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  About Us

Winner of 2016 DFW Super Service Award, Since 1989, A+ Member of BBB and NLA. Federal Limousine is Dallas Area’s most trusted ground transportation and limousine service. Federal Limousine fleet of Sedans,SUVs, Limos and Buses provides you safety, reliability and the benefits of a personlized environment while en route to your destination. All airport rides require $7.00 tolls.

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  Rider Reviews

Customer: H. Kasner
"My driver was there when I reached the pickup point and was very professional and courteous . He took my suitcase Anna made sure I was comfortably seated and took me right to my front door."

Customer: M. Weir
"I had a very early departure to DFW Airport and needed to ensure I was on time. My ride arrived five minutes early and was waiting to help with luggage as I came out of the door. The car was pristine, bottled water was waiting, and the driver was very polite and engaging. He easily knew how to navigate the gates and got me to the best location. It was a pleasure during a stressful time."

Customer: A. Gonzalez
"I scheduled a pickup and it was rejected. I have used this service before and they are usually pretty good and I will probably use them again. I'm going to take some responsibility and say that maybe I scheduled the pickup too late."

Customer: C. Ketchersid
"Excellent experience with a very courteous driver. Feels much safer than an Uber type ride."

Customer: C. Shore
"My driver Madut was great! The car always picks me up exactly on time and gets me to my destination on time or early. I feel much safer using this service vs. cheaper alternatives."

Customer: G. Sherman
"great service"

Customer: c. solomon
"driver was on time, courteous, safe driver. i thought i was getting picked up in a lincoln suv but was pleasantly surprised to get a Tahoe!"

Customer: M. Hankins
"I will never use Limos.com again. I was really tired at 10:45 last night when no one picked us up. We did find a local limo that brought us home. The "service" agent said they had left a voice mail and an email, but I was on a ship and had my phone turned off. They were happy to take my money for a ride to the airport, but did not give me a ride home. They should make sure customers know this is a possibility when they book. It was upsetting, to say the least. I also had an email offering me a $25.00 discount on my next booking, but that did not impress me at midnight when I finally got home."

Customer: J. Correia
"On time, professional driver, very pleasant ride to airport"

Customer: B. Berger
"Yes I have used your company for the past three years and have had wonderful drivers on every ride. Mrs Barbara Berger"

Customer: T. Pellerin
"Madut is always on time and ready to help"

Customer: r. huffman
"Excellent service and driver was the best@"

Customer: T. Scheidler
"Excellent driver, on time, etc"

Customer: S. Dodson
"Driver was on time, courteous and safe."

Customer: J. Kovalyshyn
"My driver, Mudat, was very professional, friendly, and safe. He was at the airport before my plane arrived at my gate. He is a true gentleman."

Customer: W. Weiss
"Both drivers were courteous and helpful. Thanks, Bill and Judy Weiss."

Customer: P. Bradley
"We have used Limos.com for many years now and they have always been professional and reliable. The pricing is better than using Uber and we will continue to use Limos.com!"

Customer: R. Hayes
"Driver was almost 10 minutes late. We were on a tight schedule, but he lead-footed it to the airport and was a competent and safe driver."

Customer: H. Reed
"When you live outside of the norm and friends are not to be involved what better way to get from point A to point B? Have used LIMOS in the past and absolutely love them. Driver was very helpful as my luggage had been delivered to separate locations."

Customer: M. Michael
"We have tried a few local companies for our airport runs for long trips. (When we pack heavier than normal.) Quality and reliability can be left wanting. A lot. Since changing to Limos.com, we have been consistently placed with quality rides, and their new discounts for round trips seals the deal."

Customer: M. Patzer
"I always have one of 2 drivers and they are great. Limos.com makes it easy to get to and from my destinations!"

Customer: C. Goodzeit
"Mahoud came twenty minutes early, but fortunately I was ready. I don't mind him being ten minutes early, but twenty was a bit much. I understand that he was concerned about traffic, but I had already allowed for that."

Customer: L. Lanzillotta
"On time, even when my plane came in half hour early. Dependable when starting a trip--I never worry"

Customer: l. caldwell
"Twice used Federal Limo. Very happy with both trips. Will use again, and would highly recommend."

