Avg rating:
- 92 Rider Ratings

Customer : S. Bumgardner
"Good service nice limo, on time"

Customer : D. DeZan
"Happy with service, suggest better notifications"

Customer : K. Bathmann
"The drivers were on time and the trips went well. But I was double charged for tolls, and it proved impossible to contact someone from Nwtlimo or limos.com to address this issue. "

Customer : V. Nitopi
"Good job "

Customer : A. Robinson

Customer : E. Donahue

Customer : A. Bailey

Customer : A. Tabrizchi
"The driver was kind and punctual. The company, on the other hand, was dishonest and did not provide me with tha requested vehicle!"

Customer : R. Thomas
"The driver was great. Very friendly. Very accommodating. Very prompt."

Customer : V. Zunie

Customer : M. Carpeneto

Customer : E. Roy

Customer : C. Dunning
"Driver and vehicle were excellent."

Customer : R. Gannon

Customer : V. Tserkis
"We had a problem with our tickets and our driver was awesome!!!! Thank you"

Customer : M. Gur Lavi

Customer : C. Sheeler
"Driver pleasant and on time. "

Customer : B. Walsh

Customer : G. Morrow

Customer : M. Gur Lavi

Customer : T. Facey
"Great drive, Great price. Outstanding service"

Customer : D. Wilmoth
"Driver wss friendly and helpful."

Customer : M. Goins
"The driver from NWTlimo was rude and immediately upon arriving aggressively demanded $50.00 for the two additional riders indicating he was only supposed to pick up one rider. When we showed him the pick-up order indicating 3 riders were on the reservation, he re-checked his records and then relented that 3 was indeed the agreed upon the number, but without an acknowledgement or an apology. Was rude and aloof the remainder of the ride. "

Customer : G. Fuchs
"Waiting time was too long. Driver was excellent and the ride was smoothe. Thank you"

Customer : R. White
"The driver was respectful and cordial"

Customer : S. Skanes
"This is our second time using NTW through limos.com. We had the same driver, Sam who is always prompt and polite. We will use again."

Customer : J. Sharrer
"I was overcharged for extra time that did not occur. Please address ASAP. "

Customer : T. Thomas
"The driver was awesome kind and trustworthy. My 17 year old daughters was going to Prom and I trusted them in his care!!! I will book again for her graduation party"

Customer : B. Griffith

Customer : L. Brown
"The driver, although I don't remember his name was very personable. He even asked if I had everything before we pulled off and surprise! I didn't have my tickets to the concert, catastrophe avoided thanks to him. He also arrived on time and was exactly where he said that he would be when the concert was over. I'm very please and will use their service again."

Customer : S. Cohen
"It was a nice car, but it reeked of stale cigarettes. The driver was texting at one point during our ride. Other than that, the car was on time and the driver was courteous."

Customer : J. Mendygral

Customer : C. Gies

Customer : M. Gur Lavi

Customer : J. Crist
"You could show up. You never called to say there was an error, nor did you try to fix it when i called to ask where the driver was. Terrible customer service, rude employees and your driver was a no show. Im thinking i will share this experience everywhere so no one is in the situation you left me in."

Customer : a. brown
"This was my first time using this service and the vehicle was clean and the driver was prompt and ourteous. Will definitely book again"

Customer : c. phears
"Great experience!!!! "

Customer : M. Schmidt
"It wasn't a limo - the car was a Acura MDX."

Customer : D. Hooten
"Very friendly and communicated well"

Customer : L. Bodt
"I was over charged and still have not heard back from this company"

Customer : m. sites

Customer : A. Henke
"On our ride from BWI into DC, traffic was busy but slow and driving was texting. After repeated shouts to watch out for the vehicle in front of him, he rear-ended utility truck. He could not find any insurance information and never once spoke to us about what had happened. After a 20-minute stop on side of busy highway we drove off and thankfully made it to our destination in one piece."

Customer : C. Cote

Customer : A. Perkins
"See about comments in the improve box. I was overall very disappointed and will use other limo services in the future."

Customer : N. Webb

Customer : A. Scott
"Abid was on time and courteous. The car was clean and comfortable. Excellent experience with an excellent driver. Great Job. I would use NWTLimo again in a heartbeat."

