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We are a family owned service that focuses on customers satisfaction with prompt and convenient booking, easy and secure payments and drivers who have over ten years of professional driving experience. more

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Sedan - Lincoln Town Car (Black)

4 customer capacity


Sedan - Lincoln MKT (Black)

4 customer capacity


SUV - GMC Yukon XL (Black)

7 customer capacity


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Rider Ratings

10/12/2015 NEW!
Customer : G. Ansel
"Even though flight arrived early and we called driver from tarmac, he could not find our terminal and we ended up waiting in the hot sun for over 20 minutes having to "guide" him on the phone to find us. Then he turned out to be a jerky driver (speeding up and braking too abruptly) and he ARGUED with us about who's fault it was that he didn't know the terminal our flight arrived at. The car itself was so-so, clean but somewhat old and run down. Would not recommend this service to anyone."
Limo Service Response: "Gail, my name is Iani Penev and I am the General Manager of Prime Limousines LLC. You spoke with me on the phone after not being able to sync up with your driver, I hope you recall. Please, allow me to address your complaints to our service. 1. We track all flights for our clients. Two hours prior to your flight it was shown as on-time. Still, our driver, Joseph, arrived there 30 minutes early and was there when you were ready for pick up. 2. When you called me, you said that you were not able to get a hold of the driver. I called Joseph immediately. He said that no one had attempted to contact him. I gave Joseph your number and he reached out to you right away. 3. On the phone you were extremely argumentative, rude, and disrespectful despite my constant professionalism and courteousness. And I was told by my driver that you badgered and insulted him during the drive as well as on the phone. If any confusion occurred between the to of you, it is thanks to your attitude and poor treatment of a customer service worker. 5. Joseph, the driver, has been with our company for five years and you are the first person to make any complaint about him or his driving. It may have something to do with how you treated him? 6. Our vehicles undergo a maintenance check every month, and I am sure that your assessment of the car was fueled by your emotions. 7. Despite your negative attitude and disrespectful behavior, I offered you a discount on future services, in order to placate your anger and perhaps keep your as a valued customer. But I guess this goes to show that you just can't please everyone. I would like to apologize for not meeting your standards and wish you safe travels in the future. "

04/22/2015 Customer : M. Schaefer
"Professional, courteous and on time"


04/17/2015 Customer : B. Davis


04/05/2015 Customer : F. Henderson
"Arrived on time with a very clean vehicle. Driver was courteous and efficient."


03/31/2015 Customer : J. Landau


03/28/2015 Customer : S. Rowell
"The driver was polite, courteous and well-presented. The vehicle was clean and comfortable - it was actually very pleasant after 17 hours of flying. The driver was also very punctual and had obviously been tracking my flight which had been delayed by 20 minutes. This was a good experience."


03/20/2015 Customer : J. Landau
"Very nice and clean car. Helpful driver and smooth and comfortable ride."


03/15/2015 Customer : S. NATARAJAN
"Good overall. They forgot to bring a toddler car seat though I requested one during booking and did confirm through a phone call before I left for my trip. Good that my son was allowed to sit next to us with a seat belt on. "


03/09/2015 Customer : N. Hatzis
"I have had Nick P on a few occasions and he is excellent. Always on time with great communication and very friendly."


02/28/2015 Customer : N. Graham


06/02/2014 Customer : R. Schreiber


06/01/2014 Customer : J. Bruckman, Ph.D.
"Nick? was wonderful and would like him to be my preferred driver if he is available. "


05/19/2014 Customer : T. Santana


05/11/2014 Customer : R. Pomerance


04/16/2014 Customer : M. Brown
"I called to update the pick up time and Johnny and Vasili were very responsive and pick up our guest on time."


04/11/2014 Customer : C. Chard


03/23/2014 Customer : T. Potter
"We booked the Limo for pick up from SFO at 10 PM and provided our flight information. We received an email with contact information for the driver which was good. I called the driver a few minutes before 10 PM to say we were waiting for our bags and identified our location. He said he would be there shortly. We were on the curb with our bags before 10:05 PM and waited several minutes before calling the driver again. He said he was going to be there in 2 minutes. 10 minutes later I called the driver again. He said he was dropping a customer off at Terminal 2 and would be there shortly to pick us up. More than 5 minutes later the limo showed up. We were waiting outside on the curb for longer than 20 minutes which was more than 25 minutes after the requested pick-up time. The driver's information to us about his arrival time was completely innaccurate and actually increased our frustration since our expectations created by the driver were not met. Driver provided innaccurate information o"


03/23/2014 Customer : J. Smith


03/12/2014 Customer : R. Spinrad
"Great driver and clean car!"


01/01/2014 Customer : S. Fisher


08/02/2012 Customer : P. S
"I've known Iani, the manager of Prime Limousines, personally for many years now and I know that his work ethic and integrity are of the highest caliber. I am unreserved in saying that any business in which he is involved will be successful and thrive. When he told me that he is starting a limousine service I knew that his interpersonal skills, enthusiasm, and warmheartedness will make any working relationship a pleasant one for all involved. I am one of Primo Limosines' first customers and will be happy to recommend this service to anyone as all of my expectations were met: the drivers employed by this company are friendly, professional and knowledgeable, booking was easy and the prices were competitive. Thank you, Iani and the rest of the Prime Limousines staff."


07/31/2012 Customer : A. P
"I want to thank you for your excellent service. I truly appreciate the fact that you were able to provide a limousine for me even though I called you guys at the very last moment. Your driver, Nick, was very professional and extremely friendly. I just wanted to express my appreciation and let you know that you have earned my business in the future. Thank you, "