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Movéo Atlanta, a 5 star Elite partner of In every new city, the drivers change. Still, with Movéo Atlanta, the attention to nuance, a heightened sensitivity towards you, our guest, and that figurative velvet rope which opens the moment the driver arrives––these standards remain the same. From your unique luggage requirements to recommendations for a special evening out on the town, Movéo is committed to the A through Z of the customer experience. With drivers in over 450 cities around the world, our professional chauffeurs, executive limo, premiere bus, and luxury car services uses the latest communication technology to create seamless transitions for our passengers. Transcierge International, Movéo's parent company, has been the premier limousine service of Atlanta for over 18 years. Welcome to Movéo Atlanta. more

Our Limo Rental Fleet  

Sedan - Cadillac XTS (Black)

3 customer capacity


Sedan - Lincoln MKT (Black)

4 customer capacity


SUV - Chevrolet Suburban (Black)

6 customer capacity


Van - Passenger Van (Black)

10 customer capacity


Our Limo Services Packages  

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Rider Ratings

03/03/2015 NEW!
Customer : J. Sompe
"Limo was in good shape and the driver arrived in time. Neat service."


02/24/2015 NEW!
Customer : E. Rodriguez
"Reserved with moveo for my birthday. They were affordable, the driver was exactly on time and the SUV really comfortable. The entire process was so professional I didnt need to worry about the transportation anymore"


02/23/2015 NEW!
Customer : M. Stambon
"Louise, our driver, was really sweet and very professional. Asked which way we wanted to get back home and answered all the question the kids made, my nieces loved her :)"


01/02/2015 Customer : D. Goodman
"Got in the SUV with some friends to go to a birthday party outside the city. It was good thinking, as we relaxed about how to get there and how to return. The driver was puntual and attentive, kept in touch thru sms upon pick up both times."


12/29/2014 Customer : S. Jefferson
"Such beautiful entrance to the church! The white limo was really something and the service was punctual. The company called when the limo was on its way to our house, just as we requested, so we got time to get ourselves ready. Thanks for the wonderful memory."


12/17/2014 Customer : G. Rudd
"As I requested, our limo was pimped up inside with cool lights and several type of drinks and alcohol. The bachelor party was a complete success!"


12/12/2014 Customer : R. Fergal
"Music night with my wife, but previously we wondered around in the city comfortably in the Sedan. The car was clean and neat, and the driver was quiet so we enjoyed the time for ourselves."


12/12/2014 Customer : G. Rudd
"It was an amazing night, the service was flawless. I'll definitely use Moveo, I see they're in multiple cities, so that's a good way to go."


12/11/2014 Customer : N. Pamler
"Got the Sedan to pick us up after the play. Great idea, we could ride back chatting with my friend and relaxing, and get back to the kids without one worry in the world :)"


12/11/2014 Customer : S. Peterson
"Chaffeur was on time. Great communication, confirmations, email agreement, and such. This was a pleasure trip and gift for my son and his friends, but moveo has now become my go-to transportation company for my business needs as well, reliable and punctual (at a reasonable price)."


12/10/2014 Customer : L. Bush
"The bride-to-be was completely surprised, we had never rode in a limo so the bachelorette party transportation was a big hit, thanks for the great work!"


12/10/2014 Customer : L. Gabeloin
"Booked the limo for my daughter prom, all her friends loved it. They rode together, and the chauffer took great care of them. Excellent service."


12/10/2014 Customer : D. Preston
"Good service, the car was the one I ordered (Cadillac XTS just like the photo) and the driver was on time"


12/09/2014 Customer : R. Mople
"Surprise limo party for my girlfriend, with het sister and best friend. Amazing experiencie, would recommend"


12/09/2014 Customer : A. Norman
"Punctual and reliable, that is why I booked with you guys one more time, and will keep thinking of you in the future, as you provide a good service"


12/05/2014 Customer : C. O'Connor
"Best birthday of all! The secret was planning everything ahead, got to the pub on the car with all my friends. The driver was very nice and made some good jokes."


12/04/2014 Customer : R. Lucas
"Booked the car to get to the match with my girlfriend and her kid. I didn't want to worry about anything as we get there, and got my wish granted. Asked for a child seat and it was provided."


12/03/2014 Customer : B. Scoleman
"Was asked to review by the driver as a joke :) The car was clean and John, the driver, was very considerate and funny to talk to. Wouldn't mind to get a coffee with him!"


12/02/2014 Customer : M. Bravo
"The most romantic night of my life. My wife and I enjoyed the ride and the perfect night out, would recommend to my friends."


12/02/2014 Customer : R. Jackson
"The driver, Joanne, was early to pick my daughter up so she wouldn't be late to deliver her to the church (said so by herself), and the limo was gorgeous. This little details are the ones that count when thinking about booking again, good job!"


