Mini-Bus - Limo / Party Style

Mini-Bus - Limo / Party Style

beautiful and fun fully equiped with bar, stripper pole, lazar lighting, 4 flat screen dvd tv&39;s, ipod connection and colored lighting.

Color: Black

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Sims Limousine

Avg rating:
- 56 Rider Ratings


Located in Los Angeles, CA
Year business started: 1979
17  vehicles total.
Member since 03/16/2005.


  • National Limousine Association
  • 35 years in business


Customer : M. Avila
"I was pleasantly surprised with the service we received. I explained to the owner Melvin, that I would need a limo for to celebrate my daughter's 14th birthday with 18 of her friends. I was concern about some of the reviews I had read on this company. I called him to address those concerns, and he assured me that he would make sure everything went well. As promised, our experience was excellent, Solomon the driver arrived early, was great with all the kids, and his integrety was demonstrated when my husband left his wallet in the limo that evening. The limo was what was described and the kids could not have felt more like super stars. Great company!! Will definitely use them again. "

Customer : D. Wilson
"My son turned 15 this Saturday and we decided to send him to universal studios with 4 friends in a limo. First off I should of read the reviews on sims limo and would have not booked. I believe what the other people are saying cause it happened to us. First off they were late and didn't know where universal studios was lol!! So they get there and start asking my son in front of his friends where's the money how are you paying me after i spoke to the day before and confirmed payment with drop off and my son called me I told the driver that Tiffany from said we can pay once they arrive. So the limo driver starts driving and my son the birthday boy ask if he can roll up the window and the driver said no cause he didnt want the kids smoking marijuana???? Wtf why would he tell that to my child and his friends. Then he didn't know how to get the kids home so he's asking my 15 year old how to get home. We live about 2hrs from universal studios really. Then he got lost in Beaumont. Nothing worked in the car the other kids wanted to charge there phone so they can call there parents to pick them up since they would be home around 2:30 am but the outlets didn't work nor the radio and when they did showed up it sounded like the limo was about to give out. I was so sad to hear the details from my son that this is how he was treated. I am not adding anything to this to make them seem worse but this is all that happened and even when Melvin called to confirm the ride for later on he was so rude to my husband. He was asking what was the total mileage from universal to our house and my husband asked the other limo company found us (ace transportation tours) awesome company thank you al!!! knew how to find us don't you have a mapquest or something. Then Melvin got offended because my husband asked him to be more professional and he .said he will and hung up in my husbands face. Rude rude .rude. So we called and explained what happened and they said he is the owner/manager and he would not be the driver. I was concerned that the kids were going to have someone rude. So this morning we all go out for breakfast and ask the kids about the trip and my jaw dropped. The driver was so beyond rude and had the .nerve to accuse these kids of doing drugs and all the mistakes. Just can't believe it. So do your reviews first and said this company has strikes and if they recieve more they will be removed from there website listings. How sad people pay that much for that kind of service. But the am limo was beyond kind. He took pride in his limo. He (al from ace transportation tours) he showed up 1 hr early with a smile and showed us the parents the inside. He took the alcohol out and had sodas. When he left and the kids got closer to universal studios they were early and he gave them a tour and had the windows up but would roll them down and ask if they were ok :) thank you al from ace transportation I called and his company to tell him what a great job he did. He made the kids happy and sims limousine was just so disappointing and sad. Waste of money. I am a business owner and I will never recommend this company. Ace you are number one!!! My kids and there friends thank you "
Limo Service Response: "These are not the true facts. booked this job for us for the return trip as we are a agent of them. I called the customer because I had to concerns one was we had no name for the child being picked up nor a phone number for him plus I wasnt familliar with the home drop off point very cocern about the distance. So I called the customer and a man answer and stated that he could assits me with my concerns so I asked him where was the location and distance to the drop off location because the pricing wasnt in line of the service charged and immediately he got defensive and started telling me that I should be professional and pull it up on map quest or something and also stated that he paid for 3 hours of service and wanted his son to stop and get spomething to eat along the trip home so I told him that wasnt included in the service requirements once again he got defensive so I told him never mind I will handle it. I immediately hung up the phone but first said bye and begain to figure out the distance and location. By the time I completed that called me and express the concerns of the customer and I asked them to try and give this job away to another affiliate they stated that they would try to and agreed that the order wasnt place correctly I express to that the drop off point was about 90 miles away so they tried to look it up and wasnt able to get the exact location of the drop off and stated that they would call me back to decide on how to proceed with the order. Mandy called me back 30 minutes later and stated that I was correct in my concerns of the rate quoted and that she was going to refund the customer back there deposit and have the customer pay me more and that they would add an additional to make up for the balance which they did and to complete the job also collect from the customer when we pull up to yhe job at universal studios. So we proceeded to the job the driver arrived we had no exact location to where this child was had no number to this child so we had to call and get a number in order to connect with him what parent in there right mind would send a fourteen year old child out to a city tahat was a 120 miles away from his home to hang out for 12 to 14 hours with no money to pay for the service back to his home so the driver ask him for payments and he stated that his mom was paying for it so we called the parent and she stated that she would pay the bill when we arrive the pick was scheduled for 11:30 P.M. we found him by 11:50 P.M. driver was not lost as customer stated universal studios is large place and with out the parent handling this properly and setting up where to have a kid met in took time to locate the kids. This customer new that had misquoted them and this is why they were irritated when I question them about the distance and location of the city you be the judge here are the facts. We were to receive 173.00 for this trip that was 120 miles away plus 22 miles to the pick up and another 120 miles to return back to the office gas cost 85.00 to fill up the limousine the job round trip took 5 hours at 15.00 per hour to the drive is 75.00 totaling 160.00 deduct that from my original payment that the customer was suppose to pay we would have profit only 15.00 for this job as you can see this is not a fair job nor should have been reindered. If you beleave her statement that the other limousine service showed up an hour early and got the same pay and took them on a tour as well traveling the same distance becomes very questionable unless it was a realitive also the law states that minors cannot travel in the limousine with the partition up because we dont know what they are doing could be having sex, drinking alcohol that could have been snook in or even drugs so we will not allow minors to travel with the partition up with out an adult in the rear riding with them if the other servie allowed that then thaey place there company in jepordy it they were to get stopped by any law enforcement so raeders in todays world just because a couple gave birth to a child dont mean that they are parenting that child properly and just because they say that they own a business doesnt mean they know how to run one bottom line to this is the customer misquoted and when some one of knowledge tried to correct it they got disturbed and ugly and deciced to discredited my service for there gain I've been around for 38 years not perfect but will not be used for some one elses gain. "

