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  About Us

At M & M Limousines we strive hard to provide the best customer service and the best experience from inquiring about the vehicle till the end of reservation there is possible. Our Chauffeurs go through extensive training , extensive background checks and defensive driving courses. They are highly trained on the ethics of limousine service and are guaranteed to provide you with a professional and a courteous service. Our office staff is well trained to make your reservation procedure as smooth as possible and worry free.

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  Rider Reviews

Customer: M. Nubel
"The driver showed up half an hour late. The car was dirty The radio did not work the heater did not work The driver got lost going to a place that was only 2 miles away"

Customer: C. Shimp
"We were very disappointed with the limo itself. Definitely an older vehicle with no iPod/phone hook up. No good alternatives for music."

Customer: S. Rodriguez

Customer: J. McBride
" The driver was very nice, and very apologetic for arriving late. Due to no fault of her own. She was very pleasant and very nice to be around. "

Customer: Y. Pillow
"The driver for our trip from the airport to our home was not adequately trained on how to pick up airline passengers. He did not have our flight info and relied on me to give him the info. This is a subpar performance compared to other services. "

Customer: D. Gingras
"The driver Isaac was great. He was prompt and professional. However I'm upset with the quality of the vehicle that we were picked up in. It was falling apart inside and dirty. It smelled bad. The engine was making knocking noises and several warning lights and beeps kept going off. The ride was rough. This was my first time ever to use such a service and it was to be a special night. I felt that this service failed to deliver what I paid for. Again the driver did good, but the car was a failure and I will be calling for some sort of refund. I am not happy "

Customer: C. Warren

Customer: M. Matthews
"Our driver was wonderful--helpful & very friendly. The car was in excellent shape. Perfect evening for our family. Thank you!"

Customer: M. Weir
"My driver was in my driveway five minutes in advance (no easy feat for a 530a pick-up). Very polite, fun to talk with, and knew his way around the airport. I was grateful to be dropped off curbside on time and with no worries."

Customer: P. Darby
"Excellent "

Customer: R. VanWinkle
"I was very pleased. Driver was on time and was very polite. Traffic was really heavy but he did an ecellent job to get us to our restaurant on time and back home on time. Absolutely no complaints!!!"

Customer: R. Weiler
"As usual M&M was very punctual. Steve was super nice and provided safe ride."

Customer: M. Santi

Customer: B. Henry
"The Cadillac Escalade was danagerous. Every light on the dash was lit up and the motor was missing very badly. The traction control which was lit up had an alarm go off every couple of minutes. No one should have to ride in a car that needs to be serviced that badly. "

Customer: M. Mitura
"Very professional"

Customer: m. lehikoinen
"the driver arrived well in advance which was great and allowed to agree about places to go. we ordered Christmas light tour but the driver had no idea where to go. I even called in advance to make sure driver knows the places. she was proactive though and was looking for places, and we guided her. "

Customer: m. downie
"The young man who took care of us was wonderful absolute gem kind and vey personable!!! Vehicle was clean and rode nicely "

Customer: L. Chappell
"Driver Luis was fine. I booked a vehicle for 4 passengers plus luggage. When the limo arrived at airport to pick us up, the 3rd row seat had been removed from vehicle and there were only seats for 3 not 4. We were tired and ready to get home so one lady very uncomfortably shared a seat with her husband for the 30 minute ride home. Apparently the driver did not check the vehicle ahead of time and did not know the seat had been removed. Drivers should be trained to double check their assigned vehicle(s) to be sure they will accommodate their passenger list. I was NOT happy with this situation and will think twice about calling you again"

Customer: C. arnold

Customer: M. Bradford
"Driver was great"

Customer: M. Gistaro

Customer: M. Ball
"This was the 3rd time I had this company providing my airport transport in the past several months. They were always on time, cars were clean, and drivers were courteous."

Customer: M. Santi

Customer: C. Ransom
"Very nice."

