to all my friends. I travel frequently and will recommend Discount Sedan & Limousine to each person I meet on their way to the Orange County area."

  • 01/04/2014
    G. Sansom

  • 01/04/2014
    A. Kane
    the driver going to the port and returning home from the port were both excellent, extraordinaire and extremely helpful.

  • 01/03/2014
    J. Schramm
    Parris B was excellent. Flight arrived 1 hour early and he was there. Will definitely use again.

  • 12/30/2013
    K. Pinsley
    "Discount Sedan & Limousine has been reliable and drivers are a pleasant to deal with. I use them often and would recommend them over any other service in Los Angeles on Limos.com, Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity "

  • 12/30/2013
    K. Darling

  • 12/30/2013
    C. Culpepper
    I was very impressed by Discount Sedan's service from beginning to end. The car was new, clean, and had features I hadn't seen in limos before. My driver, Parris, was extremely friendly and professional and we had a great conversation on the way to my destination. I would highly recommend them to a friend and plan to use their services again in the future.

  • 12/29/2013
    L. Detering

  • 12/24/2013
    B. DADA
    Very nice driver. Prompt and very professional

  • 12/19/2013
    D. W
    Excellent experience. Parris arrived 30 minutes early because it was raining out and then took me around the back of LAX because there was major traffic at the entrance - probably shaved 20 minutes off the trip. Would absolutely use them again.

  • 12/18/2013
    R. Gill
    "In the past, employees at our company have used car services from a handful of vendors (who were mediocre at BEST) to shuttle to and from airports, hotels, meetings, dinners, and other corporate events. In 2008, after connecting with Discount Sedan & Limousine, we converted all of our busines over to Discount Sedan & Limousine and they have delivered excellent service from day 1. Our executives, our staff, and even our outside guests have complimented the outstanding service from Discount Sedan & Limousine. From an admin perspective, we are happy to do business with such a responsive, professional, and courteous company. Our company highly recommends Discount Sedan & Limousine to anyone looking for such, and we would be happy to pass this information on. "

  • 12/17/2013
    L. SMITH
    driver was very prompt courteous and accommodating Drive to airport smooth and efficient

  • 12/14/2013
    B. Wilson
    We were very impressed with the service we received. The service was not only amazing, our driver Parris kept us laughing. We would definitely book again with company!

  • 12/13/2013
    D. Foster
    "This company is truly the top Black car service provider on Limos.com. I usually book for my boss who is extremely picky and so far they have not let us down. I promised I would write a review to thank them and am very happy to have discovered Discount Sedan & Limousine. Thank you! "

  • 12/12/2013
    J. Reilly
    "I've had many excellent experiences using Limos.com, but I'd have to say my experience with Discount Sedan & Limousine exceeded my high expectations. My vehicle was imaculately clean (even though it had been raining earlier that morning), the driver Randy was extremely courteous and helpful, and He required no input in finding the best route home. The Town Car was a brand new model, was extremely clean and comfortable, and had all the expected amenities. Finally, they also had a surprisingly affordable price. I know exactly who I'll be using for my local Town Car service needs on Limos.com! Thank you Discount Sedan & Limousine"

  • 12/12/2013
    D. Foster
    Our driver Randy was very accomodating When we added two extra people and asked him to wait beyond the scheduled pickup time. Excellent service!

  • 12/11/2013
    T. Krieger
    My Driver Randy was 15 minutes early picking me up, well dressed very professional and friendly, car was new and clean and driver had already map out directions to airport, the service I receive was 5 star and I will use Discount Sedan & Limousine next time I come into Newport Beach CA.

  • 12/11/2013
    J. Reilly
    Driver was courteous and on-time. Sedan was.clean and comfortable! No more Super Shuttle for me!

  • 12/09/2013
    M. Bugeja
    "Excellent & personable driver(Randy)....We personally use car services a lot, this is the 1st review I have given because the driver Randy stood out that much. We will definitely be using their services & requesting our driver Randy again!"

  • 12/09/2013
    C. Schwerin
    Best car service I ever used, new super clean towncar and Driver was so professional and well dressed, Discount Sedan & Limousine is a Company that you can trust and rely on for your transportation needs.

  • 12/03/2013
    D. Harshman
    Met and exceeded all our expectations. Great job!

