Seattle Limousine Service Reviews

Seattle Limousine Service Reviews

Seattle Tacoma Limo
rated 4.3 of 5, 10 reviews

Seattle Tacoma Limos is obligated in providing the highest quality of service in Washington State. Our Fleet includes a Cadillac Escalde, H2 Hummer, and a Chrysler 300. All vehicles are fully loaded with premium sorround sound system and fully loaded bars. Call 425-652-2711 to recieve your personalized Quote.

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  • 03/28/2016
    S. Robinson
    The Driver was lost both times and drove at high speeds cutting other drivers off. Did not enjoy the ride at all, thought we were going to die. I won't be using your company any longer.

  • 08/24/2014
    M. Reiber
    Jerry was the best! He contacted me earlier in the day to make sure we were still on schedule, and promised to be there on time. He showed up 10 minutes early, with a sparkling clean limo, and took my daughters and neices out for a bachelorette party evening. They had the best time, he really took great care of them all! Many thanks!

  • 05/31/2014
    I apologize for not getting Driver's name. Driver was awesome. She was able to navigate a tight street loop safely. It was prom night and she got the kids to dinner and prom safely. Driver was on time and stretch hummer was sweet.

  • 05/17/2014
    T. Welch

  • 05/07/2014
    d. coon
    The 4 elderly women who rode in the limo on May 7,2014 were really happy with the driver and the 3 hour ride.He was very pleasent and went out of his way to help them in and out with curtisie

  • 12/31/2013
    Prompt, attentive and friendly. Would use them again.

  • 12/14/2013
    M. Davis
    Our driver, Jordan was awesome. He was patient, professional, courteous, and in a nutshell; perfect. There are no complaints about him at all and I would definitely request him again in the future. He is top notched!

  • 09/03/2012
    C. OHare
    Great price. Great service. I ordered a smaller limo, but for the same price they gave us a Stretch SUV - Cadillac Escalade (White). It was immaculate. Arrived right on time. And Sean was a great driver. He made sure we were safe while we had a good time at our Bachelorette Party.

  • 08/22/2011
    J. Doe
    Based on the previous user's review, I was skeptical about this company; however, due to the fact that their prices were tremendously lower than anything else I could find, I went with them anyway. Communicating with the company via phone and email was prompt, yet a little informal for a business (I had to tell the person I spoke with on the phone how much to charge my card). I was concerned that the driver would have difficulties finding my pick up location, but he arrived right on time. The limo (Chrysler 300) was nice and clean, and the exterior looked fantastic. The driver was very courteous, and took us on an unexpected tour around the city to take pictures prior to dropping us off for the night. I only gave 4/5 stars because of the level of attentiveness required on my part when reserving the limo - I feel that had I not done so, things may have not gone so smoothly. My only last minor gripe was that the driver was not well informed of the locations we were going. He knew the general whereabouts; however, we had to pull up our two destinations on GPS and guide him which I felt should not happen and took a little bit away from our experience. All in all, my gripes are small compared to the amount of $$ we saved. I would recommend this company and will probably use them again in the future.

  • 07/19/2011
    J. Larson
    I would not recommend this limo company. We rented the H2 Hummer for a bachelorette party and later than day, I was informed the Hummer was not available. I asked why I had been told it was available and was informed that someone at the company forgot to mark it as unavailable which seems like an aggregious mistake for a company that relies on knowing fleet availability for customer service. We were offered the Escalade instead and accepted. The driver was 25 minutes late because he went to the wrong pick-up location. Apparently there are two addresses in Seattle that come up in a GPS for our pick-up location, but they are each in a different zip code so I do not understand why there was confusion as I had provided a full address with zip code for the pick-up location. In addition, I received no phone call from the company that evening in order to fix the mix-up, I had to call the company directly to ask why our limo was late. On Monday after the event, I had a voicemail on my work phone left by the driver on Saturday night requesting our location. My cell phone was listed as the primary contact number, not my work phone. I requested ice when originally booking my reservation and again when I spoke directly to the company to confirm the reservation but there was no ice in the limo on the night of the event. To his credit, the driver offered to stop and pick some up although we declined in order to save time. He also drove us around in the limo past our 2:00 am reservation to make up for the late pick-up which was appreciated, but being picked up late defeated our purpose of being able to go out to bars because they close at 2 am so we lost time for that. I called the limo company on two occasions, once to confirm the reservation and once on the evening of the event to ask where the car was since it was late, and on both occasions the phone operator was difficult to understand and seemed in a very big hurry to get me off of the phone. The Escalade was in good shape and the driver was courteous and did his job well. The company, however, did not operate well and lacked organization and I would not recommend using them because, in my experience, they did not provide even the minimal level of service I expected.