Customer : A. Roberts
"Our transfer was on time and the service was excellent courteous driver beautiful limousine will recomend this service for future use."

Customer : H. Arndt
"This birthday was a special one for me and it was important that every thing that was set up went off with no problems and sims limousine service really made my birthday a memorable one they were early to the pick up and the limousine was perfect would highly recomend them."

Customer : J. Davis
"Just a trip to the airport driver was on time and polite and the limousine was current and very nice would use this service again."

Customer : M. Arellano
"We had a ball sims limousine was marvelous prompt good driver bar was set up limousine was beautiful will be calling on them again with out a doubt."

Customer : M. Brown
"Magnificent service chauffer was wonderful and the limousine was just beautiful especially when taking the wedding photos could not have ordered a better service."

Customer : A. Windmuller
"Excellant service we are from out of the country and were very please with our limousine and driver very professional will recomend to our friends and family."

Customer : J. Rathe
"I was wary when this company was so eager to meet my price for a limo for my daughter's wedding. I was assured by Melvin that the 22 passenger Escalade would be top of the line. We did not get an Escalade, it was old and beat up Expedition that could not seat 22 people. We did not want any alcohol in the vehicle as the trip to the church and back was less than 15 minutes and there would be minors in the car. There were no beverages in the vehicle. The car was on time. My daughter was afraid to get in because dirt was just hanging from the door moulding. Thank goodness she was not in her wedding dress! But the bridesmaids were all dressed in their wedding attire and were shaken by the filth. There were holes where speakers used to be and in general, the vehicle was in bad shape. On the trip back to the hotel, the air conditioning did not work at all and there is NO WAY the entire 21 member wedding party would fit in the vehicle. Luckily a couple of the guys rode back to the hotel with friends. Sims Limousine was a big disappointment. I think they figured we were from out of state so they could take short cuts on service. Beware, these people will tell you what you want to hear, but don't count on them giving you what they say. When I have been asked by friends and family what I would have done differently about our wonderful Orange County wedding, my answer is always, "I would have hired a different limo company. Otherwise, it was perfect. Also, I thought it was odd that my credit card was charged for the service, tax and a 20% tip on the day I booked the car. I guess I should be grateful they showed up....?"