  • 12/02/2013
    W. Graves
    "As a best selling fitness author I get the honor to travel all over the world and I have used several limo services. Some have been very good while others have left a lot to be desired. However, the POSITIVE experience that I had with Discount Sedan & Limousine was something that words cannot even begin to describe. First of all, the Lady that took care of me over the phone to confirm my reservation, Ms. Lisa, was extremely courteous and helpful, regardless of the fact that both times that I interacted with her were late hours at night (11pm and 2am respectively). She even remembered me, much to my surprise, when I called Her the second time, which was a few days later. As soon as I came into LA, my driver (Randy) was already waiting for me at the baggage claims. He helped us with the luggage and my fiancée and I struck a great conversation with him from the beginning. I told him how it was my fiancée's birthday and he went above and beyond the call of duty to make her day very special from the airport to the hotel. Knowing that part of the reason for our LA visit was the fact that it was my fiancée's dream to see LA, he made sure to advice her of when we were approaching some of the great sites so that she could take a picture as we were on the way to the hotel. We felt so comfortable with him that I asked him if he would be willing to use his extensive expertise of LA to give her a tour of the whole city. Needless to say, he cordially accepted and in 3 hours he gave us the most memorable tour of LA anyone can get. We were able to take pictures in every single LA city landmark. On top of that, he shared the history of every single place we visited...something that made the tour incredibly educational, interesting and special. He even sang Happy Birthday to Her. Honestly, for the tour he gave us I would have gladly paid $1000 and we got it for a fraction of that price. Needless to say, EVERY TIME that I go to LA now I use Discount Sedan & Limousine because of the fact that this company is made of genuine people that care and treat you like family. If you are coming to LA and need a top rate first class limo service, I recommend Discount Sedan & Limousine and I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.

  • 11/25/2013
    T. Dismuke
    Excellent service! Driver was exceptionally nice and got us to the airport very quickly. Car was very new. Loved the trip to the airport. :)

  • 11/25/2013
    E. Cheung
    I received a text from our driver Randy as soon as we landed. He was waiting for us when we arrived and we communicated by phone to find one another. He was very professional in both service and appearance. His car was immaculate and there was water waiting for us as well. I selected a Towncar and we were picked up in a new Towncar. I was very impressed with Discount Sedan & Limousine and will recommend to them all my friends and family."

  • 11/22/2013
    S. Mcewen
    These guys give GREAT service. They are rock solid dependable -- always where they're supposed to be when they're supposed to be there. In clean, well-maintained cars with polite, friendly, and knowledgable drivers. I just send them my airline itinery and they make the reservations from there. They send an email confirmation perfectly. I've set up a direct account so there's no fuss at the end of a trip. Just a drop and a thank-you --- they bill my credit card and email the receipt. I've tried a BUNCH of different providers in Los Angeles and these guys are without question at the very top in service quality.

  • 11/17/2013
    N. Limpdaengskul
    "Excellent ride; Discount Sedan & Limousine Service reconfirmed booking by email and provided name and phone-number of the driver that would wait (Randy) in case of delays . Flight was early but driver was already waiting for me; very friendly, effective and efficient staff; ride took approx 1h and drop-off was exactly where requested. Car used was very clean and comfortable. Services is absolutely recommendable "

  • 11/17/2013
    B. Backa
    Excellent Driver, Excellent vehicle, Excellent service will use again!

  • 11/16/2013
    M. Moore
    I work for Sony Pictures Entertainment Client Services Post Production, and we have been using Discount Sedan & Limousine for years, they are real reliable always ontime conduct them self very professional at all times and vehicles are always what we order and in top condition, office always meet I high demand last minute changes, we are real happy with Discount Sedan & Limousine and will gladly endorse this Company

  • 11/16/2013
    P. Langley
    My Driver Clyde was wonderful and polite and Professional, ontime and help with the Lauggage and new the quickest route home, a very safe Driver and just loved the company He work for, must say very good company to do business with, Thank You Discount Sedan & Limousine for taking care of us, will use you in the future.

  • 11/15/2013
    J. Wohl
    We are a Corporate meeting planner and Intl. Travel Agency handling large Meetings and convention groups around the world. After working with Discount Sedan & Limousine in Los Angeles for the past two years, we can only express our complete satisfaction with this company. From the top management to all supervisors and drivers, their service and professionalism is very satisfactory. They are always in contact and keep us informed of every single detail, treating each of our customers exceptionally well. We will continue using their services, and will not hesitate to call them for all our future needs of transportation.

  • 11/11/2013
    N. Peterson
    "I never write reviews but after using Discount Sedan & Limousine, I thought I would give it a try. It was an excellent experience. The car was ready as I came out of the airport, it was new and clean and smelled fresh. The driver was extremely poilte and helpful. About 15 minutes after I was dropped off, the front desk buzzed me and informed me that the driver came back with my cell phone that I left in the backseat. For me that was the cherry on top, I am very pleased with this service and would highly recommend it to anyone!"

