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  About Us

We specialize in the supply of luxury limousines for all occasions! Our limousines add that extra luxurious touch for people looking for something special in a special occasion!

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  Rider Reviews

Customer: L. Hudnell

Customer: K. Cram
"This was the worst lip experience I have ever had- the driver was rude, he didn't answer his phone, he didn't know where he was going, he was texting the entire time he was driving which is not only illegal, but also dangerous.he should not be allowed to drive."

Customer: L. PHELPS
"I was so disappointed in the condition of the hummer. The footstep was so rusted; I thought we were going to fall through getting in. The hummer was so dirty inside with smudges on the bar area; the ceiling had white residue on it that looked like body fluids (if you know what I mean); the seats had buttons and lent in them that came off in your hand when you touched the seats. You could see dirt on the carpet as you got into the hummer. I was embarrassed but I didn't want to make a scene in front of my guests. The hummer needs transmission work and the audio was awful. It would not play the CDs most of the time; whether it was store bought CDs or computer made CDs. It was not the CD because when we returned to our personal van - they played. There were wires taped up with duct tape on the CD player in the hummer which leads me to believe there was either a shortage in the player or in the speakers. Now what is a party without MUSIC? Awful! Awful! Awful! The only thing that "

Customer: K. Faherty
"Awful. The driver was rude and did not know where he was going. He had to repeatedly ask for directions. His driving bordered on reckless. He never got out of the car to open a door. His entire attitude seemed like he was being inconvenienced. I think he probably needs to find a new line of work. The car itself was fine. "

Customer: S. Woldhagen
"The car was a piece of junk and the driver was horrible. We had to give him directions! Won't recommend it to anyone and will never use you again. When I talked to someone about all of this, I never once heard an 'I'm sorry'."

Customer: K. Palmer
"Curtis Limosine was exceptional! The driver was prompt, professional, and also turned out to be quite an articulate guide. We could not have found a better service and will absolutely use Curtis Limosine again. "

Customer: A. Nichols
"The limo was hot! The driver did not assist in stocking the bar for us with the items we purchased. The driver could not find the locations, despite my giving him the addresses without help from us. "

Customer: S. Courington

Customer: C. Faulconer
"Our driver was unfamiliar with where she was going. I told her how to get there, but she took her own route and it took longer. She was flighty and not the most professional driver I have had. Picking us up, she passed us and pulled up a block away. She didn't make the exit ramp but got stuck and had to back up, she nearly hit two pedestrians. Joyce makes a better grandmother than driver. "

Customer: K. Denby
"The driver wasnt the friendliest and he had no idea where he was going so someone had to sit up there and tell him how to get where ever we wanted to go and again... not the friendliest."

Customer: T. Edgel
"Our driver Larry was wonderful. He was very gracious and accommodating. "

Customer: L. Schuessler
"Our limo ride home was a NIGHTMARE!!! The AC did not work!!! It was very hot and dark. I know things happen. I emailed Curtis Walker to let him know about our ride home, he did NOT reply to me even after a second email was sent. I was not asking him for a full refund only to be charged fairly. We took excellent care of Willie, the drive with additional tip. The Hummer limo was not up to the professional level you would expect. Because of the lack of communication on Mr. Walkers part I could or would not recommend his services."

Customer: s. meaders
"Really did like our driver, Mark. He was very polite and courteous. I trusted him with our kids. He was excellent!"

Customer: M. Skiles
"The driver was fabulous!!!!! Thank you!!!"

Customer: B. Martin
"Perfect Gentleman. All went as planned. Will use again. "

Customer: L. Pena
"I could not be any happier with the service Curtis Walker Limousines gave our group this past Saturday. Our limo driver, Jason, showed up a few minutes early in a Hummer limo to take our group of 6 ladies on a wine tour in the hill country. We were not expecting the hummer so when we realized it was there to pick us up, the excitement couldn't be contained. The upgraded ride was AWESOME! It was clean, stocked with ice and water, and had a serious sound system. When choosing a limo company to provide this service for our group, Curtis Walker was very professional and offered me a great deal. Another limo company called me soon after Curtis (Ace Limos) and was very unprofessional. They decided to bash Curtis Walker's business encouraging me to read his reviews and to think twice about using his services. I did just that and Curtis Walker had 5 stars when Ace Limos had two. They did not offer me a better car at a better price and it just goes to show that bashing your competition is NOT the way to obtain business. Thank you Curtis Walker for an experience my group of ladies will not soon forget!"