Customer : E. S
"I just had my 31st birthday party and Sims Limo had the best driver and the best service! The driver was so friendly, fun and accomodating! We had a absolute ball! The limo was a gorgeous white stretch limo and I couldn't have asked for a better experience! They are extremely affordable, and a great local limo service. I will definately use them again!"

Customer : C. Bonman
"I used Sims for my daughters Prom. The driver was better than on time, he was a little early. Was waiting for my duaghter when she came out. I also had a couple of follow up calls to make ceratin my daughter was happy. I will certainly use them again. Thanks"

Customer : g. Steger
"We had great service, limousine and driver was excellent would recomend this service to all my friends and family was worth the price. "

Customer : V. Alvarez
"The service was on time and chauffer was extremely courteous in his uniformed black suit. The limousine was perfect with the champaign and beverages inside couldnt have ordered a better service great company."

Customer : L. Beaman
"I called 800.704.0281 to get a quote. Some guy answered and I told him that I wanted to rent a limo for my sons prom for maybe a few hours and he laughed at me. I asked him if he found that funny and he said, "Yes, why the heck would you need a limo lady?" I was shocked and said, "I'm sorry sir, but that's no way to treat a potential customer." I hung up... This company never gave me a chance to negotiate. I got ridiculed and laughed at. I'm sure this company will reply to this comment so if you would like to verify, email me at and I will tell you without a doubt that these people are very unprofessional. "
Limo Service Response: "This lady called at 1:15 A.M. in the morning and ask for a prom for two hours how much would it be I chukled at the same time told her that proms lasted at least 4 hours didnt do it in a disrepectful way just was amuse at the question of her only wanting two hours of service wasnt even a laugh this is rediculess to even have to take the time out to address something like this and why it is being publish I dont understand she immediately got nasty and said she didnt think anything was funny and hung up on me not letting me even address the subject or anything. How can she judge my business from a chuckle and what does she mean by these people when she only spoke to one person obliviously she was bothered by something else and I was the one who caught it . Also within 10 minutes she type this complaint in why didnt she call my office if she really thought some one was rude the next day. "

Customer : D. Acosta
"Most embarrasing and worst experience of my life! Limo looked like it was pulled out of a dump, A/C did not work. Owner cared less. He actually said, "what is one unhappy customer going to do to my business!" I just hope no one else has to pay a high price for severe embarrasment like me and 10 others did!!"
Limo Service Response: "On this service the day of the event was a hot day we had just gotten this limousine service with air early that morninig and sent it out onthe first job was working find but as the driver began to head towards his second job he called into the office and stated that the air was starting to not blow as cold as it was after it was service being one of the busiest days that day I told the driver all large Suvs were out so lets not send the customer nothing but try to work with it. The pick up was 5:30 P.M.and the air still had some coolness coming out and they were going to make one stop alog the way to dinner and pick up another couple which they did. I got a phone call from the customer complaining about the air I express my appology and told him it just happen alone the way to the job and we had nothing laeft but would try to work out something. They maded to there engagement and was in there for several hours at least four know the temperture is veening and the dew made everything cooler they continued through out the night without any more complaining and even stayed out a couple of extra hours which we comp them for all total they only paid for 6 hours of service and received 8 hours finishing about 1:00 A.M. in the morning. I told the driver to let the customer know about the extra over time of service to be comp and call me the next day. This Suv limousine is only a couple years old kept in great condition never in an accident holds up to 20 people everything works inside unfortunitely the air terminated after finishing the prior job. All I can say is this these are a machanical device subject to break down or stop operating due to bad gas, pot holds in the streets, even after servicing a folty part king short out yes it was unfortunite and I symptize with the customer but it still wasnt as bad as he trying to make it seem they were only in the limousine out 8 hours of service dinner and bar hoping 2 hours and not continuess still no excuse for the air to go out but will defend the condition of this limousine to be one which iy up to date and looking extremely good the real reason for the ugly complaint is when he called the next day he stated that he only wanted to give me a couple hundred dollaes for his 8 1/2 hours of service that day plus not pay for his over time of 2 hours which I told him that that was not fair which would have ment for his inconvience and his staying out two hours longer he wanted 675.00 credit not fair I told him and to think about what he was aasking and give me a call that monday morning which he didnt but did call me tuesday and we agreed to not charge him for the over time and plus give him 150.00 refund and I ask him to e-mail this to me so I can have it in writing which he did. All I can say s__t happens unfortunitely and when you are a service for the public or even when driving your own automobile we are sometimes on the side of the road waiting for some assitstance and that just life unfortunitely a new car sometimes break down low percentage but it still happens but what gets me is when a customer who is thrifty lies to embarras or even try to down grade some ones business just to try and receive more than fair exchange speaks more about that person then my service after 37 years in business. Thank you for reading the other side you may judge this as know you are the jury."

