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Platinum Limousine Service provides limousine and transportation service for the entire Washington, DC metropolitan area. Our chauffeurs are professional and courteous at all times. They are screened and trained. We believe SAFETY is paramount. We cater to your every need and offer very competitive rates. Platinum Limousine Service is Purely Above The Rest! more

Our Limo Services Packages  


Make every detail count, a limo for your wedding day is the classy way to transport your bridal party, family members and guests. Whether it be a classic car or a stretch, a customized limo service will make your wedding transportation another special part of your day.



Whether it be your 1st or your 50th, celebrate each milestone with a customized limo package. Flowers, balloons and night on the town are just a few features designed to make your occasion as special as the day you said "I do."


Bachelor Party

Let a highly professional limousine driver escort your bachelor or bachelorette party wherever the moment takes you. Invest in making the night safe and memorable for everyone. Invite lots of friends but leave your cameras at home.


Bachelorette Party

Let a highly professional limousine driver escort your bachelor or bachelorette party wherever the moment takes you. Invest in making the night safe and memorable for everyone. Invite lots of friends but leave your cameras at home.



Want to try something different this year? Reserve a private limo and celebrate a birthday with a new twist. Perfect for a Sweet 16, Debutante, Quinceañera, Over-The-Hill and Bar/Bat Mitzvah party.


Night on the Town

Want to experience the best nightlife and the hottest clubs but are concerned about who's driving or where you're going to park? Simply reserve a limousine for your night on the town and worry no further.


Sporting Event

Beers and bats, crowds and cars or tipoffs and touchdowns. Whatever sporting event you follow, cheer on your favorite team and competitors by taking your friends to the game in your personal limo.



She found the perfect dress, you're wearing the perfect tux, and the cameras are flashing. On the most anticipated night of the year, arrive in a ride as stylish as you both are and make every moment unforgettable.



Beers and brats, crowds and cars or kickoffs and touchdowns. Cheer on your favorite team and competitors by taking your friends to the game in your personal limo.


Rider Ratings

03/28/2016 Customer : M. Fernandez
"I use them often. They are always on time or early, cars are always clean and well kept. The drivers have always been personable."


03/28/2016 Customer : C. Judd


03/28/2016 Customer : L. Gannon


03/28/2016 Customer : I. Marowsky


03/28/2016 Customer : R. Shapiro
"Everything is working like the swiss made watch. Clean, quick, exactly by time, very friendly. "


03/28/2016 Customer : C. Woodland
"The driver was the most polite, friendly,helpful and well mannered young gentleman one could ever expect. He truly was an exceptional driver. The limo was very clean, inside and out. Found out later that the Limo could have been rented for less than half the price I paid. "


03/28/2016 Customer : D. Williams
"Driver was courteous and professional. Car was terrible, all you could hear in the backseat was a mechanical noise."


03/28/2016 Customer : M. Letizia


03/01/2016 Customer : M. Rubenstein


03/01/2016 Customer : L. Lanzillotta
"Driver arrive a little late, no phone number to contact; needed directions; car's wiper were worn out: if I didn't have to go to the airport I would not have accepted the ride"


12/22/2015 Customer : B. Pallitto
"Driver, car, punctuality all perfect"
Limo Service Response: "Thank you Ms. Pallitto for the feedback. We truly appreciate it and will continue to provide professional service."

12/22/2015 Customer : C. Snowdon


12/22/2015 Customer : E. Williams


12/22/2015 Customer : E. McCullough
"Very professional. Driver was very efficient Polite and calming"
Limo Service Response: "Thank you Mr. McCullough for the great feedback. We are happy to hear your ride was a good one and we will continue to provide professional and reliable transportation."

12/22/2015 Customer : T. Jaffe
"Driver was courteous and on time. Excellent."
Limo Service Response: "Thank you Todd for the positive feedback. Customer satisfaction is definitely our priority!"

12/22/2015 Customer : C. Paulson
"pre ride communications were excellent. Driver was on time; he was very helpful; his vehicle was spotless and we arrived at our destination feeling great!"
Limo Service Response: "Platinum Limousine is happy to know you had a great experience with us! We will continue to keep our customers satisfied and thank you for the feedback!"

12/22/2015 Customer : P. Kiehl


12/22/2015 Customer : M. Scanlin
"My driver was prompt, courteous and very professional.My flight arrived at late at night, and it was such a relief to just sit back, relax, and get to my destination."
Limo Service Response: "We are happy to hear you had a relaxing ride and Platinum Limousine will continue to provide prompt and professional service to our customers. Thank you for your positive feedback!"

12/22/2015 Customer : m. la pierre
"the driver was kind and knowledgeable -- he took very good care of my mother"
Limo Service Response: "Customer satisfaction is a priority with Platinum Limousine and we are happy to hear the positive feedback."

12/22/2015 Customer : J. Murphy
"Kenny knew the back roads to our home. The rain did not deter him and we felt confident of our safe arrival with his cautious driving and historical narrative. "
Limo Service Response: "Thank you very much for sharing your experience with Platinum Limousine. Our drivers are very much reliable and we appreciate and are delighted to hear the positive feedback."

04/04/2015 Customer : J. Tarrant
"Our driver, although pleasant and punctual was not the best. We were nervous as he was severely below the speed limit,breaking frequently and seemed unsure of himself."