  • 11/10/2013
    T. Phan
    Driver was ontime very professional looking, I would say thats what you call a professional chauffeure down to the smallest detail, hats off to Discount Sedan & Limousine for doing a outstanding job getting me home.

  • 11/09/2013
    M. Park
    Very wonderful Driver Named Clyde, got me to Airport safe and ontime, nice brand new vehicle very clean inside and out, over all service was very professnoial and five star quality.

  • 11/04/2013
    E. Reibling
    Parris was early, efficient and gracious. The vehicle was clean and comfortable, he offered us water and mints, and most importantly got us to the airport quickly. Second time we have used Discount Sedan & Limo and we are definitely going to use them again.

  • 11/03/2013
    S. Black
    I've been trying to find a limo service that was reliable, comfortable, priced correctly, and elegant for years! I've tried everyone in the LA area, and these guys are by far the best. The cars are clean and new, they're always on time, the drivers are friendly and dressed nicely - I have been using them for several months, and they have proven to be unusually dedicated to customer service. They take pride in the maintenance of their vehicles, and training of their drivers. They haven't let me down yet. I recommend Discount Sedan & Limousine to anyone looking for great limo service,

  • 10/31/2013
    K. Dunford
    I can't say enough about Discount Sedan & Limousine, they are the best, I first use them back in July and will contiune to use them everytime we have business on the west coast, Their Drivers and Vehicles are top of the line and so Professional, I use Chauffeured Transportation all over the World for Business and also Limos.com and Discount Sedan & Limousine ranks as one of the best I ever used.

  • 10/31/2013
    S. Juna
    The Driver was ontime ( 20 minutes early ) The Driver was waiting in front of Hotel Lobby where He was suppose to be, The Vehicle was a Brand new 2014 Black Lincoln Mkz Sedan and was what I booked online, The Car had cold water and candy and a newspaper, The Driver and the service was very professional and the price was real reasonable, I just Loved the service and will only use Discount Sedan & Limousine for all my business airport trips.

  • 10/28/2013
    D. Butchart
    Discount Sedan & Limousine pick up my my wife, son and Me and dropUs off at the Airport, They were on time, Brand new Black Lincoln, Driver was well Dress in Black Suit and tie very Professional and responsiveness to all our needs and had already checked the traffic and knew the directions to the Airport , Discount Limousine had the best price compared to all the other services on Limos.com and offer a Brand New Car, They are by far the Best Service on Limos.com for the Quality of Service, you will not regret going with Discount Sedan & Limousine for all your Transportation needs , I recommend this Company.

  • 10/07/2013
    R. Laroche
    We were very surprised when our flight arrived early and so did our driver Julius. The car was marked for our party and he arrived at the curb the same time we did with our luggage. He loaded our bags and we were on our way to our destination. On the return trip to the airport we had Julius again, and again he was wonderful. Very professional and prompt. We have ALWAYS rented a car for our vacations in Southern California and decided that we just wanted to relax from arrival to departure. Using Discount Sedan and Limo was wonderful. From the time we arrived in Long Beach to the time we departed we were relaxed and did not have any stress driving or renting a car. We love these people. We will be using them again. For and on time pick up and drop off and professional, safe and courteous driver, and no stress - use Discount Sedan and Limo. We will again. Thanks Julius - see you soon.

  • 09/25/2013
    R. Glendenning
    Our driver was Parris. He arrived early with an immaculate car for us for our trip to lax. He was very personable and informative and well dressed. Everything was first class as advertised. Will use this company again when in the area. Thanks Bob

  • 09/24/2013
    E. Tula
    Call HERE & THERE ON TIME TRANSPORTS parade courteous, professional, fully uniformed Limousine drivers that will be early to meet you in the airport arrivals lounge or curbside and ready to assist you with your baggage to the limousine or executive car . Call then today (310) 292-1147

  • 09/05/2013
    A. Santelli
    Parris was our driver, and we couldn't have asked for any better. He was early, extremely courteous upon our arrival and drove safely. Parris was engaging, funny and kind; he started our California vacation off on an excellent note.

  • 09/02/2013
    S. Wright
    First off, I would like to recommend this company to anyone who needs transportation. They were nice, friendly, prompt, professional and most of all efficient. I would rate them A+++!!! The new black Lincoln Towncar and well dressed Driver in a black suit was just like they said when I order and showed up 20 minutes early and new the quickest route to the airport. Out of all the Limousine Services I have used for business travel I would say Discount Sedan & Limousine is the best service hands down, I will not be going to any other Limo company.