Customer : M. Oesterreicher
"The driver was excellent. I rented the service for my son's prom. The driver treated them like royalty and they had a blast!"

Customer : R. Rehfeld

Customer : C. Byers
" please read-this is the email I sent to nwt limos Your driver was very nice and I am sure my daughter had a great time , but I asked him before leaving my home to take them to bowling alley and not back here and then he was done that I would be picking them up. My Daughter also let the driver know he was done I would be picking them up . Which is why I was surprised to see him at the bowling alley still waiting I walked over and told him again he was done and I had said I would be picking them up. I don't want to get someone in trouble but I also don't wish to be billed for something I did not ask for .I should not have to pay for those 2 hours but I understand there was a misunderstanding somewhere . Please let me know what we can do to resolve this. the experience over all was good but I think the driver may not have understood me which is neither my fault nor his, but I feel it was very unfair to me. I would be willing to pay half of the two hours but I think it should be"

Customer : C. Lucas
"My son had a great time."

Customer : R. Dezafra

Customer : e. wallace
"Very good experience, no problems. The driver was punctual and professional."

Customer : M. Worsley
"I reserved a Cadillac Escalade for my grandmother's 75th birthday on 4/26. Based on previous reviews I felt confident in NWTlimos service. My driver contacted me to let me know he was in route. The scheduled pick up time was 4:45pm. My party had dinner reservations at Maggianos in DC @ 5:30pm. My driver did not arrive until 5: 45. I was highly upset for many reasons including the fact that the driver had GPS and still could navigate his way around the city. The reservation @ Maggianos was pushed back as a result of his lateness. I will say the driver was accommodating to my grandmother and party. Although the driver agreed to extend the allotted time the next day i was charged for the extra time. The company has since reversed the charges. Overall my grandmother's birthday was not ruined by this experience but I will be using another company in the future."

Customer : t. keane
"This service is a real treat. Nice drivers, good cars, prompt service. Overall, well done."

Customer : J. Harris
"The driver was late even though pick up was confirmed via text an hour prior to schedule, driver went to arrivals and had to circle back around for departure which was obvious given the luggage, passenger lost time planned for airport activities."

Customer : P. Johnson
"The driver was not prepared! He didn't know how to get to the restaruant nor did he know how to gst bow to get back. He didn't ask what we wanted to hear on the radio...he played what was to hia liking"

Customer : C. Ceruzzi
"Very nice and prompt would use the service again"

Customer : S. Gary

Customer : D. Matear
"The driver was prompt and helpful. The vehicle was older and worn inside. "

Customer : W. Byrd
"The driver parked in the wrong area, and was 5 minutes late for an appointment that I clearly stated needed to leave at noon on the dot, because I had a tight deadline. The car was average at best, with missing car logos on the exterior, old water bottles on the interior (with no fresh replacements). I'm not impressed. "

Customer : T. Fitzsimmons
"Driver was excellent. He was very polite and accommodating "

Customer : R. Albertson
"Driver was very good."

Customer : T. Paul

Customer : G. Black

Customer : F. Muganlinsky
"Driver was on time, polite, professional. Vehicle was very clean. I mean just simply enjoyable experience. I am looking forward to use your service in future. Thank you!"

Customer : J. Parham
"Very professional driver. Had a GREAT experience. Driver called to let me know he was on the way. We arranged for him to give me a missed call when he arrived outside so that he wouldn't wake my sleeping babies. Car was clean and he had water as well as candies. Driver made small talk when I was bored and knew when to just drive and let me work in the backseat. If I could book this company and driver every time I would."

Customer : T. Jaffe
"Abdul met us on time (he was there early). He was courteous, friendly, quiet, until my wife started talking to him, and then he carried his end of the conversation. At the end of a 10 minute ride we already liked the man very much. The vehicle was clean, I will use this service for DC exclusively."

