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  About Us

Movéo, a 5 star Elite partner of In every new city, the drivers change. Still, with Movéo, the attention to nuance, a heightened sensitivity towards you, our guest, and that figurative velvet rope which opens the moment the driver arrives––these standards remain the same. From your unique luggage requirements to recommendations for a special evening out on the town, Movéo is committed to the A through Z of the customer experience. Welcome to Movéo.

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  Rider Reviews

Customer: k. spencer
"Driver was on time and very courteous and friendly. Car was very clean and spacious. Used the service on arrival to Ft Lauderdale and departure. Would definitely use again!!"

Customer: L. Mitchell

Customer: J. Boole
"will use again, very accommodating and professional"

Customer: D. Authenreith

Customer: J. Limmer

Customer: K. Bass
"Didn't get correct contact information for driver, driver wasn't at specified location and he refused to give his companies info "

Customer: E. Rank
"Overcharged me for a car seat - $25 is ridiculous for a $10 item I could of bought new! Will never use again."

Customer: S. Chernys
"they provided no details on toll charges which seem high to me."

Customer: J. Balbona

Customer: E. Wederfoort
"i have no comment because we were unable to use your service. i now need to check and be sure you did not charge my account. i hope there was NO charge"

Customer: d. burton

Customer: B. Haas
"One driver excellent and one busy with cell phone. "

Customer: M. Ducanes

Customer: J. Brown

Customer: L. Lichter

Customer: B. Jenkins
"Driver did not come into baggage claim as we paid for, we met him outside at curb early before the pickup time yet we were billed for parking and wait time. If we were picked up early and he didn't even come inside how is there parking and wait time and a fee for coming inside???"

Customer: G. Suess

Customer: m. jones

Customer: l. maguire

Customer: K. Kelleher

Customer: d. bhandari

Customer: L. Underwood
"Our driver was very knowledgeable of the area and friendly; good customer service."

Customer: K. Kelleher
"Very friendly and courteous, on time and pleasant ride"

Customer: M. Friars

Customer: A. Benito

Customer: L. Tirado
"The service was marvelous. If you want to get somewhere in style, this is the way to do it. "

Customer: L. Rodriguez

Customer: j. krichmar
"Jose was exceptional in all aspects."

Customer: B. Stone
"all was good until getting to airport and he was either reading text or email and almost hit wall. hard jerk of wheel to avoid. wait few more minutes to read email/text, wait until your not driving. would have been excellent but with my daughter in the car, a crash would have ended bad for that driver putting my childs life at risk. poor choice!"

Customer: C. Carter
"I booked this for my mother and she was so grateful for the kindness of the driver and really enjoyed the trip to the airport. "

Customer: L. Stone
"Wrong SUV over charged and showed up in a Chevrolet. My client was disappointed and I lost business because of this. What happened and this trip was very important to my business as a hotel investor in Miami. "

Customer: M. Royer
"Professional and courteous. Prompt and readily available."

Customer: P. Adair
"On time, great vehicle- very clean, and super driver. Easy to book as well. Great electronic communications to confirm and keep customer informed. "

Customer: P. Adair
"Driver and vehicle were great. (Wait charge not appropriate under the circumstances)"

Customer: L. Stone
"Driver was very nice but the wrong vehicle "

Customer: M. Schottenstein
"I asked the driver at the end if my fee included a tip and he said it did not so I gave him cash for that, but online it seems as though my initial fee does include tip ... Hence the Average rating on the limo operator"

Customer: L. SPIVEY
"The Moveo driver was late and at the wrong airline. In blistering heat and humidity we waited an hour and several phone calls only to see the vehicle that arrived was not what I ordered. It was small and very uncomfortable. So small in fact luggage had to be stored in the front seat. I was also charged for tolls when there were none. I was told they didn't have the type of vehicle I ordered and they had no explanation for not notifying in advance which would have Llowed me to reserve a different vehicle. After all of this I didn't even get a bottle of water. I would never recommend Moveo."

Customer: T. Bunnell
"Treated well. Keep informed about the change of driver"

Customer: d. lang

Customer: D. Martin
"Vehicle Was Very Nice... Driver was Courteous & Professional...But He Was Too serious.. Could Have Been a Bit More Personable...."

Customer: A. Nutt
"Driver was friendly and professional. Showed up on time. Thank you!"

Customer: J. Campbell

Customer: K. Mitchek

Customer: K. Bannister
"The driver was right on time and very friendly.the car was very comfy.we will be booking again"

Customer: H. Dries

Customer: J. Rivero

Customer: T. Wolfe
"The driver was 15 minutes late because he had the wrong location, but everything we provided on our end was very clear. He did not call the passenger to alert him he would be late. I called the customer service number and the representative was very nice but said she had to put in a claim with the company. I have heard nothing back so far. "

Customer: S. McKenzie

Customer: K. Kish
"The vehicle was very clean and comfortable. The driver was on time, professional and very safe. I would recommend him and Moveo anytime!"

Customer: J. Stone
"Perfect church arrival, the driver was slightly late but the kind woman of customer support called in advance and let us know about it. We ended up arriving in time."

Customer: A. Jameson
"Good services, booked the ride to celebrate my bf birthday, the limo smelled good and the seats were really comfortable. The driver was fine, a little too reserved, but nevermind"

Customer: J. Stoik
"The driver was very engaging and personable. The vehicle was nice but the third row wasn't set up so one person in our party had to sit up front."

Customer: D. Harshman
"Showed up 15 minutes late with no explaination."

Customer: C. Bimmer
"Smooth ride, car was OK and the driver polite and silent, just what we needed."

Customer: A. Finch
"After finding moveo, im not taking a taxi to the airport anymore. Have already used this service 3 times and everytime everything goes smoothly, will be using again"

Customer: B. Salgado
"It was a good idea to get a limo to show NYC to my friends at night. Tony, the driver, was so helpful, he even suggested some excellent spots to appreciate the lighted skyline. The limo was beautiful and we had an excellent time."

