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Customer: A. Mayberry
"Efraim of 'E' as e likes to be called was simply awesome! Professional and knowledge and friendly, and out my little girls at ease."

Customer: C. Haywar
"I was charge $40 for wait time. This is phony and totally incorrect. I was ready right on time. He did not have to wait for me. If you pull this on me again I will never use again"

Customer: A. Becker
"Steller Limousine provide an exceptional driver and service. We had a very traumatic problem with my wheelchair at LAX related to the airline, and he patiently waited for us to clear it up, and made sure our luggage was in the limo even while we continue to deal with the very helpful airline services personnel. The drive to our hotel was very smooth, and he did not leave until I was safely in a borrowed wheelchair and the porter had our luggage."

Customer: A. Bessey
"Malcom was great,really nice and pleasant person. I hope we get him on our return ride tomorrow. Car was clean and very comfortable ."

Customer: T. Burgess
"Driver was very kind. Early to pick us up and got us to the airport in good time. Provided us with water as well. "

Customer: T. Witteman
"Very nice driver "

Customer: M. Molstad
"He was very nice and personalable great "

Customer: M. George
"They were outstanding. The driver was courteous & helpful and the car was very nice & clean."

Customer: P. Billings
"Driver was excellent and vehicle was great! "

Customer: B. Baker
"Driver seemed nice enough."

Customer: D. Anderson
"Everything was great. Very friendly driver, travel time was right on. "

Customer: J. Bailey
"Pick up right on time, very nice driver. Very comfortable ride!"

Customer: B. Delavallade
"The driver Milton was great."

Customer: G. Jayasundera
"The driver Milton G. was the best limo driver I have had, ever. He was amazing and kept me informed right throughout the journey and was on time for the pickup from the airport and to the airport. I hope I get him next time I visit LAX. "

Customer: S. Hickey
"Very Pleasant and polite"

Customer: H. Urquhart
"Out driver was late and did not have a requested car seat. He suggested we strap our toddler into the car without one. Stating we won't get pulled over... He was rude and unapologetic when we refused. He returned 25 min later and drove slightly erratic and was on his phone while driving. He would not engage in conversation and was rude. The AC was not on so it was uncomfortably warm. It was an awful way to start our trip. Could not reach Stellar or our driver while waiting. "

Customer: R. Lee
"Great joy to talk with"

Customer: B. Delavallade
"The driver Milton was great."

Customer: D. Jorgensen
"Driver was excellent. Safe and courteous. Arrived exactly on time."

Customer: S. Richards
"Bobby was great! Texted us to let us know where he was. He was very personable and loaded all the luggage for us, both in and out. He shared travel tips and pointed out places of interest on the way. Great experience all around. "

Customer: C. Smith
"Driver late getting into airport terminal. I had to call. He was about 5 mins late, but as a driver was very good. We were in transit 23 hours and really expected the driver to be in the terminal to meet us."

Customer: T. Payne
"Very nice driver..good experience"

Customer: A. Hanks

Customer: M. Taylor

Customer: c. wills
"The vehicle was clean and the driver was friendly."

Customer: R. Bennett
"Very pleasant and early!"

Customer: B. Mcmillan
"Driver arrived early with a very nice black MBZ. Ride from Tustin to LAX took 50 minutes and driver left immediately after luggage placed on curb. Later credit card billing showed a quarter hour overtime charge. I sent the company an email requesting an explanation for the overtime charge, and NEVER received a reply. So will not use that company again."

Customer: C. Logue
"We had a great experience. Our driver Milton, was early which was great, friendly and got us to our hotel safely. Car was clean and comfy!"

Customer: B. Bakshi
"He was late and we did not get a Lincoln Towncar"

Customer: J. Oravitz
"Milton was terrific as always. I've been a passenger of his before and he is excellent. Nice new vehicle as well. "

Customer: R. Elsasser
"Milton G was a great driver very helpful and provided excellent customer service"

Customer: M. Becannon
"The Car didn't show and they didn't call to tell me until the time they were suppose to pick me up. Enough said. "

Customer: M. Becannon
"The Car didn't show and they didn't call to tell me until the time they were suppose to pick me up. Enough said. "

Customer: K. Hambley

Customer: V. Gil
"He was very courteous and patient. Excellent auto met service form him. "

Customer: D. Hurlic

Customer: W. Carlini

Customer: E. Muzsnai
"upon my return, I was told to stay outside & see the car. Instead he had a sign for me to me & we walked to the parking lot"

Customer: T. Marren
"I had Joseph P. He was on time, early in fact, and extremely professional. He made the trip very enjoyable."

