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It's the end of your high school career and you want to make it a time to remember, let rosal limousines help to make it an everlasting memory. arrive at your prom safely and in style with rosal limousines! call now to find out how to get an additional 2 hours free with your 10 hour prom package!

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04/18/2014 NEW!
Customer : G. McGhee
"I have to say that Ro Sal Limousine Service is by far the best Limo company I have ever dealt with. Wish I could have had them for our wedding but we live in Canada. I had many great chats with Sal prior to surprising my new husband of 20 months a Surprise 60th Birthday gift of a trip to NYC. Let me tell you Sal is a super wonderful man who works day & night-honestly! I spoke with him one night at 12:30 for probably an hour, he is so personable & wants to make sure you get the exact type of service you want! I also spoke twice in the mid day, I had to ask him if he ever slept!! This man really cares about his customers & makes sure no detail is missed, as I said he called me back twice during the afternoon. He was even thoughtful enough to ask "Is it safe to talk?" as he knew this trip to New York City was a surprise Birthday gift & wanted to be sure my husband was not around. Now that's a company you REALLY want to deal with- that proved to me that he really cared & had listened to my every word, he wasn't just an order taker he cared to about me individually & wanted to make sure I pulled off this surprise 100%!(I had told my husband I ordered an Airport Shuttle for us.) So when "Charlie" are driver called me once we had landed and wanted to know if we had cleared US Customs yet I just told my husband that it was the Airport Shuttle Service wanting to know what door they should pick us up at. He got a but angry at me for not asking the colour of the bus/van that was picking us up. I just replied don't worry "we will find it fine they know what door to come to". It worked, we went outside & Charlie once again called me as he was heading toward us. Then he pulled up (it wasn't the Lincoln Town Car) but a very comfortable classy Cadillac Escalade I believe- very comfy & impressive. When Dennis saw our last name in the front window of the limo he was really surprised & impressed! Charlie was a great guy we talked all the way, as it was our first trip to NYC Charlie pointed out points of interest to us. I only have one little complaint, there wasn't any cold water as promised. He had one bottle of warm water in his buddy box which he gave me when I asked for water as I was parched. It was wet it did the job. Charlie drove right to our Hotel and carried our luggage in for us, just as he had loaded it at the airport, such a real nice man to talk to. I don't know what we enjoyed most his conversation or the comfortable ride in our excitement. Sal my new Pal had delivered as promised & Dennis was really overwhelmed with excitement as we arrived in NYC the morning of his 60th Birthday. Charlie wished Dennis "Happy Birthday" again and we said our good byes. After 2 days of taxi's in NYC we had had enough of taxis that drop you at the wrong spot, don't speak English and leave you 16 blocks from your destination- that really did happen in one of our bad situations with taxi drivers we decided - "Lets call Sal for our ride back to the airport on our 4th day." We were sad to leave your great city and look forward to returning in the future and will definitely call Sal again. When you find the Best forget the Rest! On late Sunday afternoon "Ralph" was at our Hotel on time....we were a bit late as we were trying to pack as many last minute sites in on our last day. We had tried the subway on a Sunday afternoon after a bad experience once again in the morning Sunday with a taxi- apparently there is a different schedule on the weekends. Everyone we asked for help told us something else. We ran 30 blocks to meet Ralph on time, after being lost. The people we had asked for directions directed to the opposite side of the city. Wow, was I glad to sit in that beautiful plush leather seat- I was in so much pain as I am disabled so its not a real run but the best I could do. Ralph was so pleasant didn't seem upset at all that we were late. This time I was so exhausted I didn't get a photo of our name in the window with Dennis standing beside it but that's fine. I got the photo of him on his Birthday when the limo was the huge surprise(that was the important one), the first of many to follow. Now Ralph was every bit as nice as Charlie both true gentlemen, yet friendly that you felt comfortable talking to them. We shared stories, as he also pointed out things we had missed during our visit. Now we really want to return! Ro Sal also man their phones 24/7 which is fantastic! It really worked for me when I was planning the Birthday Surprise & my husband was working afternoons. I was able as I mentioned earlier to reach Sal at 12:30a.m.! I was shocked when a real person answered I was sure I'd get an answering machine at that time at night. I was also lucky when we decided Saturday night after a Broadway show that we should use Ro Sal for our return to the airport. I called and once again it must have been midnight and Melissa answered and I was so pleased when she said "no problem, I can send a car for you tomorrow." Another pleasant employee and one happy customer calling with such short notice and she replied "no problem!" I have not only found a GREAT LIMO SERVICE but now when people say "New Yorkers are so rude" I correct them that they are "SO WRONG!" Everyone we encountered was wonderful! Thanks Sal, it was a pleasure! "
Limo Service Response: "What else can I say but WOW ! I think you have written probably one of the best reviews ever about us and it was all surrounding two simple airport rides we did for you. Thank you so much Gail for giving all the details of our encounters. From the moment we started to speak, I knew you were a very kind soul and helping you make the Birthday celebration weekend for your husband Dennis a little bit more special was the focus for you and us. I say it all the time, no matter what the occasion is, either a simple ride to or from an airport or perhaps the most important day of your life, your wedding day. It's paying attention to the details of each reservation that parts us miles ahead of our competitors, your words here once again, prove my point. I will be sure to tell both Charlie and Ralph what you wrote about them, I'm sure they will be smiling as hear your words, just as I did when I read what you wrote about me. I truly enjoy talking to most people I deal with make reservations, but once in a while I come across someone I really connect with, You Gail were one of those special people for me. The stories you shared with me regarding your health and other issues were stories I was able to relate to, what truly amazed me was that you are an energetic, vibrant, happy go luck, up beat and bright person who has been through so much in your life time that should have turned you into the opposite type of person you are. God bless you Gail, you deserve all the happiness in the world and I am thankful I got the chance to talk to you and hear your story. I do hope to hear from you again and as a matter of fact, you can count on hearing from me again. I will be calling you one day in the near future just to say hi and see how you and Dennis are doing. Thank you for choosing RoSal Limousines, for more reasons than you will ever know. "

04/12/2014 NEW!
Customer : S. Kippins
"I used RoSal for a night on the town birthday party. Sal was very nice on the phone, took his time with me and had the best rates by far. Our birthday package included champagne, a balloon, and a Happy birthday banner. It was a special touch that made the evening even nicer. I took the Expedition and we had 11 people. The car was spacious, comfortable and quiet. We enjoyed the CD/DVD stereo system and the 3 or 4 TV's. The only downside was the iPod hook up was not there. I knew in advance so I was disappointed but it wasn't that big a deal. All of my guests enjoyed the ride and had a great time. I can't even consider using any other company except RoSal. I would highly recommend them."
Limo Service Response: "Thank you for the great review Susan, so happy to hear you and your guests had a wonderful birthday celebration and that our limousine and service helped make it better. Since your reservation, we had the iPod ready radio repaired and reinstalled. Sorry about that slight problem but I was able to make it up to you a few nights later when you reserved one of our other vehicles and I gave it to you at a reduced rate for your night out at the theatre. We always do whatever we have to do to make sure all of our clients are satisfied. Thank you for choosing RoSal Limousines for your limousine needs, we hope to hear from you again real soon."