Customer: N. Wilson
"Great communication, they sent a sms when the driver was at the airport and within 15' I was in the car. Rode back home in complete ease, the car was clean and the driver respected my silence."

Customer: V. Morrison
"We got a nice Mercedes for the both of us. It was clean and slick just like we wanted it to look for this occasion. Lovely service. "

Customer: P. Edwards
"There was room for all of us, the seat were very comfortable, and the driver was very professional. We had a great time until the wee hours of the night."

Customer: R. Gallagher
"The driver was on time, he met us right outside our hotel, as he had specified on his SMS. We had a great time, great service."

Customer: R. Ferguson
"I was in town just for my friend's bachelor party. Man, this town really is to be taken in from the back of a limo. We had an amazing time, thanks Eddie!"

Customer: D. Cosby
"Good thing I picked up my date in this car. Great way to take her up for a wedding invitation. Driver was friendly, the back of the car was very clean and smelled nice."

Customer: P. Norrland
"Driver was early a couple of minutes, but he let us know via SMS, and we were ready, so off we went! Great service"

Customer: R. Kristoff
"For a quick in and out visit to Miami, it was a great concert, and a great ride. Very clean vehicle, nice driver, we got home safe at the end of the night. "

Customer: R. Ackerman
"Driver texted me, and good thing he did. I'd forgotten about the pick up hour. Great service, clean ride. Wonderful night."

Customer: A. Strauss
"Great match. Thankfully I got a neat ride to the venue, great company, great driver! Keep it up guys."

Customer: C. Martin
"I hadn't ride in a limo in ages! Miami was certainly the city to do it. Great service. "

Customer: A. Robinson
"It was a beautiful wedding, I'm glad I hired a limo service to make it on time. Thanks, Eddie!"

Customer: J. Sugars
"boy, did we have fun! Neat scotch at the back of the limo before the concert. That was a great perk of riding with Moveo"

Customer: P. Monroe
"Clean and prompt service. I liked the SMS notifying me about their ETA. That was a nice touch"

Customer: C. Tomei
"Fab concert with my friends. Great service, clean limousine. The driver was very friendly and we all had a great time. "

Customer: G. Kernel
"Great guys night out, the snack bar out back was well stocked. "

Customer: B. Horowitz
"A night out in Miami isn't complete without a limo ride. Enjoyed the evening, as always."

Customer: M. Soderberg
"It seems like wedding season for me. Great service. The driver was very friendly"

Customer: P. Neil
"Second time I get the same chauffeur. I was glad I did. Very efficient service."

Customer: H. Nobleman
"Our group was comfortable, service was timely, clean vehicle. I'll try a larger group next time!"

Customer: M. Sansano

Customer: E. Crawford
"Driver was on time and courteous. Van was neat, and me and my friends got a very pleasant treatment. "

Customer: P. Jensen
"Nice night on the town. Driver took great care of us. Definitely will use them every time I'm around to go out on a beautiful Miami night."

Customer: L. Torch

Customer: F. PLOWRIGHT
"The worst experience I have ever had with any service in my life. Reserved a 22 person Hummer H2 Limo, that when it arrived could no way seat 22 kids. Also, it was a sauna in the vehicle and the driver could not get the A/C to work. As it was my wedding day we were all in suits and the girls in dresses and everyone of us was sweating within in minutes of starting the ride. It so bad that my fiance almost passed out and at that point we made the driver pull over. He could not get the A/C to work after several attempts and called his company to get a replacement vehicle. The problem was is he worked for the Biltmore Hotel, not Moveo. So i then had to call Moveo to find out the problem. I was told i would be called back with a solution within 2 minutes. I waited and finally called back in 15 minutes and was told they were trying to get something to us. After an hour of waiting and missing our appt with the Justice of the Peace in Miami Beach as well as the luncheon we had set up, we were finally told that a BUS was now our only option and that would be coming. Having no choice we agreed and i mentioned i would be expecting an adjustment on the price. The bus then took another hour to get to us, so we stood in a parking lot on our wedding day for 2 hours in the sun. The bus was also sent to my home address and not to where we were. The bus then took us to Miami and back. I called the company at the end of the day to discuss what they were going to do about not only making us wait the 2 hours but also that i reserved a Stretch Hummer Limo and received a BUS. At that time the company stated that they provided the service i requested and was not willing to give any type of discount. The rude agent also told me that i did not wait 2 hours for the bus, which of course i can document with my cell phone calls to the company continuing to ask where the bus was. All in all the worst service i have ever received and basically ruined what should have been a phenomenal day for me and my wife. "

Customer: R. Arcusa
"The driver Jos̩ was great."

Customer: R. Hilton
"Great, prompt service. Decided to give the driver the tip he deserved. "

Customer: R. Manison
"Driver picked me up on time, and was very nice with us. Neat limo, prompt service. It's they way it should be."

Customer: J. Sturgis
"The $24.61 in extra charges including $10 wait time for an airport pick up and something called 'Provider discount' which ADDED $9.93 to the ride is a bunch of crap. That's a 30% up charge after the fact. Seems like I got hustled. "

Customer: E. Bernhart
"Neat car, and great driver. I recommend their service, is an app coming soon?"

Customer: A. Jayne

Customer: G. Schmidt
"This was our first experience with and we were very happy with service."

Customer: F. Schubert
"I liked the service, and it was a special treat I gave myself for my birthday (and my date). "

Customer: B. Temkin
"Excellent driver"

Customer: O. Atkinson
"I'm not going to drive to another concert again. I liked this service enough to know so."

Customer: O. Atkinson
"Great concert in Miami Beach, I just couldn't help but call these guys up. Great service!"