03/28/2015 Customer : a. Chafetz


03/25/2015 Customer : J. Daniels
"The driver was a half hour late (arrived 20 minutes after my luggage). Showing up on time would be a nice start."


03/12/2015 Customer : B. Yanora
"It was just OK. While the driver did not say much, most make general conversation, offer water or soda and don't have so much junk in the trunk where our bags don't fit. That has to be fixed because while I don't mind have a small bag with me, it should not be because the driver is taking more trunk space than us"


03/11/2015 Customer : A. Angagaw


02/20/2015 Customer : R. Suter
"The driver did not have our destination, I had to give directions. The Limo front windshield had a crack that ran from side to side and would not pass a safety inspection. "


09/25/2014 Customer : T. Walker
"I rented a party limo bus for my daughters 21st birthday. The driver was on time and went out of his way to make that night special. A few of the employees got together and decorated the bus(how surprised we were!). The vehicle was clean and comfortable, Platinum Limo went out of their way and beyond with their services. I rate this company as excellent as for we received just that. Thank you Platinum Limo we will be using you again."


09/24/2014 Customer : C. McGrath
"Johnny was the ultimate professional. He was on-time, meeting me inside the terminal with placard in hand, as agreed. He was courteous, engaging, and knowledgeable in so many subjects. The hour ride to my destination flew by without notice, as our conversation was most interesting. His appearance was impeccable, as was the vehicle. Shortly before he picked me up, he met up with my friend. She wanted to drop off flowers for me to have (it was my birthday). Again, Johnny made me feel truly special. Thank you!"


09/12/2014 Customer : L. P.
"I used Platinum Limousine Service and they were great!! So great i just had to write a review! I've used other limousine service in the past, and quite frequently I should say, but none was as prompt, polite and caring as Platinum Limousine. I will definitely be using them again and I refer them to lots of people. Keep it up Platinum! Thank all of you guys!"


07/26/2014 Customer : K. Bramwell


07/10/2014 Customer : D. Wilson
"I used Platinum Limos on Fri., 5/30/14 for family members and I to go from my home to my fabulous retirement party. It was a stellar "Red Carpet" themed event, and I wanted to make a grand entrance. Thanks to Platinum, the night got off to a glorious start! The black stretch limo was exactly what I ordered. It was clean, well stocked with soft drinks, water, ice and plenty of glasses for our champagne. Our driver Julian arrived early and is quite the debonair gentleman. He is totally engaging, and put my nerves at ease. He asked which route I preferred him to take, and knew just where to go. Upon arrival he helped everyone out of the limo, and was gracious enough to have pictures taken with me captured by the professional photographer. It was the perfect start to momentous occasion that I will never forget. I highly recommend Platinum Limos, and would use them again."


06/21/2014 Customer : D. Cross
"This driver should not be driving at all! To mention a few items he went the wrong way and and made us an hour late for our event. Instead of dropping us off at the door he parked in a lot and made us walk to the back door. Instead of relaxing we had to look at traffic and give directions turn by turn. He was cold so he turned the air off and we had to sweat in our gown and tux. Several times our items were thrown to the floor from his slamming on the gas and break. Nice man, but he should not be driving. Would never pay for this again. This is not service much less elite! What good is ice with nothing to put it in? Drive yourself, it's less stressful and you will actually get to your event on time. "


05/25/2014 Customer : S. Appuglies
"The driver ... Julian was very accomodating and was a good safe driver. We have had him before for a previous trip and he performed in the same manner. Well done. "


05/23/2014 Customer : R. Black
"On time, great driver, clean car!"


05/10/2014 Customer : N. Bayles
"He was great - but he did get lost."


05/03/2014 Customer : J. Whiten
"The driver was neatly dressed, courteous and helpful. A medical emergency occurred on the plane before landing which delayed passenger's exiting. The driver waited and the company informed me that he was present and waiting."


05/01/2014 Customer : H. Rosen
"I used this company r/t between my home and the airport. The car that picked me up from my home smelled like smoke. Then the driver invited me to find a bottle of warm water that was stored inside the arm rest - who knows how long it had been there. Also disappointed that the driver did not text or call to let me know he had arrived during either trip, in fact, I was unable to find him at the airport and had to call the company in order to finally connect with him at the taxi loading area. Then to add insult to injury, Platinum charged me the extra fee for the driver meeting me inside the airport. I had requested this service, but expected not to be charged since the driver was nowhere to be found. "


04/05/2014 Customer : D. Maison
"We paid for the 'meet and greet' option, but had to go outside and wait for our driver after making a few calls. Other than that, the service was very good."


03/27/2014 Customer : G. Steele
"This was an excellent experience. The driver was so personable."


03/22/2014 Customer : E. Gist
"My drive was great. I'll request her again. ( Excellent driver) Everlean Gist"


03/14/2014 Customer : F. Althukair


01/03/2014 Customer : L. Perez
"The driver was on time, very helpful and courteous. The whole experience was an excellent one."


12/13/2013 Customer : P. Jantzen


07/30/2013 Customer : S. Skanes
"We've used Platinum Limousine in Waldorf, MD twice so far this year, and both times we were very satisfied. The first time was for a night out, my husband and I rented a town car. The car was clean, driver was very courteous and efficient. The most recent, was a couple of weeks ago we rented a SUV for a short trip to the local casino. Again, vehicle was clean, and the driver was very courteous and efficient as well. Will use Platinum again in the future."


