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  About Us

Southern California’s fastest growing premium personal transportation company. Experience the most elegant limousine service available. Specializing in a Cadillac fleet. Currently available for hire is the most luxurious fully amenities stretched 130” Cadillac DTS Limousine. Along with two Cadillac Escalade ESV and a Cadillac DTS Offering customized programs.

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  Rider Reviews

Customer: K. Cooper
"Mike was awesome. Picked us up within minutes of our flight arrival. I will definitely be using them again!"

Customer: J. Hoffman
"Thank you for the wonderful service!"

Customer: D. Romanik
"Where I live drivers get no service and are often late and sometimes don’t show up. was on time and pleasant even in the early hours!"

Customer: B. Saputo
"Driver was on time! Clean car with water for all of us. Got us to the Airport on time because he knew how to move around the crazy traffic at LAX! Stress Free!!"

Customer: R. Kelley
"Pick up to the airport was excellent. Pick up at the airport was messed up. Never met the driver and had to take a cab home. Resversation was cancelled."

Customer: J. Cudahy
"Very timely and easy to find for pickup and delivery to home"

Customer: P. Mignano
"I arrived incredibly early in the morning to LAX. My driver met me and helped me with my luggage and got me home with no delays. The service is dependable and exemplary. Job well done."

Customer: W. David
"Our driver was very good. Knew the ins and outs of LAX and traffic getting there. is a great car service."

Customer: S. Shedden
"We had a wonderful experience. Pick up was on time and the driver was super friendly."

Customer: S. Shedden
"James was super friendly. Pick up was on time. We had a great ride from LAX to Anaheim"

Customer: J. Marks
"On time. Safe trip. Thank you."

Customer: E. Trucksess
"Great service."

Customer: d. Bentley
"A very on time company. I use them a lot. The car is always clean."

Customer: C. Kill
"We have been using for the last 3 years going to and from LAX. Our drivers have communicated well, were always early and professional to and from the airport."

Customer: A. Cherniss
"Our driver Jay was courteous, on time, knowledgeable, and provided excellent service. Thank you!"

Customer: K. Jackson
"Our driver was on time and got us to our destination quick and safe. Can't beat that."

Customer: j. muscarello
" was terrific! They were safe, on time and communicated with me responsibly. I made my reservation approximately 2 months in advance for a New Year's Day pickup from LAX to Disneyland with a return on January 4. They were right on time. I would definitely use them again based on their safe drivers and reliability."

Customer: A. Caldwell
"We have used Strategic limo service through for a few years. They have always provided excellent service. Our driver is usually Jay. He is very professional. We recently moved farther away and in a Condo complex and he had no problem finding us at the requested time."

Customer: S. Rauh
"Excellent service, excellent driver, would highly recommend. "

Customer: S. Greif
"Again, on time, very professional and pleasant. Would certainly use again."

Customer: N. Bruni
"Dayna was our driver and she was the best and very sweet. Definitely would recommend her!! "

Customer: M. Houtcooper
"The driver was 15 minutes late to pick up and then went south instead of north to Los Angeles. After firmly requesting that he exit the current toll road and turn around, I provided directions from my Waze app."

Customer: S. Dawe
"Great service, was met at baggage drop by driver even when plane was 40 minutes late. "

Customer: R. Oliver
"Our driver Tony was excellent and I would highly recommend him again. "

Customer: e. ghertner
"The Driver was very friendly and the vehicle was great. We had a wonderful time"

Customer: J. Brown
"Mr Keith was very professional and very courteous. He was on time and a safe driver. "

Customer: M. PERLMAN
"Driver nice. Car nice. Price nice. "

Customer: R. Jackson

Customer: m. packard
"Driver was Dayna. She was prompt, very professional and the Lincoln stretch was spotless and luxurious."

Customer: K. Semer
"He was very personable and helpful. We enjoyed our ride home with him."

Customer: C. Efstathiou
"Driver was 10 minutes early which I like. The ride was uneventful, and this is how it should be. He was very courteous. "

Customer: E. Dewey

Customer: j. solomon
"Our driver was polite and had a good knowledge of the area. We were disappointed that it took 1 hour and 3 phone calls to locate the driver after we put a note on our booking with specific meeting point information as we were not able to text. We were then charged for going over our allocated time. Very disappointing."