Customer: K. Johnson
"Our driver was OUTSTANDING! Knowledgable, funny and made our night awesome. Milton is the best! "

Customer: N. Bird
"Julius was outstanding! He was early and found us right as we came out. The car was clean and ready for us including the toddler car seat. He got us to our hotel safely and quickly. I would definitely use them again."

Customer: M. DAngelo
"The experience with car and driver was awesome! "

Customer: K. Smith

Customer: A. Tan

Customer: B. Drake
"Roy was an excellent spokesperson for your organization 5 star performance. "

Customer: B. Taylor
"Car was in excellent condition and driver was friendly and thoroughly professional, Great experience."

Customer: K. Henry

Customer: F. Noda

Customer: T. Marren
"Completely satisfied. Driver was very polite and knowledgeable --- AND RIGHT ON TIME!!"

Customer: B. Delavallade
"The driver was very nice and helpful."

Customer: m. aitken
"Vehicle was not a town car. We did not receive inside meet up. While driver was nice I called him twice when we got off plane and we still wound up waiting outside at lax at night. Car was supposed to have water but there was none. Car had funky odor. "

Customer: M. George
"Really nice ride. Driver did a great job!"

Customer: G. PICOU
"Joseph rates A+++. Very honest and friendly. Will definitely be using this service in the future. Thanks"

Customer: C. Street
"Very nice driver. On time for early pick up"

Customer: L. Gambill
"The driver was pleasant and helpful. Again, no wi-fi as advertised."

Customer: M. McCurley
"Our driver kept us waiting curbside at LAX for more than an hour, and this was on a Sunday night. Then, once he finally picked us up, he took the most roundabout routing I have ever seen, and I've used and Stellar several times in the past. Keep in mind, Sunday night is a slow traffic night, and he took side street after side street when the 405 freeway (the most direct route) was wide open. The overall ride, after the hour-long delay in getting picked up, took at least 30 minutes longer than it should have, and again this was on a Sunday night with no traffic. "

Customer: J. Starr

Customer: R. Lee
"Good driver - on time"

Customer: M. Greenberg
"Driver was nice. Car was not in the best shape. "

Customer: A. Christoffersen

Customer: V. Bernhardt
"The driver was great, he had lots of info about some of the landmarks we passed on our way. He knew which city streets to take to get us past some of the highway traffic."

Customer: J. Papillo
"Milton arrived as scheduled (even a little early), and was very friendly and informative during the drive. Stellar Limousine also provided an upgraded vehicle!"

Customer: M. Merrick
"Driver was exactly on time...he was very polite and courteous and took good care of my wife and her girlfriend."

Customer: R. Cross

Customer: B. Bakshi
"He was late and we did not get a Lincoln Towncar"

Customer: M. Della Mattia
"Driver Roy was great. He was extremely polite and helpful with luggage and getting into and out of vehicle. His driving was normal - something you don't always get as some drivers drive like they want to get you out of the car as quickly as possible. And he was early arriving! Car was clean and great. Would book again and recommend Roy to anyone!"

Customer: K. Zucchetti
"the driver was late and unpleasant. I don't believe he was even at the airport when we arrived and had to wait far too long late in the evening with 5 kids. "

Customer: F. Gabel
"Roy was awesome! He really helped us pull off the surprise for our dad's 80th!!!"

Customer: M. Tillman
"Driver Joesph was very nice and well dressed. vehicle was decent. "

Customer: B. Delavallade
"Milton the driver is just great!"

Customer: A. LEE

Customer: E. Subelman

Customer: E. Subelman

Customer: R. tobler

Customer: B. Delavallade
"Milton is the best!"

