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  About Us

Horseless Carriage Limousine is Firefighter owned and operated! We have been servicing Hampton Roads for nearly 9 years and counting! Let us be a part of your special day!!

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  Rider Reviews

Customer: M. MacBeth
"I bought plane tickets to join friends in OBX and all car rentals in the Norfolk area were sold out. had a better price and was able to accommodate my arrival day and time. The driver, Ric was AMAZING! I felt safe with my 7 yo daughter and he was very pleasant to talk to. I would highly recommend this service and I will book again!"

Customer: W. Reck
"Rice was GREAT!!!"

Customer: C. Moore
"Very good"

Customer: M. Bondmass
"Driver was very helpful"

Customer: S. Walker
"Driver arrived on time. Was very professional and extremely courteous"

Customer: S. Pope
"My evening was awesome! The driver was fun and very pleasant. And the limo was in excellent condition, beautiful car. I will be using this service again!"

Customer: K. Gibson
"This was great Driver excellent"

Customer: K. Gibson

Customer: R. Ryan

Customer: k. lanza
"If we are ever in need of a ride when in VA again we would call Horseless Carriage. Mara was wonderful."

Customer: J. Scott

Customer: R. Ferguson

Customer: M. Garsa

Customer: E. Panagajos
"My mother was flying in to VA extremely late Sunday night on an emergency flight to take care of my sick sister and was scared to take a taxi so we used your service to pick her up. She raved about the service and the experience she had. It was a very reassuring feeling to know that in that late hour she had a safe ride to my sisters house. Thank you for the peace of mind in an already stressful situation!!! Thank you also to Randy W for getting my mom safely to her destination!! She will be defiantenly be using this service again the next time she is in town!!!! "

Customer: E. Ruane
"Mara drive us to the airport and back. She took our luggage and opened doors for us. She provided five diamond service both times. We were delayed four hours because of weather and she texted three times to let us know she would be there for us. I work at a hotel, and I will give her cards to our front desk for referrals. She is excellent."

Customer: j. Varat
"The experience was had by my daughter and a teammate. The driver was excellent with the girls and she was on time and there were no issues. It was a good experience. Josh varat "

Customer: Z. Ortiz
"My driver Mara was amazing and very helpful "

Customer: T. Weller
"Randy was very cordial and knew the most efficient way to get to my destination. Service was excellent and I would definitely recommend to a friend."

Customer: D. Neal
"The driver was amazing. She was Very nice and the car was clean. She helped with the bags and had no problem doing it. Very great driver. "

Customer: J. Sanders
"The driver was absolutely the best. My mother's flight was delayed by two hours and she waited and texted with me the entire time. She was phenomenal!!!"

Customer: A. Plus Travel
"We have booked with several times and my client has not been pleased due to wrong time and location of pick-up"

Customer: S. Louer

Customer: S. Mackey
"Our driver was pleasant and friendly, arrived on time, and was great at giving us directions to help locate her after our concert."

Customer: C. Braegger

Customer: R. Cannon
"Horseless Carriage was not the limo company that picked us up. I'm not sure of the story but they had Dominion Limo pick us up without a hitch and they were excellent. The vehicle was even better than i expected and the staff was extremely polite, courteous and timely. We had a wonderful experience with them. Thank you."

Customer: j. smith
"Service was excellent. The driver arrived early and was very pleasant. Limo was clean. I would definitely recommend this service."

Customer: j. doser
"my friend who has been in the united states air force for almost 10 years and never gets to come home finally made a trip back to virginia beach. We planned a girls night out and thought it would be a great idea to get a limo so we could all have a safe and fun night out on the town. last night my friend got the call saying she had to head back to guam today. i am very upset that we cant go out but what i am more upset about is when we called fred from horseless carriage limo he was extremly rude and lacked professonalism. after we explained our story he told us that the policy states that there is no refund unless proper notice and i understand that. he then told us to contact and that he would refund our money. when we spoke to they said they had to call him or verify. when they called fred he told them he was not going to give us a refund and then cut off his cell phone. very childish i'd say. so now not only are we stuck with a 500$ charge but the limo is now cancelled. way to support our troops fred. save your time and money and take your business to some who can be professional."