Customer: c. solomon
"the driver was great. but i EXPLICITLY said i am too tall and will not FIT IN NOR accept anything like a lincolnn MKZ. The driver shows up in a Chrysler 200!!?? its not even a limo!! Strategic also said on the receipt they sent me an MK!! IT WAS NOT. ALSO, AND IVE HEARD THIS FROM ALMOST EVERY DRIVER EXCEPT 2 I THINK, THOSE GUYS NEVER GET THEIR TIPS FROM THE COMPANIES!!! so i end up giving them a tip so its not tip included. Ive used you guys a lot but this ride makes me think i need to contact all these companies directly. i am not happy and am thinking about charging this last ride back to my credit card unless you guys have another idea"

Customer: J. Magnuson
"The driver was great. We had set a time for pick up at LAX and our flight came in early and our driver was there waiting for us. He probably saved us 1hr wait at the airport, by being there when our flight came in early. He is the top guy for us."

Customer: K. Danneberg

Customer: A. Koch

Customer: K. Ayres

Customer: D. Gorham
"On time, friendly, and very helpful."

Customer: J. Patton
"Jay UA an excellent driver and very prompt and kind. Great experience. "

Customer: B. Schiffer

Customer: P. Prince
"Our driver was prompt, professional and courteous. Took all the hassles out of getting to the airport. Vehicle very clean and roomy."

Customer: k. lo
"The driver was right on time as I walked to the curb. Perfect timing. Roomy vehicle. "

Customer: M. PERLMAN
"Driver -- Jay -- was awesome."

Customer: K. Poulsen

"Very friendly, he was on time, good driving manners."

Customer: D. Richard

Customer: L. Baker
"Great driver and loved the vehicle. Will use again."

Customer: J. Johnson

Customer: R. Bennett

Customer: L. Thune
"The vehicle I reserved and paid for was a MKX and the vehicle that picked us up was a Chrysler 300 - Not impressed. I reserved that size of vehicle to accommodate out luggage and still have a comfortable ride - that did not happen!! ! I enjoyed the driver - he was very nice."

Customer: J. McKinnon
"Keith was fantastic. A lot of fun to talk to and he genuinely cared about our trip. "

Customer: S. ARVIN

Customer: M. Buckner

Customer: U. Shart
"The only reason I booked thru is, so I would be able to use Strategic Limo service. They are great, the cars are always clean, the drivers are always personable and best of all, their always a little bit early. Once the time arrives, they will call you to tell you they are infront of your house waiting. Once you reach your destination, they hand you a business card and all their info is right there. Call me when you need me the driver relied. Awesome service. Thank you."

Customer: S. Leonard
"Driver was fine"

Customer: s. julien
"Our driver Keith was amazing very helpful. He met us as we came down the escalator with our names on a sign board :) got us to disney way faster than a shuttle and we squeezed in I think an extra couple hours because of him vs a shuttle very personable and kind. Thanks !!!"

Customer: J. Bratcher
"Awesome driver and vehicle "

Customer: T. Cole
"Limo operator was great. Very nice and accommodating. "

Customer: K. Bouley
"I prefer town cars with tinted windows. A driver in a suit is much classier than a t-shirt or even a dress shirt. I think the service dropped the ball in these two areas. Also water was not provided on the return trip."

Customer: J. Williamson
"Very courteous driver. On time. Great service "

Customer: j. mcfadden

Customer: K. Kelley
"Be more careful about the companies you work with. And it should not require 5 phone calls to confirm. "

Customer: U. Shart
"Always early and polite service. Cars are always very clean."

Customer: A. Ehrman Klayman
"Driver was on time. Car was clean in good condition. Driver was polite and attentive. Drove well and carefully. Ride was very pleasant. He brought me to desk in front of terminal and made sure I was going to be taken care of before he left. He was polite and well mannered. No complaints. "

Customer: M. Ng

Customer: A. Fairley
"The driver herself was great, however she was late to pick up. I have been charged for meet and greet which i did not get - and would like this refunded. "

Customer: D. Drakas
"Our Driver Dayna is the best of the best!!! She was very punctual, courteous and friendly. Dayna is Number One! Thank You! See you next time!"

Customer: a. aird
"Our driver was great! He was on time, courteous and drove like a professional. Thank you. "

Customer: T. Bledsoe
"The driver and vehicle were fine, but I had requested a specific message on the sign the driver holds and this did not happen. This was disappointing in our overall experience."