ez towncar & limousine svc
rated 4.1 of 5, 40 reviews

With EZ Limousine Services its time to relax and enjoy your trip before it starts. Discover the secrets our customers already know. Start off your trip on the right foot. Airport Transportation, weddings, site seeing tours, special events and much more. Make memories more memorable. Our knowledgeable and professional drivers provide first-class fun filled sightseeing tours in Washington Why take chances with your transportation company, when EZ Limousine Services are owner operated and go through rigorous safety inspections. Immaculately maintained with regular oil changes & professional preventative maintenance. Safe, secure, reliable services.Our business and our promise is nothing less than your satisfaction in each and every aspect of your interaction with EZ limousine Services.

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  • 03/28/2016
    a. molina
    Regarding E3TWBT. We received an email on 2/12 indicating 'Mr. R' would be our driver and could be contacted at 206-370-2121. No Mr. R. He never materialized nor did he ever answer his phone . Voicemail was never an option as it just rang. I eventually called, 949-236-2110 and spoke to Marcus and explained our predicament. He too tried numerous times to reach the driver and the limo company, but to no avail. He was apologetic, but could not resolve the situation other than to say he would forward the case to customer service who, I was told, would call me in 3-5 business days to discuss the matter. I asked Marcus to cancel the ride scheduled from the hotel back to the airport on 2/15 as I did not trust the driver would arrive. Instead I had to hire a shuttle company to drive us from the airport on the day of arrival (after waiting for resolution for about an hour at the airport) and a ride from the hotel to the airport on 2/15. I expect a full refund of the charges on my car

  • 03/28/2016
    J. Hansen
    I have used EZ Limousine Service several times now and have never had any problems. They are always punctual and courteous and make the ride to and from the airport a very relaxing experience.

  • 03/28/2016
    P. Leith
    Another excellent experience with EZ Limousine Service.

  • 03/28/2016
    M. Sutherland
    Our driver arrived early and was driving a limo. That is the only thing that made me consider giving a poor review rather than a terrible one. The interior of the limo was far below what we are accustomed to with our frequent use of limo service in Las Vegas. The interior smelled musty/wet. There were wadded up rugs just tossed in on the floor. The windows were completely fogged over preventing us from seeing outside at all. When we would wipe a window clear it would quickly fog right back up again. There was bottled water but no ice, glasses etc. for us to use with our beverages. This caused me to run back into the house to grab cheap plastic glasses to drink our beverages with. One of our party was late arriving at the departure location. Once we were on our way the driver would brake hard causing us all to slide around. Everyone was very upset by his driving but I pointed out to them that perhaps the driver was trying to get us to our reservation on time and we should wait to judge

  • 03/01/2016
    H. Humphrey
    The driver did not open or even unlock the door for us. The windows were rolled down in 40 degree weather. The limo was extremely dirty and the smell was terrible. We couldn't turn on the heat because it increased the extremely bad odor of pet urine. I was embarrassed and apologized the entire trip.

  • 03/01/2016
    J. Cloud
    great night and fantastic driver! Thank you, we will use you again :)

  • 12/22/2015
    R. Ince
    1. The car was dirty (inside and out). 2. The car had electrical tape holding parts of it together. 3. The driver did not know where he was going and got lost... making us late for our dinner reservation. 4. He was using the GPS on his phone while driving. 5. We requested a child car seat. We got a booster seat instead. Completely unsafe. I will never use or EZ Limousine Service again.

  • 12/22/2015
    T. Weaver
    He was awesome! He was early and very helpful and friendly. Would use again for sure!

