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Our reputation has been established by providing the best Limousine Service in southern California. We offer beautiful Sedans, SUVs and Limousines. more

Our Limo Rental Fleet  

Sedan - Lincoln MKS (Black)

3 customer capacity
Brand new 2014 MKS is very Comfortable, and has plenty of luggage room. Go head and rent one. You will be happy you did!


Sedan - Lincoln MKT (Black)

4 customer capacity
This is our Brand new 2014 Lincoln MKT, and has a very comfortable ride. Has plenty of luggage room, and good for up to 3 passengers. Go head and hire one. you will be happy you did!


SUV - Lincoln Navigator L (Black)

7 customer capacity


Van - Mercedes Benz (Black)

12 customer capacity
Luxury Sprinter Mercedes Benz for 10 Passengers + Luggage


Our Limo Services Packages  

Birthday Package

Paramount Limousine offers a wide range of VIP service for our clients, but we are especially excited to celebrate your birthday with you! We offer special birthday packages as well including birthday decorations, balloons, cards and champagne to make your limousine experience unforgettable.


Night on the Town Silver Package

We tailor your needs in our unique packages that you can save a lot!. You will receive extended professional services, including great pricing.


Wedding Package

A wedding is the absolute HAPPIEST time in a person’s life, and we pride ourselves in paying acute attention to every detail on that special day to make sure the luxurious transportation is seamless. We treat EVERY wedding reservation as our most VIP clients with the absolute BEST drivers in the business and don’t send our limos out until they are GLEAMING.


Hourly As Directed

Not sure where you going? Let us help get you there! Our drivers are all extremely knowledgeable on the greater Los Angeles area and will gladly take you anywhere you need to go. Need some opinions? Ask our reservationists about LA’s top restaurants, nightclubs, beaches and hot places to be to get the most out of your Los Angeles afternoon or evening in the comfort of our limos or Town Cars.



Enjoy this season’s BIGGEST bands in town with a no-fuss ride in style to the Hollywood Bowl! We will drive there so you don’t have to. We will pick you up from home and stay there at the venue, then return you home after the show. Ask us about our SPECIAL BAR—we will stock the limousine with your favorite drinks, customized however you like it!



That special milestone comes every year, to mark the most important day in someone’s life, and we want to make each anniversary after that day just as romantic. Even just an evening out to dinner can be turned into a romantic night for two by bringing in luxurious limousine and champagne service.


Sporting Event

This is a perfect choice for your Sporting event which includes 5 hours, with one of our brand new 10 passenger Limousines that will come with fully stocked non Alcoholic beverages, ice, and cups. We have some of the best drivers that can help you to maintain everything to the highest standards of quality service.


Bachelor Party

Party with your buddies and let loose! What’s a better bachelor party gift than means of transportation in one of our plush, leather-seated VIP limos? Be that guy who found the solution to, ‘Who’s going to driver?’ We can accommodate to up to 24 passengers in our party buses—stripper pole included!


Corporate Event Daily Rate

Professionalism is extremely important in a corporate outing with the boss and co-workers, but it is also the level of service we provide for absolutely every single reservation.


Funeral Package

Grieving the loss of a loved one is difficult enough; let us take the pressure off dealing with transportation for the family. We offer a variety of lush limousines that can accommodate up to 24 family members or reserve one of our tasteful Lincoln Town Car sedans for worry-free, dependable transportation.


Private Wine Tour

Forget crowded busses and group tours with strangers—we offer private, intimate tours of California’s favorite vineyards in the privacy of one of our plush limousines. We can set up a customized tour and lunch date for you and your party without any fuss on the day of your visit


Bachelorette Party

Your bachelorette party isn’t just any other night out—it’s a night to be celebrated with the girls and enjoy your last big single-gal night out! Put on your best outfit and then let us do the rest. No driving, no parking, no fuss! We will fully stock the bar (non-alcoholic), with ice cold bottled water, a variety of soft drinks, ice and cups.


Graduation Package

After years of studying the graduate deserves to celebrate in style. All that hard work should be rewarded enjoy one of our luxurious limousines to a celebration dinner with the family or even a night on the town with fellow graduates as you enter a new chapter of your life. Our fleet consists of SUV limousines that have a bar that come stocked with cups, ice, cold water and soda.


