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Ace Limo's has been part of the Austin community for over 10 years. We strive to bring you the best experience and customer service possible. We take pride in keeping the nicest cars at the lowest prices. more

Our Limo Rental Fleet  

Sedan - Lincoln Town Car (Black)

4 customer capacity


Stretch Limo - Lincoln Town Car (Black)

6 customer capacity
2 ice chest, CD player, privacy glass


Stretch Limo - Lincoln Town Car (Black)

10 customer capacity
2 ice chest, two small flat screens, DVD player, CD player, fiber optic lighting


Stretch Limo - Lincoln Town Car (Black)

14 customer capacity
Super stretch Lincoln Town Car limo.


Rider Ratings

06/10/2013 Customer : N. Moreau
"Just got off the phone with "Ace" who decided to berate me for writing a previous negative review, that contained nothing but factual information. I advise any one seeking transportation service in the Austin-area to avoid this company due to the poor quality of service matched with the questionable ethical choices of the staff. "


06/10/2013 Customer : N. Moreau
"The driver was over an hour & a half late from my scheduled pick up time. Then I was given the run around as to why my driver was late. To top it all off I paid for a Cadillac Escalde, got a mini-van instead, which I ALSO HAD TO SHARE WITH SOMEONE ELSE. Then I was basically told that my reservation was a lie from the owner himself. Needless to say I will NOT be using ACE again anytime soon. "


06/06/2013 Customer : L. Lane
"Absolutely NOT worth your money. If I could give this company zero stars, I would most certainly do it. My best friend is getting married in July, and for the weekend of her shower, we planned a winery tour in the hill country. The day started off nicely, our driver was extremely polite and well mannered - the *only* high point to this company as far as I'm concerned. The limo showed up on time, although it was rather rough around the edges, with peeling paint and radios that didn't function at 100%, but we weren't complaining about that. We immediately got on the road, with only 8 people (which, btw, filled up the limo that was supposed to seat 10), and found out pretty quickly that the car had such awful shocks and low clearance that we scraped bottom at even the smallest incline. Even this only produced some laughs throughout the day - we were in good spirits. The real fun started when we left Fredericksburg after our last winery to head back to Round Rock, where we started (95 miles). Approximately 10 minutes down the road, the scrape plate on the bottom of the limo fell off, which immediately led to one of the rear tires exploding. At this point, we definitely had a problem. We pulled over onto the (nonexistent) shoulder, which basically left us mostly in the right lane of a fast moving highway with cars and trucks speeding around us. The driver attempted to contact the main office for instructions and AAA for assistance, neither of which were helpful. The 8 of us piled out of the car and onto the side of the road to wait. After unsuccessfully trying numerous times to reach the owner of the company, the driver gave up and began searching the truck for a jack and a spare. Ha. The spare was actually a donut. And the jack wasn't rated for the weight of the car. In the process of trying to lift the car, it fell, narrowly missing the drivers hands, as well as those of the State Trooper who had pulled over at this point to help us. Luckily, the Trooper had a much larger jack in his car and was able to lift the car to put the donut on. At which point all of us began to wonder at the safety of putting 8 passengers, a driver, our stuff and the weight of the car on a donut that looked more appropriate for a small sedan. We eventually got in touch with "Ace". Apparently the owner. And, as if the story above wasn't enough, Ace made things even better! When we expressed our concerns about riding another 90 miles back to Round Rock on an unsafe tire, he suggested that we all search our purses for a full size spare that was more appropriate. When we explained how that might be a little unlikely, his only other suggestion was to give us a full refund and to walk all the way back to Round Rock. So, we were left to our own devices to find a way home. Three people went back with the Limo - this was the safest number that the Trooper and two other Sherriff's officers felt comfortable with - to Round Rock, driving 50 mph the whole way. It took nearly 3 hours *after* we finally got off the side of the road. Three people rode with the Trooper who was kind enough to drive all the way back to Round Rock, which was 100 miles away from his patrol area, so that we could get a vehicle to go pick up the remaining two people who rode in the Sheriff's vehicle to the nearest town to wait in a restaurant for a ride back. I understand that accidents happen. Cars get flats, they break down. I get it. However, when you own a transportation company that people often rely on for special events and big days (like Bachelorette parties and weddings!), you should always have a *safe* and reliable back up plan in the event of an emergency. When we initially spoke with Ace, all we asked for was some sort of vehicle to come and pick us up. Had the circumstances been different, i.e. had we been in a city or closer to home, like Austin, it would have been simple enough to grab a cab and go from there. That was not the case - we were in the middle of nowhere, stranded on the side of a no shoulder highway. Not only did the owner not provide us a safe way home, but laughed at the idea that he should somehow be responsible for doing so, especially when the COMPLETE (round trip) service had not been rendered! I shudder to think about how this day would have gone if we had rented his services for my friend's wedding, instead of just the bachelorette party. Please think twice before giving this man and his company any of your money or trust. There are MUCH better companies out there."