Customer: G. Leclerc

Customer: M. Gundersen
"Nice driver with a smil on hos face. Very clean and tide car. Showed up at correct time. Excellent overall performance."

Customer: T. Morton
"Moveo was great. I booked a sedan but they sent a truck which i was not complaining about. The driver arrived 30 minutes early. He got our bags, and we made it to the airport in record time. "

Customer: S. Heagney

Customer: j. cada

Customer: M. Thomson
"Nice string quartet concert. Not so bad for a date. "

Customer: M. Norrman
"Crazy night out! Great, reliable service. Made it home safe and happy."

Customer: J. Holland
"Great service! Driver was very personable."

Customer: C. Hitch
"Moveo provided excellent customer service, we arrived a few minutes early and he was waiting at baggage claim. He took care of our large luggage for our cruise with no hesitation. I highly recommend this driver to other customers. "

Customer: F. Voudy
"The driver was prompt & professional. No problems, smooth ride!"

Customer: n. black

Customer: O. Abello
"Excellent and personable. Immaculate car. Prompt."

Customer: S. Orchard
"For an impromptu wedding, the limo ride was probably the perfect fit. Nice cheerful service."

Customer: A. Norman
"Best. Impromptu Bachelorette. Party. Ever. Make sure you book the long stretch limo, keep it classy."

Customer: B. Bradford
"The driver was friendly, caring, and efficient. I like Moveo. Great service, lowest cost."

Customer: G. Albouy
" Julio our Driver was very personable and gave us a mini tour of the ride from Miami to Fort Lauderdale The car was SHARP!!! Very nice! Thanks!"

Customer: G. Mauldin
"Driver was great"

Customer: T. Arucas
"My first time using Moveo. I was heading to FLL airport and booked through The driver was very nice , right on time and courteous. The only issue was that I rented a Lincoln Town Car L and I was picked up in a Hyundai Elantra. Nothing against Hyudai , ( I used to own one , great car!) , but if I pay for a Town Car that is what I expect. Kudos to the Driver for showing up and being very service oriented, but not so much accolades to Moveo for not finding a substitute to take the job knowing that the car was scheduled was not what was reserved. "

Customer: J. Rubasch
"Mario was excellent. Well prepared, knowledgeable and polite. Great job!"

Customer: T. Martin
"The driver was very welcoming and amiable. The ride to the airport was very comfortable and seemed much shorter than the taxi ride we took from the airport to the hotel."

Customer: R. Manison
"It was a great concert, and I loved the dramatic arrival."

Customer: E. Russell
"3rd time I've used them, there's a reason for that. Great service!"

Customer: J. Desjardin
"We were charged an additional $10 for wait time, there was no wait time, we had the option to pay an additional $10 to have the driver meet us in the airport but declined this and called the driver after we had picked up our bags. We should have not been charged this $10 extra dollars. The driver was professional and the car was clean but there was no indication of an extra charge or receipt given. "

Customer: L. Morrison
"Great driver, I just wish we could do this more often."

Customer: V. Eisenhower
"It was a great dinner party I had thought of throwing for some time now. Picked up my friends in a surprise limo! Great service!"

Customer: R. Artigau

Customer: C. Kawaja
"Absolutely Horrible Service. The driver was a very dangerous driver and went the wrong way up a one way street 2 different times. YES...... 2 DIFFERENT TIMES. I don’t understand how this company has a 5 star rating. "

Customer: L. Robinson
"The driver was not dressed appropriately, he was wearing jeans and a polo shirt. He wasn't prepared with directions and we had to give him the address to where we were going."

Customer: B. Barker
"My VIP art collectors group from Los Angeles was touring Miami and Miami Beach art venues, artist studios, art fair locations for Art Week-Art Basel Miami Beach. A really busy time of traffic and an intense schedule. Both on the preparation of the service with Moveo and during the group's stay everything was beyond expectations. Our coordinator, Eddie Olivera, couldn't have been more helpful. Immediate return of calls and emails, total professionalism, and very accommodating. The driver was most popular with the group and made sure that everything went smoothly. Extremely happy with the service, would use it again, and would highly recommend it."

Customer: P. Rodney
"Nice string quartet, and we arrived in style indeed. "

Customer: E. Russell
"A great night. The driver was on time and very friendly and kind. Nice service, clean limousine. Would go around again. "

Customer: J. Havemeyer
"In town for a night out with the girls. It was a short visit and it was totally worth the limo ride. "

Customer: C. cHARLES
"Dieago is the Man!!! He picked us up at the airport and dropped us off at the cruise ship; he was on time, professional, and he was our return driver by request. I can't thank him enough for his service!"

Customer: D. Lotker
"Moveo (driver Antonio) brought us to MIA and then back home at the end of a long trip overseas. Getting to and from the airport is always a source of concern and we have been burned before by cabs and had to resort to neighbors at the last minute. But Antonio was there early on both ends of the vacation and was courteous, concerned and friendly. Moveo is my new ride to the airport and anything else I need in Miami."

Customer: M. Lemos

Customer: D. Hudson
"As the Best Man, I think I did a pretty good job for my friend's bachelor's party. As a limo service, I think Moveo got my back. "

Customer: A. Ferrari
"Moveo offers the best service in town. Driver Isaac always on time and great customer service "

Customer: J. Stinson
"Home sweet home after a long time of traveling, just the perfect arrival home"

Customer: L. Villa
"Thanks so much - Alex was fantastic great service!"

Customer: G. Kernel
"Never really thought about having a driver take me and pick me up from a concert, until a friend of mine suggested it. It's the details that matter"

Customer: C. Sureda
"we were very pleased with the service. The chauffer was very professional and corteous. We will definitely use your chauffeured service again as well as recommend it to our friends."