Customer: K. De La Garza
"We had a pick up/drop off service for a bachelorette party. The driver called the morning of our event and was right on time, exactly where we asked to be picked up. The vehicle was a white, stretch Lincoln town car and it was very clean and comfortable. Everyone had a great time. I would definitely recommend this company and we will definitely use them again. "

Customer: P. Combs
"Driver arrived early and was very courteous and professional. The limo was clean, fresh and comfortable. Our party of six had lots of room and there was clearly space for a larger group. We arrived at our destination on time and and returned just as efficiently. The rate quoted was the rate charged even though we ran a little over our predicted 3-3 1/2 hours. Our only complaint was that the vehicle was not equipped to allow connection of our ipod to the sound system - we are big music lovers and missed that aspect of a special evening out. However, there were far more pluses - we have already recommended Horseless Carriage to a number of friends and plan to use the service again later in April. "

Customer: A. Tottossy
"After posting a negative review, the owner contacted me directly via email and indicated that he would use the review to identify changes needed. As a business owner, he is taking the review seriouslly. For this reason, I am now posting a positive rating. There are always situations that occur and I am glad that the owner is working to ensure this does not happen again."

Customer: A. Tottossy
"I was so excited about this service because it is owned by local firefighters. It was such a shame that I was extremely disappointed. The driver was very late - 20 minutes to the airport. He then pulled in on the wrong side for pick up, but the police officer knew I had been waiting (in the cold) for some time, so he said to just hurry up. I use black sedan service frequently and am always offered an open door, bottle of water, etc. None was offered this time. The car was also not clean. The driver even had the radio very loud, on a channel that I did not like at all, on the back speakers. I did not speak up about these issues because at this point I just wanted to get home from a long day of travel and did not want to get into any issues with the person who was driving me home. I will not use this service again and will dissuade my colleagues from the same. I am hopeful that the owners read this review and reconsider the folks with whom they contract to provide services under their business name."

Customer: T. Knerr
"Driver was late for P/U and used a GPS that took the longer route to get to my location. Vehical was well used and had a service light on the whole trip."

Customer: C. Meiggs
"Thomas Burgess was an excellent driver....loved the punctuality of your company...beautiful car....professional and courteous driver..would recommend your company to anyone and everyone! My business partner had the same remarks about Thomas and your company ...liked knowing Iwas supporting our locals, EMS and military by using your company! "

Customer: S. H
"I have to admit I never take time out to write reviews..good or bad..but I had to this time. My girlfriend got us and some friends a limo for my birthday and I have to says it was my best birthday ever. Our driver showed and hid around the corner. I guess him and my girlfriend had all this worked out ahead of time. The car pulled up and looked awesome. Car was very clean and looked great. He took us to dinner and said just call him when finished he would be around the corner. When we finished he was right outside standing at the door to let us in. He stopped and got out and opened the door for us all night. First class. As the night went by my girlfriend had said how easy it was to work with Jason with the booking and he always made things very easy and returned all of hers calls. We were very impressed all night and Jason was great! If you talk to him ask him his last name also, pretty funny. We went several other places that night and the limo was always there ready to go. He even cleaned it out every time we got out. Our friends were so impressed they booked the car for next month for their anniversary. I highly recommend Horseless Carriage to anyone and make sure you ask for Jason B. Thanks for everything and we will see you next month!!"