Customer: C. Chen
"On time. Friendly driver."

Customer: M. Caranfa
"On time, professional transportation."

Customer: A. Skipper
"Madut is very kind and professional."

Customer: K. Osburn
"Always on time. Always reliable. Very happy with Limos.com"

Customer: K. Kelley
"I use Limos.com quite often. The on-line process is easy and the few times I've needed some customer service it's been a good experience. There's been a couple of issues through the years but when cars are involved who's to anticipate car problems?"

Customer: H. Kasner
"Thank you for being there when I needed you. After flying for 20 hours - I was so happy to see your driver waiting for me. Limos.com is now part of my trips to and from Airport. Makes travel a little bit easier thanks again"

Customer: R. Inchaustegui
"Excellent drive on time and courteous driver"

Customer: R. capogreco
"Driver had no personality. No involved with occasion. Did nothing to enhance the experience. In turn would have given him a bigger tip. "

Customer: A. Kanyike
"The driver was professional and courteous!Everything was awesome except the intercom didnt work. I knocked on the window to get assistance, which everything should work for a $300 almost $400 ride, but he answerred when i knocked."

Customer: W. Mattecheck
"this driver was on time, knowledgeable and personable. good experience. "

Customer: G. Pracht
"Great experience. Our driver, Billy, went above and beyond for us. He was super. The restaurant we had reservation at messed up so bad we didn't stay to even be seated. Called Billy immediately and he picked us up and drove us around for a great your of downtown Dallas. He made what started out to be a bad night out to a great time. Thanks Billy. You saved the day!!!"

Customer: S. Figley

Customer: D. Stolzman
"They did good were on time and helped me with my luggage."

Customer: D. Sherwood

Customer: C. Jogodka
"Driver was 25 minutes late from scheduled time!"

Customer: F. Hajik
"Friendly and courteous. Not truthful about amount of gratuity included in price of service."

Customer: A. Benefield
"Alan was very personable and patient as I was saying goodbye to family when he arrived. He kindly made his presence known, loaded my bags ans waited for me to finish. The ride was smooth and he was very nice making appropriate conversation. I would recommend him again. Thank you. Sincerely, Ann Benefield "

Customer: J. Carroll

Customer: C. Carter
"When I booked the vehicle, it was supposed to be a Lincoln MKx. But the driver showed up in an old model ford explorer. I didn't mind but they should not promise a better vehicle...."

Customer: V. Lewis
"Timely pickup, provided status and location of drive. Pleasant trip."

Customer: W. Lim
"Federal Limo was a backup due to the original Limo booked had an accident. I received a call from the Dispatch office (I think) and was asked if I had an alternate means to the airport. The Limo service was the only means for transportation, especially when the flight was hours away. I felt stranded by the call and that's NOT good! Federal Limo did GREAT and was very pleased with the driver and their service. "

Customer: M. Webb

Customer: K. Bryant

Customer: D. Jaques
"The limo was on time and my driver, Alan, was very personable."

Customer: S. Mechler

Customer: C. Shapard

Customer: V. Lee

Customer: D. Kimball
"Very good - driver was communicative, very friendly and informative - and when I forgot my cell in the car - he was very quick to return! "

Customer: K. Job
"My driver was extremely professional and courteous. He showed up early which was nice. He was a pleasant man to speak to. I would highly recommend him and the company. "

Customer: C. Schoen
"Driver was late said he was stuck in traffic. Almost lost our flight. My husband asked for a wheel chair so we went to the front of the line ahead of other passengers just in time to board our plane. "

Customer: D. Stolzman

Customer: C. Stevens
"Great ride and awesome driver."

Customer: K. Kelley
"On time and safe driving..pleased as always"

Customer: D. Cunningham

Customer: M. Slaughter
"The entire trip to the airport was horrible. The driver was unsure whether his vehicle had gas - apparently the gas gauge system was faulty. Also his check engine light was out, two seats were missing seat belt buckles, the van was dirty, and to top it off - the driver didn't know where he was going at DFW airport. Then after me repeatedly telling him our gate and airline he dropped us about .5 miles from the door and we had to walk. He assured us that we were at the proper door but that was not the case. It was a very disappointing ride. Our first time to use Federal. "

Customer: J. Crumbaugh
"driver was very pleasant and personable."