12/01/2014 Customer : L. Gabeloin
"Gino is a professional driver, waited for our group a few minutes earlier than expected and as we were nervous about getting to the theatre on time, we were glad for these extra minutes."


12/01/2014 Customer : R. Kurtis
"Service was outstanding, the driver got there a few minutes late but made up by suggesting some excellent places to go. He was very helpful and friendly, and the car was neat."


11/26/2014 Customer : J. Havemeyer
"Just want to thank you for the great service last saturday."


11/20/2014 Customer : S. Dickson
"Good service, the exterior was spotless, the interior not as much, but it was a pleasant ride"


11/18/2014 Customer : A. Reubens
"It was a surprise for my husband, at first he was reluctant but the driver was so attentive and the Sedan was so beautiful that he relaxed and let be lead to the match."


11/13/2014 Customer : R. Manison
"Perfect night, I never saw the city as good looking as from the window of the limo we rode on. My friends were reluctant at first, but the stares we got while riding changed their mind, and we enjoyed ourselves very much."


11/10/2014 Customer : F. Schubert
"Excellent service, the driver was really nice and took our prefered route to get there. My wife was amazed, thanks for the beautiful memory!"


02/17/2014 Customer : C. Andrews
"Had to catch a ride straight from the airport to my buddy's wedding. Great service, didn't miss a thing. "


01/06/2014 Customer : H. Gleason
"The lady driver who met us was wonderful. She was professional, upbeat and friendly. I wish I remembered her name as she deserves praise."


11/04/2013 Customer : M. Sullyman
"For a Friday Night Concert, not bad at all! Driver spot us right on time when we were coming out of the crowd. Great logistics. "


11/04/2013 Customer : L. Talbert
"Great Birthday surprise! What's more, the driver was really cool with us. "


09/17/2013 Customer : D. Lisenbey
"Driver was timely and friendly! One of the best drivers I have had so far and I use 2-3 times a month."


07/04/2013 Customer : L. Talbert
"This is the second time I have used Moveo. It was just a pick up /off service but it was every bit as comfortable as a long ride in a large SUV. I think I will keep using their service in the near future. "


07/03/2013 Customer : G. Matthews
"Great anniversary night, and even more so because we didn't have to drive. The limo was clean, and it was the cherry on top of our special occasion. "


05/23/2013 Customer : E. Midway
"Made me feel like I was in my prom limo again. Great way to celebrate my 30th birthday!"


05/18/2013 Customer : E. Dearborn
"Per driver, this limo was contracted by a company that had been contracted by the original limo company. The vehicle was clean, but older. The driver indicated that he would not get the tip as indicated in the booking on I consider that contrary to what I thought I was paying for."


04/30/2013 Customer : P. Monroe
"I was in town for a couple of days, but didn't feel like renting a car. Moveo was a very prompt and comfortable service. "
Limo Service Response: "Mr. Monroe it was really a pleasure driving you around town!"

04/17/2013 Customer : S. Pattinson
"We recently scheduled a trip to Atlanta [I'm a school teacher], I booked a mini van with Moveo. I was honestly surprised with the driver's friendliness and patience with the kids and myself. Thanks for being a good guy. "


04/09/2013 Customer : P. Jensen
"It was my first time in Atlanta, other than the flight layovers, Moveo was a good pick. "


04/02/2013 Customer : C. Tomei
"I decided to give driving a break for a day. Great driver, prompt arrival, and even helped with a few recommendations on where to have dinner. "


03/28/2013 Customer : C. O'Connor
"Very nice service, arrived on time and I had a very amusing chatting driver during the drive by the hour in ATL"


03/20/2013 Customer : L. Talbert
"Here are my two cents: book this service if you're in Atlanta. You know how they say a cab driver is like a therapist? Well, this is the upgraded version, plus a very timely service."


03/18/2013 Customer : R. Ackerman
"I usually call another company to get a ride to the airport. They didn't pick up and I was in a hurry. Naturally I googled it up, and this site ( came up. I liked the search options. After a quick comparison, I chose Moveo. Good call, their service is even better than the one I'm used to. "
Limo Service Response: "Thanks for your feedback Mr. Ackerman. We will honor your request to assign same chauffeur to all your future reservations."

03/14/2013 Customer : E. Bernhart
"My car broke down just a day before a very hectic schedule. I found them on the net, very prompt service. Driver even helped me with my bags. Thanks!"


03/13/2013 Customer : F. Schubert
"Had a great time chatting with the driver. Very good service, more importantly, he arrived on time."


03/11/2013 Customer : R. Lucas
"Didn't think I'd find a good service for a last minute wedding invite. Job well done, Moveo."



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