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Our Limo Rental Fleet  

Sedan - Lincoln Town Car (Black)

3 customer capacity
Lincoln Town Car seats up to 3 passengers. The Classic Executive Sedan.


SUV - Chevrolet Suburban (Black)

5 customer capacity
Full sized SUV (Chevy Suburban or similar). Every SUV has leather interior with sufficient room for your golf bags and other larger suitcases.


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No packages provided


Rider Ratings

04/18/2015 Customer : v. polek
"Great driver and great ride"


03/18/2015 Customer : D. Pederson
"Jesse was awesome ... friendly, helpful and kind."


03/18/2015 Customer : D. Pederson
"Jesse was awesome ... friendly, helpful and kind."


03/01/2015 Customer : T. Bourgeois


03/01/2015 Customer : T. Bourgeois


01/10/2015 Customer : s. frederick


06/03/2014 Customer : A. Alnajjar
"The driver was excellent and showed up ahead of time. The drive was great and smooth. One thing though, we paid for and reserved an Escalade but got a suburban instead for one reason or another."


05/31/2014 Customer : S. LaGrega


05/28/2014 Customer : S. Prover
"Competent driver,professionally dressed and mannered. Did not verify dress with me and headed toward wrong address"


05/26/2014 Customer : R. Jones


05/26/2014 Customer : R. Jones


05/24/2014 Customer : M. Boyaner
"I just phoned Limos.com customer service and spoke to a very helpful customer service person. I detailed to her the unacceptable service we received on our return ride from LAX to home on Saturday May 24. The SUV from 1800FLY1800 broke down on LaCienega (a very busy, almost highway-like street) and the driver didn't seem to know what to do. He didn't pull all the way onto the shoulder and we were very nervous that the car might be struck from behind by the cars driving by at high rates of speed. The company did send another SUV, which took approx 25 minutes, but the driver seemed to have no protocol as to what to do, didn't update us as to when the new driver would arrive (we asked and he finally got an answer) and when the 2nd driver/SUV arrived, that driver didn't say a word and was an extremely aggressive driver, drove at a very high rate of speed (60 MPH on a 35MPH street, very aggressive) and we had to ask him to slow down. He seemed angry (perhaps because he'd been pulled of"


05/20/2014 Customer : N. Regensburg
"The car had 2 dirty coffee cups in the back for customers."


05/18/2014 Customer : M. Torsney


05/14/2014 Customer : A. JOLLY
"The driver was great and personable. Was a good experience. Will use again when I return in August for my next semester at USC. Thanks!"


05/14/2014 Customer : M. Epstein
"Overall it was very nice experience."


05/12/2014 Customer : k. friedlander


05/12/2014 Customer : s. stappas


05/09/2014 Customer : J. Sally


04/23/2014 Customer : P. Lempert


04/13/2014 Customer : J. Bendera


04/09/2014 Customer : J. Jones
"Vehicle was clean and current. Driver was on time, pleasant, and appearance was good"


04/03/2014 Customer : J. WELCH
"It was awesome!"


03/12/2014 Customer : J. Mata
"Driver was there to meet us at baggage claim. Was very friendly and professional. Helped with our luggage and safely transported to our destination. "


03/10/2014 Customer : A. Pierce


03/08/2014 Customer : M. Heider


03/06/2014 Customer : B. Duke
"Great service Steve was awesome, on time and got me to my destination with no hiccups. Will definitely use again"


03/05/2014 Customer : c. sturm
"Miguel was awesome. I would ask for him again!"


02/12/2014 Customer : S. Prover
"I would rate this company excellent except for one factor. They do not provide small bottles of water. This is a minor amenity and often serves to enhance the trip greatly. They almost always arrive 15 minutes early. One driver missed the airport taking an additional 15 minutes to return and often they have not checked the route from my airport on their route guidance program delaying our return trip. The drivers are always professionally dressed and very courteous."


01/17/2014 Customer : a. sekulow
"The driver claimed to know Los Angles well, but got turned around or lost multiple times. I actually ended up directing him to locations. We booked for 12 hrs, hoping to see multiple sights in the Hollywood/Beverly Hill area. We were able to do two of those things plus a stop to eat before we had to get to our obligation. His apparent lack of knowledge of the area and what seemed to be his taking of routes than necessary made for a very frustrating experience. Also, it should be noted that the driver, Alex, brought up inappropriate topics in conversation multiple times. With three ladies in a vehicle there is absolutely NO reason to bring up 'nude beaches', Larry Flint, or say that we look like Victoria's Secret models. The idea of having a driver for a day if sight seeing was great, what we got was just frustrating. By the end of the night we wished we'd just rented our own car so we didn't have to wait on him to find his way or have to continue conversation with him. "


01/12/2014 Customer : R. Callahan
"Driver was on-time, and very professional. The ride was quite pleasant and we chatted for the 30 minutes or so of the ride. Very pleased with the service and will use again."


01/09/2014 Customer : H. Bryant
"Read my previous statement. I am frustrated and feel overcharged and served less than professionally, efficietly, and discreetly. I tipped the driver in cash in addition to the sum I was already charged, even tho the entire time it was clear that the driver would've rather been anywhere else than driving his (over)paying customer. With the amount I paid and te services provided, I would not recommend this service to anyone that I know... I do not feel as though the excessive charges were worth the quality of service. "


01/08/2014 Customer : C. Undine
"Good. Driver was quiet, and no radio on so was a bit awkward. Had his window rolled down so was a bit chilly in the back seat. Otherwise just great. "


01/01/2014 Customer : E. Klein
"The driver was great. Very patient while we waits for our luggage delivery and also just a nice man. Very glad we booked this!"


12/31/2013 Customer : A. Steffanci
"It was a great experience!!! "


12/31/2013 Customer : T. Kozely


12/31/2013 Customer : M. Youssef
"Very friendly driver "


11/16/2013 Customer : N. Goodwin



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