Customer : E. Jones
"No problems meeting the driver. The driver was very helpful and courteous throughout. "

Customer : P. Clark

Customer : M. McKiel
"Nwtlimo International driver Tony drove me to the airport on Dec. 2nd and drove me home from the airport on Dec. 5th. Tony was prompt, courteous and helped me with luggage. I could not have had a better experience. Traveling for business is not always the most pleasureable thing but knowing that there is a reliable and on-time limo service taking care of the important to/from rides to the airport reduces stress. I highly recommend this service and praise Tony for his professional friendly attitude and capable driving. "

Customer : J. Pierce
"The service provided by NWT was excellent. We used this car service for our entire vacation which included three different rides. The dispatcher/owner - Sam - was very friendly and helpful. He was also our last driver. Gabriel was another driver that gave us excellent recommendations for sightseeing in Washington DC. The cars were nice and clean. We ordered the towncar and twice was serviced in Cadillac SUV. Cool water , newspapers, and candies/mints were provided in the car. I highly recommend this service."

Customer : C. R
"We very much enjoyed reserving a limo from your company."

Customer : E. Smith
"Excellent Service"

Customer : C. K
"We were delighted with Umair, the chauffeur of the Cadillac who drove us to St Michaels, Maryland on August 2nd,2012. He was on time to pick us up in Chevy Chase and was very courteous during the trip. He had no trouble finding the routes or our restaurant in St Michaels. Umair was 'on the spot' when we finished lunch. We had a very comfortable trip going and coming back from St Michaels and he drive very safely. Umair is an excellent chauffeur. Many thanks for making it a memorable trip with my daughter and her husband from England. We will use your good services again in the future."

Customer : A. Gerson
"Sam was an excellent driver. I highly recommend him. "

Customer : S. S
"Thank you for the fast response. I appreciate your professionalism and the service you provided."

Customer : G. J
"Thank you for setting up my Limo reservation with nwtlimo.com. I had a very good experience. Excellent customer service, on time, courteous driver, immaculate car, and great price. I will definitely use them again. "

Customer : S. Peters
"Nwtlimo was on time with the pick-up. The driver, Ali, was professional yet personable. He new the route and handled the traffic with ease. Pleasant experience, and will definitely use Nwtlimo in the future."

Customer : S. Shaw
"Excellent service, excellent and friendly driver who was on time for each stop and easily accessible while waiting. Thank you for being true professionals"

Customer : M. E
"This email is to let you know that I and my girlfriends truly enjoyed our time with Shakib as our driver this past Tuesday afternoon. He was thoughtful, courteous, on time and just a pleasure to have around. The world would benefit with more people like him : ) Hoping I will be in the area again soon so I can call on you all and request Shakib."

Customer : j. ashby
"Excellent service.nice car.Baltimore to Washington.Our driver,Shak,went over and above the call of duty by returning to our hotel my granddaughters cell phone which she had left in the back seat,and declining a tip for his kind deed"

Customer : M. Cummins
"My driver Sam was great. Got us in an out of DC around traffic, planned our lunch stop, and gave us great value. MC"

Customer : j. geller
"On Time- Professional- New Model Strech Town Car-Great driver. Cannot ask for more. Thank you for the service."

Customer : B. Szymanski
"We were very pleased with the friendly and professional service from your drivers on three occassions: 3/21, 3/22 and 3/24. We will definitely use this Nwtlimo again when we travel to the Washington, DC/Maryland area."

Customer : A. Fetter
"Shamil was very professional and courteous driver and I would highly recommend his service in the future. "

Customer : J. Miller
"This is a personable & accomodating limo company. They are very helpful and try to meet your needs to the fullest. I will certainly use them again for personal and business matters. "

Customer : J. Hutchinson
"Great rate and courtious and wonderful service. Would use them again."

Customer : K. VM
"Sam was great. He was prompt on arrival and was an overall A+ chauffeur. Our route was based upon what we wanted as well as suggestions from him, and he was more than willing to accommodate."

Customer : J. Garlin
"Excellent service, very professional, flexible and reliable would highly recommend. "

Customer : G. Becker
"Service has been excellent. Very timely pick-ups and drop-offs. Clean and comfortable vehicles. Also very courteous, professional and safe drivers. Very happy with Nationwide Transportation."

Customer : J. Terry
"On time, reliable and affordable rate. Their customer service was very helpful arranging transportation for our large group. We will be using them again."

Customer : B. M
"Excellent rate and great service. I will certainly use them again."