Customer : R. Nichols
"To Whom it May Concern- I am writing to complain about our driver for our ride on 4/16/11. The driver arrived at the pick-up location and he was in a bad mood and proceeded to be very rude to my bridesmaids. He tried to rush them and make them leave at 1:40pm when all the girls had not yet arrived and we were scheduled to depart at 2pm as agreed upon with Melvin over the phone. When he returned to pick-up the groom and groomsmen he almost hit the bell hop in fron the the hotel/pick-up location. He was driving very carelessly up to the drop off location , which is a very windy road. The tires were smoking and screeching and this was confirmed by my own brother who was driving behind the limo. We paid good money for this service and we expected it to be safe and reliable. This driver did not care about the safety of his passengers or other people on the road. We would like a refund for a part of the service and some guarantee that this driver will be reprimanded for his behavior and poor driving. Thank you Inessa and Robert Nichols"
Limo Service Response: "To all who may read this I am the owner of the limousine service who also booked the service for the nichols which at first did book the limousine at 2:00 P.M. and later changed it to 1:30 P.M. they ordered a 10 passenger limousine fully equiped but because of my other two jobs we up graded them to a 20 passenger SUV limousine at the same cost of 234.00 for 3 hours of service which I see no mentioning in there complaint and later after several calls from them because they continue to call and go over there reservation over and ovfer again presented them selves to be whats a good word for this a little anoying but I just look at this as nervous time due to the wedding. The driver had three jobs that day and the nichols were job number two out of the three, no complaints from the first job and none regarding the driver from the third job which lasted 6 hours. I wasnt there and after speaking to the driver he says due to waiting on the bridesmaids he had very little contact with the wedding party I dont Know sometime people read people wrong or maybe the driver said something that they may have taken the wrong way but eventhough they had a problem wouldnt you think that the would call me at the office and express there concerns, even to today I have made contact to speak to them and know return call to remedy there complaints or even offer them a kind jester of some kind of discount but they have found time to address this complaint inlou of calling me you figure it out. I try to provide a professional limousine service with courteousy in mind and after 37 nyears in business I have learn that you cannot please all the people all the time nor will I be perfect but will continue to try. Thank You for reading."

Customer : M. Cartagena
"Thank you Sims limos! the limo driver was very professional and the limo looked great! Even tho it was raining the driver was there on time and even waited past my pick up time...GREAT service!! A great beginning and ending to my birthday party! I will definitely be using your services in the future."

Customer : B. Kolom
"We were very happy with the service and professional drivers of the Sims Limo service. We hired a stretch limo for our entire wedding day. They showed up exactly on time and despite the fact that it was raining all day, did a wonderful caring job. We were so impressed that we also hired them to drive and pick us up from LAX for our honeymoon trip. I highly recommend Sims Limo service for any occasion."

Customer : C. Lux
"Extreme satisfied with the service and tour Jason was a delight would highly recomend this company."

Customer : A. Duke
"Real Review from Real Customer. Sims provided us with the best customer services! They were better than Excellent! They came through on everything they said they would. They were on time, they went to two destinations, and got our teenagers home safely. Yes, we trusted them with our kids! We will use them again for our next event this December (business). Thank you again to Marvin, Jason (and Gary from - you were all the best! "

Customer : C. Snashall
"Everything went perfect, driver was on time, limo was in great condition, drinks were provided as promised, got to our dance in perfect time and getting to a restaurant afterwards was no problem. Very convenient and had no problems whatsoever. Thanks so much Sims Limos!"