07/05/2013 Customer : P. Bollinger
"I hired Platinum Limousine for my wedding, which was a mistake that I wish had never happened. The limo that showed up was overheating and did not have air conditioning. The limo broke down after dropping off the groomsman, so the bride had to TAKE A CAB TO HER WEDDING. Platinum Limousine Services refused to send a replacement vehicle, so we were stuck with a limo that had the hood propped up and smoke coming out of the engine outside of the church...classy. The limo driver tried transporting the wedding group to the venue for pictures, but broke down again so the group was forced to walk. After contacting Platinum Limousine Services for weeks, the manager still refuses to return any phone calls to discuss the matter."


06/25/2013 Customer : D. Nelson
"car was fine but guessing it was the drivers first day. We drove the long way to the airport and upon airport arrival, we drove around the back side of the airport, through the taxi waiting area which meant I was dropped off in the arrival area instead of the departure area. Further, we pulled up to the curb in an illegal zone so the Police came and worst of all, the driver couldn't seem to figure out how to open the trunk to retrieve my bag. He finally turned off the car and used his key. not the best experience"


03/09/2013 Customer : P. Gallagher
"The driver was on time, the vehicle clean and ready to go. The driver, though friendly and polite - was not prepared for the 2 mile drive from the hotel to Arlington National Cemetery. He got lost going to the cemetery, got lost in the cemetery and got lost bringing us back to the hotel. It was disappointing to have to use our phone GPS and maps to get the driver safely to our destinations."


02/27/2013 Customer : L. Geiger
"Pickup was a little confusing. Driver talked incessantly. Otherwise a fine ride. Clean car, didn't get lost."


02/05/2013 Customer : N. OD
"Excellent service from and to cruiseport by our drivers "Carl" and "T". Both were early, had directions, were very helpful with luggage and provided water and snacks. The vans were clean and spacious. Thanks for this very professional service......all 14 of us were very pleased."


01/29/2013 Customer : E. Shannon
"Excellent service. Friendly. Top Notch limos. Prompt. Used service 5 times already and going back again. Great rates!!! Will use them 100 pecent of the time. Staff awesome and great to work with. No need to look further...this is the top limo company!"


01/28/2013 Customer : R. McHenry
"The representative over the phone was exceedingly polite as well as helpful while handling my request with excellent customer service. The driver was punctual and steadfast as he responded to our request. "


01/28/2013 Customer : O. Williams
"Platinum Limousine Service is the best! My wife wanted to use a local company in the Waldorf area and this was a great choice! Front office staff are very responsive with answering any questions or concerns you have. Tony our driver is the best 5 stars to you Tony! He was very into pleasing the customer and he made the night very memorable as we celebrated her 40th birthday with our friends. No question will refer them to all friends and family andwe will use them again!!"


01/28/2013 Customer : B. Salmasi
"My experience with platinum company was great. I had the best representative name Kia. She helped me tremendously .she was very kind and informed.I definitely recommend her for any reservation you have. The limos was great. The driver was rushing us through the event and we just had one time red carpet event just before getting to the limos.overall experience was great.Thanks platinum Limos!!!!and big thanks to KIA!"


01/26/2013 Customer : R. Taylor
"For my mother's 90th birthday, I ordered a surprise Limo ride from Platinum Limo Service. My special request was to arrive a few minutes early at my own home before we went to pick up my mother. The driver, Sean, was right on time. The limo was clean inside and out with a few balloons for the birthday event, soft drinks and sparkling cider on ice with champagne glasses. Sean knew exactly where to go to pick up my mother and to take us to the restaurant although the location of the former is a bit tricky. He helped my mother in and out of the car and came to get us at our restaurant later in the evening as soon as I called. HIs driving was flawless. My mother is still raving about the evening, and puts special emphasis on the limo and the driver who greatly impressed her. We had a wonderful evening and would not hesitate to use this service again. "


01/03/2013 Customer : G. Wilcutt
"The service provided by Platinum Limousine was outstanding in every aspect and it all started with the customer service provided by the home office. I regret that I can't remember her name but she was fantastic on every level. Every request we made was honored- the limousine arrived on time, the amenities were there, and the driver (Carl) was exceptionally pleasant. I would not hesitate to call them again on any occasion."


12/09/2012 Customer : R. Selby
"This was a great experience and super easy! I booked this last minute (about a week before our date) to take my groomsmen to the church for our wedding in November 2012. The company called me to confirm my location. The driver was excellent, very friendly, and on time (I believe his name was Mr. Carter)! The vehicle was exactly what we ordered and had some refreshments! I would definitely book again and wanted to thank Platinum Limos for a great ride!"


11/01/2012 Customer : V. Poullard
"What a time, What a time, What a time! My family has utilized Platinum Limousine Services on several occasions. Once for our eldest daughters sweet 13th bday, once for a tour of D.C., and once for our youngest daughters sweet 13th birthday. on every occasion we have had the best experience. Cyndra was so polite and personable in helping to assist us with deciding on booking the limo. Then having top-notch treatment by our limo drivers, Mr. Carl and Mr. Rodney. At one of the bday celebrations, the limo driver rolled out a red carpet and even popped a bottle of bubbly(sparkling cider) for the kids to drink. Our drivers were patient, attentive, and extremely professional. They arrived on time, the limousine was clean and ready to receive us. The kids and their friends had an enjoyable time as they turned the music up loud and had a jam session during the ride. One thing that made our heart glad was with all the running around in preparation for the bday celebration, we forgot balloons. Guess what was in the limousine when we opened the door - BALLOONS! Thank you Platinum Limousine Service. You're the best! looking forward to celebrating our daughters 16th bday with you next year. Peace and blessings to you and your amazing staff."


