Stretch Limo - Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limo - Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limo - Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limo - Lincoln Town Car

Stretch Limo - Lincoln Town Car

Introducing the newest addition to our fleet ONYX. A beautiful Sedan stretch limousine that can carry you and your party of 7 for any occasion as you may please. A car that is affordable , elegant and guaranteed to satisfy you and your guests..

Color: Black
Wrap Around Seating, Large Luggage Capacity
CD Stereo, DVD / Video, iPod Connection
Climate Control System, Integrated Bar - BYOB, Fiber Optic Lighting
Std Services
Water, Ice, Stocked Bar

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Alliance Limousines And Transportation

Avg rating:
- 79 Rider Ratings

Alliance Limousine and transportation serves the Dallas and DFW Metroplex area. We are a partner of We focus on taking great care of our clients, and treating them with the utmost respect. We are a full Limousine and Town Car service providing company. Safety is our company’s #1 priority. All our chauffeurs go through a thorough background check. Every driver has a clean driving record and has a driving record that proves them to be the most reliable chauffeurs for our customers. Our transportation manger has over 18 years of experience in the business and our staff is ready to meet and fulfill all your transportation needs. We cater to Town Car and Limousine service.


Located in Irving, TX
Year business started: 2011
5  vehicles total.
Member since 07/18/2011.


  • National Limousine Association
  • Better Business Bureau


Customer : G. Burel
"I have used Alliance on 3 different occasions, have been on time every time and that is very much appreciated!!"

Customer : M. Duran Rivas
"Excellent vehicle conditions and cleanliness, drivers very polite. I will use it again and recommend "

Customer : t. hood

Customer : M. Duran Rivas

Customer : K. Kelley
"Anton gets the job done and well. Always on time."

Customer : P. Bradley
"He was very polite and friendly, good ride!"

Customer : L. Lanzillotta
"Good ride 20 mins late"

Customer : J. Sansone
"Farhan picked me up--he was courteous, friendly and on-time. I was ready a little early and rang him--he came over immediately and got me to the airport ASAP. Very good experience!"

Customer : G. Grant

Customer : G. Grant

Customer : G. Dietz
"Driver was excellent. Very professional and exhibited a trusting calm attitude. I would specifically ask for this driver again."

Customer : K. Kelley
"Driver was a few minutes late but I had anticipated morning traffic and booked accordingly. Driver did a good job using alternate route. "

Customer : R. Oestereich
"The driver Anton was absolutely professional and very helpfully in our finding him at the airport. Needlessly, his driving was superb."

Customer : d. brown
"The car or the driver smelled like cigarette smoke. "

Customer : P. Richardson
"Driver was punctual, courteous and professional. I felt safe riding as a passenger! He had a warm smile."

Customer : C. Tan
"I ordered an escalade ESV as I was traveling with 4 passengers. An escalade brought us to the airport but a Lincoln towncar picked us up. I had to call just to get the rate adjusted as that was not what I ordered. "

Customer : T. Major

Customer : D. Seybold

Customer : C. Perry

Customer : B. Brooks
"The driver ,Anton, was great ... On time and very professional !"

Customer : R. McKinney
"He arrived slightly early and got us to the airport without any difficulty. We thought the driver was polite, friendly, and professional. "

Customer : G. Butts

Customer : A. Morgan
"Our driver was so nice. The car was amazing and very comfortable. I will use this service again and will also recommend it. "

Customer : K. Kelley

Customer : e. cross

Customer : R. Killmer
"Great limo! Anton was excellent driver!!"

Customer : D. Morgan
"Anton was right on time at my meet and greet and got me to mr destination comfortably. "

Customer : R. McKinney

Customer : J. Meyers
"Driver was professional and courteous. Texted status from an hour out and when had arrived. Arrived when said he would be there for pickup. Car was clean. Great overall experience. "

Customer : S. Minkoff
"Driver and vehicle were courteous and friendly and early! Very happy with the experience. "

Customer : V. Vespe

Customer : C. Smith
"My parents were very please with the vehicle and the driver.Thanks we will use your company again.."

Customer : K. Stevens
"Anton was fantastic. Never ha a bad ride with"

Customer : D. Williams
"I wasn't picked up at 8:45 am. the driver NEVER called me either. Horrible, horrible experience. I'm a meeting planner and would never be able to use for my groups in any city. Proved undependable. "

Customer : J. Gutmann
"Great driver...very cordial and friendly"
Limo Service Response: "Thank you for choosing Alliance limousines. Hope to hear from you again. Happy New year!!"