Customer: j. tucker
"everything was fine"

Customer: M. Garwood
"The limo was old and dirty. No ice/water. Driver was rude- yelled at the girls for "messing with his buttons" (they were trying to turn the air up because it was very hot). He told me the girls could not eat in his limo. The party was for 6 middle school girls and I had planned to give them a cliff bar each as a snack to hold them off till dinner. He was a poor driver / on the phone and or TEXTING while driving the entire ride! He didn't even bother to put the divider up while he was doing this! I sat right behind him and could hear his music and the girls music at the same time. The only positive thing is he did start dancing in the front seat and the girls thought that was funny. And he was early and called me when he was there. But, I would NOT rent from Curtis again! I expected to have a standard for their service providers as well. "

Customer: D. Heminger
"Andre was excellent ... very courteous and professional. We had a great time!"

Customer: M. Misiti
"Outstanding!! Used Curtis for our 20th wedding anniversary evening celebration. This was our first time with his Company - no need to use any others. On time (actually early), professional, polite, knowledgable and great personality. U Rock, Curtis......Thanks for taking our evening over the top."

Customer: A. Grafe
"The driver was very professional, well dressed and on time. He was flexible and easy going, taking the kids to their pictures and driving by some grandparents homes so they could show off. It's hard to find limo service for that rural area that is affordable. Thank you Curtis Limousine!"

Customer: C. Batson
"I chose Curtis Limousine for transportation from our wedding venue for my wife and myself. I had expected a stretch Lincoln Town Car to be waiting outside, but imagine our surprise when we departed in a HUGE stretch Hummer. Now that's a way to impress your guests! Jason was our driver and he was courteous and professional; he even helped us unload gifts when we arrived home. Thanks so much to Curtis Limo for a fantastic ride! My wife and I couldn't be happier. "

Customer: C. Ratliff
"Curtis was a consummate professional and exceeded every expectation. He was always thirty minutes ahead of us with a warm smile and a ready hand."

Customer: E. Nicolas
"We were lucky to have found this service. Not only was the rate very reasonable and lower than any other we checked, our party of 10 was very comfortable in a very clean, attractive and well appointed stretch limo. Better yet was the excellent service provided by our driver (Larry). He was wonderful! Thank you Curtis Walker Limousines ... we will only use you in the future!!!"

Customer: N. M
"We used Curtis Limousine to provide service to and from the airport for a recent trip. For our trip to the airport, the driver arrived well ahead of schedule. Though he was early, we waited paitently outside and we did not feel pressured or rushed. On the return trip, the driver was ready upon our arrival. When the airline lost one of our bags, we were delayed in leaving as scheduled. The driver waited as long as he could, based on other appointments, and accommodated us as well as he could under the circumstances. We would highly recommend Curtis Limousine and will use them again. "

Customer: B. Arnold
"We used Curtis for a valentine's day outing with two other couples. He got to our house early, and was very courteous. Toward the end of dinner, I called him and he was ready to go when we walked out of the restaurant. Great service; would use him again."

Customer: M. Christopher
"Curtis Limo delivers on their promise! I called Curtis to schedule a limo for a special “thank you” evening with my staff and their guest. Curtis made all the arrangements and was a pleasure to work with. The limo driver, Sam, was there and ready to roll. He was pleasant and accommodating throughout the evening and was an excellent, cautious driver. Our group could just relax and enjoy! Our only hitch was that the cork screw for the wine bottles was missing (so just make sure the inventory is checked for items you may need before your big night). Back at the ranch, Curtis had taken care of all the other details to ensure all went well. Even when we ran over our projection time Curtis called the very next day to confirm the extra time before charging our card. I was impressed. I would recommend Curtis Limo and would not hesitate to use them again. "

Customer: K. Breeden
"The driver's timing was perfect. The limo was spotless and beautiful. We had a wonderful time. "

Customer: W. Conklin
"Always on time, very professional, smoke free! Good price too. Highly recommend."

Customer: A. Lette
"Curtis Limousine provides excellent service...they were early picking us up and got us to our multiple destnstions right on time. The car was spotless and our driver was extremely professional. We won't hesitate to call them the next time we need a town car for an evening out."

Customer: W. Livingston
"I usually don’t take the time out to do things like this but I had to give my outlook on this company. I was groomsmen for my boys wedding and him and his wife used Curtis Limos. When we all came out the church house the limo driver was right outside with the door open awaiting our entry. The white stretch limo was very clean inside and out. The limo driver assisted all the ladies into the limo. Curtis personality was very comforting and he was pretty funny. He had us all cracking up. One of the bridesmaids noticed the advertisement on the back on the limo which read “Curtis Limos”. She said to the limo driver “I gonna have to tell Curtis how good of a limo driver you are”. The limo driver replied “Well I am Curtis and I thank you very much”. We all busted out laughing and we were shocked that the actual owner of the business was our driver. Needless to say I enjoyed my ride from the church house to the reception and I would highly recommend using Curtis Limos to anyone."