10/30/2012 Customer : S. Bennett
"On time, clean, respectful - service was responsive and communicative"


10/12/2012 Customer : j. alazi
"Very high expectation on the service provided from this company. The driver was on side on time or even before time and he is a gentleman, nice guy and friendly.The vehicle was clean and comfortable that my staff was very satisfied, we was enjoying the time,laughing of course with the refreshments,entertainment. And also I can not forget the dispach staff, nice people. You have my recommodation ( referral)."


09/24/2012 Customer : B. Thurston
"Used platinum limo service for a bachelor party and they were great! Service was great on the phone and very simple to book. Price is the best for the quality, they arrived 5 minutes early, driver was very flexible with non-planned stops. I would highly recommend!!"


09/18/2012 Customer : L. JONES
""Excellent customer service", on time arrival and pick up is what i liked the most and the Limos was very clean.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED"


08/27/2012 Customer : r. cupid
"Car was clean and driver was on time."


08/27/2012 Customer : D. Kerlegrand
"On time with a clean vehicle. Driver new exactly when my plane landed. I had a call from him before I even stepped off the plane!"


08/05/2012 Customer : D. Miles
"We decide to get a limo for our Son's 16th Birthday. His jaw dropped when he saw the Excursion SUV Limo. Platinum Limousine Service was excellent from beginning to end. They had the limo we wanted at the price we could afford. They driver was courteous, professional, and prompt. The limo was gorgeous on the inside, clean, and fully stocked with cold beverages. Everything was great! Thanks Platinum from making His birthday so special. "


08/02/2012 Customer : J. C
"I needed a car on short notice to go to a concert at the Verizon Center. I called Platinum Limosine and told them my problem. Customer service was very friendly and professional. The driver was very friendly and courteous. The car was clean and comfortable."


08/01/2012 Customer : K. Wingfield
"Contacted Platinum at the last minute as was accommodated with a clean car and courteous driver within minutes! Platinum Limousine Service is efficient and professional. Highly recommended! Thank you, K. Wingfield CEO / President AESIT Government Facilities, Inc. "


07/31/2012 Customer : G. Lesko
"I had a great experience with Platinum Limo. I was picked up, delivered, and dropped off flawlessly. The driver was on time and on location. It was everything that I expected. I definitley will use this service again in the future, when I need driving arrangements. "


06/04/2012 Customer : M. Eiland


06/03/2012 Customer : D. Stewart
"Platinum Limousine Service delivered! Our driver was professional, courteous, humorous, well dressed and on time! The limo was clean and had all of the amenities that were promised! Platinum Limousine added class to an already wonderful birthday celebration!"


05/22/2012 Customer : M. Watson-Thomas
"I was looking for a Limousine for my daughter's high school prom from Charles H. Flowers High School and was gettimg so much misleading information from other limo companies and someone gave me the number to Platinum Limousine Service in Waldorf. Everyone that I encountered from the company since my first initial contact was professional, provided excellent customer service and great and I must say I am really happy that I chose Platinum Limo in Waldorf . The driver was awesome, the car was spotless, and my daughter and her date felt so comfortable with the driver, because he treated them with respect, dignity, and care. He was on-time, friendly, professional, respectful and an awesome gentleman. I will happily used Platinum again and looking forward to do business with them again in the future. The car was on point, the ride was comfortable and the company was very accomodating. Excellent service"


05/01/2012 Customer : T. Arucas
"Great Service , Excellent driver !"


05/01/2012 Customer : T. Arucas
"Excellent Service !"


03/19/2012 Customer : E. Canaday
"I have used Platinum Limousine Service multiple times, for business purposes, for client transportation to the airport. Platinum Limousine Service offers exceptional service! In every case, my client has raved about the service provided. Platinum Limousine Service is very reliable, easy to work with, their follow-through is excellent, and I highly recommend their service."


03/19/2012 Customer : B. Azbill
"Platinum drivers are generally early or no more than 10 minutes late. They usually have cold drinks (water, possibly soda) available."


03/05/2012 Customer : M. Washington
"My experience was fantastic. i suprised my fiance with a chrysler 300 limo. She was soo happy she cried. Calvin who was our driver was amazing. he arrived actually early for us to attend a concert, and waited outside the door. he was very helpful, kind and very generous. i am definitely going to have this service again. As far as im concerned your not riding in the correct limo service if its not Platinum Limousine Service. Thank you for a wonderful evening!"