Customer : P. Kaminski
"First of all, I did not write the positive review posted on Sept 6, 2010, which makes me question any of the reviews. It was horrible experience, and I would never recommend this company to anyone. I concur with others who got ripped off. The air conditioning did not work properly, thus we arrived at my sisters wedding completely soaking. The 12 passenger limo was old, and did not fit even the 10 of us! The complimentary bar was a sham - one bottle of Andre Champagne for the 10 of us, no water bottles, and that was it! And when I called to complain to the owner, he had a arrogant and presumptuous attitude and refused to compensate for the poor service. "
Limo Service Response: "This customer was working me from the start and was very low budget and wanted something for nothing and kept calling us back until she finally booked the service with us at first she wanted an 8 passenger limousine then two days before the service she changed it o a 10 passenger limousine then proceeded to negotiate terms all over again. We arrived 20 minutes early at no coast to her and the temperture that day was 110 degrees in the valley and she called me and wanted to know why was the driver early and I told her hes not on the clock yet we just wanted to be there and that her time doesnt start until the time she ordered it and still she complain whhich didnt make any since to me because the driver never knocked on her door and no contact had been made by the driver yet. Twenty minutes later she proceeded to get into the limousine and immediately started complaining of the air please understand its 110 degrees and its a black limousine that was sitting in the sun for the past 20 minutes no shade arround so the driver told them that once they get going ant the limousine bills up speed the air will get cooler. We have two bar areas in the limousine and they were full with ice sodas and water plus a bottle of champaign, why would we supply a bottle of champaign and nothing else just doesnt make any since. She went two hours over time and when she finish she told the driver thank you and signed the credit card slip, later she called to ask for money back living in a 8 to 10 million dollar home at the end of her street and I told her she was service properly and went over two addittional hours and was going to be charged for that she tried to cancele the cherge thru her credit card company and they rejected it and after one and a half months later she writes this complaint which is only because she lost the dispute with her own credit card company I told her slavery is over and we provided service in good faith. This is a copy cat complaint to try and discredit my company please read thru this and ignore. Thank You>"

Customer : K. Garcia
"I was worried when we were selecting a limousine service because of stories told by friends about the terrible experience they have had but I must say when speaking to the reservation departmaent at Sims I got an assuring feeling so we booked the service and I can say that it was a very good and pleasent experience from the limousine to the very courteous driver."

Customer : L. Cleland
"We had extremely great service beautiful limousine professional driver just wish it was a cooler day. Would use them again and reconmend them to my friends. "

Customer : L. Means
"Is there a MINUS rating? DO NOT hire this group of liars! They said they were sending a new white limo that we would love and it was an OLD piece of garbage that embarrassed us as soon as it drove up. We could hear it a block away and it had exterior body damage with rusted paint that actually had bubbles along the entire length. The interior was worse, but thank goodness it was dark. The drinking glasses for the soft drinks were dirty and the power windows didn't work. This was my daughter's first limo present and to my horror her friends actually laughed at her. I can't tell you enough how much it hurts to see my child humiliated. "
Limo Service Response: "Read our other reviews and judge for your self if this isnt a case of over stating ones point. We wouldnt even own a limousine that would have a muffler so loud that you can here a block away a muffler at the most only cost 90.00 to fix not true and I cleaned this limousine my self and washed the glasses and Im a care taker type of person, the glasses had napkins in all of them and the limousine was stock with sodas and water windows, stereo, bar lighting partition which we would not let them let up because they are minors all worked. Its funny when some one is trying to get out of something that they should not have stretch there budget for stretch the story into a dreadfull event so they can get out of paying for something. The fact of the matter is she ordered the limousine on 10/1/10 at 9:00 P.M. for 10/2/10 at 6:00 P.M. the limousine was not a new one nor did we teller her she was getting a brand new limouisine and she did ask for white. Think about it she says she her the limousine coming from a block away but yet they stayed in it for 6 hours and at no time did the limousine cut off or break down and she still sent her child off to this event in such a terrible limousine stopping at taco bell after the dance and joy riding arround for 2.5 hours after the dance. This was not a new limousine nor was it an old limousine current body style as a 2010 and was cleaned inside and out with everything working inside. She expected more Im sorry about that but these exagerations she is stating are not true and she never road in the car but did ask the driver what year was the limousine and he told her that it was about 3 or 4 years old and no more was said."

Customer : G. Contreras
"This was a day to remember being that it was my wedding day and Sims Limousine service was what the doctor ordered. Great service we road arround for the remaining time after the vows and begin to party in the suv with our guest drinking and cruising."

Customer : D. Hendrix
"They told me that they specialized in during the wine tasting tours and they werent lying very very good tour and the chauffer was very knowledgeable and service was just great, I would tell every one if they wanted to do a wine tasting tour that this is the service to use and a limousine is the way to go."

Customer : V. Gama
"We had one of Sims Limousine party buses and had a ball very professional and courteous driver and the the party bus was fabulous Ill tell anyone to party on one of there party bus the most fun you can have with a group of people we had 25."