Customer: M. LLAGAS
"Jay was easy to connect with and was a very good driver. Vehicle was good as well, and the ride went smoothly. He was kind and it was an overall good experience. I would book again with if it was the better option to take, transportation-wise, as it was in this case. Thank you!"

Customer: M. Garden
"Our driver Dayna was very attentive to our needs, provided a very smooth ride and was punctual for pick ups and drop offs during our tour. The limo was as expected."

Customer: J. Gorton
"Excellent car and attentive service. Driver was right on time, both getting to airport and in getting back on our return."

Customer: F. Fazio
"I have used Strategic Limousine Services several times and the are always on time limo is clean ans stocked, driver is very profesional and willing to go the extra mile. I will continue to use them and would recommend them."

Customer: J. Alperstein
"Excellent experience from start to finish. The driver was prompt, professional and very courteous. Car was clean. We used them for an Anniversary night out on the town, would highly recommend. Thank you"

Customer: L. Davis
"Not the professional service expected. Will not use Strategic service again."

Customer: M. Hussain
"Excellent service"

Customer: S. Morey
"Jay was great. Took good care of my mother in law and wife"

Customer: L. Davis
"The car reserved was to be a Lincoln MKT but received a Ford Flex. Even when receiving the final billing today it showed I had ordered a Lincoln MKT. The driver was polite but slow to open doors for passenger and myself. He was also wearing a hoodie with designs writing on it not really a professional attire. If he thought it was cold maybe a sports coat would fit the situation . When a company posts a certain car available with a picture that's what one expects."

Customer: P. TAYAR

Customer: S. Yan

Customer: D. Hanna

Customer: V. Olshansky
"On time. Clean car. Keith was very professional and helpful. He was our driver two times (to and from airport). Definitely recommend. "

Customer: R. Segal
"Driver was friendly and professional. Car was very clean and comfortable. "

Customer: R. Tuecke
"All went well "

Customer: J. Wilcox
"Driver was excellent. Very helpful and thoughtful. Price transparency -- the 'wait time' charge is outrageous for a delayed flight. "

Customer: C. Appel
"Not applicable. Service not provided through no fault of Strategic Limousine. totally screwed up. I do not intend future use. Will book directly with the provider."

Customer: M. Buckner
"Driver was early for the pickup, which was nice. The car was clean and very comfortable. I arrived at my destination earlier than expected with all my expectation met. I would definitely use Strategic Limo again!"

Customer: N. Ortega

Customer: J. Beck
"Highly recommend!!! In my past experiences with other limo services, its never been positive (late, slow, dirty, poor customer service, high prices, etc). I hired Strategic Limousine Services and was SO IMPRESSED!!! Not only were they so pleasant on the phone when I called for a quote, they arrived perfectly on time (a little early), the Limo Bus was exactly as I would hope, the driver was so pleasant, ... there literally is nothing negative I could say about the whole experience! And even best was that their pricing was very reasonable! I will gladly use them again and recommend them to others. THANK YOU!"

Customer: J. Fazio
"I have used this service several times, and they have exceeded expectations on every ride. We were lucky enough to have Dayna as our driver for our last two rides, and she was great. She somehow managed to defy the laws of physics and get us to our destination on time on a Friday night in rush hour traffic. I highly recommend them."

Customer: P. Kurtz
"The driver was at the house just the right amount of early. The car was clean and the trip was great"


Customer: A. Covell
"The driver was punctual and met us inside. Very professional and neat and clean. The car was clean."

Customer: S. Carman
"Excellent Driver, but car was not the make/model requested. Price for sedan was quoted less than paid - will I receive a refund of the difference?"

Customer: A. Covell
"Toby picked us up. Punctual clean car. Very professional"

Customer: j. Mizani
"I feel the rating should be broken down by service and then by driver. We booked a Yukon Denali but received a Lincoln Mk something, and still were charged the cost of the Denali. Thankfully our luggage, stroller, carseat all fit in the vehicle. My assumption again was that water would have been in the cup holders, I did not ask if he had water available. Our driver was absolutely wonderful. Extremely friendly, caring and safe. Rating was very good solely to our driver. "

Customer: D. Sura
"great driver, very friendly."