02/24/2012 Customer : M. Stewart
"Our driver, Winston, was on time and was very professional and personable. We are two older women and he was respectful, yet charming and engaging. In fact we liked him so much we asked for him to give us a tour of Washington DC and to take us back to the BWI airport upon our departure. The car was beautiful and immaculate. We both felt like Cinderellas in our own little limo/carriage. He was also a very careful driver and full of tidbits about DC. Winston, you are the BEST!! "


02/21/2012 Customer : T. Weiler
"Platinum served many of our wedding services, from point to point, hourly, hair appointments, rides to and from rehearsals and dinners. Every limo was wonderful, clean, professional, friendly and ON TIME!!! AWESOME JOB!!! Also the customer service was above and beyond. Even when I called at 1030pm one night, I spoke to the lady the new my account and immediately took care of my questions, even from home. THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT I WILL USE AGAIN!!!"


02/21/2012 Customer : T. Weiler
"WOW!! On time, friendly and when all the families had questions about DC, the driver went right into tour guide mode. Gave amazing facts and pointed out all the cool stuff of DC. AWESOME!!!!"


02/10/2012 Customer : K. Coran
"Drivers and cars were fabulous, great service, clean cars, timely pick ups. Easier to use then I expected. "


02/07/2012 Customer : K. Friedman
"Car arrived right on time. We hit road construction on the way and the driver was able to quickly navigate around it. Car was waiting for us when we finished. Car was exceptionally clean. As an added bonus, our driver was able to answer all our questions about downtown Washington, DC."


01/18/2012 Customer : W. Hochman
"bill was very prompt 15 min early and was a nice smoothe ride to my destination, Will defintely call them back for my limo needs in the future. my vehicle was super clean and comfortable."


01/11/2012 Customer : W. Liston
"Excellent service. On time. Courteous friendly friver. Clean vehicle. Good value for the money."


01/02/2012 Customer : K. lyon
"driver on time, pleasant,efficient. car comfortable, clean. I highly recommend this service."


01/02/2012 Customer : P. Ingle
"Very Satisfied! Was a christmas present for my daughters. They love it! During the ride they were texting their friends. Driver very friendly and professional. Would definitely used the service again."


12/15/2011 Customer : B. Azbill
"Driver was early to my pickup destination and waited outside until my actual pickup time so that I wouldn't feel rushed. My ride to the airport was pleasant :) Will certainly use again."


11/12/2011 Customer : T. L
"This service was absolutely wonderful from the pick up to the drop off. The car was clean and the driver was very pleasant on time and made the trip to the airport enjoyable. I would highly recommend this service to anyone. Tonja L."


11/07/2011 Customer : J. Ferguson
"What a great experience. Platinum Limosine came through for us last weekend. We reserved a limo to take our son and his friends out to dinner to celebrate his birthday. Lloyd, the driver, was prompt and friendly. The car was immaculate and the kids had a wonderful night out. It made my wife and I very comfortable to know that they were in Lloyd's capable hands. We will definitely use Platinum again soon!"


10/27/2011 Customer : A. Sedghi
"My daughter and 20 others had a blast for the home coming dance evening. The service was awesome. They were prompt and courteous and the Limo was fantastic. Highly recommend it."


10/04/2011 Customer : S. Mi.
"Our limo driver (Loyd) was great. Driving in downtown Baltimore is not easy and he made it a great and fun experience. He was extremely courteous and overall a very nice man. I would recommend this company to anyone. "


10/03/2011 Customer : L. Hofmann
"We used Platinum Limo Service this past weekend for my best friend's Bachelorette Party in Annapolis, MD. Carlos, our driver, was superb! He went above and beyond to accomodate our schedule and many stops. He ensured we were taken care of and had a great time. The Navigator limo showed up early, was extremely clean and stocked with ice and glasses for our evening. It started to rain later on in the night and Carlos was waiting with an umbrella every time we exited and entered the car. Many thanks for a memorable evening and for a driver that exceeded our expectations. We will definitely be back for business!"


09/28/2011 Customer : K. Johnson
"I coordinated a girls night out and used Platinum Limousines to transport us back and forth. The staff was very professional. Our driver Carl was phenomenal. He arrived as scheduled. It was raining that day, he individually walked each of us to the limo so we would not get wet. There were 7 of us. Inside the limo was very clean. It was stocked with water and beverages. I have already referred them to many of my friends and will be a repeat customer. Thanks to them, our nite was extra special. "


09/27/2011 Customer : A. Garcia
"Our limo drive (George) was on time and actually called me upon his arrival. Our dinner ran a little late but George was accomodating and waited patiently. As requested, we stopped at the DC monuments in the National Mall to take pictures. George was kind enough to take pictures of the entire group. Additionally, we made some ad-hoc stops during our trip and he was accomodating of that. As for the company itself, I had no problems with booking. I received multiple confirmations and also called to make sure all was good to go. Overall, a wonderful experience. Thanks!!"


09/19/2011 Customer : B. Linderman
"Platinum was on time, car was clean, and made the night very easy. I will use them again."


09/07/2011 Customer : L. Paredes
"This was our first time using Platinum Limousine (Waldorf, MD). The services was excellent, the limo arrived 5 minutes ahead. The driver was very nice and professional. The Limousine was awesome, very clean, nice and big. Thanks to Platinum Limousine we had a great time....! " I will refer this service to other interested parties "."


