Chicago Limousine Service Reviews

Chicago Limousine Service Reviews

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Finding the right limo service can be tough, but we're here to help. We have reviews for over 50 limo service providers in and around Chicago, so you'll know exactly what you're getting.

M&M Limousine Service
rated 4.7 of 5, 22 reviews

M&M Limousine service provides luxury chauffeured transportation for any occasion. We specialize in impeccable personalized service. We offer a new fleet of 2009-2011 Lincoln Town Cars, SUVs, stretch limousines, SUV stretch limousines, vans and Limo Buses.

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  • 07/19/2019
    N. Baldoni
    Excellent trip

  • 06/11/2019
    T. Coffey
    Great service. Driver was on time and very courteous!

  • 03/28/2016
    E. Paliakas
    Vehicle was fabulous, perfect for our needs. Our driver Henry was friendly and professional. The only drawback was he took a route that didn't appear to account for traffic; we left our house assuming we could get to our reservation in 50 minutes and it took 90. Everything worked out fine and as mentioned, he was very friendly and helpful, so no harm done. We would book with you again!

  • 03/28/2016
    K. Dolsen
    Vehicle was nice. Guy was on time and nice. I was disappointed he took a tip from our guest since the idea was to have the whole experience taken care of.

  • 04/25/2015
    L. Sloan
    The driver was so nice and arrived perfectly on time!

  • 04/07/2015
    B. Bronzynski

  • 03/28/2015
    D. Kayser
    There was a bit of a language barrier and initially the driver's route from home to church was WAY WAY out of the WAY, but he accepted directions. Driver was courteous, professional & punctual. Car was clean & comfortable. Excellent service.

  • 03/19/2015
    B. Liewergen
    Mike our driver was great, perfectly on time. Vehicle was clean and in good condition. Got us to and from our destination quickly and safely.

  • 02/27/2015
    A. Beifus
    Was awesome. Driver had the itinerary and was helpful the whole time. We will definitely use them again

  • 04/11/2014
    H. Spingola
    Excellent service. The driver was very polite. Limo very clean. Absolutely would use again.

  • 04/07/2014

  • 03/16/2014
    Y. Pruitt

  • 03/09/2014
    A. Newbill

  • 12/21/2013
    L. Lopez
    M was nice but rushed customers. MY guest did not make it in on time and did not get to ride with in the limo, so I decided to continue since I had already paid, but regreted later because felt rushed through the whole ride.

  • 06/18/2012
    G. Alfonso
    Great Service will use again.

  • 09/27/2010
    S. Romz
    I used M&M Limo for a pick up/drop off service for my sister's bachelorette party. The service was amazing! I literally booked the limo a day before the party and they were able to accommodate me. They were very helpful. The limo arrived on time (I was a little late because I thought I would get a call when the driver arrived) and knew exactly where he was going. Driver was also very friendly! I had a return service at 3am and some of the girls were ready to head to a different location so I called because the driver stated if anything changed and we wanted to leave early just to call. So I did, and the soonest he could get to us was 1:15am which was perfect and he was right on time again in crowded downtown! All in all, this is a great company run by great people and great drivers!! Would highly recommend and will definitely use them again. Thank you for a great experience!

  • 03/18/2010
    D. Murrino
    Just want to thank M&M Limousine Service for providing exelent service on the short notice (after another limo company failed to provide service for us).

  • 12/24/2006
    S. Novak
    Used limo for round trip service to/from airport. Driver on time for outgoing flight and short wait at airport on return trip. Drivers are extremely friendly, and the vehicles are in tip-top shape. Prices are great, too! No complaints whatsoever. In fact, they are now the only company I use for my airport transportation needs. I recommend this company to everyone I can and cannot recommend them enough!

  • 04/29/2004
    V. Angiulo
    Excellent service. We needed a ride to ans from the airport and requested a luxury sedan both ways.. To our surprise and enjoyment, a stretch Excursion took us to the airport and a stretch limo brought us home, at no extra cost! Great drivers, great vehicles, great company. We will definitely use M&M again. Thanks for such an enjoyable experience.