03/18/2013 Customer : D. Pacitti
"We used Ace on Friday 3/15. We had friends in town, so we were a party of 8. We used Ace to pick us up at our home and take us downtown ($180). This all went well. The driver was nice, he was on time, the limo had a hard time in a couple spots and scraped the ground. The limo could seat 10 in the back and we were only 8, not sure what would have happened if we were 10 people. The end of the night, a different driver was picking us up downtown and then driving us home, again another $180 (includes tip). Addresses were all clearly and correctly done in the reservations. The driver went to our home at 1am and not downtown. So we had to wait 30 min for him to come pick us up. He did NOT apologize. In fact, he seemed annoyed when part of our party was still inside when he arrived and we had to wait about 5 min for the others to come out. they were paying the tab at the bar that we started since we had to wait 30 min for him to come get us at the correct meeting spot. Then inside the limo, there were dirty glasses, open soda cans, etc. Clean up the limo and provide the service you are offering. The only reason I gave them a poor and not a terrible is because the beginning of the night went smoothly. I would NOT use Ace again!"


03/13/2013 Customer : R. Carroll
"Ordered a town car and got a beat up van. Driver was nice."


01/29/2013 Customer : J. Comparin
"We had a great experience with Ace Limousine Service. Our driver, Johnny, was excellent. He was on time and very professional and courteous. The limo was clean and comfortable and met our needs."


05/28/2012 Customer : J. Hughart
"We were married on May 20th 2012 and used Ace Limousine Service. Our driver Greg was fabulous. He met us on time but more importatnly his service was superb. He tended to our every need and made the day so very special! He gave my groom and I wonderful service tending to every detail with as well as assisting one of my special passengers who needed a little extra help. Thanks for a fine job and great service. We definitley plan to use your Service again soon!"


02/01/2012 Customer : A. Sanders
"We rented Ace Limousine Service for a wine tour to Fredricksburg. It was a great trip! The Driver was ver freindly and the car was a new body style car. Ive rented from other companies and either the price is cheap and the car is old or the price is super high but the car nice. With Ace Limousine Service the car was just like they descibed and the price unbeatable. I was worried at first but this is the 3rd time I rented from them and its always the same. The owner drove us twice... you cant beat that! Liked: Disliked: "


01/28/2012 Customer : K. Fish
"Noe Ramirez of Ace Limousine Service is personable and community minded. He generously and graciously arranged to help us raise money for our non-profit school and arranged for an experience that our students will always remember. We are very appreciative of his kindness and generosity."


01/25/2012 Customer : A. Hamilton
"The boys had the PERFECT birthday celebration ride from school. The H2 Hummer was awesome ... driver was professional & right on time. Thank you!"


01/25/2012 Customer : R. Smith
"The driver was great! I really have no complaints at all. We booked this for my 12 year old's birthday party and the driver was very patient with 8 young girls and drove them all over Austin so that they could get the full "limo experience""


11/07/2011 Customer : M. Reyes
"Ace Limos provided great exceptional service this morning to the Airport. The driver was on time and very freindly. The price is the same great price, each time."


07/07/2011 Customer : D. Ford
"Ace Limousine Service provides stellar customer service! They were friendly, accomodating and most of all attentive to my needs. I am reccomending them to everyone I know. If you need reliable and affordable car service in the Austin area, I would highly suggest you going to no one else but them! Thanks Ace Limousine Service!"


05/16/2011 Customer : A. Bartmess
"I Really appreciated the service the kids received from Ace Limo. We had a good rate, and no extra unknown charges. The driver in particular was excellent, after meeting him at the high school, where he picked up the kids , I knew they were in good hands. The kids enjoyed him . He even called and checked in with me at points in their evening , letting me when they left dinner and got to prom and when they got back to the drop off spot. It was above and beyond! "


05/07/2011 Customer : J. Hammond
"When I first started using, I used it to find the lowest price for airport transfers. I had a variety of experiences from good to not so good. I guess some of the limo guys are hurting for business, because as soon as I hit submit on my browser my phone was ringing. Anywho, I used 5 different limo companies and 1 of them stood out. I only use Ace now. The limos are great, but what really stood out are the drivers. Normally I don't get to know the people, but Richard, John, and the other John have been excellent drivers for me for 9 bookings over the last 3 months. These guys aren't the creepy ones with the ill fitting suit that came from the local rack store...These guys are friendly and respectful. I just came back from Mexico, and even my high maintenance wife was pleased with the service. Anywho, I would have no problems recommending Ace and will continue to use them in the future."