  • 08/12/2013
    G. Raiti
    great service arrived a little early which was good

  • 05/30/2013
    W. Trant
    Was waiting for me out front early. Nice car, nice guy. Will definitely use Discount Sedan and Limousine again.

  • 05/30/2013
    W. Trant
    On time, nice car, nice driver. Couldn't be happier. Thanks Randy!

  • 04/27/2013
    B. Jasper
    Discount Sedan & Limo is "discount" only in name and price. Their service and vehicle quality is outstanding and better than many other more expensive services I have used. I hired them to drive me from Irvine to LAX and to home after I returned. My driver Randy was professional and curious, and the executive-style SUV was very well-maintained. Randy arrived at my house early on the outbound flight and met me in the terminal for the return fight. I will definitely hire this service again and highly recommend it

  • 03/28/2013
    D. King
    I booked a round trip Long Beach Airport to and from Anaheim Disneyland on 3/18/2013 and 3/20/2013, it was Me my Granddaughter and Daughter first time to Disneyland and ever hiring a private car service, I was so amazed at the Airport when the Driver pulled up in a brand new shinny black Lincoln Towncar with are name sign in the window, ontime well dressed in a black suit and so professional, He help us with our bags not only in the car but He help taking them in the hotel, the price was very good and I would recommend this company to everybody .

  • 03/28/2013
    G. Negrete
    Excellent and friendly service from the office and driver. Would use again and would recommend to others, they are supergreat.

  • 03/28/2013
    G. Sowell
    Discount Sedan & Limousine was very friendly and professional, they handle all the transportation for two rock bands at BB KINGS. We were very satisfied with the service and the price.

  • 03/28/2013
    R. Watkins
    I would and recommend others to use this company. We are very satisfied with the professional service we received and the overall experience was outstanding.

  • 03/28/2013
    A. G
    I must say, this limo service was awesome! At first, I was unaware of the tax and gas fee... but when I called the receptionist was great. She thoroughly explained all expenses. I was very impressed with the service and timing! I will definitely be calling Vern again to be our driver. He was very courteous and friendly. Thank you so much for making our experience memorable!

  • 03/28/2013
    D. Wong
    All the staff were incredibly friendly as well as professional, A true gem in the limousine service... looking forward to use this company for all my needs, we highly recommened them to everybody..

  • 03/28/2013
    M. Maquinn
    Excellent and friendly service from the office staff to the limo, the driver and also the price, they delivered just what they said they would, five star service and I recommend this limousine service to everyone.

  • 03/28/2013
    G. M
    This company was responsive, helpful, courteous, and quite exceptional in service in helping me surprise my man for his 60th birthday! Our driver, Cedric was fully accommodating in all of my special requests and so thoughtful. He called to check our arrival, and waited while we searched for lost luggage. The limo was LOADED with extras. A one-hour drive turned into an almost 3-hour drive due to rain and traffic, but he was unhurried, unannoyed, calm... and therefore so were we! We loved him and Discount Limo!

Roman Worldwide Transportation, Inc.
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The leading chauffeured services for LA & Orange County Professionals, Roman Worldwide Transportation creates relationships by providing unmatched luxury travel. We specialize in corporate transportation, airport transfers, and leisure travel. Our mission is to create an enjoyable stress free experience each and every time you reserve a car, limousine or motor coach with us. We aim for excellence designed to meet and exceed your LA & Orange County travel expectations through our personable style and professionalism. Our chauffeurs are professionally trained, our fleet contains the newest models luxury vehicles, and our dispatch and livery software are the best of its kind. We use state-of-the-art equipment to insure the highest of quality within everything we do for the most important aspect of our business, you our client. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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  • 12/22/2015
    C. Hunt
    Scott L. was a true professional. Stayed within the speed limits; didn't change lanes frequently; amiable; engaged in conversation, but quiet when appropriate. Car was very clean (in and out). Pick-up was timely. As noted, a very good experience.

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Robles
    Excellent service. They contacted me right on schedule, and were at the location on time. Very professional.

  • 12/22/2015
    C. Jewell
    When everything was figured out, Roman Transportation and their customer service was outstanding. They took a lot of consideration into the issue that was at hand, Jeff our driver was professional and friendly. He provided a smooth and elegant ride, showing professionalism and care with our experience. Completely satisfied, I am now with out a doubt will look Roman over using Limos.com

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Lucas
    Driver was waiting for us at the airport. Texted driver and he was curbside within 5 minutes. Vehicle was very clean and comfortable. Driver friendly and courteous.

