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  About Us

After many years of working in the limousine industry, we’d learned that when it comes to limousines, people only want the best. A limousine trip is more than just a transportation; it’s an experience and adventure. At 101 Limousine we provide the highest quality limousine service to our clients. Whether you’re attending a business conference, celebrating a graduation, heading off on a well deserved vacation or just spending a special night in town , we will promptly attend to your travel needs .

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  Rider Reviews

Customer: D. Rigney
"WOW! After getting our baggage at SFO, I called Sam that we were ready to be picked up outside United Door 9. We only waited outside Door 9 for maybe 3 minutes when Sam drove up! The shortest wait time ever!! Sam was very nice. We had good conversation all the way home. Nice car. Nice family with newborn son."

Customer: K. Lennartsson
"Excellent service. Easy to make reservations and professional drivers delivering fantastic stresses and worry free customer experiance getting to and from the airport!"

Customer: J. Podolske
"ride was greta, but it took almost 4 days to get the receipt."

Customer: K. Itakura
"on time and safe drive the best!"

Customer: E. Verbeek
"Great service, reasonable price. Nice job!!!"

Customer: A. Saldaña
"Good service"

Customer: C. Ross
"I booked a right 3 hours before I needed to leave home. Then 30 minutes I discovered I need to be at the airport an hour earlier. Even though I was within the 2-hour window during which Limos.com does not guarantee a ride, their customer service agent spent 20 minutes tracking down a ride for me at the new time. I could sense her "service with a smile". Very professional and extremely helpful. I have ridden with Limos.com twice before. But after this trip I came home ant referred them to all my colleagues. I am now a customer for life."

Customer: l. Sonsini
"great clean car, prompt, good driver"

Customer: N. Filippi
"Driver was nice but unloaded our bags next to the car in the rain and didn't offer any assistance!"

Customer: V. Do
"Driver was about 15 minutes late picking me up"

Customer: B. Feldman
"The driver was courteous and drove smoothly and good. My problem that he did not get the message that I worked out with your company that he was to go inside with her to find someone that would get her a wheelchair. my 72 year old wife became very overwhelmed and had a lot of stress in finding someone to help her. "

Customer: J. Caldwell
"Driver was professional and good but a bit unfamiliar/uncomfortable with the car."

Customer: R. Pryor
"Our driver was courteous, patient & open to taking directions from my husband. Our experience was so much better than the first time."

Customer: J. Cox
"Paid to have a specific car, different and lower class car sent that was dirty. Also, driver was scary. "

Customer: D. Gibson
"First, let me start by saying this review is solely based on the car company itself and not its driver. Our driver was pleasant, courteous, and resourceful. Although, our trip was only to our local airport which is not that far away it was extremely disappointing. First, the car that arrived at our home was not the car I ordered. My family and I were going on our first family trip to Hawaii for a week, with a 2yr old, so you can imagine the amount of luggage that we were traveling with. I ordered a mid-size Lincoln MKT SUV and what arrived was an old on its last leg town car, that was spewing out black smoke from its back end which then eventually filled the inside of the car with its lovely aroma of gas at 6am. Not exactly how I want to start the morning of my soon to be amazing trip to Hawaii, as well as not what I want my 2yr old daughter to be inhaling for the next 15 min ride to the airport. Our driver was quit talkative considering it was 630am. Which was nice because my husband is an early bird and talkative as well. My husband had made a comment to him about the car appearing to be rather old and not in the best shape. Our driver then proceeded to explain in what I felt was a plea for his company, because he knew that this wasn't the car we had ordered and had no time to address the issue. That apparently this car had a few hundred-thousand miles on it and it was on its last leg and temperamental. And apparently the owner had been trying to get ride of this car but at the moment was still utilizing it. Again, not the drivers fault he was just doing his job and what he was told. However, this is my family that is traveling in this car, my 2yr old NOT OK!!!! Also, apparently he wasn't even supposed to be our driver he was put on our reservation at the last minute, hmmmmmm so where exactly was the car I ordered and does this company even have this car? So....needless to say extremely disappointed that I splurged on what was suppose to be a nice luxurious trip to the airport and instead got the Old Black Fumigated ride surprise. :-( :-( "

Customer: S. Sanan
"The Limos.com booking was for pick up at 8:30 pm; however, the driver came even before 8 pm claiming that booking was for 8:15 pm and we must come out right now. Then some other 101 Limousine also called up demanding us to be out by 8:15pm. It was a horrible experience."

Customer: J. Brakensiek
"I went back to 101 Limousine after some time to give it another try. This time I had my whole family with me. Everything went well. Driver had been on time and we got to the airport without delay. "

Customer: J. B
"Arrived after 11:00 pm at SFO. The driver had not been reachable by phone. Called limos.com. They did not get hold of the driver either. Luckily after about 45min the driver called me. Got home, but wasted almost 45min. Otherwise the ride was ok."

Customer: R. Tabcum
"Driver soliced to bypass limos.com and book directly with them next time. Not sure if this is standard practice. Its anoying."

Customer: D. Murphy
"Was supposed to be met inside the Terminal but had to call driver and wait outside for him to pull up."

Customer: C. Calhoun
"Likes: Driver contacted me early to confirm his arrival. I was ready early, so he accommodated and picked me up early. Driver was courteous, car was clean and nice. Driver was careful with my luggage and didn't crush anything. Dislikes: Driver did not follow special instructions regarding pickup location, causing me to walk further than expected with luggage in tow. Originally, my reservation was with Bains, but Limos.com changed it to 101Limousine. I'm assuming they forwarded my location instructions when changing my reservation, but I can't be certain. Also, the driver tried a few times to solicit repeat business and even asked how much I'd paid through Limos.com. I can understand offering his business card for future service, but asking repeatedly is too much. Overall: 6.5 out of 10. I'm a harsh grader though, so anything above 5 is good for the right price. I would use this company and this driver again."

Customer: D. Heiba
"Called in at the very last minute to have a limo pick up my mother from SF to drive down to the South Bay (so I could get other work done before she arrived). They were able to accommodate my early morning Saturday pick up. Upon arrival, my mother said she was picked up on time; the driver was a good driver (very important to my mother), nice and gave her bottled water on the trip. I met the driver (to pay him) and he was very courteous and professional. Worked great for us...will be calling again in the future."

Customer: D. N
"We (wedding photographers), worked with a very friendly driver, Dell, from 101 Limousine. He was extremely polite and easy to work with, not only for the Bride & Groom, but to other vendors like ourselves. He allowed us to use his limo to take photos of the bride and groom freely inside and out of the limo. He even suggested some photo ideas for us. We enjoyed working with Dell, thanks!"

Customer: A. B
"I have tried many limo companies in the bay area and these guys know what they are doing, by far One OF The best limo companies in the area, will absolutely use them again and recommend them to all my family and friends . To the owners of 101 limousine ... Thanks for the great service ."

Customer: D. S.
"I used these guys for a roundtrip to SFO. They were great. The car was super clean. The owner personally picked me up on the way to the airport. He was prompt and very professional. Another driver picked me up from the airport and while the car was different, the service was equally good. Overall nothing but good things to say."

Customer: Y. R.
"I've been using 101 Limo for about 8 years. I've gotten to know them pretty well by now, and I'm always happy with their service. The drivers are very professional and friendly, the pick-ups are prompt, and the cars are clean and comfortable. I plan to continue using them for the foreseeable future."


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