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Providing good quality service, with affordable prices to the tri-state area. We are a 24 hour company, so whenever you need a car, being one month from now or right away, give us a call. If you don't see a quote from us, or it seems unreasonable, let us know, one of our representatives will be able to help you. There's no call too big or too small. If you happen to find a better price, we'll also work with you. Our fleet not only consists of Lincoln Town Cars, but also Luxury cars such as Mercedes and BMWs. Call us with any questions 203-496-2587. We are 24 hours more

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08/12/2014 Customer : M. Murphy
""on-time and professional"


08/11/2014 Customer : B. Dahav
"wonderful drivers, fantastic service, we are so very satisfied, thanks, only way to travel. "


08/10/2014 Customer : B. Dahav
"i was pleasantly surprised with the wonderful, stress-free experience that i had , going, and than going back to the airport. my husband and i will recommend your company to anyone who needs transportation ....the drivers were very helpful, polite, and we are super satisfied,,,thanks, barbara dahav"


08/05/2014 Customer : R. Hansen


07/27/2014 Customer : M. diliddo


06/03/2014 Customer : R. Hoyt
"Driver was awesome, clean car, felt safe"


06/03/2014 Customer : M. Marquet


06/02/2014 Customer : L. MULLEN
"Driver was very courteous and an excellent driver."


05/16/2014 Customer : B. Kane
"Have used Rez before and would use them again"


05/10/2014 Customer : j. gaynor
"They brought the wrong car. They did not call ahead to inform me they were bringing the wrong car. (Car i ordered for some reason was in new york) called asking what happen and where is the car i ordered and man on the phone yelled at me and called me a cheepo. Horrible horrible horrible people company and service. An embarrasment. should drop them from their site. "


04/07/2014 Customer : S. Kunze


04/04/2014 Customer : R. Schaaf
"Excellent experience and I had the pleasure to take a ride with the same driver who is very courteous and pleasant. He is also very punctual and alwasy has a smile. "


03/15/2014 Customer : F. Fleurant
"Courtous professional driver appreciated."


03/10/2014 Customer : A. Sokolow
"I've used this service 4 or 5 times going to and coming from the airport. They've always been reliable and very nice to deal with. "


03/05/2014 Customer : S. Holden
"First experience in a limo. Excellent!!! Our driver, Rodney, was very friendly and helpful. We all had a great time together. He was very prompt and his quick thinking and ability to back up the limo in the stalled valet line was very impressive and helped us to not miss our concert. We were celebrating a 13th birthday and Rodney was, also, great with the kids!"