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Nadin
    Driver waiting for us right at the airport even though our flight was delayed for an hour. Very professional and friendly.

  • 04/25/2015
    G. Thursz

  • 04/08/2015
    K. Strohl

  • 12/27/2014
    J. Zitter

  • 09/09/2014
    C. Thompson
    Used these guys again for an adults night out! They were very accommodating with such short notice and gave me a fair price for 10 adults. We felt so lucky to have Tom as our driver...he is so awesome!! Would recommend these guys to everyone.

  • 09/09/2014
    A. G.
    Booked an MB Sprinter for a Night out. Justin was our driver. He was 12mins early from our pick up time and the Limo was really nice and clean. Justin was very courteous and patient with us. We got home on time as well. The bar was stacked with beer water and ice. All the glasses are sparkling clean. We were impressed with the limo and the driver and will definitely book our future events with RWT. I highly recommend RWT.

  • 09/08/2014
    L. R
    The company I had used in the past went out of business ,but to my pleasure this company was just as spectacular and maybe better ;-))) My GF ,she had never been in a limo and I was so pleased with this company will defiantly use them again and again.. JB was our driver he made my GF feel so comfortable and was very personable .Thank You JB and Roman Worldwide Transportation ...

  • 06/06/2014
    b. h
    We used Roman Transportation for my mom's 70th birthday party and they were excellent. The driver showed up on time and was helpful throughout the evening, the new Lincoln limousine was very nice, and the price was reasonable. I'd highly recommend using them.

  • 06/06/2014
    n. P
    Highly recommend!!! In my past experiences with other limo services, its never been positive (late, slow, dirty, poor customer service, high prices, etc). I hired Roman Worldwide Transportation and was SO IMPRESSED!!! Not only were they so pleasant on the phone when I called for a quote, they arrived perfectly on time (a little early), the car was exactly as I would hope, the driver was so pleasant, ... there literally is nothing negative I could say about the whole experience! And even best was that their pricing was very reasonable! I will gladly use them again and recommend them to others. THANK YOU!

  • 06/06/2014
    c. T
    Used these guys again for an adults night out! They were very accommodating with such short notice and gave me a fair price for 10 adults. We felt so lucky to have Tom as our driver...he is so awesome!! Would recommend these guys to everyone.

  • 05/14/2014
    M. Reyhani
    Excellent experience and prompt arrival. Driver was courteous and professional and got us to the airport in short time. Will use limos.com again.

  • 02/27/2014
    B. Pullen

  • 02/26/2014
    r. A
    Roman Worldwide Transportations is Awesome. Thank you so much for such an amazing experience for my birthday! On time, CLEAN, friendly, and helpful with other places to go so I had the best experience with my friends. I would definitely refer them to a friend or anyone who need limo service.

  • 02/26/2014
    l. r
    Great service, great staff and great limos. We use Roman Worldwide as an affiliate and they never disappoint. Thanks for the great service.

  • 02/26/2014
    c. b
    I recently rented the party bus from Roman Worldwide Transportation for a wine tasting bachelorette party. Our driver arrived on time, was extremely professional, had everything organized and setup exactly as requested and everything went exactly as planned! he made our day worry free by going above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed, we had the time of our lives! I cant wait to book my next excursion with them, you will not be disappointed!

  • 02/26/2014
    n. f
    This is the 2nd time I've used Roman Worldwide and once again they exceeded my expectations. Earl our driver was on time, professional and polite and made my Dad's 70th Birthday party a blast! I have another prom and and 2 more BIG Birthdays coming up in 2014 & I won't use anyone else. I've had too many bad experiences in the past with shady limo companies. Don't put yourself thru the drama, just contact these guys.... Thanks Scott O and RWWT Team! Appreciate your services!!!

  • 01/15/2014
    l. R
    Great service, great staff and great limos. We use Roman Worldwide as an affiliate and they never disappoint. Thanks for the great service.

  • 01/15/2014
    A. G
    Just got back from an amazing night! Bill was our driver, I can't say enough wonderful things about him! We are so pleased with experience. Scott was great to work with it, the reservation process was very easy and very painless, her is very flexible, and always returned my call. Bill the driver showed up on 15 minutes early. He made the experience that much better. He was also flexible and went above and beyond any expectations we had. The limo was very clean inside and out. It was my husband's birthday, we went to dinner and after picked up our kids to loom at Christmas lights!! I'm already planning our next experience. We highly recommend Roman World Wide!

