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Civil War Tour   provided by Sedan On Demand - 51 reviews

Nashville is full of civil war sites. the carter house, the carnton plantation, the lost civil war museum, rippavilla will help you discover how life was during the civil war and what impact our area of the country had on the outcome of the war.

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Reviews for Sedan On Demand - 51 reviews

03/28/2016 Customer : B. Ellis
"Limo was late due to an car trouble. That was ok. However when I called and asked for an eta the customer service agent Nancy was extremely rude. I simply asked when I could expect the limos arrival and I was told 'he'll get there when he gets there'. When I was picked up it was in a brown and white van. So not only was I not met inside the airport but the limo was late and I had to interact with a very unpleasant costumer rep. When I asked why I was receiving such unwarranted attitude she indicated that their 'regular customers pay a lot of money for this service and if I didn't want to ride with then I didn't have to and I could just take a taxi'. I don't appreciate being told my money isn't as good as everyone else's, certainly not at 10:30 at night, and most certainly not when I've asked a legitamate question like 'when is my ride picking me up'!!!"


03/28/2016 Customer : D. Thomley
"My scheduled time was 5:15 AM. Driver arrived at 5:54 AM. "