  • 12/22/2015
    T. Weaver
    very good

  • 12/22/2015
    K. Bowden
    I received a call from customer service regarding a change to car type with no additional charge. The operator was very nice. The drivers car was clean and the driver was extremely polite. A safe driver and we had a very nice conversation. I would definitely use him as a driver again in the Seattle area.

  • 12/22/2015
    B. Evans
    Both ways, both drivers on time, pleasant and helpful

  • 12/22/2015
    R. Herdman
    Very fast ride

  • 12/22/2015
    P. Leith
    Beautiful and clean vehicle. Professional and kind driver.

  • 12/22/2015
    J. M
    Always on time, willingness to schlep bags for you, good drivers/navigators around intense traffic.

  • 12/22/2015
    E. Waters, MD

  • 08/20/2015
    P. Leith
    I've used EZ Limousine Service for a variety of trips, both business and pleasure (airport transport as well as point -to-point) and have had a consistently excellent experience. Drivers are on time, professional, and safe. Vehicles are new and clean. Bottled water is provided. They get you where you are going, safe, comfortable, and on time. And the rates are competitive. What more do you need?

  • 06/15/2015
    T. S
    My driver showed up on time but I had to knock on window as he was laying back with his eyes closed. There was not really any traffic but he drove 80mph (limit 60) on I-405S. He was also very aggressive and swerved in and out of lanes with no blinker at 80mph if anyone got in his way. I got to the airport on time - in fact what normally takes about 25-30 minutes with absolutely no traffic - he had me there in 20. The speed limit is very low (25-30) on the roads thru the airport and he was going 50. For the money I paid, I would have expected a safe driver who isn't unnecessarily speeding 20mph over the speed limit.

  • 04/11/2015
    P. Leith
    EZ Limousine Service was excellent! Prompt, responsive, professional, and good drivers.

  • 03/20/2015
    C. Niva
    driver came as soon as we picked up our luggage. nice, clean car, polite driver,gave us each a bottle of water - nice thing to provide.

  • 02/23/2015
    C. Squibb
    Excellent service! Quick and easy curb side service. Would recommend!!

  • 09/18/2014
    I was supposed to have been met in the airport at baggage claim of which I believe I paid $28 extra for. It was not a problem due to the excellent lady from the Ukraine whom assisted my Mother in the wheelchair.he picked us up in a short time at the curb and was very pleasant for the drive to Ballard. Maybe a refund toward one of my future bookings?

  • 08/08/2014
    J. Jennings
    The service was excellent BUTthe area for pick up at seatac is incredibly bad. The airport authority really needs to clean up this mess

  • 07/01/2014
    C. Millhouse
    We have been using EZ Limos for the last several years for special occasions & for airport service. Mr" R" is usually our driver. The service is always excellent: arrives early, courteous, knowledgeable of the area, clean & well appointed vehicles. Our experiences with the stretch limo have also been exceptional. We never have to wait for our limo to pick us up. Our driver is always at the curb waiting for us. We will continue to use EZ Limo because of the excellent service and reasonable prices. If you are looking for great limo service check out EZ Limos.

  • 06/25/2014
    M. Bauhouse
    I have used EZ Limos car service over the past 6 years. The service has always been extremely reliable and reasonably priced. The towncars & stretch limos are clean & well-appointed & the driver's are very professional & courteous. The owner, Raja, is a pleasure to deal with. He has always been very accomodating. I have used EZ Limos for my wedding & other special events, as well as airport service. EZ Limos has never let me down!

  • 05/29/2014
    K. Lucas
    For the airport pickup, I requested to be met inside. The driver was not inside. I had to call him, and we had several bags that we could have used help with.

  • 05/27/2014
    L. Anderson
    The car that showed up to take us to concert was well GHETTO! It was an older model Denali with huge ghetto rims on it and chrome everywhere. When I pay as much as I did I would expect a little nicer and newer car that didn't look like a gang bangers car. The driver was fine.

  • 05/20/2014
    R. BAKER
    client very satisfied with service... thank you. This saved the day...

  • 05/19/2014
    B. Payne
    Excellent service.

  • 04/29/2014
    w. arthur
    Driver was courteous and appologetic however he was 25 minutes late and got lost twice. He referred to his cell phone for directions and we had to assist him with directions. Either driver or dispath should determine route prior to customer pick up.