04/30/2011 Customer : H. Peters
"I rented from Ace Limousines 5 times before. It's cheaper to rent a limo than pay for my last DWI. So with that said I responded to a email I got from one of Ace Limos competitors stating that they would beat any price. I won't mention the name of the company because we all know that's Tacky! But I will say that that they did beat the price by $74. After a horrible night in a dirty limo, with a rude driver in a out dated limo. I will pay Ace Limos prices next time. You pay for what you get! Keep up the great work Ace Limo's.(Henry) "


04/30/2011 Customer : M. Reyes
"My friends and I used Ace Limousines for a night of partying. We had a great time. The driver Noe knew every cool spot in Austin. He was able to get us in to several clubs without paying a cover. We also saved a $100 at booking. The car was very cool. The pictures on their 16 pass does not do this car justice. Ask them to send you a's better than the Hummer I rented for twice the price last year. Thank you Ace!"


04/29/2011 Customer : L. Czepiel
"We had a great experience with Ace. We used them for two occasions within 3 days. One was for my daughter’s bachelorette party and the other was for a ride from the wedding to the happy couple’s hotel. The bachelorette party was just wonderful, John was our limo driver and he was great with the girls he had his picture taken and was a trooper all evening. I can not say enough great things about John and his attitude and kindness. I am not sure of the limo drivers name that we had on my daughter’s wedding day however my daughter and son-in-law said he was great and had a nice ride from Round Rock to downtown Austin. I also wanted to mention that both limo drivers were either early or right on time. We have another wedding come up in October and I know we will be using Ace again. Thanks again for making our event extra special. "


04/26/2011 Customer : L. White
"The entire party had a great time! John was prompt at arrival and very courteous the entire evening. He was an excellent representative of your company. His attitude was great and the service was excellent. The bride, bride's mothers and the wedding party enjoyed the evening and John made it special for everyone! Thank you!"


04/26/2011 Customer : l. faz
"I've used Ace Limo Service on four occasions, and each time ive had prompt and courtesy service. My daughter and her friends had a great time riding in such a nice luxury limo, i will continue to use Ace Limo service and recommend it to anyone looking for good affordable limo service to at least look at the nice limos Ace has to offer."


04/26/2011 Customer : o. pate
"Everything was great"


04/26/2011 Customer : R. Sypho
"Great service! Very friendly....will use them again."


04/26/2011 Customer : J. Mayo
"We had a very smooth and professional experience with Ace Limousine Service. They were willing to rent us a limo for an hour when other companies had a 4 hour minimum. They pulled up right on time and the limo was exactly as described through the emails and pictures he sent prior. It was clean and beautiful. The 10 teenagers were ecstatic to ride in it to go to their formal. Great deal, great experience! I would recommend this company to all my friends. "


04/26/2011 Customer : J. Allen
"We are working with Ace Limousine Service for transportation for my daughter's prom. I have been very impressed with Ace and Noe through all of our interactions. From the first phone call with my daughter, whom they treated with respect and kindness, and several phone calls with me double-checking details - they have been timely, professional and respectful. Georgetown's prom is this Saturday, April 30th - my daughter and her friends are looking forward to what is likely to be the first "limo ride" for many of them and with the service we've gotten so far, it promises to be a memory they won't soon forget. I'm hoping to post another review after prom with more rave reviews - and a 5 start rating!"


02/15/2011 Customer : M. James
"Thank you Ace limos! We had a terrific time on Sat. Just like you guys advertised, the car was very nice and the driver was really cool. If your wanting a nice car and want to save money, call these guys!"


12/28/2010 Customer : J. Smith
"Ace took me to the airport today. What you will see different with these guys is that they actually have nice cars. I've used 3 of the firms on, and they had crappy old cars. When I get into a limo, I want for it to be a luxury experience. Anywho, driver Noe was not only on time and curtious, he was really nice to get to know. I know it was only an airport transfer, but I would have wanted to use these guys even if I was doing my wedding."


09/10/2010 Customer : N. R
"This company has the best prices in town! The car was really nice and the driver was freindly."


09/10/2010 Customer : a. perez
"Thank you Ace limousines for a terrific time. My girls and I had so much fun on our night out on the town. We will be calling you again for sure for my best freinds wedding in November. The car was very nice and the price was even better! Angela"


09/09/2010 Customer : M. Nicholes
"I read a review some one had posted about how the folks at Ace limousine took care of their wedding. Well the driver did not go as far as to dress in the same color of our wedding but my wife had picked silly colors, so good for them. But I did receive a coupon in the mail. Giving us a free hour of service exactly one year later after our wedding as a small gift for our anniversary. Way to go Ace Limos, for following up[ and remembering our wedding day. My wife and I recommend you to all of are friends. 5 stars!!!"