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Our Limo Rental Fleet  

Mini-Bus - Limo / Party Style (Black)

25 customer capacity
25 Passanger Party Bus


Mini-Bus - Limo / Party Style (Black)

30 customer capacity
Excellent Party Bus with lights and dancing poles with iPod connections.


Mini-Bus - Limo / Party Style (White)

35 customer capacity
Level V sounds system, Fiber throughout the bus with laser show. Disco rails and floors. Two Dance poles. 48 LG Tv and a 27inch. Bar with Ice buckets. LED light throughout the bus and much more!!


Mini-Bus - Limo / Party Style (Black)

40 customer capacity
Level V sounds system, Fiber throughout the bus with laser show. Disco rails and floors. 3 Dance poles. 48 LG Tv and a 27inch. Stobe Lights. Bar with Ice buckets. LED light throughout the bus and much more!


Mini-Bus - Limo / Party Style (Black)

45 customer capacity
Level V sounds system, Fiber throughout the bus with laser show. Disco rails and floors. 3 Dance poles. 48 LG Tv and a 27inch. Stobe Lights. Bar with Ice buckets. LED light throughout the bus and much more!


Stretch SUV - Cadillac Escalade (White)

22 customer capacity
07 Cadilac- 32 inch tv in partition, 3 7inch tv , Level III sound system, disco floor and ceiling, strobe light, laser show and much more.


Our Limo Services Packages  

Sunday Funday Wine Tours!!

Paseo Limos is proud to offer a great deal for your sundays funday. Wine tours to your nearest wine destination. With our comfortable fleet that will Accommodate your ride in style to your nearest winery.


Rider Ratings

03/28/2016 Customer : A. Hoff
"Being that it was a 'night out on the town' limo, you would expect to have glassware provided. There were some lukewarm waters provided (no ice) and no stemware to start our 'night on the town'. We ended up using paper cups to drink our wine and champagne. "


12/22/2015 Customer : a. Wells
"I called because it came highly recomended. I didn't want to deal with hassling with multiple sites and people trying to get a party bus. I am usually not one to complain but after everyone kept asking me how my special night was I was repeatedly told to let someone know. First off when calling I specifically asked for the bus to have ice and waters because it was a hot summer night. The bus was supposed to arrive at 7sharp as we had reservations to attend. It was 20 minutes late and when it served it was empty. No waters ice or anything. We were already late so there was no time to go to the store to get the stuff that we wanted. After boarding the bus the driver didn't know how to work the ac of the stereo and was forsced to call someone to walk him through the process. Next I was asked if I new how to work the gps unit he had so that he knew where we were going. I put in our destination and we finally departed. After we got to destination 1 I ran over"


05/17/2015 Customer : J. L.
"Driver is friendly and nice. Thanks for the best services ever. "


04/25/2015 Customer : R. Klein
"Departure time was 7pm so expected limo to arrive a little before. I called the phone number that was texted to me, but got no answer. Limo arrived exactly at 7pm after everyone started to panic that it was not going to arrive. Driver had a child with her!?! Driver seemed confused about the destination and return time and was asking the parents for confirmation on the information. This concerned some of the parents. The kids got to their destination safely and home again so no complaints there. I got a call later from the phone number I had called earlier with no answer. He wanted to know what was wrong. I explained about the late arrival and that we were a little panicked. He asked when the driver had arrived and I told him. His response was 'You've got to be kidding me!' I didn't know if that was directed towards me for panicking or the driver for being late. Somewhat unprofessional experience overall. Also, one of the parents mentioned that they thought the limo was worn"


05/24/2014 Customer : J. Becker
"The driver want to the wrong pick up address. After 30 minutes (late) he arrived and didn't know the drop off location. When it was time to leave, he wasn't where he said he'd be, so we waited another 30 minutes to find him. The limo was gorgeous inside and out, just a very tight squeeze for 18 students."