Customer: L. DUNLAP
"Just great. Very professional "

Customer: T. Montgomery
"I did not get the car I reserved and when the driver arrived did not have a clue or explanation. He called his company there response was we sent a like or better vehicle. I asked why I wasn't informed the car I reserved was not sent there response was we are not obligated to call the customer. I expressed this car is not worth the amount I paid and there response was you can cancel. This wasn't an option for my nephew had to get to the prom. He offered a $50 discount. I had not other choice. I felt they baited and switched knowing I had to use there service. I will never again solicit from this company or"

Customer: j. adkins
"the driver tried her best to make up for obvious mistakes. I had a 90 year old uncle and family wait 39 minutes plus at airport following international flight... "

Customer: C. MacPherson
"My driver was fantastic. He is polite, responsible, and timely. I will definitely use Strategic Limo again when I come to LA and ask for the same driver. Well done!"

Customer: C. MacPherson
"My driver was ready for me when I arrived, helpful and polite. He was patient as I wanted to grab a coffee, get settled and prepared for the 2 hour drive. I appreciate his customer service and professionalism. I wish we had more drivers like him on the east coast! I will ask for him again when I return to LA on business."

Customer: C. Beck
"Keith was very professional and friendly. I give this guy 5 stars, he was awesome."

Customer: L. Reedy
"The only reason I rated poor was for this reason...If I was a driver, I would be sure to know about the 405N Fwy closure at 12am 5/20/14. The info was readily on the internet as I looked it up while sitting in an extra hour of traffic and then detoured off the FWY. Plus, an accident in the mess as well. showed this as well. After a 12 hour travel day, it was brutal. Owners should be sure their staff is informed."

Customer: H. Mizofuchi
"Maybe car should come 30min early, also it is unprofessional if driver was late????"

Customer: H. Mizofuchi
"Omg terrible y u charged me a tax after the service day ????"

Customer: M. Shepard

Customer: C. Briceno
"Asked for curb side pickup, and he met inside. This is second time with this driver and company."

Customer: S. Kissam
"Keith was communicative & polite. Really liked his pleasant and professional attitude too. Vehicle was new, clean and comfortable. Great way to get home after a long international trip."

Customer: j. rice
"Always pleased with your company , except this time I was charged an additional tax that I've never have been charged before ! Your total price even after the discount is always what I pay! But the last time I paid 9.99 more!! Little disappointed !"

Customer: J. Roberts
"We used Strategic for my son's 10th birthday party last Friday and it was great. The stretch limo was new, smooth riding and clean. The five boys really liked the light show, and there were plenty of juice boxes to go around. I thought the flat screen TV / divider was really neat and also allowed for a really big flat screen without taking up room in the passenger compartment. Overall great experience (again) and will continue to highly recommend this company."

Customer: T. Purrington
"We were to be picked up at 10:00. We were on the pier waiting for our driver at 10:00. We contacted him via cellphone and saw him drive around three times before I went out in traffic and waved him down. He was 30 minutes late for pick up. Had he pulled over the first time around we would have been picked up on time."

Customer: E. Quandt

Customer: D. Salas
"The limo was clean and on-time, the driver was courteous, the ride was smooth (traffic was light). It was the erroneous charge that resent and will contest. "

Customer: A. Jacobs

Customer: B. Overstreet
"The pick up time was for 15:45 the driver arrived at 16:01, he was dressed in a T-shirt (black satin) that appeared to have crumbs and satins down the front, he was slow to get out and and open the vehicle door for us and never got out to open the door the rest of the evening. He missed the FWY on ramp to the west bound 10 off La Brea and had to make a three point turn around on a side street to get back on track. He got stuck in traffic and failed to find alterernate routes to avoid heavy traffic to our 1st destination, we missed a 1/2 hour of the performance. He appeared unfamiliar with our destinations, I had to give him directions after giving him the addresses. Perhaps cold water should be offered instead of placed in the cup holders it was very awkward sliding in and out of the back seat trying to avoid the extended cup holder tray. If I were to book another ride with I would not want Strategic. The terrible experience ruined my girlfriend's birthday celebration. "

Customer: N. Vari
"Everything was perfect. Our driver communicated with us in advance of his arrival, he was on time, he drove safely, and he was a pleasure to speak with. All in all we had a wonderful evening, and the ride was a big part of it."