  • 04/13/2014
    S. Caputo
    Driver was great in all regards. Vehicle was not suited for this service.

  • 04/12/2014
    S. Redecker

  • 04/02/2014
    T. Tate
    A plus service... on time and very cordial. Love it!

  • 03/21/2014
    M. Tolleth

  • 01/13/2014
    C. Martinez
    Mr. R is my main man! I trust him with transporting my family, friends and business associates to and from SEATAC, as well as picking me up at all hours of the day or night whenever and wherever I need car service. He even took me to the airport on Christmas morning at 4:30AM!? The cars are clean, well serviced and comfortable. Mr. R. always has my favorite radio station playing and a bottle of water waiting for me in the cab. I highly recommend EZ Limousine for all your car service needs!

  • 01/06/2014
    K. Binder
    On time

  • 11/27/2013
    M. Cram
    I ride a lot with operators. EZ was excellent. I use the service from and to SEATAC airport to Redmond Town Center. You can't ask for much better than on-time, efficient, courteous, friendly and cost effective. I recommend asking for Mr. R. (Rajah). An expert driver at navigating those curves between Redmond and the airport.

  • 06/18/2013
    P. Wilia
    A perfect ending to a great week. Our driver picked us up at the cruise dock right on time. We left it up to him to decide where we should go --- which was a great decision. He took us on a scenic tour, then waited while we had lunch at the Space Needle. He was right outside when we were done. Then dropped us at the airport. I would definitely recommend the company and driver. He was courteous, friendly, professional and everything we expected. The car was clean and comfortable. The cost for the 4 of us for 5 hours was less than it would have cost to book an excursion through the cruise company --- and much more enjoyable. Mahalo Nui Loa for a fabulous time!!!!

  • 02/21/2013
    B. Lyerly
    Right on Time............everything perfect!

  • 01/31/2013
    D. Pineda
    The driver was on time, but was not in the location that was texted he would be, his wardrobe was not professional, vehicle was dirty and the arm rest in the back seat was broken. Not exactly the standard when you picture a "limo" service. Most significant issue: the "Notes" we provide are not a suggestion, they are details that need to be followed directly. These are not difficult details, they are very simple details. The driver did not follow one single detail in the notes we provided.

  • 11/16/2012
    J. Griswold
    Always punctual, always polite, cars are always comfortable and clean. I have used them often, and every single time they have been absolutely great.

Go Go Towncar
rated 4.6 of 5, 13 reviews

Call 206-474-5528

See Go Go Towncar reviews

  • 03/23/2017
    c. rosenberger
    Syeed was awesome. Professional and kind!

  • 03/28/2016
    B. Stwart
    Driver was very friendly. His driving was smooth and he was very professional.

  • 03/28/2016
    g. medina
    Nazir was an excellent driver and navigated us to every place we requested. We would recommend him to friends for their chauffer......

  • 03/28/2016
    S. Ashton
    Everything was great I was skeptical at first because the rate quote was less than the other companies ... But the quality was fantastic making my daughters 40th Birthday a success... I was very pleased

  • 03/28/2016
    J. schott
    Worst limo experience ever! Very disappointed and dissatisfied

  • 03/28/2016
    a. eaton

  • 03/01/2016
    L. Stange

  • 03/01/2016
    K. Edwards
    I have used go limo several times and they always inform me when they are at my door to take me to the airport and they ask that I text them once I know what door I will be at when they pick me up from the airport. Very professional and friendly staff.

  • 03/01/2016
    P. Jenkins
    Very prompt pickup. Driver was professional and courteous.

  • 12/22/2015
    K. Boyle
    Relaxing, great driver (Syed A)!!, timely and reached our destination perfectly! Home again...great ride!!

  • 12/22/2015
    L. Kocher
    He was on time, loaded my luggage while I said my good-byes, remained focused and calm in the worst Seattle traffic, but still conversed. It was a very good experience and he was a great driver. 10 stars to the whole process from beginning to end.

  • 12/22/2015
    N. Dicus

  • 12/22/2015
    K. Edwards

Town Car Service
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