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PARK LANE LIMOUSINES has serviced the transportation needs of the Toronto area for over 30 years. Our extensive experience and professional chauffeurs will guide you in style and comfort no matter what the occasion - Experience our luxurious and efficient service in one of our sedans, 6, 8,10 or 14 passenger stretch limousines or our fabulous 14 to 36 passenger limousine coaches more

Our Limo Rental Fleet  

Mini-Bus - Shuttle Style Seating (Black)

20 customer capacity
VIP Luxury Limo bus is top of the line Equiped with a 42" Plasma Screen , Disco Lighting, fibre optics throughout the bus. 1000 WATT Sound sstem with Subwoofers, THIS BUS SPEAKS FOR ITSELF


Mini-Bus - Shuttle Style Seating (Tuxedo)

26 customer capacity
VIP Luxury Limo bus is top of the line Equiped with a 48" Plasma Screen Full Washroom, Disco Lighting, fibre optics throughout the bus. 1000 WATT Sound sstem with Subwoofers, THIS BUS SPEAKS FOR ITSELF


MotorCoach - Executive Coach (Tuxedo)

30 customer capacity
30 Passenger Limo bus, Fibre optics Light, 40" Plasma Screen, Surround Sound System, Bar All around Bus, TOP OF THE LINE BUS SPEAKS FOR ITSELF.


MotorCoach - Executive Coach (White)

42 customer capacity
42 passenger VIP LIMO BUS


MotorCoach - Executive Coach (Silver / Gray)

45 customer capacity
Leather couches - Granite floor - Large 42" Plasma TV - High-end Theatre Surround Sound System - X Box with wireless controllers - 3 Bars with 3 coolers, wet bar with running water, fridge and - Rock &


MotorCoach - Executive Coach (White)

52 customer capacity
52 passenger Luxury Limo bus


Sedan - Lincoln Town Car (Black)

4 customer capacity


Stretch Limo - Lincoln Town Car (White)

10 customer capacity
This stretch is a beauity Equiped with everything


Stretch Limo - Lincoln Town Car (White)

10 customer capacity
10 Passenger 2010 Stretch TOP OF THE LINE built by Executive


Stretch SUV - Ford Excursion (White)

16 customer capacity
16 Passenger Ford Excursions SUV STRETCH


Stretch SUV - Lincoln Navigator (White)

16 customer capacity
This is a brand New 2009 Lincoln Navigator Equpied with all the Luxury and Toys


Stretch SUV - Hummer H2 (White)

22 customer capacity
Brand new 2010 White hummer that hold up to 22 passenger maximum capacity


Our Limo Services Packages  

No packages provided


Rider Ratings

03/01/2013 Customer : M. N
"Dear, Do you have a rating that is less than terrible? Because Park Lane Limosines is terrible terrible terrible! I'm not even sure why this company, Park Lane Limosines, is still in business. Terrible drivers (at least the one we encountered), terrible dispatch, terrible service!!! Bleh!!!, I suggest like other customers out there to have this company be removed from your listing. For the sake of your potential customers. Do you even run a background check on your vendor list? I doubt it! So long as they pay fees correct? I guess that's the risk that your customers would have to take. But trust me you are recommending a bad vendor! I am convinced that this so called company is just a front for something else that is most likely off the books and records because of their NO regard for customer service whatsoever. I had booked them for a bachelorette party for a friend of mine, the bride, along with other friends. The limo was about 45 mins late possibly longer! We kept calling and dispatch says the driver can't find the hotel. This the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Toronto!!! Don't you think they'll hire a driver in Toronto who knows Toronto. I say terrible excuse! After about 45 mins or more of waiting, he finally arrived and parked the limo on the other side of the street about a block away from the hotel. I called dispatch again and he says the driver can't turn around. It wasn't a one way street either! All he needs to do is pick us up at the agreed location and deliver us from point A to B. Simple in theory, but Park Lane Limosines don't get this and this is supposed to be the very essence of their business. We keep waving to the driver who was waiting outside the limo at this point and ignoring us. That was the last straw I told him that the girls are pissed and were cancelling the whole thing and he better give me back my deposit. After weeks of phone calls to the company they eventually credited back the deposit and I have reported them to credit card companies as well to flag them! Terrible experience in the beginning! But we ended up taking a cab. Used our limo money for champagne and drinks for the bride and we all went back to the hotel happy! That's my review of this crappy limo company. "


12/08/2011 Customer : S. Macharsey
"We are glad we have used Park lane for our christmas party event we hired their limo bus and it was an awesome experience from the office staff to our driver, it was a total smooth experience "


