Customer Support

What is is an easy way for you to find limousine service worldwide from top-rated providers who match your specific needs.
How do you choose which limo companies to show me?
Our search results are based on the criteria you provide in your request (type of service, number of passengers, etc.); we compare your request with our list of participating limo companies in your service area and show those that are the best match for you.
Can I see a directory of all of your limo providers?
Yes, if you scroll to the bottom of the homepage, you will see "Limo Directory". Clicking on that will bring you to Here you can search by region, "Top Limo Services", as well as "Top United States Cities".
What does it mean if no results show up for my search?
This could mean one of two things. First, it is possible that our limo operators in your area are currently booked up and unavailable for the specific dates for which you are searching. We recommend trying your search at another time to see if any availability has opened up. If you have tried repeated searches and still are finding no results, this likely means that we do not have any limo providers in your area at the present time. We are constantly working to expand our coverage, so please check back regularly to see if we've added providers in your area.
How does connect me to the limo company?
You submit your contact details (name, phone and/or email). We provide your details to the providers matching your needs, who will respond to your request (instantly in most cases).
How will use my email address and phone number? will only use your contact details to connect you to the limo companies from which you've requested quotes and to confirm your request. We will not share any of your details with any other third parties.
How much does it cost to use this service?
This service is free for users searching for limo services. Please note that when calling our toll-free phone number from a mobile phone, operator or carrier charges may apply.
I submitted my contact details to a provider. When will I receive more information?
Most limo companies will respond instantly and any remaining companies should respond within 24 hours if they are able to service your request.
Do I have to purchase anything if I contact a limo company through
No. While you do have the option to book a 1-Click Reservation with a credit card, you are not obligated to make any purchase or accept any offer during or after using this service.
Can I review limo company ratings?
Yes, we have thousands of actual customer reviews and ratings for our participating limo companies here.
Can I rate a limo company?
Yes! If you have booked with a limo operator using, we encourage you to rate our operators. The integrity of our reviews is very important to us. Please be sure to submit the review using the same email address that you used to conduct the search. That way we can match you against our customer database and verify that you were actually a customer.
Can I provide feedback for
Yes! We appreciate hearing about your experience and will use your feedback to inform future website features/services. Please send feedback to
What if I no longer wish to be contacted?
After you have requested or received a quote, simply let the limo company know that you would no longer like to be contacted (via your choice of email or phone). You may also unsubscribe from receiving future emails from
Customer Accounts
How do I create a Customer Account?
Go to the homepage and click on "Register" at the top right hand corner of the page. This will then lead you through the simple steps of creating an account with us.
I've forgotten my password. How do I create a new one?
Please click here to reset your password and have it sent to your email address.
How do I view my past reservations?
Log in to your Customer Account in the top right corner of the our homepage. In the navigation menu on the left side of the screen, click on "My Recent Reservations". This will pull up a list of all of your past reservations. To view or print the full details of the reservation, click on the link that says "Full Details: view/print" which is located in the top right corner of the particular reservation box.

Instead of pulling up a full list of all of your past reservations, if you would like to search for one specifically, click on "Advanced Search" in the left hand menu. You can then enter your specific search criteria using the search boxes and filters that are displayed. Once you've entered all of the appropriate criteria, hit the "Search" button and your results will appear in the table below. Clicking on the specific row in the table will then pull up the full details of the original reservation.
I have a specific request that I want to apply to all future rides. Where do I enter that?
Log in to your Customer Account in the top right corner of the our homepage. In the navigation menu on the left side of the screen, click on "My Details". Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see "My Travel Preferences". You may enter any special requests into the text box and hit "Save". This preference will then appear on any future reservations that you make.
My credit card on file has expired. How do I update that?
Log in to your Customer Account in the top right corner of our homepage. In the navigation menu on the left side of the screen, click on "My Credit Cards". You can then Edit or Delete a Payment Method.
If I frequently travel to and from the same addresses, is there any way that I can save those addresses in my account?
Yes. When you are logged into your Customer Account and conduct a search, we will automatically save your addresses for future bookings. You can view these addresses by logging in to your Customer Account in the top right corner of our homepage. In the navigation menu on the left side of the screen, click on "Manage Address Book". Here you can Edit or Delete any of your past addresses. Any new addresses will be automatically saved here when you conduct a new search.
What does it mean to "Create Free Business Account"?
Business accounts have special features to make your business travel easier and more cost-effective. Business accounts can be:
  • For yourself
  • For anyone that arranges travel for you (ex: an Assistant)
  • For your company and departments within your company
  • For company travel managers or travel agents
  • Created for co-workers - and terminated if they leave
Creating a business account is completely free. To start, click "Create Free Business Account". This will activate your Business Account, and from there you can proceed to "Book A Trip" or "Invite Co-Workers". Any Co-Workers that you invite to join will be linked to your Business Account, and this will allow you to view and manage their travel arrangements and history.
How do I book/reserve the limo service that I want?
Go to our homepage and enter your search criteria. You will then come to a search results page with multiple limo providers listed, with their vehicles and rates available. Some of those providers will say "Book with 1-Click*". With these operators, you may make a confirmed reservation using a credit card. You would hit "SELECT" and then you will be brought to the payment page.