Customer: L. Ainsworth

Customer: P. Tauger
"Great driver, very nice car. He was right on time, helped us with our large and heavy bags, and drove efficiently and safely. He was the best!"

Customer: G. Torek
"Driver was prompt and very nice. Will use the service again!"

Customer: k. kuchen
"The driver was friendly but arrived late (stuck in the traffic). 1.I tried to call from Mexico to call several times to confirm but nobody answered 2. Arriving in LAX I called the driver, which name I got to my cell phone but he told me that he was re-assigned. The new assigned person didn't answer my first phone call, but only after 2 additional attempts. All with my mexican cell phone, it costs me more than 20 USD to contact. "

Customer: M. Clauss
"Jay C is awesome and will definitely call him again! He's a keeper. "

Customer: R. HARDY
"The driver, Toby was actually early. He met me at the curb and away we went. He was excellent and I really appreciate the great service!"

Customer: P. Gregory

Customer: J. Roberts
"We received excellent service from Strategic on our recent trip. We were treated as royalty by the polite and professional driver. The limo was spotless and well stocked. The ride was comfortable and it was easy to connect my iPhone to their audio system. All around, a great service. For airport pickup, they asked if I preferred curbside or in-baggage area reception. I appreciated that because LAX can be a pain sometimes. I highly recommend Strategic."

Customer: R. Kurtz
"Our flight was delayed over 4 hours and the driver knowing it would be too late to make arrangements for another car waited in the AP for us....5 stars for the service and our driver...I would recommend this service to everyone. Phil Kurtz"

Customer: A. Caldwell
"Limo arrived early. Driver was very professional. Excellent service. "

Customer: E. Kapanadze
"I was very pleased with the service. The driver was very nice and helped us check-in in the hotel and helped with the luggage. He stayed to make sure we were all settled. "

Customer: S. Coco

Customer: J. Lee
"arrived on time for pick up, but car was dirty/dusty inside out, drove 20+ legal speed mostly. I felt dangerous all the time... "

Customer: M. Anthony
"I booked a SUV for late last night practically last minute. The driver named Toby arrived 15 minutes early(which I really liked!) in the exact car I reserved. It was very clean and had an extreme amount of room for my party(I believe it was a Yukon). It was also great that the car was stocked with water bottles. I am now a Strategic Limousine lifetime customer!"

Customer: R. Cabrera
"The driver arrived a few minutes late. He put the seats in the back down for us to put our bags and it was dirty. His erractic driving caused a picture frame in one of my bags to crack. Also, I ordered a Lincoln MKT, he showed up in a Ford Flex. Not happy at all."

Customer: M. Beltran del Rio
"I was surprised that the driver parked the car and came into the Airport as I did not request this service but I see I was charged for the cost of parking and inside pickup. I much preferred the vendor that drove me to the airport on my outbound flight."

Customer: P. Oakly
"We have used Strategic Limousine Several times and we have always had excellent service. We recommend them if your in need of a limousine."

Customer: B. Tach
"Service was great. They were on time. Very nice limo. We will be using them again and recommend them"

Customer: M. Mahanyao
"Wow!!! We were send a brand new limo and my kids loved it. The driver was great and made the evening very special. But the limo was the nicest I have been in and seen. We were the first customers in it. We will Definitely use Strategic Limousine Services again"

Customer: D. Guzman
"We had the best limo service I have had in while. The driver was early he had ice cold beverages in the limo. Fantastic company - excellent service, prompt, friendly, fairly priced. We had a wonderful evening thank you Strategic Limousine Services!!"

Customer: R. Yan
"I would never use this service again. I paid for a pickup inside the terminal because of my back I cannot lift the bag. When I arrived at the baggage area all the limo drivers were there except mine. I looked at the entire terminal 6 baggage area and no one was there for me. Finally my bag came out and I had to pull it myself. Then I called Limos.Com and was told that the driver was already there because the driver told Limos.Com he was already there. I said no he was not because the baggage area was starting to be empty and no one was there. Finally the driver arrived and said he was waiting at terminal 5. I said don't you look up the flight schedule? If you would have done that you would have seen we were scheduled to arrive in Terminal 6. I said our flight arrive 20 minutes early he said I had other runs. I then said but you are still 15 minutes late from your scheduled time. He said like I said I had other runs. Finally when we got to the car he loaded my luggage then walked around to the driver side to get in the car. I guess I am just going to get in without him opening the door for me. We go to my house he still did not open the door for me then got my bags out of the trunk of the car and left it on the street instead of rolling it to the door for me. By the way, the car was not a Cadillac it was the new Lincoln SUV and it was a terrible ride. Stay away from this company. Very unprofessional. The guy was not even wearing a jacket he had a white shirt on with no tie. "

Customer: D. Cotta
"This has been the best limousine company I have used. They were early, Driver was very professional and went the extra mile. It was Great Doing business with Strategic Limousine Services"

Customer: D. Cotta
"Service was good. Felt like they were rushing us at the end. but over all was good."