Customer: L. Garcia
"He was very polite, on time, and made an extra stop for me. I would definitely be happy to have him drive us again. "

Customer: J. Thomas
"Car was embarrassing, I was promised a stretched town car with water and a separate radio system. Instead had beat up Town Car with a door that couldnt be closed from the inside due to a broken handle. The driver never even opened the door for my fiancee. I spent a lot of money and wanted everything to be perfect. To no avail. "

Customer: J. Johnson

Customer: D. Hall
"All good. Showed up on time, ride was just fine. "

Customer: J. Hinschberger
"Our driver was fantastic. Our flight was delayed and he was very accommodating."

Customer: J. Hansen
"After using this service and this provider multiple times, I am extremely disappointed to be writing this review. Booked a ride for my mom to the airport since it was such an early flight and we were standing outside my house at the reservation time with no car in sight. The number they had texted didn't work and it took me awhile to get a hold of anyone at limos.com who then had the same issue reaching the driver. When the driver ended up calling me, he said he was going to be another 20 minutes (so practically 30 minutes late) and I ended up having to take my mom to the airport myself. Fortunately, I was able to do so - others I'm sure would have been in even more of a bind. "

Customer: B. Johns
"The driver was wonderful, but the vehicle was a little beat up, one of the doors wasn't properly painted, and the interior was in need of serious help. Definitely not a luxury ride."

Customer: D. Johns

Customer: M. Santi

Customer: J. Bass
"Our anniversary evening was delightful. Luis, our driver, was prompt, courteous, friendly and a good driver. "

Customer: I. Greenway
"Did not meet inside terminal. Did not track flight. Had to wait 20 mins for car to show up!"

Customer: T. Egelston

Customer: J. Coplin

Customer: M. Caldwell
"The driver was very friendly and he did an excellent job. What I didn't like was the actual vehicle.It was old and dirty in the inside not worth the money. If you get a luxury vehicle it shouldn't be old and dirty. "

Customer: D. McGehee
"Good service, and arrived at the appointed time. "

Customer: K. Kendall

Customer: K. Kelley
"Late pickup"

Customer: S. Fan

Customer: l. demers

Customer: H. Miller
"I had a great experience with M & M over the weekend for my wife's 40th birthday party. They were far lower than any other quote I received and communication was excellent through the entire process. The driver was on-time arriving to my home to pick-up our party. The car was clean and the driver was very pleasant. We had dinner then an after party at which time the driver was in text contact with me each time I requested him to pick us up. Even when our 4 hour reservation was up, he quickly got us home in time for us to not have to incur another paid hour. I would highly recommend M & M and look forward to booking them for our next special occasion!"

Customer: M. Fuller

Customer: W. Breedlove
"I experienced the worst car service ride ever on Memorial Day. I was returning from a trip and arranged for a driver to pick me up at DFW. Here's how that went down. 1. The driver was downstairs at departures while I waited upstairs at arrivals. It seems rather elementary that I would arrive at arrivals. 2. The driver called me to find where I was located. My wife and I were impressed that we had a lady driver. We thought that was indeed very cool. When the driver eventually found us she popped open the trunk lid, rearranged the baby seat and tire jack that were flopping around in the rather untidy trunk, and proceeded to look at me until I loaded my own bags into the trunk. No biggie. 3. The car was falling apart and dirty. 4. The driver had the radio tuned to the most horrific country music ever recorded. As my wife and were engaged in a conversation, the driver actually turned up the volume of the country music, raping our ears with the twangy sounds of inbred banjo banging hillbillies. I use car services very frequently. The reasons I use them are convenience, cleanliness and conscientiousness. In this case, 1 out of 3 would have been an improvement."

Customer: J. Bandy
"My driver was late to pick me up, then couldn't locate the terminal I was to be dropped off in resulting in my having to change flights to a later flight, then I was overcharged for the second time that I have used limos .com and got no assistance from customer service"

Customer: S. Mata

Customer: T. Groseclose
"An outstanding experience. Luther, our driver, arrived on time, was extremely courteous and professional. Will use this limo company again. Thanks for a great evening."