Holiday Light Tour

Enjoy the town during the holidays without the hassle of having to deal with the chaos of traffic, let our drivers do that for you. Sit back and enjoy one of our luxury limousines as we take you around to enjoy the town.


School Dance

Arrive to that exciting school dance with your date and friends in style. We have limousines that can accommodate up to 20 passengers and come with cups, ice and cold water and soda to enjoy on the way. We will wait as you dance the night away and drive you back home after the dance.


Transfer Package

Have an important appointment? Rely on us to pick you up and take you to that important meeting on time. Our staff has the knowledge to recommend the perfect time to get you there on time. With our flat rates for transfers, no need to worry about a meter ticking away and adding up the dollars in a taxicab.


Los Angeles City Tour

Get the full experience of the famous Los Angeles by enjoying our tours in a luxurious limousine. Tour Los Angeles’ famous landmarks from Hollywood Mann’s Chinese Theater to Fisherman’s Village to the famous Avenue of the stars. The exciting tour is 6 hours and includes refreshments in the limo and a stop for lunch. Feel like a star arriving to all the hottest LA spots with the privacy of a limo.


Night on the Town

It’s the weekend, and it’s time to let your hair down! You deserve it after that long work week. Whether it’s a guy’s night out or a girl’s night out, let us be your designated driver so you can enjoy your night care free. Our limousines can hold up to 20 passengers and come with cups, ice and cold water and soda. You are welcome to bring your favorite alcoholic beverages on board for the ride.



Prom is the dance everyone wants to remember. Our glamorous limousines are sure to make that night very memorable for you and your date. Our leather seated limousines come with cups, ice and cold water and soda for you to enjoy on the way to your special night. We will wait for you until the dance is over and take you back home.


New Year's Eve Package

Celebrate the New Year with friends and family right with a luxurious limousine! Take the hassle of driving or waiting for a cab out by reserving a limousine for the night. Make the end of one year and the start of another truly memorable in one of our lush limousines. Our limos come stocked with water, soda, ice and cups, a great way to get the celebration started.


Rider Ratings

03/28/2016 Customer : d. wilson


03/28/2016 Customer : E. Rich
"Driver was late. When we got into car, he never spoke to us. Overcharged on bill. Not a good experience."


03/28/2016 Customer : E. White


03/28/2016 Customer : A. Reyes
"Driver was early and very professional. He was happy to assist with the luggage and all our needs. He went above and beyond. Highly recommend."


03/28/2016 Customer : S. Rosenberg


03/28/2016 Customer : J. DeBoer
"The driver was cold and not friendly"


03/28/2016 Customer : C. Zellmann
"Driver was very polite, excellent driving skills and conversationally informative"


03/28/2016 Customer : M. Short
"Earnest was excellent -- met me before baggage claim and was very helpful. "


03/28/2016 Customer : K. Mallow
"The driver that took me to my hotel was very nice "


03/28/2016 Customer : M. Bamonti
"My driver, Patrick was excellent. He was very professional, courteous, and represents your company very well. "


03/28/2016 Customer : R. Surbuts


03/28/2016 Customer : B. Gordon
"We called several times, finally called back & told they didn't know where driver is! Would never use again & will not pay bill if on credit card!!"


03/28/2016 Customer : L. Silverman
"Very cordial and professional"


03/28/2016 Customer : J. Schwab
"The ride to Airport was good. From airport: late, wrong vehicle etc!"


03/28/2016 Customer : B. HARRIS
"Driver was very pleasant and personable. During the ride he interacted appropriately and also gave me space when I needed it. Good ride. Very very happy with everything about the experience."


03/01/2016 Customer : D. Russell


03/01/2016 Customer : M. Lipson
"Very prompt and polite and helpful with the luggage."


12/22/2015 Customer : C. Slaght


12/22/2015 Customer : J. Theisens


12/22/2015 Customer : J. Purdy
"Amazing, accommodating and attentive driver!"