Customer : P. Lund
"We have used several limousine services in the past and they were eighter late or unprofessional until we used Sims Limousine very professional and prompt and courteous drivers no longer will we have to search again extremely good service."

Customer : H. McCrady
"Had Sims Limousine Service take us to the emmys and just had a ball. Great service excellent driver just all arround great experience."

Customer : C. Martin
"I would recommend Sims Limousine to anyone needing service. The limousine and chauffer was outstanding, he was on time and friendly and the vehicle was top rate. A great experience." "

Customer : R. Tyler
"Excellent prompt on time courteous service my husband had a great birthday and Sims Limousine played an important part in it."

Customer : T. Kurz
"Our tour was wonderful very good tour guide driver very knowledgeable and it just made the day enjoying. High mars for this service and will be using them again on my return."

Customer : J. Schen
"Excellent customer service DOES exist! Arranging the limousine service last minute (day of) was very easy and convenient. Our limo driver, solomon, was amazing! He was very friendly, reliable and an over all nice guy. I was very impressed with him and would definitely recommend Sims Limousine and solomon as a driver. The rate was $264 on a thursday night for 4 hours and this included everything (fuel charges, gratuity, alcoholic beverages) for an 8 person white stretch limo...surprising the birthday person with classy transportation = priceless!" "

Customer : A. Wallace
"Driver was on timewhich was very important being that it was a 4:00 A.M. in the morning pick up and the service and limousine was very good."

Customer : P. Freeman
"I work for British Airways in the customer service department and am very much aware of high quality in service which Sims Limousine Service provided. I cant begain to explain how much a relief it was to have my guest taken care of with the quality of service Im acustom to. Thank you so very very much."

Customer : K. Hunter
"Extremely great service on time very early in the morning lets say 5:00 A.M. and my trip to san diego airport was a pleasant one so far this is the best limousine service that I have ever used by far."

Customer : C. Kennedy
"We just wanted to thank you for your personal touches to our Malibu Wine Trip. Your extra attention to detail reinforces the spirit of small business. We know that you will be very successful. We look forward to using your service again in the future." "

Customer : F. Loeza
"Melvin, Thanks for the great service. It was memorable night. Lorenzo did an awesome job. I will keep as contact for future limo service. Thanks"

Customer : K. Eaton
"Sims was the best limo experience I ever had. The service was second to none. I would give them 10 stars. They were beyond accommodating with last minute changes and unexpected stops. The price was excellent compared to the other companies I spoke to. The staff, from the top management to the driver was a pleasant and a pleasure to work with. Their customer service was superb and they really cared about my guests. They performed beyond my expectations. The limo was spotless and the drinks were fresh. The driver was before time, professional and patient. Communication was constant, clear, and open. The reservation process was quick and easy. Most importantly, they were about to accommodate my late request. I wouldn’t use any other limo service in this area. They went above and beyond their call of duty to make my sister’s wedding a success. Thanks Sims, you the one!"

Customer : K. Lee
"On time and excellent service each way."

Customer : D. Hettinger
"Went to a concert out in glendora and had a wonderful time the limousine service was great which took the stress off of me and allow me to relax with my guest."

Customer : M. Delk
"Hire these guys, I made up for my anniversary big time by hiring sims limousine and taking them to the cooncert and back home. We had a ball."

Customer : J. Heber
"Very good service made the dinner outting that much more a pleasent event."

Customer : H. Deutch
"very good service, very nice limousine and extremely good chauffering."

Customer : c. morgan
"everything they promised was delivered, the driver was nice and polite as possible, on time. made for a great night at the greek theater with a date that was impressed. if you want a more personal type service than a huge company, sims is the one."

Customer : m. friend
"Exactly what the doctor ordered great service extremely nice car and a very courteous chauffer on time and my son and his friends just had such a wonderful experience and time for his birthday would highly recomend this company to my friends."

Customer : j. wolkensdorfer
"We were extremely happy with the service very professional and the limousine/driver were of high standards and ouality what you would want to be represented with."

