Avg rating:
- 80 Rider Ratings

Customer : d. pedersen

Customer : D. Winkelman
"4:15 AM pick-up for trip to SFO minus the drama of Uber/Lyft at a competitive price."

Customer : B. Freund
"Nice car, roomy, driver was on time."

Customer : J. Robinson
"Our driver was courteous and on time. I have used this company in the past and would certainly use them again in the future."

Customer : J. Tozer
"The driver arrived on time. Easy ride to airport. What more can I ask. Quite satisfied."

Customer : M. Nelson
"Limos.com provided us with excellent airport transportation service. The driver was precisely on time for our trip to the airport and delivered a perfect ride."

Customer : D. Matthew
"The only reason I dont give you a 5star is due to a couple of times where the driver has been delayed and not showed up."

Customer : T. Gaddis
"I've used Limos.com many times and have always had great experiences with them. The drivers are prompt, professional, and courteous, and the cars are clean."

Customer : B. Hamill
"Prompt and courteous"

Customer : L. Ingberg
"Thank you for the speedy and good service. Driver was on time, friendly and professional. Thank you!"

Customer : V. Mizuhara
"I've now booked two round trips with Limos.com, and all 4 rides have been great. On-time and good communication with the drivers. The drivers have been very polite. I'm about to book another round trip to the airport."

Customer : H. Nussbaum
"Pick up on time and direct and quick ride to downtown San Francisco"

Customer : H. Owen
"The driver was great! Communicative, responsive, and a good driver. The car, however, smelled of smoke."

Customer : S. Gadomski
"Driver was late after waiting 10 minutes at wrong address....approximately 5-10 minutes away.Traffic was heavy and we arrived at SFO to wait for bag drop and TSA procedures. One bag was not put on flight and the extra minutes delay may have made this occur...not a positive experience..."

Customer : J. LINCOURT

Customer : r. howell
"very polite and enjoyed our conversation during the ride to the airport"

Customer : M. Bennett

Customer : r. Bourdon
"on time and courteous!"

Customer : R. Baum

Customer : E. FREDERICK
"On time, nice ride. I did NOT see 'my whole life in front of me during the drive'! My experience was the same coming and going."

Customer : E. FREDERICK
"On time, nice ride, no exciting moments!"

Customer : H. Owen

Customer : F. Macri

Customer : j. luong

Customer : D. Bernhardt
"The driver did not contact me when he arrived, but I received a message from Limos.com that the driver arrived. I waited outside and finally called the driver using the contact number and he was actually sitting in the car on the phone right in front of me. The vehicle was great but the driver drove erratically and went down a narrow street almost striking a child getting out of a car. "

Customer : I. Bourelle

Customer : S. Taylor
"Driver was late Called 2 times and driver wouldn't pick up phone Eventually had to call limos.com to intervene"

Customer : E. Horodas

Customer : a. frankel

Customer : K. Leone

Customer : D. Choi
"Driver picked me up from the airport on-time and drove me straight to my destination and I got charged wait time. Also in the Bay Area bridge tolls are only charged in one direction, I was charged a bridge toll in the non-toll direction (apparently their policy is to charge toll anytime they cross a bridge). If they make a pickup after my pickup and come back across the bridge they are pocketing the extra bridge toll charged. Do not recommend this company."

Customer : J. Bradley

Customer : M. OConnor
"Driver was punctual, efficient, friendly and very professional. We would request him specifically the next time. He made a 5AM pick-up stress-free for us! Vehicle was clean and pleasant smelling. Love a Lincoln town car!"

Customer : L. Shead
"Once we we're picked up it was great after that."

Customer : S. CECCARELLI

Customer : H. Engel

Customer : J. Cornely
"Extremely professional!"

Customer : M. Wegener

Customer : W. Shelley
"Drivers on time, friendly, helped with luggage and drove very professionally. Would definately use again."

Customer : G. Roberts
"No issues with the driver. Car very old!"

Customer : A. Kendig

Customer : B. Sakai

Customer : T. Bailey

Customer : R. Rodriguez
"Our driver did an excellent job."

Customer : D. Phillips

Customer : R. Rodriguez

Customer : M. Anderson
"Very professional service thank you so much ‰÷¼"

Customer : G. Gulvady

Customer : K. Busuttil
"Eddy was great! Very helpful and professional "

Customer : J. Epley
"I had a text. Estate waiting when I disembarked from the airport and the limo was at the arriving flight ground transportation point promptl."

Customer : D. Holland

Customer : J. Alexander

Customer : S. McDonald
"Ride# E33X4N the limo was LATE by a good 20 minutes which is very unprofessional considering the cost and that this was a trip to the airport."