Customer: P. Rice
"I have used several Limousine Companies lately an by far Strategic Limousine Services was the best. They were on time. They went the extra mile to make sure we were happy and taken care of. Great company."

Customer: D. Cotta
"This has been the best limousine company I have used. They were early, Driver was very professional and went the extra mile. It was Great Doing business with Strategic Limousine Services"

Customer: j. son

Customer: M. Probst
"Excellent service. Very efficient and drive was great. "

Customer: J. Richard
"The Driver was prompt, polite and selected a better route to the airport than I would have chosen with my GPS. Probably saved me 30 minutes of travel time! Well done,"

Customer: K. Li
"David is a good professional driver, and I will definitely go back."

Customer: M. Perlman
"After going through a number of horrible transportation companies (Advantage Ground Transportation, Go Sedan, and ExecuCar) I finally found Strategic. They're a reliable firm, have nice vehicles, and top notch drivers. Most importantly, they're always on time, because one of my biggest pet peeves is waiting for my ride after getting off a 15 hour flight. I just want to get home and see my family. The others made me wait for my ride to show up at the airport (usually between 15 to 60 minutes -- with 30 being the average). Why? Because ExecuCar and the like automatically assume that average international travelers takes 30 to 45 minutes to deplane, collect their luggage, and make it though CBP. Guess what? I am not the average traveller. I never check luggage and I'm a Global Entry participant (I even mention these facts in the "notes" section of every reservation I book). Unlike the others, Strategic actually read my notes and took the time to call me and ask what Global Entry meant (there is no shame in not knowing) so they could educate their drivers. As it stands, I have probably used Strategic a dozen times over the past few months, and have never had to wait. Never. Not at home. Not at the airport. A few other random comments: -I got Jay as my driver about 80% of the time, but the others that I've met were equally professional and punctual. -Strategic's pricing is reasonable as is their cancellation policy. Others require an unrealistic 6-hour cancellation notice and/or charge cancellation fees. -Don't let the fact that they're based in Valencia scare you off. This was a concern of mine a first, but they cover all the majors cities and airports in SoCal. -The one time they couldn't pick me up (because my flight was delayed by 6 hours and they were fully booked at my new arrival time) Strategic made arrangements with one of their competitors to have me picked up and driven home. (This is smart business and is no different than American Airlines sending a stranded passenger home on Delta Air Lines, something that happens every day.) -A well deserved 5 star score."

Customer: P. Carri
" Our driver was on time. We met as expected. The vehicle we booked was clean and comfortable. The vehicle had the amenities expected. Our ride was excellent. We will definitely use Strategic Limousine Services for our future transportation needs. "

Customer: L. Doan
"My driver parked in the parking ramp while waiting for me and my friend to arrive. I had a scheduled pickup at 10:30 pm. My flight was early and my friends was a few mins late but we still made our 10:30 reservation. My driver charged me the $5 it cost him to park in the ramp. He had also took it upon himself to offer to just walk out to the front of the terminal to meet me while I waited for my friend to get there. He charged the $15 "meet inside terminal" fee. So, I now a bill that is $20 ove the original quoted and confirmed price. Be careful of this company as they try to slide in bogus charges that should not be there. I will not use this company again."

