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10/31/2013 Customer : T. Sar
"Very professional service and the vehicle was spectacular and new. John our driver was extremely professional and courteous. I have used them since and am planning to use them in the near and distant future! Would defiantly recommend. "


10/30/2013 Customer : m. quon
"The limo was a little run down, not the typical black-on-black, tinted windows. Not on time. We waited 15-20 minutes at JFK. I should've done a meet & greet, but the driver was wearing regular street clothes, so not really sure if I really want to meet this type of a driver. Definitely would not recommend or use this company again. "


10/20/2013 Customer : C. Kahler
"Landed LGA and texted driver at 6:14pm. Driver pulled up at 6:59pm. It was a Sunday and traffic was not an issue at their airport. Car was in good order but with that delay who cares. "


10/17/2013 Customer : C. Kahler
"Called when I landed to the drivers number I was texted. It went to voicemail. I left mesage that I was walking out of terminal at 11:10am. Called driver again while standing outside and left another mesage. Finally called the main number and they said "you flight was scheduled for 11:30am". They have the flight info to track it so that is not acceptable. Then I call the driver again and he says the pick-up was reassigned. Its now 11:35am and I landed at 11:10am. At 11:40am, they send a Carmel car to get me! I reserved a Lincoln L and was in an old baby blue Carmel standard Lincoln. The firm is unreliable. "


09/16/2013 Customer : A. Nadeau
"Very poor car condition. Driver was 30 mins late for my last pickup!"


07/15/2013 Customer : L. tom
"they are the best car service and they always on time "


07/14/2013 Customer : O. BOYADJIAN
"The driver was on time and waiting for my wife and I inside of the airport. However he drived in a very very bad way... He was driving dangerously (changing lines at the last minutes, driving suddenly faster when the car in front of us was slowing down, slowing down at the last time) and it was extremely uncomfortable for us as passengers because we felt all the shocks caused to the machine and my wife felt really sick because of this driver. This not a professional way to drive as a "chauffeur" for this Company. Sorry."


07/12/2013 Customer : G. AMBERSON
"Stay away from this service. They are cheap for a reason. Driver was over 45 minutes late picking us up for trip to airport. Dispatcher kept feeding me a line that driver was almost there and that return traffic to LGA was light, neither of which was true. We only made our flights because of delays. Car was new and clean, type we ordered but they really need to work on meeting schedules."


07/04/2013 Customer : E. V
""This company has it all . From operators to drivers I give a 5 stars. We used their service several times since our arival to New York their drivers come 20-30 min earlier. The vehicle was clean and comfortable. On the way back to airport they gave us free upgrade to Mercedes S550 , beautiful car . Want to thank John and Alex for all the help. I would definitely refer this company and use again."