  • 03/11/2004
    R. c/o BCU
    Very professional and allowed us to be on time for our reservations. Driver knew ahead of time exactly were our location was with a simple “no problem”. M&M limo made our department outing to Tony and Tina’s wedding even more enjoyable, safer, and able to stay together the whole evening for our department outing. I will forward M&M information to BCU contact list for future company use with a A+ rating. Thank you, Rob

  • 10/31/2003
    D. Murino
    Dear M&M Thank you so much for making my stay in Chicago a pleasant one. Your service was grade A and I really appreciate your service. I will recommend your company to family, co workers and to anyone I know that will be traveling to Chicago. Thanks again

  • 10/05/2002
    C. Marchese
    Wonderful service. Beautiful car. Would highly recommend. A+++

M&M Limousine Service
rated 4.6 of 5, 64 reviews

We specialize in customized individual and group transportation

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  • 08/24/2019
    G. Branch
    Ride was great and driver was very nice and professional. Thanks

  • 07/07/2019
    S. Wittenborn
    I had never used this service before and was not sure what to expect. It was reliable, timely, courteous and the price was exactly as quoted.

  • 06/27/2019
    S. Rowader
    Nice ride and vehicle on the way to the Chicago Firehouse Restaurant despite the heavy traffic. Trouble locating our vehicle after the concert...the dispatcher gave us directions to meet the vehicle. Turned out our driver was at a different location about 4 blocks away. But overall pretty good service and ride. Thanks!

  • 06/11/2019
    S. Pahl
    Flew into ORD on an international flight. After retrieving our bags and clearing customs, we contacted and told them we where ready. The driver showed up in about 5” and off we went! It was a very nice ride! We rode in a Navigator, which was very clean. The driver was polite and curious. It was a good value for the service provided. I will use this service again.

  • 03/23/2017
    S. DeWeerdt

  • 03/23/2017
    S. OLeary

  • 03/28/2016
    T. Dennison

  • 03/28/2016
    L. Theine
    driver was courteous & helpful & knew where to go & car was clean and well maintained

  • 03/28/2016
    W. Paprocki
    Pleasant driver, and very helpful to our handicapped passenger.

  • 03/28/2016
    W. Paprocki
    Pleasant driver, and very helpful to our handicapped passenger.

  • 03/28/2016
    j. podraza

  • 03/28/2016
    S. Besch
    The driver never spoke to us. Even when he got there. I never received a direct number for the driver to let him know we arrived, so he ended up being late to pick us up.

  • 03/28/2016
    M. Bennett

  • 03/28/2016
    t. topping

  • 03/28/2016
    T. Repp
    Very nice car. Professional Driver. Great experience.

  • 03/01/2016
    J. Szweda
    We had a great time, and the driver was courteous and got us to our destination on time. He was great!!

  • 12/22/2015
    D. Yannias

  • 12/22/2015
    L. LaRue

  • 12/22/2015
    L. Wenk
    Our driver was so nice and professional and was literally there within 5 minutes of my phone call - we were delayed an hour and a half and he still was there within a few minutes which was incredible! We will always book with this company from now on!

  • 12/22/2015
    N. Goodwin

  • 12/22/2015
    j. arya
    the driver was on time & very personable...the vehicle was clean and comfortable....very satisfied.

  • 12/22/2015
    A. Carolan
    Our driver was helpful and very professional. We have never seen a cleaner car! Great experience all around.

  • 12/22/2015
    T. McLaughlin
    Everything was perfect - on-time and courteous. Thanks.

  • 12/22/2015
    L. Heyden
    Everything was wonderful.

  • 12/22/2015
    e. kellar
    on time, no issues.

  • 12/22/2015

  • 12/22/2015
    A. Kruszewski
    Driver on time, very friendly

  • 12/22/2015
    e. kellar

  • 12/22/2015
    J. Masterson

  • 12/22/2015
    D. Amato

  • 12/22/2015
    C. Lengel
    Very quiet, did not speak unless related to trip to Ohare.

