SUV - Cadillac Escalade

SUV - Cadillac Escalade

Color: Black
Bench / Row Seating, Third-Row Seating, Large Luggage Capacity, Captain's Chairs / Executive
CD Stereo, DVD / Video, iPod Connection, Satellite Radio
Climate Control System, Moonroof, Armored
Std Services
Water, Daily Newspaper

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Chauffeured Transportation Co.

Avg rating:
- 4 Rider Ratings We provide on time fast and safe transportation to all area airports. Our chauffeurs know what our clients expect and they deliver. Corporate events, a day of business calls, sporting events or a night on the town - whatever your itinerary dictates, you will be complete satisfied.


Located in West Bloomfield, MI
Year business started: 2003
2  vehicles total.
Member since 08/04/2008.


  • National Limousine Association


Customer : t. amerson

Customer : E. Rivers
"Excellent in all respects. Picked up on time, pleasant driver and the car was great. All the ameneties for work during a 7 hour trip. I have used this service 3 times in a year and all have been great."
Limo Service Response: "Chauffeured Transportation Company, LLC www. blackcarairportandlimoservice. com/ Excelling in corporate chauffeured transportation and airport transfers 6285 Celeste Road West Bloomfield, MI 48322 248 788 9673 Thank you for your testimonial letter, Dr. Rivers. I enjoyed being your chauffeur, and I will endeavor to always bring the best possible service to all of our clients in the Detroit metro area. I am Looking forward to being, your chauffeur in the future. Ann, 248 755 0721 Authorized chauffeur for CHAUFFEURED TRANSPORTATION, WEST BLOOMFIELD "

Customer : L. Rounds
"I am so glad that I went with my gut and hired this company to drive my 16 y/o daughter to the airport this past Tuesday morning; I couldn't be happier with the wonderful service that we received from James, the owner. During our initial phone conversation last week, I explained to him that, although our daughter has flown many, many times , this was her first flight by herself. Ditto with limo rides to and from airports. Our sweet daughter wasn't the least bit nervous . . . but Mom & Dad were! Talking with James, though, reassured me that she'd be in good hands, and she was! While very professional, James' kindness and concern were very apparent. He was very thorough, taking our phone numbers here in New Mexico, my sister's at the pick up site in a suburb near Mt.Clemens, and our daughter's cell phone number, as well. He also took her flight information so that he could check for any delays, which he did. James called them the evening before her flight to touch base with them and confirm her pick up time and flight info. He arrived a few minutes early, letting them know that he was there but not to rush. Both my sister and daughter were very impressed with his professionalism and kindness. The car was clean and did not smell of smoke. Emily tells us that the ride there was quiet and peaceful and that James was a very good driver . . . and she's ridden in enough limos to know! James had assured me that he would get Emily and all her bags safely into the right baggage check-in line before leaving and he did. And then, this great guy called me here in New Mexico to let me know that she was there, safe and sound and had checked in her bags. Thank you, James! Over the years, we've had good, very good and so-so limo service when we fly in to visit my Michigan family. This was our first time using Chauffeured Transportation Company, but I can assure you that it won't be our last! James and his great company will be the only limo service we use from now on when we fly into Detroit. I highly recommend this company! "

Customer : P. Schmitt
"Wow!!! What a surprise to meet James. He called four days ahead of time to introduce himself, provide his cell number, tell me that he would be in my driveway 15 minutes ahead of time. He then asked if there was anything else he could do to help with my travel request - WOW. On the day of the departure, and to my surprise, he called an hour ahead of time to confirm everything was on time (after checking the website to confirm my Delta flight was in fact on time.) Also surprising, he was, in fact, in my driveway 15 minutes ahead of time with a brand new, sparkling clean, Cadillac Escalade. He assisted my wife and children to the vehicle and was wonderfully charming for the entire charter to the airport (45 minutes.) He alerted the baggage crew of our need at curbside and had our bags nearly checked before we even left his SUV - we of course had to supply or licenses but that was the extent of our effort. Now, I'm thinking, this guy needs to be tipped for his outstanding effort. So, I offer him a twenty for his remarkable service. He turns it down! He reminded me gratuity was included in on the website and that it wasn't needed. WOW!!! But the surprises don't end here. Now my expectations are high. He has set the bar with relatively achievable levels by now. So how can he blow my mind on the return trip? My return flight was delayed 5 hours (yes, I was on Delta.) James monitored my flight status from his mobile and called me periodically to assure me that he would be at Metro to pick me up no matter what time I arrived. I ultimately arrived at midnight - to be greeted with a smile and a reassuring helping hand. With Jame's assistance, we quickly made our way to the warm, clean SUV with two sleepy children and enough luggage to impress a verteran shirpa. Once inside, he clinched our loyalty by offering a hungry, tired family, nicely chilled bottles of water and Gihadelli chocolate squares. WOW!!! I'm convinced there is no finer gentleman in the business --- and even if there is --- I will never know, becuase James has my business for life! I am raving, screaming fan! I hope others find the same wonderful treatment. *** For the skeptic out there - I have no other relationship with James!"
Limo Service Response: "Chauffeured transportation company, LLC March 3, 2010 Peter Schmitt Re: Just a note of thanks: WOW YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WERE A PLEASURE TO CHAUFFEUR. I HOPE TO LIVE UP TO THOSE GRACIOUS WORDS OF RECOMANDATION. Sincerely, “James” Jim Carrier. 248 755 0721 cell "