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Make a Green Getaway

Many brides are making it a priority to make their wedding day more environmentally friendly this year, including the transportation. You might not be thrilled about pedaling away on a bicycle built for two in your wedding gown, but there are other ways to be greener for your getaway vehicle. Here are a few tips to help make your wedding transportation good for you and for the planet.
Go Hybrid
Hybrid sedans, such as Toyota Prius, Camry, or Ford Fusions, are becoming increasingly common especially if you live near a metropolitan area. These are a great option for guest transportation, airport transfers, or for your honeymoon getaway car. Many hybrid limo cars offer just as much comfort and space as the traditional Lincoln towncar. If you have a large wedding party, look around - there are hybrid options for larger rides as well, including hybrid stretch Chevy Tahoes and Toyota Prius limos.
Find An Alternate Source
Look for SUV and stretch limos running on natural gas or biodiesel, both of which are a great alternative to gasoline. Trolleys can also run on biofuels and make a great statement at the wedding!
Think Small
If you don't have hybrid and alternative fuel options in your area, there are still things you can do to go green on transportation. Choose a sedan over an SUV or stretch limo. It might not have the same impact as arriving in a giant stretch hummer, but the general rule is that the smaller the car, the greater the fuel efficiency and the less overall impact on the environment.
In with the New
Try for a newer model car over older ones - newer models are generally more fuel efficient. This may also mean ruling out classic cars for your ride.

The trick is to search and see what's available in your area. can help you out - our listings have a green certificate by all environmentally friendly vehicles.
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