Wedding FAQ

What do I need to know before I book my limo?
In order to complete a search for car service, you'll need to know the date of service, number of passengers, the pickup time and drop-off time, as well as the pickup address. The kind of service matters too – for example, if you are picking a car to pick up your future mother in law at the airport, choosing 'from airport' will likely display better deals. If you are not the one being picked up, you'll also need to provide a contact name and number.
What should I budget for wedding limo service?
Your budget depends on the type and number of vehicles you plan on rending. Most companies require a minimum of 3-4 hours. If you have a general idea of what you want, doing a free search on is an excellent way to figure out the average cost of a limo package in your area.
Does the time of year I'm having my wedding matter, in terms of transportation?

The time of year definitely matters.

Brides with spring wedding dates should book as far in advance as possible, as spring is also Prom season for limo companies, which means that inventory sells out fast. Limo prices can rise as much as 30% and have longer required minimum times. Up to a year in advance is recommended for a spring bride if you live in a major city.

Summer, especially June, is a busy time for weddings and limo inventory may book fast. The same goes for early fall (September and early October), which are becoming popular wedding months. Be sure to allow extra time before your wedding date to book transportation.

Winter weddings may require a more rugged vehicle (like an SUV either in stretch or classic) depending on the weather where you are. Be sure to start your search early so you're prepared.

How far in advance should I reserve?
We advise you reserve your wedding limo service 4-6 months in advance, and further back than that if you have a spring wedding date, so that you have the greatest choice of inventory and best price in your area. That said, all of the vehicles you see in a search are available and ready for rental, whether your search is a year in advance or a few days from the date.
What kind of ride should I get?
Your choice of the type of transportation depends on your vision for your wedding, the needs of your guests, and the size of the wedding party. There are a lot of options out there - everything from classic cars to stretch SUVs. Stumped on what to get? Check out our price guide.
Will my wedding party fit in the limo?
If you plan on bringing along the whole wedding party, a head count is absolutely necessary. Also, be sure to count your wedding dress as an extra 'person' to make sure there is enough room. Most stretch sedan limousines are not big enough to accommodate a party larger than 14 people. If you have a larger wedding party, look at a stretch SUV, or a party bus. When searching on, be sure to specify the maximum number of people in the vehicle and we'll show you options that can hold your party.
How many hours should I book?
Keep in mind that you must include waiting time when you reserve your limo, as well as pickups for the groom and groomsmen, parents, and bride and bridesmaids, if you are providing their transportation. Also figure in driving time if the destination is far, and traffic. Most limo companies have a minimum of 4 hours for wedding rides.
What comes with the limo?
Many brides want to know what 'extras' come with their limo service. Many limo companies do include amenities for their wedding packages, including 'Just Married' signs or a champagne toast. Once you complete a search, simply click a vehicle link to see the amenities that come with the ride.
Do I need transportation for my guests?
This is something many brides don't consider until the last minute. If you have several guests coming from out of town, or if there is limited parking at your venue, it may be in your interest to provide transportation. Often it can be easier than trusting someone to pick up Uncle Mike at the airport in all the chaos, and more cost efficient (not to mention green) than driving multiple vehicles to the wedding site. Sedans, mini buses and motor coaches are all available through
Should I get a contract?
Having a contract with your limo company is a wise decision which will help avert any future problems should your hired service not perform to your expectations. However, all of the limousine providers on are thoroughly selected and screened, and we strive to offer you the best choices possible.
Should I just get the cheapest limo available?
It's tempting to just find the cheapest limo you can. However, do your homework on the company. It could be that price for a reason – like that the car is old and cruddy, or the company is shady. Reviews are your friend!
How do I know which company to go with? search results are ranked (platinum, gold, etc) according to a set of criteria which includes reviews, the quality of service and the age of the vehicles. This can help you decide between two companies with similar prices and vehicles. You can also check out the reviews of each company from the search results.

Wedding Timeline

1 year – 6 months
If your wedding date is in the spring (between March and May), start your transportation search now.
6 months out
Start researching transportation companies and pricing in your area and set your budget!
5 months out
Decide what kind of transportation you will need and how many people you will need to include. Call local transportation companies and find out what they offer and have available for your big day!
4 months out
Decide on your transportation company and book your wedding transportation!
3-4 months out
Decide if you will be booking additional transportation for your guests. If so, don't wait until last minute to book! You should book this no later than 3 months from your big day!
1-2 months out
Contact your transportation company to confirm all details for your big day – including pick up times, addresses, directions, etc
1 week prior
Reconfirm details with company

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