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California Limousines presents one of a kind service, one of a kind reliability and one of a kind transportation. California Limousines has been providing superior ground transportation services for ten years. An impressive Client list ranging from those in the entertainment and travel industries, to major corporation CEOs and luxury hotels reflects the high quality of service that makes California Limousines one of a kind. more

Our Limo Rental Fleet  

Sedan - Lincoln MKS (Black)

1 customer capacity


SUV - Lincoln Navigator L (Black)

5 customer capacity


SUV - Cadillac Escalade (Black)

6 customer capacity


Our Limo Services Packages  

No packages provided


Rider Ratings

04/29/2011 Customer : K. W
"I highly recommend California Limousines to anyone seeking this type of support. An additional benefit was the tremendous cost savings they were able to afford my company."
Limo Service Response: "We look forward to serving you in the future."

04/29/2011 Customer : S. R
"The automobiles used are always comfortable, clean and of the appropriate size depending on the number of people I am traveling with."
Limo Service Response: "Thank you so much! "


National Limousine Association

Green Ride Global Member

Greater California Livery Association