Customer: A. Walker
"I used Curtis Walker Limo service for my boyfriend’s birthday. This was very special for him because it was his first limo ride. With that said everything had to be perfect! I was pleasantly surprised by the service we received. Larry (our limo driver) showed up a little early and parked right outside my driveway. My boyfriend had no idea what was in store for him. When I let the garage up Larry was standing outside with the door open and he had a huge smile on his face. My boyfriend was in shock. When we got in the limo it was very clean. Larry confirmed the place we were going and he then let the shutter up so we could have privacy. When we arrived at the restaurant we were let out right in front. We gave Larry an estimated time of how long we would be and he told us to enjoy our dinner. When the estimated time came, Larry gave me a call to check our status. We told him we weren’t finished just yet and without hesitation he told us to take our time and to call him 5 minutes before we were ready so he could pull around. That made us feel so comforting. We soon did as he asked and we were picked up as soon as we walked outside. We enjoyed our smooth and relaxing limo ride back home and Larry received a great tip because it was well deserved. I thank Curtis Limo service for giving my boyfriend and I a wonderful limo ride. We both enjoyed it and would highly recommend using their services! "

Customer: J. May
"Curtis at Curtis Limos and Walker Productions was completely unprofessional. I had arranged for him to take the wedding parties to our venue for our recent wedding. I only needed him for two hours (for two limos) and he agreed to the two hours of use. The week before the wedding, things started falling off the hinges. First, my wife called to arrange final payment for him. He wouldn't tell her how much the limos were, claiming only I could do that. As we were busy trying to do everything leading up the wedding, she told him she was trying to relieve my workload. He finally gave her the info she needed but was rude to her in the process. Imagine—a limo driver being rude to the bride the week before the wedding. Then, our coordinator sent an itinerary. Curtis alerted me that it did not line up with what we had discussed. I looked at it, and he was right. I said go by our original agreement. Then, Curtis got fishy. He started saying that the transportation I need would take three hours. I said we has agreed to two and assured him that we would not be needing him after our originally agreed upon hour. When through email he hinted that there were still issues, I called him. On the phone, he talked about how there had been all sorts of confusion with the coordinator and my bride. Again, there was literally one sent itinerary which had the wrong time, which was quickly fixed. Towards the end of our conversation, he asked if I would be there to sign. Since these limos were for the bridal party, I couldn't sign it myself at risk of seeing her. I asked if she could sign and he said no it had to be me. This was frustrating as he was adding a complication to our wedding day. I told him that I couldn't the morning of the wedding. Could I use paypal? Sign beforehand? Before I was able to offer to drop by the day before the wedding, Curtis said he was in the car and would call me back. I got an email shortly after saying he was canceling our arrangement. At this point, it was THE WEEK OF THE WEDDING. The week of the wedding and a vendor is backing out. Totally unprofessional. He cited all of the “confusion” surrounding the circumstances. There was no confusion. He was unwilling to work with me at all. Then, backed out at the slightest miscommunication. After being rude to the bride. Needless to say, at a wedding, or any other event, things won't always go smoothly. That's why you need vendors who can go with the flow. Curtis is not that man. And lest he respond saying we were high maintenance, we didn't have trouble with any other vendors and this is the only negative review I am posting. Everything else was a smashing success. Don't try to save yourself the extra 20 bucks per hour as it's not worth the potential trouble. "

Customer: B. HARRIS
"I recently hired curtis limousine's to do a bachelorette party for a co- worker of mine and he was amazingly professional and promt. I would suggest this company for everyone. THEY WERE THE BEST."

Customer: g. murphy
"Very pleased ....we had excellent service with Curtis, he was very professional ,and punctual .Living in Indiana, and in an unfamiliar state Curtis was very helpful .....I would use Curtis Limosine always .great experience. := ) (definitely recommend)"

Customer: G. Greer
"I was very pleased with this Limousine service. The driver, Curtis Walker, was on time and very courteous. I recommend this limo service very highly."

Customer: V. Lopez
"Curtis provided the best service I have ever experienced with a limo company. The driver was extremely professional and friendly. I will definitely use them again in the future and I would recommend them to anyone. "


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