"Our driver was excellent from LAX to Irvine and made us feel comfortable. An exceptional driver and courteous. Dr. Barrington. BW365@OUTLOOK.COM"

Customer: G. Hall
"Ask the driver for a pick up time and he did not respond when asked about this he did not receive my text"

Customer: M. Ilel
"Driver was great - thx."

Customer: S. Frohardt

Customer: M. Rosenzweig

Customer: J. Hisey
"Gor was very polite, friendly, and a great sport for stepping in to pick us up instead of the original driver assigned."

Customer: W. Doddridge
"Milton was on time, courteous, helpful and a safe driver. The vehicle was in excellent condition. Most importantly the service is advertised as tip included and I was in no way pressured to give more. My daughter commented often that 'Mr. Milton was an excellent driver and we should use him for the trip home.' We would not hesitate to use this service again. "

Customer: I. Seletskiy

Customer: B. Carestia
"Stellar Limo service was excellent. The driver was friendly and helpful with the luggage. He asked what we would like to listen to on the radio. He seemed to enjoy talking with us on the ride. We also had an upgrade, which was greatly appreciated."

Customer: B. Carestia
"The driver was right on time. He did assist with luggage. He was very quiet. He did not offer any ice or newspaper as was listed as a perk. He did not offer to let us listen to music on the radio, he had a sports channel on that had only talking. There were 4 of us and none of us wanted the sports talk. He did not talk to us in general."

Customer: J. Allen
"Wouldn't change anything. Drivers were professional and than very friendly just like we like."

Customer: K. Henderson
"Roy was so nice ... great car ... he was perfect"

Customer: M. Kimsey
"Car was very late - over 30 minutes late. Estimates of arrival time continued to be off - obviously to try to keep me from taking a cab instead. "

Customer: A. Huber
"First the good: The driver was friendly and very helpful loading and unloading luggage. The bad: He was driving looking down between his legs where he had a phone (maps? WAZE?) in very heavy evening traffic on surface streets. At one point he was about to rear-end a car in front of us while he was looking down at the phone and I yelled at him. He looked up, slammed the brakes and we just stopped short of hitting the car in front of us. My wife's heavy handbag, her water bottle and some other loose stuff flew onto the big hand rest between the driver and front passenger seat. He apologized."

Customer: A. Huber
"Very friendly driver, very helpful loading and unloading luggage. Had ice cold water bottles neatly in cup holders for us."

Customer: J. Vigdor
"The driver arrived exactly on time. The car was great, the driver was personable and friendly. Stellar Limo did a great job and I would be happy to use them again and again."

Customer: S. Carrion

Customer: M. Ilel
"The driver had quite poor driving skill and social behavior. We can deal with this last part, but, at one point, got a little scared when he was speeding and not being in full control of the vehicle. Also, it seems that he was expecting us to handle some luggage."

Customer: c. gentilini

Customer: J. Moreau

Customer: J. Roditi
"Just very good. Went around heavy traffic on that day."

Customer: d. rethmeier

Customer: B. Lyerly
"Everything was was new and very clean. Our driver was very pleasant. Overall experience was top-notch!"

Customer: D. Agafitei
"Very pleasant and safe driver Very nice car Good value for proffesional, dependable service I am already recomanding you to my husbands company etc Thank you!!"

Customer: K. Skraby
"On time courtious greeted my whole family opened doors and packed our luggege will use service again"

Customer: G. Schaffner
"Both drivers were on time, friendly without smothering, and not overly-reliant on their GPS. I will look for them next time I make a reservation."

Customer: T. Morphy
"We were very disappointed to find when the driver picked us up that there was no a child seat in the car as ordered. We paid extra for this and it was distressing after a long plane ride to not have this for our grandchild."

Customer: Y. Torrez
"Roy was amazing! Great service and professional."

Customer: W. SIGMUND

Customer: R. Otto
"Car was clean and smells good :) great communication with the driver before the ride so I know what to do. love your service and I already recommend to my friend. "

Customer: D. Van Patten
"On-time, courteous driver. "

Customer: J. Muscare
"Angela was fantastic; I really appreciated her punctuality, kindness and professionalism."

Customer: B. Mason
"Both drivers were excellent. Friendly, prompt and more important they were willing to follow my route to the airport."