12/22/2015 Customer : E. Chuang
"Great car. Professional service"


04/25/2015 Customer : J. Bruce


04/24/2015 Customer : C. Williams


04/06/2015 Customer : D. Gunn
"Both trips we booked to have someone inside with a sign. neither were met inside and one with a baby had to wait for almost an hour late at night before the drive showed up. "


04/04/2015 Customer : g. mcewen
"the limo was not clean the window near the bar area and the bar was sticky, someone spilled something on the window and bar area and it was not cleaned prior to our trip the back window area was very dusty"


04/01/2015 Customer : F. Pueblos
"Good experience with driver and nice vehicle. "


03/31/2015 Customer : R. Waldorf
"Driver was pleasant and professional. Vehicle was clean and in excellent condition. Driver was on time. Overall, a stress-free ride! "


03/29/2015 Customer : P. Kampling
"Patrick Is an excellent driver. Top quality service and we will definitely request him the next time we are in LA. "


03/27/2015 Customer : j. pompa
"Good job, thanks Ali!!!"


03/24/2015 Customer : C. Maungu


03/21/2015 Customer : M. Morse
"We had to direct the driver. He did not the area at all. "


03/13/2015 Customer : A. Kristiansen
"Very nice. Clean cool car. He was early but willing to wait. Overall, a very relaxing ride to lax."


03/13/2015 Customer : n. damschroder


03/08/2015 Customer : A. Krist


02/26/2015 Customer : L. Chenaur
"Limo driver should know how to operate the cd player, lights etc. He seemed new to the whole operation and took up time sitting while he fiddled with everything....he was otherwise very polite, considerate and helpful. My final statement added an extra hour to our ride and I was told some lame excuse that we were supposed to pay an extra hour because Santa Clarita was out of their area!!!...If that is true, I would not have booked with this company if I'd been told - who would pay for an extra hour for this reason????!! If that's not the reason, then you're just scamming me for an extra hour!"


02/20/2015 Customer : S. Digennaro
"Ford Explorer sent instead of 8 passenger limo I ordered"


05/29/2014 Customer : P. Myron
"Richard is a safe and skilled driver. We enjoyed our conversation during the long trip. "


05/22/2014 Customer : D. Plowman


05/21/2014 Customer : P. Lempert
"keep up the great job!"


05/18/2014 Customer : K. kowal
"Ted was on time and was very courteous. Even with some confusion with american air and us air merger, he was there at correct terminal.all said, I would use them again on next trip. thanks,"


05/17/2014 Customer : U. Schramm


05/16/2014 Customer : A. Moloo
"I was charged for parking and tolls when there was no parking to pay for and no bridges for toll. What a scam!"


05/15/2014 Customer : M. Wanstreet
"Driver Robert was awesome! Highly recommend!"


04/29/2014 Customer : K. Tavolara


04/28/2014 Customer : s. held
"I have to say I wasn't very happy to see my receipt a couple of days later & a toll fee was listed. We don;t have tolls on the 405 frwy. I called & was told it is an airport fee. Not Right!"


04/22/2014 Customer : B. Lankford
"Driver was polite, on time and drove very responsible. I will use your service again."


04/21/2014 Customer : J. Roditi
"Awaiting to receive my final bill, as driver was waiting inside while I requested for a curb pick up at airport. Also, for the first time, I was asked to sign a pick up time, while I had indicated my flight # and the delay was announced over 11 hours before the arrival - I had sent an email, to to advise them of the delay. Hopefully, I will not have to argue about waiting time, as Paramount should have checked the actual arrival time before sending a car and shld have forwarded my email to Paramount."


04/17/2014 Customer : j. eisman


03/26/2014 Customer : J. Einziger


03/22/2014 Customer : W. Spearman


03/22/2014 Customer : P. Murray


03/16/2014 Customer : I. Bratslavsky
"Wonderful driver and very nice new car. "


03/10/2014 Customer : S. Kitchens


03/07/2014 Customer : J. Hopkins
"Carson was an excellent chauffeur and a good conversationalist. Very smooth and well-timed ride."


