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  About Us

Avanti Transportation is the company you can count on for professionalsm, confidentiality, attention to detail, quality and value. Our company was built by putting SAFETY and SERVICE first and matured into a premier brand synonymous with comfort and dependability. At a time when there is a strong tendency to reduce service to a bare minimum in the name of productivity, Avanti Transportation still maintains that commitment to go against that trend by placing safety and service above all other consideration. Avanti Transportation is your one-stop-shop ground transportation provider WORLDWIDE. Our commitment to a high standart of service has made us what we are today: A WORLDWIDE LEADER IN GLOBAL CHAUFFEURED TRANSPORTATION.

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Customer: r. carnagey
"My driver was very nice! He greeted me INSIDE at baggage claim and retrieved my bag for me. "

Customer: S. MacKinnon
"my husband Joe already sent email but basically, our experience very bad with Avanti this time and once before as well WE WILL NOT RIDE WITH THEM AGAIN! car dirty, driver un friendly and seemed in very big rush , seemed irritated we had so much luggage, seem to be falling asleep at times, and he SMELLED awful we had to keep window down so as I said, we wont be re booking them ever"

Customer: M. Garrish

Customer: J. MacKinnon
"An awful experience! The guy looked absolutely miserable and was not professional on any level. He threw our bags onto a cart and took off not having anything to say to us. We practically had to run to keep up with him. His car was dirty and he smelled awful. Its about 50 miles to our house and I was worried the whole way that the guy was going to fall asleep. My wife requested "not " to use this company (Avanti) because of a similar experience in the past. We have been using Limos.com for quite some time but if this is the service we can expect we will find someone else for our next transportation needs. The guy, the car, the attitude was horrible. Its the first time that I have not tipped a driver and I've used hundreds."

Customer: A. Connely
"Our driver was awesome. He helped get the car seat installed and even held our baby while we all loaded into the van. He was aware of current road closures and decided on an alternative route. He arrived early (better than on-time in my book!) and was friendly and helpful."

Customer: E. Kane
"I made a mistake on my last evaluation. I thought it was another company. They were outstanding. I will use them again. E. Kane"

Customer: M. Sullivan
"I would like to thank you so much for a courteous and professional experience. I used your service from our office in Houston to the Houston airport and from Los Angeles airport to our offices in L.A downtown. A week later you arranged service for me in London as well. It’s been a wonderful experience to have a one-stop-shop company with outstanding and dependable service."

Customer: B. Y
"I wanted to send an email to thank you for your service during my recent trip to Houston. More importantly, I wanted to send you an email to tell you how happy I was to have worked with one of your drivers, Michael Zargarov, in Houston. Mr. Zargarov was the driver assigned to me for two routes: Houston airport-Hilton Post Oak on January 28, 2009, and Hilton Post Oak-Houston airport return on January 30, 2009. Michael was one of the most professional and friendly people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Aside from the fact that his driving skills are excellent and the ride was extremely comfortable, Michael made my trip very pleasant with interesting conversation and very helpful local information including details of things of interest in Houston, history of the city, updates on local sites and restaurants nearby. As an infrequent visitor to Houston, it was quite helpful and interesting to me to be part of such conversation. Michael's professionalism, friendly personality, exceptional knowledge of Houston (and other parts of Texas) and, of course, excellent driving skills which made quite a comfortable trip, all combined, made my travel to Houston a very pleasant. I just wanted to let you know that I think Michael Zargarov is a wonderful asset in many ways to your company."

Customer: R. Van De Pol
"I was in Houston on business last week meeting with Shell Oil Products US. They arranged for me to be picked up at their Research Lab and transported to Hobby Airport by your company. I wanted to thank you for your timely service and commend you on the professional appearance and attitude of your staff. Your staff was very friendly and professional. At the end of the trip, the chauffeur thanked me for using your service and gave me a card to contact should I return to Houston again. Because of your representation, I will use your service when I travel to Houston next. Thanks again for a pleasurable experience."


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