For any operators that do not have the "Book with 1-Click*" icon, when you hit "SELECT" you will be brought to a Reservation Request page, where you can enter your information and submit a Request. Please note that this is a REQUEST that must be confirmed directly with the limo operator. This is not a Confirmed Reservation. If you need help with making a Reservation, please contact Customer Support at 855-871-8561 or 949-236-2110.
How do I know that my reservation is fully confirmed?
To receive a fully confirmed reservation, you must have entered your credit card details into the reservation page and hit the "RESERVE" button. You will then be brought to a page which says "Reservation Confirmation" at the top, outlining the details of the your reservation. At the top of the confirmation page you will find the name of the limo provider with whom you have booked, and you will see your RIDE number (example: RIDE# EQ69G). You will also receive an email from us titled "Reservation Confirmation".

If you did not enter your credit card and hit the "RESERVE" button, but rather sent an inquiry directly to the limo provider, this is considered a Reservation REQUEST, not a confirmed reservation. In that circumstance, your reservation must be confirmed directly by the limo provider.
I am having trouble entering my credit card through your website. What should I do?
Please be sure that your credit card number, expiration date, billing name and address exactly match those associated with your credit card. Also, please be sure you have entered the accurate security code (CVV or CID number). For Visa/Mastercard, the three-digit CVV number is printed on the signature panel on the back of the card immediately after the card's account number. For American Express cards, the four-digit CID number is printed on the front of the card above the card account number.

If you are still having trouble entering your credit card, please contact Customer Support at 855-871-8561 or 949-236-2110.
How do I change a reservation?
We recommend that you first contact your limo provider directly to work with them to change your existing reservation. If your current provider is unavailable to provide service on your new date/time, please call Customer Support at 855-871-8561 or 949-236-2110 and we will assist you with rebooking your reservation.
How do I cancel a reservation?
If you need to cancel a reservation, please call Customer Support at 855-871-8561 or 949-236-2110. Please note that cancellation penalties are time sensitive, so it is best to call as soon as you know that you need to cancel. Also, as every limo provider has their own unique cancellation policies, it is very important that you review the cancellation policies provided at the bottom of our Confirmation Page.
Is my Deposit refundable?
The deposit is non-refundable, however in the event that you do need to cancel a ride, you may apply the deposit as a credit towards a future ride. Please be sure to review the Booking Conditions link at the bottom of your Confirmation Page.
What if my Limo is late picking me up or does not show up?
We hope that this does not happen, however given the nature of the travel industry, there are times when a vehicle gets delayed due to an unforeseen event, such as a traffic accident, etc. Each of our limo providers offers different On-Time Guarantees and Quality Assurances. Please check with your limo provider first to ask them how they are going to rectify your situation. If you are not satisfied with their resolution, please call Customer Support at 855-871-8561 or 949-236-2110 and we will assist you.
What do I do if my flight is changed or canceled?
If your flight arrival time has changed, please contact your Limo provider directly to notify them of the change. If your flight is canceled completely, please call Customer Support at 855-871-8561 or 949-236-2110 and we will assist you with canceling and/or rebooking the ride.