Customer : R. Prough

Customer : M. Harrison
"The driver was wonderful and very accommodating."

Customer : K. Zurauskas
"Driver was very professional and polite. I was very tired and did not want to talk for the 1.25 hour drive and he was not talkative which I really appreciated. I thought the service was expensive but I was happy with the driver and the service and I would book again."

Customer : D. Ipson

Customer : H. Reynolds
"Excellent experience. Driver was prompt & courteous."

Customer : L. Jacobs
"Received text from driver before I even landed at the airport and he kept up with us so as soon as we got our luggage, he was there for us. Very friendly."

Customer : B. Singer
"Once I was picked up (~30 minutes late), it was excellent. Because of the mixed experience, I am answering all the multiple choice questions as N/A."

Customer : G. BLOSSE

Customer : J. Meinen

Customer : M. Rosenzweig

Customer : Z. Marsh
"The driver was very professional and on time. He was also pleasant and engaged in conversation with us during the ride."

Customer : J. Robinson
"Excellent driver - on time, reasonable price and comfortable vehicle (BMW 750il). Did such a good job, used him for the return as well."

Customer : M. Fullmer
"Booked a "to airport" ride for my mother from the East Bay to SFO. Company changed at the last minute to SF Limo Express and my mother was completely pleased with the driver and vehicle. "

Customer : S. Ellis
"Francisco was great. If I make it back to the SF area, I will use SF Limo Express again. Clean car, professional driver"

Customer : B. Collins
"I booked a car to the airport with SF Limo Express through Limos.com - it was easy and efficient and I'd do it again. Our driver was early and waiting for an early Sunday morning pickup and I paid a little extra for a BMW7 which was a nice ride - spacious, clean, comfortable with all the latest mod cons including window screens in case you need to travel incognito. Our driver Raphael was courteous, a good driver and since it was early in the morning we just turned on the satellite radio and had a pleasant quiet ride to the airport. I really like that it's a pre-arranged fixed fee including gratuity so you get door to door service and don't even have to deal with a transaction at the end when you've got other travel distractions on your mind. Overall great."

Customer : K. Lumpp
"Great service. The driver was on time and friendly. Also, the vehicle was in great condition and very clean."

Customer : D. Bernhardt
"On time, clean car, great driver!"

Customer : L. McNeal

Customer : A. Renfrow

Customer : L. Speden
"Excellent service. The car arrived 10 minutes early, which I appreciate, and both driver and vehicle were very well presented. He drove well, and I'd happily recommend this service."

Customer : r. rohitasva
"excellant and promt service. would definelity use again."

Customer : S. Perez
"No Problems...Great Service"

Customer : B. Scott
"On time, CLEAN AND SMOKE FREE CAR which was my number one concern as I am deathly allergic to cigarette smoke. The driver was courteous and one of the few I've seen that didn't need a gps to get out of San Francisco - this inspired confidence.. He even knew some of the local landmarks on the way to the airport. Will be using them again. "

Customer : A. Soloman
"I had Bene as my driver, he was on time (10 minutes early when he sent me a text saying he was outside). He waited patiently while my meeting finished and I came out a few minutes late. He was absolutely cheerful and a the car was spectacular. He has a cute little accent which made his conversation all the more interesting. Would use them again when I come to San Francisco on business."
Limo Service Response: "If you would like to request a specific driver next time, just ask!"

Customer : C. HIll
"Had pick up scheduled for 4:30am and with no luck with cabs in my area, and a few bad experiences before. I was a bit weary. SF Limo's drivers were on time, courteous and cheery even at 4 in the morning! The cars were newer town car, clean inside and out and stocked with water & candy! Would recommend."

Customer : M. L.
"I found SF Limo Express, and the service was superb! Raphael was great, he let me know when my client was picked up and dropped off and everything went very smoothly. Not to mention its the best deal I found"

Customer : J. H.
""Why pay $45 for a gross banged up, puked in cab to go to SFO when you can just spend the same amount for a well taken care of black town car. Raphael is professional and extremely punctual if not early. He usually arrives 15 minutes early, texts you and patiently waits downstairs. Mind you, several of my flights have been on a Saturday or Sunday at 6AM. The cars are spotlessly clean. He thoughtfully provides you with a card so that you can easily book him when you return from your vacation/business trip. While these are all basics and perhaps we've been so scarred by terrible service from others that these are now considered pluses. Nonetheless -- what sets this company apart from all the others is that someone ALWAYS picks up the reservation line. Futhermore, they're quite flexible and have taken reservations for airport pickup/dropoff within an hour! The company is polite, responsive and detailed with the way they answer. CCs taken in advance, receipts provided if needed, everything is super profresh. That's why this company is in my stored contacts now." "