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Colonial Limousine Inc. aims to provide the highest quality service in getting you to and from your destination. We offer premiere chauffeur service for your business and personal travel needs. We provide service that stresses safety, reliability, comfort, and reasonable rates. more

Our Limo Rental Fleet  


SUV - Chevrolet Suburban (Black)

7 customer capacity


Our Limo Services Packages  


Colonial Limousine Inc. is committed to providing all your executive transportation needs. No need to worry about traffic or where to park your car, we take care of everything when you choose Colonial Limousine Inc. 15% discount



For this very special occasion, we provide not just a luxurious and comfortable ride—we also ensure that you receive personalized attention to help make your day enjoyable from beginning to end.



At Colonial Limousine Inc., we care about the safety and welfare of our young clients. That is why we choose vehicles of the highest quality for our clients and ensure that our drivers have excellent driving records. At the same time, we do our best to ensure that you, our young clients enjoy your night by providing the best in terms of comfort and personalized attention.


night out

On these pleasurable occasions, we will be there to take care of all your transportation needs with thoughtfulness and efficiency


Atlantic city 1

If you’re feeling lucky, or if you just feel like having a great time walking on the boardwalk, shopping at you favorite designer store, being entertained by your favorite performer, or enjoying a relaxing spa treatment in Atlantic City, we promise you a trip that is comfortable, safe, and stress free.


Rider Ratings

02/17/2015 Customer : B. Basque
"The driver was wonderful he took great care of me but the billing was off"


02/17/2015 Customer : B. Basque
"The driver was wonderful he took great care of me but the billing was off"


05/23/2014 Customer : a. isaac


05/21/2014 Customer : J. Hirsh
"Pickup at home to airport went perfect. But pickup at the airport for the return home -- TERRIBLE. We had reserved an SUV because of the golf clubs. Since there were only 2 passengers, they obviously thought they could GET AWAY with a sedan. They sent a sedan, then that driver accompanied us outside to wait for the SUV, assuring us he was 'in the airport' -- we stood and waited in the rain with our luggage and he never came. Another (Uber, I think) driver showed up on the opposite site of the terminal -- the drivers and we carted ALL our luggage back thru the terminal to the other side. The new SUV driver was very nice. We should NOT have to pay full price on the return trip -- We should receive a 50% refund!!"


05/14/2014 Customer : R. Ranieri
"Driver arrived early and was very courteous and most helpful. Two of the 6 passengers were in wheelchairs and he was very kind. "


05/07/2014 Customer : G. Hurley


04/12/2014 Customer : J. Brunson


04/02/2014 Customer : R. THOMAS


04/01/2014 Customer : T. Swaney


03/26/2014 Customer : r. manning


02/27/2014 Customer : l. schlesinger
"excellent service - already recommended to some friends."


01/18/2014 Customer : M. Bloom
"Rather than waiting at the bottom of the escalator which goes down to baggage claim, our driver waited at the baggage claim (which doesn't make sense because he would have no idea whether we'd checked bags or not). He was driving a suburban, and was totally unfamiliar with the car. He ran into a concrete barrier TWICE while trying to exit the toll plaza. I had to figure out on my own that the rear heat/AC controls were separate after asking him to turn down the heat and nothing happening. He did not even know how to follow the car's built-in GPS and missed several turns. An all around poor experience."


01/10/2014 Customer : M. Massey
"the only person I dealt with was Mr. N and he was great. smooth ride in a clean vehicle"


01/03/2014 Customer : s. murray


10/28/2013 Customer : P. Meyer
"Great communication! Right on time!"


05/27/2013 Customer : J. Green-Carlin
"Picked me up on the button at 30th Street Station. Luxurious ride!!! Don't take the Van services, they make me wait for them, once for over an hour. Ride home to NJ, depending on traffic, 30-45 minutes in soft pillow seats. This is my first time using them, I'll use them from now on."


05/27/2013 Customer : J. Carlin
"Luxurious ride. Will use again. Used from 30th street Station to South Jersey Home. Superior than Rapid Rover but in the same price range. Will use for all my train and airport needs"


10/05/2012 Customer : A. Ludwig
" punctuality, excellent car condition, driver pleasant conversation. "


04/03/2012 Customer : R. Carson
"Negash,   Thank you for the excellent support and professionalism last week with my business colleague. Your service was very much appreciated and I shall definitely contact you in the future as the need arises.     Kind regards,   Rachel Carson Helicopter Tech, Inc."


11/04/2011 Customer : m. coria
"Horrible service. Showed up late and the driver was unperfesional"


09/24/2011 Customer : L. Katz
"Really good service; no hassle changing to bigger limo when needed to transport wedding gowns. Very reliable; would recommend highly."


06/14/2011 Customer : S. Wilson
"Hi, I wanted to send you a quick note of appreciation and letting you know our experience with your companies service ended in 100% satisfaction. I know I asked a lot of your company and you always followed through. Even when I wanted you to email me photos, your response was “I will have them sent to you today.” I was very satisfied with your company’s level of professionalism, cleanliness and patience. If you need any references in the future, pleased feel free to give my contact info."