Customer: R. Ferguson
"It was my first time in Miami with a couple of friends. We tried out Moveo here since it's usually what we hire back in New York. Same friendly service, and always on time. "

Customer: P. Feeney
"Thank you for your services. My friends and I had a great time. Your rates were reasonable, and I have nothing but positive things to say about Luis, our driver, and the car, which was clean and exactly as it was supposed to be. Luis was also exactly on time, and he was readily available when we asked to be picked up. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends and family. Thank you."

Customer: T. Loewens
"First time that I used a pre-booked limo service, didn't go wrong with my first option. It may even become a habit"

Customer: P. Badeski
"Our experience with Moveo was excellent and look forward to using your service the next time we are in the South Florida area."

Customer: W. Pike
"Quick reservation process, liked it, especially on such a delicate occasion. "

Customer: N. Belling
"Very good and clean car. A very polite and helpful driver. It was a pleasure to,ride with him. "

Customer: W. Norman
"We received excellent service. The driver was very nice and helpful. The van was very nice, clean and comfortable. Will recommend to friends. Thanks!"

Customer: C. Bussone
"THank you so much for your service. The driver Rene was great !!!! We all enjoy the limo it was perfect. Ill definite use your company again."

Customer: K. Wolfe
"You guys were great. I appreciated getting a text from my driver when I landed in Miami. You guys are on time with nice vehicles. I appreciated the upgrades. I will always use you when I travel to Florida."

Customer: D. Cosby
"liked the texting-your-client nice little detail"

Customer: P. Gaines
"This was my first time using your service. It was for my son's 21st birthday party so he and his friends can have fun and get home safely. This was a 5 star experience. Our driver Mike was excellent. He arrived early and was very professional. Limo was clean. My son and his friends raved about the night. We will be using you again in the next couple of months and will be recommending you to friends and family as well. Once again thank you for the great experience."

Customer: J. Weot
"I've rented out from a lot of different companies before and Moveo was the best chauffeured service I've used yet. The price was right and the quality of service was even better. Our driver arrived early and was very accommodating. Thanks to you guys I had a great birthday, thank you so much and I would highly recommend your services! I will definitely book with Moveo in the future! Thanks again,"

Customer: T. Enstice
"We had a great experience yesterday and Lorenzo was an amazing driver. Please thank him again for me. "

Customer: H. Altman
"Used moveo 3 times this week-service was exceptional-will definitely use again when in fla!"

Customer: M. Franzel

Customer: C. Clarke
"Outstanding service. Detailed estimates by email in advance. Driver contacted us via cell and text day of pickup. We were even 1hr early and the driver picked us up within 30mins, still 30mins ahead of planned time. Everything about our experience with Moveo was perfect - exceeded our expectations! Our trip was FLL airport to Port of Miami (and return). Highly, highly recommended. We will use Moveo again when in Miami area. "

Customer: B. Rawlusyk
"We used Moveo for our cruise. They drove us from the aiport to the hotel, the hotel to the cruise and again from the cruise to the airport. Excellent service, new, mint conditon vehicle, on time and very friendly. Would not hesitate to use them again or recommend to anyone else. "

Customer: N. R
"I needed last minute transportation to the airport early in the morning and Moveo came through for us. Isaac was very punctual, professional, and courteous and got us to the airport ahead of schedule. The vehicle was very clean and comfortable. I will definitely be using them again!"

Customer: S. Kuhtic

Customer: A. Ralston
"Isaac was our Driver. Excellent service. When we called because we wanted to leave early he was already waiting an hour before our reservations. Clean new car, very friendly driver. "

Customer: D. Petro
"I chose to hire a towncar to take my wife and I from a business conference in Fort Lauderdale to our vacation hotel in Miami because the quote was almost the same price as a taxi. Great decision. We were upgraded to an Escalade, and had a much nicer ride than if we had taken a cab. Our driver, Evan, was on time, very friendly, knowledgable and gave a lot of great recommendations for things to do in South Beach. If you're landing in Fort Lauderdale and staying in Miami, don't even consider a taxi, hire these guys."

Customer: M. Nodal
"The customer service provided by your drivers was nothing less than perfect! Will surely use your companies services again ."

Customer: A. Miskowitz
"Had a lot of fun with their service, would recommend them in a heart beat. "

Customer: T. Reul
"I called Moveo to hire a limo to get my son from Fort Lauderdale Airport to the University of Miami. When he arrived, he was told his driver had an accident and would be late. I called their dispatcher who said they would have another driver dispatched. We waited another 20 minutes and then they called and said they did not have a limo available and that he was out of luck! If you want to be sure you have a ride, go with another company!!!!"

Customer: C. Casas
"Excellent service.. He was early, car had water and mints and he was extremely polite.."

Customer: S. Machado
"We had a great time. The bus was super comfortable and our driver Tony was excellent. Couldn't ask for a better experience. I will definitely keep you in mind for future events and will recommend you to others. "

Customer: V. Aldana
"Your service and driver, Isaac were both worth more than gold! Timing was awesome, and Isaac was very curious and knowledgeable about your city. I have never been treated as royalty, thank you!"

Customer: S. Machado
"We had a great time. The bus was super comfortable and our driver Tony was excellent. Couldn't ask for a better experience. I will definitely keep you in mind for future events and will recommend you to others."

Customer: R. Schwendener
"On time Issac was at the airport to pick me up! After a long flight the ride to the hotel, in the expected vehicle, with the refreshment I nedded, was short an very pleasant! I'm looking forward to the next ride within the next days. "

Customer: F. Phillips
"My driver was great...He arrived on time 30 minutes prior to the pick up time also the owner of the company called me to verify the pickup. I definitely will pick moveo again to service my needs again...Thanks"

Customer: A. Menezes
"My wife and I were positively impressed by the kindness and professionalism of the driver who received us at MIA and took us to Homestead, Julio. We will certainly use your services again in the future, and recommend it to friends and relatives."