Customer: E. Reinholtz

Customer: R. Floez
"Definitely 5 STARS! The car was not the one we ordered, however it was a lot nicer. The driver Roy was OUTSTADING!! If I book again, I will definitely request Roy. He was the BEST driver we've ever encountered. He is an asset to your company. "

Customer: S. MATEMBE (Mrs)
"I had a wonderful ride with Angie. She's amazing. If you have ten like her you're very blessed. No complain"

Customer: J. Brick

Customer: c. solomon
"driver was great but vehicle was too small. i am too tall to sit in back of an MKZ and i don't want to sit up front!!"

Customer: C. Goddard
"Milton was outstanding. He showed up on time, was a gentleman, a great driver, very friendly and took us directly to our destination at Carnival Imagination. Would recommend him very highly. Will use again if possible. Thank you for a wonderful experience."

Customer: B. Rice
"Excellent experience - vehicle was awesome and driver was even better:)"

Customer: S. Rivera
"The vehicle was immaculate and the driver was exceptional. Milton and I engaged in meaningful conversation about our experiences in life and our spiritual connections. He is an amazing man. If I am fortunate enough to use your services again, I want Milton as my driver."

Customer: P. Hager

Customer: t. reese

Customer: R. Pfleiger
"Everything went well. Prompt and courteous"

Customer: E. Westerby
"Very good"

Customer: J. Roth

Customer: c. solomon
"they sent me the wrong car but the service was great. but i won't use them again if i get another MKZ or similar vehicle"

Customer: T. Fairbairn
"Vehicle excellent. Driver excellent"

Customer: R. Davidson
"Specifically requested a sign with name on it and the details were ignored which caused confusion at airport pickup. Would be nice if they read the notes. Otherwise a good service but took 15 minutes to figure out due to their oversight."

Customer: j. delatorre

Customer: l. mahmarian
"Milton was amazing. "

Customer: B. Jinna
"The driver Angie was GREAT!!!!! This was my first time using Stellar Limousine and the vehicle was clean, the correct size, and on time actually Angie arrived early. Angie texted me earlier in the day asked for the plans for that night so she could be prepared and obtain directions. Angie was so wonderful that if I ever need a limousine service again I will use stellar and request to have Angie as the driver. "

Customer: L. Gonis
"Milton is a LEGEND!! You would be disappointed if you chose another company. We used Stellar Limousine 3 times in 3 weeks. All staff are professional, courteous and very knowledgeable. "

Customer: M. Stuart

Customer: J. Shimabukuro
"Our driver, Roy went above and beyond. When we arrived at the airport, I realized I had forgotten my handbag at home. He stayed calm and put me at ease. Roy was able to take me back home and return to the airport in time. He was wonderful. "

Customer: R. Miklas

Customer: T. McGill
"Driver was great and informative. Provided us with numerous recommendations on what to do while in the city and what restaurants to visit. "

Customer: R. Cromenas

Customer: F. Rinaldi
"I have not had a personal experience, but am very happy with how we were kept informed of every step along the way. The ease of booking was very efficient and we are very satisfied. Thank you!"

Customer: D. Brown
"The vehicle was clean & what we ordered and the driver was on time BUT The driver was texting & do about 80 mph all the way to the airport which made us very uncomfortable."

Customer: R. Gregory
"The service was very well, and yes, I would use this company again, and refer someone to you all."

Customer: A. Nader
"The driver was very professional, well mannered and pleasant to be around!"

Customer: P. Spear
"I booked my one-way ride from LA Union Station to Palm Springs based on the excellent reviews I read online about Stellar Limo. They did not let me down in any way. Was lucky enough to have Mario as our driver. Would use this service again."

Customer: L. Stephens
"Asked for towncar, got suburban. Driver was on time but drove very erratically and too fast with hard stops and starts. Became testy when we needed to go back to house to check gate. Was only a 4 minute delay. He called his dispatch and said that he wouldn't be able to do next fare because 'we forgot something and had to go back'. He threw his phone onto the console. Dropped us at United coach even though we told him we were flying 1st class. Not a good experience at all. Would have done better with a taxi."

Customer: J. Oravitz
"Milton was very hospitable, helpful, and on time."

