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Customer: M. Busch
"The driver was great and very accomodating when our time ran over. Very professional and made us feel comfortable."

Customer: R. Da Vinci
"Perfectly cleaned and stocked for our needs. The driver was great and engaged when we asked. Everything was on time and fabulous. "

Customer: S. Miller
"Jerry was absolutely AMAZING!!! I would, without a doubt, request him as my driver next time. He was courteous, attentive and friendly beyond belief. Thank you Jerry!!!! Sandra L. Miller"

Customer: J. Malizia
"The vehicle was amazing! The only thing better was our driver Hiram😀"

Customer: A. Lomeli

Customer: C. Williams

Customer: M. Evans
"Our driver, Jerry, arrived 15 mins early and was very patient with us as we struggled to exit the parking lot gates of the business park he picked us up from. He was kind, helpful, and prompt whenever we needed to be picked up again. When it was an hour left before our limo time was up, he politely asked if we would like to go overtime, which we did. After a bit of drama caused by one passenger, resulting in several others to want to exit the limo, our driver safely pulled over and patiently waited for the situation to resolve. When it was time to go home, we were each dropped off at 6 separate locations, and did not once see any sign of frustration from our driver, despite the several potentially frustrating situations that had occurred. I rate this experience as beyond excellent."

Customer: L. Pueblos
"The driver was great. The car though had a constant vibration that made it a little uncomfortable. "

Customer: M. Morrison
"I thought the driver was very nice and helpful and very polite, the vehicle however didn't have a sun roof, which would have been nice but it was still an excellent trip (:"

Customer: T. Nguyen

Customer: k. my
"The driver, Hiram, was outstanding, just provided our family with superior service. I was extremely impressed with his professionalism. Will use this service and the driver again and again!! Just what you would expect from a limo compnay .....and more! The limo was sparkling and looked like it was brand new!!"

Customer: K. Nwadiwe
"The driver was very respectful and great with getting our group place to place quickly and safely. He was a great person in general."

Customer: S. Thompson
"Both the vehicle and the driver were excellent! Hiram was an awesome driver and I would definitely request him for future rides!"

Customer: V. Turner

Customer: E. Causor

Customer: S. RAMAGE

Customer: J. Skowronski
"Beautiful cream Chrysler 300 Limo. Fantastic service, Warren was friendly , punctual and a just a real nice guy. Ron, at the office was aces too! Use USA Regency, so far the best I've used on a long list. Oh and the champagne was delicious!"

Customer: R. D
"I used this company for my friend's bachelorette party. The driver was early and very friendly. The limo itself was small, but very fun. It was decked out in bright colored lights and perfect for the event. We ran in to a snag along the way, but the driver was accommodating and gave us some extra time. I ended up receiving an overtime charge, which the company was nice enough to refund me! My only complaint was the fact that there was not enough liquor/drinks. I requested champagne and we only got one bottle. For the amount of people in the limo this was not enough. I would definitely recommend stating what you want when you make the reservation. Overall the customer service was superb. The girl who made the reservation was super friendly, the driver was great, and the manager owner was also very helpful. I would definitely recommend using this company. They have competitive prices and great customer service."

Customer: S. P
" I am sending this email to advised USA Regency staff of the great service I experience on Sat 01/08/2011... My daughter birthday was Sunday 01/09 so we decided to celebrate her 12th birthday Saturday. I read the previous reviews and was doubtful in reserving a vehicle with your company, but you can judge a company nor a person just by what other viewers were saying... Our experience was awesome!!! My entire party had a magnificent time. I contacted Ron to reserve the vehicle he was very help, answered my questioned, experience and explained all details... I received a confirmation call on Friday and again Ron explained and confirms our plans. He advised me my original request for a Cadillac Escalade was available so our vehicle the stretched Hummer would be replaced with the stretched Cadillac Escalade. Our driver was Jeff who was just awesome our party consists of more than 16 people majority children. Jeff was very patience, courteous and very professional... He arrived 40 minutes before our commit time and waited patience until our entire part was complete and ready... Our reservation was at 5 in Santa Monica and on a Sat we arrived15mintues before our reservation time with the smoothes non traffic great scenery ride every... I would definitely recommend USA REGENCY to anyone who needs a limo... To the previous customers who reported a terrible time & service. It was not the company it was YOU!!!! "

Customer: C. B
"It was that time, a rite of passage for my daughter, her Sweet 16. I've been using a transportation service for many years that is covered by my company, however all they provided was sedan service. My daughter wanted a large SUV limo, so I asked my sister who she used for her wedding. She told me that USA Regency was who she used last year. I remembered she rented an H2 limo and still remember how much fun we had that day. So I called and spoke with Robert and explained that I was referred by my sister, that it was my daughter's Sweet 16 and wanted the flashy interior like the one for my sister's wedding. He gave me several choices and I decided on an 18 seater Escalade limo. The day of her Sweet 16, the driver showed up 10 minutes early in a what seemed to be a larger vehicle. The interior was extremely better than the one my sister rented for her wedding. The interior was nothing but a party zone. The ceiling and floors flashed different colors, there were lasers and strobes, there was a small VIP lounge, the presentation including the glasses showed how much detail and effort was put in to make her day special. The driver, Maurice, was courteous and I wasn't sure if he was going to be able to handle the craziness of our teenagers. I rode up front to the first pick up where I was meeting with the other parents. The girls were having a blast blaring their loud music. I was a little reserved about their behavior, but Maurice assured me that it's ok and that's what the limo was made for, to party. Right then, I knew Maurice would take care of them. From beginning to the end, the girls had a blast and made her rite of passage what it should always be, a memorable one."

Customer: s.
"USA Regency Limousine is a excellent company. They have affordable rates and a friendly staff. The limo was on time and the driver was very friendly. I recommend this company to everyone who wants great service and a fun night out! "

Customer: K. Freeno
"We utilized USA Regency Limo for Prom. We couldn't have been happier. The limo arrived in an extremely clean and timely fashion. The driver was friendly and knew he had precious cargo on board. Will we reserve limo's with USA in the future. YES. "


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