Customer : A. Espinoza
"I hired Sims Limousine for my mom's 50th birthday and I am so happy with their service! The limo arrived on time and our driver was so nice and friendly with all the guests. They had complimentary champagne which was a huge hit and I really couldn't have asked for more. My mom's birthday was a huge success! Thanks Sims Limo! "

Customer : S. M.
"My goodness! Unfortunately I did not read the reviews before I booked this limo service because they called me from my information on If I would have read the reviews I would not have done it. I am having a 50th b-day party in a couple of weeks and called to check on my limo I reserved in March. The owner ( I believe he said he was the owner) could not find the paperwork and then told me he would have to come pick us up later because they had another event and would not be back in time for mine. I understand trying to make money in this economy but this is bad business. I paid half the money as a deposit already and I was informed that it will be returned to me in five days. found me a limo for my event. When I called Sims back to cancel the owner told me that they could pick us up another day. I am only have one 50th birthday party! Thank God I caught this before I had regrets and bad memories of my 50th birthday party. Sims instead of responding to my review with business platitudes, please refund my money as soon as possible. Thank you."

Customer : M. Bounds
"Watch out!!!! Don't hire this company. It was the most horrible limo service I had ever hired....I spoke to Melvin Sims, the owner and confirmed everything I requested and was quoted in email..I was quoted an 8 passanger limo and received a 6. Funny, it doesn't even show they have a 6 on their webpage...Fishy...I was also told by Melvin it was a 2008 or newer limo. NO, it was a 2002 with a bullet hole in the side and a boomerang contraption on the back. I was so emabrrased...I requested in addition to and at no additional charge Diet Cherry Coke and Cold Bud light. Ok, you ready for this.....Keystone light. Yes, Remember I have pictures. There was also regular Budwiser. Regular not light....We were also told it had a full stocked bar, The glass bottles were empty. Yes, actually clean and empty...He also said it had Ipod hookup. How could it, they didn't make ipod back then. It did, however, have a AV hookup where you had to have gone to radio shack to put the special outdated When we got in it was so hot we started to immediatly sweat. My God. The driver said the air was on. It was blowing warm air. We then asked him to roll up the privacy partition, he said if he did it would be warmer than it already was and then when he did....ready for this...It was glass. Yes, glass. No privacy. Yes, there went my makeout session.... It was so bad....Horrible. Don't listen to what Melvins response will be...Remember, I have He's going to say I am impossible to please..Wrong....Thank God I charged it on my AMEX Centerion card. They are amazing and will back me up, especially with all the evidence I have, emails and pictures...."
Limo Service Response: "This lady when she called sounded a little norotic and begin to explain about a problem with another service that she had once hired and at the time of her booking I thought she was a little over the top with her complaint but I wasnt there so I excepted her complaint to be valid. We were on time and I personally cleaned and stocked the limousine with diet pepsi and bud my fault forgot the (bud light) but still they drank it, she had explain to me she was trying to impress this person so for that reason along I took extra care in preperation. She put up the glass partition never asking about the solid partition that does work she stated that there was only one diet coke inside the limousine which has several ice carpartments with sodas and alcohol in them the first lie because once the driver restocked the limousine after he droped them off at the race track all we bought were diet pepsi and the driver place them in the limousine. She stated that the limousine had a bullet hole in it thats another lie never been shot at nor wrecked. Limousine ready to be view at anytime matter a fact the same limousine was used with the preivious customer on her anniversary please read her statements about the service and limousine. Im old school and back in the day the model was the customer is always right but some of todays customer want something for nothing and will look for anything to get out of paying a bill and wants to run a game on some one well I tell them in a minute that the customer isnt alwys right for that very reason. Shes a dietbetic and slap down martinis and came back to the car tipsy wanted the solid partition up so the driver couldnt see what ever act she was going to perform but wouldnt ask him to aid her, we been in business 36 years and pride our selves on performing elegant and qulity service and could not have lasted this long with these type of accusations if they were true think about it bullet holes in the limousine doesnt even sound right and she wants to validate it by saying she took pictures well since she said that I had to take another look at the limousine which I own to see maybe someone did shoot at the limousine and the driver never heard it nor saw it but as I suspected not a mark on it no where ready for viewing or she sould produce here imaginary pictures as she says she has and I would gladly doubble her money and give it back to her. Last but not least she asked for an i pod hook up which we had and then she complain that it must be an old limousine because it wasnt built into the radio but still the dvd radio had a flat screen minture tv inside it along with a 12 inch flat screen monitor on the side next to the bar. Lady you failed at trying to discrace my business and these customers who continue to trash my service arnt going to keep me in business any ways 36 years of service out ways them and solidifies my presence and foudation in this industry. Thank you for reading myresponse. Melvin F. Sims (owner) "

Customer : C. Allison
"Thank you Sims Limousine for making my clients 40th birthday celebration a SUCCESS! They traveled from San Francisco for a weekend celebration including a Dodger Game. They reported back that your service was timely, professional and exceeded their expectations. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!"