02/05/2014 Customer : J. Irving
"After 35 hours of travel back from Africa, I had a reservation booked to pick me up from JFK by a BMW 7 series. We landed at 8:20am, which is when I first spoke to the driver. I told him I needed to go through customs and would be able to meet him about a half hour later to be picked up. I again called him at 8:55 AM to let him know I was ready and made it through customs. I told him I didn't have any checked luggage so I would be quick to get to the pick-up location, which he told me would be the departures area of the airport. He told me it would be about 15 minutes for him to get to the departures area of the terminal from the garage where he was parked. At 9:20, he still did not show up, so I called him. No answer. 9:30, still no sign of the driver, I called again, and again, no answer. Finally at 9:35, he called and said he was stuck in the garage due to bad weather. Yes, there was bad weather. But that is simply no excuse to leave me waiting for 40 minutes without letting me know he would not be able to pick me up. I ended up going back downstairs all the way through the airport to the arrival section to the taxi stand. I got into a NYC taxi. A Prius. Yes, the weather was bad, but a Prius had no problems getting me home. BMW 7 series vs. a Prius. Which car is better? Was the driver simply trying to stall and eventually get to me so they could still collect the fee? Or was he simply that inept to not simply call me the moment he realized he would not be able to get to me? Either way, after 35 hours of travel, all I wanted was to get home. They had my flight number, and knew what the weather was. There is no reason they could not plan accordingly to make sure they were at the terminal in a timely manner to pick me up. The day I left on the trip the weather was equally bad. They wisely sent a town car rather than the BMW to get me to the airport. Why didn't they make the same decision with this trip? Also, I tried calling the 203 area code number for their office several times. No answer ever. Unacceptable. Definitely will never use these guys again."
Limo Service Response: "We understand Mr. Irving's frustration. But unfortunately there wasn't much we could do. We were in the middle of a snow storm along with freezing rain. Our driver who lives in queens took almost an hour to get to airport on the BMW. Our BMW is rear wheel traction, it's like driving a mustang out on the snow. As the driver was waiting close to the airport and he was stuck on the snow trying to get out to get to client. We let him know of the situation when he landed. He tried calling us and the driver but didn't get to us because we were trying to get an alternative for him and driver was relentlessly trying to free the car. We called and apologize for what was happening there wasn't much we could do. In bad weather everything is possible. On a second note, he provided us with a bad review on his return, but he wasn't capable of at least mentioning that we did a great service on the way to the airport. Josh Irving Email: Please call Mobile Phone: Alt phone: Ride Details Service Type:To Airport Service Date: 01/29/2014 Start Time: 06:45AM Passengers: 1 Total Hours:Flat Rate Availability Checked: from 6:45AM - 7:16AM Routing Info Pick-up Address: New Rochelle, NY, 10801 Drop-off Address: JFK - JOHN F KENNEDY INTERNATIONAL Special requests or additional trip information: None provided Destinations/Stops: None provided Vehicle 4 pax-7-Series-Blk-A | Sedan | BMW 7-Series | Black | 4 Pax (#14344) Sometimes even bad things happen to limousine companies in bad weather. Welsday Ponte"

01/08/2014 Customer : I. Smirnov
"Unfortunately the driver has chosen not the best way to get to Newark airport from LI: we had a delay for over 1 hour due to the terrible traffic jam near the Washington bridge, then we went through two tolls which could be avoided if he used another shorter and straightforward route. The driver also had one small moving issue on the road with changing lines in the beginning of the trip. "


01/07/2014 Customer : A. Stadwick
"I was very happy with the service. Driver was very friendly and professional."


01/06/2014 Customer : F. Freidman


01/04/2014 Customer : K. Dauber
"The driver (Rodney) was extremely nice. He was punctual and helped each of us in and out of the Limo on a very icy day. He made sure we were all comfortable inside the Limo as well. My only surprise was that I booked a black Limo and a white one appeared. It felt 'wedding-ish' but at that point there was nothing I could do. "


09/16/2013 Customer : S. Hersh
"Driver was on-time, professional and courteous. He was extremely friendly and I was very satisfied with him and the vehicle. I will ride with them again."


08/13/2013 Customer : J. Porter
"Me and my family had a very early flight out of JFK. Was a little concerned since it was my first time using them. Time was on time and got to the airport without any problems. Booked them on return as well and got upgrade to their stretch limo from a town car. Will definitely use them again. Compatible prices and good service. "


02/28/2013 Customer : w. lacerda
"I had a great time. Driver was on time and car was very clean. Very affordable as well. waeojch@jpfex.comill do business again"


02/21/2013 Customer : M. Lefkowitz
"Driver never showed up...nearly missed my plane. Called the Owner (Welsday Ponte) who apoglized and offered to send me an other drive 45 minutes later....which was going to be too late. Also offered to reimburse me for my fare. Despite numerous promises that the "check in the mail", company never followed through on their word. WILL NEVER USE THEM AGAIN!"
Limo Service Response: "Funny when they say they will never use us again when they returned we picked them up. For free. Client scheduled a pick up to yhe airport and two hours before decide that he might have been cutting too short and wanted the pick up earlier. We said yes but unfortunately the driver hit traffic on his way and was going to be late. We always have client call to make such changes but this time we didn't, and it costes us a bad review. We told client we could either pay for his ride down or pick him up on his return fo free. He said we take the free ride in which we provided service for free. Book accordingly and leave enough time for your trips. As for Mr. Lefkowitz you are welcome for using our services after you strongly said "WILL NEVER USE US AGAIN" just so you could get a free ride. Welsday Ponte"

01/18/2013 Customer : T. Knerr
"This was a nice ride with a nice driver and the equipment was in nice standings."