Customer: R. Miller
"The driver arrived almost 20 minutes late. He then could not get in the gates to Craig Ranch because he went to the wrong entrance. I specifically told him to use the Collin McKinney Parkway entrance and he went to the Tour Drive entrance so I had to drive down there in my car to let him in. I made my flight but just barely. I paid extra because they had a good rating and this experience turned into a high pressure situation. I booked a Limo to releive stress not increase stress. I'm pissed. "

Customer: R. Shue

Customer: N. Celestine

Customer: A. Merritt
"Driver sent a text that they would be 20 mins late. Had to call another company so i didn't miss my flight. I was still charged!"

Customer: D. Yeager

Customer: M. Hennessy
"This was the worst experience I've ever had with Limos.com. The issues started when I called the number I was sent to contact my driver...it wasn't my driver. Whoever I talked to called my driver to have him come get me. When I got into the car, the music was playing pretty loud with lots of bass, and it didn't look like the back seat had been cleaned in while. Nothing too bad, but drink stains, etc. My driver did not know how to get to downtown Fort Worth from the airport. The GPS system he was using was his phone, which in itself is not a problem. The fact that he was holding it in one hand and "adjusting it" constantly with the other hand was an issue. Then, his phone GPS stopped working just as we took a wrong turn. I had to pull out my phone, look up the hotel and let him use my phone to get us to the hotel. I will definitely avoid this service when selecting a car in the DFW area next time."

Customer: C. Lott
"Driver was excellent. Very helpful in finding passengers. "

Customer: D. WATERS

Customer: D. McNicholas

Customer: J. Williamson
"Excellent driver would definitely use again. On time and very safe."

Customer: T. Love
"Limo driver was on time and very courteous and friendly. Limo was clean and comfortable. "

Customer: J. Miller

Customer: J. Williamson
"Excellent driver, arrived a few minutes early and got us to the airport without any problems."

Customer: A. Miller
"This was a surprise for my husband, for our anniversary. The driver was clean cut, dressed well, and very polite. It was VERY easy to work with and helped me stay within my budget. I'll use them from now on!"

Customer: F. Brownlee
"Ride# E2ZFX0 - I paid for Meet & Greet but was waiting for the driver at curbside. Please issue a $20 credit. Thanks."

Customer: D. Hulsey

Customer: D. Ping
"Pick up was 15 minutes late, had to rush to pick up the other couple. No ice for beverages, I went in my house to grab a bag. The driver was wearing just a shirt that looked wrinkled half hanging out no dress jacket. Didn't have the ride planned out. M & M has as one of their features was to be able to connect an I-Pod or I-Phone, no cable was available and the driver didn't seam interested in looking for it. The stereo was low quality terrible reception. I called a couple hours ahead of our service to ask for Xmas light tour, not planned out. I asked to see documents for my review at my drop off, he had nothing for me to see. I still am not sure what I was charged, no detail on your review section."

Customer: D. Wilding
"Very friendly excellent service"

Customer: T. De Leon
"Josh was great when I was searching for a company that is why I went with them even though they were $85 higher than my other quotes. However, that is where the good service stopped. The limo arrived 45 minutes late to pick up the kids for Homecoming! The driver called and told me he was running 10 minutes late but that was not the case. Then when the limo arrived it was filthy inside. The carpet was black and so you could see all the trash all over the carpet. The driver was to take the kids to our picture location. I instructed him to follow me which he didn't and even though I gave him the address to the location as a backup, he got lost. Took him another 30 minutes to get there! The location was about 5 miles up the road!! Once he got there we find out from the kids that the AC doesn't work nor does the radio. Additional, the bottled water that was promised was not there. We complained to the driver about his tardiness, lack of AC and lack of music. He said that it was not his fault nor problem and to call his boss and complain. We called right then and there (Saturday) and left a message, called again on the following Monday (left a message) and again the following Wednesday and left another message. None of our calls were returned! After dinner the driver dropped the kids off 15 minutes early. So in all we paid for an hour of crappy service that we didn't get. Not that the kids are complaining because by the time there were dropped off at the dance they were hot, sweaty and thirsty! Oh, there was Sprite. The unopened 12 pack (we had 17 kids) was handed to them warm. If there were glasses and ice, they were never shown where it was. Horrible service and dirty limo! Don't waste your money."