Customer: S. Cowles

Customer: p. drusch
"Great driver and great service. Best we've had"

Customer: W. Schneider
"My flight landed over 30 minutes early, but the driver was at the airport vary quickly - I really appreciate the special service."

Customer: W. Bumgardner
"Our driver was James and he was very courtious and professional, I will request him for future bookings. We had the Lincoln sedan and it was the perfect size for my wife and I. This was a very nicely appointed car and I will select it again. Thank you for providing excellent service."

Customer: K. Kelley

Customer: A. Follmer
"Very nice driver"

Customer: J. Gilstrap

Customer: S. Bundle

Customer: L. Bennett
"Arrived early, very friendly and courteous. Limo was immaculate. "

Customer: L. Allen

Customer: C. Ransom
"Madut was our driver. He was fantastic. It would not be possible for you to improve on the service he provided. Please tell him that we enjoyed talking with him and the ride."

Customer: r. Hamm

Customer: L. Jones

Customer: F. Ali
"Driver was very good and got me to the airport on time even though the detailed directions I provided to limo.com in the comments section was not provided to the driver."

Customer: S. Loper
"The vehicle was excellent as well as my driver Madut. He was dressed very professional and arrived in a classy Cadillac which was very nice and comfortable on the inside. I was nervous at first but Madut was very polite and such a pleasure!"

Customer: B. Nadolny
"Driver was very nice but vehicle seemed to be running rough is the best word to describe it; like it needed some maintenance/service"

Customer: K. Hopkins

Customer: B. Briggs
"Very Pleasant and professional"

Customer: R. Padamadan

Customer: J. Dreixler
"They failed to show up. Then said they could have car 1 hr 15 min later than scheduled. Had to quickly arrange other transportation"

Customer: S. Salwasser

Customer: P. Escobar
"I believe the drivers name was Madut. He was very friendly and accommodating even though my flight was delayed."

Customer: A. Teel
"Very professional, friendly, safe driver! Very clean and well maintained vehicle. Driver was on time!"

Customer: J. Hefley

Customer: G. Hooper
"Very timely and professional"

Customer: S. Browning
"The driver was very rude and acted as if we were irritating him when talking about extra stops, when I was clearly told that we were allowed as many stops as we wanted. I was also told that the limo was byob, but the driver told us otherwise and talked us out of it by bringing up extra cost due to spills. He called us to leave the club early and was extremely rude on the phone rushing us back to the limo and telling us to hurry up. "

Customer: S. Voth
"Driver was very professional, the flight was delayed and he stuck with us right through all the changes. Did a great job for us!"

Customer: h. page

Customer: S. Coffman
"This is the worst company I have ever tried to do business with. They do notmreturn phone calls nor do they track airlines appropriately. We had a fkight cx and after multiple calls not answered or returned we finally had to contact parent company for resolution. I will not use this company again nor will I recommend it."

Customer: J. Stevens
"The driver was a very nice man and drove very safely"

Customer: K. Slate

Customer: S. Dolloff

Customer: M. Midgett
"great. hope to use again."

Customer: G. Hooper

Customer: M. England
"The driver was very polite upon arrival and got out of the bus to take our bags for us. We had to drive about 5 minutes to pick up the rest of our party, but there is no physical address for the dorms they live in. He was upset that we couldn't produce an address for him and he became very bitter towards us. I sat at the front and gave him directions perfectly. When we arrived at the location to pick up the rest of the party he didn't step out of the bus to help them. I thought that was very rude to not help some of our party just because we couldn't give him an address. He just seemed very upset with us the entire ride for no reason. Even before we left for the airport he told me that we had to be downstairs and ready at 6:00 AM because he had another party to pick up at 7:00 AM. We all felt very rushed and stressed getting to the bus. We all felt like we were a burden to him. I wouldn't recommend him to do anymore morning pick ups if he isn't a friendly morning person."