  • 04/30/2015
    D. Morris
    I paid %27 for a meet and greet for my elderly parents that never happened. They got their luggage and carried it outside to the 75 y.o. dad and his cane. Very disappointing

  • 04/29/2015
    C. Wentzel
    Gary was very professional and a very good driver in traffic. The vehicle was comfortable and performed well.

  • 04/11/2015
    J. Barrett
    He was pleasant friendly and efficient. I would not mind having him again when I would uses again thank you

  • 03/31/2015
    J. Kennedy
    both drivers were great the vehicle met our needs perfect.I will use the service again.

  • 03/27/2015
    e. kellar

  • 03/22/2015
    S. Santolin
    Very nice. .. people person. Made the ride enjoyable.

  • 08/10/2014
    c. peffers
    The trip to OHare was awful. The driver was unable to get thru the local area without our help and drove erratic, too fast, weaving in and out of traffic. The drive home from the airport was perfect and I wish to emphasize the satisfaction with that driver

  • 08/02/2014
    A. Lostumbo

  • 05/26/2014
    T. Mirocha

  • 05/22/2014
    S. Marianelli
    He was very polite and courteous. He helped everyone with their luggage and getting in the van. Couldn't have been nicer.

  • 05/21/2014
    J. Hollifield

  • 05/15/2014
    D. Wier

  • 05/12/2014
    J. Clarke
    Landing late and the car was there was a surprise. That made me happy.

  • 05/10/2014
    J. Fabres

  • 05/06/2014
    J. Myer

  • 05/02/2014
    D. Crownover

  • 04/13/2014
    N. Rosen
    He arrived a half hour early which was awesome. He helped with the bags and knew exactly how to steer the conversation. He was great.

  • 04/04/2014
    N. Gardner
    Everything was great. Car arrived early and waited. Absolutely use the service again.

  • 04/04/2014
    Driver was on time, courteous and the car was clean. I had an enjoyable ride roundtrip.

  • 04/02/2014
    B. Moore

  • 03/28/2014
    J. Koolish
    Driver was there and ready when we were. The car was brand new. A good experience.

  • 03/28/2014
    h. niden

  • 03/27/2014
    M. Maratea
    Driver extremely good. On time and we had a big group of 11. We had the same driver to O'Hare and from Midway which made it nice for us and the kids.

  • 03/23/2014
    B. Graening
    driver was surprised with the golf carrier but handled it excellently.

  • 03/19/2014
    D. Rotter

  • 03/17/2014
    T. McCoy

  • 03/13/2014
    l. derrig
    our driver was awesome

  • 03/01/2014
    N. Hawes
    Everyone was prompt, driving excellent and very considerate.

  • 12/31/2013
    K. Papanek
    The driver was incredibly nice, was perfectly on time and drove very safely through the awful snow! I was very happy with him!!

  • 12/14/2013
    P. Ronan
    I use the service exclusively -- twice a week at a minimum -- but now I am done with them! It's hit or miss depending on which driver you get. My most recent experience was so bad, it's time to switch

  • 05/30/2013
    T. Abendroth
    I am a little late in sending comments but Igor was great. Totally helpful and prompt and polite. Thank you Igor!

  • 10/03/2012
    M. Murrino
    I used M&M Limousine service for airport transportation. Booking was simple and quick, vehicle - new and clean, driver - profetional. Good job! I'll use them again.

  • 10/10/2011
    M. Jano
    M&M has been great to work with. Very nice staff at the office. All of my customers have been very happy with their service. Thanks again Matt Jano

Adams Limousine
rated 5.0 of 5, 2 reviews

Company description not available

See Adams Limousine reviews

  • 08/26/2019
    A. Cotton
    Driver was on time and professional as always. We will continue to use for all of our transports.

  • 07/30/2019
    J. Klein
    Our company uses for our customers, interveiwees, or employees who come to visit us. They make it very easy to set up rides as you can provide the flight information and they track it. It's very difficult to send taxis or Uber/Lyfts for pick-up at O'Hare Airport, but this service has always been very convenient. Customer service is also very helpful when you need to make changes, and the cars look very professional and nice. Very happy with this service!

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