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  About Us

Since its creation in 1968, BIRIBIN LIMOUSINES has been the official provider to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Strengthened by this experience with large French and also foreign administrations, BIRIBIN Limousines knew very early on how to diversify its services, opening itself up to the hotel sector, to national and international companies, to SMEs as well as to individual clients. In 1999, purchase of GDL and opening of Cannes office. In 2003, purchase of AICS and creation of Société BIRIBIN EUROPE in Strasbourg. Since 2008, official partner of National Union of Hotel Concierges « LES CLEFS D’OR ». Roland BIRIBIN, President of BIRIBIN LIMOUSINES and also President of the National Association for the Leisure and Tourism Industry from 1992 to 2003, runs this family business in collaboration with his daughter and managing director, Silvana BIRIBIN.

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  Rider Reviews

Customer: S. Ahlsmith
"Driver was prompt, courteous and well-groomed. Car was clean, late-model withno latent smoke odor. We received good value for the price and will definitely use Biribin and again."

Customer: C. Margolin
"Wonderful experience! Mr. Margolin was very pleased with the driver, the service and how quickly the driver returned to the hotel with his cell phone! We would love to utilize this driver again the next time our team is in Paris! Thank you!"

Customer: B. Kosacz
"Great experience, prompt and efficient service!"

Customer: C. Margolin
"This particular ride did not go as smoothly as the others. The driver picked everyone up fine, but had to stop and get petrol en route to the airport. After doing so and starting on the freeway to CDG, he realized that he had failed to put the gas cap back on, so he stopped ON THE FREEWAY, and put the gas cap back on the car. Once at the airport, the driver could not operate the child safety locks on the car, so two passengers were stuck in the back seat until it could be figured out. When they finally got out, the passengers realized that they were dropped off at the wrong terminal. Fortunately, they were able to flag down the driver, who then took them to the correct one where, once again, there was an issue of the child safety locks. The comments about the driver himself were that he was very nice and tried his best. The team believes that he may not have had enough training for this particular ride. Thank you."


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