Customer: M. Gistaro

Customer: D. Williams

Customer: H. Prokos

Customer: D. AUTRY

Customer: G. Franklin

Customer: A. Blakely
"The driver was the best. It was raining when he picked us up & he came to the door with an umbrella to walk us out to the car. He was very punctual, courteous, & polite. My wife loved the car & everyone in our party was extremely impressed with the overall experience."

Customer: S. Wright
"This was my first time to rent a limo. Bob K took great care of me and my entire party!"

Customer: S. Keef
"I have used these guys several times and have been happy with each ride. Dino and Bob are great - everything you want in a driver. Dino's always got a bottle of cold water ready, which is a great touch."

Customer: S. Whitaker
"The driver was on time and the ride to the airport was fine. At the airport the driver had me sign a form that included a $10 tip. I have used other limo services through limos.com and have never signed any form at drop off. In previous trips with other limo services, tips and all fees were included in the price, and the final price was exactly the same as the one I was quoted at booking. When I got the receipt for this ride, it was $10 more than the quoted price on limos.com. The itemized receipt showed a $6 "Airport parking fee" and $4 "Airport toll." It seemed like an interesting coincidence that the tip form I signed was for $10 and the "airport fees and toll" was also $10. I called the driver for an explanation and he referred me to the owner who blamed the additional charges on Limos.com. The owner offered to take $10 off my next ride if I went through Federal Limo directly. I won't be using Federal limo anymore."

Customer: M. Browder
"I booked thru Limos.com and they sent me Federal Limo. Excellent service. My driver was Bob heading to the airport and Bob two weeks later when being picked up. He was early to arrive and friendly. Car was as requested and clean. Will definitely book thru Limos.com because it was easy, everything included in price so also convenient. Will also request Federal Limo as they also had excellent service."

Customer: S. Luttrell
"Have had this driver twice very nice but everytime I get the bill about $10 dollars is added to the pre paid price. So will not use again. "

Customer: E. C
"I have used Federal Limo several times in the past year and have been pleased with the service. Vehicles were clean and appeared to be well-maintained, drivers were courteous, prompt, and drove safely. My most recent service was 2/15/13 with Bob K. as driver; he met me in baggage claim and was very patient during the delay when I had to file a missing luggage claim."

Customer: T. Wilbert
"Driver arrived at the hotel however we must have crossed paths because he was not with the car when we came out. Additionally he was unclear about our destination - he thought we were going to the airport but we were going home (although that seems to be an innocent and understandable mistake). The ride was fine and our driver was very nice. I would feel comfortable booking them again."

Customer: J. Heard
"Driver was very good; however, I called because he was not early, as I was told was likely - ten minutes late, as it turned out - and was given the wrong cell number and driver's name. Car was fine."

Customer: J. Alexander
"Very convenient. Only downside -- apparently driver did not get "meet and greet" instruction to come inside and thus there was some delay. Overall, excellent for the booking and service. "

Customer: M. s
"I wanted to thank my Driver Mr. Gabbay very much for his is excellent service. My flight was late due to bad weather he called my relatives phone number to make sure I was alright and caught the my flight. My sister had told him that my phone would not hold charge and that I would be there. Not only was he waiting at the carousel for me but dialed my sister so I could tell her I landed safely and he had found me. It was a great ride home as he was very friendly and helpful. Not only would I use this service again but I will always ask for him. HE IS TERRIFIC! Thank you again for making a very sad day in my life end so nicely. _______________________________________"

Customer: M. Kaczmarek
"I wanted to thank my Driver Mr. Gabbay very much for his is excellent service. My flight was late due to bad weather he called my relatives phone number to make sure I was alright and caught the my flight. My sister had told him that my phone would not hold charge and that I would be there. Not only was he waiting at the carousel for me but dialed my sister so I could tell her I landed safely and he had found me. It was a great ride home as he was very friendly and helpful. Not only would I use this service again but I will always ask for him. HE IS TERRIFIC! Thank you again for making a very sad day in my life end so nicely."

Customer: s. b
"I would like to thank Federal Limo and Billy Wilson the driver for making my birthday party bus a success! I was a little timid considering the reviews that I read online. You cannot go by those everything was excellent! People are quick to complain but slow to give compliments. I had an excellent experience. > "

Customer: A. cohen
"This company has been a great help to me for a little over a year now and I have not had one problem with their service. They are very punctual, courteous and professional. I will continue to use them as long as i fly in and out of DFW, and i recommend others to do the same."