  • 12/30/2013
    s. D
    Great prices and very professional! Will book again!

  • 12/30/2013
    C. T
    Referred by a coworker and wasn't disappointed at all. They delivered everything they said they would and the service was awesome from beginning to end. These guys took care of 28, fourteen year olds for homecoming! I will definitely use them for all of my events!

  • 12/30/2013
    N. F
    This is the 2nd time I've used Roman Worldwide and once again they exceeded my expectations. Earl our driver was on time, professional and polite and made my Dad's 70th Birthday party a blast! I have another prom and and 2 more BIG Birthdays coming up in 2014 & I won't use anyone else. I've had too many bad experiences in the past with shady limo companies. Don't put yourself thru the drama, just contact these guys.... Thanks Scott O and RWWT Team! Appreciate your services!!!

xecutive shuttle and transport
rated 4.6 of 5, 30 reviews

Company description not available

See xecutive shuttle and transport reviews

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Young
    I always use this provider. Always dependable and friendly professional service!

  • 12/22/2015
    B. Witter

  • 12/22/2015
    B. Lapp
    My driver was great....very nice and efficient

  • 12/22/2015
    A. Andersson
    Driver was professional and friendly. Car was clean

  • 12/22/2015
    T. freyer

  • 12/22/2015
    b. clarke

  • 12/22/2015
    B. Ganske
    First class driver and everything was excellent on time great job thanks

  • 12/22/2015
    T. COYNE

  • 12/22/2015
    m. williams

  • 12/22/2015

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Young

  • 12/22/2015
    R. Singleton
    Very Professional, Both drivers. The only way to go from here on out. Wonderful experience!!!

  • 12/22/2015
    T. COYNE

  • 12/22/2015
    C. Sherman

  • 12/22/2015
    K. Wilcox
    Driver was great!!!

  • 07/07/2015
    S. Bales
    ONtime and very pleasant.

  • 04/27/2015
    P. Golafshan

  • 04/21/2015
    G. Fronek
    Ride did NOT show up. Almost missed my flight. Contacted Xecutive, they said Limos.com never sent info. However, I had confirmation email. Horrible experience with both companies.

  • 04/21/2015
    J. Theisens

  • 04/07/2015
    M. Graham
    We had a very nice experience with Xecutive Shuttle. Driver arrived right on time and was very friendly. The SUV was very clean and comfortable. I will use this company again.

  • 03/27/2015
    c. Dobihal

  • 03/27/2015
    J. Tousley
    Because of a text error there was confusion about my transport. But in the end you found Steller Limos and the driver arrived only a few minutes late. Good job Limos.com!

  • 03/26/2015
    G. Bishop
    Driver did not know appropriate routes and did not listen when I tried to help him correct his route. He got lost and did not read signs well enough to correct his mistake.

  • 03/19/2015
    J. Goodnight

  • 03/17/2015
    B. Lapp
    Good job..Came through the Coto de Caza gate early so we knew he was in the community very early and then showed up 15 minutes before scheduled time.

  • 02/28/2015
    M. Duperron
    Our driver 'VINCE' was a great guy and met us with a happy smile and made us feel like one of his family. He worked so hard for us and we really appreciated his efforts! Please let him know and say thanks to him again from us. The vehicle was so nice and we were really glad we made the choice to go with your company and intend to use it again next time we travel.

  • 02/28/2015
    M. Duperron
    Devetria K. was our driver and she is awesome! She was great to talk to and we shared a few laughs with her. She made our transportation experience a really good one, please thank her once again from us! The vehicle was really nice and we felt very comfortable, thanks for asking. We will definitely be calling your company up next vacation and using your service as well as recommending Limos.com to all our friends and family!

  • 02/28/2015
    J. Mackie
    Driver was knowledgeable and helpful. The SUV was very clean and very roomy for our family. Would definitely recommend.

  • 02/27/2015
    C. Sanchez
    the trip was from LAX to home. I recieved several texts that our driver was there and to text when we had our luggage. I did as instructed and had to wait for over 30 minutes for the driver to arrive. It was not the driver that I kept receiving texts that he was there. The drive home took 45 minutes and should have taken 15 as the driver did not know what freeway to take.

  • 01/10/2015
    C. Green
    Fantastic service from Giovanni. Got to the hotel early, bags in car when we came out and friendly service all the way to LAX. Car was immaculate.

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