03/15/2011 Customer : D. Chumley
"Fantastic! Great customer service from Chris before our event. The limo was just what we ordered. It was also clean and well stocked with ice, soft drinks, and assorted alcoholic beverages. They even provided a gift for my son (21st bday). Our driver, Ricardo, was awesome. He was on time, a total gentleman, and extrememely patient (with so many of us in the limo trying to get organized, etc., not to mention the craziness on the ride home with some of the party being...uuuhm... toasted). I will always call Chris at Paseo if we need a car in the future. Don't hesitate to use this company, they're truly customer service oriented and made us feel special like the occasion was!"


01/31/2011 Customer : J. Belanger
"Let me start off by saying the Chris was AWESOME! However, everything else was HORRIBLE! I called this company to book a limo for my 40th bash through and the lady I spoke to gave me an awesome quote but informed me I needed to call Paseo directly to book, so I did. Again, Chris was AWESOME! The driver got lost and had to call us for direction to our pick up location after I had called the day before to give specific directions to our location. He pulled up in a Chrystler 300 after we I requested a stretch Lincoln towncar and nothing inside the limo worked. It had no antenna and we could not hook up our USB into the radio because that didn't work as well. The driver, Jose, also had to stop to buy ice when there should have already been ice in the limo. We get to our location and Jose demands we pay him, in cash, or else he wasn't going to come back to pick us up after my event. So we obliged and paid him. When we arrived at our drop off location after our evening ended, he then informed us he was short on money because, according to him, not everyone paid him. So the people who didn't pay paid him but he 'was still short $173.' A verbal argument followed because we felt as if he was cheating us and something was not right. I then called Chris who ensured me he was going to call the Limo driver to find out what was going on. A few minutes passed and I called Chris back to find out what was going on and I passed the phone to my husband who was extremely irrate at the predicament we were in. My husband then told the limo driver to leave as we were not going to pay him anymore money because all of us had already paid him and as the driver left, he yelled, 'f@#K you' to my husband while on the phone for Chris to hear. For fear the card I used to use as a deposit to hold the limo was going to be used, I called Chris back and he assured me it would not be run. Chris apologized numerous times and told me Jose was a stand-by driver and not a regular person he usually uses. Well, I'll tell you, because of the actions of this driver, it totally reflected, in my opinion, on Paseo Limousine and for that I will NEVER EVER use this company EVER again and highly recommend everyone to do the same! "
Limo Service Response: "Is really upsetting to find out that one of our drivers would do something like this! Specially when he is representing our company. We have been with for several of years now. This is our only negative review and the last...we are very unhappy specially when we strive to provide a superb service to our customers. The driver Jose Chagollan was one of our back up driver when one of our regular would call in. don't know what cause him to react this way but i will guarantee he will never drive for us again! As far as the missing $173.00 we took that as a lost and we will never know what happen to the money. Hopefully the other limo co. that uses Jose will do the same. The Limo was equipped with a gps system. The radio maybe because is was traveling from Palmdale through the canyon could have lost reception. We just installed a brand new unit just in case"

12/17/2010 Customer : C. Sherwood
"We will definitely use Paseo Limousine again for our next special event. We had a great time celebrating my teenage daughter's birthday. Chris was very nice, and the Cadillac Escalade that we rented was amazing! The price was reasonable and well worth it. "


06/20/2010 Customer : C. Family
"What a great experience! From the first call from Chris to last drop off, we were treated like VIPs! Chris wasn't pushy like some of the others, he was accommodating but not overselling...very direct and clear about what they were able to provide. Extra pick ups and drop offs were easily handled. The driver was kind and thoughtful with excellent manners. A great price for a full day's use from LA to a wedding in Vegas and back. There was no confusion even though our plans changed numerous times. Chris called the next day to make sure we were happy with the service. We will definitely call Paseo again~and recommend to all our friends!"


02/18/2009 Customer : A. Rylander
"Paseo Limousine company was AMAZING!!!! I would never choose another company to rent a limo. I came to to get an idea of a price range and received a call from Chris at Paseo Limousine. Chris was very generous, accommodating every request, and making sure the price was right for our group. We had 13 people and rented the Escalade Limo. Our chauffeur was Pepe and he was so kind. Of course with 13 of us, we were pretty rowdy, but he didn't mind. We never felt rushed and he even did an extra drop off for some people. Again, do not rent from anyone else but this company. . .you will not be let down!!!"