09/06/2011 Customer : L. Paredes
"This was our first time using Platinum Limousine Service ( Waldorf, MD ). The service was excellent, the limo arrived like 5 minutes ahead. The driver was very nice and professional. The Limousine was awesome, very clean, nice and big. Thanks to Platinum Limousine we had a great time....! ' I will refer this service to other interested parties""


09/03/2011 Customer : T. Brazzle
"This was my first time using a limo service in the dc area and I will say that Platinum Limousine Service did has earned my loyalty. I hired a one way transfer from BWI to Alexandria, VA. The rate was very reasonable. The company called me promptly to make sure all of my interest were taken care of. The car was extremely nice and clean. The flight was delayed by 2 hours and the driver waited with no problems. He even encouraged me to not feel bad about having him wait. I highly recommend Platinum Limousine Service!"


08/25/2011 Customer : M. O
"The limousine driver was prompt, courteous, and very respectfull. The service was amazing! "


08/23/2011 Customer : B. G
"The company was on -time, the customer service was awesome, and the driver was a superstar!!!!! i have already booked with Platinum again!"


08/16/2011 Customer : t. lynch
"I had a great experience with Platinum limos. I have already given out 2 referrals. My driver was on time, extremely helpful, and just overall professional. The staff was helpful as well helping me to plan my winery birthday event. I would definitely use them again."


08/16/2011 Customer : M. Dudley
"I used them for my kid’s prom and the service was excellent, very prompt and professional. The driver was even dressed in a tux. Mel (the owner) was very professional and nice. I would use them again and again."


08/03/2011 Customer : P. BABB


08/03/2011 Customer : P. BABB
"bill was profssional, very courteous helped with the baggage, and made our trip to the airport very enjoyable!!!!!!!!!!"


07/28/2011 Customer : T. Obinger
"No complaints. Excellent service"


07/27/2011 Customer : D. Cash
"Drivers to and from the airport were on time, courteous and helpful. The cars were clean, although it would have been nice if the front passenger side was empty so one of the 3 of us could have sat up front. The back seat was roomy enough, so this was not a major issue. We did have a minor problem finding our limo on the return from the airport, I think next time I'll pay the (small) extra fee for inside pickup.I don't fault the service for this, poor cell reception and many other people getting picked up at the curb made this a little confusing, so it'd be worth the extra couple of dollars to get inside pickup. Both coming and going the drivers were very friendly, but not overbearing. I will use this service again!"


07/06/2011 Customer : K. Holt
"Our driver was very professional, courteous and he was prompt. We recommended that he go another route to get to our venue because there was an accident on the route he was going to take. He did so with a smile. He made all of us feel very special and made sure we were all comfortable. The limo was clean on the inside and outside. We will definitely use Platinum Limo in the future and will recommend them to all our family and friends."


06/30/2011 Customer : T. Hammer
"Melvin, The service was great. We will use you again next time we are in DC! Thanks, Trey"


06/28/2011 Customer : R. Vanderhoof
"Compared to our experience 3 years ago with a different company, this time with platinum and our driver Kevin everyone had an outstanding time/experience. I was absolutely pleased and will refer platinum limo, thanks also to our Driver Kevin."


06/22/2011 Customer : s. anderson
"STAY FAR FAR AWAY!!! This was a horror story. They were 2 hours late picking us up. We got dropped off at six flags in the morning. My daughter, 6 of her friends and I. The ride there was great. Then when it was time to be picked up that evening, the driver called and said he was running late by 40 minutes. Then he called 40 minutes later and said another 40 minutes, then he told me 4 times he was 20 minutes away. 2 hours late he arrived, and then had to stop and get gas. I made him stop so I could feed the girls considering they were supposed to meet their parents 2 hours ago, I couldn't not feed them. When we finally got dropped off we had all the happy meal containers stacked neatly inside one another, and left them in the car. The driver drove half a block, got out, and threw all the containers out into the street, then sped off. I WILL NEVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY EVER AGAIN!!!!"


05/19/2011 Customer : S. Wilkerson
"I was very disappointed in professionalism of the service with this company. I had made arrangements to have 19 kids picked up and taken to their senior prom and the driver arrived an hour late after the prom. Everyone had left except the staff. Kids did not get to continue their evening, they was upset, timing did not allow to continue, being stranded and we did not feel this company was reliabile. I called the driver and he was performing another service on my contract time for the owner. I have called and left messages, as well as emails with the owner several times and he did not responded. These are young adults in their care and per the contact it was the company responsibility to be there on time and guarantee on time pickup and available 24 hour 7 days a week service, "did not work that night." I will not recommend this company to anyone, the company will take your money but the service and communication is poor."


03/01/2011 Customer : B. H
"I am happy to report that my experience with Platinum Limousine Service was one that I really enjoyed. The driver was prompt and very professional. We ran out of ice during the trip and he stopped at a store and got more for us, and was very courteous to me and my party. The car was very nice and well kept. The only reason I would have to take away 1 of the stars is because the privacy window was broken and had to be lifted manually , and the Air conditioning was a little warm at times, however none of those things were major issues and nothing that would prevent me from going with this company again. "


02/28/2011 Customer : L. Jenkins
"First, let me start by saying I appreciated the service, professionalism, and follow up and follow through by Marissa, the owner Melvin Logan, and my driver Mike Thompson. Secondly, they promised promptness, clean car, and class which all were provided on my concert trip with a friend. I wanted to enjoy all aspects of the evening. What better way than have someone else drive, fight traffic, and be able to relax. Better yet, I live in Warrenton VA which is at least 60 + miles from DC. Mike T played some old skool, had chilled refreshments, and pleasant conversation. Not only will I use the service again but will reccommend it to my friends, and family for the next wine tour or DC tour. "


02/21/2011 Customer : B. Lauren
"Platinum Limousine made my bachelorette Party a success. The office staff was very helpful and the drver was excellent (I believe his name was Carl), not to mention the prices were affordable! I will definitely use/refer Platinum Limousine Service again!"