Customer: W. Webb
"On Feb. 1, 2012 I began my search for a limousine service using After my results returned, I contacted Horseless Carriage Limousine LLC in Portsmouth, VA. My initial contact was made Feb. 3, 2012 via email. I received a response from Fred. Fred's customer service was superior. We exchanged email several times before agreeing on the price and the distribution of the driver's contact information. I requested limo service as a SURPRISE to 7 couples out of 18 couples during our Marriage Retreat the weekend of Mar 2 - 4, 2012. On the 3rd, all the couples attended a Wedding Vows Renewal Ceremony, it was awesome and a very special time. We were dressed to impress and after the ceremony, 7 blessed couples was rewarded a limo ride to dinner about 30 minutes away. The 7 couples included clergy, senior citizens, and recently married couples - some of these couples had never ridden in a limo. After a wonderful ceremony the couples walked outside in front of the hotel and the LIMOUSINE FROM HADES WAS WAITING. The limo was supposed to arrive at 2:00pm, well it didn't show up until 2:40pm, due to a flat tire and our dinner reservations were at 3:00pm (30 minutes away). So needless to say, I had to call the restaurant and delay the reservations. They delayed it but we had to be out of the restaurant by 6:00pm, due to another party and our church was also fasting and couldn't eat after 6:00pm. When the limo arrived with the doughnut on the tire and several years old, it was NOT the site I wanted to see or surprise the 7 couples with. The limo didn't look like the pictures on the website. The pictures made the limos look like a newer model. The driver was pleasant and honest and told us he had dropped off some hunters and on the way to get us and caught a flat tire. NOT only did the limo show up late, with a doughnut, but it was FILTY dirty with a stench. As the events coordinator, I was truly upset and highly disappointed. I was told the limo could hold 14 people (that's my 7 couples), but we had to split a couple up and the husband had to ride up front. The couples aren't seated comfortably and with no air condition because the driver was short on gas. We finally make it to the restaurant, the couples get out, but not with the excitement one should have after riding in a limo. Because my temperature was set to HIGH, my husband talks with the driver and asks him to at least clean the vehicle before our return trip. The driver then responds he wouldn't have time to clean it because he has another run before returning to pick us up. (don't you love that response) - However, I must say, the driver was honest about his itinerary. After arrival to the restaurant, I decided to find rides for the 7 couples with the remaining couples of the Marriage Retreat back to the hotel where we were staying. Once placement was made, my husband called the driver and told him we didn't need his service on the return trip. Again, the driver was kind and asked my husband was he sure, because he didn't want to leave us stranded. After the weekend had ended, I made a phone call on Monday morning to Fred. I informed Fred about the service and I was told that the driver said everything went well. Fred agreed to refund the full payment and apologized on behalf of the company. "

Customer: M. Dutton
"Horseless Carriage Limousine provided transportation for my wife and I so we could go out to dinner and then see the show at Chrysler Hall in Norfolk. The driver was professional and polite. The service was excellant. The driver arrived on time, delivered us to the restaurant on time. He was waiting for us when we walked out of the restaurant and delivered us to Chrysler Hall on time. After the show, he was waiting for us across the street from our drop-off point. Overall, Horseless Carriage's superb service helped make our evening out one we shall not soon forget. Should we ever need or desire limo service again, Horseless Carriage will be our first choice."

Customer: D. Mason
"We contacted Horseless Carriage to help with our daughter's 13th birthday celebration and we couldn't be happier. Their driver, Ronnie, was excellent and so patient with eight 12 & 13 year old girls. We will definitely be recommending Horseless Carriage to others and using them again for special occassions. "

Customer: M. Early (Dozier)
"I would highly recommend Horseless Carriage to anyone needing a limo or driving service! My husband and I got married this past Saturday and Ronnie and Drew were awesome. We had a 10 passenger limo for the bridal party to the church and reception and a Lincoln Town Car to take Ben and I to our hotel. The drivers were friendly, professional and extremely helpful. They both called me to verify and confirm and were right on time! Thanks so much, I'll tell all my friends and family! "