09/11/2011 Customer : A. Cullen
"Very poor service. Driver was very late. We barely made it on time to a family wedding. The driver drove like a maniac - swerving, speeding at more than twice the posted speed limit in a construction zone, and stopping so hard our seat belts were tightening up on us. Then the driver who dropped us off was not the same driver to pick us up at the end of the evening, and we had no idea where our car was - because it was a different car. I am attempting to get a partial refund but looks like it may be impossible based on some other ratings here. I will never use this company again, and they should be removed from the list on this site."
Limo Service Response: "the driver was 15mins late, and ended up doing extra drop offs with no extra charges for these drop offs was at the end, "

12/05/2010 Customer : R. Perozak
"We booked this company about 7 days before our event and provided all the credit card information in advance. When the driver arrived at our location he wanted to see the credit card which belong to the company I work for which was not in my possession. There was no notification that I needed to have the card at the time of pickup. Delayed 15 minutes for driver to process my personal credit card. I had requested ice 3-days in advance since they didn't supply any soft drinks (some limos we have used in the past have) When we boarded the Party Bus, there was a bag which had a minimal amount of ice cubes and appeared to be left over from the week before. We had brought our own beverages to share amongst the 14 of us with enough ice for about 3. Could have stopped for ice but we were about 15 minutes behind schedule. Also in advance we inquired about the sound system. We actually chose a Party Bus so we could enjoy a little more space and perhaps move around while the music was playing. I had asked if there was a USB connection so we could plug and play some of the music we wanted to hear. I was assured that there was but was only to see a radio with a cd player and multiple dangling wires. The system was probably over 10 years old. The bus itself was showing the age on the inside, if it wasn't for the fact the lights were off and the seats were customized for a limo, I'd swear I was in a Wal-Mart shuttle going from the ship to the store. Another group was going to be picked up after we were dropped off so we had limitations as to where we could store our personals. Needless to say, everyone had to take their coats which resulted in additional inconvenience. Once again, no communication in advance or a decent place to store our things. We were to be picked up at midnight but the driver didn't show until 12:15am. I understand there was traffic but the driver never gave me his cell # in case there was any cause for an early or delayed pick up. I did have the office phone number which I attempted to call numerous time just after midnight but that was answered by a forwarding number to cell phone voice mail box which was not even customized so I had no idea who I was leaving a message for. Overall, there were plastic cups provided and the driver was very pleasant. I hope he received his 15% gratuity as it was mandatory at the time booking as per the company policy. Please be careful if you decide to book with this company. We have 3-4 events per year and we WON'T be contacting this company again for the above mentioned reasons. Perhaps we might hear from them when I forward this link. I did request a call back to discuss these matters but to date, no one has contacted me but wait, they already have my money. "


09/22/2009 Customer : J. Mark
"This company doesn't even deserve 1 star. I would highly recommend that you look elsewhere and not give these guys a penny of your money. Park Lane provided the absolute worst limo service I've ever experienced in my life. The toilet seat wasn't affixed to the toilet, the door to the bus didn't close all the way, the TV didn't work and the driver didn't have a clue where he was going. When I called to express my concerns, the asshole yelled at me and said that we shouldn't expect more for what we paid. Unreal...a horrible company to deal with and one that shouldn't even be in business. "


07/29/2009 Customer : S. Rachelle
"We hired Park lane livery for our wedding on July 18, 2009 and we had a great service our driver was patient and he arrived 30 minutes before time and the SUV was in excellent shape. I just wante to leave a quick note for all the brides looking for a great service I hear horror stories out there about limo services but we are glad we made the right choice."
Limo Service Response: "that is really nice from you thank you so much, we will offer you 15% off your next booking or anyone you refer to us, thank you again."

07/29/2009 Customer : M. N
"I booked this company for my wedding. On the way to the ceremony, the limo was leaking, and my bridesmaids got wet due to the rain. I also booked a 10 person limo for my family to be transported home following our reception. They were left stranded by the limo company and had to take taxis home. I still have not been reimbursed for the taxis (over $200) or for a portion of the payment. I would not recommend this limo company to anyone, I was very disappointed in how they treated my family and how they are now disregarding my request for a refund."


05/29/2009 Customer : n. alberto
"we used park lane limousine for our prom and we received nothing but great service and excellend cusomer service it was a very smooth transaction will definately use you guys from now on thanks for everything "


05/29/2009 Customer : M. Marks
"My son and his friends over-paid for the disgusting service from this company. The bus was double-booked, resulting in my sons' group being left stranded for 2 hours which resulted in most of the occupants missing there designated prom photos. Then they had to leave their prom 1/2 hour early so the bus could do its other pick-up. We are trying to get some money back for this, but so far have been told there will be no refund at all. I am extremely unhappy with the whole situation and will consider legal action."


12/13/2008 Customer : m.
"Excellent limo service, they have best prices in town and the service is amazing car was clean and everything is in working condition will definately reccommend park lane limouness "