Customer: M. P
"On time pick-up (always waiting for me). Professional (demeanor and dress). Safe (no speeding). Nice vehicle (new). Reasonable price (no gouging). An A+ in my book. Truth be told, I don't usually remember the names of my drivers... but Jay from Strategic is so good, I ask for him by name when making my bookings. "

Customer: J. Ungaro
"My husband and I booked Strategic Limousine Services to pick us up from LAX & take us home after a long trip with 2 little dogs. I texted our driver Jay to inform him that we hand landed a little early and he was already close to the airport. He was very quick to respond. By the time we got our bags he was ready for us, greeted us and loaded our bags into the car. He did not act "put out" or inconvenienced by the presence of our dogs which we had experienced with other drivers/ car services. Jay was friendly and professional, just a super nice guy in general and on top of things in every way. The vehicle was better than we expected, very clean and comfortable. We also got a fantastic rate. I would definitely use Strategic again in the future. All around a perfect experience. "

Customer: g. bacak
"This was a great ride. Driver picked us up on time and made a safe a comfortable trip to LAX. The vehicle was nicer than I originally thought. very clean and comfortable. The Driver "Jay" was very professional and courteous. "

Customer: A. Jonas
"Dayna was on time when she picked us up to go to LAX. She is very pleasant, communicated as to where to meet us when we returned from LAX. I would recommend her and her service and would use them again!"

Customer: J. Ramos
" We used Strategic Limousine Services for our wedding, and they were excellent. We ordered two limos, and they both showed up well ahead of time, and they utilized alternate routes extremely well to get us to the chapel ahead of time. The limos were very nice and in good condition inside and out. I loved the Cadillac DTS Limo, very elegant. Both drivers were helpful, polite and friendly and helped to ensure that we had an excellent day. Our travel was totally stress free, and they were fine with taking ten people home at the end of the night and making ten different stops. Very friendly people, and their communication and organization were excellent over the phone as well. The price was fair. All round, absolutely excellent." Thank You Shannon for making our day a great one and have such great drivers. "

Customer: L. Gedemer
"Great experience. My driver, Jay, was on time in a spotless new ride. He was very friendly, efficient and helpful. I will certainly use Strategic again."

Customer: S. Peebler
"Jay Coburn is the best limo driver we've ever had - he is courteous, timely, efficient and fun. He goes out of his way to make sure everyone is taken care of - when I lost my sunglasses, he lent me his, then went back to find mine. He is a true gentleman and we will use him every occassion in which we need a limo."

Customer: K. SIMON
"On January 17, 2012, we utilized your limo service for a trip to the Staples Center from Santa Clarita. Dayna was our driver and I just wanted to take a second to let you know what a pleasure it was to have Dayna as our driver. She was prompt, very friendly and very attentive to our needs. Because of Dayna we will definitely look to your company in the future for our driving needs. "

Customer: E. Jarvis

Customer: J. James
" I booked a limo for my Son's prom . The group of kids were very happy with the limo and the driver. They treated them with respect and were very prompt and efficient. Thank you for helping to make their Senior Prom a great memory...the limo ride is truly an important part of the event. We will use Strategic Limousine Services again with full confidence! "

Customer: a. Kearin
"they pulled the bate and switch on me twice. i booked a 10 passenger stretch limo, and they showed up in a SUV. twice without notice. not recemmended at all they might do the same to you. they act like they did nothing wrong, and are "looking" into getting me some kind of refund."

Customer: C. Sandell
"We used Strategic Limo in February 2012 to deliver our family from LAX to our Disney Cruise. Dayna was our driver and did an excellent job of taking care of all our needs. She was right on time and accomodated ALL our baggage. The kids thought riding in a Limo was a great way to start and end our trip...much better than a shuttle or bus from the airport. On our return from the cruise, she offered to take an alternative route so the kids could see the beach. We couldn't have asked for more and we will definitely use Strategic Limo again. "

Customer: K. Simon
"We used Strategic Limo on January 27, 2012. We had Dayna as our driver. She was AMAZING and the car was awesome!!! She picked us up on time and texted me during the performance to let me know where she would be waiting for us when we got out! The car was beautiful and very clean. We will definitely use Strategic Limo in the future!"

Customer: K. Ayers
"Strategic Limousine Service provided my wife and myself exceptional service to and from Los Angeles International Airport from Bakersfield. Their service was just top notch! Our driver Dana was the best! She was professional, courteous and extremely accommodating. I was so happy that she was our driver both to and from. This was the first time we had used a limousine service so were a bit hesitant but the service and driver went beyond our expectations. Thanks Dana for your personalized service, you're awesome! We won't hesitate to use Strategic Limousine again! "