Customer: H. Lines
"Evan was fabulous! He was on-time both taking us to the port and picking us up. He is very personable, professional and polite. I will definitely use his services again when I am in Miami. Keep up the great work!"

Customer: C. Woodson
"I wanted to surprise my boyfriend on his birthday, so I booked a long stretch limo from Moveo. Party in the car was perfect! Driver picked up all of our friends stop by stop, we opened a bottle of champagne in the back of the limo and just made a great celebration out of it! Thanks Moveo!"

Customer: S. Orchard
"Was in town for a quick concert a friend of mine invited me to. We booked the ride online. We decided to go in a Hummer Limo. Entirely satisfying, we went a little crazy for it (Hummer Limo for two was VERY spacious), great time we had together. Great start for our concert. "

Customer: M. Faries
" I am completely satisfied with the service and would recommend it at a heartbeat. All the best to your company and I look forward to doing business with you again. "

Customer: M. Faries
"We hired a limo for a round trip from and to the Miami airport to Palm Beach to attend a family wedding to take place within the short vacation time we were spending at Palm Beach Gardens. Moveo's limo service was more than we expected. They were on time for each run, the limo driver was absolutely excellent, friendly and professional which I think makes and a great representation of the company. The car was spotless and very comfortable. I would definately use this Moveo service again and would recommend them without any hesitation whatsoever."

Customer: S. Lindberg
"After a week long of awesome holidays on a beautiful cruise liner, nothing could have finished it up more nicely than Moveo's long stretch limousine. The vehicle was splendid and my driver was kind enough to fill up the mini bar in the back. We were so parched from our trip that we almost finished everything in it. I recommend this service to everyone seeking luxury out there. "

Customer: P. Zelczak
"The customer service was excellent from start to finish. Eddie provided courteous, friendly service and provided ideas for us on our night out in Miami during our booking. Pepe was a fantastic driver. Pepe was professional during the entire ride, easy to get along with and suggested stops along the way before and after our dinner reservations. He was always on time and ready to greet us was a smile at each pick up. The vehicle was very comfortable and perfect for what we needed. We recommend your service to anyone, and will use again. "

Customer: D. Giles
"I have been using Moveo for almost a year now, primarily to and from the airport 2x per week. The service is outstanding and dependable. The drivers are friendly and very professional. The vehicles are clean and extremely comfortable! I use Moveo for professional and personal trip, and wholeheartedly recommend them to my friends and colleagues! "

Customer: P. Neil
"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for such a spectacular evening! Everyone was incredibly impressed with the service and couldn't stop talking about the amazing limo! We really appreciate how professional Moveo was and will love to use them again in the future"

Customer: J. Voltaire
" My experience was magical. I cannot thank you enough. Billy was punctual, courteous, and helpful. Please, expect more business from me in the future."

Customer: E. Russell
"We booked a special limousine for a friend's husband funeral. In such a delicate time, the driver was very respectful and considerate. He was on time, attentive and serious. "

Customer: N. Richardson
"Movoe provided Limo service for our wedding as well as transposition for our guests between the hotel and our venue. They were FANTASTIC from start to finish! They were a pleasure to work with and provided great communication throughout the process. I wish I could remember the drivers’ names because they were EXCELLENT- on-time, super nice, really accommodating, and so completely professional. "

Customer: H. Nobleman
"Entire experience with Moveo was great. From booking, to being met, to our night on the town, everything went like clock work. Our driver was very personable, knew the area and a great driver. He timed everything perfectly, so we avoid the crowds. "

Customer: A. Norman
"Fantastic service! I used these guys to go to a Tennis match. From the lady who answered the phone and made the reservations (and subsequent modifications to the reservation), to the dipatcher to the drivers every one was professional and courteous. The billing was clear and reasonable, it was nice to be able to take care of everything beforehand."

Customer: M. Soderberg
"After calling around to several limo services, I selected Moveo because of their professional demeanor and prices. I hired them to transport roundtrip a party of 9 to the airport. I had a 6am flight with quite a bit of luggage. My husband and I were celebrating his birthday with 5 of his closest friends and his immediate family. "

Customer: O. Atkinson
"This company is awesome! I give them 5 stars for being professional and reliable. I rented an SUV for my friend's bachelorette party and everything was perfect. The inside was clean: even glasses with napkins. The company's customer service team was prompt to respond to either emails or phone calls and they were always friendly and courteous."

Customer: K. Busse
"Very nice driver. Limo in very good condition."

Customer: R. Weinhardt
"This company is awesome! I give them 5 stars for being professional and reliable. I rented a stretch limousine to go to a concert with some friends and everything was perfect. The inside was clean, stocked with nonalcoholic drinks in ice and clean glasses with napkins. The company's customer service team was prompt to respond to either emails or phone calls and they were always friendly and courteous. "

Customer: R. Palmgren
"I used Moveo's limousine services for a private tour of some art galleries. The driver was perfectly on time and the car was super nice and clean. My friends loved the service and we were treated like royalty. I highly recommend this company and I will book with them again for my next event. "

Customer: P. Allen
"I have trusted Moveo for all of my Miami ground transportation for years. Whether it's picking up a client at the airport or a personal event, Moveo has always provided a professional driver and service. They have never had a late pick up or a car that was not the finest. I wouldn't use any other service. "

Customer: V. Williams
"Words of thanks to Carlos, our driver. He was the best!! We look forward to using you guys again!"

Customer: K. Cornett
"Prompt, courteous..."