Customer: k. church
"It was extremely comfortable. His driving was competent. He did not chatter which I dislike, but responded politely when I spoke to him."

Customer: H. FRIESEN

Customer: L. Leyland
"They weren't at LAX terminal 2 at 3pm to meet us! We waited until 3:30pm and then I texted the driver who said he couldn't make it. Another driver arrived 5 minutes later but wasn't from Stellar Limousine - it was a friend of the driver who was supposed to pick us up! Was very unprofessional to use another company and also not to warn us that they couldn't make the 3pm pick up. I would like my $10 refunded for no pick up inside the terminal."

Customer: C. Coppel

Customer: S. ADLER
"1st pick-up (to LAX) was late. I called the driver and could only leave a message. Call not returned. I called the number provided if I couldn't reach the driver and was told that the mailbox was full. 2nd pick-up (from LAX) was not there. After calling the service and 30 minutes later, the greeter appeared and apologized. Then another 10 minute wait for the driver."

Customer: J. Jacobson

Customer: C. Monroe

Customer: G. Spencer
"I liked my driver very much and plan to use her more in the future"

Customer: S. Prover
"The driver was very punctual, professionally dressed and mannered. My only problem is that they often 'pad' the bill with a $4.00 charge and a $7.50 charge even though the quoted fee is 'All Inclusive'. Paradoxically, sometimes they add no fee on rides originating at LAX."

Customer: M. Mangini
"Angie was great. We received a text from her as soon as we landed. The Suburban was clean and the ride to our hotel was quick an pleasant. Will definitely book again when we come out this way."

Customer: S. Meyer
"Vehicle was immaculate, driver was courteous and very helpful."

Customer: j. perez
"Driver was great. She was nice and professional. "

Customer: R. Lasota
"Limo ride#33EDN Driver Milton G. The driver was excellent, easy to talk with and a very good driver. The car was a new Lincoln hybrid which was nice."

Customer: c. sanchez

Customer: C. Walford
"Friendly and prompt driver"

Customer: J. SUBROTO
"The driver was not polite at all. He was not waiting near the exit and no greeting when first I found him. I know that he has to wait quite a while, but it's not my fault that I got held by the immigration officer. He slammed the door hard and got in to the car with no word and put on sour face. He drove with an attitude which were not smooth driving even though he knew that I'm pregnant quite big. I said nothing because I'm already tired for flying more than 20 hours then got held in the immigration. But, for sure this is the worst experience that I had when renting a car."

Customer: J. Reynolds
"Milton was very professional, very courteous, and got us where we wanted to go quickly. The ride was very comfortable and he even provided us with a wine opener! I would recommend him and this company..."

Customer: D. Alford
"The driver was terrific. He was very professional, positive, and nice conversation. He is a great guy and makes your company look great."

Customer: M. Collins
"Driver wasn't available when I arrived, has to call to get hold of him"

Customer: R. ALLEN

Customer: B. Palsa
"We had a great experience-the car was awesome and our driver-I'm so sorry we forget his name-very professional and informative-will absolutely hire again -great work , superb service"

Customer: K. Overman

Customer: G. Drury
"Professional driver, clean car (inside and out), prompt, friendly, customer orientated, helpful local travel and visitor advice. 5*"

Customer: T. Ward
"The Driver 'Angie' was great."

Customer: S. Miller
"The driver was prompt, pleasant, polite, helpful, conversational (not in an intrusive way). The car was clean, comfortable."

Customer: R. duFort
"Clean vehicle. Milton was very professional, personable and knowledgeable. "

Customer: T. Christopher
"Excellent service, very clean vehicle. Angie is prompt, professional and courteous. Can't ask for anything more than that."

Customer: A. Christie
"Driver, Angie was fantastic, proactive, extremely helpful and made the trip a pleasure."

Customer: T. Unwin

Customer: M. Shannon
"Milton was very good driver."

Customer: T. Christopher
"On-time, pleasant and courteous. Thanks!"

Customer: B. Gorman

Customer: R. Kurtz

Customer: K. Berg
"We booked rides both from and to LAX. Milton was our driver for both rides. The experience was excellent and Milton made both rides very enjoyable.We will definitely book with Stellar again. Thanks Milton you are fantastic."