Customer: R. Collins
"First of all I want to say THANKS to Shannon of Strategic Limo and to Dana our driver. After being in Washington DC for 4 months I decided to have a limousine service go pick up my wife bring her to the airport for my arrival and a return trip to our hotel. Out of All the companies I spoke with Shannon was able to provide me with the BEST price and was more than willing to accomodate my special requests. Champange was chilled and fresh roses were both ready for my wife upon arrival. I not only believe I recieved the best price for the limo but the best service as well. My personal thanks to Shannon for your help and consideration and to Dana for your professionalism, Wit and Courteousy. I will be using this service again and know that I will be requesting Dana as my driver. "

Customer: J. Gusman
"AMAZING LIMO SERVICE!!! Had them for my anniversary and couldnt have been more happy. Dayna the driver was GREAT! Super friendly and awesome job. Strategic took great care of us the whole night and was great making sure to be on time and ensuring we were well taken care of the whole night. I cannot tell you how great it went. If there was any recommendation for a Limo Service, I recommend STRATEGIC!"

Customer: D. Hathaway
"Andrea (the driver) was right on time, professional, and very helpful. We were pleased to see the Cadillac SUV used as advertised in the reservation. Very clean and accommodating for myself and my two daughters. Perfect vehicle for a comfortable drive to the airport. I would recommend this service to all that are seeking out an affordable luxurious and professional ride and service. We will now exclusively use Strategic Limousine Service for all of our trips back home to visit family. (I wrote a previous review, and realized that I mixed up the driver's names, but both women were top-notch -- very pleasant experience -- thanks to both Dana and Andrea)."

Customer: D. Hathaway
"Dana (the driver) was very professional, and carried with her the personality of a long time friend - great conversation and very friendly, I would personally recommend her for any easy going traveler. Service was great, through the vehicle used was not that of the one advertised for the reservation. A nice leather interior Suburban was in place of the expected Cadillac SUV -- we prefer the Cadillac due to the Captains chairs and DVD player (for my girls). This is the only thing that kept this rating from being excellent."

Customer: R. Flores
"Dear, Strategic limousines I’m writing to thank you for your service it was excellent and it helped make it an amazing night. I will refer all my needs for future limo services to your business, and I will recommend you to all my friends. once again thank you very much. In gratitude, Roger Flores "

Customer: J. McHugh
"Thank you for the excellent service! We had a fantastic evening, Dayna was extremely accommodating. We will definitely be using your company again in the future and will recommend you to anyone! Thank you, Jennifer "

Customer: N. Wofford
"Our driver Dana, was a wonderful addition to our evening. She was professional, courteous,and helpful. I really loved the service she provided. The car was amazing and clean. You can be sure we will be calling again. Thank you for making our evening a memorable joyful event."

Customer: T. Dooty
""The prom was okay. The limo was FANTASTIC!!" The driver was so much fun and the limousine was beautiful. It was also my daughters 18th birthday. Thanks for making it so special. We will definitely be calling again."

Customer: C. Martinez
"I have to say that this was by far the best limo ride experience I have had to date. First off, this was the only company of three that I had contacted that actually gave me the same rate that I had first recieved by e-mail. The driver (Jay) was amazing. Very easygoing and granted every request we had. I must say that any limo service we need from now on will be through strategic limo. This was how a limo ride should really be.Thank you strategic!!!!!! You made my wifes birthday a most memorable experience."

Customer: D.
"I highly recommend thiis limo service. The driver was great and very helpful! Right on time, too!"

Customer: M. B.
"The car was absolutely beautiful! Very easy to book with the most reasonable rate I could find for a Caddy, but what really made the experience exceptional was the driver Jay. He new what we needed before we did and truely set the tone for the evening with his easygoing demeanor. I highly recommend that you request "Jay Limo"!Ma"

Customer: J. Scott
"Every aspect of the booking process with Strategic Limousine Services exceeded my expectations! Shannon took the time to explain their booking and payment procedures as well as answer ALL of my questions. Jay, our driver, was EARLY, friendly, courteous, and well dressed! We had a picture perfect night out in a gorgeous black super-stretch Cadillac limo. I can't wait for our next event and have no reason to shop around again. I highly recommend Strategic to anyone shopping for quality and style!"

Customer: S.
"Strategic Limousine Service is the best. There car was brand new and was very clean. The driver jay was awsome. He went out of is way to accomidate us above and beyond what we expected. We will be using them from now on. "


National Limousine Association

California Livery Association

Santa Clarita Chamber of Commerce