02/14/2011 Customer : h. hughes
"great service..... mr. ron was excellent"


02/09/2011 Customer : s. johnson
"Our limo driver (Bill) was prompt actually he was about 10 minutes ahead of our scheduled pick up time,very professional made us feel important like we are clean limo to our surprise it was our daughters 13th birthday we recieved an upgraded limo my wife and family loved it arrived at our loacation and back home safely Platinum Limo Service will definitely be my first choice for limo service and will definitely refer others thanks again for the excellant service"


01/18/2011 Customer : W. Schroeder
"I have used Platinum Limousine Service on several recent trips to Washington, DC. The drivers have always been friendly and professional, as well as accomodating to any special needs that arise. The vehicles are clean, spacious and allow for me to get work done will heading to and from my meetings in DC. I would readily recommend Platinum to any business traveler. Ditch the rental car and use platinum for your DC business travel needs."


01/17/2011 Customer : B. Holley
"I had one of the best nights of my life when I used Platinum Limousine Service. In fact I probably had more fun driving around in the limo than actually at our destination. Our limo driver (Kenny) was always nice and excellent at navigating the city. I definitely would recommend this service because its the best value for the price."


01/17/2011 Customer : N. Marsh
"We had a great time. It was snowing pretty bad, but our driver was great and we still made the trip safely. I highly recommend Platinum Limousine Service."


01/10/2011 Customer : E. Kilimnik
"Platinum Limousine Service is the way to go!!! Our limo driver Carl was amazing, he called me 2 hours before he was suppose to be there checking to make sure he had everything right, I told him it was a suprise for my husband so if he was going to be early to wait in a parking lot by our house, he asked if there was anything he could pick up at a local store to enhance the suprise. When he came he was funny and very patient as we were waiting for another couple to get there. At one point we ran out of ice in the limo and he pulled over to get more out of the trunk! He was so professional. He even laid out the red carpet for us to get out when we got to the resturant. He took us to 3 different places and was always waiting for us in the limo right outside the door when we came out. When we got home he checked the limo for me to make sure no one left anything behind. I looked into about 5 limo services before choosing this one and it was the RIGHT choice. The pricing couldnt be beat and Carl was awesome. There is no doubt in my mind that when we need another limo we will be using Platinum Limousine Service and Carl!!!!!"


12/20/2010 Customer : B. Leonardi
"I have used Platinum Limo a couple of times and each time the experience has been excellent. The car arrived on time or early. Our drive (Carl) was very courteous. The stretch limo had some obvious signs of wear and we had some technical problems with DVD player, but overall was very satisfactory. They called following week to see how everything went. Will use them again."


12/20/2010 Customer : G. Corea
"Our limo driver Kenneth was a trooper. He drove a very happy and rowdy group around Baltimore during a snow storm. Given the weather conditions, I think it was fantastic that he maintained an upbeat and positive attitude with us. The minibus we took was in excellent condition. I highly recommend using Platinum Limousine Service"


12/16/2010 Customer : A. Luts
"We had a wonderful experience with Platinum Limo Service!!! From pick up to drop off everything went very smoothly. Couldn't of asked for a better driver too!!"


12/14/2010 Customer : R. Palmer
"Our Limo driver (Rick) was great. He was on time and very courteous. It was my wife's birthday and from start to finish everything was outstanding. I will refer Platinum Limousine and Rick to all who ask."


12/13/2010 Customer : K. Smith
"I rented a small shuttle bus (28ppl) for my 21st. We had an awesome time, great rate, and great service. Our limo driver (Garnette) was on time, and courteous to all of us. I would refer Platinum to anyone who asked. Also, we took a couple business cards on the way out!"


12/13/2010 Customer : m. Black
"Great service ,I will highly recomend this company for any ocations. Great driver . Most importantly it was a Great price .Clean well made Limo .Love it ."


10/13/2010 Customer : W. Walsh
"I will absolutely use this company again. I booked a sedan for a trip to the airport for my honeymoon. The driver arrived on time and helped load our luggage in the car. To my surprise, they showed up in a Mercedes S500L. Though I doubt it happens all the time, it was very generous to get an upgrade. The car was very nice and the driver got us to the airport in record time. I couldn't ask for a better car service and I will absolutely use them again."


09/02/2010 Customer : T. Johnson
"Our limo was clean and on-time. The driver was very nice and courteous. I will be booking for a second trip again this October. You can't go wrong with Platinum Limousine Service."


08/28/2010 Customer : J. Samuel
"August 27, 2010Driver called prior to pick up to say he was running 5 minutes "behind". When the driver arrived over 20 minutes late, no reason or apology was offered. We were taken to our destination, but the driver did not pick us up at the designated place. All the time reserved was not used. Would have been good customer service if the company had reduced the price given the extreme tardiness, and not using the last 45 minutes contracted. Rate somewhere between poor and average."