Customer: N. Goodwin

Customer: M. Williams
"Stellar car service definitely deserves 5 stars. This was my first time using Stellar Limousine car service and it was a great experience. My flight was 30 min. early arriving into LAX. I called the driver, Milton, to see if he could pick me up early and he was already at the airport waiting on me! After a long 8 hour flight, I was thrilled that he was there. I met him at the terminal and the drive to the hotel was pleasant. On my return to LAX, my driver was Oscar. He too was on time and pleasant. By the way, both times I reserved a Lincoln Town Car but they picked me up in the Mercedes Benz S550 (which to me was an upgrade). Very nice, clean, and luxurious. All around, it was great service. I will definitely use them again. They are highly recommended. "

Customer: Z. Willason
"Milton, my driver, provided excellent service and an enjoyable ride. Would highly recommend him and his company!"

Customer: K. Wolff
"Truly excellent service. Have used them twice and both times have gotten upgraded, clean, new cars with fantastic drivers."

Customer: M. Brinsa
"On time, nice ride. Highly recommended!"

Customer: M. Brinsa
"Nice ride, clean car. Couldn't have been any better. THX"

Customer: S. Young
"Our driver, Milton, was on time, contacted us as soon as we landed, and was at the terminal when we picked up our bags. He was professional and friendly, and drove us to our hotel quickly and safely. We will definitely request Milton for future trips."

Customer: C. Colon
"I used Stellar for airport pick up and Drop off, loved the long wheelbase town car and the suburban, prompt service, enjoyable ride. Perfect beginning and ending for our vacation."

Customer: M. Derakshan
"Stellar Limousine is simply the best. My favorite driver is Milton. He is extemely professional and always punctual. I requested an Escalade from them at one point and when Milton arrived he informed me that it was a new 2012 with only 30 miles on it. Service doesn't get better than that. My life has been made easier knowing I have stellar limousine and their wonderful drivers to count on. Please don't waste your time with other companies. "

Customer: A. Guerrero
"My Driver picked me up right on time. I needed to be at the airport at 2:15 PM and I trusted him to figure it all out for me. He was prompt, professional and all around very pleasant. Definitly will use his services next time I'm in LA."

Customer: L. B
"I recently traveled to Anaheim with the entire family and we choose Stellar Limo for our airport pickup. Outstanding rates, quality and customer service. They gave us a multi car discount...they do! Milton was amazing, very courteous and had plenty of snacks for the whole family. Stellar Limo is a must!! Great system they have going!"

Customer: J. A
"Fantastic service. Driver went above and beyond, sharing his LA expertise. Great experience!"

Customer: S. Schoolnik
"Our driver was prompt, courteous, and helpful. He was a perfect gentleman, and we would be happy to ride with him in the future."

Customer: J. Spencer
"I recently traveled to LA and was in need of several cars, Stellar Limo was able to provide the services at a discounted rate which was a major plus!!! The cars are always stocked with drinks and snacks. Drivers are amazing, super friendly and knowledgeable which is a major plus after a long flight!! Highly recommended when traveling to LA!!"

Customer: E. S
"Outstanding drivers!! I've used Stellar Limo for several occasion and I'm never dissapointed, always going the extra mile!! I travel a lot, so when they upgraded my ride to a comfy SUV with wifi it made it so much easier. Thank you Edi for all your help!!"

Customer: M. Enright
"I used Stellar Limousine a few weeks ago when I was in LA. We got a upgrade to a SUV which was immaculate, the driver Rick was very professional and courteous. There was cold water for us too. Very easy to set up. I would reccomend Stellar Limousine to anyone needing service in Los Angeles. Edi made everything smooth. A+"

Customer: J. R
"To whom it may concern, I just wanted to thank you so much for the outstanding driver. I have had numerous drivers throughout the years, & Milton surely ranks among the best. Perfect timing & an amazing attitude equaled a great time. I will definitely recommend anyone looking for a chauffeur to your company, & when I have my next event, I'll be sure to call you first! Thank you so much for the A+ service. Regards, Jacob R. "

Customer: M. Ramirez
"Wow! I couldn't believe the reviews until I tried Stellar Limousine myself, and its all true! Edi, my driver was amazing; very courteous and kind. He had snacks an drinks for me and even my favorite cigars, just simply excellent service!!!"