12/17/2012 Customer : A. Zeruto
"not sure if it was a fluke, but my driver (do not know name) was on his cell talking and texting while driving down I-95. "
Limo Service Response: "All drivers are required to carry (iphones or android) to use it as their GPS, so they can constantly check for traffic so clients are not late and don't stand in unnecessary traffic. If that is a problem to any client, they can let the driver know not to use it. Welsday Ponte"

12/17/2012 Customer : C. Ogwyn
"Driver was late. No bottled water. Driver got lost at the destination city because she was not using her GPS. "
Limo Service Response: "As for Mr. Ogwyn, we do apologize for not having bottle of water in car, our only mistake. Client Booked car for 1:45pm for arrival at 1:30pm, and curbside pick up (didn't want to pay the extra money for meet and greet inside $9). Flight arrived at 1:25pm so he had to wait for his 1:45pm pick up (was afraid he would have to pay for waiting time). If he didn't want driver to be late, he should have booked for 1:30pm. So in his words, driver was late. Driver didn't use GPS because not need. Client needed to go to 909 washington blvd, stamford, ct, but client booked it as 900 washington blvd. 909 and 900 not the same, so driver was really lost, and GPS wouldn't solve the problem. All in all client shouldn't have been cheap (meet and greet for an extra $9 and exact arrival time, regardless if there were going to be additional charge for waiting time which he anticipated (1:45pm p/u for 1:30pm arrival) and correct drop off address (#900 washington Blvd doesn't exist, but #909 does) would have been helpful. By the way, client forgot to mention he booked a town car and got a nice upgrade, a S-class Mercedes Benz. Before booking please make sure all information is correct and be aware of the time when you make your reservation. We strive for the best service, so every client is satisfied, but not every company is perfect, for this time, we just forgot his water bottle. Welsday Ponte"

12/03/2012 Customer : A. Kamensky
"Prompt, safe and courteous driver. Clean comfortable vehicle."


09/17/2012 Customer : A. Kamensky
"Driver was on time and friendly. He drove safely. Unfortunately, the car was a worn out and had a funny odor."


08/20/2012 Customer : S. Nalawade
"We love the service provided by Rez Ponsible Limousine. They are punctual, extremely courteous and professional. It was a pleasure taking their limo service to the airport. We would recommend them highly."
Limo Service Response: "It was our pleasure. I'm glad you we could measure up to your standards. We try our best. We'll see you soon for your return... Welsday Ponte"

07/29/2012 Customer : B. Gilmore
"Used round trip to JFK. I actually screwed up the date and they (Wesley) were very accommodating Pick up was right on time (and very early in the AM). Airport pick up was also good, minor confusion as to the terminal but no big deal. Would certainly consider using Rez Ponsible again. "


05/21/2012 Customer : J. Y.
"Such a pleasure! The driver was early, professional, courteous, and drove safely. The car was clean and in great condition. Mr. ponte was a pleasure to deal with, and the price was the best I found by far. Keep it up!"


03/20/2012 Customer : H. Morey
"Impeccable service, spotless vehicle. Owner arrived with perfect Mercedes SUV for me and my guests right on time, and always remained within 5 minutes of the restaurant. Moreover, the price was extremely reasonable for the time and service delivered. Not a single thing I could fault; would book again with RL/Welsday Ponte in a heartbeat. "
Limo Service Response: "It was a pleasure Mrs. Morey. Glad we could me your standards. Welsday Ponte"

03/20/2012 Customer : M. Rodriguez
"This was my first time using the Rez Ponsible Limousine company. I was very pleased with the service. Things weren't looking good at first when our arrival time was pushed back about half an hour. Our driver (Mr. Ponte) waited a total of 45 minutes and didn't charge us a dime extra. The ride home was very smooth and even an upgrade of what we paid for (while still paying original price). He was a great host/driver and I will definitely do business with him again soon. "
Limo Service Response: "Just glad we beat all that I-95/Merritt Pkwy northbound traffic :) Look foward to working with you guys again Welsday Ponte"