Customer : C. Stelling
"I used Sims Limo Service last night to transport my husband and I to the Hollywood Bowl. We had box seats for the Eagles Concert to celebrate our 30th anniversary and wanted the evening to be very special. I am pleased to say that we had a wonderful evening and everything was perfect!! I had absolutely NO problems. Our driver, Solomon, was prompt (in fact about 15 minutes early), which ended up being a godsend, since a three car accident near the Bowl created a traffic snafu. We would have missed the opening of the show if Solomon hadn't been early to pick us up. Solomon was also courteous and friendly, knew his way around, and even found us a 'potty stop' in the middle of Hollywood. The coach was nice, and clean, with the exception of the windows which were very smudged. The bar was stocked, champagne was chilled, and there was ice available. I was a bit anxious to book with Sims after reading the negative reviews left by others, but I am glad that I didn't cancel. We had an outstanding evening, and I would have to say that the service that Sims provided played a large role in our overall satisfaction. "

Customer : J. Paredes
"I recently contracted Sims Limousine for my wedding on 8/1/09. During my phone contract negotiations with this limousine company I asked and was guaranteed that the stretch limo they were going to provide was a late model (only a couple of years old) "white Lincoln Town Car" Limo in pristine condition. I was also guaranteed that they were going to include their wedding package service which would include balloons, special napkins, upgraded champagne, and a "Just Married" sign. Unfortunately, Sims Limousine completely lied about their Limousine vehicle and the wedding package service. Absolutely none of the wedding service pieces were included in the limo and to make it even worse, the Limo on which my Fiancé and I were picked up was very old (13+ years?) and the Air Conditioning did not work at all. To make it even worse, the Limo continuously overheated and we were in constant vigil of it breaking down during our trip from the hotel to the church and finally to the wedding reception. All of my guests complained to me about the heat and lack of air conditioning as well as the missing wedding package services (decorations, etc). It was a miracle that my Fiancé and I made it to the Wedding reception. Needless to say, this was by far the worse Limo ride my guests and I have ever taken. This company should repay us most of our money for lying to us and for providing such poor quality service. PLEASE DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS LIMO COMPANY. It's hard to know how they manage to stay in business."
Limo Service Response: "Once again when customers call and talk to many limo service and get mis quoted and then look for something for nothing please ask your self if you were in business would you promise a cutomer all up grades and give away your profit as they say we did and are cars are all current body styles but when a customer is cheap and wants something for nothing this is the results of making things out to be more than what they are call us and see if we say these things in our sales pitch and you will see the truth or check out our web site this is exactly what we offer once again we could not have made it in this business for over 35 years if this were true we are not perfect but definitely not this bad. Thank You!"

Customer : G. Jimenez
"Hi this message is for all: Do not hire sims limo service! They were horrible and a rip-off! they promised us a hummer and we paid $900.00 and instead we got cheap 80's type of limo's and there was nothing to drink and the A/C did not work. Oh and this was my wedding day! Please do not get them you will regret it as much as i did."
Limo Service Response: "Anytime a customer coplains about something thast they are trying to make a point out of it unfortunitely is like the fish that the man caught every time they tell the story its gets bigger and bigger we provide a complimentary stock bar with all of our rentals and come on know a eighty type limousine I cant even imagine what that looks like infact they didnt even make a SUV limousine in the eighty's we do not have a hummer limousine nor do we offer it we do carry esclade, excursions and the lincoln navigator SUV limousine and they were not made in the 80's weve been in business for over 35 years and we couldnt have sustain that if these response were true . Thank You for your time."

Customer : E. Brereton
"I paid for 8 hours and recieved 2/1/2 hours of service. I was charged $680.00 for 2 1/2 hours of serice. The limo driver was nice and just following his managements direction I am sure, but he dropped us off and disappeared for 5 hours. Then came back and was mad because we were not ready to go stating that he had another approintment. The limo was a peice of crap and smelled disgusting. I would not recommend this limo service to anyone even someone I didn't like. We use a limo serivce for business and leisure travel several times a year and this is the WORST I have ever experienced."
Limo Service Response: "Come on know does this sound like a bunch of mass who would pay for 8 hours of service and only receive 2 1/2 hour of it and then say that the driver was great but rush you when he return and if they utilize limo service as they say why are they changing companies not going to address this its always worse when someone wants there point to stand out. Thank You!"