Customer: M. S
"Fantastic company - excellent service, prompt, friendly, fairly priced. We had a wonderful evening thanks to Edi our driver!"

Customer: J. Castro
"I hired Stellar limousine to drive my daughters & I to LAX airport. We were flying to NYC and every time I visit family I'm very anxious & a bit nervous to fly. I loved Edi our driver & the service from beginning to end. I was looking for a quick response, competitive price, and punctuality and I found it at Stellar limousine. I have already recommended Edi to friends & family. Thank Edi"

Customer: M. Nguyen
"I use car services quite a bit and have had a wide range of experiences with various providers. Stellar Limousine certainly ranks towards the top end of that range - they sent me a good looking, clean town car and the driver was highly professional. He knew the itinerary ahead of time and knew where he was going - I've had drivers that I've had to direct on every turn, always a pet peeve of mine. Overall a great experience and I'll be using Stellar Limousines again soon!"

Customer: T. Parks
"" Great service my wife and I was very surprise to see that our sedan had been upgraded to an SUV for are pick up/drop off at LAX. Overall had a great experience with this company Edi was easy to work with. We will be using Stellar when we return to LA in April. Do yourself a huge favor go with Stellar you won’t be disappointed and you will save time and money trying to compare other companies. Edi and Milton are great drivers and these guys know the city inside out. " "

Customer: M. spear
"Eddie was extreamly peofessional and friendly. Would definitely use him & his service again!"

Customer: A. Ribis
"Stellar Limousine is a stand out company. I have now used them 3 times,( they are the only company I will use) and every time it has been a pleasure to be driven by Edi. Reliable, prompt and above all GREAT prices. I would highly recommend using this service."

Customer: i. lenahan
"Great experience. Driver was friendly car was nice all around good time"

Customer: M. Gamboa
"By far the best service I have received. My friends and I decided to go to celebrate one of my most memorable nights-my birthday-and stellar limousine made it happen. The driver was extremely polite, the prices were very great. I was so nervous because other companies could not accommodate with me. They could not make things happen, but guess what? Stellar Limousine made it happen. I would recommend this company to all of you who are celebrating birthdays or any special events. The service is great and the driver is awesome!. Thanks for the affordable prices stellar limousine and for making things happen when others could not. "

Customer: H. olague
"Stellar limo is the best company out there. The best deals you will find in Los angeles. I am from Spain and was very satisfied with his service. I was extremely satisfied on my next vacation I will get stellar limo!!! You rock!!!!"

Customer: M. Bracko
"Edi was a great driver. He was on time, waiting for me when I landed. He drove excellent, and we arrived at my hotel in a very short period of time."

Customer: K. Bengtson
"I loved Stellar Limos so much I used them twice in a week. The first time was from the Valley to LAX to Long Beach in an SUV. Edi was great and patient for taking me and my nephew on a great drive and got my nephew to camp on time. The second time I wanted a great town car to take me to a business meeting in Orange County. Edi was prompt, nice, the car was very comfortable. I will use them for all my car service needs."

Customer: G. Egloff
"Our driver was on time, drove carefully, was very helpful and considerate. I will definitely use the service again. Very comfortable and enjoyable."

Customer: A. Taylor
"Thanks Edi for your kind understanding and patience with our transportation needs. I really appreciate it. Thank you!"

Customer: A. Johnson
"Edi, had a great time Saturday with my friends. Roy was a cool cat, really nice driver! Hope we didn't leave too much of a mess for him to clean up! Will call you for any future engagements, Thanks!"

Customer: T. B
"By far the best service I've used. I hired Stellar to drive my family and me back and forth from Valencia, CA to LAX for a summer trip. Edi, Stellar's owner was our driver and was very prompt, very courteous and professional. We rode in the 7 passenger SUV which was spotless an dwell appointed. It also had plenty of space for the six of us and our luggage. When I was originally looking for a car service I used Edi replied within minutes of my post and answered all of my questions quickly via email. He also had the best prices. I will continue to use Stellar and highly recommend the company for anyone in LA looking for a reliable, professional and affordable car service. "


National Limousine Association