03/02/2012 Customer : A. Sheppard
"The service was great. The limo was perfect and the driver was very courteous and attentive to our needs. He showed up on time, early actually and was very patient waiting for us. He took us to our destinations in a timely manner and made sure we knew how to locate him when were done with our event. This was my first experience riding in a limo and I must say my friends and I were very pleased. I would most definitly recommend this service. "


02/14/2012 Customer : w. moore
"Great service. Driver was on time and did a great Job. Very satisfied with the car and experience"


01/18/2012 Customer : J. Anderson
"I've used Rezponsible a number of times and they have always provided excellent service at the best price. I've had them in a situation where my flight was cancelled and rescheduled a couple of times during the day and they stayed in close communication with me and showed up at an alternate airport 5 hours later than originally scheduled to accommodate my changes. They have always been on time, neat and clean, and have used GPS well to get to the destination in a timely manner. "
Limo Service Response: "Always a pleasure Mr. Anderson, we do what we can to provide the best service possible. Welsday Ponte"

12/04/2011 Customer : P. Wolf
"Outstanding service at a competive price. Picked up in a timely manner at both ends of the trip. Wellsday (the driver/owner) was polite and helpful with my handicapped wife. "
Limo Service Response: "It was my pleasure Mr. Wolff... Hope to see you back soon, and if not happy holidays to you and your wife Welsday Ponte"

11/22/2011 Customer : L. Imamura
"Our driver Marlon was prompt, courteous, and responsive. The price was reasonable, the car was clean and odorless. Marlon knew where we were going and the best was to get there. Could not ask for anything more!"
Limo Service Response: "Thanks for the compliments. I passed it on to Marlon and he thanks you as well. Hope to do business again in the future. Welsday Ponte"

07/16/2011 Customer : C. Ruffalo
"I needed car service for both ends of my trip to Scotland. I was picked up on time in Poughkeepsie and delivered safely to JFK Airport with plenty of time to check in for my out-going flight. While in Scotland my return plans changed and I had to e mail the owner and ask for alterations ( I was now returning to a different airport on a different day). He was wonderfully accommodating and helpful and he re-arranged my return car service for me. After a series of frustrating events prior to returning to the states, I was able to relax and have piece of mind knowing that a driver would be waiting for me at Newark Liberty Airport. When I was ready to go home, the same kind and responsible driver was there waiting for me and he brought me back safely. Welsday was polite, professional, and ALWAYS ready to answer my questions, e mails, and phone calls. I am so glad I used this company and would do so again. Much gratitude to you, Welsday!"


06/18/2011 Customer : S. Steinback
"driver was on time and courteous. actual charges are always higher than quote."
Limo Service Response: "Thanks for positive review Mrs. Steinback. Tolls were the additional charge. It is not included in the price. It's specified in your confirmation. Thanks again Welsday"

06/18/2011 Customer : S. Steinback
"driver was on time and courteous"


12/21/2010 Customer : M. Barreto
"Called the company and owner Welsday was very helpful. Answered all my questions and felt comfortable booking with them. Thanks for the service. Will definetely use them again. Great prices too"


07/01/2010 Customer : M. Tucker
"I was quoted a rate of $109.50 but was charged $138.90 for an airport pickup. "
Limo Service Response: "Client was to arrive on Delta 165 fr. Dublin at 2:50pm. Flight delayed to 4:18pm due to thuderstomrs weather in NYC. Driver arrived at airport 4:15pm for pick up. Client came out 5:45pm. Price quoted of $109.50 included(tax/tolls/gratuity/gas surcharge). Stops and waiting time not included, it's explained at as well as when I send out emails. We give clients 1 hour free at airport, just in case these things happened. Unfortunately, it took him more to come out, and we had no way of knowing. Therefore we charge him for 30 minutes, at a rate of $58.80/hr, resulting in ax extra charge of $29.40. Client never called to resolve the situation with us. Just decided to post a review. Would have been glad to explain the situation and work it out. If any concerns prior to booking just ask us and we'll be more than happy to help you. I price my calls fairly, and after 3 years advertising in the site, this is a first. Welsday Ponte"