03/02/2014 Customer : J. Ramos
"i have been using always for airport pick up. This is the first time I was charged parking fee. I was already waiting at the curb and I was early than than the scheduled pick up. "


03/01/2014 Customer : J. KENOFF


01/16/2014 Customer : N. Rosenberg
"The driver was 25 minutes late picking me up (in the middle of the night) at LAX. Then, instead of picking me up at the curb, we had to walk across the street to parking garage. Finally, the driver did not know that the 405 closes for construction at night, so I had to explain to him how to go around."


01/07/2014 Customer : W. Sutcliffe


12/30/2013 Customer : d. torres
"My flight was 10 mins late. Took about 20 mins to find the driver even though we had spoken several times so that he was up to date on where I was. Most of the time I was on the curb and he ended up parking and walking in. But it was Christmas even and it was kind of crazy. "


12/13/2013 Customer : A. Mendez
"Loved Robert! Very professional & pleasant driver! A plus"


11/04/2013 Customer : E. TR
"Driver was on time but finding each other at airport was a little confusing. If you are not using the meet and greet service I recommend writing your name on some paper to waive down the driver curbside. One problem is that we had ordered a Town Car but got something else so we weren't sure which driver was ours plus a language challenge, but car was comfortable. No amenities but a quick ride home. "


09/20/2013 Customer : P. Castellanos
"I used Paramount for the first time this week. Patrick was my driver and he was excellent. Was on time and very professional. Definitely will be using for my frequent travels!"


09/13/2013 Customer : E. Weller
"I used paramount service to go to the airport. The reservation process was very simple and the driver was very professional and on time as scheduled. The car was clean and the ride was very good. I travel a lot and I have had bad experiences with many companies in the past. I am very happy to know Paramount and use their service. I really recommend them to my family and friends. "


08/31/2013 Customer : D. Kratt


08/16/2013 Customer : M. Grimmett
"It was my first time using Paramount and I made a last minute reservation. The driver was on time, very courteous and friendly, and he helped carry all my suitcases. I really liked the excellent service. If you need a rush pick up, I recommend them highly."


06/10/2013 Customer : m. fernandez
"Limo sucked on the inside but alright on the out. But the driver was super nice and friendly were I will use them again just because of the driver named Joey I had. And the 5 stars is because of Joey "


05/08/2013 Customer : S. Qurry
"I booked for a last minut pickup for the airport. I called many companies and no one was available. Thank you Paramount you guys are great! The car came on time and it was very clean. I am happy with my wonderful ride and the great price."


09/21/2012 Customer : H. Chen


09/21/2012 Customer : B. Cuan
"This limo company showed up with an old, poor condition, 2007 Yukon rather than what they promised which was a 2011 model. It was embarrassing as I had a client with me at time of pick up. I would not do business with this provider again. "


07/23/2012 Customer : L. Campeau
"The limo arrived promptly and on time, the driver was very professional, excellent and very curteous and my family and I had the best time! The limo was clean and comfortable. He drove us to the airport where I picked up my relatives, then drove the scenic route along the ocean back to our house. Read a couple of negative reviews of Paramount, I can only say that must have been the exception, everyone I dealt with there was very friendly and accomodating. The rate was very reasonable and I would highly recommend this service to anyone."


04/23/2012 Customer : M. Foundos
"My driver, Charles, monitored my flight and knew that I had arrived early and was there to meet when my flight arrived. The car was comfortable and clean. Water was offered. I couldn't ask for more. It was a terrific experience."


11/30/2011 Customer : G. Gooding
"My ride was great, my driver was very prompt, courteous and respected my privacy. We got to my destination in great time, and he carried my luggage to the front door for me. I would most definitely use this service again; as well as recommend it to anyone who asks. "


11/30/2011 Customer : a. k
"A driver by the name of Robert came to pick me up from my house to bring me to the airport. Not only was he was on time and very nice , but he was very funny. Paramount Limousine is one of the most timely and professional limo services I have had the pleasure of riding with. "


09/15/2011 Customer : j. cranford
"I use Paramount regularly for airport transport to and from LAX . Always prompt with pick ups ! Great drive staff. Fully recommend"