Customer: A. Segovia

Customer: M. Liu
"We booked a Suburban from Moveo for an airport transfer from South Beach to FLL. The several days before our pickup, I received an email confirmation with the driver's name and our pick up time from the hotel. On our departure date, I received a text from our driver letting us know he was already waiting for us in our hotel lobby. I should note that he was 15 minutes early! The Suburban was clean and comfortable. The ride was smooth and the driver offered us refreshments on the way to the airport. I had a great experience with Moveo and I would definitely book them again when I travel to the Miami area."

Customer: M. Liu
"We booked a Suburban from Moveo for an airport transfer from FLL to South Beach. The day before our pickup, I received an email confirmation with the driver's name and clear instructions on where to meet the driver after we picked up our luggage. When our flight arrived in FLL, I received a call from our driver letting us know he was already at the airport and waiting for us to pick up our luggage. Once we retrieved our luggage, I called him back and he met us curbside within 5 minutes. The Suburban was clean and comfortable. We requested some music so the driver turned up the radio for us. The ride was smooth and the driver was responsive when we were asking him questions about places to eat in the Miami Beach area. In all, I had a great experience with Moveo and I would definitely book them again when I travel to the Miami area."

Customer: S. Hull
"After much research I indeed selected the BEST. The overall experience was an A+. Mario was an excellent driver whom I had the pleasure to have roundtrip. Everything was as described online. Thanks Moveo...and a very special thank you Mario."

Customer: T. Tait
"Isaac, our driver was on time both to and from the airport. He was friendly and professional. I would highly recommend this service."

Customer: T. Tait
"Isaac was prompt and very nice!."

Customer: C. Sale
"The Moveo service was fantastic, the driver right on time,the limo clean and well supplied and my driver was wonderful. I would highly recommend your company. Thank you!"

Customer: K. Fanucci
"The driver was on time, courteous and helped with all luggage. The vehicle was exactly what I booked and was a very clean, comfortable ride. We arrived to the airport on time for our departure and the driver picking us up for our return flight was punctual and waited for us to retrieve a lost cell phone with no problem. Will definitely use Moveo again in the future!"

Customer: W. Lanehart
"excellent service"

Customer: c. Amaro
"We found your company very professional and had a great day. I will have no hesitation in recomending you to other brides to be ! "

Customer: R. Butler
"Very courteous, friendly and knowledgeable about the area. Paid for a sedan but some kind of way he picked my wife and I up in a SUV. FREE upgrade. MOVEO IS SECOND TO NONE!!!"

Customer: T. Wilson
"Moveo service is prompt, courteous and professional. They generously accommodated my needs and did not attempt to 'up charge' or impose undisclosed fees. The vehicle was clean and comfortable. The driver, Mario ,was personable and respectful. "

Customer: M. Dantes Sanchez
"Extremely courteous and provessional service. Help desk for reservation was excellent and handled a reservation on short notice with extreme courtesy. Driver arrived promptly as agreed. He was very professional and the ride was extremely comfortable and pleasant. I will use this service again. Thank you."

Customer: M. Egusquiza
"We would like to thank Moveo, Eddy and our driver who made sure our son's prom was a memorable and safe one! Our sons stated the ride was smooth and promptness was remarkable and the limo was clean and beautiful. Thank you Moveo for such a wonderful evening!!"

Customer: N. Eisele
"Pleasantly surprised at the professional, courteous, friendly service. Mario was in contact with us before we even got off the plane and continued to stay in touch until he pulled up to the exact doors we exited from at the airport. Very smooth transition. Superb organization!"

Customer: J. Abignale
"Had a great experience with Moveo. Their service was flawless in my opinion!"

Customer: J. Brown
"I always use to the reviews to make good choices so thats why I am writing one. We arrived in Miami on 4/12/12, we needed the transportation twice, once on the way to our precruise hotel and once at the cruise port to our postcruise hotel. Moveo was great, Eddie is the best, I talked with him a few times via phone prior to our trip, he assured me they we be there when they say, with what they say and charge the price they say and he was CORRECT! There were 13 of us in our party, 3 families...the kids loved the stretch Hummer, it was clean and looked awesome, they threw in a trailer to carry our luggage..the 1st driver was awesome, the second was alright but maybe he was new. I would definetly use Moveo and EDDIE again!"

Customer: D. PALMER
"Excellent service very professional would thoroughly reccomend"

Customer: R. Wein
"Claudia was professional, efficient and made the whole process stress free."

Customer: j. odorisio
"You were great! I have you on file and will let others kwnow about your great service. Thanks Moveo!"

Customer: D. Chase
"I had the pleasure of booking two rides with Moveo - both to and from the Fort Lauderdale airport into and from Miami. Each time, the driver was courteous and professional. In fact, when we were able to disembark from our cruise ship a few hours early, they were able to pick us up on very short notice. We would definitely use this service again."

Customer: j. olanyk
"First time we have used this service and are very pleased. Driver was on time and courteous. Vehicles were clean. Cruise ship docked early-notified them and they came within a half hour."

Customer: A. Ruiz
"The experience my family and I had with this limo company was phenomenal! They were punctual, courteous and a lot of fun! "

Customer: S. Biggins
"Issac was our driver to and from the airport and he was great! On time and very courteous. I would highly recommend him!!! "

Customer: K. Wenger
"The service provided was excellent. We were surprised the day of the wedding with a complimentary upgrade to an SUV which was amazing since our close friends could ride with us to and from our wedding locations! We asked to add on three additional hours at the last minute and they were absolutely willing to do so, without any additional cost or grief. I would recommend Moveo to friends, family, & co-workers and will be using them again for our future transportation needs. "

Customer: M. Cruz
"I recently had the opportunity to experience Movéo's excellent customer service when arranging ground transportation for my elderly mother, who was flying from New York to Fort Lauderdale, en route to visit her sister in Miami. It was important that every detail be in place to ensure a good travel experience for her. Movéo's staff was extremely helpful in making the arrangements. They even called me to let me know they had picked her up and that she was on her way to her destination! I will certainly be using Movéo again in the future when our family's travel plans take us to Florida."