Customer: M. Chau
"Excellent service. The driver come on time and helped me to load/unload my luggage."

Customer: S. Hurley
"Above and beyond service. They monitored my flight and even after a 45 min delay they were waiting for me right outside. I would be using them for all my travel needs. Completely Trustworthy!!!! "

Customer: L. K.
"I have used them to transport a group of 15 executives and everything went perfect. The price was great, agents were always available to answer my questions . They monitored all the flights which were delayed tremendously and some came in extremely early but their drivers were always at the pickup location and were never late. I was in constant touch with Josh who is amazing. Each and every one of my client was offered chilled water bottles. I am super impressed by their service and wish they were in NewYork.. I would be recommending them to every one of my client that travels to Dallas. Thank you for making the transportation part of the conference so easy !!!"

Customer: L. Sanchez
"This company will double your estimated charges without notification. They also tack on many additional charges without your knowledge."

Customer: N. L
"I used this company for my wedding and the transportation of my guests. EVERY single of their driver was awesome and VERY VERY friendly and professional. They were always there 15 minutes early, assisted my guests with luggage , always had water available in cars. Cars smelled nice and were always clean. and the best part price was perfect. They made my event extremely special by providing the best service. Josh is AWESOME , he is so easy to work with and so much down to earth. I will be recommending them to everyone i know. Thank you sooo much :)) Cheers "

Customer: R. Sanger
"I am a usual user of luxury transportation (limos, sedans, SUV), and have seen it all thus far. M&M limousine was something else. The driver got there early was extremely nice and friendly to all my people. Bryant gave us his personal cell phone number and was always around the corner when we needed him. It was by far the BEST experience I have ever had. I will definitely be sing this company again, another factor is that Josh (Receptionist) is so easy to communicate with I can text him with any changes and they take care of it all. Cars were in MAGNIFICENT condition."

Customer: A. Beltrami
"When riding with this company, it was our first time to go out in Dallas, TX as we are from Arkansas and dont just travel to Texas to "go out". It was my best friends bachelorette party and we were very nervous about booking a vehicle and going out on the town. The driver was ON TIME and so so nice. He was personal and helped us with EVERYTHING. he knew where to take us and was always there holding the door! It was a GREAT value and a GREAT price. The company was amazing and without a doubt whenever we go back we WILL be using them again. I cant say enough how smooth and amazing our trip was thanks to M&M Limo."

Customer: S. Gandhe
"I have been in limos all my life, but this experience was something else. I have never been serviced like this before. There was no confusion throughout the night, we knew where the driver was, he worked with us on some extra stops last minute, he was amazing. THE CARS WERE MAGNIFICENT, CLEAN AND CAME WITH EVERYTHING WE NEEDED TO HAVE A BLAST. BEST SERVICE BY FAR!!! Not to mention the price tag was amazing as well. "

Customer: S. Little
"Awesome service, clean vehicle and VERY affordable pricing two thumbs up.. 5 star rating !!"

Customer: N. C
"I have used this company on numerous different occasions, extremely down to earth and friendly staff while being professional at the same time. They bent over backwards to make my daughters sweet 16 special. Their birthday package was awesome, limo was decorated very nicely. Driver was extremely professional and friendly. Made my daughter and her friends feel like royalty. Limo was extremely cleaned and VERY well stocked with drinks. Everything was just PERFECT!!.. i would recommend this company to everyone i care for . We loved every part of how our reservation was handled ."


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