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Moveo D C

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- 15 Rider Ratings

Movéo DC, a 5 star Elite partner of In every new city, the drivers change. Still, with Movéo Atlanta, the attention to nuance, a heightened sensitivity towards you, our guest, and that figurative velvet rope which opens the moment the driver arrives––these standards remain the same. From your unique luggage requirements to recommendations for a special evening out on the town, Movéo is committed to the A through Z of the customer experience. With drivers in over 450 cities around the world, our professional chauffeurs, executive limo, premiere bus, and luxury car services uses the latest communication technology to create seamless transitions for our passengers. Transcierge International, Movéo's parent company, has been the premier limousine service of Washington DC for over 15 years. Welcome to Movéo DC edit


Located in Washington, DC
Year business started: 2010
9  vehicles total.
Member since 03/29/2013.


  • National Limousine Association
  • Better Business Bureau


Customer : Y. OConnor
"Want to thank you for a job well done. My wife enjoyed this anniversary gift more than I expected. From the booking to the driver taking us home, everything was smoothly handled without hidden price surprises, will be recommended to my friends."

Customer : M. Gabli
"Wasn't planning to review, but my daughter (even after a full week) keeps on saying that she had the best time of her life on the ride to the prom with her friends on the limo. The driver was punctual and the limo was in good order, but it seems that there is more than just that, as they had such a great time"

Customer : C. Levine
"I hadn't had this much fun in I can't even remember how long. Thanks to the driver (whose name I unfortunately cannot remember). The car was clean, and all of my friends had a great time. "

Customer : V. Eisenhower
"I had a long bad day which didn't seem would end. So I was looking forward to my ride to have a night out with my friends. Move's driver was very kind to me, and made me feel relaxed. Limo was clean, my friends were comfortable."

Customer : M. Levenworth
"Our paper (1st) anniversary together. We took a limo ride to a fancy restaurant, there was a small champagne bottle out in the back. It was a great way to start the night, with some bubbly. My husband was very happy, and the driver very friendly. "

Customer : D. Harrison
"Had an amazing birthday evening with my wife. It had been a while since I used them, but still excellent service."

Customer : J. Z
"I have used Moveo fro quite a few trips back and forth to the airport, as I travel usually once or twice a month. However after my last experience with Moveo, I will no longer use them again. I arranged for a 1615 pickup. I was texted from the driver at 1500 stating that they were at the airport. I responded that that was extremely early as my flight had arrived early and was just taxiing as i received his text. I was met with a person whom seemed rushed, when i arrived. I arrived at 1555 at the taxi location, (20 min prior to my scheduled arrival). I relaxed and had a cigarette, as always after a 14 hr flight. I was then rushed as I was having another, with the 1 hr ride home. I was met with attitude and the feeling, that I was interfering with the drivers day. Mind you I was still 15 min ahead of the pickup time that I had scheduled. Then after I did enter the vehicle. Yes it was clean, but the driver was very cold and distant. It was not the relaxing drive as it should have been. 2 days later I was surprised to receive an additional $50.00 for wait time. When the person was too early, and I was inside of the vehicle when all was said and done 5 minutes prior to my scheduled pick up. With an ELITE service, as you are expecting the top of the services and to receive this, and to have the driver argue that i was incorrect. I showed the time stamps on the texts. Limos corrected the problem and for that reason I will continue to use them. However Moveo, has lost my return business from a well-seasoned frequent traveler due to the one driver that they sent for me and the fraudulent charges that the driver tried to slide through."

Customer : L. Young
"The vehicle that was sent was not the vehicle that I purchased. The vehicle was dirty on the outside and the radio did not work at all.On top of that, the driver had a bad attitude"

Customer : P. Jensen
"Perfect choice to impress your date. "

Customer : R. Ferguson
"Birthday dinner and everything in its proper place. Thanks guys!"

Customer : E. Holub
"One great Bachelor Party, and the limo was just perfect. Good times."

Customer : E. Holub
"I prepared a birthday surprise party for my roommate, the limo was definitely one of the highlights. The driver was especially friendly. He recommended a few bars for next time. "

Customer : R. Reiner
"We had a booked limousine already for our wedding. They cancelled at the last minute, fortunately they called me and not my wife. Panicked for like 30 seconds and someone pulled out their phone and called these guys. Saved the day!"

Customer : R. Mendelson
"It was a shaky landing, but once I got into the back of the car, it felt so good to be home. It was a warm welcome on the ground, good to be home (yes, I said it again). "

Customer : A. Sikowitz
"I asked the driver where I could write up a review, he mentioned this site. I have to say, it felt much better to have someone waiting for me at the airport in DC. Big business meeting tomorrow. So far, my visit has been excellent, thanks for the great start!"