Customer : J. Gilstrap
"In was hot in the car. Otherwise everything was fine. It is unacceptable to pay $96 for a ride to the airport and sweat all the way there. "
Limo Service Response: "Mr. Jeff i apologize for your bad experience however we do not have any control over any unexpected issues. I believe that this happen while the driver en route with you to Airport. We make sure all of our customers are happy please contact us at and we will definitely compensate you."

Customer : P. Johnson
"Right on time, very friendly"

Customer : A. Mahnken
"Our pickup was right on time at 4:00 am!! So impressed with"

Customer : S. Spain
"The driver was really nice. He was great. However, the limo wasn't particularly clean. There was a cigarette butt on the floor and just seemed a little dirty. "
Limo Service Response: "We appreciate your feedback. We apologized that limo was not up-to your expectations. We have our own detailing car wash and our fleet manager make sure before the limo leave from office it clean. Thank you again for your business. Anton is one of our best drivers."

Customer : E. Rieger
Limo Service Response: "Thank you Erin for your business."

Customer : B. Brooks
"She was best I have ever ridden with ...friendly and helpful and exactly on time"
Limo Service Response: "Thank you for your feedback. Lisa is one of our best driver. :) "

Customer : S. Helbing
"The service is affordable (actually, great value for the money), the driver was early, polite, he listened, was an excellent driver and was someone I will definitely request again."

Customer : B. Clouse
"Great clean car and wonderful courteous driver!!! Will def use again when necessary!"

Customer : A. Glasel

Customer : R. Peacock
"Jeff was excellent."

Customer : P. Roberts
"I was told by phone on my departure that I would have to change to an SUV -I said OK. When I received my e-receipt I was charged triple My flite was10 minutes late and the weather was 34 or more since noon "

Customer : G. Firn
Limo Service Response: "We appreciate your feedback. Thank you for your business !!"

Customer : W. Kline
"Driver was nice but the rear of the limo had no AC and the windows were dirty"
Limo Service Response: "We appreciate your feed back. A/c or any mechanical issue is out of our control. Anything can happen before during or after the reservation but we always have alternate solution. I wish you would have called us and we can provide you different limo. We dont want our guest to have bad experience. We dont make customers for one time We make customers for life. Our limos go through car wash after each run and before they go out on a run our fleet manager make sure its clean and ready to go!!"

Customer : C. Rodriguez
"Very Very Good - heavy traffic but company kept us in the loop to drivers location - Anton (driver) was professional and polite. Trusted them with our kids (prom) - would do it again without hesitation."
Limo Service Response: "Thank you again for your business!!. We appreciate your feed back."

Customer : J. Offutt
"They were prompt and courteous and the limo was clean. Couldn't ask for more"

Customer : D. Kliner-Griffin
"Booking through was fine, however when the overall experience was a diaster. The service was booked for transportation to the airport for an outbound business trip. The operator did not show up on time and did not contact me. After several attempts - phone calls and texts - to contact the driver, I spoke with the dispatcher. She indicated the driver was stuck in traffic, which could be more understandable if the driver had actually bothered to contact me. I ended up having to drive myself to the airport (after waiting 20 minutes past my scheduled pick-up time) and barely made my flight. I will frequently need transportation to/from the airport and will not use or the operator, Alliance Limousines & Transportation for this purpose. I will also make sure I share this experience with friends and colleagues."

Customer : A. Highsmith
"Dupree was professional, prompt and very nice."

Customer : Z. Castro

Customer : v. carollo
"Very professional and pleasant driver. The vehicle was excellent. Everything went well."

Customer : M. Stasey
Limo Service Response: "We appreciate your feedback. Thank you for your business !! "

Customer : J. Thomas

Customer : G. Young

Customer : V. Martin
"The driver was great. The company sent me too many texts and e-mails."

Customer : H. Kessner
"Very pleasant, on time and courteous. Thanks"
Limo Service Response: "We appreciate your feedback. Thank you for your business !! "

Customer : T. Kelly
"Wouldn't hesitate to use Alliance again. I had a message from our driver, Vince, when I landed giving all the info I needed to find him curbside. My husband and I agree that. Vince was one of the most personable drivers we've ever had - the ride from the airport flew by. Will definitely use again. "
Limo Service Response: "We appreciate your feedback. Thank you for your business !! "

Customer : J. Cook
"Was over twenty minutes late, I was given three different excuses for the tardiness. I had to stand outside at 4:23 am to speed up my pick-up, and finally had to flag the driver down, because he did not follow my very simple directions and was lost in the complex. PLUS, Alliance fees were much higher than some of the car services. Very very unhappy. Will never book again with this company. Was overcharged for the service I received. "

Customer : G. Jazwiec

Customer : J. Sartain
"perefect experience last week. went out of their way to accomodate me."