Customer: S. Hewitt
"My family and I flew into Norfolk Int Airport on a mini vacation. It was last minute and I was given their number from an associate. The driver called and introduced himself as Jayson and confirmed with me the flight number and airline and gave me his cell number l so that I may make contact if anything was to change. Jayson then told me where exactly he will be parked and what he will be wearing so we can pick his out of the crowed. Don’t you know that our plan was late and it was raining? Jayson meet us inside, took our bags to the car and then ensured that each of us was taken to the car with an umbrella. We then proceeded to the oceanfront. When we arrived at Virginia Beach the oceanfront in, Jayson then again offered the same service making sure we were able to get into the Hotel safely. I have been traveling all over the US and the service that Jason and Horseless Carriage provided was to me above and beyond what that of it competitors. I have recommended them to be used for all Corp and private travel in and around Tidewater. We are using them again for the return trip.. "

Customer: T. Mcbride
"I own a large company in the Tidewater area and have used Horseless Carriage Limousine on many occasions for either personal or business and have found them to be polite and very accommodating. I would recommend them for any occasion. Ask for Mike or Fred they are great guys to talk too. Chip is a great driver. Being a volunteer firefighter i know what these guys sacrifice everyday. I will be using them again. "

Customer: M. Carter
"Really neat company. I'm a public service employee from Massachusetts visiting Virginia Beach when I found this company. Firefighter owners and firefighter drivers!!! Great stories on the way to the airport. I will use them again on my next trip to the beach"

Customer: N. Quiros
"Great driver and prompt service. Unfortunately all the electrical was out in the limo including the air conditioning. Not a pleasant ride considering it was in high 80's. Thankfully it was short. Someone should of checked electrical before picking us up!"

Customer: d. s
"I have used Horseless Carriage Town Cars several times over the last few months and am thrilled with the experience. Really glad to be doing business with a locally owned company who cares about providing excellant service. Very responsive, professional and my driving service from here on out. Don't wait for a special occaision, make an occaision special for you and your significant other and call Horseless Carriage! "

Customer: D. Joyner
"Highly recommend this company. Very professional, caring service! Did everything to ensure our ladies 50th birthday party was a success! Jason our limo driver for the night called prior to the big birthday party to ensure we'd have everything we would need for the evening. Little did he know that he'd have to be taking someone to the emergency room later in the evening. The following day, one of the owners called checking on the injured and to offer and further assistance. "

Customer: d. collins
"This is a great me and three beautiful women to the Lion King play in Norrfolk,Va on time and was waiting at the front door just as the play was over. The driver was very polite and always had a smile. Really made for a great outting !!!!"

Customer: K. MacDonald
"Excellent service! Friendly, prompt, professional, personal contact by phone and email. Driver negotiated rush-hour traffic without delay. It's my 2nd time with Horseless Carriage and will continue to use them on my visits to Portsmouth! Thanks a bunch!"

Customer: L. Eric Ebeling
"Our driver was very friendly and professional. It was definitely some of the best customer service that we have ever experienced!! The next time we go back to Virginia, Horseless Carriage will be the first call we make. Thanks so much for making our trip to and from the airport so enjoyable !! We highly recommend Horseless Carriage for any event. "

Customer: T. Roberts
"I am from Kansas visiting my friend in Hayes, VA. As her maid of honor we wanted to rent a limo for her Bachelorette Party and I chose this limo service for its amazing price and location.Being a girl from out of town the limo compay is very nice to work with! And our limo driver Chip was amazing!!!! Its because of his great service that we were able to have a great time! And when we asked for an extra hour he very kindly accepted! I would recommend this limo service to anyone!"

Customer: I. Sontos
"We used Horseless Carriage Limosine to take our family to and from the cruise port for our vacation. The limosine was beautiful. The driver was on time, courteous and friendly. He helped us to start our vacation fun as soon as we left the house. I would highly recommend Horseless Carriage."

Customer: c. wolfe
"2 thumbs up to Horseless Carriage Limousine for helping make my cousins bachelorette party unforgetable!!!! I was in a real bind and you stepped up and provided the best customer service that I have ever had!!! Thanks so much, I will be using your services next time I need a limo!!"