Customer: B. Walker
"Eddie is in my opinion one of your biggest assests. This is the second time I have rented a limo from him. He is very professional and gets the job done in a perfect manner each time. Your drives are always at the top of thier duties and are also very professional."

Customer: R. Bisson
"We had a great experience with Moveo / The communication was excellent, I was very comfortable that all details were in order. We received confirmation immediately and no extra surprise charges on the credit card. The driver and the booking agent were very professional and courteous and the limo arrived early at both of our pick-up points. Thanks again, the limo really made the kids feel important, it was a great choice I would highly recommend it. Thanks Again!"

Customer: R. Medina
"It was my Daughter 9th birthday we went with 20 of her friends. The service was excellent, the driver take good care of us. The company was so easy to deal with them. I definitely recommend them!!!"

Customer: t. nye
"couldn't have been a better experience. our driver was prompt, knowledgeable and perfectly mannered"

Customer: N. Torres Nodarse
"The vehicle was beautiful and impecable. Couldln't have asked for better service. We had a wonderful driver who made everyithing go smoothly and took great care of us. Thanks for helping make our wedding day perfect"

Customer: m. colon
"We were very happy with your company. The bus was in great shape, the driver was prompt and on time and very nice and respectful. Everything worked out great. Thank yiou for ;your service"

Customer: P. Glowicka
"It was a great pleasure to be working with everyone at Moveo Transportation. Eddie was exceptional when helping with reservations; very prompt with responses and overall very nice service. The limo arrived right on time, and our driver was super nice and accomodating. He was even helping out with carrying some items to the ceremony site. Very professional service, would definitely hire them again. Thank you. :)"

Customer: S. Lombardo
"GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I was alittle late getting through customs but my driver was right there! He was very profesional and I enjoyed our conversation and ride! I will recommend you to all my friends and associates! THANK YOU!"

Customer: M. Kock
"A couple of days before our trip I decided to surprise our kids with a limo ride to the airport, we have 3 teenagers. Eddie was very nice and booked the limo for me. When the limo arrived at our house the kids were thrilled. The driver was nice and we truly enjoyed the ride. We will be using Moveo from now on. "

Customer: M. Fortuanto
"I rented a limo for a night out in the town for my birthday and I received from Moveo great service. The driver was on time and very friendly. I highly recommend this company if your looking for a great experience. I look forward on using Moveo in the near future again and again. "

Customer: W. M Fliter
"We had an amazing experience! Right on time . The driver was very nice and the limo was very clean . Was very professional! Thanks"

Customer: E. Espana
"What can I tell you - bar none, the best limo service I have experienced in my life. From the initial call to schedule the limo to the follow up call to make sure everything went well. Eddie did an outstanding job making sure we were really HAPPY. The drivers were extremely courteous and professional. The best part was we rented 2 limos and they found a way to make the price work within our budget. If you need a limo give MOVEO and Eddie a call today!"

Customer: Z. Taylor
"Eddie and his team made our "Miami Party Experience" flawless... The drivers were fun, friendly (but not overly), professional, informative and interacting. It was great working with Eddie who was so reassuring that he would take care of us. AND HE DID!!! We were picked up on time from the airport and on the 2nd day that we use a limo we had a blast!!! Can't wait until March when we'll use them again!!! Thanks Moveo!" "

Customer: D. Ayala
"The driver was there on time, he knew exactly how to get to the different locations. He was very polite and very professional. I have no complaints."

Customer: S. Richard
"Excellent, excellent service. Eddie made sure everything went smooth. the drivers are professional and well dressed. The limo came before time and it was everything we expected. When we needed to make changes, everything was handled quickly and follow up was great. Thanks for making my wedding day a fantastic memory!"

Customer: J. Ridley
"The driver showed up EXACTLY on time, for both pick ups. The music was great and he took more time to give the boys more time in the hummer to party. Everyone continued to comment on how much fun they had and we could not have been happier."

Customer: W. Ruf
"Excellent service. Prompt. On time. Professional. I would highly recommend. I will use their service again. Their vehicles are in excellent condition."

Customer: E. Martinez
"It was a very plesant experience, on my wife birhtday with had a blast....! Thank you very much for the upgrade. Thanks Eddie"

Customer: J. Davis
"Super cool company!!!"

Customer: D. Schwartz
"Our driver was very professional and attentive. He provided very good service and was willing to accommodate us in any way. I will refer Moveo to everyone i know."

Customer: L. Paez
"We were a huge group of people that went to a concert. The company was really professional, and the driver was super sweet! Really happy with the experience! Looking forward to do it again!"

Customer: B. Lee
"Moveo Limo was absolutely the best! I am from California and was planning a bachelorette party in Miami so I had no idea where to start looking for limos. Moveo was so helpful and were able to match some of their competitors in terms of pricing. On the day of, the limo arrived on time and the inside had beautifully colored lights. Our driver was the absolute best too! He knew all the great places, was young, and just so nice! Ask for Ryan if you go with Moveo! Moveo limo definately played a part in making our bachelorette trip that much better! I can't say enough about this wonderful limo company. Eddie and another person, I can't remember his name, was extremely helpful as well when booking the limo. YOU HAVE TO GO WITH MOVEO LIMO IF YOU WANT YOUR NIGHT TO TURN OUT RIGHT."

Customer: T. santa
"The driver was polite, enjoyable,on time and very doting on me and my guest. Eddy, who helped me with my reservation was very knowledgable and curtious. Very very helpful. The car I requested was a sedan byt got an SUV. Though it was not what I requested, I was very pleased with the alternate. Very clean and classy. Overall I was very pleased and will definitely use Moveo for my next car service needs. Thank you very much and many thanks to both Eddy and Santiago for the wonderful service they provided for me."