Customer : N. Tate
"Vince is the best driver! I have had him on at least three different occasions. Always on time, knows the best routes to get you to where you need to go. Clean car, and the professional service! When Vince picks me up from the airport, he always makes sure to call me and let me know exactly where he is located and find out where I am at. It is so nice to know that your driver cares and makes that extra effort to contact you!"

Customer : a. arumugham

Customer : R. Weir
"Excellent Service"

Customer : F. Ali

Customer : T. Wilbert
"Our driver Jeff was very courteous. He arrived at the specified time and we had no issues on our ride. I was reluctant to use after reading a previous post regarding a fare dispute and late arrival but there were no issues at all. I would feel confident in booking them again."
Limo Service Response: "Mr. Ted We appreciate your feedback. Look forward to serving you in future. Best Regards "

Customer : J. Diaz
"WOW ! I am military and used Alliance as my transportation home to surprise my family on Christmas Day. I am happy beyond belief with their service. It was Icy and snowy in Dallas on Christmas Day and although my flight was on time we sat on the taxiway for an hour. My driver, Mr. Vince , was very understanding and basically just told me to take my time and assured me he would still be outside the terminal waiting for me. He made the ride very enjoyable and quick and was very professional. Thank you for helping me get home this holiday season, it is something I have not been able to do in years. I look forward to booking this service again in the near future. "
Limo Service Response: "Vince is one of our best and experience Driver. We appreciate your feedback. Thank you for your business !! "

Customer : A. Beene
"On time, very helpful with bags, nice car as expected"
Limo Service Response: "Allen, We appreciate your feedback. Thank you for your business !! "

Customer : D. Williams
"BEWARE!! I will NEVER do business with them again! Four (4) hours before my daughter's Sweet 16 party they called to inform me that the contracted price would be going up SUBSTANTIALLY because THEIR computer had not calculated our location correctly. Seems funny that after signing a contract & receiving a receipt/confirmation the day before somehow the mistake was noticed a mere 4 hours prior to our departure! And I'm sorry, but how is that MY fault? I even repeatedly questioned the price & reitereated my location when making the reservation. Natasha was rude to say the very least & had NO patience with my obvious frustration and exasperation with the increase. Then she proceeded to call & text me until after midnight when I refused to pay more than our AGREED and CONTRACTED amount. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, bordering on harassment! Only bonus of the experience was the driver, Jason. He was very courteous & professional. Because of him and in spite of Natasha, the kids had a fabulous time & never knew about the company's bad behavior just hours before!"
Limo Service Response: "We did went ahead and listened to the conversation that Natasha had with you, as well read the text messages that she had sent you. Both speak loud and clear that you were very much aware of the additional $85.00 charge that was offered to you as a solution so we could still service the ride. I listened to the conversation and no where did i find that Natasha asked you for a substantial amount as you have mentioned in your review. You were informed that if you were to reserve and the address would have pulled up right than there was a drive time charge which comes out to $320.00 plus your 4 hours of reservation since the drive time from our office in Dallas to the pick up location(Weatherford) was an hour and 20mins BUT since there was an error we will be charging JUST the $85.00 as a resolution (3 hours of loss to us, which comes out to $235.00) and still send you the limo. Mistakes can happen in the system and that was not an agent error either for us to compensate on. How ever you were compensated by just being charged $85.00. Also you were informed almost 5 hours before the reservation and not 5 hours after the reservation and still we were not cancelling the reservation we were providing you with a solution. Natasha did bent backwards to make sure that you are not charged for the extra drive time since you informed her that you were already out of budget. Informing you with 5 hours of notice is a plenty of time since this reservation was last minute to begin with. As per your conversation you informed Natasha that you couldn't fax or email the contract and she told you that that's fine we will just take an imprint of the credit card and the total would be $440.00 ( $355.00 + $85.00 = $440.00) which you agreed to in your text messages ( attached with the email). Not only were you aware of the charges but you even first asked to put it on a different card and than on the same card. Your words " I will have it available for imprint." At this point i am not sure when you say you were not aware of the charges , since you agreed to it yourself. You were not harassed and you were given a call as soon you were dropped and you wouldn't answer the phone. At this point you were sent 2 text messages which HARDLY qualifies as harassment. I know your contract states $355.00 but the contract is NOT for the pricing its for the policies since extra charges may occur and that's why imprints are taken. When we mention the word fraud , let me remind you that you were the one who changed the pricing on the imprint sheet which you have no right too , that amount can ONLY be altered by the management with initials and in no case can it be changed by a client. (Fraud when services were utilized and not paid for in the amount that was discussed with you and you agreed upon as per your text messages and conversation.) Its almost like going to Walmart and changing the price tag to what you feel the price should be. I have looked through the imprint and there are no initials of any of our management but only yours. Driver's sole purpose is to transport you which is mentioned in the contract and the driver informed that you were arguing with him as well over the price which of course drivers have no right of determining at any point or the authority to change it at any point. Driver was professional enough to not argue with you and call us and inform us of the situation which shows you the professionalism that we instill in every member of our team. "