04/30/2011 Customer : J. Uhelszki
"I was so impressed with Paramount Limousine Services. I used their service to get to and from the airport. The cars were impeccable, the drivers were knowledgeable, funny, courteous, and well dressed: Plus I felt like I was getting an expert's tour of LA. They even arrived 15 minutes early, assuaging my anxiety about getting to the airport on time. Did I mention the chilled beverages? Now I know why Kobe uses Paramount. First class service all the way!"
Limo Service Response: "Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you, and we look forward to seeing you again soon. "

03/21/2011 Customer : J. Flynn
"I recently used Paramount Limo when I needed a ride to LAX. I was pleased with their service. The driver was prompt and courteous and drove smooth (none of that jerky driving). Getting to LAX can be such a pain, but hiring Paramount Limo eliminated that for me. I would highly recommend them for their professionalism."


02/27/2011 Customer : K. P
"I wanted to give a high rating to this company because they were very prompt on arrival this morning. I had a very pleasant trip with a very kind driver and a great vehicle. I love that this company is environmentally friendly by proving hybrid vehicles for their customers. Overall, I was very happy with the service that I received and I will use this company in the future. "


02/27/2011 Customer : K. P
"I wanted to give a high rating to this company because they were very prompt on arrival this morning. I had a very pleasant trip with a very kind driver and a great vehicle. I love that this company is environmentally friendly by proving hybrid vehicles for their customers. Overall, I was very happy with the service that I received and I will use this company in the future. I recommend to everyone! And I also checked their website and Facebook and both provide great weekend ideas and deals. "


11/14/2010 Customer : L. Chern
"Made a reservation at 9 AM on a Saturday morning, and by noon was nicely surprised by a very kind driver that took me from location to location as I hurried through my stressful day. It was actually the most stress-free sedan or limo service I have ever used. The dispatcher acted like I was her top priority and never made me feel like this was a service I was actually paying for- and to tell you the truth, with Paramount's rates, one would be pretty idiotic not to use their service for any event. Reliable staff, good service and overall a really enjoyable 5 Star company. Thank you!"


01/30/2010 Customer : j. wong
"I had a really good experience with this company. I ordered a limo for my birthday, the guy on the phone was very personable and helpful. They definitely had the best prices from calling around. They called to confirm the order the night before, which is always comforting. The limo was really nice, clean, fully stocked.. the driver was very professional (and funny!) and made everything fun for us. I have also used their towncars to the airport and the prices are really reasonable. The driver was early and helped with our bags and was really nice. I'm definitely going to use them again, especially for the airport service."


07/01/2009 Customer : B. Rosenberg
"I would like to take this opportunity to express my feelings regarding Paramount Limousine Services. I have used Paramount Limousine for the past 5 years for my clients and have always received prompt and courteous service. I have never received a complaint from any of my clients regarding the services provided. They handle my reservations in a professional matter and I recommend them highly as an expert limousine and car service company. "
Limo Service Response: "We are delighted to hear feedback from our customers. This is another reason for us to keep doing our best, and strive to maintain our customers’ full satisfaction."

05/23/2009 Customer : M. Corte
"On behalf of my company and myself I would like to write this little note about my experience with Paramount Limousine Services. I can not let another day to go by without extending my gratitude to your company for its role in my recent business trip to Los Angeles. From our initial contact, Paramount was Professional, cordial, and knowledgeable with providing me with me with quotes and information. The driver, Tony, was polite, very pleasant and helpful as we embarked on 15 stops to our largest clients in Los Angeles area. I have enclosed my business card for future reference. I am looking forward to the opportunity to refer your services and to utilize your limousine for future trips. Again, many thanks for participating in a very successful sales trip for PIER 39 restaurants! If you are in San Francisco please contact me so I can arrange for a special dinner in at one of our fine restaurants on PIER 39. Once again Thank you so much for everything you did for me. "


05/06/2009 Customer : T. Omran
"I have been using Paramount Limousine Services for the last 4 years. I have found their services to be outstanding in every way. The cars are always in excellent condition and drivers are always courteous and efficient. I would highly recommend them for anyone who wants first-rate limousine service. "



National Limousine Association

Greater California Livery Association

American Limousine Association

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Taxi & Livery Paratransit Association