Customer: D. Matson
"Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed Saturday night. Everything was great. All the girls were thrilled. We had two other brides to be that said they took your cards. It was so much fun and you were so polite and patient. The girls said they will never forget it, and especially that their limo driver took them to whataburger! Best of all, my daughter was very surprised. Thank you again, for making our night. If you ever need a reference, feel free to use me. "

Customer: R. Jones
" My daughter\'s 11th Birthday was totally SUPER!! (in her words) the Limo arrived on time with a smiling and courteous driver. The girls had the time of their life. I will gladly recommend your company to all my friends. Nice,clean, and smooth ride. "

Customer: L. Kornher
"Thank you so much for your great service! The limo was amazing, the driver was wonderful, and the kids had a fantastic time!!! I can't thank you enough and will definitely recommend your company to others! "

Customer: N. Sheppard
"Hello, This is Nicole Sheppard. I just wanted to say that Jeff did an awesome job taking care of us. I really appreciate his time and service. Thanks, "

Customer: C. Bradley
"Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. You guys provided excellent customer service and I will definitely be referring you to my friends and family in the future! Best Regards, Cecilia Bradley "

Customer: L. Redwine
"Type of Comment : Compliment Feedback : Thank you for a wonderful experience. This was my first time arranging for a limo and you made it great. Jeff was our driver and did an outstanding job, kudos to him for being prompt, patient, and courteous. Federal limo exceeded my expectations! "

Customer: J. Green
"Thanks Oded, we had a great time…Jeff was very accommodating and a pleasure to work with! "

Customer: L. Jones
"Thanks! - Just to let you know: It was your website that brought me, as a first-time customer, to your company. I looked at over 20 limo businesses and your website was helpful and easy to use. I even found extra event ideas in the area for additional stops along the way! When I called for more information the associate was friendly and promptly answered my questions. It's so important to get reliable information right away. Also, the bit about no hidden fees makes the customer feel more secure about making the reservation. Shannon "

Customer: C. Allard
"Compliment Feedback : Our trip was incredible. Becky our driver met us with a smile and continued to fulfill our journey with excellent service!!! We brought our son Braden home from St. Jude Children\'s Research Hospital and his request was to come home in style. Federal Limo was the answer to our prayers. Thanks so much to the people of Federal Limo. WOW Braden has not stopped talking about his trip home in the Hummer Limo. Thanks again Becky. Chris Allard "

Customer: K. King
"I want to tell you that I was very please with your service! Jeff, our chaouffer, was very prompt, kind, courteous, dressed nice,and was very impressive with the driving. My party and I were very happy with him, and will request him again. I will tell others about your service! "

Customer: c. McCall
"And thanks so much for the service, with the amount of travel I do it is so nice to have a friendly person pick me up for the drive to and from the airport. It takes a lot of the stress out of my travel." I booked using your web site. It's great." "

Customer: J. McNeil
""your hospitality was both gracious and through." "I appreciated the assistance of you driver" "Your company rates were both reasonable and fully reimbursed via the IRS Travel Voucher System and I highly recommend your services to any federal employee coming to Dallas. The excellent service you provide reflects great credit upon yourself and your company." "

Customer: J. Mcneil
""your hospitality was both gracious and through." "I appreciated the assistance of you driver" "Your company rates were both reasonable and fully reimbursed via the IRS Travel Voucher System and I highly recommend your services to any federal employee coming to Dallas. The excellent service you provide refelects great credit upon yourself and your company." Joseph A. McNeil Major (AUS ret.) "

Customer: J. Brown
"Federal Limo provided a great service to me and my nre bride on our wedding day. They worked with us to meet our scheduling needs and were willing to work with us in the days leading up to the wedding. The limo was there clean and on time, the driver was courteous and got us to our destinations on time. In checking with other services we found the rates to be fair and would recommend Federal Limo as a smart choice for anyone planning a wedding. Jeffrey Brown "


National Limousine Association

DFW Livery Association

Angie's List Super Service Award