Customer: C. Eure
"Great service from start to finish. Very professional and friendly. Will be using them for all transportation needs for now on. Can't say enough nice things about Moveo, so I won't start. CLASS ACT!! See you in November."

Customer: Y. Macay
"The driver was super friendly. Service was excellent and we felt very catered to. The limo was very clean as well which made it that much more of a delightful experience. I will be booking with them again soon :)"

Customer: R. Ammann
"We were very satisfied with the service of "Moveo". Reliable service, flexible with our changing requests and very friendly support of the manager "Eddie" at any time! We recommend this company without hesitation and we are happy to do business with it at the next occasion."

Customer: D. Holmes
"The customer service at Moveo Transportation Worldwide was superb. I normally only use car services when in New York and wasn't sure that Miami was going to have the same professionalism, but I was mistaken. Moveo was on time, flexible, and very considerate to all my needs. "

Customer: M. Fisher
"On time, knowledgable staff, excelent service. Great company to work with!!"

Customer: K. Patterson
"Every part of Moveo's service was flawless and the driver was the best part of the ride!! We will use your company again and again. Thanks a million!!"

Customer: R. White
"Great Service. Would recommend for anyone traveling to Miami!! "

Customer: M. Dunbar
"Our limo driver was on time, very courteous and friendly, and showed us a great night on the town. When our planned activities started to fall through, he came up with a great place to go and we had a blast! The next day when we left for our cruise, the van picked us up and got us to the port in plenty of time. I highly recommend Moveo to anyone who wants great, timely service and a wonderful experience!"

Customer: T. Johnson
"Our Chauffeur was on time and courteous, the limo was beautiful and in excelent condition. Our office staff had a great time and we would definitely use their service again. "

Customer: J. Manning
"Very courteous and skilled driver. He handled the traffic extremely well and got us to the hotel very quickly. Our flight landed 30 minutes early but he had already checked our status and was there early to pick us up!"

Customer: G. Bergeron
"The service was excellent , on time is the key, the driver was very professional & nice person to talk too. >>> the CDs for limo drivers could get different types << for example < rock ~ 1 ~ full version from 70's to now , or get special short version type which is more expensive ! - full version is $45 , mix short version is $ 75 , club, hip hop, & other full version mix is $55 , short version ( flashbacks ) is $ 120 ~~<> the CDs are not the cheap versions you get at any stores , these are high quality called silver laqu. Or gold which is the best. "

Customer: D. Ocampo
"We had a Fabulous experience with MOVEO Limo, our driver was right on time and very proffessional. Last June we celebrated our son's 10th birthday with his friends at this wonderful Limo, the inside and out was very clean they also had bottles of water for the 26 kids that made part of our party. Eddy from customer service was great at all times, since the day we decided to do the party until two weeks later calling to see if we were happy with the service provided. And the best of all is that "The kids had a Blast" and their parents were surprised. "

Customer: A. Iyer
"I had a fantastic experience with Moveo, right from the registration process to vehicle selection to the entire experience, everything was top notch, and our night went without a hitch. Eddie reserved the limo for us, and worked out a very competitive rate. As promised, the vehicle was a brand new Lincoln Super-Stretch, and the interiors were impeccable. Ice and glasses were provided as promised. The driver was very courteous and willing to accommodate any request we had, even if it meant driving one of our crew 30 miles back to our hotel at midnight in un-anticipated fashion. I was nervous after reading bad reviews about other companies and not finding any reviews about Moveo, but the experience was splendid. My friends and I still talk about the wonderful night in Miami. Cons: 1. A little more expensive than other options, although definitely worth it. 2. The sound system in the vehicle, although very good, could have had better speakers and louder music and base. Still very good though. 3. The driver did waste a little time (5 mins or so) because he missed our destination, possibly not familiar with the location. Still an excellent driver and very accommodation. Overall, a fabulous experience and I would certainly recommend Moveo to anyone that wants a limo. Just great service, great cars, and honest people."

Customer: E. Schneider
"Never a worry! Moveo and its drivers were prompt, professional and utterly dependable. They anticipated my needs and delivered! Made me feel like a VIP! Driver was exceptional and cars were new super clean. A go to company I was totaly satisfied with! "

Customer: D. Mckenzie
"We used this company 3 different times while visiting Miami. As soon as we got off the plane I got a phone call stating that the chauffeur was waiting for us at the baggage claim area. The driver was extremely nice. I then used their service for a pickup after a play in downtown. I originally booked a town car; instead they sent a Mercedes as a courtesy upgrade. That right there showed that they really care about their clients. The driver that time was also very early waiting out front of the show and he was just an awesome driver. On our last day in Miami I had an airport pickup from our hotel to the airport. I received a call from them about 4 hours prior to my departure stating that my flight was delayed by almost 2hrs. And that they were going to be arriving at the hotel later than reserved. In short use MOVEO Transportation if you the Wow factor!! Extremely reliable service and friendly staff! "

Customer: B. Valdivia
"Many thanks Eddy for arranging the Limo service for my Inlaws 50 years Aniversary. The Limo was outstanding and the driver made my family feel extremely comfortable, he was professional and very polite. This night out will be unforgettable for my family. I will use your services in the near future and will recommend your services to my friends & family. "

Customer: e. alhadeff
"very good service. would use again"

Customer: I. Thomas
"Great experience with Moveo! A+++"

Customer: M. Garcias
"Moveo was able to win my bid. Even though other vendors where lower, they got me with the attention to detail and friendly follow up. Moveo was with me every step of the way. See you again on my way back home!"

Customer: F. Rivera
"It is so nice to receive great customer service! My family and I showed up early to the airport and we were picked up almost immediately the driver was a professional and the kids enjoyed the ride. Thanks Moveo!"


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