Customer : S. Thompson
"Excellent customer service from start to finish. They gave us a better price then we could find with other limo companies. Both the woman who handled the reservation over the phone, and the driver Jeff, were courteous and personable. We got the birthday party package and they had the limo looking wonderfully decorated and well stocked with drinks!"
Limo Service Response: "We appreciate your feedback. Thank you for your business !! "

Customer : J. Smith
"Absolutely fantastic experience. Eric was the best. Fantastic personality, very helpful and lots of fun. He was on time and exactly where we expected him to be. The car was very clean and comfortable. We love Eric..."
Limo Service Response: "Mr. John Thank you so much for your feedback. Eric is truly a gem to our company . We look forward to serving you in future. Thanks Natasha Lee"

Customer : S. k
"We have used this company twice, once for transportation to the airport and the other time recently for my daughters school dance. I was amazed both times. For airport transportation, my driver was 15 minutes early, assisted my wife with the luggage and kept company to my two toddlers while my wife made sure she had everything and wasn't leaving anything behind. Once they were at the airport, considering the fact that she had kids with her the driver offered her that she will walk with her and help her with the luggage. My wife was amazed because that is not something that was part of her duty. My wife asked if it would be anything extra and they said absolutely not. I would HIGHLY recommend them for any kind of transportation needs. I loved the limo that i reserved for my daughters school dance and it was just lovely."
Limo Service Response: "Thank you so much for your feedback. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Natasha "

Customer : S. K
"We have used this company twice, once for transportation to the airport and the other time recently for my daughters school dance. I was amazed both times. For airport transportation, my driver was 15 minutes early, assisted my wife with the luggage and kept company to my two toddlers while my wife made sure she had everything and wasn't leaving anything behind. Once they were at the airport, considering the fact that she had kids with her the driver offered her that she will walk with her and help her with the luggage. My wife was amazed because that is not something that was part of her duty. My wife asked if it would be anything extra and they said absolutely not. I would HIGHLY recommend them for any kind of transportation needs. I loved the limo that i reserved for my daughters school dance and it was just lovely. "
Limo Service Response: ":) Thank you it was a pleasure assisting you with your transportation needs."

Customer : H. Bernstein
"I am writing you to thank you for making a simple trip to DFW so special by providing what I can only describe as outstanding Limousine service. Your vehicle was extremely comfortable and clean. Your driver was on time, early actually, and got us to the airport with time to spare. Your attention to detail with the inclusion of my daughter's names on a sign in the window made the trip even more special. In addition, and more importantly, the price was affordable. I would strongly recommend your service to anyone who is considering hiring a Limo and will definitely use your service again in the future. Thanks again, Harold Bernstein"
Limo Service Response: "Thanks Harold, We appreciate your business!!"

Customer : S. L
"I had reserved a limo for a date night ..Driver was super nice, limo was very clean and nice from inside.. our concert ended early and even with 30 minutes notice of changing the time they made sure they were there on time waiting for us. My first driver Jeff was extremely courteous and helpful, and the second driver Mo was extremely sweet and willing to go the extra mile. Reservation specialist was awesome and made the whole process simple and extremely easy. Highly recommend it.."
Limo Service Response: "Thanks for your response!! Natasha"

Customer : J. Wells
"I had a fantastic time. If i ever need a limo again or have any friends or family that need one . I will recommend you guys for sure !!.."

Customer : D. Ash
"WOW!! i am amazed being a frequent limo user i have never gotten this kind of treatment before. This company made me feel like a ROYALTY. Every little detail was planned , i was kept inform of any changes, Driver arrived 15 minutes early. Limo was well stocked with soft drinks and enough ice for us to chill our drinks in. From reservation agents to the driver everyone in this company is awesome. They will make your day special. Natasha the reservation specialist was available to answer any questions i might have at any time of the day. I would highly recommend this company to you. Also ask for Natasha when you do call , that lady will go above and beyond to make your day special."
Limo Service Response: "Thank you Regards Natasha"