08/24/2010 Customer : S. Weaver
"I rented a Limo for my, and 2 other friends 21st birthday. Our driver (Carl) was great! He was very nice, always where I could find him ( we went bar hoping in Baltimore City) He even gave us an extra 30 minutes, since he got lost for about 20 minutes. I thank him so much for being understanding our loud and drunkness during this celebration (and for letting the other birsthday girl pass out in the limo for 4 hours after having too much at the first bar haha). If / when I need a limo, I will definatelly use Platinum and request Carl as my driver."


07/12/2010 Customer : W. DuVall
"We booked Platinum through the night before our excursion on a whim. Our driver, Bernard, showed up on-time in a lovely, very clean limo. We wanted a sunset tour of the memorials in DC. Bernard was friendly, helpful, and knew where everything was. In fact. he suggested the Air Force memorial, which none of us had seen up close and personal. It was the perfect evening."


06/08/2010 Customer : A. Murphy
"The drove us for an hour...charged us $600. picked us up one answered the phone when I tried calling them...terrible service. I posted a review before...but they cried to and had them take it off. I guess that why there are only the good reviews left. avoid this company"
Limo Service Response: "This is a careless attempt to try to defame our company. If you read the previous posting this client wrote he said we drove him for an hour and half now he says it was an hour. Neither is correct! He says we charged him $600 for the service, after giving this client a discount he only paid $550. In this review he says the phone wasn't answered, well if that's the case then how did the manager supposedly curse at him or his wife which was in the previous review. As far as us crying to, well that simply isn't necessary because we had all the required information to substantiate our case. We have served many thousands of clients for over more than ten years and have done so with distinction. Therefore we again say that any reasonable person can read between the lines and come up with the truth or just ask and we will be glad to provide it."

05/09/2010 Customer : T. James
"I recently hired this limo company for transportation on my girlfriends 30th birthday. And I must says the service was excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My driver kenny was professional, on time and very helpful. The Stretch H2 Hummer was amazing. Also the young lady (Ms Evette) who handles the booking was extremely helpful with helping me coordinate the time and etc. All around I highly recommend this limo company. A++++++++++++++ service and great limo's at an amazing value. Thanks guys for making my woman's birthday special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
Limo Service Response: "Mr. James, We ALL at Platinum Limousine Service would like to thank you again for trusting us with the transportation needs for your loved ones. We are extremely happy to know that we were able to assist in making the birthday a special one. We look forward to serving your transportation needs in the future. Platinum Staff"

03/23/2010 Customer : B. Schou
"Terrible Service and a poorly maintained Limo….the Limo was 20 minutes late and we almost missed our Wedding Day photographic shoot. The car had no air conditioning, had not been cleaned since the last use (no water, ice, etc). The driver was not sure where to go or how to get there (directions had been provided in advance). I would not recommend this service to anyone. Since this experience I have tried to contract the company and have not response."
Limo Service Response: "We spoke to the client in reference to this complaint and explained that it was something that was TOTALLY out of our control. The limousine was late because there was a protest in Washington, DC and many roads were closed to accommodate the protesters, the driver had no idea this was going on. As soon as the client sad the air conditioning was not getting cold enough the driver called the office and we IMMEDIATELY dispatched another limousine to replaced that one, and we have the tracking information to prove it. As far as the client saying the limousine didn't have soda, water and ice, that is COMPLETELY untrue because after every job the limousines return the driver replenishes the beverages and the next driver as part of the pre-trip checks before leaving. This is obviously a case of embellishment because EVERY limousine has a GPS in it and the drivers are VERY familiar with the city. The drive to the first stop was less than ten minutes which is where the client remained well after the limousines were switched. The final point the client wrote he tried to contact the company which was NOT true because he had our office number from the confirmation email that he responded to receiving. He sad he sent a message through, I'm not sure how that was suppose to get to our office. "

02/09/2010 Customer : D. Johnson
"I hired Platinum Limousine service for my wife's surprise birthday party. We were traveling from MD to PA for her special day. We had to make multiple stops and the schedule was very complex. The driver was very professional and courteous. I have done business with Mr. Logan on a few occassions and they always provide the best service. "


01/24/2010 Customer : T. Wheat
"Our evening out was amazing! We had a night on the town, and our driver had great suggestions and was incredibly friendly. He made our night an absolute joy. The limousine itself was exceptionally nice, and it provided the perfect atmosphere for us to enjoy the entire evening! For the DC area, this was the least expensive service, and the quality was indescribable. I loved it!"
Limo Service Response: "We thank you for trusting us with your transportation needs and are extremely happy we were able to help make your event a joy. We look for to providing your transportation needs again in the future."

05/04/2009 Customer : K. Kniess
"After being cancelled on by another company on the day of the event, Platinum Limo service saved the day! The driver arrived early, was courteous and professional. The limo was perfect, and my birthday night ended up just as planned. Thank you Platinum Limousine Service!"


04/20/2009 Customer : J. Stevens
"I just wanted to write a few words to express my appreciation on an outstanding job. The limousine arrived ahead of time and was very clean inside and outside. Our driver Michael was excellent throughout the night. I will definitely recommend Platinum to anyone needing limousine service. GREAT JOB!"


06/04/2004 Customer : R. Robinson
"Our limo driver (Sylvester) was prompt, courteous, and in general just a very nice fellow. He made every member of our wedding party feel special. I will refer Platinum limo and Sylvester to other interested parties."



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